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Canon EF Lenses – rumours and news

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New Lenses and Canon EF Lenses

Rumours and News about Canon Lenses and other lens info

For several years I’ve been collecting information and links for Canon’s new EF lenses and rumours about even newer ones. I’ve also written numerous articles and reviews covering lenses and photography related issues.

Previous year’s rumours:
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Over the years I’ve received all kinds of lens rumour info – some more believable/risible than others. Please do use your own judgement when reading the stuff here, and remember that what I’ve collected here is for entertainment as much as anything else. Oh, and that 42mm f1.0 lens that you can see at the right is a fake…

Lens chronology, filter sizes and date codes articles are on our site.

Canon EF Lens chronology 1987-  | Canon Lens Date codes | Filter sizes – EF lenses

EF42mm F1L

New lenses – facts, rumours and speculation

2017 January

24th An interesting selection of points sent to us (thanks) from a source in the Far East, said to be from part of a Canon PP presentation

  • EF lens mount 3oth anniversary – over 120 million lenses
  • Not all done – new challenges!
  • Smarter lenses work with still and video cameras
  • Premium lenses to support 100+MP sensors and beyond
  • Current premium lenses still have too much hand assembly and testing
  • Canon developed optical and mechanical design software
  • Developments in new glass manufacturing to reduce lead time and supply constraints

Not sure it actually says much new, but I’ve asked for some pictures…

21st In the GFX release info there were some interesting accessories listed. What caught my attention was the adapter for view cameras.

View Camera Adapter G – allows the GFX 50S to be used as a digital back. The view camera adapter allows the GFX 50S to be mounted to the standard universal-type back of a view camera. This allows the use of FUJINON large format camera lenses, such as the CM-W FUJINON lens series. The camera or lens shutter can be triggered, allowing the user to choose the optimum method. The large image circle and the bellows of the view camera can be used with tilt, shift and swing movements, effective for product and architectural photography.
*There may be instances in which the adapter cannot be mounted depending on the shape of the view camera.

Here’s my version – a $15 Canon view camera adapter

canon view camera adapter

What Canon Lenses to expect this year? At the moment, I’ve not seen (nor been sent) anything that fall into the ‘imminent’ (and therefore much more believable) category.
Current suggestions:

  • A ‘Different’ type of 135mm [CR] This could of course be related to Canon’s 135mm lens patent from December [now on the 2016 lens info archive page]
  • A small (EF-S?) prime [CR]
  • Yet another version of the EF-S18-55mm is always a possibility with the 750D/760D replacements.

9th A new EF 135/2 L IS is suggested for later this year [CR] – after any EF 85/1.4 L IS

A detailed Canon patent [USPTO] describes a tilt/shift lens adapter, such as for EF to EF-M mount, where the difference in flange distance allows for the mechanism to add tilt and shift ability.

adapter construction

It’s interesting to note that this is a ‘smart’ tilt/shift mechanism which reports the settings back to the camera.
As such it could find use in a normal TS-E lens, allowing (finally) for tilt and shift info to be stored in EXIF data.

tilt shift adapter electronics

The block diagram suggests that the movements could be under camera control
Knowing the image circle size of the lens and the sensor size allows the camera to work out just how much shift is available (and display this on the camera in various ways).

match image circle to sensor

Here’s the adapter showing lens tilt

tilted lens example

…and here it is showing lens shift.

shifted lens example

An interesting patent, not only for use with an adapter (and any size sensor), but also allowing for a considerable jump in TS-E lens complexity (AF for example).

BTW If you are not familiar with T/S lenses, I’ve written quite a few articles – just look for ’tilt/shift’ in the article categories list at the right.

7th A suggestion that Sigma will shortly bring out a 24-70mm f/2.8 OS Art lens [CR]

More lens use related articles

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