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First though – thanks for visiting our site … Keith & Karen

Site update: Thanks for all your support and help - Keith & Karen
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keith and printsWe’re committed to keeping all the articles and reviews on the site completely free, but we really could do with some help in covering all the maintenance and running costs.

Buying products through our various affiliate links can earn us money (see our Privacy Policy page for more details), or if you’d prefer a more direct contribution, you can go via our ‘Tips Jar’ to the right >

If you’ve done this in the past, then thanks – it helps Karen (my wife and business partner) work at Northlight and gives me more time to test things and write the articles and reviews.

If you shop at B&H, then going through our B&H Link will get us a small commission as will our Adorama link

This page has occasional links, offers and deals we’ve found, along with other ways you can help Karen and myself make the site a better and more useful resource for those interested in photography.

New content? Review/Article ideas?

We’re always looking for ideas for new content, so, if you’ve a question or a suggestion for something useful, please do just email us.

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See the details further down the page.

NB We’re an affiliate, so earn commission on any purchases

I hope the site has been of help!

The reviews and articles side of the Northlight Images photography website is entirely written and maintained by myself in my spare time.

As you might know, I’m a professional photographer at Northlight Images for my ‘real job’ which is covered in a relatively small part of the site (by numbers of pages).

That’s me on the right – taken during the making of my recent Canon PRO-300 printer review (articles/reviews index)

I’ve always believed strongly in freely ‘giving back’ some of my expertise and knowledge to help other people enjoy more of their photography.

The biggest direct help for running the site we get from visitors is just buying stuff via the links on the site.

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A few times a month we send out emails with latest updates about the articles, reviews and news here on the Northlight images web site.  We never pass on any information to third parties.

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Making the site even better for visitors

The number one aim is for the site to be useful for people with an interest in photography.

Please ask questions …I don’t mind

Many of our articles have started from people writing in and asking questions.

If I find myself writing a reply of any length, this often serves as the basis for an article.

I do my best to answer all emails, but it does get a bit busy sometimes and I fear I may have let one or two get past me – if you use the contact form then it does not go via our usual filtering and I should get the email.

Was something helpful?
…Please spread the word

If you’ve found something of use or interest, please bookmark it and if you think anyone else would appreciate knowing about it, tell them or post links to our articles.

The web works as much by people following useful links from others, as it does from search engines.

I know that the site gets a lot of visitors through the rumour pages, but in some ways I’d rather it were best known for the range of articles and reviews I’ve written…

Equipment we should review?


All suggestions considered…

If you are or know someone at a manufacturer, then do let me know how/where best to get samples for review?

We already do quite a bit of pre-release testing, often under NDA

Our reviews are somewhat longer than many articles that get called ‘reviews’ on other sites. I always try and write reviews that will also be helpful for people looking to use the product for real and learn more about the subject.

All our current set of reviews are listed on the review page.

We also have a detailed review policy.

Guest Articles – Expanding the site’s content – could you help?

There is a limit in how many new articles and reviews I can add each month. We are in the process of adding good original content by other authors, and welcome contributions.

At the moment we can’t pay for articles/reviews, but authors would retain copyright on their original material, with Northlight allowed to edit and publish content and images.

Full credit, a brief bio and active links to your own web site/blog could be included. Articles would need to be of similar length to our normal ones and include good quality images. We could edit articles for style and layout (i.e. UK English spellings)

More information about writing articles.

If you’re interested or even just curious, just ask…

Ideas for the site?

The site is maintained by myself and that puts a limit on redesigns and complex web design.

If you’ve ideas for how to make the site look better  and easier to find things, then please feel free to let me know (NOTE – this is not an invitation to tender for web development work!)

In 2016 I re-wrote the entire site with a much more modern design that should work on a wider range of devices – I’m not a web developer, and with over a thousand article pages, it’s been a huge job. So, if you find something that doesn’t work properly, please let me know.

Why there is advertising on the site?

Site content is totally free, and as far as I’m concerned will always remain free!

We do have adverts on the site to help defray some of the costs of running it – if you are looking to buy something, then going via one of our adverts will make a small contribution to our costs.

It really does help, so thanks to anyone who has ever contributed in this way.

I’ve specifically decided that Northlight Images will not sell hardware or software directly.

When I’m personally looking for information about a product, knowing that someone is not directly selling it possibly inclines me to value the information a little bit more. Hopefully this policy earns the site a bit more trust from visitors.

See our full Review and advertising policy for more details.

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