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Canon rumours archive page – 2014

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Rumour archive page – 2014

Canon Rumours and general camera rumours (any make)

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This is the archived page of Canon rumours from 2014

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2014 December

30th In several comments [thanks] we’re told that the upcoming high MP Canon sensor will be based on the 4.2 micron 70D/7D2 pixel design, not Canon’s long lived 4.3 micron 18MP one. This gives around 52MP at full frame rather than 46MP. The main reason for delays in ‘big megapixel’ designs has been getting an economical yield from the sensor manufacturing process at full frame.

Just like at CR, I’ve seen a spike in the postbag of late, but still relatively few hard details. I can see why the marketing department would prefer something over 50 to promote – particularly if Sonikon is at 46 ;-)
Several of the comments also suggested that we might be in for quite a wait between announcement and shipping for this new camera – not another 1D X I hope (~9 months IIRC)
I note that at [CR] they have been told that the camera could be the 5D mk4, which could also fit in with suggestions that the 6D2 will move upmarket. 

Panasonic added to the interview collection [from 43]

“– High Megapixel cameras are coming (from all manufacturers). Megapixel race will never go away says Panasonic
– Panasonic is working on 6K and 8K video recording. 8K will come before 2020 (Olympic year).
– The ultimate “dream” is to beat the human eye performance
– There is the potential to use pure electronic shutter only
– Micro Four Thirds is the perfect sensor size for Panasonic. But they not rule out to create a second larger sensor size system.
– A medium format camera from Panasonic is highly unlikely”

29th More suggestions of a high MP camera [CR]

A quick note that Epson have sent me an SC-P600 printer for a review – if anyone has any specific questions for the review, please just let me know?

Add Ricoh (Pentax) to the company interviews [DCW]

26th Why Sony really ought to sort out the way it handles its sensor data [RD] ;-)

For myself, lossy compression like this seems an obvious FAIL – rookie mistake ;-)

Fuji [FR] adds to the interview collection:

APS-C for now, Organic sensors not coming soon, 25MP is a reasonable limit for APS-C, Video is being looked at, more dynamic range is an important improvement.

Two better summaries of DCW interviews. This for Olympus [from 43]

“– We are not focused on classic Mirrorless cameras only. We also work on completely new kind of cameras (like the Open Platform Lens Camera prototype).
– Olympus says MFT has the best size-quality balance. And Olympus main priority is to strengthen the line.
– Olympus acknowledges the trend now goes toward more high Megapixel cameras
– On the tech front Olympus wants to make cameras that are faster, consume less, better High ISO and with increased Dynamic Range.
– There is a possibility to also use different kind on non-Bayer sensor.
– electronic shutter is also likely to be introduced in future
– we are “investigating” the possibility to make a Four Thirds sensor and fixed lens compact camera
– we have no specific plan yet to use larger sensors (like Full Frame).
– we plan to improve video quality on future cameras (60p and 4K for example).”

… and this for Sony: [from SR]

“1) SLT cameras have the advantage of larger bodies. There is more space we can use to implement certain tech (SAR note: He doesn’t mention what exactly they plan to do). And he confirms they will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses.
2) Increase sensor size or increase Megapixel numbers is things we will do if customers demand for it.
3) Main demand for now is improve the autofocus performance
4) It is very likely to see different kind of (non-Bayer) sensor in future. But it’s not a concrete matter yet. Vertical layered RGB sensor (like Foveon) are yet very difficult to “process”
5) Light Field camera is something Sony is studying and may could come in a not so distant future.
6) In near future we will see more advanced Hybrid Mechanical-electronic shutters
7) Sony says DSLR sales are down because of lack in innovation. Sales of mirrorless are up because they became more advanced (not only because of the more compact size).
8) Both APS-C and Full Frame sensor cameras have a future. Wild life photographers prefer APS-C while landscape photographers prefer FF.
9) We will not make a Medium format system camera yet because we are already busy working to broaden our A and E-mount lens line.
10) It might not be so important to add 5 axis on the A7r yet.”

Well, pick from those what you like.

How do these pronouncements signify actual developments, and do they address, in any way, the cliff over which camera sales appear to have fallen (see below)?
Sony seems to want us to believe that it’s lack of innovation that has caused the plunge in DSLR sales, whilst Canon also says that new models need to show clear technical advances.
Both Sony and Canon are happy to say that the door is still open for medium format. I guess neither would want to repeat the ‘nobody needs full frame’ marketing message I got from Nikon in 2004 (when I started our photo business) and got my first DSLR, an 11MP full frame Canon 1Ds.

25th Happy Christmas* – A quick update while I wait for everyone else in the house to wake up…
There is a bit more about that Canon interview on DPR
Also Sony and Olympus add to the interview collection [MR]
“…Both confirm the trend goes towards realising higher megapixel sensor and better autofocus performance. They also said what they NOT plan to do in the near future: Olympus will not go full frame yet and Sony will not make an interchangeable medium format system yet.”

*That’s what it is here in the UK, so no ‘happy holidays’ or other stuff – whatever you’re doing have a nice day ;-)
Time to go, I hear a mob assembling near the Christmas tree…

24th Christmas rumour time…
In an interview at DC Watch [DCW – Google xlt] see also [DCi comments – Google xlt] there are more comments from Masaya Maeda of Canon.
This is a tricky one to draw nuggets of info from… (read the translations and take your pick ;-)

– Lenses are the most important thing to us.
– SLRs need not be huge, but not much smaller. EVF will be OK one day, but not yet
– Mirrorlesss designs, sure, we can do this, but we need to appeal to younger users
– The annual model update cycle is no more. Model changes to be driven by significant technical advances.
– There will be a high MP camera before long.
– A new ‘line’ of EF lenses is on the way. We want it to be ‘I use EOS because of the lenses’ [True for me – Keith]
– Electronic shutter is on its way
– Full frame mirrorless … no comment
– No, we have not given up on medium format yet

Any suggestions as to translation most welcome – thanks for the original links
BTW there is a Nikon interview too [DCW – Google xlt]
18th There is much talk of the potential high (~50) MP Canon (3D page) and Canon have updated DPP4 to 4.1.50, with support for a few more cameras [See Install Canon software page for more]

16th There is more mention of Canon using a Sony derived sensor [CR] in DSLRs. In particular, the oft rumoured 46MP one.
Just like at CR I’ve seen it mentioned (nothing of real substance) and filed it away along with those ‘whatever’s best’ interview remarks about sensor use at Photokina.

Whilst a cross licensing or some other arrangement between Canon and Sony isn’t impossible, anything that does happen would be much more complicated than ‘just’ putting a Sony derived FF sensor into a Canon body.
As an aside, I note too that at least one of the ‘adverts/reader’s pictures/rumour’ sites seem to have gone into we-told-you mode over this… always a hostage to fortune ;-)
What do we actually know? I’d look at that graph below, and the timeline further down the page. In terms of general comments we’ve had, there have been more suggesting big changes to the model line-up in 2015 than I’ve seen for a while, but how the companies address the long term decline in camera sales is perhaps more important. How long will/can we see ‘business as usual’? 
As ever, read the views of Thom Hogan [TH]. We’ve seen numerous technology cycles like the camera business before …anyone remember buying hi-fi at the end of the 70’s and the way the market went? – is the Hasselbling Stellar the ‘oxygen free copper’ of the camera world? ;-)
From my own POV I’m keen to see what companies introduce at the top end, to keep their profitability up.
Interesting times… ;-)
Oh, and in the ‘real toys to play with’ category, I’ve just finished a short review of a new 28 foot carbon fibre mast – light enough and small enough when collapsed that I’m far more likely to keep it in the back of the car for ‘just in case’ when I’m doing some of my architectural work.

15th An interesting graphic has been put out by Mayflower [site has no more info I could find] to trail some of their upcoming talks about the end of cameras as we know them, at CES in the new year. Based on CIPA data, it shows production from the fifties onwards (presumably there is some data from 1933 onwards, but the chart doesn’t show anything) [via MR]

camera production data

12th With signs of a 46MP DSLR next year from Sony [Sr] and presumably a similarly Equipped Nikon D8xx version before too long, are Canon going to move into this area?

Several people have told us they will, but as yet no details have emerged.

8th Sony have a patent for a global shutter element in pixel design, that can also be used for pixel level phase AF detection [EG – Google xlt] The pink bits below represent elements that can have their transmission altered.
Use it across the full pixel width and you have a global shutter, whilst use it across just part and you get a pixel design that could be used for Phase AF.
Sony global shutter patent

Meanwhile there is mention [FR] of possible issues with Fuji’s designs using organic layers for photo detection, where heat and power use are said to be causing problems

All the talk of high MP sensors has upped the mentions of prime lenses that are ‘sharp enough’, such as from Tamron [sr]

Sensor problems for Leica?
Potential corrosion issues coming from the sensor cover glass [lvl]
5th It seems that Olympus are looking at multishot technology, by moving the sensor slightly and taking multiple exposures. [MR]

A perfectly good (and well used) technique for studio use (and continuous lighting), but not so great if anything moves.

If you’re in central London on Saturday (10:00 – 18:30), then Park Cameras are celebrating the 1 yr birthday of their London shop. You can also get a free Canon sensor clean…
More details of free events, seminars and booking:
4th Nothing today … in fact, since we had a detailed preview of the full 7D2 specs before launch and that 100-400, we’ve seen no really solid camera or lens rumours (i.e. ones with real specs) – plenty of vagueness, but nothing you’d really want to pin a headline to (no, the latest deal on the 6D or readers’ photos don’t count ;-)
So, at the moment it’s a new EOS-M some time, with one or two full frame cameras for Q1/Q2 next year (one of which may set new MP records for Canon). The 70D sensor (or a variant) should appear in the 700D and 100D successors, whilst Canon may bring in an EVF and a revolutionary new sensor. Lots of lenses are due for replacement, we just don’t know when, although a possible EF11-24 could show up soon.
Oh and the new 100-400 is a real lens at last…

Yup, I’ve been running our rumours pages for just over 10 years and I still don’t know what I’ll be spending my money on next year. If you haven’t read Thom Hogan’s article below, then do so. 

To paraphrase his sign off “Enough of this – I’m off to take some photos”

BTW The Northlight site’s front end (the commercial photo stuff) is due for a big makeover some time next year, and I’m determined to expand the articles and reviews.
The rumour pages will live on in their current form – thanks to all those who regularly send info and tips – can I just have a bit more detail please ;-)

2nd A roadmap presentation that showed some of Sony’s views of the future in imaging has plenty about new things, but hidden in plain sight are some chilling numbers for any makers of larger cameras.
Have a read of Thom Hogan’s view – nothing in it I’d disagree with.
The lifetime of the 7D and 700D may signify a slowing in the model iteration cycle, but I do wonder how the venerable timeline will look by 2019. By the end of next year (and definitely by 2016) I’m told that Canon’s model lineup will look quite different with big changes at the top and the bottom.


29th variable sensitivity pixelsPatent from Canon that varies the sensitivity of pixels by positioning the photon detection zone deeper in the design. [EG – Google xlt
27th Holiday greeting to US visitors – just a dull grey November Thursday here in the UK ;-)

T/S lenses from Sony? – lenses page[Updated – ‘FF’ not FE]
26th A Canon patent modifies a body cap to clean the body’s electrical contacts [EG – Google xlt]

An interview with Sigma – of course they get asked about FF Foveon… [SigR]

The design centre may have gone, but we still get the hasselbling Stellar Mk2 (sony RX100 II)[PB]
25th Suggestions [CR] of an all new camera at 50MP (FF), and EOS M this year and an xxxD series camera (aka ‘Rebels’, in some markets ;-) early next year.
50MP is effectively a scaled up 7D2 sensor, although we’ve seen persistent reports that Canon sensors are due for a step change in overall performance some time next year. I’m reminded of the Canon interview info that suggested that both mirrorless and high resolution were due…
21st The Digital black and white photography LinkedIn group I run, has reached 7000 members.

If LI is part of your social media and you’re interested in B&W photography, then feel free to give it a look.
Very actively moderated for relevance and not full of useless promo/spam posts like all too many LI groups ;-)

20th The Sony A7 mk2 (~24MP full frame) is announced [sony] Plenty of new features and including combined lens/body image stabilisation with some combinations. See more at [DPR]
14th A Nikon patent modifies the corners of sensor micro-lenses to reduce crosstalk [EG – Google xlt]
reducing pixel cross-talk
12th Expect plenty of furore on the forums as hints of a non-bayer sensor appear from Sony [sr]

Those of you following this sort of stuff will remember the fuss about Foveon a few years ago – maybe this time we’ll see something more widely adopted, although probably first in phones? 
Expect some verbal gymnastics from marketing departments as to what constitutes a pixel and generous use of the word ‘effective’…

– –
FYI … There is a free Canon printing event in London – Fri. 21st Nov.
Morning / afternoon sessions – “Digital Photo Solutions are delighted to be hosting a print and imaging event at Canon’s Central London showroom, dedicated to getting the best from your photographic and print workflow.”
10th There is a very detailed sensor performance analysis of the 7D2 at – Clarkvision

Looks a distinct improvement – this connects with the general sensor info below

– –
There is definitely good data available from DxO – it’s just warped a bit by their marketing needs ;-)
See this Noise/QE/well capacity data, organised by camera, thats been put together at

I note that the QE of the 7D mk2 is noticeably improved – of course when it comes down to it, it’s still about the photos you take ;-)

9th I was asked if I’d still pour cold water on DxOmark scores for cameras and lenses if Canon came out top.
Yes, but only the overall scores – there is useful data in what they have produced, but those headline numbers are just so much hokum, if the methodology isn’t clear (and IMHO probably useless even if it was).

If you base your buying decisions on the numbers – please don’t … try spending more time taking photos

I couldn’t put it much better than Thom Hogan does.
– –
AF with mirror downAfter you’ve gone to all the trouble making DPAF pixels, why not use them with the mirror down to extend the AF imaging area.
Making more of the mirror partially reflective lets light through.
The sub mirror is still there to send light to the AF unit below.
A Canon patent [EG – Google xlt] suggests this.
The optical and engineering issues in actually getting it to work though don’t look trivial…
7th nikon hdr pixel designA patent covering new pixel layouts for sensors, this one from Nikon adds some extra tiny pixels to potentially expand dynamic range [EG – Google xlt]
– –
If you scan film, I’ve just completed a longish review of Epson’s brand new V850 scanner.
6th A mention of the 5D4 and ‘another Canon Pro DSLR’ for February comes via a dealer sourced rumour (5D mk4 page)
– –
Is Hasselbling on the way out? The Italian ‘design centre’ gets the chop’ [PS – Google xlt]
– –
Two sources of gloom, one real, one largely imagined.
Camera shipments (DSLR and Mirrorless) continue to decline at a rate that can’t fail to worry many companies.
There are many more such graphs and charts at PersonalView.
Note that these are shipment numbers not sales.
Even so there is a very distinct trend.

The trend actually reminds me of the last three solar cycles [22/23/24], but obviously over a shorter period).

worldwide camera shipmentsThe DxOMark tests are out for the Canon 7D mk2.
Judging from some of despondent comments I’ve seen, Canon might as well give up now and shut up shop.
Nothing better illustrates the gulf between those who evaluate cameras on specifications and those who take photos, than to look at some of the early reviews by good photographers.
Don’t get me wrong, as someone who shoots mostly at 100 ISO, I’m looking for a camera that excels at low ISO, and higher ISO is just so-so for me.
I find the DxO numbers useful information, but only part of the story – I have particular issues with the obcsure way they create ‘overall’ scores – the fact that they boil lots of measurements down to just one number just yells at me to ignore it.
Does this lead me to change my view that the 7D2 will be a great success?
…Not really.

See also this interesting post on DPR concerning aspects of 7D2 sensor performance.

5th A Sony patent [sr] mixes pixels with long and short exposure times to extend dynamic range.
4th canon microlenses patentA Canon patent adds a second layer of microlenses to reduce reflections form the sensor [EG – Google xlt]

As well as reducing light bouncing round the inside of the camera, it potentially means more light going into the pixels below.

3rd “Canon will continue to use Canon sensors for DSLRs” started an email this morning – I wondered what this was referring to, until I followed a link given for a ‘Canon to use Sony sensors’ rumour [Cw]
Previous info has pointed to various multi-level sensor patents, and there are the comments from Sigma (27th below) that suggest they regard both Canon and Sony working on such devices.

My own feelings are that Canon’s sensor design and manufacturing is too important to them to take it out of their flagship cameras. 
Although, in the recent DPR interview there was this about sensors…

Q: Canon released two cameras at Photokina – the EOS 7D Mark II and PowerShot G7X. One thing we’ve learned is that the sensor in the G7X is not made by Canon. Does this represent a new philosophy at Canon?
A: We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy.

As yet I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Canon’s choice of (small) sensors for the compact market will be reflected in their pro kit. The comparison with Nikon using Sony manufactured sensors (with Nikon design input) is an easy one to make, but misses the point that Nikon is primarily a camera company, whilst Canon isn’t, any more than Sony is.


31st pixel colour sensitivityA Nikon patent varies the depth of pixels depending on what colour they are for. [EG – Google xlt]
29th In the UK, Amateur Photographer magazine picked up on the ‘6D Discontinued’ rumour and checked with Canon – as expected, Canon says it still current.
A ‘modular camera’ is mentioned from Canon [CR] (viewfinder for example) but it’s most likely something video related
27th In an interview, Sigma say that they could do medium format Foveon sensors if they wanted to [via SR]

“There is no technical barrier in making a medium format Foveon sensor.
The resulting huge amount of data to deal with is an issue though, since it is much trickier to manage the data from such a sensor than from a regular Bayer sensor.
The current Quattro camera utilizes a very powerful, expensive chip to perform that work. Anyway, for now, the current APS-C sensor is a strong contender to the best current Bayer sensors, according to Sigma.
Mr. Yamaki know about the various patents for multi-layered sensors from Canon and Sony. He is curious to see what they come up with and how they will overcome technical difficulties such as processing speed.”

The speed issue may well be what is holding up the appearance of such sensors from Sony/Canon – that or they just don’t work well enough…
25th In what seems a rather premature announcement, the 6D is marked as ‘Discontinued’ at Amazon UK – see 6D mk2 page for details.
24th Canon press info about their appearance at the upcoming photoplus show in NYC [via CR]
21st Canon UK have a series of Cashback offers on large format printers
8 Colour Photo
iPF6400S 24 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-28 – Cash back value – £125.00
iPF8400S 44 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-43 – Cash back value – £450.00
iPF9400S 60 inch pigment printer including printer stand – Cash back value – £800.00
12 Colour Photo
iPF6400 24 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-28 – Cash back value – £150
iPF8400 44 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-43 – Cash back value – £450.00
iPF9400 60 inch pigment printer including printer stand – Cash back value – £800.00
You can check for UK dealers offering this via Canon UK

If you’ve thought about dabbling in large format printing – it’s great – see my 6400 review for more (I still have an iPF8300 for our work). However, if you’re unfamiliar with such printers, do have a quick look at some of the questions you need to ask about owning a large format printer.

Ever wondered about the deeper messages in Canon’s ‘Seeing the impossible’ campaign? No, me neither…
Corporate tosh* of the highest order at BrandChannel as they ask someone from Canon about it:

“Canon See Impossible is not only a rallying cry to the world, but to ourselves. It’s a chance for greater collaboration across the business, opening up further new business opportunities and a call on all Canon employees to collaborate and help shape the future of the company. To ensure that Canon See Impossible is truly embedded in the organization, we have structured our business units into three pillars, reframed by what they are empowering customers to achieve: Solve; Create; Diagnose.
A fourth pillar, Ignite, focuses on our Canon employees—how we serve them and how they serve customers. We’ve won awards for our service and support, based on a commitment to education and a willingness to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. It embodies the consumer-driven ethos we’re implementing across the company. For that to be truly effective, we have to give our employees the same level of support and sense of possibility.”

*Biographical note – before becoming a professional photographer I often wore a suit and did consultancy work for large multinationals involved in organisational change and merger activities. One of my jobs was to ask very senior people what they really meant when they spouted stuff like this ;-) 
This reminds me to congratulate my long time friend Alistair (now a big cheese at MS in Seattle) on the birth of his daughter.
18th Some time ago I reviewed the Canon PRO-1 printer. Very good, but with some features that would be a real annoyance to me. Canon have released a firmware update, that increases print area, canvas support and ink level detection.
The details are not clear, but it does not seem to completely remove the restrictions on top and bottom margins for fine art papers or change the maximum print length.

16th A new Canon patent for combining lens and body caps to make it easier to swap lenses (is it really that difficult?)
[EG – Google xlt]
lens and body cap patent
15th A Canon patent discusses a variable diffusion focusing screen [EG – Google xlt]
variable diffusion focus screen
The idea is to have a viewfinder that can be bright and clear when needed, but can be changed to enable mainly sharp areas to show up – making it great for manual focus and showing the actual depth of field you are likely to get (but at the price of a darker image).
If you’ve tried manually focusing a f/1.2 lens on a modern DSLR, you don’t get the feel for how thin the DOF really is with a normal focus screen. This is partly why I use interchangeable screens on my 1Ds3.
12th Several short interview style articles with the 7D2 developers are published at Canon Singapore. Expect expanded versions of these to appear via CPN and other Canon info portals before long.
10th Some more detailed high MP Canon rumours are sent [to CR], suggesting that there will be two cameras and that $4k is the price area.

As ever, I’d note that detailed rumours more than a few months out from any product need that extra pinch of salt. Looking back over what I’ve reported on this site in the past, shows similar bursts of rumours, all of which make me glad I never wager any real money on them ;-) Never a better time to re-read the first two paragraphs of this page above!

9th A ‘large’ sensor compact is mentioned on Canon’s Dutch site [via CR]
Various mentions of high MP sensors both for Canon and Sony next year, all pitching around 50MP [MR]

How much these rumours represent conflation and re-circulation of a few comments from Photokina is unclear, but it would be nice to see some new technology to play with (oh, and take some photos too ;-)

8th A suggestion that multi-layer full frame sensors will appear next year from Canon [CR]
This adds to what we were told (also probably from Photokina) on the 3rd, where it was mentioned for both Canon and Sony were likely to bring out multilayer sensors next year.
For Canon it’s pointed out that we may see such sensors in two new cameras for 2015

The general reaction to Canon’s new big advertising campaign seems pretty unimpressed, but I’m minded to think it isn’t really aimed at ‘the likes of us’ (aka ‘serious’ camera users ;-)
It wasn’t even the photocopier I’d half expected…

Now back to normal rumor services – where’s that Canon medium format camera someone mentioned? ;-)

7th The counter was a bit of a dud, but see this about Canon’s new multiyear ad campaign hitting back against the camera phone at AdWeek – it’s about the people, not the equipment or some such ad speak.
canon new ad campaign
The Canon countdown is now at zero (it’s 09:30am in the UK), and if Canon can see anything, then I can’t ;-)
Did someone coding it, forget that the rest of the world uses different timezones?
6th That Canon page gets plenty of discussion. The Photoplus show opens in New York on the 29th
An excellent bit of detective work from a CR forum member discovered that:

“, and were all initiated about a year ago. They just happen to be hosted on the same server as!? Probably just coincidence as there are about 4000 sites hosted there. IP Address: , brings up the same page as the link. The page seems to have just recently gone live. Whilst searching, the host that had been reported as being in British Virgin Islands, switched to a U.S. site.”

Of course if you really wanted to announce something big, then this countdown page could turn into a new one, and so on ;-)
Although I’m expecting a photocopier, I’d like to see something really big on the sensor side of things. Meanwhile I’ll get on with earning a living from what I’ve got ;-)
As an aside, I was recently asked why I don’t have a D800/810 for my architectural work. If I look at the brand new site I’ve just built (for my ‘real’ work ;-), then almost half of the images on the site were taken with the TS-E17. A significant proportion of the rest use the TS-E24 and the EF8-15, with 14, 24-70, 50, TS-E90 and 70-200 making up the total (the 50/90/70-200 used for many of the stitched examples)

5th What’s this from Canon US?
A web page with a ~37h countdown (seen here at 18:00 GMT) from Canon. What does this drivel mean? (via CW )
To excuses, distractions, procrastination, inertia, critics, cynics, realists, pessimists, resistance, conventional wisdom.
To the peanut gallery, the so-called experts, the good enoughs, the urges to pass the buck, the easy way out, the snooze button, the panic button, and to that little voice in the back of your head that says,
“It can’t be done.”
To all of it, we apologize. Because we don’t see what you see.

… what shall we see? A new photocopier? A 46MP 1Ds X? the Canon phone?, a photo sharing service?

A Toshiba patent [EG – Google xlt] is mentioned for a white (clear)/green/magenta) filter design
Toshiba magent/green CFA
An example pixel structure was in an earlier patent.
toshiba pixel structure from patent

Meanwhile, Foveon/Sigma hasn’t given up yet, with a patent for improving dynamic range [SR

Another mention of ‘High MP’ for a camera [CR

I’m minded to think that we’re seeing a lot of ‘what else can we expect’ rumours after what some saw as a lacklustre Photokina from Canon. 
Personally I think the 7D2 will be a success, since a lot of the whingers wouldn’t have bought one anyway, and that it will sell well.

3rd A lot of feedback from the other day’s mention of an EVF for the 750D (thanks).
Most interesting was that several long time sources pointed out that we were getting close to Sony or Canon introducing their own versions of multi-layer sensors, and that next year would see them in some products. It was stressed though that these were only interpretations of comments/rumours heard at Photokina.

I note that Canon has plenty of patents in this area (see below for some from this year), but so far has only used multilayer sensors in metering. If anyone remembers all the hype when the Foveon sensor first appeared, expect a lot of noise if either Canon/Sony[Nikon] do bring the technology into a mainstream product.


30th A bit more info in a translated interview [via DPR] that suggests that the 7D2 sensor, whilst superficially similar to the 70D, actually implements a new process technology that increases light collection efficiency.
Canon have updated DPP and other versions of their software. DPP 4 still has limited camera support, so not only do you need to check version, they have also axed support for older operating systems. In the past they only supplied software updaters, but it’s good to see that some of their sites now have full disk images.

Anyway, I keep a page updated, specifically with details of Canon software, with links and install tricks/tips for older versions. This was initially set up after I lost an install CD, and spent ages turning the office upside down looking for it, since you could only download updater software from Canon.

28th A suggestion that we will not see a 1D X mark 2 this year [CR– not unreasonable, given that although it was announced in 2011, it was halfway through 2012 that it actually started appearing for real.

So, what about the 46MP and Mr Canon’s “… In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.”
My optimistic view (backed by no evidence at the moment) is that we will see a return of the ‘Ds’ line, or maybe a high MP sensor in a 5D3/4 style body called the 3D (or 5Ds)
My less optimistic view is that the 5D4 will appear in January with a few more MP than the 5D3.
Meanwhile, Sony rumours put their version at 54MP next spring [SaR]

27th A Canon patent for making more of the camera body a heat-sink for the electronics [EG – Google xlt]. Useful if you want the sensor powered up longer without getting too hot.
26th A lot of conflating of the 46MP rumour from FM and that DPR interview on the forums, but as yet I’ve seen no more info of note.

So a 1D Xs or whatever(such as just a plain 1D X mk2 at ~30MP) to be ‘announced’ in October, with a 5D4 appearing in the spring, but the 1D Xs not shipping until… shall we say June 2015? Surely Canon won’t try such massive delays again? ;-) Perhaps they could throw in a few imaginary lenses as well?
Time to say again… look at the timeline

24th The big story would be the Canon interview in DPR, carried out at Photokina [DPR]
Such interviews are usually pretty anodyne and rarely have much actual content, however this one seems to have a few more tangible comments:

Mirrorless: “…We are serious. We are really focused on mirrorless and we’re spending lots of time, and devoting a lot of manpower to scaling up mirrorless development right now. ”
Higher resolution: “Yes. We know that many of our customers need more resolution and this is under consideration. In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.”

It may not sound much, but for Canon that’s really opening up…

Do read the actual interview, before getting swept up in the massive conflation of these few comments that are going on in some forums ;-)
A 26MP full frame sensor would count as ‘higher’ resolution as much as 46MP ;-)
21st I’ve added various updates to the rumour sections after being away for the week – for high MP stuff, see the EOS 3D page – not saying it will be a 3D, just that’s where a lot of the high MP rumours for the last 10 years have gone ;-)
19th Canon announce the development of a new image storage device [Canon]

“TOKYO, September 16, 2014—Canon Inc. announced today that the Company is developing a new-concept photo-storage device, tentatively called the Cross Media Station, which will enable users to easily enjoy high-image-quality photos and movies captured by digital cameras….”

Pentax will bring out a full frame DSLR next year [PR]
There has been a surge in ‘High MP’ rumours of late – I’ve had a few comments sent in, but I’m on holiday at the moment, so will be catching up at the weekend.
Interesting to see 46MP mentioned – that’s the sensor from my 100D scaled up to full frame.
For info in this area (and historical rumours that have a habit of getting recycled with added ‘gloss’ by some sites) see:

3D page
1D Xs page
1D X mk2 page
and of course the Canon medium format page

I note the lengthy discussion at CR, and Craig’s reasons for publishing what might normally be yet another CR0 sent in ;-)
13th powered lens irisAn interesting patent that initially looks like a new powered iris (aperture) for a lens, is possibly a springless leaf shutter design for lenses. [CR and Egami]
Leaf shutter lenses – not something you normally associate with DSLRs.
Are there really enough people wanting the option of fast flash sync, and what lenses would you put it in?
It’s worth noting that you find leaf shutters in medium format systems – are we ever going to see something announced by Canon in this area?
Whilst we’ve been sent plenty of items relating to Canon Medium format over the years, it’s been a while since anything of real note was mentioned.
Something I’d not expect until there’s a good profit in it ;-)
12th Expect three other cameras with the 7D2 next week: PowerShot G7 X, PowerShot SX 60 HS and PowerShot N2 [CR]

Coverage here will be intermittent next week, since I’m on holiday (no, not photokina!). 
I’ve also been working of late on an all new web site just for Northlight’s UK architectural photography business – much more visual, and much less complex than this site ;-) 
It even works (mostly) on mobile devices, unheard of when I first put this site together. 
Who knows, after running this site for over 10 years, I might even think about a redesign closer to home.

11th A photo of the 7D2 appears and confirmation of fairly well known specs
7th I’ve added a page for the Epson SC-P600 A3+ SureColor inkjet printer, and will be producing a detailed review as soon as we can look at one.
5th The first photokina printer comes from Epson – the A3+ SureColor SC-P600 will be shown at photokina [see Epson printer page]
Meanwhile Canon have quite a few rebates/offers in the US on the PRO range

Use the code PIXMAPSW with this B&H link to get a Canon PRO-100 for a total of $48 [ B&H link for $200 PRO-10 or B&H link $450 PRO-1]

2nd I’d been wondering when we might see some new printers at 17″.
Epson’s 3880 is a few years old now, and a good deal. The 4900 is not at all bad either. Canon just has their old (but not at all bad) iPF5100
There’s no sign of a 17″ PRO series printer from Canon as yet (the PRO ‘A2’), and I thought there was nothing from Epson either, until someone sent me 3890 info from Epson China… Unfortunately, it seems that this is just a version of the 3880, so the celebrations have been put on hold … Epson 3900 anyone? ;-)


30th Someone at Canon with sense of humour? I just had a survey sent to me to comment on Canon kit, which wanted to know what cameras I’d got. At the top of the list proof, if proof were needed, that the 1D X was never the 1Ds mk4 ;-)

Canon 1Ds4 mentioned in survey

28th Photokina announcements are starting to appear with Pentax getting the award so far, for whistles and bells, with it’s extensive use of LEDs all over the body [DPR]
As to Canon, nothing official yet but I’m now pretty sure* that the 7D replacement will use a version of the 70D’s dual pixel AF sensor (20.2MP) run at 10 fps, have built-in GPS, but not WiFi or tilt/touch screen and sport an all new 65 point AF sensor.

*Pretty sure – for a rumour page that is!

I’m not usually a fan of free ‘better photography’ style eBooks, but a UK print outfit [Digitalab] has recently put one together after talking to quite a few working photographers (and includes a quote from me about using shift lenses ;-). Nice short guide for people starting to explore more in their photography – sure, many of us ‘know better’, but we all had to learn somewhere ;-)
27th “I’m not dead yet…” Ferrania in Italy announce that their film factory is to be reanimated [PR]
22nd Film use gets just that bit harder? …I see that another film, Kodak BW400CN, has reached the end of production [Kodak]

However, I’m minded to think that on slow news days there will still be articles appearing about some photographer ‘going back’ to film for ‘artistic integrity’ or ‘authenticity’, along with figures to support it and grand plans to reintroduce products from the latest purchaser of a once great film brand… ;-)

21st Interesting article about the design history of the 1 series at CPN Europe.
Could the next 1 series be a bit smaller? Personally, that’s of no interest (I like the heft of my 1Ds and 1Ds3). This from the article (perhaps the 7D2 is a mini 1 series ;-)

CPN: What do you see as the future for EOS camera design encompassing? For example, can cameras get smaller and even easier to use? If so, how might this be achieved?
YS: “I previously said that I believe the optimum size among Canon cameras is the AL-1. I believe that the trend towards compact, lightweight equipment is a certainty among categories encompassed by advanced amateurs, and even professional equipment, [so] the entire [EOS] system will move toward a more lightweight form.
The technical challenges are: lighter, stronger materials; glass materials with a high refractive index and high permeability; improvement in low power consumption design and compact, high-capacity battery; electronic parts with a higher degree of integration.”

1 series design sketch
19th The Photokina rumours would have it that Canon are announcing a fast/robust crop sensor camera (7D2) whilst Nikon are probably announcing a D750 full frame ‘sports’ DSLR.

What we don’t see from Nikon is any sign of a successor to the D300S, nor any sign of something to match/exceed the D810 from Canon.

18th The EOS 1200D (EOS Rebel T5 or EOS Kiss X70) is named European Consumer DSLR Camera 2014-2015 by EISA [Canon]

Trebles all round as the prestigious silverware rolls in…
“The annual EISA awards are voted for by a panel of editors representing 50 special-interest magazines from across 20 European countries. The awards celebrate products that were released in Europe during the past year that combine the most advanced technologies, covetable features, cutting-edge design and outstanding value. Started in 1982, this year marks the EISA awards’ 33rd year of getting together, on expenses, in a nice place.”

17th Whilst Canon seem to be keeping a lid on announcements, a 5D mk4 looks unlikely with a 5D3 buyback offer in Germany (see 5D mk4 page].
11th Should we expect significant advances in AF during burst shoting in the 7D2?
A new patent looks at integrating conventional AF and sensor phase AF [EG – Google xlt]
canon AF patent
8th Interesting article about DPP4 from Canon [Canon]
It even includes a comment that “support for more models will be added in due course”

As to when and what models – nobody knows…

2nd Indian photo competition‘Something Big Coming’ – widely taken to refer to the 100-400
Sorry, it’s a photo competition by Canon India…
[FB via NC ]
1st Canon in the US announce several new large format printers. Fast, but not aimed at the higher end.
Note that these are the ones announced in the UK in April – more details on our Canon printer page.

“…six new models in its imagePROGRAF lineup: four new five-color, large-format inkjet printers – the 36-inch iPF785 and iPF780 models, and the 24-inch iPF685 and iPF680 models – and two new large-format imaging systems – the iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40.”


30th Distinct uptick in camera rumours with reports of 7D2 and assorted lenses. [CR and others]
Thom Hogan’s off for a break and leaves a list of what we might expect to see for Photokina [TH] maybe even a D300S replacement.
26th Canon’s recent financial results don’t look good from a camera POV – as ever, I’d suggest reading Thom Hogan’s take on them [TH]
The decline in key areas of the imaging division doesn’t bode well (for any of the camera companies).

Meanwhile, the 7D has started appearing as ‘discontinued’ … 7D2 page

23rd A Sony patent [EG – Google xlt] looks at using variable sensitivity for pixels, reducing it as the pixel ‘fills up’ with electrons.
This tails off the sensitivity for highlights, leading to a flattening of the response curve.
The immediate practical benefit is that it makes it just that bit harder to blow out highlights (a bit like the shoulder of a film response curve).
reducing highlight sensitivitypixel cell structure
An interview with Canon about their two latest wide zooms [DC – Google xlt]

Unusually for a machine translation, not too difficult to follow – there are interesting considerations of the design criteria for both lenses.

About half way down, when discussing how much sharper new lenses are getting, there is this:

“I to higher pixel unnecessarily is the opposite, but there is also a feeling if there is a high-performance lens that matches the number of pixels (pixel pitch), to want to take a look at the descriptive power of the true. By super-wide-angle zoom image quality is good came out to the periphery, and we look forward to the advent of high-resolution model of the EOS.”

Indeed, some of us do look forward to ‘high-resolution model of the EOS’ ;-)

More on our ‘lens rumours‘ page…

18th A new flash (speedlite) from Canon is amongst the suggestions for this summer’s announcements [CR]
15th Some brief but apposite thoughts on how the Japanese camera companies are approaching camera design, from Thom Hogan
Three layer sensor patent info14th A new three layer sensor patent from Canon.
This one looks at reducing internal reflections between the photo sensitive layers for each colour through the use of dielectric films between sensor layers.
The translation describes the layer order:

“First insulating layer,
B layer,
a dielectric film,
insulating film,
dielectric film,
G layer, a dielectric film, insulating film,
insulating film,
dielectric film,
the R layer”

The issue addressed, is light of the ‘wrong’ colour being reflected from one layer into another, which reduces the ability of different layers to respond to photons of only a particular range of colours.
This has the potential to greatly improve the colour accuracy and fidelity of such stacked sensor designs.

[EG – Goog xlt]

10th Canon and a bunch of other companies (inc. Google) set up a patent cross licensing group in an attempt to hit back at patent trolls


4th It seems that someone likes the Powershot N after all (that weird square one) since it’s won a ‘Bronze International Design Excellence Award’


Is there a mystery Canon camera at the world cup? We’re sent an image of one that is always hidden…

(7D2 page)

2nd It seems that camera shipments are still dwindling – some interesting observations from Thom Hogan
1st Sony patent shows a ‘lightfield’ type sensor


sony sensor design for lightfield

It’s also been suggested that Sony will bring out a camera with a full frame monochrom sensor next year.


29th The patent ‘rush’ continues with a 1.03x viewfinder design for a crop sensor camera from Canon [EG – Goog xlt]
Advances with the DSLR viewfinder are one area that we’d heard of as key features of the 7D mk2
Two versions are shown, the second having a pentamirror (as in xxxD/Rebel DSLRs)
The bottom diagram shows the ‘straightened’ optical path.

27th A five layer sensor patent from Canon [EG – Goog xlt]
UV and IR sensitive layers enhance colour fidelity, especially for skin tones – This is the jist of the patent I believe, but is from a translation.
5 layer pixel design

The pixel structure above, shows a BSI design (back illumination), but obviously no pixel structure.
Extending the range of light response to UV and IR would cause issues for current lens designs, but the idea of more than three colour primaries is not new, although it would require a major re-write for support from RAW converter software.
This could be aimed at getting round some of the colour fidelity issues associated with the original Foveon design, or it could just be aimed at new features for a security camera – remember that patents are often deliberately obscure ;-)
As an aside, I note that Canon had a multilayer patent appear before the 7D launch – this was seen in some aspects of the metering sensor.

25th As we get nearer to Photokina, rumours abound, and start leapfrogging each other (such is the circular nature of a lot of this stuff). It’s suggested that Sony have a 54MP ( inc. 2460 focusing points) full frame sensor on the way [SAR] and that this may be moved up from 2015 because of new technology from Canon (for the 7D2)
The 7D introduced a lot of technologies and design advances from Canon (the viewfinder and multi-layer metering sensor for example) so it’s not unreasonable to expect a lot of new features in a mk2 version that will subsequently appear in the 1D X2 and 5D 4 for example (and trickle downwards too).

I’ve seen some pretty ‘out there’ suggestions for what’s coming with the 7Dmk2 in terms of sensor developments, but nothing yet that doesn’t obviously feel just a bit ‘too good to be true’ from a rumours POV ;-)

23rd A product advisory is issued in the US for the 5D3, relating to the LCD light leak issue [5D3 page]

19th Adobe, Apple, DxO and other makers of image processing software all phone Canon to thank them for DPP4 ;-)

I have to agree with the numerous ‘less than impressed’ comments I’ve received from people using multiple Canon cameras, only one (or none) of which worked with DPP4 ;-)
However, I also agree with those praising Canon for offering such a probuct for free – even if it does feel a bit like being given a free left shoe from a £300 pair .

18th DPP4 and EOS utility 3 are available, but with extremely limited camera support
Full details and download links are on our Canon software installation page

To say I find Canon’s lack of support for any of its older professional cameras as dismal, would be putting it very politely indeed. So If I use a 5D3 and a couple of 5D2s as backups/2nd cameras I have to use two different bits of software from Canon?
Seems a big fail if getting more people to use it is the aim – If I had a 1D X I’d still be using the 1Ds3 for some work. Yet I can use it with a 6D? I still use a 1Ds3, yet have a 100D that does get used for a few shots on some jobs.
Let’s hope that this is just a development resources issue and that Canon quickly address the issue of what is supported – I can appreciate limiting coverage at launch, but it’s not going to be popular if it persists.

17th An interesting multi-lens camera patent [EG – Goog xlt]
Lots of lenses on the front and a rotating lens unit (like the old TV cameras?)

“Multi-lens camera concentrically arranged an imaging device and a plurality of lenses
I do light field, angle of view changes, perspective changes, noise reduction, resolution conversion, HDR, distance estimation, the disparity estimation”

16th A new version of DPP and EOS Utility are on the way [Canon via CR]


The new software improves on the previous version in such areas as an expanded adjustment range for highlights and shadows as well as enhanced basic functions. Providing users with more freedom when adjusting images, DPP 4.0 includes such new functions as 8-axis color gamut adjustment and an Auto function that automatically analyses the brightness and darkness balance of a histogram and adjusts the tones, or luminance, of an image accordingly.
The new version of Canon’s DPP software delivers greatly enhanced operability and convenience during the image editing process. In addition to featuring an updated graphical user interface (GUI), the software is capable of displaying as many as 10,000 image thumbnails at one time. Further contributing to ease of use, the software lets users not only view selected images for comparison even in the preview window, but also assign ratings to images.
EOS Utility 3.0
Canon’s new upgraded EU 3.0 allows users to connect a camera to a computer via a USB connection or Wireless File Transmitter in order to remotely perform camera settings, transfer images and capture images. Delivering even greater workflow efficiency, EU 3.0 easily integrates with DPP 4.0 to allow users to select and compare images, enabling them to more easily choose the best shot, as well as make slight adjustments to camera settings and reshoot scenes.

It will be interesting to see if Canon’s free software can gain many new users.
Previous versions of DPP have always been a bit ‘clunky’ for my liking and not offered enough of an advantage over other software I choose to use.

15th Having recently got a CamRanger wireless control unit for my 1Ds3 and 100D, I’ve now calibrated the screen of my iPad with X-Rite’s new ColorTRUE app – which is supported in the CamRanger software [ColorTRUE with CamRanger review]
13th More info about Sony’s curved sensors [IEEE]
For a really curved sensor, see this though [IEEE]
12th In the UK there are a number of ‘Summer Cashback” offers from Canon

Several (mostly EF-S) lenses
Assorted other stuff

10th Canon announce 25 years of the EOS 1
“United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 23 April 2014 – Canon today celebrates the 25th anniversary of the EOS-1 series, the Company’s flagship range of interchangeable-lens cameras.
Canon’s EOS series made its original debut back in 1987 with the launch of the EOS 650, the world’s first AF (autofocus) single-lens reflex camera to employ a fully electronic mount system, capable of controlling functions including AF and aperture adjustment using electrical signals. Two years later, in 1989, the Company introduced its first professional EOS model, the EOS-1. Created to meet the advanced demands of professional photographers, the EOS-1 boasted cutting-edge technologies, class-leading levels of performance, new levels of ergonomics, high durability and reliability, and marked the inaugural model of Canon’s EOS-1 series.
Since this time, Canon has continued to demonstrate its commitment to the photographic industry by evolving its flagship-model cameras in order to consistently meet the requirements of professionals in step with the changing times. In 1994, at a time when professional photographers began to rely on AF capabilities offered by SLR cameras, Canon launched the EOS-1N. Compared to its predecessor, the EOS-1N provided a greater number of focusing points and increased predictive focusing when tracking moving subjects. In 2000, the Company introduced the EOS-1V which featured a brand new 45-point high-density Area AF system delivering high-speed predictive AF of up to 9 frames per second.
With the dawn of the digital era, in 2001 Canon launched its first flagship professional Digital SLR (DSLR) camera — the EOS-1D, followed by the full-frame EOS-1Ds in 2002. Canon’s current flagship professional DSLR camera, the EOS-1D X, was brought to market in June 2012, and marked the EOS-1 series’ 13th model*. Offering an unparalleled combination of speed, resolution and image quality, the EOS-1D X has continued to garner strong acclaim from professional photographers working across a wide range of fields, from photojournalism and sports coverage, to commercial and nature photography.
Over the past 25 years the powerful flagship EOS-1 series has incorporated cutting-edge technologies and class leading levels of performance. These strengths have expanded across the entire camera line up from entry level models to professional. Canon has always consistently strived to produce exceptional cameras that expand the creative shooting possibilities and meet the evolving needs of photographers at all levels and will continue to do so in the future.”

Now, if only they would announce a true successor to the 1Ds 3 (mine’s still woring fine though ;-)

2nd I’ve just finished a review of the Canon EF-S 10-18mm lens I recently got for my backup 100D – rather good quality for a relatively cheap lens.


27th A new sensor for the 1D X mk2? See the note on the 1D X mk2 page
I’ve just written a review of some Canon DSLR tethering software that has some interesting functionality, such as split live view and focus bracketing. Kuuvik Capture – Mac only, but if you want a Windows version, they want to know.
25th It seems that a Samsung NX1 is due for Photokina [PR]
28 APS-C Megapixel ISOCELL sensor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Operating System
ISO100-51200, 4K Video, Electronic/Mechanical shutter – 30s to 1/6000s
Tiltable AMOLED Touch Display, NFC / Wi-Fi / 3G/4G LTE Mobile, Weather-Resistant Body
23rd One from the outfield… Canon and Fuji to work together? -Updated … the article vanished- [CR]
Do check out [FR] for Fuji related rumours though.
The £400 offer I mentioned yesterday, is actually a £400 discount on the price of a 1D X -after- you have traded in your camera from the list.

That makes for a much more reasonable offer than I first read – thanks to those who pointed this out

22nd Dire times at Canon in Australia, where a massive drop in profits is going to cost 10% of jobs [PP]
Canon 1D X trade-in offer in UKIn the UK Canon are offering a £400 trade-in, if you buy a 1D X via an approved dealer (see link for Ts&Cs – runs to the end of June).

Whilst my 1Ds3 is still worth considerably more, some cameras on the list are not.

EOS 1D Nikon D4
EOS 1Ds Nikon D3s
EOS 1D Mark II Nikon D3x
EOS 1Ds Mark II Nikon D3
EOS 1D Mark II N Nikon D2HS
EOS 1D Mark III Nikon D2X
EOS 1D Mark IV Nikon D2H
EOS 5D Nikon D1H
EOS 5D MKII Nikon D700
EOS 5D MKIII Nikon D600
EOS 6D Nikon D300s
EOS 7D Nikon D300

Time to move up from that old 1D or Nikon D1H?

So, are 1D X sales a bit sluggish?
Seems a bit early to be clearing the channel for a replacement that shows no sign of imminent arrival.
Sorry Canon I’m keeping my 1Ds 3 (and 1Ds) until you’ve something I’ve a good reason to replace it with(some reasons I skipped the 1D X)

On a related matter, one of the dealers participating, is Park Cameras (where we buy our new Canon gear) and they have just announced a couple of events at their stores in June.
The ‘Imaging festival’ will be held on the 14th June at their Burgess Hill store in West Sussex and on the 21st June at their new store in Central London, just off Oxford Street – presentations, offers and deals – See Park Camerasfor more.

20th There is a new Canon EOS informational app available for the iPad (EMEA only) info via Adobe

“This great app has been created by Canon and goes in the whole Canon camera eco-system. It’s got a wealth of content and interactivity, including which lenses to use for what style of photography (Macro, Wedding, Portrait, Food and many more), tips and techniques when using the Canon EOS system, but also interviews with leading Canon Ambassadors and Explorers.”

19th Another excellent view of the camera market from Thom Hogan. As someone involved in technology research and business matters for quite a while in the past, I have to agree with much of what he says about the camera companies just not ‘getting it’.
12th According to STMicro, we’re soon going to get sensors with ‘hundreds of megapixels’. Why take note of this? They make the 24MP sensor for the Leica M [ISW]
7th The state of rumours?

At last, some lens rumours (two wide zooms) that seem to have a bit more robustness to them.
If you’ve been following rumours for any time you’ll notice a distinct change (more detail for example) when we’re close to a product announcement. 
I’ve now been running the rumour pages for over ten years – the first one was actually for the Epson SP4000 printer in 2003. The first camera rumour page I really put up (June 2004) was for the 1Ds mk2. 
The quality of (Canon) rumour information has I believe, declined, almost in direct proportion to the number of rumour sites that have sprung up in the last few years ;-)
Thanks to all of you who regularly visit the pages, and the sources who’ve stuck with us over the years – even if many have just reported that people have got a -lot- more careful about what they will say :-(
My only request to anyone reading from Canon is for a camera to replace my (still excellent) 2007 1Ds3 before too much longer (the 1D X doesn’t count) Oh, and a very good ultrawide zoom, and some new TS-E lenses.

4th A relatively simple alteration to the circuitry (at a pixel level) for a 4T pixel design allows an increase in the DR of a pixel [ISW]

The technique is not without problems, but shows where people are looking. The rolling off of response at higher light levels is closer to our own visual response (and film at the top end of its response curve). 
…Noted more as an FYI than suggesting it will appear in a DSLR near you any time soon ;-)

2nd Canon update the guide to AF for the 1D X


canon 3 layer pixel design30th More sensor talk [CR], but no detail.
29th There have been plenty of Canon sensor related snippets of info over the years…
Some of which have panned out (the multilayer sensor that subsequently appeared in the metering system of the 7D).
Many others that probably only made it to patent ideas..
There is a suggestion [CR] that there is a new generation of full frame sensors on the way from Canon, and that they may have some ‘multi-layer’ (aka ‘foveon) style pixels.

In terms of sensor info, we were told a few weeks ago (13th) that there were some delays in new sensors? 
All companies are looking at different non-bayer solutions (there are regular patents covering new ideas).
The diagram at the right shows a possible multi-layer pixel design [Canon from May 2013]

So, who’s going to be first with a major non-bayer announcement?
Also, how does any multi-level sensor technology fit in with Canon’s ‘split-pixel’ designs

27th A range of Canon rebates in the US, running into July
rebates from Canon

Lens Model Rebate Amount
EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM $200.00
TS-E 17mm f/4L $200.00
EF 20mm f/2.8 USM $50.00
EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM $200.00
EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM $50.00
TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II $200.00
EF 28mm f/1.8 USM $60.00
EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM $50.00
EF 35mm f/1.4L USM $150.00
EF 35mm f/2 IS USM $50.00
EF 40mm f/2.8 STM $50.00
TS-E 45mm f/2.8 $100.00
EF 50mm f/1.2L USM $200.00
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM $50.00
EF 50mm f/1.8 II $15.00
EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro $30.00
EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM $50.00
MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro $100.00
EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM $200.00
EF 85mm f/1.8 USM $50.00
TS-E 90mm f/2.8 $100.00
EF 100mm f/2 USM $50.00
EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM $150.00
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM $50.00
EF 135mm f/2L USM $100.00
EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM $150.00
EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM $50.00
EF 300mm f/4L IS USM $100.00
EF 400mm f/5.6L USM $120.00
EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM $150.00
EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM $50.00
EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM $100.00
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM $200.00
EF 17-40mm f/4L USM $100.00
EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM $60.00
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM $300.00
EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM $300.00
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM $300.00
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM $150.00
EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM $200.00
EF 70-200mm f/4L USM $80.00
EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM $200.00
EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM $200.00
Extender EF 1.4x III $50.00
Extender EF 2x III $50.00
Speedlite 600EX-RT $50.00
Speedlite 430EX II $40.00
Speedlite 270EX II $20.00
Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX $60.00

26th Thom Hogan has a good overview of those Canon figures [TH]

After a lot of testing, I’ve produced a new updated version of our free black and white printer test image.
25th A presentation [PDF] of Canon’s figures for Q1 This is what they intend doing to address the decline in camera sales… Expect more EOS-M and Rebels this year?


There is a bit more info about Sony curved sensors [ISW].
“It doubles the sensitivity at the edge of the image circle while increasing sensitivity at its center by a factor of 1.4, with a 5x reduction of dark current compared to a planar [sensor]”
You may remember the G1X II announcement from back in February? Well, so did Canon Hong Kong, and they just announced its availability.

Yes, that was what the trail was for :-) 

24th No sign of the mystery device below yet, however Canon have published some Q1 financial figures [Reuters]
Seems that copiers and printers helped the business turn a reasonable profit, and “a reshuffle of its camera line-up had also helped boost margins.”
I note that “Camera sales, however, fell by 22 percent year-on-year in the quarter” – ouch.
I guess we should expect to see more higher end camera products (yes please, my 1Ds3 isn’t getting any younger ;-)
23rd Seems that it was Canon’s turn in the TIPA awards for the following:

Best Imaging Innovation: Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Best Professional DSLR Lens: Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x
Best Digital SLR Advanced: Canon EOS 70D
Best Expert Compact Camera: Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II

Excitement mounts for the HK announcement, although a flash for EOS-M seems to be a current front runner…
22rd Canon are announcing something on the 24th – that’s about all you can say after a cryptic announcement on Canon’s Hong Kong FB page.
The quote is “Beauty lies not in objects, but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects.”

New soft lenshood design? or a new fast prime? ;-)

new canon product announcement
Found via Canon HK FB and [CW]
21st It’s award time again – the TIPA awards are due this week. This year’s junket “General Assembly” was held in Vancouver [Tipa]. Given that:

“The TIPA Awards are renowned as the most influential photo and imaging product awards in markets around the world. All products and their advertising media bearing the TIPA Awards logo indicate that these have passed evaluations by TIPA’s technical committee and magazine editors.”

Expect plenty of press releases from winning advertisers manufacturers.
So, what relevance do ‘industry awards’ actually have to the rest of us?
How many people still read photography magazines?
I cancelled my last photo mag subscription (BJP) when it’s level of ‘pretentiousness’ went consistently too high …that and when someone picked up a copy, asked me why the featured photographers were so good, and I was unable to answer ;-)
When did you last look at a product and change your opinion in any way, as a result of some award?

Northlight Images golden pineapple award for excellenceWe will of course be holding our own prestigious award cermony later this year… ;-)

The Golden Pineapple is from a recent short article where I wrote about the difficulty of writing reviews of new products and why that is actually a good thing.

16th The white version of the 100D and a white 18-55 STM lens is now to be available more widely – Just announced for the UK. “The EOS 100D White will be available from May 2014 with an SRP of £499/€599”
Lightfield sensor design from Panasonic [ISW]
15th More predictions of declining camera sales in a presentation by the organisers of photokina [DCW – Goog xlt]

digital camers global sales volumes

The numbers for 2014 suggest a very steep decline in the basic compact market and slight expansion of the better non-DSLR cameras.
Many of the purchasers of the higher end cameras are getting to a ‘this will do for quite a few years’ point and with the crash in compact sales, you wonder how many camera companies we’ll have in 2-3 years.
This morning also sees the announcement of the Pentax 645z, with the 50+MP body at a very reasonable $8500 – will this see a move into larger sensor offerings from Canon/Nikon/Sony? Sony make the sensors, so we may well see something there.
What difference does the 645z make to 35mm users like myself? Well, if they had a tilt/shift lens with the coverage (and quality) of the TS-E24 available (TS-E17 preferred though ;-), I’d be seriously looking at getting one for our architectural work. If Canon were to offer a 30-40MP 1 series body, then that would see off MF for a good few years for me, but the 645z is the first MF camera I’ve seen where buying one might be a reasonable business choice.
Whilst wondering about the overall market for photography (which after all is what puts food on my table) I’ll include this second slide from the presentation above. This time about the rise in numbers of photographs taken – what does this mean for anyone wanting to earn a living?

number of photographs taken with different devices

14th We’re told that an ‘M3’ needs to be added to the list for announcement in Q3 and that there will be two models available, one with much more thought for ‘prosumer’ buyers [Mirrorless page]

Once again this comes from dealer related sources, so I have to note the usual pile of salt ;-)
Whilst manufacturers do give some advance marketing notification (for sales forecasting and the like), there is rarely any detailed model info. 

13th In an interesting set of information we’re told (thanks), that manufacturing issues (yeild was suggested) with the dual pixel design of the APS-C sensor in the 70D have delayed the launch of the 7D mk2 -and- the 750D and 100D replacements.
A higher performance version of the 70D sensor is used for the 7D2, whilst a cheaper version will appear in the 750 and 100D replacement (150D?)
All are dependent on having sufficient volume of sensor chips available at suitable price/performance points.
The information was passed along to several larger (European) dealers querying Canon DSLR camera availability for later this year, especially the holiday season. All three cameras were loosely slated for Q2 release, but are now Q3. There was no news of a ‘big megapixel’ body only that the replacement of the 1D X was ‘on schedule’.

Once again, if any of our dealer contacts can offer any more details? they would be most welcome. I’d note that the yeild explanation was only what our source assumed was meant.
I was still expecting at least one camera in Q2 (May) but there seems little solid info anywhere, so it’s a good few weeks away yet ;-) 
It wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of this year, the only -new for 2014- bodies on sale are APS-C…
Whilst it’s a photokina year, the timing of announcements seems much less tied to trade events than it was a few years ago.

10th Foveon Quattro chip info [IR] – is it really equivalent to 36MP?
4th A Canon patent for re-arranging the data in RAW files for faster display of focal point areas [EG – Goog xlt]
Suggestions of possible cold weather AF problems with 1D X and 1DC [1D X page]
2nd Canon opens a new service centre near Chicago [CR]
Sony information about curved sensor chips [MR]
1st It’s that day again… several April Fool spoofs are doing the rounds, so beware what you read today ;-)
At ArT there is news of an Apple patent for interchangeable lenses on phones
At DPR there is a full frame Olympus OM-G – complete with support for original Zuiko lenses

Oh dear – I’ve wanted one of these since my first digital SLR (a 1Ds) in 2003…

At TDP there is a 1D w – wildlife camera including a 200-600mm f/4L W IS Wildlife Edition lens. Both feature “Realtree Outdoors” camouflage.
At SAR it seems that Sony is going Foveon and 18MP x3
At CR someone got in early with a Canon phone camera.
At P5D (and elsewhere) theree is much talk of Panasonic dropping the m4/3 cameras (except GH4)

Unfortunately, this one is all too plausible give the big shake-up in the camera business, and Panasonic’s recent business activities.
There is also talk of Canon looking to pick up some pieces, but that seems rather more Apr 1st ;-)


29th It’s noted that the plant where Foveon chips are made is for sale – what this means for supplies is unclear, although they are hardly its biggest customer I’d suspect [MR]

28th No signs of DSLRs in the near future, but there are some suggestions of new video (C200/400) at the upcoming NAB show[Video page].

27th Canon announces that it is doing well – or at least top of the market for the 11th year running [CR]
26th When is the 3D not a 3D? When it’s the 5D mk4 – a suggestion that a ‘3D ‘ [3D page] will be along later this year.

I’m still not inclined to think we’ll see any full frame bodies announced until there has been at least a solid mention of something to replace/extend the 1D x (not including the 1D C)

Meanwhile, it seems that there are suggestions of a Sony MF camera [MF pageand Sony is suggesting that it wants to move more into the ‘higher end’ market [SAR]

As an aside – the Digital Black and White photography Linked In group that I run has just reached 6000 members.

24th A Canon industrial camera unit (15MP monochrome) that uses the Nikon ‘F’ mount [CW] – nothing new with this, the F mount is a widespread choice for industrial lenses.
22nd The Canon PRO printers are well built (I’ve reviewed the PRO-10 and PRO-1) and I see that the PRO-100 is currently on offer for a total of $40 (you need to add to the basket to see the price – and do check that fine print!), this includes 50 sheets of Canon SG-201 Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, 13″ x 19″. [Adorama].
As noted on the main Canon printer rumours page, the PRO-10 and 100 were announced in September 2012, so this looks more like a push for sales than any imminent replacement.

If it were a UK offer, I’d get one in an instant, just for the office, but we don’t ever get £25 A3+ printers here… :-(

19th CPS in the US is extended to cinema EOS products
OK, it’s time for a new panoramic format…
A 150MP 165mm x 27.5mm CMOS sensor is announced (6:1 ratio) by GPixel. 10fps, 30k x 5k pixels

150MP CMOS sensor

Photon-sensitive area 165mm(H) x 27.5mm(V) SNR Max 43dB
Pixel size 5.5μm×5.5μm Dark noise 3.94e-
Resolution 150MP – 30,000×5,000 Dark current <10e-/s/pix (32ºC)
Shutter type electronic rolling shutter Dynamic range 67dB (Intra-scene)
ADC 16bit Dynamic range 75.4dB
Main clock rate 20MHz ~30MHz Sensitivity (PGA=5.6x) 255DN/nJ/cm2
Frame rate 10fps @ full frame Full well charge 23000 e-
Data rate 24Gbit/s @10fps Output interface 120 LVDS pairs
Supply voltage 3.3V / 1.8V Operating temperature -55ºC ~ +85ºC
Max Power 2.5W Package 395 pins PGA

Before starting camera designs, it’s worth noting that it is monochrome (no CFA) and the price is not mentioned ;-)

18th An underwater housing for my 100D [DPG]

All I need to learn now is how to swim, and then to do it underwater… ;-)

17th Magic Lantern now runs on a 5D3 with latest firmware [P5D]
16th If you’re interested in noise reduction, the Topaz Denoise plugin is half price this month, and I’ve just written a short review.
14th Canon CPN have some new info collected on the 5D mk3
Calumet in the US closing all its stores? [PR] Not Europe though.
7th Temporary price cuts at Canon in the US until during March [Rebels] and mid March [60/70D]

6th A UK cashback scheme from Canon runs from 1st March to 7th May, includes the 5D3 (£150), 7D (£100) and 700D(£50). Several lenses and PRO printers are included.
Even more dismal numbers… Initial figures for 2014 [PV].
5th An interesting patent from Nikon for a modular camera system [EG – Goog xlt].
How bad was 2013 for the camera companies? Not good at all – a new infographic shows some context [LensVid]
4th I’d like to be able to say that the series of Canon Japan interview comments [DPR] shed much light on Canon’s strategy, (other than seeing a lot more interest in video than I do) but they don’t. Usual anodyne… but still worth a read ;-)
2nd There appears to be a bit of a ‘pile up’ of camera announcements due this year -if- previous timescales are any guide (see the Canon Timeline at the bottom of this page for a graphical view).
With the 1200D adding to the range of 18MP sensor cameras (7D, 100D, 700D, 1200D) there is obviously room for a ~20MP 7D2 before too much longer, with plenty of whistles and bells and a 750D in the summer (18 months from the 700D). The 100D (Jan 2013 launch) has no history, so might run till 2015, allowing Canon to continue dropping the price of what is a very nice little camera. The 1D X was announced in October 2011 (even if it didn’t ship until Jul 2012), so a three year cycle would suggest a 1D X replacement this year. However, new firmware and the D4/D4S mid cycle update last month might push the 1D X mk2 into 2015, where it comes up against a possible 5D mk4(5D3 announced March 2012) and a D5 (likely 2016 where the D800 [Feb 2012] will also be 4 years old).
Then there is a possible high MP Canon camera, that’s been mentioned for this year too.

As ever, if you’ve any thoughts or info, do feel free to let me know ;-)

Canon in the US have a new mail-in rebate scheme for March for some 20 ‘L’ lenses [see lenses page]
Meanwhile Fuji discontinue two more films. Neopan 400 Presto 135 and Fujicolor Pro 400 120 [PR]


28th Canon in Japan mention that they will be bringing the EOS-M2 to Europe and maybe the US.

An interview [IR] discusses this and the challenges of on chip AF.
Meanwhile there’s a query about possible dual pixel AF for the 5D3 [P5D]

Maybe for expensive C series video cameras, or even a 1 series, but that’s a 2015 5D4 issue I suspect ;-) 

26th I hear that if you visit the Canon Stand at ‘The Photography Show’ [UK] there will be a prize draw for a brand new iPF6400 24″ width printer, but you need to find the large format print people, not the camera guys.
25th More suggestions of impending change in the photo industry [TH]
24th In a move that hardly comes as a surprise, it seems that Canon are going to leave the ‘cheap’ compact camera market [PR]
23rd Canon US info about the new 1D X firmware, includes PDF guide.
22nd Have you ever thought of getting a large format printer? If so, then I’ve written an article about some of the issues and questions you might want to consider first: So, you want to get a large format printer?
21st There are suggestions of new PRO printers from Canon – I note that the PRO-1 was announced a few days after the 1D X in 2011.

Let’s hope that any successors to both don’t take as long from announcement to availability ;-)

20th There appears to be more chat on the Chinese Xitek forum about a camera from Canon that will do 4k and pushing 40MP, but once again, no details.

Of course, I’m subjected to the vagaries of Google translate for this, so who knows what it could really be about…

19th With the D4S due for announcement next week, there has been an upturn in ‘there will be something big from Canon’ comments. Unfortunately, no details whatsoever ;-)
It seems too that the sale of 60% of Phase One [MF info page] to an investment company probably makes any suggestions of an imminent connection with Canon less likely.

I’d be surprised if there was a new top end DSLR from Canon in the near future. If you’ve much spare cash in the pocket, I suspect that forthcoming video related products will empty your wallet much sooner. Any big Nikon announcement always bring Canon rumours out of the woodwork – just look at the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied the D800 ;-)
There were actually some Nikon interviews at CP+, which contained a bit more than the usual annoydyne. See Thom Hogan’s analysis [TH] for more insight and remember that some of the pressures apply just as much to Canon

12th The foveon sensor in the new DP2 is perhaps not the RGB sensor that Sigma marketing likes to show. More akin to a Luminance and two colour difference layers – see the updated comments from Thom Hogan
Canon 1200D/Rebel T5 is announced, with the 18MP sensor. The G1X II also appears
Also announced, is the MR-14EX II Macro Ring Light, which can be controlled wirelessly using the radio-based ‘RT’ system. Both the camera and flash are priced at $549 (due March) CPN article about the flash
[MR14 at B&H]
MR-14EX II Macro Ring Light
Canon also show their first EVF for such cameras

“An optional Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC1 slots into the PowerShot G1 X Mark II’s accessory hotshoe to offer traditional handling and composition. XGA resolution with 2.36 million dots and a quick refresh rate make shooting natural and enjoyable. A proximity sensor detects when the viewfinder is raised to the eye and the EVF can be pivoted through 90 degrees for low-angle or waist-level shooting.”

11th Looks as if that G1X II was real after all ;-) [PR]
10th After all the fuss over the rather fake looking G1X II image (mirrorless page) it seems as if the EVF part might have been real (as was suggested) and called the EVF-DC1 and that we will see it later this week.
7th Assorted camera/kit ‘instant’ rebates for February at the Canon store in the US

Assorted US Canon price cuts

6th Canon are celebrating the production of EOS camera reaching 70 million (60 in Oct 2012)
This includes all the film EOS cameras produced since 1987.

BTW the lens timeline still includes two 1987 lenses (50mm f/2.5 compact macro and 135mm f/2.8 Soft Focus)

3rd Thom Hogan has written an excellent article about questions faced by Nikon, and some suggested answers. [TH] – I can certainly think of a few similar ones for Canon. For example, it would be nice to have an ETTR exposure mode added for those of us who never use JPEGs?
Hasselblad expand the ‘gold plated Sony’ range still further with a $11,500 version of the A99 full frame DSLR, the HV. Of course you could just pay ~£5k for the one and a half year old Sony and lens [TDP].
A Sony patent for a voltage controled carbon nanotube layer to act as a shutter or variable filter. Goes between the microlenses and filters.
The layer does not need application to every pixel allowing for some interesting potential control over the characteristics of the device as a whole. [EG – Goog xlt]

As ever, it’s a long way from patent to product…

2nd A follow-on for the G1 X is suggested for some time in the next few weeks [CR]
Expect Digic 6, which we’ve been told is an essential element of several upccoming cameras this year. See the DSLR timeline below for the lifetime of previous Digic versions.
1st Pre December 2013 posts have been archived.

All our rumours, from 2004 onwards are on archive pages. I’m never sure if anyone ever checks them, but I suppose it’s my academic background that doesn’t like to see information lost .
Glancing through them finds interesting patents and technical advances, but doesn’t make me want to place much money on many of the items we’re sent about future announcements ;-) 


30th Canon are still sticking to the 1DX being the professionals choice for high speed and high resolution in a new article from Canon about the 1DX (perhaps only half right from my own POV)
29th Canon’s financial figures [via TDP]

These are not the problems you’re looking for, move along now…

28th Today’s patent is for a Canon ring flash design [EG – Goog xlt]
27th Interesting domed (i.e. not flat) aperture iris patent from Canon (see Lens rumours)
21st Yes Bob, it’s actually all about “…ergonomics, menu system and skin tones”.
Scott Kelby explains why Canon now seems so good ;-) I very much agree with Craig at CR that it seems an odd set of reasons to change

I’ve used Canon kit for years – when I went digital the 1Ds was the only full frame option. The one lens that keeps me with Canon, and avoids any thoughts of experimenting with a D800 is my TS-E17mm (the EF8-15, EF14, TS-E24 and MP-E65 all back this up) Obviously YMMV, but ‘menu system’ ???
I’m reminded of Nikon’s UK ‘switch program a few years ago (just before the D3X) where they ended up with a lot of white lenses and cameras. AFAIK the bodies were sold on, but any white lenses were crushed for scrap.
I was approached to see if I was interested, but unfortunately the big crash scuppered the scheme before I could be tempted ;-)

17th A strong suggestion at CR that the upcoming camera from Canon will be a low end DSLR – a possible replacement for the (Feb. 2011 Digic 4 powered) 1100D? The timeline below shows that both the 1000D and 1100D have not had the quick turnover of the XXXD range. The 1100D is currently going for £209 in the UK (inc 20% VAT)

Also suggested are two more DSLRs this year, one of which would be the 7D2 – no info on the other.

I note that the 700D is now a year old and that not since the 400D has the ‘Rebel’ line not had an annual update. It could be said thought that changes in the last few cameras 600/650/700 have all been pretty minimal.
No 750D for a while would keep some space between it and the 70D
Given we were told that there ‘were no plans to update the 1100D’ will this be an entirely new model? 
Could this be the end of the optical viewfinder?

15th What might we see for CP+? There is a suggestion that it won’t be a 7D2, but smaller cameras [CR]
A ‘rebel’ 750D and maybe an update (150D/SL2) to the 100D (SL1) – both were announced in March 2013.

Moving both away from the 18MP APS-C sensor would leave the 7D standing out on its own, and we have heard that supplies of the 7D are low in parts of Europe.
Also a firmware update to the 700D (bug fix) has just appeared.
The CR story mentions a “not professional” camera – how about a Canon G2X/G1 X Mk2 [see mirrorless page]

11th It was an iteresting idea but… It looks as if Ricoh have stopped selling the GXR modular system [AP]
We’ve also had a suggestion that CP+ and the Olympics will see the announcement of several products, including a 7D replacement.
10th Canon have had enough of making cameras overseas…

(Reuters) – Canon Inc is shifting capacity back to Japan in an apparent vindication of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s yen-weakening policies, which have made it more profitable for some Japanese manufacturers to produce and export from home.

A guide to the new 1D X firmware is available [CPN]
9th Suggestions that “…An array of lenses and 3 prosumer/professional DSLR’s are coming in 2014. Along with a host of Cinema EOS products in April.” [CR]

So, what shall we have? A 7D2 and something for those like me who don’t find the 1D X a big advance over the 1Ds 3 ;-)
Time to cast your eyes over the Canon timeline?

If you were looking for that Canon announcement for today, it seems that it was just a few consumer printers…
New 1D X firmware (v2.0.3) is released. Quite a few useful enhancements to settings – full info on 1D X page

8th If you’re after a bit more informed prediction and analysis of the camera market, have a read of some of Thom Hogan’s thoughts [TH] …somewhat more reliable (IMHO) than many of the discussions you’ll see in forums.

As an ex human factors and usability researcher myself, I can but wholeheartedly agree with his comment that:

“Unfortunately users are the worst product designers in the world, so following customer’s publicly stated desires often leads you places that are tough to get out of.”

I agree that Canon are playing a long game and resisting the Sony “anything we can think of” approach. We’ve had plenty of info sent in suggesting that it is indeed going to bring out some impressive cameras and lenses this year, as yet, details are thin :-(
7th Nikon does indeed trail a D4S announcement, in what deserves credit as one of the most vapid and information free press releases I’ve seen for a while [see Nikon D5 page]
6th Canon announce some compact cameras/camcorders at CES [Adorama link]. It’s good to see that their definition of ‘wide angle’ seems to be moving down from ~28mm (equiv) to a more reasonable ~24mm. One camera even has two sensors, so as to record your expression when using it, leading to the suitably saccharine.

“The PowerShot N100 records your expression as you shoot, either as a movie or still image, and combines it with the scene you’ve captured – ideal for when your reaction is just as important as the moment itself, such as watching a child’s first steps.” 

…of course if it had a proper viewfinder, all it would get is your nose :-)

There are suggestions that the follow-up (D4s or D5?) to the Nikon D4 will be ‘pre-annouced’ at CES this week [see Nikon D5 page]

Such marketing events tend to be aimed as much at spiking competitors news as much as they are for actual product news. If it’s true, since CES is not the place you’d expect flagship ‘pro’ camera announcements, then you wonder what and who it is directed at? A ‘souped up’ D4 would likely be widely seen at the upcoming Winter Olympics.
There will likely be a D3300 from Nikon and some lenses this week.

4th No sign of anything but ‘consumer’ related announcements in the forthcoming week, from Canon.
I’ve just taken advantage of a very good deal (and the Canon UK cashback) to get an EOS 100D body.

Some may wonder why this and not a 70D or even 7D? Well, it’s got a perfectly fine 18MP sensor and is small. I wanted a crop sensor camera, with ‘modern’ features (auto ISO and something called ‘video’), partly for some upcoming reviews and partly as a camera for Karen (my wife and fellow director at Northlight ;-) who finds my 1Ds3 + 24-70 rather too vast…
There now comes the tricky issue of lens choices, since 18mm (as in 18-55) is way too long for my liking. I’ve also realised the rather limited choice of good lenses for EF-S, although it works just fine with my EF14 2.8L II, even if the lens weighs three times what the camera does. I’ll be writing up some of my thoughts…

EF14 2.8L II lens mounted on Canon eo 100D

3rd It seems that Canon has announcements on the 9th of January. It’s just in Hong Kong (at the moment) so how about a new EOS-M and some lenses?, or just a few compacts…
Could be anything at the moment [CW]
Expect numerous announcements next week from different manufacturers.
2nd Happy New Year to all our visitors!
No new rumours, but I have just finished a review of the NEC SVR272 27″ monitor – a great monitor if you need accurate colour, or have plenty of spare cash burning a hole in you pocket ;-)

2013 December

30th Only Canon/Nikon/Sony to survive the next few years as camera makers?
An [NYT] article [via Reuters] retreads this currently popular path and includes some comments from a Credit Suisse analyst suggesting dire times ahead for the camera industry ‘also-rans’.

I’m minded to note that one of such analyst’s jobs is to produce stuff that gets picked up by the media, that and to sell large (expensive) reports. The article contains nothing much new, but has already stirred up some of the forums devoted to assorted mirrorless brands ;-) 
If you want a more balanced view of the markets, keep an eye on Thom Hogan’s site [ByT]

Meanwhile it seems that Samsung’s current model counter is about to click over from NX20 to NX30 (still 20MP APS-C, better ISO, better video)

26th Whilst noting 7D stocks low in some countries, I also see that UK prices have dropped a bit on many cameras since the chart I published last week below [see EOS 7D mk2 page]
There are more indications of a Nikon flagship announcement [D5 page] – what’s to come from Canon?
25th Christmas greetings (or whatever your designated midwinter holiday is) to all our visitors :-)

Thanks to everyone throughout the year who’s sent in information and comments. Please do feel free to write in (we never divulge sources) or if you’ve suggestions for articles/reviews, just let me know – Keith

Toshiba pixel design24th Another sensor patent from Toshiba has R+B and G pixels.
The R+B pixels alloww for greater colour separation (always an issue with stacked R+G+B foveon type designs) [EG – Goog xlt]
If you look at examples from earlier this year [July], you can see other Toshiba patents, looking at alternatives to the standard Bayer approach.
All companies are looking at this [Canon from May]
So, who’s going to be first with a major non-bayer announcement?
22nd Looking at the chart below, I was truck by just how much the 1100D extended the price range of Canon DSLRs downwards – did people still want this 12.1MP camera?
Well, yes they do…
There is some interesting info about which cameras are ‘most wanted’, in’s DSLR ‘wishlist’ data
Number one in all DSLRs is the T3i (600D) and number two the T3 (1100D).
The 100D is at 4 and the 5D3 at 6 (the first non CaNikon DSLR is the Sony A3000 at #27)
The 600D also tops the ‘all camera’ wish list.
21st How about a new high end camera with a hybrid viewfinder? EVF for video and optical for stills [CW]

For myself, I’ve no difficulty with a sufficiently good EVF for my static work (such as architecture) where having a zoomable liveview, visible in daylight, that didn’t require me to use my glasses would be useful. The optical side, if this was at ‘1 series’ level, needs to be at least as good as the 1D X, and accept interchangeable focus screens if it’s not to be viewed with some scepticism. 
I’m not sure whether Canon would introduce such a change at ‘flagship’ level or more at the 7D mk2 level (the 7D was the debut for several technologies).

20th After being told that the 1100D would continue ‘for some time’ before fading away [1200D page], I looked at today’s UK DSLR body prices for Canon.

UK Canon DSLR prices dec 2013

The 1100D body only price is down to ~£220 in the UK, and I’m minded to think that Canon is quite happy to have this DSLR at this price point until the 100D is replaced and the 100D can be slid downwards.
19th There’s been bit of a flurry of info [thanks] about potential new cameras next year (as well as the expected 100D and 700D updates). A high MP camera is expected for Photokina (1Dxs page) and the on/off/on 7D2 makes a reappearance at CR
18th A Canon patent for a motorised quick return mirror for small DSLRs [EG – Goog xlt]
Related to the mechanism of the 100D?

12th New version of DPP adds Digital Lens Optimizer applicable lenses (see Canon s/w page).
Reports of a European dealer now listing the 7D as ‘no longer manufactured’.
11th Firmware update for the 7D 2.0.5 [Canon]
Fixes a phenomenon in which the image files cannot be transferred using the FTP protocol via USB cable after the Canon EOS 7D camera has established a wireless connection to the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E5A.
10th More about ‘non-bayer’ sensors on their way from Sony, but not till 2015 [SAR]
Whether a camera is launched in 2015 or 2016 seemingly depends on the competition. Give that Nikon use Sony sensors, I suppose that means Canon…
I’ve still seen no better translations of the Canon interview notes yesterday (on mirrorless page)

5th I’ve got all my new Canon kit from Park Cameras in the UK for several years and wanted to wish them luck with their announcement of a new camera store in central London, just off Oxford St. It’s good to see a ‘real’ camera store after the demise of Jessops and Jacobs, I hope it works for them.

Security warning – fraud attempt using my name – Several people I know have received fraudulent emails in my name saying that I’m stuck in the Philippines and need money. I’m in Leicester, UK at home. I’ve just made a cup of coffee and played my piano for a bit…

2013 December 2nd It’s worth noting that Sony seem to have developed a 54MP full frame sensor – looks as if yeilds are still too low to see it for a while, but it would make for an interesting D800 followup or D4x [SAR]

The last week has hardly made anything much clearer from my own POV – even long standing sources disagree. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such directly conflicting information. If I give -some- credence to both versions, it could well reflect differences in timing. As one of the many 1Ds3 users who didn’t consider the 1D X more than a full frame 1D mk4, I know I’d -like- to see a ‘studio’* camera (my 1Ds3 is exactly six years old this week), but I’m not expecting anything soon.

Go on Canon, make a camera I -want- to buy for my work ;-)

*’studio’ for me includes building sites, foundries and other unpleasant environments where I want a suitably hefty 1-series type camera

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