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High Resolution Images and Panoramic Photography

Ultra high resolution images for survey and prints

Extreme detail images for web and print media

Digital image capture, for visualisation and computer modelling, large-scale prints, billboards and building wraps.
We provide a range of internal and external high resolution photography services throughout the UK.
Images are available fully rectified or in a variety of projection geometries for photographic survey and planning purposes.
Available for conventional web and print use, and precise measurement and survey purposes, our images have exceeded 20 gigabytes in size.
There are some zoomable web version of some of our large images further down the page

Unrivalled expertise

Keith Cooper works with software developers and hardware designers, testing and writing about the latest technological developments in the field.
Our techniques give full control over the image projection geometry making them ideal for rectification or measurement.
…it also gives new creative options for great looking prints and displays.

Leicester City centre at dusk

Leicester city centre at dusk

Leicester City centre at dusk. A panoramic sequence image printed at ~14m long. Equivalent to about 2,100 megapixels. There is a fully ‘zoomable’ version of this image below.

Our specialised ultra high resolution photography services

Image Stitching

By using specialist tilt/shift lenses and software, we are able to create wide angle views by stitching together multiple, shifted images – so producing much higher resolution images than single shot pictures, that are also geometrically correct and highly detailed.

Gigapixel images

By using a computer controlled camera mount, Keith can capture a grid of high resolution images for subsequent processing into a single image.

Such giant images can be used to cover wider angles, and with changes in geometrical projection, give views that cannot normally be photographed in a single image.

Site planning, surveys and visual impact assessment (VIA) photography

Our highly detailed and technically accurate panoramic photographs have been used by the construction and road building sector for planning purposes.

Images can be tied to measured survey data, giving very accurate angular measurements. A range of image post processing options include fully rectified images for accurate visual representation. Images and supporting documentation are supplied as per client requirements and we are also able to supply VR and virtual tour versions of our large panoramic images for web use if required.

Verified view/AVR baseline photography

Surveying experience

As an ex geologist, Keith has a surveying background – we’re used to working on busy sites and extreme locations, and always put safety first. We’re happy to provide our full risk assessment notes if required.

We only cover commercial photographic work and are fully covered by appropriate insurance.

Vast prints

We have the in-house production experience and equipment to make very detailed large prints for decorative and informational purposes.

We’ve often supplied prints over 5 metres long for mounting and display.

Beyond large format film – time to try digital

If you’re thinking that formal large format film photography still has a place for you, please think again

Modern digital technologies frequently surpass such techniques, offering more detail, wider creative options and a much faster turnaround.

We are using cutting edge photographic techniques, and are always looking to expand what we do. If you’ve an idea for using such a ‘digital large format’ image, please do give Keith a call – images like this may be much more economical than you’d first thought.

The view of St. Mary de Castro church was produced at a level of detail far exceeding the capabilities of film or current single shot cameras.

It could be printed at 3 metres square and still have fine detail that you would need to view closely to see.

Such detailed images are used for crack identification in stonework and documenting detail for reconstruction.

Give us a call and see how we can produce images with detail and match anything you’ve seen with film.

It’s probably going to cost you less and be quicker too

Click on any image to change the ‘zoomable’ view further down the page.

St Mary de Castro, Leicester

St Mary de castro, Leicester

City of Leicester

view of the city of Leicester from New walk centre 'A' block

A view of the city of Leicester, form the top of the now demolished Council building. The full resolution image is three times larger than we can show here. This photograph can be considered a ‘traditional Gigapixel’ image, and has been produced to allow people to explore the vast detail.

View from St Mary de Castro spire

view of the city of Leicester from the very top of the spire at St Mary de Castro Church

The city of Leicester, from the very tip of the old spire at St.Mary de Castro church. The images for this were taken on the day they started to demolish the spire. There are more photos, including the damage that necessitated demolition of the spire, in the projects section.

De Montfort Square, Leicester

De Montfort Square, Leicester

De Montfort Square – printed 2.5 metres wide
Full resolution image equivalent to 850MP

Zoomable view

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