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How much ink is there in my cartridges

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How much printer ink is there in my cartridges

Inkjet cartridge ink capacities

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During our printer testing I always try and find out just how much ink there is in full cartridges for different printers.

Manufacturers often don’t publish detailed amounts, so these figures are from a variety of sources and represent my current working estimates of printer ink capacity.

Printers are listed by make and model, not necessarily cartridge id codes.

Where we have a review or other info about the printer, a link is given

Article Index

Canon 700ml ink cartridge

I’ll update this page over time – please do let me know if you have data for a printer I’ve not listed?

I’ve also included a link to our info on cleaning old printers

Printer types

Links are to detailed reviews which usually have more information about ink capacities and usage.

Model Cart type (if known) Capacity (‘starter carts’)
9000 CLI-8 13ml
9500 mark II PGI-9 14ml
Pixma PRO-100 CLI-42 13ml
Pixma PRO-10 PGI-72 14ml
iPF PRO-300 PFI-300 14ml
Pixma PRO-1 PGI-29 35ml
iPF6100 PFI-101,103 130ml
iPF6300,6350 PFI-105 130ml
iPF6400,6450 PFI-106, PFI-206 130ml (90ml), 300ml
iPF8300 PFI-704 330ml/700ml
PRO-1000 PFI-1000 80ml
PRO-2000 PFI-1100, PFI-1300 (160ml), 330ml


Model Cart type (if known) Capacity (‘starter carts’)
R800 T05 13ml
R1800 T05 13ml
R1900 T08 11.4ml
R2000 T159 17ml
R2400 T05 13ml
R2880 T09 11.4ml
R3000 T15 25.9ml
SC-P600 T76 25.9ml
SC-P700 25ml
SP3800 80ml
SP3880 80ml
SC-P800 T850 80ml
SC-P900 T46 50ml
SP4000 110ml/220ml
SP4800 110ml/220ml
SP4880 110ml/220ml
SP4900 200ml (80/110ml)
SP7880 110ml/220ml
SP7890 350ml/700ml (110ml)
SP9600 110ml/220ml
SP9800 110ml/220ml
SP9880 110ml/220ml
SP9890 350ml/700ml (110ml)
SP9900 350ml/700ml (110ml)
Model Cart type (if known) Capacity (‘starter carts’)
9180 27ml
z3200 130ml (69ml)

Cleaning dried ink

You really only need to check out the household products line at your local supermarket, Usually much better value than specialist cleaners

I’ve written a short guide about ‘cleaning inkjet printers

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