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KF Concept TC2634 Carbon Tripod review

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KF Concept TC2634 Carbon Tripod review

Improved lightweight carbon fibre tripod

Keith has used the K&F TC2534 tripod for general purpose work for a while, where its lightness and ease of use has helped his work – often outdoors or in busy working factories.

The new TC2634 adds a number of design changes that give a more robust feel without extra weight.

The tripod is available directly from K&F


The TC2634

The tripod is superficially similar to the older TC2534 I’ve used a fair bit [review]. However the head is of a newer design for the ball mount, with the open frame design being very solid, as well as lighter and smaller.


The panoramic movement at the base of the head is nicely damped and the open frame ball design locks very positively.


The two bubble levels are good for quick levelling, although I tend to use a camera L bracket with built in levels,

The arca-swiss style baseplate is also lighter than before and the thin rubber strips give a good grip to the camera base, although you may wish to remove them if using some cameras with a tilt-out screen like my EOS RP, where the rubber hindered the screen folding out.


The release clips at the top of each leg are easier to operate, and the wide ‘wings’ on the centre column lock easier to grip.


Working lower

The leg catches are easier for both normal setup/foldaway and if you want to use the legs at a wider angle.


The centre post gives a useful amount of extension, if you need it, but with any tripod it’s better to keep this length shorter if possible.


The column is shown in normal use here. It can be withdrawn and inverted to mount the head/camera below the column lock if need be.

A monopod too

One leg unscrews and will double up as a monopod, when attached to the centre column. You remove the bag/weight clip at the bottom of the column to screw in the leg.

The threaded section is more robust here, with more use of metal parts than myTC2534. I must admit I rarely use a monopod, but it’s quickly there if needed.


The tripod covers all my normal working heights, and I do have an extender for emergency use when I’ve not taken a really high tripod with me [Multi-angle tripod centre column].


Tripod changes

When looking at the TC2634 I was please to see how many relatively small improvements there were over my (still perfectly fine) TC2534. Much like any tripod, treat it well and you will get years of use from it.

The TC2634 is a bit shorter. it knocks a few inches of the maximum height and doesn’t include the short (~5″) alternative centre column that lets you work very close to the floor. If you’re looking for an even more flexible system for product photography, the adaptable TM2534T might be more useful.

I’ve used the new TC2634 with the Rogeti geared head and L bracket, where it’s been great with the more precise alignment setup I prefer with my architectural and interior photography. The open ball head is good though for my industrial work where quick setting and a wide range of movement is more important.

The tripod is available directly from K&F

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