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Annual report and corporate photography

Corporate photography that helps convey meaning at a glance…

Northlight Images works with businesses and non-profit organisations, helping you get your message across.

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Commercial experience

We are experienced in producing commercial and industrial photography perfect for annual reports, company brochures and press packs.

Your annual report is a major opportunity to project your corporate identity and a key way to communicate your values and activities to investors and customers.

Show your vision

Good corporate photography is more than just a record of what you do or who works for you. It helps tell a story – your story, to your public, your staff and potential investors.

Whether it’s a prestigious event, pictures of your corporate headquarters, shots of a busy manufacturing environment, we know that striking and eye-catching photography makes a difference.

Why you should use us

We’re specialists at this sort of photography.

> Creative quality

Whether on our own or working with designers and agencies, we get the images that work for your business.

> No hidden costs – our rates

Clear and unambiguous pricing to suit businesses of all sizes.

Our basic pricing structure is on our rates page

> Rapid service

Photos within days. We can often provide an expedited service.

> Images that work for you

The pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose.

Our wide expertise, standard image processing and free post production advice, will ensure your images can be used how you intended.

> Image retouching

A full image retouching and editing (Photoshop) service is available if needed.

> Advanced technology

Keith Cooper is a renowned writer about photographic technique, and works with many large companies to test new advanced professional products, so you can be sure we use only the latest cameras, software and hardware.

With a wide range of highly specialized lenses we offer our clients a broad choice of technically excellent, creative and eye-catching images.

We love a creative technical challenge and regularly produce images that leave other professionals wondering just how we created them.

> Amazing prints

Large fine art quality prints of your photographs – we can use our exhibition quality print making skills to create fine art prints of your images for your offices and meeting rooms.

Why you need a specialist photographer

See our free guide to using the right professional photographer

Part of your team

Working with art directors and design agencies, we help create photography that works with your brand identity in marketing and advertising. Equally, we are happy to offer creative input where required.

Based in Leicester, at the centre of the UK, we cover the entire country.

Our range of work

We specialise in available light photography – particularly in busy and hazardous work environments. Our photography fits your schedule, whether at 3pm or 3am.

Our technical skills in colour management and print preparation are freely available to assist smaller client companies, without extensive graphics or design capabilities.

Our commercial photography for annual reports includes:

Your people… We can arrange for formal/informal corporate photos of anyone in your organisation – from the CEO onwards.

Make sure that you get photographs of your employees and company locations that work.

We also work on assignment worldwide for multinational corporations with a UK presence.