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Learn about Digital Imaging

Digital imaging and technology training, seminars and lectures

Does your organisation use digital imaging technology for photography or image capture?

Could your staff could benefit from learning the basic principles of the technologies they are using?

Whether an introductory overview or detailed discussions of image resolution, deconvolution sharpening and MTF, we make sure the level matches your requirements. We provide bespoke lecture and seminar services for commercial organisations.

For Keith Cooper’s photography lectures,
see the Photography Lectures page.

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Past clients have included:

  • The UK national mapping agency
  • The world’s leading provider of automated theme park photography.

What topics can be covered?

We tailor the content directly to your organisational and training requirements and can cover topics as diverse as:

  • Digital sensor chip design – CMOS/CCD
  • Imaging sensor characteristics and performance (Quantum Efficiency)
  • Colour management (theory and practice)
  • Characteristics of digital images
  • MTF and Pixels
  • Optics and image correction
  • Telecentric lenses and machine vision
  • Printer technology – printer resolution, image resolution and sharpening
  • How to take better holiday photos… (it doesn’t all have to be deadly serious!)

Our technical expertise

sensor structureKeith Cooper lectures widely on digital imaging, colour management, and the technology and software associated with it.

In September 2011, Keith was invited to join X-Rite’s ‘Coloratti’

“X-Rite’s Coloratti includes the world’s top professional photographers, a group whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognized and valued by X-Rite. Coloratti photographers are highly respected by their peers and are admired by up-and-coming professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike.”

As a university lecturer and qualified adult tutor (C&G 7307) Keith appreciates the training needs of your organisation.

Keith’s experience as a geophysicist, electronics engineer, university researcher and professional photographer mean that training can include detailed discussions of semiconductor technologies and image processing software.

Keith regularly speaks at business seminars on non technical aspects of photography and even teaches estate agents how to take better house photos.

Seminars are pitched at the level you want, and your staff can make use of.

Why not give us a call and see how we can help?

We do not provide standard courses, since there is no such thing as a standard client!

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How much do you charge?

Our digital imaging and photographic technology seminars tend to be very much one-off events, so pricing can vary.

Please do give us a call to discuss how we can help…

Costs vary considerably depending on location and the nature of the event.

For our corporate training, our rates are outlined on the main Photography teaching/training page.

Rates for lectures and seminars depend on the nature of the event, but are typically significantly below our half day training rates and usually do not attract a ‘per delegate’ charge.

We’re based in Leicester, in the UK, so expenses will vary with distance, particularly if overseas or an overnight stay is required.

For local camera clubs and societies, Keith offers a limited number of ‘expenses only’ talks each year.

ts-e17 f4L lens and MTF chart