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Archive page of lens news and rumours from 2013

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Archive page of lens news and rumours from 2013

Rumours and News about Canon Lenses

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New lenses? Facts & Rumours – from 2013

2013 December

29th More lens patents from Canon [EG-xlt] 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 , 18-200 mm F3.5-6.3 , 16-120 mm F3.5-5.6
The designs look to have a short backfocus distance appropriate to the EF-M specifications.
27th The 400/5.6L (from 1993) is currently difficult to source in some areas and we’ve had suggestions that it is due for a 400/5.6 L IS makeover. It’s currently listed in the UK around £1100 (inc 20% Vat).

The Samyang/Rokinon 14mm lens I recently reviewed is currently available at B&H for $299

20th Not enough Canon 24-70mm lens options for you?
More on the way? (inc. 2.8L IS) [CR]
A super (100x) zoom patent from Canon for a Powershot [EG-xlt]

No, I don’t think we’ll see an EF16-1600 any time soon…

16th I’ve just finished a long review of the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens

Could be an absolute bargain at ~£300, if it’s foibles don’t matter to you…

15th Two lenses suggested for CP+ at CR

There are plenty to choose from and Canon have hinted at the ‘year of the lens’ in a recent interview. There is an ongoing update program for the non-L primes, several ‘L’ lenses are quite old, and there is still the so-so TS-E45 and quite good optically, but could do better in design TS-E90. Oh, and there are the perrenially ‘real soon now’ lenses, the 35/1.4L II and 100-400…

13th How about a 40mm f/0.85 for your EOS-M? Coming early next year for $2000 [Handevision]
Sample images via link.
40mm f/0.85 lens
10th Expected ever since the Sept 2008 announcement of the EF24 1.4L II, the 35 1.4L II is suggested as ‘for real’ next year [CR]
9th More Canon hints about lenses in an interview [see mirrorless page] – ‘2014 for lenses’
8th Samyang have announced availability of their 10/2.8 lens (crop sensor)
Given the quality of the Samyang 14/2.8 I’ve been testing of late, I expect it to do well. RRP in January is a just over £400.
samyang 10mm f2.8samyang 10/2.8 internal

samyang 10/2.8 specs
6th Not happy with the Canon 200-400 with built in 1.4x TC?
A Canon patent shows several more examples, such as a 300-600 and 600/4 [EG-xlt]
Mainly concerns how inbuilt TC allows for much more optimisation of the TC for the lens.

Does this mean inbuilt x1.4 TCs for new versions of long white lenses?

2nd A Tamron patent for a 10mm f/1.8 and f/2.8 fisheye (APS-C 180 degree diagonal) [EG-xlt]
tamron 10mm fish eye lens optics


27th The $4000 Zeiss 55/1.4 gets praise at DxOMark
Suggestions of more non-L IS primes for next year [CR] the 50/1.8 (1990) and 85/1.8 (1992)
A look at the lens chronology table on shows several lenses from the 90’s that may be up for replacement, including the 135/2L, 50/1.4, 180/3.5L not mention the 1991 TS-E45

Remember too that this year has seen just one EF lens launched, and that was the 200-400, which we’ve been waiting for so long that it almost doesn’t count.

25th I’ve posted more test shots with the Samyang 14mm/2.8 on my G+ page
Mostly at f/11, all focused using just the distance marks or at infinity.
22nd After being asked whether a Canon EF-S18-55 lens was any good, I realised just how easy it was to get all the different versions mixed up. There are currently 8 versions in circulation (9 if you include the recent ‘white’ version of the STM)
I’ve put together a short guide to EF-S18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens versions on (still a work in progress – more info to come)
The replacement for the 100-400, has been rumoured for many years now. Indeed, a set of lens rumours without a mention of the 100-400 is uncommon…
The latest is that it will appear at the Sochi olympics, maybe with an announcement first, maybe not [CR]
18th Thanks for all the lens update snippets we’ve been sent – the word seems to being put about that it’s lenses for next year. I note similar info at CR, with a range of lenses.
The only specific info we’ve seen, related to replacements and updates for tilt shift lenses (45mm and 90mm), stating that they were being delayed ‘for a new camera’ and that there was another ‘special’ lens with movements that would be announced at the same time.
This was supposedly the lens that, we were told some time ago, would be in the same ‘because we can’ category as the EF8-15 and the unique MP-E65

Whilst I’ve noted that lens info does leak out over the years, I look at lenses such as the 100-400 and 35/1.4 (or even a response to Nikon’s 14-24) and see that they’ve appeared in ‘rumours’ long enough that it would not be uncharitable to say that they were ‘bound to turn up eventually’ ;-)

Just a note that the Samyang (Rokinon)14mm, I’ve been testing, is currently available for $299 at B&H
See the G+ links below for more sample images and discussion about how it performs.
13th Quite a price drop in the US – Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II at B&H Photo $1899
11th Suggestions at CR that there will be more lenses from Canon in 2014. This has been a quiet year for lenses, so not an unreasonable assumption…
8th More sample shots with the Samyang 14mmon my G+ page
7th The rumoured long lens (150-600mm f/5 to f/6.3 with stabilisation) from Tamron is in development [DPR]

I’ve a few test shots with the Samyang 14mm Very sharp, virtually no CA, but a complex distortion that makes it problematic for architecture/interiors without some hefty software correction.

6th I’ve been sent a Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens to try out. It may be fully manual compared to my EF14 2.8L II, but it’s ~£300 compared to ~£1900 ;-)

Samyang 14/2.8 canon EF mount


31st It seems that we are starting to see a bit of a resurgence in the third party lens market.
Something new and “serious” from Tamron [PR]
Big lenses from Sigma for next year (300/2.8 400/2.8) [CR]
The Sigma 24-105 f/4 DG OS should ship in early November ($899 at B&H)
Canon is to start selling the 5D3 + 24-70/4L IS kit in the US from next month.
25th More patents from Canon [EG-xlt]
35mm F1.4 , 50mm F1.4 , 50mm F1.8 (Macro APS-C) – looks like EOS-M lens designs
Another patent adds an accessory shoe to a mount adapter. Example include a flash mount and external grip
22nd I’ve just finished a longish review of the Samyang 24mm tilt/shift lens
Concentrates on what the lens does (and why) more than a detailed numerical analysis of performance.

21st A patent from Canon’s ‘because we can’ department [EG-xlt]
12mm f/1.2 – or 6.7mm f/1.4 – or 3.6mm f/1.2
Note that these are for smaller sensors! We are not going to see an EF12mm f1.2L…
It uses what looks like a fibre optic plate to get round the curvature of the focal plane.

ultra wide angle lenses from Canon patent

16th Sigma continue their assault on the higher quality end of the lens market with a new 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM zoom lens
13th We’ve been hearing of a replacement for the (1998) 35/1.4L ever since the 24/1.4 L II came out in 2008.
Well, some new patents from Canon suggest it’s still in their thoughts. [EG-xlt]
I note that the patent also includes 14/2.8 and 24/2.8 examples
For those prone to spending too much time reading lens reviews and poring over tables an graphs pf measurements, there is a good article [PP] about lens testing and why you you ttake some time to understand what they do and don’t say about using the lens to actually take photos.
12th I hear that my experiences of the reliability of the 17 and 24mm Canon lenses doesn’t relate to their fragility in ‘hire’ situations.
I’m just back from a two day (outdoor) job, using both, and I still regard them as superb and solidly built lenses.
I guess it says something about the differences between how I handle over £3000 worth of lenses compared to rather too many people who hire them?
So, if you treat them well – no problems whatsoever IMHO
If you treat them like a rental car then… ;-)
I’d note that the Samyang 24mm I’ve been testing, is lighter, with plastic parts where the Canon has metal. I guess that rules it out of the rental market or if you are particularly rough with your kit.
Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens in box10th Suggestions [CR] that there will be a new ‘L’ 45mm TS-E lens and that the 90 will become a 135mm tilt/shift.
There is also mention of a redesigned shift movement that will be ‘more reliable’

I find this odd, since I use the TS-E 17 and 24 regularly and find them remarkably robust and well built.

In fact I use them several times a week and feel you’d have to be more than a tad ham fisted to break them (dropping excluded ;-)

I also find 135mm a bit long too., but a good macro lens with movements would get my cash

What the lenses could really benefit from is more tilt than 8 degrees and encoders to include tlt and shift data in EXIF data.

I’m off for a while, but hope to have a detailed review of the Samyang 24mm T/S in a week or two.

9th Ever felt a need for the ultimate in lens quality at that ever popular 55mm focal length?
Well Zeiss have a 55/1.4 manual focus lens for you at ~£4000
A suitably effusive review already at B&H [aff. link]

This is sure to become a ‘must have’ lens for the ‘perfectionists.’ I note with interest Thom Hogan’s comments [TH]

However I often wonder about the relevance of such primes for the vast majority of photographers – including those minded to buy one ;-)

See ‘3rd party primes – are they worth it‘ that I wrote a while ago. My opinions have not changed much, either of the genuine usefulness for some (the Samuang 24TS lens for example) or of the nonsense some people come up with to justify their expense ;-)

6th A new 50/1.8 IS for next year? Part of the new 24,28 and 35mm IS lens range? [CR]
1st I often get asked why bother with expensive shift lenses, when software can work so well. I’ve put together some examples showing why they are important in my own work.
Why I make use of shift lenses


30th I’ve some more Samyang 24mm Tilt and distortion at full shift examples on G+ [#1#2]
A Canon patent for an EF-S18-300 appears [EG-xlt]. Give the less than rave reviews of the 18-200, it may well appear in time for the 750D
There are a whole load of Canon mail-in lens rebates in the US, running until early next year
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II ($300) B&H Photo | Amazon 
Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8L II ($200) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 24 f/1.4L II ($200) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 35 f/1.4L ($150) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 50 f/1.2L ($180) B&H Photo | Amazon 
Canon EF 85 f/1.2L II ($200) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II ($300) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS ($200) B&H Photo | Amazon
Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS ($200) B&H Photo | Amazon

29th Two more sample images from using the Samyang 24mm on my G+ page [#1#2]

28th A new lens to test… Samyang 24mm tilt/shift lens 3.5/T-S24mm.
I’ve been sent this tilt/shift lens for a review, which hopefully I’ll have written in a few weeks.
It’s a completely manual lens, so no electronic connection with the camera at all. Not too much of a problem since I use the Canon 24mm and 17mm shift lenses a fair bit.
First quick tests suggest that at full shift, it’s a tad sharper in the very far corners than my more expensive Canon TS-E24 mk2 lens.
However distortion and vignetting are more noticeable in the new lens, and anywhere away from the far corners, the Canon pips it in contrast and fine detail.
I’ll not be writing a detailed technical review of the lens, but much more aimed at how to use it and to get the best from it – please do mail me if you’ve any specific questions?

Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens

25th Canon technical report on 200-400
24th Tokina announce a forthcoming 16-28mm T3.0 Cinema lens for EF and PL Mounts [PB] The PL mount version of the lens should ship in September and EF-mount option in November.
20th An f/2.8 image stabilised EF24-70 has occured in rumours (and patents) over the years, and indeed I part expected the latest 24-70 2.8 to have IS when it appeared. Now there is a patent for one from Canon
[EG-xlt] This version is a different design, not requiring the rather large front element of the previous 2008 design [EG-xlt] (~105mm filters anyone?)
9th Possible Sigma 24-105 f4 OS mentioned [CR]
A longer list of the rumoured Sigma announcements for 2014 [PR]
6th A Nikon patent for a medium format lens is spotted (100/2.5) – info on the medium format page.
Nikon have said that they wanted to move ‘up market’ although MF is hardly likely to give much of a ROI
4th A new cine lens: 35mm
Canon Expands Its Cinema Prime Lens Family to Six Models with the Introduction of the New CN-E35mm T1.5 L F for Single-Sensor 35mm Cameras
Designed for Film-Style Operation, the Canon Cinema Prime Lenses Deliver Exceptional 4K / 2K / HD Imaging Performance and a Broad Range of Focal Lengths
MELVILLE, N.Y., September 4, 2013 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced today the new CN-E35mm T1.5 L F single-focal-length Cinema prime lens designed for large-format single-sensor digital cinematography cameras employing Super 35mm or full-frame 35mm imagers. Delivering outstanding optical performance in contemporary 4K / 2K / HD motion imaging, the new Canon CN-E35mm T1.5 L F prime lens is the sixth member of Canon’s line of compact, precision-matched EF-mount Cinema prime lenses, which also includes 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm EF-mount models.
Pricing and Availability
The Canon CN-E35mm T1.5 L F Cinema prime lens is expected to be available in December 2013 for an estimated retail price of $5,200
3rd A new version of the 800/5.6 IS on its way? [CR]

2nd Suggestions of a new 10mm lens from Samyang [FR]

Specification 1:2.8 10mm ED AS UMC CS
Aperture Range F2.8 ~ 22
Optical Construction 14 Element in 10 Groups (2 ASPHERICAL LENS)
Angle of View 109.5˚(APS-C)
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.25m (0.82ft)
Filter Size NONE
Length 76.7 ~ 105.5 mm
Maximum Diameter Ф86mm
Weight 710 ~ 740g
Mount Canon EOS, Canon M, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Sony-E, FUJIFILM X, Samsung NX, Four-thirds, Micro Four-thrids
Lens Coating Multi-coating

Since the angle is listed for APS-C, I’m assuming that this is for crop sensors only.
The EF14 2.8L II has a 110 degree width on full frame, so 10mm on a crop sensor would be similar


27th How much better is the the new STM version of the EF-S 55-250mm lens than the 2011 Mk2 version?
Move your mouse over the image below to see the MTF charts and internal design of the new lens.
lens specs comparison for the new 55-250 stm lens
26th Suggestions of a new 300 f/2.8, 400 f/2.8, 500 f/4, and 600 f/4 from Sigma next year [CR]

22nd The new lens…
United Kingdom, Republic Of Ireland, 22 August 2013 – Canon today unveils the latest addition to its leading EF lens range – the new EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. Designed to be compact, lightweight and versatile, the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM provides an incredibly flexible 55–250mm focal range that’s the perfect companion for photographers that want to get closer to their favourite subjects. The new model is the first EF-S telephoto zoom lens to feature Canon’s advanced STM technology, alongside a 3.5-stop optical Image Stabilizer, providing outstanding stills and movie quality throughout the entire zoom range.
Superior image quality, near and far
The EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM is the ideal lens for photographers looking to extend the reach of their current kit.  The additional zoom range it offers allows users to shoot a range of scenes and subject types, from beautiful portraits at 55mm, to distant wildlife at 250mm, with a single compact lens.
Canon’s advanced STM technology ensures the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM provides high-performance autofocus (AF) when capturing stills, and smooth, near-silent AF in movies with compatible cameras. Offering fluid continuous focus tracking when shooting movies of moving subjects, STM also provides clean and natural focus transitions when focus shifts from one subject to another. Audio on movie footage can also be accurately captured, without the intrusion or distraction of focusing noise from the lens, thanks to the near-silent STM mechanism.
World class optical technologies and professional design
The EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM incorporates a new design, featuring Canon’s industry-leading optical Image Stabilizer technology. The 3.5-stop advantage over non-IS models helps protect against the effects of camera shake – which are more exaggerated when shooting handheld with a telephoto zoom lens – making it easier for photographers to capture crisp and striking images in all conditions.
The lens’ new optical design includes 15 elements arranged in 12 groups, with an improved focusing distance of just 0.85m throughout its zoom range. An Electro Magnetic Diaphragm (EMD) with a circular aperture gives photographers fine control over aperture and smooth, blurred backgrounds, while an Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) lens tackles chromatic aberration, ensuring images are as sharp and clear as they appear to the human eye. Canon’s optimised Super Spectra Coating also minimises internal reflections, as well as ghosting and flare.
The redesigned lens now incorporates a non-rotating front element, ensuring a consistent effect when a filter is attached to the front of the lens. Weighing just 375g  the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS is incredibly compact and lightweight – making it easy to carry around whilst on holiday or at family events.
55-350mm IS STM lens

Pricing and availability
The Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM will be available in the UK and Ireland from late September 2013 with an SRP of £349.99 / €419.99

In the US, only $349 – preorder at B&H or Adorama

21st Seems that a new version of the EF-S 55-250 f/3.5-5.6 IS with STM is due tomorrow?
20th Detailed review of the 200-400 [CSR]
19th Canon has a series of articles about the 200-400 lens at CPN
16th It’s thought [CR] that we might see a 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens from Sigma before too long.
8th It”s been a while since we’ve heard about updates to the T/S lens range. There is a suggestion [CR] that we’ll see a focal length longer than 90mm (and ‘L’ too)

A few more degrees of tilt wouldn’t go amiss either. I use the 90 quite a bit for product work, and wrote up some TS-E90 notes a few years ago.

There is some new US patent info (FPO – PDF) which covers several versions of a 24-70, with and without IS
7th The 100-400 is going to be replaced (nothing new there) but it depends on production issues and running down existing 100-400 production…
Don’t expect an announcement this year though [CR]

1st Sigma introduce a selective mount change service and extended warranty:
“RONKONKOMA, N.Y., – Aug. 1, 2013 – Sigma Corporation of America, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider of some of the world’s most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, today announced a revolutionary new, fee-based service that will enable the company’s Global Vision lens owners to change their lens mounts for use on different camera systems.
Starting Sept. 2, Global Vision lens owners can request the Mount Conversion Service to convert their current Sport, Contemporary or Art DSLR lenses to their choice of a Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Nikon or Canon mount. Global Vision category lenses for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILCs) can be updated to either a micro four thirds (MFT) or Sony E- mount.
In addition to the announcement of the industry’s first Mount Conversion Service, Sigma is also extending the warranty on all of its products – including cameras, lenses and flashes purchased on or after July 1, 2013 – to four years. Previously, warranties varied by product. This enhanced product protection provides Sigma’s customers with more consistency and improved service.
“Professionals and amateurs alike are taking advantage of the many affordable camera options in today’s market; they’re updating their camera bags and exploring new systems and brands,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America. “When photographers purchase a lens, it’s often a significant, financial and artistic commitment – and we believe that investment should last a lifetime. Our new Mount Conversion Service and extended warranty are intended to help Sigma users get more enjoyment from our products, regardless of how their approach to photography changes overtime.”
The Mount Conversion Service is limited to all of Sigma’s Global Vision lenses. Current, applicable full-frame lenses include the 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS Sport and 35mm F1.4 DG Art; APS-C crop sensor lenses include the 30mm F1.4 DC HSM Art, 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC OS Macro Contemporary and 18-35mm F1.8 DC Art; and MILC lenses include the 19mm F2.8 DN Art, 30mm F2.8 DN Art and 60mm F2.8 DN Art. Lenses can be converted to any mount of a photographer’s choosing, as long as Sigma has released that product in the requested mount.
Cost of the conversion will range between $80 to $250, plus shipping costs, depending on the focal length of the lens. All lenses will be shipped to Sigma’s US subsidiary in New York, and updated, calibrated and optimized for the new camera system at Sigma’s factory in Aizu, Japan. All lenses that undergo the Mount Conversion Service will be covered under warranty for six months following the update. Teleconverters, USB Docks and other accessories are not eligible for the service.
To request the Mount Conversion Service, please visit your local Sigma subsidiary”


30th It seems that Sigma are going to announce a mount conversion service, where you can send your lens in and have the mount changed. [PR]

Sounds a bit like the old Adaptall type mount adapter? OK that was a Tamron product, I’ve several in our ‘junk’ drawers ;-) 

Suggestions of a 24-70 f/2 lens from Sigma – not till Photokina 2014 though [CR]
24th A new 50/1.8 IS patent [EG-xlt]
15th A flurry of suggested example pancake lens designs accompany a new Canon patent [EG-xlt]

assorted 'pancake' prime lenses

11th We’re told (thanks) that replacements/updates for the TS-E90mm and 45mm are not shipping until next year, even if included in any Autumn announcements. We’re told that there -will- be more EF lenses announced this year, even though much of Canon’s design activity has been around filling out their line of Cine lenses.
For some reason, Canon in the US say that the EF-M 11-22 will not be marketed in the US [Canon US forum]


24th It’s been at least 5 years since we first heard that the 35/1.4L was due for replacement – it’s reappeared in rumours, potentially for this year or 2014 [CR]
19th New lenses on their way? Suggestions of the long expected answer to Nikon’s 14-24 2.8L and a possible replacement for the 16-35 2.8L II and 17-40 f/4L – possibly a 16-50 f4L IS ? [CR]
13th That stalwart of lens rumours, the 100-400 appears in a new Canon patent [EG-xlt]

Yes, we will see a replacement one day… just not sure when.

There are also suggestions that the 70-200 2.8L (non IS) has been discontinued, yet it seems that other parts of Canon are supplying refurbished ones.
I note that my 2003 vintage 24-70 2.8L was replaced with a brand new one when repaired some time before the new 24-70 appeared.
10th Some new Canon lens patents [EG-xlt] 85mm F1.2 , 85mm F1.8 , 135mm F2 , 50mm F1.4
The essence of the patent is the use of glass with anomalous dispersion.

I note we’ve had a dearth of new EF lenses announced so far this year (the 200-400 does not count ;-)

6th EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM announced:
United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 6 June 2013 – Canon today expands its range of EF-M lenses with the introduction of the new EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. Designed for Canon’s Compact System Camera, the EOS M, this is Canon’s first ultra wide-angle EF lens to feature an Optical Image Stabilizer. Offering a versatile wide-angle zoom range, first-class optical performance, and a new retractable design, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM is the perfect addition for EOS M users who wish to capture their passion for landscapes and architecture.

Shoot the city, shoot the world

Designed to expand the range of creative possibilities and shooting subjects, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM has an 11-22mm focal range which provides an incredibly wide field of view. This allows users to capture the environment around them whilst remaining close to the subject – ideal for adding drama and atmosphere to each shot.

Class-leading optics deliver incredible results

Engineered using the latest optical technologies, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM enables users to capture images with incredible levels of detail and quality. Manufactured using Canon’s professional quality standards, the lens uses Super Spectra Coatings designed to minimise ghosting and flare, providing beautiful results with every shot. Images are crisp and clear thanks to Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer, which works to keep image blur to a minimum by correcting camera shake. A 3-stop shutter speed advantage ensures high quality stills, even when light levels start to fade.
Shooting smooth Full HD movies is easy using the advanced Dynamic IS mode which combats more exaggerated forms of camera shake that occur when shooting video on the move. Canon’s near-silent STM technology also ensures focus noise is supressed during movie capture, so the audience can enjoy crystal clear sound to match the visual quality of the footage captured.

Designed for performance and style

Incredibly compact and lightweight, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM has been designed to fit easily into the smallest of spaces so it can be carried everywhere. A new retractable lens design – a first for the EF lens range – locked in place by a switch, allows users to retract the lens back into the barrel when not in use. This keeps the body slim and compact, reducing the lens length by 13mm. An integrated full time manual focus ring also provides the freedom to make precise adjustments to focus as needed.
Designed to complement the EOS M’s chic styling, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM features a graphite silver, metal exterior, while the knurled focus and zoom rings are comfortable in the hand and provide easy operation.

EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM – key features:
Ultra-wide 11-22mm EF-M zoom lens
Compact, retractable lens design
Smooth, quiet STM focusing in movies
Dynamic IS for steady movies
3-stop optical Image Stabilizer
High image quality
0.15m minimum focusing distance
Manual focus ring

Pricing and availability:
The EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM will be available from July with an RRP price of £379.99 / €449.99.
Lens specs


Image size APS-C
35mm film equivalent focal length (mm) 18-35
Angle of view (horzntl, vertl, diagnl) 91°50′–54°30,
Lens construction (elements/groups) 12/9
No. of diaphragm blades 7
Minimum aperture 22 – 32¹
Closest focussing distance (m) 0.15
Maximum magnification (x) 0.30 (at 22mm)
Distance Information Provided
Image stabilizer 3-stops
AF actuator STM

Physical info

Filter diameter (mm) 55
Max. diameter x length (mm) 60.9 x 58.2¹
Weight (g) 220


Lens Cap E-55
Lens hood EW-60E
Lens case/pouch LP814
Extender Compatiblity NC


Minimum aperture ¹ Minimum aperture if using 1/3stop increments
Max. diameter x length (mm) ¹ Lens dimensions when in retracted state

3rd Is there a new lens on the way for the EF-M range (I use the term range loosely ;-)
EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM [DCI Google xlt]
1st New 70-200 f4 patent from Canon [EG-xlt]


31st The 200-400 is in (limited) stock at Adorama
30th Liquid lens patent from Canon [EG-xlt]
Not coming to a big lens any time soon…
Canon’s EF lens making hits the 90 million mark…

“EF lens production surpassed the 10-million-unit mark in 1995, doubled to 20-million lenses in 2001, and went on to reach 30 million units in 2006 and 40 million units in 2008. Afterward, owing to the rapid spread of EOS digital SLR cameras, production of EF lenses gained further momentum, crossing the 50-million-unit threshold in 2009, reaching 60 million units in January 2011, and hitting the 70-million-unit mark in October of the same year. In August 2012, lens production reached 80 million units and now, a little over nine months later, the company commemorates its latest manufacturing milestone of 90 million lenses.”

28th A replacement for Canon’s less than stellar ultrazoom? Note that an EF version (28-200) is also mentioned.
possible 18-200 and 28-200 lens designs
17th A Canon lens patent … [EG-xlt] this time for a DO 500/5.6 (as per most patents, there are several versions shown)
new DO telephoto patents from Canon

15th A Canon lens patent spotted [EG-xlt] where a plastic lens element is used. One problem with plastics are their temperature variable optical properties. The patent addresses this and issues of birefringence [WP]

Examples given are (for EF-S)
30mm/2.8, 18-90mm f/3.5-5.6, 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

Expect the words ‘moulded resin’ to appear in advertising copy rather than ‘plastic’ ;-)

14th First announced in Feb 2011, the 200-400 [details] is formally announced…
13th A suggestion that we are about to see the 200-400 announced for real – take your choice, the end of the month or maybe tomorrow… [CR]
10th Canon info about the CN-E14mm T3.1 cine lens [CPN]
6th Initial tests [LR] suggest the Samyang 24 T/S lens is good – not up to TS-E24 levels, but much cheaper
4th Canon Tilt/shift related patent [EG-xlt]
Whilst it deals with displaying helpful info in the viewfinder, for it to work, the lenses would need encoders for tilt/shift/lens rotation movements, to tell the camera what has been adjusted. These are not present on any current T/S lens, although it was suggested to us as something that had been tested, not long after the 17 and 24mm were launched.
display of info for T/S lens
tse lens info dispaly
An optical design for a new TS-E 90mm was covered in a Canon patent some time ago (2011 EG)
2nd Suggestions [CR] that there are replacements in the wild for the TS-E45 and TS-E90, and maybe another T/S lens?

Not disimilar to what we heard earlier this year but the two TS-E lenses have been up for replacement for some time.

Meanwhile, the Samyang/Rokinor 24/3.5 tilt shift lens should be available later this month [SY – sample images]
If I get a chance to try one, I’ll certainly see how it compares with the excellent TS-E24/3.5L mk2 from Canon.

BTW If you’re new to T/S lenses, I’ve written several articles about what they do, and how to use them.
The lens is available for pre-order for $999 : AdoramaB&H


29th A burst of long lens update rumours at [CR] 100-400 (a 1998 lens) and 800/5.6

I’d just note that I’ve seen 100-400 update rumours and dates since 2006 so it will be right one day ;-)

19th Sigma showing more signs of innovation with an 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM zoom (29-56 equiv on a 1.6 crop) [PR]

16th B&H has an extra offer for Canon lenses in the US

Canon EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye $1279
Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8L II $1429
Canon EF 35 f/1.4L $1259
Canon EF 50 f/1.2L $1369
Canon EF 85 f/1.2L II $1949
Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II $2099
Canon EF 100 f/2.8L IS Macro $869

14th New US rebate programme – assorted lenses and cameras utntil the 27th of April
Details on main rumours page.
New 400/4 diffractive optics patent from Canon [EG]
400mm f4 diffractive optics design

Seems like Canon don’t want to give up on the DO technology yet…

4th A new 35mm cine lens from Canon – “currently expected to officially launch sometime this year”
Also, new firmware and software support for the C300/C500 [CR]


29th A new 50/1.4 (and 1.2) patent from Canon [EG] aimed at their cinema lenses, but EF is possible
All are retrofocus designs, but really pushing for reduction of large aperture aberrations.
canon 50/1.4 patent drawing
28th Jeff Ascough talks about using the new EF24-70 for weddings at CPN
27th A suggestion that an updated 100-400 from Canon will appear with the 7D mk2 later this year [CR]

Well, it has been rumoured for a very long time…

21st As expected, the new 18-55 lens is announced with the 100D and 700D
Lens specs on the 700D page
20th A list of what’s due on Friday includes the new 18-55mm
A new lens appeared in our ‘expected this year’ inbox, a 19mm f2.8L – the nearest current lens would be the 1992 vintage 20/2.8, which I’d expect to see appear as a EF20mm f/2.8 IS USM, much like the new 24 and 28mm lenses from last year.
That said, Canon has 24mm and 14mm L primes, and a really good 19mm would be interesting (but do note the TS-E17, which IMHO, should be included in the L primes list).
19th The new small Canon DSLR will arrive with a new kit lens
[via DCI]

“Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens specifications:
Aspherical element
Maximum magnification ratio: 0.36x
Image Stabilizer
Price: 33,000 yen
Release date: late April”

Canon’s 35/1.4L has been in the ‘update due’ category for quite some time (it’s a 1998 lens). Some new DxOMark tests show just how far it is behind the new Sigma 35/1.4 – much sharper and much cheaper.
Given the likely cost of a 35/1.4L II, it had better be pretty good…

If you’re curious about lens options, Amazon have produced a lens selector widget for browsing what lenses are available for your camera [note – this is an affiliate link – we prefer to point this out for visitors]

14th We’re told [thanks] that the replacements for TS-E45mm and 90mm will be announced later this year along with the long awaited Canon answer to the Nikon 14-24mm.

The tilt-shift lenses were mentioned last year with another ‘special’ lens – a super wide zoom would be interesting but not quite what was suggested (the comparison was made to the MP-E65 as a unique lens).

Meanwhile, at the long end, there is a suggestion [CR] of replacements in the offing for the 200/2 and 800/5.6, but not until the eventual official announcement of the 200-400 (remember that? ;-)
7th There is a Canon patent for an improved SWC coating for the 14/2.8 at Egami [Google xlt]
Several lenses included in a UK cashback scheme [see main rumours page for list]
3rd Two new Zeiss lenses on the way? [CR] 28 f/1.4 and updated Planar 85 f/1.4 – see also the Zeiss interview by MP at photokina
2nd A Canon patent at Egami [Google xlt] to lock the focus ring and other parts of a lens when not mounted. Never a problem for me, but then again I have long fingers… :-)
Canon lens patent drawing 1Canon lens patent drawing 2
The feature is compatible with the EF mount, so could appear on future lenses – probably more likely with small lenses for the EF-M mount


28th Possible EF12-24 2.8L mentioned [CR]

There have been lots of very wide lens patents around and Canon would like something to surpass Nikon’s excellent 14-24. The prospect of a zoom that could surpass my 14 2.8L II , TSE-17(non shifted) and wide end of my 24-70 would indeed be an interesting (but $$$) idea. Yup… I’d buy one ;-)

25th New Canon patent at Egami [Google xlt via CR] for wide lenses with fluorite elements.
Probably indicative of new parts of lens design rather than any particular lens
21st New Canon patent at Egami [Google xlt] for adding more electrical contacts to a lens mount – the idea might be for video, where more power can be be needed for handling such big lenses?
18th The Samyang 24/3.5 tilt shift lens will be available by early March at ~$1000 [B&H]

If you’re new to such lenses, I’ve written several articles about them – best to start at tilt/shift lenses

17th In the US there are a number of lenses (and flashes) in an ‘instant rebate’ program that runs to the end of March.
I note that the TSE 45 and 90 are both in the list – these are regulars in our ‘due for update’ list.

EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM – $200 EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM – $160 EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM – $100
EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM – $100 EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM – $150 EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM – $50
EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM – $120 EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM – $150 TS-E 45mm f/2.8 – $100
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM – $150 EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM – $150 TS-E 90mm f/2.8 – $150
EF 17-40mm f/4L USM – $100 EF 35mm f/1.4L USM – $150 Extender EF 1.4x III – $40
EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM – $150 EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake – $50 Extender EF 2x III – $40
EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM – $100 EF 50mm f/1.2L USM – $180 Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX – $50
EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM – $150 EF 50mm f/1.4 USM – $40 Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX – $60
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II – $300 EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM – $200 Speedlite 270EX II – $15
EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM – $150 EF 85mm f/1.8 USM – $50 Speedlite 430EX II – $30
EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM – $200 EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM – $50 Speedlite 600EX-RT – $50

12th Samyang hint at a 50/1.2 lens – manual focus?, that’ll be fun with most DSLR focus screens (I’ve an Olympus Zuiko 50/1.2 and accurate focus at f/1.2 is not a quick option on my 1Ds 3)
Several new Cine lenses suggested for NAB in April (Canon video page)
11th DxO review of Canon 35/2 IS
4th A video of the 200-400 being used is at LL


27th A suggested ‘roadmap’ (see general rumours page) suggests 3 DSLRs and several lenses for 2013
Lenses… 200-400, 100-400, 35mm 1.4L II – all regulars on the rumour circuit. We’ve heard of something else entirely new in the ‘because we can’ category, but apart from the old shift lenses (45,90) no details.
13th A new lens and camera (70D?) next week? (15th) [CR]
10th Two new cine lenses announced.

“CN-E14mm T3.1 L F and CN-E135mm T2.2 L F single-focal-length lenses for large-format single-sensor cameras employing Super 35mm or full frame 35mm imagers. These two new lenses join with Canon’s CN-E24mm T1.5 L F, CN-E50mm T1.3 L F, and CN-E85mm T1.3 L F primes to provide a broad line of five precision-matched, competitively priced EF-mount Cinema prime lenses”

No sign of anything for still cameras though
Meanwhile, production of the 200-400 isn’t due to start until Q2/13 [CR] and at well over $10,000
Sigma is going to release five new lenses this spring. Three will be previewed at the CP+ Camera and Imaging Show in Yokohama, Japan from 31 Jan-2 Feb, and two more at the Asia Imaging Fair in Beijing, China from Apr. 1-3.
8th No new lenses sighted yet…

7th No sign of any Canon announcements yet…
Sigma announce a 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM / DC MACRO HSM [Goog xlt]
and a 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM [Goog xlt]
…no doubt many more things will appear in the run up to CES/PMA in Vegas this week.
3rd Canon Singapore is saying that the 200-400 will be available soon [CS-fb]

2012 December

23rd Two new lenses for early January (8th)? [CR]
Both long expected in rumourland, the 35/1.4 L II and a 14-24 2.8L
20th More Canon patents at Egami [Google xlt] – how about an 800mm f5.6 Diffractive Optics 1:1 macro lens?
800/5.6 macro DO patent for lens

Also includes:

400mm f/4 DO Macro 2:1
600mm f/4 DO Macro 1:1
400mm f/4 DO Macro 1:1.4

Any such lens has a lot of moving parts for focusing, neither fast nor cheap ;-)

Suggestions that there may be a 24-70 2.8 L IS lens in a year or two [CR]
Meanwhile there is a 42-105 seen on an unidentified camera in a German Canon brochure – main rumours page

42mm – I though we had the only fake 42mm at the top of this page ;-)

16th New 50mm f1.2 lens in a collection of designs in a Canon patent [Egami – Google xlt]

50mm lens f1.2 - optical design

The patent also includes a 50/2 design for a full frame mirrorless (22 mm backfocus [BF] distance).
The text suggests the likelihood of a full frame mirrorless – this is not easy to read – please do let me know if you can make sense of it?
The design is different to the current EF50 f/1.2L (from 2006)
Meanwhile – there are lots of 400mm lenses predicted for next year.
EF 400 f/5.6L IS
EF 400 f/4L IS
EF 100-400 f/4-5.6L IS
EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x [CR]

OK, the 200-400 actually exisits, but the others have been regularly predicted for years ;-)

14th Suggestions of the long awaited Canon 14-24 zoom, by the end of next year at CR

big lens13th Some experiments (right) with more big lenses from my junk box ;-)

2013 January

12th As part of Canon’s revamp of their prime lens range, expect a replacement for the (1993) 50/1.4, with added image stabilisation next year.

The existing 50/1.4 is actually not a bad lens, and at f/1.4 any replacement would be Canon’s fastest IS lens. I have one I use for panoramic shots – the giant 14m long 20GB print I created earlier this year was captured using the 50/1.4. 
I had thought it more likely that the (1990) 50/1.8 II would get the new prime treatment first, but that’s really a lens built to a price and the f/1.4 market might better take the likely price increase.

2012 December

7th I’m told [thanks] that the two remaining TS-E lenses are slated for replacement next year (TS-E45 and TS-E90 both from 1991), with the fully adjustable movements seen in the TS-E17 and TS-E24, along with bigger image circles and improved performance.

That been expected for a while, but what was also mentioned was that there is a 5th ‘special’ lens with movements that would be announced at the same time.This lens would be in the same ‘because we can’ category as the EF8-15 and the unique MP-E65 (a 1999 lens – collected info at EFlens).

As someone who makes extensive use of these lenses, I’m keen to see what Canon can do to the 90mm, which is already of extremely high quality. I don’t have the 45mm, and was toying with getting a copy (there is a good 2nd hand market for TS-E lenses – people buy them and then perhaps never learn to really understand how they can be of such use). I may still get the 45mm, since even if a new one gets announced next year, recent new lens shipping delays suggests that I wouldn’t see anything in my hand until maybe 2014. As to the ‘special’ lens, I’m not sure – the 17mm was only ever mentioned briefly to me, in this cryptic manner, the year before it came out. Since the 17mm has become one of the key lenses in my lineup for architectural use, I’m more than curious as to what might appear…

There are suggestions of new lightweight long lenses on the way [CR] and that the built in 1.4TC may become more widespread.

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