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Choosing the right professional photographer

Making photography work for your business

Free Guide: Choosing the right commercial photographer for your needs

Professional photography for your business

We only do commercial photography work – it makes a difference.

The images you see on our site are examples of work we have done for clients in the past and demonstrate the range of specialist photography services we provide.

The right picture grabs the attention of your customer, client or web site visitor, long before they have even started to read any copy.

Well used pictures can – and should – enhance your message and high quality photos that tell a story or perfectly showcase your products can double the impact.

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Are you using the right photographer?

Looking for repairs to your gas boiler?
Perhaps a web site advertising office cleaning shouldn’t be your first port of call?

Similarly, if you are looking for commercial photography to promote your business, then a photographer that showcases wedding or portraiture photography on the front page of their web site, may not have the experience or interest in the type of specialised commercial photography you need.

At a professional level, different types of photography require different skills, equipment and expertise.

When choosing a professional photographer you should ensure the photographer’s experience matches your requirements.

If we can’t do what you need, we’d much rather refer you on to someone who is a true expert in the specialism you need.

An investment in your business

Keith’s wide business experience and technical advice is freely available to all our clients.

Why not have a chat and see what you think.

There’s no obligation or charge – and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs to ensure we provide you with exactly the service and product you require.

Unlike all too many photographers, we’re also happy to offer a Guide to our Prices

When photography trumps video

Well thought out photography is your opportunity to show your products or services at their best and to make an instant impact on potential clients and customers.

As a navigation tool, photos allow web site visitors to quickly find exactly what they want.

You instantly notice great photography, but you have to sit and watch video.

You’ve probably heard that video is the big ‘must have’ for your web site and while it is a great way to illustrate functionality or the complex features of a product or service, spending time watching a video may not be time your customers are willing to commit.

A collection of detailed, high quality, multi-angle photographic shots of a product or perhaps a storyboard to advertise your services, can instantly show the features, benefits and detailed information you want to convey.

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Our Senior Photographer, Keith Cooper will be happy to discuss your requirements, and how we will work with you to achieve them.

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How to choose your pro photographer

choose your photographerKeith Cooper has written a short guide to getting the best results whenever you hire a professional photographer for commercial work in the UK.

Not just us, but any photographer you might look at.

A few basic questions at the start can potentially make things go a lot more smoothly down the line.

How to make sure you get the photos you want.

RIBA affiliate member

Keith Cooper is a council member of the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects and an affiliate member of the RIBA.