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Eye-One Match software updated

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GMB Eye-One Match updated

ICC profiling and calibration software for the Eye-One gets some useful upgrades

Site Notice: Like many working photographers, our work has diminished greatly in these challenging times, so I'm at home a lot. The silver lining is that I've lots of articles and reviews to write - if you've any suggestions or questions, please do let me know - Keith
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We’ve reviewed various versions of the Eye-One profiling package elsewhere, and covered the colour management functionality you get in the Eye-One Match software.

GretagMacbeth have introduced an update (V3.6) which contains several new colour management features of note, such as support for 64bit Windows XP.

i1 match update

2012 Latest – X-Rite took over GMB a few years ago and you can still find the older i1Display 2 and i1 printer profiling hardware/software on sale.
However, the software has not been updated for a while. The current equivalent products are the i1Display Pro and the more basic ColorMunki Display, for display profiling and i1Profiler for more advanced profiling (screen and print) all of which are fully reviewed on this site.

See also info about i1Display 2/LT support under Mac OS 10.7

This quick review highlights the changes and looks at some aspects you might want to investigate further.

What do you get?

GretagMacbeth have just released a new version (3.6) of their Eye-One match software for colour management.

gretagmacbeth eye one match for colour managementSince I have both an Eye-One spectrophotometer, and an Eye-One Display 2, I decided to have a good look at the 40+ megabyte download.

When I originally reviewed the products, the software was at V3.2

According to GMB the principal changes are:

Create your profiles according to the ICC 2 (default) or ICC 4 specification. Accessible via the options menu in the application.

X64 Support

Monitor module in general
Before and after calibration step added. After your calibration you can you check how the monitor looked before calibration.
Updated list of supported monitors for the PushButtonCalibration • Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB
• LaCie Electron 19b3
• LaCie Electron 19b4
• LaCie Electron 22b3
• LaCie 321
• HP p1230
• IBM P275
• Eizo CG220
• NEC 2060NX
• NEC MultiSync FP2141SB
• NEC 930SB
• NEC FP13755X
• Sony SDM S205F/K
• User feedback during the recognition phase of the PushButtonCalibration check.
Monitor module for Eye-One Pro and Eye-One Display device:
Create Matrix or LUT profiles. Accessible via options menu in the application.
Extract calibration parameters like white point, gamma and luminance values from previously generated GretagMacbeth monitor profiles. (only for profiles that are generated with version 3.6 or higher)
Updated white point selection • Select white point from 4000 – 10000 K
• Define your white point by entering xy coordinates
• Define your white point by using the ambient light capabilities of your device.
Updated gamma selection • Choose a gamma from 1.0 – 3.0
• Choose native gamma
Updated target luminance dialogue • Measure your target luminance on a white patch on a different monitor
Monitor profile validator and trending graph • Check the quality of your profile in terms of dE and store the results in tracking database. This allows you to see how quickly your calibration and profile ages.
Monitor module for Eye-One Display LT:
Updated gamma options for this device. You now have the ability to choose between a gamma of 1.8 and 2.2.
Ambient light measurement step added. Check how consistent the ambient light conditions around your monitor are.
Printer Module:
New gamut mapping included.
The new Colorful Gamut mapping from Profile Maker 5.05 is now used in Eye-One Match.

V4 icc profiles

The X64 support for people using 64 bit Windows systems will be welcome, and the expanded range of monitor settings is useful.

That said, I’m still not sure when or why I would want to calibrate my monitor to 10000K with a gamma of 3.0 (try it on someone else’s monitor for fun :-)

The options for V4 icc profiles and LUT based monitor profiling are hidden away in the preferences, suggesting that unless you know why you want to change the default settings, it’s probably best not to…

Matching two monitors becomes a bit less effort, in that you can now use a different monitor to set your luminance level.

If you were ever unsure of how often your monitor really needed calibrating, there is now a monitor profile validation option where you can store profile checks over time and see just how fast your expensive monitor is deteriorating.

profile validation option

Profile Validation

The Validation option, opens up a whole new window with its own measurement interface

monitor profile validation measurement

Profile validation measurement

The measurement process is very like that used to create the profiles in the first place.

The application records and shows changes over time.

profile chart

Monitor profile changes

I cheated a bit and just moved the computer’s date forward to check this out :-)

There is also a new part of the monitor profiling setup where you can look at an image and compare before and after profiling to see if you can see changes.

saving icc profiles

Profile test

Note that you have to do this -before- saving the profile, since you are immediately taken back to the start screen (oops).
…I had to profile my monitor 3 times to work this out!

Printer profiles

Most of the changes in the application are fairly obvious, but if you have previously used Eye-One Match to create your own printer profiles. you may want to look at rebuilding them (from your saved measurement data).

This is because GMB have updated the algorithms used in profile building to make use of what they call “clean, highly saturated colors”. This is the same as is available in the advanced Profilemaker Pro package.


A definite upgrade to install for all users of Eye-One match. If you’ve made printer profiles before, it may well be worthwhile building new versions to see if the new profile building algorithms produce results more to your liking.

The update is free from GretagMacbeth.

• Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server

• Mac OS X (10.3 or higher)

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Site Notice: Like many working photographers, our work has diminished greatly in these challenging times, so I'm at home a lot. The silver lining is that I've lots of articles and reviews to write - if you've any suggestions or questions, please do let me know - Keith
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