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2020 March

18th Photokina – due in May has predictably been cancelled [Photokina]

Now rescheduled to 2022.

12th Interesting Canon patent application [USPTO] covering aspects of how sensor and lens IS work together. In particular it looks at how the combined movement fits in the lens image circle.


10th I guess I won’t get to see the new Canon R5 just yet…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been hearing comments from companies due to exhibit at the UK Photography show that they were not overly happy about lots of their staff spending several days with people pressed around them in the sort of crush you sometimes get. Sure enough, last night the show was cancelled – or more accurately, postponed until September. [PS] (paid tickets can be refunded or used in September)

Knowing just how much work goes into an appearance at such shows (I’ve worked on a few stands over the years) it will cause a lot of expense and inconvenience, but I don’t think it’s unwarranted.

5th A Canon US Patent application [USPTO] shows a battery grip design that uses different intermediate adapters to allow its use with a number of different camera bodies. It includes some nifty gearing to allow the position of the tripod screw to be moved.


3rd With Epson due updates to the P600/P800 what of Canon? First up should be an update to the 2012 vintage PRO-10, with both PRO-1 and PRO-1000 updates maybe finally getting roll paper support. Manufacturing issues may yet push updates back somewhat – see Canon Printer rumours/news for more.

After several years of waiting for printer updates, it looks as if we’re due quite a few (if they can get the parts)

2nd As expected, the CIPA figures for January didn’t start off well. Add to this the disruption of supply lines for parts and the potential economic slowdown, and 2020 could well turn out very badly for some companies in the photography market.  See also a good roundup of the current issues for camera businesses at [DPR]



28th The relaunch of Photokina is still (at time of writing) due in May… However it’s being  aimed much more at mobile phones, and they showed this slide to emphasise the changes.  I’d note the disparity in scales for the two products – the red bars should be 10 times their height, if using the same scale for each. [DCW]

The blue lines include compact cameras which makes the drop off seem a lot more severe


The shape of the camera graph also tells you why many popular photography forum sites are much emptier these days.

This chart from last year gives a more nuanced view of the decline in its historical context.


27th A camera DS126832 using the LP-E6NH battery has appeared in Taiwan wireless registration info [Nok]

USB cable is IFC-100U (USB Type-C cable). Compatible with remote switch RS-60E3 and speedlight 600EX-RT


All as usual, other than the recent reports [Nok] suggested as the R5 were DS126839

Could one be the R6 and the other the R5

wireless info

25th A good look at the confusion in models of mirrorless cameras from different makers by [Thom Hogan] is worth a read.

If you print your work then Epson’s new replacement for the P800 (17″) looks very interesting, and they have finally got rid of black ink switching. Only announced in Japan at the moment [Epson page] – looks like this year will see a return to printer reviews here on the site ;-)

And Canon? Time for a replacement for the Pro-1000 that supports roll paper….

18th An interview with Panasonic [DPR] discusses the S1 cameras an ‘L’ mount in rather more detail than most such ‘executive interviews’. The S1R with its sensor shift technology was a camera I really enjoyed testing. The amount of detail in those 187MP shots was very impressive. [S1R review]

17th It seems that Canon has definitely been at work in improving the sensor performance in the 1DX mk3, which bodes well for forthcoming mirrorless models. There some more info at [CN via P2P]

14th The CP+ show at the end of the month in Yokohama in Japan has been cancelled due to health concerns.

In April, Canon are launching a cloud platform for sharing and managing photos. [CR]

Has Canon come up with a reason for me to update my 2009 iPhone 3Gs? Given that all I know is that at the moment the phone is laying ‘somewhere’ in the house I might even remember to carry it with me more often ;-) Then again uploading lots of EOS Rs 100MP raw files isn’t going to be quick at a lot of locations…

6th A lot of our camera products and accessories come from China, so expect knock-on effects for companies manufacturing in that country or sourcing components there.

The free CFexpress card reader being bundled with many 1D X mk3 sales is one such product, where delays are expected.


29th Canon’s 2019 financials are out [Canon] and the show a drop of ILC cameras to 8.8m in 2019 and a further decline to 7.5m in 2020. As Thom Hogan points out [TH], that means selling fewer higher price cameras.  There is this snippet from the Canon report that will be interesting to see how it matches upcoming products.

“…we have plans to launch a model that incorporates a newly developed image sensor and image-processing engine that offer even more advanced features.”


“Specifically, we will enhance our lineup launching 5 new lenses for mirrorless cameras. Through kit sales that leverage our broad range of mirrorless camera lenses and by bundling cameras with accessories like our lens adapter that makes it possible to use our existing rich lens lineup we will promote further expansion of mirrorless camera sales.
In addition, we will further strengthen our efforts to generate user interest in our mirrorless cameras. As a large percentage of high-end models purchases involve the customer actually handling the model and trying it out before buying, in major cities in Japan and other markets, we will create even more touch points for users, proactively expanding opportunities to actually experience our products.
Additionally, for professional photographers, we will foster trust in our products, offering, among others, enhanced support at international sports events.
Through these measures, we will further raise our presence in the market for high-end models, which will also have a rippling effect on more volume oriented cameras and subsequently link this to a further boost in sales.”

It looks as if the 45MP mirrorless camera will be the  R5

New stuff on its way [Nok].  This could be an 850D over here [More on 850D page]

“EOS Rebel T8i Body”, “EOS Rebel T8i Lens Kit”, “RF24-105mm STM”, and “QX10 (Black, White, Green, Pink)” have been added to Canon’s latest product list. If not a mistake, it should be announced in February

16th Canon US Patents …these give a feel for some of what Canon is working on – of course a patent application is not a product!

Single photon counting type pixels  and how you vary them across a sensor are in a new design [USPTO] –

Multi layer or stacked sensors are nearer market, and the fact that there are patents looking at manufacturing issues show Canon’s interest. [USPTO]


Another one (non stacked) for those of you with an understanding of semiconductor design [USPTO]

In an interesting example of user interface design (part of what I did before becoming a photographer) the problems of using magnified live-view displays and adjusting settings is part of what is looked at  [USPTO]

Note our old friend, the touch bar (82)



15th Expect plenty to be made of the BCN camera shipping ‘awards’ – Canon does well in camera shipments (for Japan)  [Google xlt and CN] Just what this really means apart from generating a warm feeling at Canon marketing, is another matter altogether.  Take all such figures (and discussions) with a degree of care [See TH]

8th In an article I find it difficult to disagree with, Thom Hogan looks at what the features found (and not found) in the 1D X mk3 and D780 tell us about Canon and Nikon’s directions in camera development. [TH]

Canon will quite reasonably example trumpet 1D X mk3 features [see this white paper] but where was the real innovation?

As Thom puts it:

“The 1DX m3 update turned out to be predictable and mostly a mash-up of existing Canon tech, despite all the predictions of “big surprises.” Did we really need four years to stick in a faster card slot, add DPAF and better video to the sensor, and figure out how to offer HEIF? Sure, there’s a lot of the usual top-of-the-line tweaking in it, particularly to the focus system, but the Mark III feels a lot more Mark II.5-ish to me. There’s no “urgency” in the 1DX m3 design: virtually everything in the Mark III was predictable when the Mark II came out, and it took the usual amount of time to produce it.” 

Well, I’m hoping a mirrorless successor to the 5Ds arrives and gives me some good reasons for updating (T/S lenses would help), or am I going to be sticking with my 5Ds and EOS RP until the EOS R’s’ mk 2 arrives?

2020 January 7th The 1D X mark III is announced it looks a great camera if your work needs that sort of performance.

digic X

One thing to note is its (single) Digic X processor which Canon says boosts image processing speeds by three times over the dual Digic 6 found in the 1D X mk2

There is a single Digic 8 processor just devoted to AF and metering when using the viewfinder.

This performance boost is obviously what we would expect to see in a pro level mirrorless camera.

Also a sign of what we can expect is the option of 10-bit HDR photos in the HEIF image format

The camera also includes dual CFexpress card slots.

2018 rumours and info are now in the 2018 archive

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