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Camera news/rumour archive page – 2016

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This is the archived page of Canon rumours and general camera information and news from 2016

Canon and general camera related rumours /patents/info. Specific camera model info can be found on the rumours index page (along with lenses and printers and other makes).

Specific model info can be found on the rumours index page (along with lenses and printers). 

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canon camera prism

2016 December

31st More flat lens research from CalTech [ISW]

Caltech flat lens

30th It seems that the Magic Lantern software for Canon DSLRs may be able to produce lossless 14 bit DNG files [PP]

A while ago (9th Dec below) there was a Canon patent for adjustable curved sensors – there is a bit more info about how to control the curvature [EG-xlt]

29th Some interesting thoughts on cameras/lenses of all makes for 2017 [TH]

Lensless/computational optics have appeared a few times in patents, but an article from Nikkei suggests it’s the longer term direction for some areas of photography [Nik]

Hitachi lensless

The article is a bit thin on detail – there’s a good discussion about the details [PSX – maths warning]. The circle pattern casts a ‘shadow’ on the sensor for each point of the image field, then a bit of maths recovers an image… (well, a lot of maths). You even get to choose focus and depth of field.
As to when this becomes a practical solution, and cheaper than some lenses and a sensor…  Not for a few years yet, for DSLR image quality I suspect.

All via the always interesting [ISW]

28th With mentions of a 77D (on the 750/760D replacement page) my first thought was that it’s a typo for 770D, but I was reminded that Canon’s choice of numbering system has previous form for this.

Here’s the list of old Canon EOS SLR film models and they do make the DSLR numbering look almost sensible in comparison.

Model (US) Model (Europe) Model (Japan) Release date
EOS 650 EOS 650 EOS 650 March 1987
EOS 620 EOS 620 EOS 620 May 1987
EOS 750 EOS 750 EOS 750 October 1988
EOS 850 EOS 850 EOS 850 October 1988
EOS 630 EOS 600 EOS 630 QD April 1989
EOS-1 EOS-1 EOS-1 September 1989
EOS RT EOS RT EOS RT October 1989
EOS 10S EOS 10 EOS 10 QD March 1990
EOS 700 EOS 700 EOS 700 QD March 1990
EOS Rebel/Rebel S EOS 1000F QD EOS 1000 QD October 1990
EOS 10S commemorative kit EOS 10 EOS 10 QD August 1991
EOS Elan EOS 100 EOS 100 QD August 1991
EOS Rebel II/SII EOS 1000FN QD EOS 1000S QD March 1992
EOS A2/A2e EOS 5 EOS 5 QD November 1992
EOS Rebel XS EOS 500 EOS Kiss September 1993
EOS Rebel X November 1993
EOS-1N EOS-1N/1N HS/1N DP EOS-1N/1N HS/1N DP November 1994
EOS 5000 EOS 888 January 1995
EOS-1N RS EOS-1N RS EOS-1N RS March 1995
EOS Elan II/IIe EOS 50/50e EOS 55 September 1995
EOS Rebel G EOS 500N New EOS Kiss September 1996
EOS IX EOS IX EOS IX E October 1996
EOS IX Lite EOS IX 7 EOS IX 50 March 1998
EOS-3 EOS-3 EOS-3 November 1998
EOS 3000 EOS 88 March 1999
EOS Rebel 2000 EOS 300 EOS Kiss III April 1999
EOS-1v EOS-1v EOS-1v March 2000
EOS Elan 7/7e EOS 33/30 EOS 7 October 2000
EOS Kiss III L November 2001
EOS Rebel XS N EOS 3000N Canon EOS 66 February 2002
EOS Rebel Ti EOS 300V EOS Kiss 5 September 2002
EOS Rebel GII March 2003
EOS Rebel K2 EOS 3000V EOS Kiss Lite September 2003
EOS Elan 7N/7NE EOS 33V/30V EOS 7s April 2004
EOS Rebel T2 EOS 300X EOS Kiss 7 September 2004

Table from WP

27th Four DSLR models are listed for wireless certification [NoK]

750D/760D replacement and what else? An update for the 100D? The 6D mk2?

One mirrorless model is listed:

  • PC2279
    • Wireless module: WM227 (Wi-Fi) · WM500
    • Color: 2 colors

24th After well over a year’s work on re-writing this site, it’s time for getting back to my photography…
OK, I mean photography for my own enjoyment, since from a professional point of view, I’ve been busier than ever (Yay!)
Anyway I’ve written up some thoughts: “Where’s your photography going next year
…and no, it’s not yet another ’10 projects to inspire your photography’ listicle ;-)

Please do feel free to comment/ask questions, since it’s often this that gives me ideas for articles and reviews

On that subject I’m in the process of lining up quite a few lens reviews, and there is at least one large new printer review I’m looking forward to doing ;-)

19th A new Mitakon 20mm f2 4.5x macro lens is announced [lens details]

Higher speed sensors include a high speed global shutter example from Canon in a report [IEEE]

18th An interesting imaging chip from Sony [Nikkei] incorporates polarising elements directly in front of each pixel. The difference in response allows polarisation info (polarisation angles: 0, 45, 90 and 135°) to be extracted from an image (but at the cost of lower resolution).
Previous versions had the polarising elements above the lenses, leading to much higher crosstalk.

polarising elements

The filters are implemented with thin slats.

polarising elements

A pair of images showing how reflections could be selectively removed. Obviously a sensor for quite specialised use.

sample polarised image

16th It’s that time of year, when no actual solid rumours lead you to wonder what’s in store for 2017? The timeline is always worth a look…
The 6D should be a natural choice for update [6D mk2], but I find suggestions of an early update for the 5Ds/R less than convincing [5Ds mk2].
In APS-C the 750/760D look a good bet for updates early 2017, whilst the 100D carries on [100D update].
Unfortunately, my one rock solid prediction is that camera sales will once again be down across the board for 2017

  Crop  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2018 2019 2020 2021
            1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Best Full       1Ds 1Ds II 1Ds III 1D X 1DX II 1DX III
1.3     1D 1D II 1D IIn 1D III 1D IV                    
vid.                             1D C          
High Full                               5Ds/5Dsr
            5D 5D II 5D III 5D IV
1.6                   7D 7D Mk II        
'Better'  Full                                               6D 6D 2
1.6 D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D 90D
Mid 1.6         300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
760D T6s 77D
        750D T6i 800D T7i 850D T8i
Micro 1.6                                 100D SL1 X7 200D SL2 250D
Entry 1.6                   1000D / XS / F 1100D / T3 / X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6 2000D T7
EOS R Full                               R5
                              EOS R
                              EOS RP
EF-M 1.6                               M5
                              M50 M50 II
                            M M2 M3 M6 M6 II
                              M10 M100 M200

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates. Video capable 4k 8k

Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual | Digic 8 dual | Digic X dual

15th  rgbw pixelsAn RGBW pixel orientation sensor is patented by Canon [EG xlt] Surrounding the colour pixels with white (no filter) pixels improves sensitivity, but at the cost of lower colour resolution.

13th Interesting interview with Sigma CEO [Cin5D]

12th Canon patent a design for a reversible lens [EG-xlt]
Reversing lenses is an old macro trick (my home made macro lens and telecentric macro) but not so easy with all electronic lenses.

reversible macro lens

10th I note that the Light 16 multi-sensor camera has sold out its first production run and now has a few more sample images to show.

9th A Canon patent for an electrically deformable sensor [EG-xlt]
The sensor bends as the rear section is made to expand.

Canon curving sensor

The amount of curvature needed varies with the sensor size.

sensor deflection amount

8th A good analysis of those CIPA numbers [TH]

5th The latest CIPA camera shipment figures are out, and as expected, the general decline in numbers continues. [CIPA PDF]
Compact cameras continue the greatest decline, but there is little good cheer for camera makers.

Rich sensor patent

A Ricoh patent adopts pixels of differing sensitivity to colours (through transmission depth, along the lines of Foveon et al.) to produce a Bayer style sensor without colour filters.[EG xlt]
The idea seems to involve adding and subtracting pixel data to get colour values from each pixel. The choice of Bayer layout cuts down on processing requirements.
As with many translated Japanese patents, it’s not always clear what’s going on, but this one seems to cover colour sensitivity and processes to reduce pixel crosstalk.

1st A Canon viewfinder patent combines a display and a partial reflection mirror [EG-xlt]

canon hybrid af


30th canon curved sensor at edgesA Canon patent looks at curving just the edge of sensors to deal with vignetting [EG-xlt]
Only problem is that it wouldn’t work with existing lenses – so not coming to a DSLR near you any time soon.

Huge collection of Canon camera firmware updates – Corrects a phenomenon in which when using the camera with the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM lens, even if lens aberration correction is set to “Enable”, correction will not be applied. [via CR]

28th – New site, but slow until we get our hosting sorted…

Toshiba patent for a complex curved sensor – more for small sensors [EG-xlt]

23rd A dual layer pixel patent from Nikon [EG-xlt] for phase AF (potentially) gives better AF performance compared to simple split pixel designs.

As well as offering ‘cross-type’ phase AF, the second layer has different colour sensitivity, potentially offering higher colour resolution than a simple bayer layout.
nikon dual split pixel patent

16th Canon patent for a 0.82x optical viewfinder design [EG -xlt]
canon optical viewfinder design
14th Canon patent for changing the mount of a camera rather than use an adapter [EG -xlt]
Reduces the ability to quickly swap lens types compared to adapters, but if it is a patent of a factory fit type of unit it could make it easier to manufacture/supply cameras for different markets.
Are we getting any closer to a modular camera design?
Canon already offer EF/PL style mounts for cine use.
camera with exchangeable mount

10th The metallic grey 1300D has appeared in the UK Canon Store

Canon 1300D grey

9th A Canon patent shows how combining OVF and EVF can allow the whole area of the frame to be used for AF.
Not a very clear one, but it shows Canon is seriously looking at this area. [EG via xlt]

In terms of EVF, I took some shots with a Sony A77 this weekend whilst using my 5Ds (I was on an architectural job and the client had the A77) – suffice to say, I’m not keen to move to EVF any time soon.

8th slver rebel T6It seems that a grey/silver version of the 1300D/T6/KissX80 is going to appear somewhere.
Note that this might initially only appear in some markets
via DCI

CMOSIS announce a 48MP global shutter sensor for 8k [CMO]

“The CMV50000 is a high speed CMOS image sensor with 7920 x 6004 effective pixels (47.5Mp) developed for machine vision and video applications. The image array consists of 4.6μm pipelined 8T global shutter pixels which allow exposure during read out, while performing true CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) operation. The image sensor has 22 12bit sub-LVDS data outputs. The image sensor also integrates a programmable analog gain amplifier and offset regulation. Each output channel runs up to 830 Mbps maximum which results in 30 fps frame rate at full resolution in 12 bit. “

5th A Canon patent looks at showing focus peaking by only colorising parts of the image that are in focus [EG xlt]

3rd Canon are going to be supplying some of their chips for OEM use [ISW]

I look forward to seeing what someone can make of the 120MP one…

canon 120mp sensor
Canon 5MP global shutter camera
canon fhd sensor

2nd Canon gets a patent for a variable low pass (antialiasing) filter [EG via Google xlt]. The patent isn’t clear as to where this would be used, since it mentions the exposure metering sensor. It would certainly save making two versions of high MP cameras such as the 5Ds


31st Canon has a patent looking at how to get rid of the need for light shielding when doing dark frame subtraction, when setting sensor black levels.
Makes it easier to get rid of the physical shutter [EG via Google xlt]

“No news is…” well… to be expected.
I’m still labouring away to rewrite this site (remember I do have a ‘real’ job too) and was recently looking through the rumour history, tieing this in with camera sales and the amount of ‘buzz’ generated at Photokina.
This is one of the quietest post-photokina periods I’ve seen for a while, and the overall event itself definitely far less impressive than it has been in past incarnations. [See the excellent overview at TH]
The quality of rumours after photokina has been weaker than ever and I suspect that the number of visitors to all the assorted sites has been taking a hefty dip.
Looking at our own visitor numbers (for just the rumour pages), with the rumour pages really getting going in 2005, they broadly follow the curve from 2006
The graph is based on the CIPA camera shipment figures discussed earlier this month (with the partial 2016 figures generously extrapolated).
Meanwhile, its reassuring for me to note that the traffic for the articles and reviews I’ve written have steadily increased over time, overtaking the ‘rumour visitors’ last year.
Whilst these figures are obviously of more interest to me, since the site helps pay for Karen [my wife] to work for Northlight, they also reflect wider changes in the industry which make me wonder about the future of many well known web sites and camera brands.
By the way – regular readers… please do feel free to email me with your thoughts on the rumour ‘market’ and anything you think I should be looking at as I concentrate even more on the ‘factual’ side of the site

Just a note that mobile phone photos won’t be covered, since I rarely have one with me and it’s still the iPhone 3Gs I won in a competition years ago ;-)

28th A Canon paper at the IEDM conference will show a multi readout approach to sensor design that allows for global shutter and high dynamic range [ISW]

I’ve mentioned several of the ubiquitous ‘press interviews’ from Photokina and advised suitable caution about reading much from such marketing pieces. Have a read of Thom Hogan’s thoughts on the matter [TH] – he has a good list of interviews at the foot of the article.

26th Cameras with WiFi or bluetooth need to be registered with rgulatory authorities some time before launch.

A number of Canon registrations are listed [Nok via Goog xlt] for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
The two DSLRs might well be updates to the 750D/760D?
Single-lens reflex camera
Taiwan NCC
Fi-Wi · Bluetooth equipped
Taiwan NCC
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped
Unpublished SKU (unknown if it were a single-lens reflex): 1791C002AA, 1792C002AA
Mirrorless camera
SKU: 1724C002AA, 1724C012AA, 1724C022AA, 1725C002AA, 1725C012AA, 1725C022AA
Color: 2 colors
Compact camera
SKU: 1717C002AA, 1718C002AA
Color: 2 colors
PC2334 / PC2335
SKU: 1790C002AA, 1879C001AA
Color: 2 colors
PC2329 / PC2332
SKU: 1794C001AA, 1797C001AA, 1800C001AA
Color: three colors
SKU: 1803C001AA, 1806C001AA, 1809C001AA
Color: three colors
An electronic view finder
SKU: 1727C001AA, 1882C001AA
Wireless Remote Controller
19th I’ve reviewed several Macphun editing plugins over the last few years, and it now seems we are going to get a complete photo editing package called Luminar
Interesting, but I need to give a solid try out… It should be out in the next month or so, and I hope to have a full review when it’s available.

An interesting Canon patent deals with the problem of using curved sensors using a magnetic system to deform the sensor[EG via Goog xlt]

canon flexible sensor patent

Curved sensors are great for fixed focal lengths, but less so once you change the lens.

17th Canon satelliteCanon have made a satellite that will be launched next March [Nik]

It will have “A telescope affixed to an imaging device based on Canon’s EOS 5D camera…”

Given the types of semiconductors used in space, this might well be based on the 12MP 5D, but it doesn’t say any more

Canon have a number of printer software/firmware updates appearing – check for your model
US Large format | Europe large format
More details on the Canon Printer info page
15th The compact flash association (CF makers trade club) has announced a new standard that they are working on. The CFExpress standard would have a theoretical maximum thoughput of 8GB per second.
Read more in their press info [PDF], although we’re some time away from any real products

CFA’s goals for the Cfexpress family are:
1) Unify the ecosystem around a removable storage specification that has longevity in the market
2) Provide a platform that scales with performance increases in the PCIE interface
3) Leverages the technologies and skillsets of the larger volume compute markets
4) Seamless compatibility with the capture ecosystem and workflow tools.

The chart below (at MR) goes alongside the news that the Quesabesde photography web site is shutting up shop [QB via Google xlt]

As a Spanish site it’s not one I check often, but has been going for 15 years (Northlight appeared in 2002, with the first reviews and articles in 2003 and the first rumours in 2004)
The translation above is quite readable and recounts how empty the recent Photokina was compared to a few years ago, along with the general changes that led to their closure.
The photo market is changing and all of us working in different parts of it need to move along…

14th An interesting chart showing CIPA camera shipments over the lifetime of this site.
It’s not good news for camera companies.

Of personal interest, it broadly marks the overall traffic for the rumours pages of this site…
However, the traffic for articles and reviews has steadily risen over the period :-)
I’ve been working on an all new version of the site for quite some time (it’s huge and I have a day job) and whilst it will still have a rumour update section, it will be simpler and I’ll be expanding the news, reviews and articles (suggestions welcome).

camera shipments 2003-2016

Meanwhile I just wrote up a note about how easy it was to make a 20″ x 30″ print of the view from my windowwith a 5Ds and the PRO-2000 printer. Why? well I’d been reading a whole load of whinging on forums about what Canon missed out with the 5D mk4 and should add to a 5Ds mk2
The more new kit I’ve tested of late, the more I realise that these days, the limitations are far more likely to be behind the camera ;-)

ovf folded optical systemA Canon patent for a folded optical system in an optical viewfinder (OVF) The secondary sensor at the top meters the image on the focus screen and can be used for other mirror down functions, such as tracking and face recognition.[EG via Google xlt]

Higher resolution secondary sensors need a better optical system, which would normally take up too much space in the crowded prism area, but the particular benefits of this one need a better understanding of the Japanese text than the translation offers. The combined prism/lens element (19) is an interesting one.

7th A Fuji interview [DPR]
1st Have a read of this from Nikon’s global head of marketing [CMP]
Then have a read of Thom Hogan’s thoughts about what Nikon needs to do [TH]
Which one of the two looks more firmly rooted in reality?
OK, so quoting an article on a marketing/pr oriented site is perhaps an easy target but I for one want to see Nikon doing things to deserve keeping its market share in more advanced cameras…
I’d note too that quite a few of Thom’s comments are what I’d include in Canon’s ‘to-do’ list as well.


30th Who needs Photoshop… ;-)
A Canon patent for ‘…changing the beautiful skin effect for each Canon subject’ [EG via Google xlt]
29th A minor firmware update for the 5D4 – Firmware V1.0.2
Other cameras get an update to address a lens incompatibility.

“Corrects a phenomenon in which when using the camera with the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM or EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM lens, even if lens aberration correction is set to “Enable”, correction will not be applied.”

Canon Firmware Updates [TDP]

Canon EOS 6D (v.1.1.7)
Canon EOS 70D (v.1.1.2)
Canon EOS SL1 (v.1.0.1)
Canon EOS Rebel T5i (v.1.1.5)
Canon EOS Rebel T6 (v.1.0.2)

Canon is working on a similar fix for the following cameras:

EOS-1D X, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 7D, EOS 60D
EOS Rebel T1i, EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T3i, EOS Rebel T4i, EOS Rebel T3, EOS Rebel T5

28th continued…

Sony and the A99II [IR]
Sigma [AP] – from June, I just don’t remember reading it ;-)
Hasselblad – the end of ‘hasselbling’ [DPR]
Ricoh/Pentax [DPR]

26th More interviews.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II [PB]
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II [AP]
Sony [AP#1 | AP#2]

25th Time for company interviews from Photokina to start surfacing. I expect sites to spin these out over the next few weeks…

Pentax [PF]
Fuji and medium format [DPR]
Hasselblad [PB]
Nikon [PB] – No, the Nikon 1 isn’t dead … really

23rd Patents with interesting uses for image sensors [ISW]

– A system and a method for guiding a user during shaving
– A camera in a violin, to help with correct fingering
– Solving a problem of rolling shutter distortions when the refrigerator door opens

21st Canon’s showing their 120MP APS-H sensor in a 5Ds body at Photokina [EPZ]

Only 19 seconds to download an image… (using 5Ds circuitry)
Yes, I’d quite like the ~200MP full frame equivalent. Having spent the day producing a collection of 22″x14″ and 22″ x 33″ prints for a client, I really appreciate the benefits of my 50MP 5Ds. The images came from my 1Ds, 1Ds3 and 5Ds – I compared prints from the three in a detailed article a while ago [comparing 11MP/21MP/50MP for printmaking]

20th If you use some Canon software (especially printer drivers) and Macs, think carfully about updating to MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
Canon have published info about software incompatibilities
DPP and EOS Utility 4 are OK

15th As widely trailed we get an EOS M5 camera with a new EF-M18-150mm lens
and an update to the 70-300 F4-5.6.

So, it looks as if Canon has finally decided to get a bit more serious with the mirrorless range, putting the 80D sensor in a body the size of the 100D (who now expects the 100D to be updated?)
With a quick look at the specs, I notice a rather low number of shots per battery charge – looks like you may need a pocket full of batteries for a day’s shooting with a lot of EVF and rear screen use.
The new 70-300 brings Canon’s first LCD display for a lens.
Looking at how the presence of a physical indicator scale constrains lens design and manufacturing, I expect we’ll see many more examples of this with upcoming longer lenses. The distance info was always there for many EF lenses, it looks as if now Canon have improved its absolute accuracy and the cost of LCD units has come down enough to warrant electronic displays.

14th The last minute leaks before Photokina seem to be coming aplenty, with detailed specs of lenses and the EOS-M5, which from a size POV, looks like an EVF based ‘mirrorless’ update for the 100D/SL1 (Mirrorless page)

I was away last week, and as you might expect, took a few photos. I’ve written up a detailed article about making a large B&W print (22″ x 43″) of the harbour at Staithes (N. Yorkshire).
It looks at the whole process from picking a view through to making the final print, a stitched image of around ~90MP equivalent.
The stitching is as not to make what I’d call a ‘panoramic’ print as such, but more to get a wide view in a cylindrical projection rather than the rectilinear one I’d get if I shot at 11mm.
I often use image stitching to control the final image projection in this way.
If you ignore the stitching section the tutorial is just as relevant if I’d used just a single shot.

I hope it’s of some interest…
9th Canon PRO-1000 printer Firmware V2
– “Head Replacement” menu is added on the operation panel menu.
– Some small failures are modified. [sic.]
Should appear on local Canon support sites before too long.
Full Canon PRO-1000 review

8th If you’ve a 7D2 and want to use the new WiFi card from Canon, you’ll need the latest firmware update (V1.1.0)
Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following functional enhancements and improvements:
Supports Wi-Fi adapter W-E1.
Adds a setting to enable or disable automatic storage of the lens if it is extended out when a gear-driven STM lens*1 is attached, and the power switch is turned to [OFF].
*1 EF 40mm f/2.8 STM, EF 50mm f/1.8 STM, or EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lenses

Slow rumour updates – Keith is having a break ;-)

2nd A Canon patent [EG via Google xlt] expands the idea of compound cameras (multiple focal lengths at the same time) with a folded optics system.
folded optical system


31st DPReview puts the 5D4 dual pixel focus adjustment feature in DPP to the test [DPR]

As might be suspected by anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of optics, the effect is rather small. 
Cue a certain amount of whinging on forums :-)
Expect to see rather more serious use made of the split pixel RAW data once people start working on it. I’m pleased to see Canon adding stuff like this to a camera.

In a further offset microlens patent [EG via Google xlt] another aspect of the asymetrical pixels micro-lens is explored, this time light scattering. Compare with diagrams from a few days ago (Aug 19th).

Canon announce a new higher DR global sgutter CMOS imaging chip [Can] – not due in a DSLR any time soon…

“Distortion-free image capture when shooting fast-moving objects

Standard CMOS sensors make use of the rolling shutter method, which sequentially exposes the pixels one row at a time. Because rolling shutters can create slight discrepancies in signal-readout timing depending on the location of the pixel, images of fast-moving objects may appear distorted and flash photography may result in the occurrence of the flash band phenomenon, in which the upper and lower portions of images display different levels of brightness. Because Canon’s newly developed CMOS sensor employs a global shutter, when shooting such fast-moving objects as a rotating propeller or a speeding train, subjects are able to retain their proper form to create distortion-free images. Enabling the confirmation of object shapes with a high degree of accuracy, the sensor offers potential benefits in industrial applications, including as a sensor for use in inspection cameras.

Wide dynamic range realized through new proprietary drive method and pixel structure

When the newly developed CMOS sensor converts light into electrical signals and stores the signal charge in memory, the new drive system achieves a significant expansion in full well capacity. Also, because it employs a structure that efficiently captures light and each pixel incorporates an optimized internal configuration, the sensor makes possible increased sensitivity with reduced noise. The expanded full well capacity, realized through the sensor’s new drive system, and substantial reduction in noise, enabled by the new pixel structure, combine to deliver a wide dynamic range, facilitating the capture of high-image-quality, high-definition footage even when shooting scenes containing large variances in brightness.
Canon will explore various industrial and measurement applications for the newly developed CMOS sensor and consider deploying it in the field of video production for cinema production applications, TV dramas, commercials and more.”

30th I was recently asked what was the best printer currently available? Not a question I’ll answer, and I’ve written up why at “Why I never recommend the best products” – hope it’s of help in understanding the reasoning behind the hundreds of reviews I’ve written over the last few years.

7Dmk 2 firmware to control the new WiFi card will be available soon (7D2 page)

29th A Canon patent [EG via Google xlt] shows how by replacing the sub mirrors with laminated diffraction gratings, the normal angle of reflection can be altered, adding or subtracting to the usual angle.
In the example of the 5Dmk4 this is used to expand the vertical coverage of the AF sensor array (this technique could explain the improvements in the 1D X mk2 as well).

diffraction grating sub-mirrors

28th A whole load of Canon products are registered in Russia [Nok]
This is required where products have wireless functionality.
What DSLR might appear so soon after the 5D mk4?
A bit soon for the 6D mk2 – how about a 100D replacement
Note that some of this stuff might not be new – it’s Russian info appearing on a Japanese site, translated by Google… That DSLR might even be the 5D4
Comments welcome…

– Single-lens reflex camera
– Bluetooth · Wi-Fi equipped
– SKU: 1279C002AA, 1279C012AA, 1279C022AA
– Body Kit 1 Kit 2
– Color: 1 color
– Bluetooth · Wi-Fi equipped
– Mirror-less camera?
– SKU: 1724C002AA, 1724C012AA, 1724C022AA, 1725C002AA, 1725C012AA, 1725C022AA
– Body Kit 1 Kit 2
– Color: 2 colors
– Mirror-less camera?
– SKU: 1717C002AA, 1718C002AA
– Color: 2 colors
– Kondeji
PC2334 / PC2335
– SKU: 1790C002AA, 1879C001AA
– Color: 2 colors
– Kondeji
PC2329 / PC2332
– SKU: 1794C001AA, 1797C001AA, 1800C001AA
– Color: 3 colors
– Kondeji
– SKU: 1803C001AA, 1806C001AA, 1809C001AA
Color: three colors

25th The 5D4 has new features that makes use of Dual Pixel data, if recorded (doubles the size of RAW files) and currently only usable if you process images with DPP. There is a Canon article explaining the dual pixel AF adjustment functions.
Canon says:

In addition to all the adjustments you can perform using Canon’s RAW processing software to RAW image files, EOS 5D Mark IV images shot with Dual Pixel RAW active also allow the following adjustments:
Image Microadjustment 
Make subtle changes to slightly alter the plane of sharpest detail in an image, using depth information. You can microadjust the sharpest detail forward (toward the camera) or backward at the subject.
Bokeh Shift 
Take out-of-focus foreground and background information, and shift it slightly (side-to-side in a horizontal shot), using sliders in DPP to vary the range of adjustment. The primary, focused-upon subject remains essentially unaffected — so the out-of-focus areas do in fact shift a bit. This can be easily seen once you bring Dual Pixel RAW images into your computer.
Ghost Reduction 
Select an area of the frame having flare or ghost images from light sources which are just ouside the visible frame, and DPP can process the image to reduce these aberrations in some cases. You select the area by drawing a box around it, on-screen, in DPP’s preview window.

Just how well this is going to work remains to be seen…
There is at the end of the article…

– According to Canon, Inc. engineers, best results will tend to occur when images are taken at wide lens apertures (low f-numbers). As an image’s depth-of-field increases, Dual Pixel RAW’s ability to make significant visual changes decreases.
– Focus distance matters between camera and subject, too. In general, the impact will tend to be greater at near and middle distances for a given focal length lens than it will if the lens is focused upon truly distant subjects.
– No exceptions: to have the ability to perform these operations within Canon’s DPP software, the actual image must be taken with the EOS 5D Mark IV’s Dual Pixel RAW menu option enabled before the shutter is fired. RAW images can certainly be taken with Dual Pixel RAW disabled, but you will not be able to perform these additional changes to them.
– To repeat, Canon, Inc. and Canon USA have no idea if or when any competitive, third-party RAW process software programs may develop Dual Pixel RAW process capability. With EOS 5D Mark IV RAW files, taken with Dual Pixel RAW enabled on the camera’s menu, know that you can process them and make Dual Pixel RAW adjustments with Canon’s DPP software — version 4.5 or higher — and that software is included with the EOS 5D Mark IV camera. It’ll also be available as a free download from Canon web sites.
– Dual Pixel RAW images are only possible with the EOS 5D Mark IV, as of mid-August 2016. We know of no plans at present to add this feature to previous EOS models that have the Dual Pixel CMOS AF architecture (EOS 70D/80D, EOS 7D Mark II, and EOS-1D X Mark II, for instance).

The W-E1 is announced ($40) – B&H

22nd The W-E1 will initially only work with these existing cameras: 5Ds, 5Ds R and 7D mk2

It needs a CF card present as well
Firmware updates will be available for the above cameras in due course.
21st The new WiFi in an SD card device.

Wi-Fi adapter W-E1

Canon Wi-Fi adapter W-E1
19th There are suggestions that the 5D and other trinkets are currently being shipped around, so would be available pretty soon [PR]

Back in April we had a patent for per pixel lenses on a sensor that were distorted in shape, so as to improve off axis light capture. A new patent [ISW] changes the shape of the lenses.

teardrop microlensesThe April patent also addressed the problem of off axis pixels that are not receiving oblique rays, such as with a telecentric lens design – or just a very long focal length. [EG via Google xlt]

For more details, see April 25th, below.

Just the sort of thing that might be useful in a full frame EOS-M?

canon offset microlens patent

16th A full list of Canon’s product announcements appear [DCI-xlt]

EOS 5D Mark IV body
EOS 5D Mark IV + 24-70 lens kit
EOS 5D Mark IV + 24-105 lens kit
Battery Grip BG-E20
Wi-Fi adapter W-E1
7D Mark II + 18-135 USM lens kit
7D Mark II + W-E1
EF24-105mm F4L IS II USM
EF16-35mm F2.8L III USM

15th It’s time for the eagerly awaited EISA awards and Canon gets gongs for the 35/1.4 L II, the 1DX II, the 80D and the PRO-1000 printer.

Note that when I say ‘eagerly awaited’, I’m referring to the PR departments of the companies that have ‘won’ awards.
Who are EISA and why should you care?
“EISA is the unique association of nearly 50 special interest magazines from 23 European countries. Internationally known for the European EISA Awards, EISA started in 1982 when the editors-in-chief from five European photo magazines came together to select “The Camera of the Year” for the first time. They had no idea that out of this meeting EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association – would emerge some years later. This historic moment took place in 1989 after another 10 photo magazines had joined the group in the meanwhile.”
It seems there is still a place for grand shindigs meetings in nice places…

Meanwhile as the band plays on, camera shipments decline [CIPA pdf]
…and Sony decided to ease off on CMOS sensor development [ISW]
camera shipments june 2016
7th The WiFi card is suggested as a $40 product [CR]

I’ve just published a very detailed review of the Canon PRO-2000 24″ large format printer.
4th We’re told (thanks) that the upcoming SD card style WiFi card will work with EOS utility and that the level of funtionality won’t necessarily be the same for all cameras that support it.

Presumably some firmware updates will be required?

3rd One of the more unusual patents I’ve tried to work out from machine translations… [EG via Goog xlt]
Canon’s latest shows a ‘red dot’ style viewfinder, and how it can incorprate a camera and then be used with an external EVF
external viewfinder unit
The front unit (2) includes a display unit (23) that has a small camera (21,22) in front of it.
Given the size of the lens mounted camera, I suspect the screen shows a visible frame, used with a sighting tube (4)
By making the sighting tube an EVF, it allows for using with lenses with a much bigger front end, where mounting the sighting tube on the top of the camera would not line up with the display.

Well, that’s my guess – have a look at the patent and see if you can make any more sense of it?
Just what we need for mounting our 800mm lenses on to a ‘pro’ mirrorless camera ;-)

2nd Canon are likely to be introducing a small WiFi unit for the 7Dmk2
This and a page from the manual appear [DCI via Goog xlt]
Specifications of Wi-Fi adapter “W-E1”
– Size: 24.0mm x 32.0mm x2.1mm
– Weight: about 2g
– Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees. Humidity of 85% or less
– Transmission scheme: IEEE802.11b / g / n
– Transfer range: 10m
– Allow the camera of a remote control from the smartphone
– Remote operation possible wirelessly using EOS Utility
Fits in an SD card slot – so should be good for other cameras too?


14th Is this the 5D4 on its way? An Indonesian certification authority mentions a new Canon camera manufactured in Japan, with WiFi and GPS

Canon registration contents
– Equipment: Digital camera
– Model name: Canon DS126601
– Manufacturing: Japan
– Date: July 1, 2016

Could be something else, but we’re in the right timeframe for the 5D mk4

11th polarising elements for sensor pixelsAn interesting Canon patent puts polarising elements in front of some groups of pixels on a sensor, with the aim of improving sensor based AF with no movement of the lens focus elements. [EG via Google xlt]
The polarising elements alternate the plane of polarisation.
Whilst final focus might require some back and forth focus movement, the better estimate for initial movement you can get, the faster and smoother the focus action is.
The patent used a full frame 300/2.8 lens as an example – note no mirror ;-)
300mm f2.8 lens in patent

In a patent from Samsung [ISW], the colour filter array is replaced with beam splitters.
pixel level beam splitterbeam splitter for pixels by Samsung
This means that some of the coloured light normally lost in filtering is pushed into adjacent pixels for that colour
Samsung have related patents in October and February of last year (2015 rumours/news)
10th Canon have a firmware update for the PRO-1000 printer
V1.11 increases maximum page length to 25.5″ Note, you need to update drivers as well (to have the size available)

Good, but not really enough IMHO. See more about the printer in my long PRO-1000 review

8th Canon release a firmware update for the 1DX 2 addressing the Sandisk CF card issues (details on 1DX 2 page)

3rd camera shipment data - CIPAAdd the earthquake hitting sensor supplies (for everyone but Canon) to the ongoing slide in camera sales and you get the worst figures yet for shipments from CIPA.
For some analysis of the figures see Thom Hogan’s comments [TH]

Rumours have gone fairly quiet of late, but I’m hoping for a pickup this month, as we get closer to Photokina camera releases.
I’m looking for a distinct sea-change in rumour quality as wish lists and guesses drop out of the way for ‘real’ stuff, and the rumour sites are not just lists of ‘deals’ ;-)

BTW I’ve still got a 24″ Canon PRO-2000 printer here for review – if anyone has any questions, please do let me know. It has a few distinct differences to the PRO-1000 I reviewed, but print quality is similar (i.e. excellent).


28th Canon have acknowledged a problem with the 1DX2 and some SanDisk CF cards, leading to image corruption.
Details on the 1D X mk2 page
24th A ‘no 6D2 until 2017’ comment [CR] includes a suggestion that there will be a new model designation in the EOS range.

Surely not the long expected 3D or 9D or 8D or 4D or 2D or something entirely new…

The Hasselblad mirrorless reminded me just how little real pushing the boundaries we’ve seen from Canikon – have a read of Thom Hogan’s interesting take [TH]
16th I was recently interviewed for Episode 42 of the Breathing Color Podcast.

Karen recommends my 20+ minutes spot, talking about how to make a living in photography, as an excellent counter to insomnia. There is even a transcript, for those having difficulty with my Suffolk accent ;-)

15th Selling cameras in small quantities is a tough business – have a read of Thom Hogan’s comments about why small camera shops find it so hard, and why the camera companies will push many out of business (and then wonder why)[TH]
Meanwhile – here’s something for all those 5×4 sheets some of you have laying around. Pentax (Ricoh) announce a 5×4 duplicator. [PxR]
5x4 film duplicator

…available in 4×5 for those of you in the US ;-)

3rd The April CIPA figures are out and the bump in March this year, that led some to dream that the decline was over, reverts to form. There are more details available [PR] but Thom Hogan usually posts the best thought out observations on these figures in due course.
I’m inclined to wonder if the bump (shipments not sales) was more the result of companies wanting to shore up figures for their annual reports or trying to meet other forecasts.

2016 April CIPA figures


25th In a Sony financial announcement it includes this: “…terminate the development and manufacturing of high-functionality camera modules for external sale.” [ISW]
Does this mean advanced sensors (MF 100MP for example) or does it refer to complete camera units, such as might be found in phones or the innards of the old Hasselbling range?

A Canon PRO-2000 printer turns up for me to review – then leaves again, since when loaded with ink it can’t be tilted and is too big to get into our house :-(
22nd Even if I use Canon equipment, I want Nikon to push Canon and the photography business forward – Not so good signs though in a deeper look at Nikon figures by Thom Hogan [TH]
20th Sorry for the paucity of rumours this week – Keith’s on holiday

A 5Ds body with a 120MP sensor appears in China [DCF – xlt]

That’s RAW files around 210+MB a nifty 13,248 x 8,832 resolution. Having seen the improved quality of 50MP 5Ds files over my 1Ds3, I’d have no difficulty with 120MP. Let the ‘files too big ‘whinging start :-)

The DLO feature of the 1DX 2 causes problems with some Sigma lenses – problem? — Turn Peripheral illum. corr. to OFF for that lens [SLRL]
15th I’ve just finished a very long review of the Canon PRO-1000 printer

11th The new flash is officially announced [DPR] – see also B&H
10th Specs for the new flash appear [DCI – xlt]: 600EX II-RT specs.

FOV 20mm-200mm
GN 197ft / 60m (ISO100)
“Continuous emission is 1.5 times faster from 1.1 (CP-E4N 2 times faster at the time of use) ”

I take this to refer to cycle time

Control of flash in up to 5 groups
Dust and water resistant
New design for accessories
Dot matrix type LCD panel
– 15 custom settings
– 6 personal functions
Rotates 180 degrees in either direction

BTW – I just added a review of the Laowa 60mm Macro to the recent one for the Laowa 15mm Macro
6th Looks as if the Speedlite 600EX-RT may well get an update shortly [CR]
4th Thom Hogan gives his usual succinct overview of camera sales figures [TH] As ever, compact cameras continue their slide, but mirrorless figures? well, ‘it depends’…

Still no sign of organic based sensors, but a Toshiba patent (and hence likely available to Sony) covers a different molecule with a different spectral sensitivity [EG via Google xlt]


29th A Canon patent uses a variable light transmittance element to enable aperture to be altered without adjusting shutter speed [EG via Google xlt]
changing aperture
It’s it’s like having a variable ND filter in place that’s coupled to the aperture setting (or T stop for video)

As you open up the lens, the exposure is maintained by reducing the amount of light let through, so that you don’t need to change ISO or shutter speed, just pick your required DOF

One for the video crowd – I rarely ever use filters, so no obvious use springs to mind. I guess it might be easier to use flash outdoors in bright sun so YMMV ;-)

25th A new Canon patent looks at offset microlenses. [EG via Google xlt] above the colour filter (F).
Towards the edge of a sensor, obliquely angled light from a wide angle lens can partly miss the underlying sensor part of a pixel (PD).
This can be mitigated by offsetting the microlenses (ML).
The degree of offset increases away from the centre of the sensor.
Unfortunately if you want to use different types of lens, such as telecentric designs or even just a long focus lens, the rays now hit the sensor at less of an angle, and the offset lens causes some light to be lost (L1), leading to vignetting.
Canon’s patent uses lenses of a more complex shape that are not offset.
The shape of the lens ‘leans’ towards the centre of the sensor (although not clear in the limited detail of the translated patent, this would mean the lenses would lean in different directions and amounts across the sensor).
These leaning lenses work with a wide range of incident light angles.
A further refinement uses dual lenses so that the light does not need to be internally reflected from the surface of the lightguide (LG) – think of the lightguide as a sort of funnel for photons, part of the chip’s structure – not a lens
This second lens (IL) may also ease the need to vary the lens shape by quite as much across the sensor.

As an aside, I’d note that this whole problem becomes more serious as you reduce back focus distance for a camera system. It would be much more important if you wanted to put a full frame sensor in an EF-M body…

canon offset microlens patent
22nd Sony make sensors for a lot of companies. Damage from a recent earthquake may shut down manufacturing for a while [Sony] Canon use their sensors for several smaller cameras, but APS-C and FF sensors are their own. Hardest hit will be companies like Nikon and obviously Sony themselves, but many other companies rely heavily on Sony.
20th A Canon patent covers the addition of WiFi/GPS to cameras with metal bodies [EG via Google xlt]
16th The runes are cast [CR] with guestimates of…
5D4 Aug 16 | High End M Oct 16 | 6D2 Feb 17 | M4 Feb 17
Time to wheel out the timeline again…
The 750/760 should last into next year too, and the still excellent 100D could linger on with a Digic 6 version next year. (I’m currently testing the Venus 60mm macro and 15mm shift macro lenses with ours)

  Crop  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2018 2019 2020 2021
            1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Best Full       1Ds 1Ds II 1Ds III 1D X 1DX II 1DX III
1.3     1D 1D II 1D IIn 1D III 1D IV                    
vid.                             1D C          
High Full                               5Ds/5Dsr
            5D 5D II 5D III 5D IV
1.6                   7D 7D Mk II        
'Better'  Full                                               6D 6D 2
1.6 D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D 90D
Mid 1.6         300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
760D T6s 77D
        750D T6i 800D T7i 850D T8i
Micro 1.6                                 100D SL1 X7 200D SL2 250D
Entry 1.6                   1000D / XS / F 1100D / T3 / X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6 2000D T7
EOS R Full                               R5
                              EOS R
                              EOS RP
EF-M 1.6                               M5
                              M50 M50 II
                            M M2 M3 M6 M6 II
                              M10 M100 M200

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates. Video capable 4k 8k

Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual | Digic 8 dual | Digic X dual

12th In the UK, there are a whole range of Canon lens/camera rebates currently running – there is a page with all the various combinations and deals at Park Cameras
7th A Canon PRO-1000 printer has just turned up for a review – questions? feel free to email me…
6th For a detailed and interesting view of the CIPA figures (graph below), see Thom Hogan’s remarks [TH]

2016 April

4th I was updating the Canon s/w page and noticed that the latest version of DPP (4.4.30) adds support for quite a few older cameras.

“Newly supported PowerShot G7 X Mark II, EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS Kiss X80 / EOS REBEL T6 / EOS 1300D, EOS 80D, EOS Kiss X4 / EOS REBEL T2i / EOS 550D, EOS Kiss X3 / EOS REBEL T1i / EOS 500D, EOS Kiss X2 / EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi / EOS 450D, EOS Kiss F / EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS / EOS 1000D, EOS 50D, EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS-1D Mark III, PowerShot G16, PowerShot S120, PowerShot G1 X”

2nd A few bits of info about the new K1 FF Pentax in a trade show interview [IR] see also the Pentax K1 site [Px]

March 29th The CIPA camera shipment figures for January are out – only one data point for this year, but I don’t see this years curve being much more than a lower version of the two previous years above it.

cipa worldwide camera shipments

The full charts and figures are available [CIPA]

Compact cameras lead the charge downwards (-28%) ‘System’ cameras (DSLRs, Mirrorless) are holding up better, but still down (-4%)

28th Tis the season for needless complexity – the Canon lens rebate scheme is running (US) until the 9th of July. Details on the lens rumour page.

There is a lengthy interview with the CEO of Sigma at [IR] – New cameras, f/1.8 zooms and lenses for m4/3

A Sigma patent for a 24-70/2.8 OS lens appears [lens rumour page.]

23rd A Canon patent for a hybrid viewfinder. The light from the EVF (top centre) is reflected left and then right to the eye. The split prism below the EVF combines this info with the normal view [EG via Google xlt]

I’ve just published a rather long review of Epson’s 24″ SC-P7000 large format printer – very nice ;-)

14th Several years ago (2005) I was talking to some people at Canon about developments in the camera market and how they regarded the competition. Nikon, was well … they were Nikon and would develop cameras for pro photographers and support them. Sony was the bigger ‘threat’ from a technology POV, but would never gain traction in the ‘Pro’ market without a significant investment in the support services that are vital to many working pro photographers.

What reminded me of this?

A short article by a pro photographer in Australia [PP] explains why he’s given up on Sony kit for his work.

Note – I have absolutely no problem with considering Sony kit for my work from a technical view, but I want to know that if it goes wrong, I’m going to get the same sort of service that I’ve come to expect from Canon. When your living depends on having kit available when you need it, things like this are something you take notice of.

10th After some pretty solid leaks, the Canon 1300D/T6 is announced [1300D page]

4th A possible 1300D? [1300D page]

Canon announce a new range of large format printers. The 24″ PRO-2000 and 44″ PRO-4000 [full details] replace the iPF x400 range.

Not available until mid-year, I should have a full review when one is available to look at.

3rd Radar for your DSLR? A Ricoh patent uses radar to estimate distances to make it easier to remove the effects of mist and fog…[EG via Google xlt]

camera radar unit

2nd A Canon patent uses a fibre plate (3) to couple a curved plane of focus to a flat sensor (4). Very wide angle in this example. The bottom diagram shows how total internal reflection takes light through the plate. [EG via Google xlt]

fibre plate coupler

Such plates of fibres have been round a while, such as in an image intensifier tube assembly I’ve got in my ‘junk box’. They have never been cheap, so this patent is likely for a quite specialised use

1st Interesting Canon interview – Canon are still waiting for better AF and VF for mirrorless [DPR]

We were just sent a new video about the 1Dx2, including 1Dx 2 video footage – see the 1Dx2 page.

A Canon US patent shows a deformation of pixel microlenses towards the edge of a sensor, so as to improve responses for off axis rays. [USPTO]

offset microlens design


26th — Reviews info: I’ve just had an Epson SC-P7000 turn up for review. If anyone has any specific questions, please email me?

Version 1.1.0 is of the ColorChecker passport software is available from X-Rite – it fixes the 40MP limit for DNG files from earlier versions, and works for Lightroom 6.1

25th A Canon patent [EG via Google xlt] adds sensor movement (back and forward) to improve contrast AF

Here’s an animated version of the diagrams from the patent

sensor move to enhance contrast AF

Note the flexing element (blue) below the sensor (red), which bends to move the sensor part back and forth

23rd APS-H is back!

Well, more to the point, Sigma announced two upcoming Foveon based bodies one with an APS-C sensor and one with a larger APS-H version

foveon sigma aps-h camera

There is a Sigma web site with more detail.

Note that this is a development announcement, so it’s not actually released (although the specs are detailed)

17th At last the Pentax K1 is for real [DPR]

Let’s see if some serious lenses turn up for it…

A US Canon patent discusses lens correction and assembly of multiple shots into ‘super-resolution’ images [USPTO]

As ever, a reminder that patents are not meant to be helpful easy to read documents ;-)

16th pentax K1Pentax’s long running trail for their FF DSLR moves on with specs listed at [DCI -Google xlt] with images of the camera too [DCI -Google xlt]

– 36.4MP CMOS sensor. A low-pass-less
– Realistic resolution (pixel shift)
– Image processing engine PRIME IV
– Sensor Size: 35.9 x 24.0mm
– Video is full HD 60p
– 4K interval movie
– 14-bit RAW
– KAF2 mount (KAF3, KAF2, KAF, KA, there is compatible with power zoom lens)
– AF sensor SAFOX12. AF point is 33 points (25 points are cross-type). -3EV Correspondence
– AF assist light
– Viewfinder magnification 0.70 times. 100% field of view
– Focusing screen Natural-Bright-Matte III
– LCD monitor 3.2 inches 1,037,000 dot. Flexible tilting
– GPS built-in. Wi-Fi built-in
– Shutter unit of the compact new design. Durability is 300,000 times
– Shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/8000 seconds. Synchro speed is 1/200 sec
– Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I). Dual card slot
– USB terminal (USB2.0, micro B), HDMI terminal (type D)
– Microphone jack, a headphone jack, X contact
– 5-axis camera shake correction. Shutter five stages of effect
– Electronic Level
– Photometry sensor 86000 pixel RGB sensor
– ISO range is 100-204800
– Continuous shooting 4.4 frames / sec (full size). 6.5 frames / sec. (APS-C)
– The number of pictures 70 sheets in the JPEG, 17 shots at the RAW (when full-size 4.4 frames / sec.)
– The battery is D-LI90
– Battery life is 760 sheets
– The body is magnesium alloy and stainless steel. Dust and water. -10 Degrees of resistance to low temperature
– Size: 136.5 x110 x 85.5mm
– Weight: 925g

12th At the ISSCC conference (‘all about sensors’) Canon presented a paper on their 250MP APS-H sensor.

There is info about this by Albert Theuwissen [HI] along with other papers presented.

There are also useful notes on the Panasonic organic sensors covered below a few days ago [HI]

One of the problems you get with a pellicle mirror system is that the tilted mirror that light from the lens travels through to the sensor produces a tilt in the focal plane.

A new Canon patent addresses this by tilting the sensor (6) [EG via Google xlt]

tilted pellicle mirror sensor

Panasonic announce a 4k Varicam LT video camera that can use EF mount lenses [EOS Video page]

10th Ever wondered how Canon’s sensor dust removal system works – more detail than you probably wanted [USPTO]

9th A Canon ‘lightfield’ sensor patent that also looks at mapping out duff pixels [USPTO]

As with all patent applications, don’t expect a nice simple read ;-)

lightfield sensor

A Canon pixel patent that has ‘overflow’ capacity to extend dynamic range [USPTO]

variable well capacity

It’s on its way (yes, really) and the body price is around 2k euros – the Pentax DSLR gets a little closer [PR]

3rd Interesting times in sensor developments – this time from Panasonic – three of them[ASC via Google xlt]

Wide-Dynamic-Range Technology using Organic-Photoconductive-Film CMOS Image Sensor [Panasonic 1]

An organic photosenor converts photons to electrons, stored in the structure below.

organic photo sensor

With split pixel design, the dynamic range should easily exceed the current demands of any forum whingers ;-)

dual sensitivity sensor

extra high dynamic range

APD-CMOS Image Sensor to Realizes Sharp Color Imaging under 0.01 lux Illuminance [Panasonic 2]

Avalanche photodiodes amplify individual photons by up to 10,000 times, to give extreme low light sensitivity

use of avalanche photo diode sensor

of course, when dealing with individual photons, the random nature of their arrival is never going to make for low noise levels.

Global Shutter Technology by controlling of Organic-Photoconductive-Film on CMOS Image Sensor [Panasonic 3]

Using an organic photoconductive film enables a fast global shutter for CMOS sensor

shutter layer

rolling shutter problem

2nd Canon has (finally) seen the mirrorless market and aims to own it…

Obviously some things are lost in translation, but it looks as if Canon have decided that it’s time for stepping up their game. There is even a mention of a high spec camera…

The 1D X 2 is officially released – all updated info/reviews will be on the 1DX 2 page.

Speculation on what’s next moves to the 1D X mark 3 page

Due to ship April 15th in the US and May in the UK.

In the UK there’s a Canon offer, where if you order and register your Camera by the first of October, they will send you a free 64GB CFast card and reader (see 1DX2 page)

1st The details for the 1D X mark 2 are published early by a US dealer – no doubt getting an interesting phone call from Canon on Monday morning.

So, from a rumours POV, what are we going to get for the 1D X mark 3?

The 3/4 year life of the 1D X makes for an announcement in 2019/2020.

Extend the specs and you get 8k video and 25+MP (OK, lots more for proper 8k)

Looking at the patent below does make me wonder if we are finally going to see a raft of new sensor designs appearing, or whether there has been so much development of Bayer style sensors that it makes the barrier to their wider introduction a bit steep? Canon have dropped some pretty strong hints that much higher MP counts are on the way and their marketing department would love a 225MP (75MPx3) full RGB sensor. The only problem is whether such stacked pixel designs are really good enough (Sigma still keeps saying so)

There is also the matter of how you combine this with split pixel AF – something not directly covered in any of the recent patents, but a ~20MP APS-C split pixel full RGB sensor would make for high quality video too.

Once such a sensor is available, where do you slot it into the Canon range?


27th Time for a three layer stacked non bayer sensor from Canon?

A Canon patent [USPTO] showns a three level sensor (back illuminated unlike some previous patents)

canon three layer sensor

The multi layer sensor has been around for a while in patent land (see below on this page and earlier archive pages)

The patent covers a lot of different aspects of how the different layers could be laid out in a practical sensor

stacked pixel sensor design

Calibrate your own AF?

A Canon patent [USPTO] covers AF calibration for individual focus points and lenses

It includes this screen interface example

AF adjustment

Something for the 1D X mk2 and 5D4?

A Canon patent [USPTO] covers the design of phase detection sensors (such as we may get to see in the 1DXmk2)

A Canon patent [USPTO] covers on chip A->D conversion.

on chip AD conversion

When you have lots of split pixels for AF, then reading them out quickly can be an issue – discussed in US Canon patent [USPTO]

Canon’s ‘light field camera’…

More ways of splitting up light into different areas under a pixel microlens – so called ‘light field’ sensors [USPTO]

Note that the patent doesn’t really discuss what you do with all the information from the pixels, although one part mentions an example of an 8MP sensor, composed of 128 million sub-pixels

More patents on the lens rumours page

24th Canon’s involvement in the ‘mirrorless’ market has definitely been a bit hit and miss. Is it time for something ‘different’ in the mirrorless line on its way from Canon? [CR]

22nd Tiime for a hefty rise in the price of film [PR]

“FUJIFILM Corporation has announced that it will implement a worldwide price increase for its photographic films. The price increases are substantial and it would be an increase of at least double digit, but will vary depending on products, markets and regions.”

A good interview at [DPR] includes this (and much more) from Fuji, putting the rise in perspective

dpr: Do you think film in general will have a resurgence?

TT: No, I don’t think so. The infrastructure [is no longer in place]. We have to continue to supply film and maintain our labs for another 10-20 years, maybe but I don’t think we can change the [downward] trend.

dpr: You mentioned in your presentation that demand for film peaked in 2000. Can you give me a current idea of how that compares to demand today?

TT: We sell less than 1% of that amount now. Across all formats. But we have to supply film to photo enthusiasts. They demand it of us, so we do.

Nope – there is no ‘resurgence of film’

16th Product advisory for the PRO-1000. Canon

If your serial number starts AEGL, then it’s possible there will be an ink leak.

“We have determined that some imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printers may experience ink leakage.
This announcement conveys Canon’s service policy for affected printers. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customers who have been inconvenienced.


In rare instances, ink may leak from inside the printer to the outside of the printer through an opening on the bottom.

Affected units

imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 units starting with serial number prefix AEGL. Example: AEGL01234
The serial number can be found on the back of printer.”

11th Samsung may have got out of the camera business, but the have a stand at photokina in September.[PR]

6th An interesting patent from Canon seems to show a moving sensor to switch between mirrorless and SLR modes of working [EG via Google xlt]

Of course, photokina isn’t just cameras – Samsung have some interesting monitor developments to show too, that and phones these days seem capable of rudimentary photography too…

Short back focus lenses such as EF-M allow you to put the sensor much closer to the lens, reducing body depth. However, unless you choose an EVF, there is no way to get a good optical reflex viewfinder. The patent allows you to swap between a focus screen or sensor close up to the lens.

Perhaps a bit clearer to see in this animation of the short backfocus reflex viewfinder design.

The sensor is red and the focus screen green (other moving part is a mirror)

This allows a reflex optical viewfinder to be used with any short backfocus lens.

short focus reflex viewfinder design

5th It’s the CES show, so Canon have announced a heap of consumer kit. The compact camera isn’t quite dead yet [DPR]

2015 December

27th Time for on-chip A/D conversion for Canon sensors? A Canon image sensor patent [USPTO]

Improving pixel based AF in bright light [USPTO]

15th More legal stuff about Canon US’s attempt to kill off ‘grey market’ sales [PB]

13th Speedlite 600EX-RT and Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT Firmware Notice [CR]

Rumours for 2015 are on our 2015 archive page

Earlier rumours are on archive pages

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