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Professional commercial landscape photography

Images of the natural and man-made environment – by Keith Cooper

Location Photography – when you need to convey the real feeling and emotional impact of a place, you need the skills of someone who specialises in commercial location photography.

Keith Cooper and Northlight Images provide professional landscape and location photography services in Leicestershire, the UK East Midlands and throughout the UK.

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Bespoke service

This is an entirely bespoke service, which produces, for you, attractive fine art images of the natural and built environment that can be used for promotional and decorative purposes.

The picture of the viaduct at the top of the page – and the black and white version in the gallery to the right – were commissioned as decorative prints by the owners of a nearby estate.

The world around you

Even in our contemporary landscape prints, we aim for realism and most of the photographs you see on this page and the gallery, are largely as they come out of the camera – we feel it’s important that you can see our photographic skills not just our Photoshop abilities.

Why you need a specialist photographer

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Why use Northlight Images landscape photography

Not just for the great photos…

> Creative vision

Landscape photography needs clarity and purpose. Let us create images that have emotional impact, as well as working to get your message across.

Unique views – Northlight works with companies to develop original images for advertising campaigns. We’re happy to supply just an original sky or other graphic element – Original works, not just another stock photo.

> Clear pricing – no hidden extras

Although any work dependent on the weather can be unpredictable, we will aim to give clear pricing information, that allows you to budget for any work.

There is a guide to our commercial photography prices on this site, but given the bespoke nature of our landscape work, please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to put together a quote for you.

> Flexible timing

It’s about the light and the time.

If need be, we can wait for the season, time and weather.

> The style you want and the skills we bring

Contemporary and Classic styles – Keith’s work encompasses a range of techniques, from the style of the classic darkroom print through to contemporary prints based on advanced blending and high definition multiple exposure techniques.

Whatever the tools used, the real image quality comes from the photographer’s own vision and skills.

The latest technology can make a difference – specialist lenses, camera equipment and software allow us to produce stunning prints and web images.

Keith’s combination of creative photographic ability and technical skills produces prints that leave other photographers wondering just how he created them.

Keith Cooper regularly tests and evaluates new professional photographic and print equipment for major manufacturers before it reaches the market.

How our landscape photography services can work for you

Our work isn’t just about making great looking prints…

Sales literature, brochures, exhibitions and guides

Work is supplied for both web and print use and includes all of our colour management and production expertise.

We can work in Black and White or Colour — whatever you need.

Annual reports

For corporate clients we can produced sets of photographs for annual reports and matching large fine art prints for boardrooms and offices.

Our range of photography means that we can give your report and investor relations materials a consistent look and feel

See also, our annual report photography page

Site planning and evaluation

Site planning, surveys and visual impact assessment (VIA) photography

In addition to general scene photography, we can create  highly detailed and technically accurate panoramic photographs for the construction and road building sector.

The image below is part of our work for a road planning project.

panoramic image for road scheme planning

We supply VR and virtual tour versions of our large panoramic images for web use if required.

Commercial fine art landscape prints

All of our fine art printing expertise is available, should you want exhibition quality archival prints.

We can also help with advice on framing, mounting and presentation of your prints.

Our work is also popular with residential and commercial interior designers, and we can provide prints in formats and materials to meet your precise needs.

We also license our images for large scale print work.