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Architectural photography training

Taking better photos of your work – Photography training for architects

Architectural photography training for architects, architectural technologists, surveyors and professionals promoting architecture and architectural projects.

Learn how to take and process better photographs of your building or project and showcase your work and expertise to a wider audience.

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Northlight Images’ architectural photographer, Keith Cooper, has a background as a university lecturer and public speaker and is happy to pass on his technical expertise as an established, professional architectural photographer to help you get better photos.

tilt-shift bookKeith’s comprehensive book about using tilt/shift lenses is now available.

Keith is an affiliate member of RIBA and a member of the council of the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects.

Photography courses we offer for architectural practices:

We work at whatever level you need

*Please note that all costs on this page exclude any travel costs to/from your business location and VAT at 20% – see additional course course details below.

The basics of good photography

Learn not just the basics of taking better photos, but how they can help you promote your practice and its services.

The training will include examples of good and bad photography as well as take you through the basic technical aspects of using your camera and will cover, for example:

  • How you can use great photographs to showcase and market your business
  • What you need to think about to ensure you get the perfect shot
  • The technical stuff – composing your shot, the lighting mix, getting the best interior shots, dealing with converging verticals
  • Other technical/practical issues you’d like us to include

Cost* – Seminar/lecture (2-3hrs):

  • £175 for up to 3 trainees
  • £285 for up to 6 trainees
  • £330 for up to 10 trainees
  • £480 for up to 20 trainees

These prices are for a ‘classroom’ based course for 1-20 people, but we can tailor this to a more ‘hands-on’ style of training – that includes running through the actual photographic equipment you are using – but only for groups of 6 or less. Please contact us for more details and a price.

For more specialist photography, there’s our bespoke training, such as:

Post processing software and photo editing training

How to get the best out of your photographs in post processing.

Good photographs rarely come ‘straight out’ of the camera and so require some amount of post processing – which can sometimes rescue shots that would otherwise be unusable.

We are able to teach you to use a variety of software packages – including Photoshop, DxO, ViewPoint, Fisheye Hemi – to process your own photographs, as well as general techniques for sharpening, colour balancing and geometrically correcting your images.

Cost* – Half Day course:

  • £200 One to One
  • £300 total cost for 2 trainees (£150 per trainee)
  • £420 total cost for 3 trainees (£140 per trainee)
  • £520 total cost 4 trainees (£130 trainee)

This course is only suitable for a maximum of 4 trainees.

ultra wide and shift lenses for photography training, for architects

Specialist photography – bespoke training

This course is intended for trainees that already have experience and want to expand their knowledge to a more professional level.

The training can teach you how to use a specific piece or pieces of equipment OR we can teach you how to solve a specific problem you have with your photography.

The course is usually in 3 parts:

  • The theory of using the equipment – why you would use it, what results you can expect
  • Hands-on training – using the equipment ‘in the field’
  • Processing the images – in specialist software for geometry correction and image stitching

… and is based around using all or any of the following pieces of equipment – and where relevant, the specialist software needed to process the resulting images:

  • tilt/shift lenses
  • extra wide lenses
  • fisheye lens
  • a Gigapan tripod head
  • elevated mast

This very specialised training can be tailored to your exact needs, so if there’s an aspect of professional architectural photography you would like to learn about, please just ask.

We also have our specialised T/S lens training:

Cost* – Full Day course:

  • £599 One to One
  • £679 total cost for 2 trainees (£275 per trainee)

This course is only suitable for a maximum of 2 trainees.

If you’d like experience of using all of the equipment listed above, we’d expect this course to take a full day – however if you are only looking to learn about a specific piece of equipment or tackle a particular problem, the timescale/cost can be adjusted accordingly, so please ask. Note that courses will be based at your UK business location.

How was this photo taken?
What equipment do you need?

Southwell Minster, using a tilt shift lens and multiple exposures.

Specialised architectural photography of Southwell Minster, using multiple shifted images

It’s about the training you feel you need to improve your photography

All the courses above can be modified to fit your exact requirements and tailored to meet your level of expertise.

Please note: All training takes place on your site, at a site chosen by you and (when relevant) ‘in the field’. We do not have training facilities at our offices.

New canon 10-18mm lens

Some comments from our clients

"I had a fantastic day with Keith on the bespoke architectural photography training course. He demystified the technical aspects of architectural photography and was hugely generous and down to earth in sharing his experience and knowledge. I would gladly recommend Northlight Images."

Julie Crawford, YORhub
Some of our work

Whilst you can take perfectly good pictures with many cameras these days, it helps to understand why you are taking the photos and how you want to use them.

We’re happy to offer advice about what lenses will offer a wider range of use for interiors and external shots of buildings.

The Canon EF-S 10-18 lens shown above featured in an extensive review by Keith Cooper when it was launched.

Specialised equipment

Whether a basic DSLR or a shift lens like the one below, we aim to pitch your training at the optimum level for your business.

TS-E17mm tilt shift lens

After your photography course

If you have been on any Northlight Images’ training course, we are happy to answer technical questions and clear up any related issues you might have about the course materials.

We know that often, people have plenty of other work to do in their jobs, and after a week or so, what was clear on the day may have faded a bit…

We also work with companies to develop follow-up and appraisal processes, to ensure lasting benefits from our training.

Our expertise

Keith Cooper, our trainer and senior photographer, spent several years at Loughborough University as a lecturer, and in addition, possesses a C&G Adult Education Certificate. Keith combines his academic experience with his practical skills as a professional architectural photographer to provide you with the level of training you need to ensure you are able to take the best photographs possible to promote your business.

Keith also tests and reviews photography related equipment and software, putting him at the forefront of all the latest technology and in September 2011, Keith was invited to join X-Rite’s ‘Coloratti’

“X-Rite’s Coloratti includes the world’s top professional photographers, a group whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognized and valued by X-Rite. Coloratti photographers are highly respected by their peers and are admired by up-and-coming professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike.”

This enthusiasm for new technology, processes and techniques informs not just his own practice as a photographer but is passed on to all trainees, so you can be sure you are always learning ‘ahead of the curve’.

Our other photo training courses

We’ve more details of specific services on other pages:

Additional course cost information

For a more accurate idea of costs, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and for the prices of more than 1 day’s training. Payment is required in advance of training session(s), unless payment on the day is arranged (by prior agreement only).

All prices are for single sessions, and exclude VAT, please also see our Terms and Conditions for training services.

Outside of Leicestershire we charge for travel (£0.65 per mile) and travel time at £30 per hour for any journey over 2 hours away from our base in Leicester. We charge nothing for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then 30.00 for each additional hour (in each direction)  – rounded up to the full hour.

Training outside of the UK is available, please call to discuss how we can help in this respect.