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Canon EOS 6D mk2

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The EOS 6D mk2

An updated full frame Canon DSLR

The 6D arrived in 2012, so here we are with a page devoted to its follow-up, we’ll assume it will be the 6D Mk2 and now appear in 2017.

Ever since the EOS 5D appeared in 2005 I’ve seen (and noted) rumours of a ‘cheap’ or ‘affordable’ full frame Canon DSLR.

I can’t say I’m expecting to see much appear until well into 2017, but this is the page it will appear on ;-)

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eos 6d mk2

This page covers all our EOS 6D mk2 info since the mk1 appeared…

The timeline is always useful to look at…

 Crop 200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201520162017
BestFull   1Ds1Ds Mk II1Ds Mk III1D X1DX II
1.3  1D1D Mk II1D MkIIn1D Mk III1D Mk IV          
video              1D C     
HighFull               5Ds/5Dsr
      5D5D Mk II5D Mk III5D Mk IV
1.6          7D7D Mk II
'Better' Full              6D    
Mid1.6    300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
Micro1.6             100D SL1 X7    
Entry1.6         1000D / XS / F1100D / T3 / X501200D T5 X701300D T6
1.6               M5

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates.

Video capable 4k | Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual

Latest info

See also the main rumours update page

2017 January

18th Likely a few months off, some 6D2 specs are suggested [CR]

  • All new 28MP sensor /DPAF / Dual SD slots
  • Tilting LCD / Touchscreen / Larger viewfinder / DIGIC 7
  • 4K in some capacity.
  • Wifi, NFC & Wireless charging
  • Sub $2000 USD body only priceLooks reasonable, but they often do… ;-)

2016 December

23nd There’s been no solid 6D mk2 info for a while now. I’d still put my pennies on a late spring launch for a modestly improved 6D mk2. This is probably not the model for huge change – look for more features that now look standard elsewhere.
Note that I’m not counting the ‘6D2 will be full frame mirrorless’ stuff that seems to have been doing the rounds of late, on some of the more sensationalist sites ;-)

I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Canon are ready for such a big change (yet). I’ve not yet seen any reliable discussion over whether the EF-M mount could support a larger sensor – simply overlaying a 24mm x 36mm rectangle over the mount suggests maybe not, but…
The throat diameter of the EF mount is 54mm
The diagonal of a 24 x 36mm sensor is 43.3mm
The EF-M mount throat diameter is 47mm, so it’s possible, and you have to assume Canon thought of the possibility when devising the EF-M mount.

The alternative is to have an EF mount mirrorless, with the same 44mm flange distance.
Removing the mirror box and pentaprism could make for some interesting design options – does Canon have the will to be truly adventurous here? (I hear a groan from seasoned Canon followers ;-) Are they selling DSLRs to an audience that is willing to embrace radical design?


3rd Some 6D specs (~24MP etc) … nothing coming soon though [CR]


31st The lack of any camera pushes rumours back to 2017 Q2 [CR]


27th Right on cue, after Photokina we get some suggestions for a 25MP 6D2 in early 2017 [CR]


24th With no 5D mk4 appearing until Photokina time, Canon are likely to let it soak up pent up full frame demand for a while, and a recent report [CR] suggests that a 6D mk2 won’t be here until early 2017

As such, any specs should be viewed with great skepticism for several months yet

A look at the timeline always helps…

2015 September

9th Some loose ‘specs’ for a 6D2 [CR]

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rumored Specifications:
24mp Full Frame CMOS
1.5 stops better at higher ISO
Low-light autofocus (centre point) at -5 EV
Two AF systems are currently being tested or the EOS 6D Mark II and which was chosen is unknown at this time. There will be more AF points than the current camera.
WiFi with NFC and GPS
Wireless battery charging with the Qi standard
Internally Canon switches from VxWorks (Could have meant DRYOS) to an Android-based embedded OS, 6D Mark II will be the first Android-based camera from Canon.
Dual-pixel autofocus technology
Swivel LCD
Will ship in a new box design in gold colour (Yay!)

As ever – big pinch of salt required ;-)

However, the change of operating system is an interesting twist.

Update – seems to come out of nowhere from a new DPR poster, so an even bigger pile of salt [DPR]


4th We’re sent (thanks) a mention of an advert in the UK ‘EOS’ camera magazine that includes a “6D Mark 2 day out” later this year.

Maybe a typo? 

Then again there has been a flurry of 1Dx2/5Dx/6D2 ‘rumours’ of late (see main Canon page

I’m still minded to think that whilst we’ll see a sucessor to the 1D X announced fairly soon, that the follow up to the 5D3 and 6D will be later.

If the 5D4 becomes some ‘X’ model with 4k video and other whistles and bells, then it might leave space for a move upwards in 6D2 specs.

June 2nd The 6D mk2 gets a mention [CR] – Turning up next year, slightly smaller and moving upmarket a bit. Too soon for any specs.


20th It’s suggested [CR] at the 6D mk2 won’t appear until after the 5D4 ships, which would likely push it well into 2016.


5th The 5Ds due tomorrow with its 50MP sensor, and current lack of 5D mk4 raise interesting questions as to where the 6D will fit in the model range by the end of the year, especially now the 750/760D moving to a 24MP APS-C sensor.

2014 December

Canon 6D30th With a rumoured high MP DSLR from Canon (main rumour page) I note that at [CR] they have been told that the camera could be the 5D mk4.
This could also fit in with suggestions that the 6D2 will move upmarket.

Mind you, I’m still hopeful that we’ll see a 3D one day ;-)


29th In the UK, AP magazine checks with Canon, who say that the 6D is still a current model.
25th In what’s unlikely to be true, the 6D is marked as discontinued at

15th A suggestion [CR] that the 6D2 will move ‘upmarket’.

With the 6D2 not expected until after any 5D mk4 appears, this could allow the 5D4 to be higher spec too, although there have been no firm rumours about any of Canon’s full frame cameras as yet.


19th The 6D gets a firmware update to V1.1.4 – mentioned here, since it’s not a ‘new features, keep it going longer type update’
1. Fixes a phenomenon in which some images cannot be transferred to mobile devices running the EOS Remote app.
2. Corrects an error in the German language Feature Guide.
3. Corrects an error in the Korean language Feature Guide.

2012 December

6th The 6D is shipping – replacement in 2015 anyone?


17th The EOS 6D is announced.
6D specs FYI

20.2 MP, Full Frame
Digic 5+, 11 AF
3.2″ screen, 4.5 fps
GPS built in, SD card

Below, some of our historical 6D rumours and of course, the EOS DSLR timeline.
9th A rush of comments (thanks) about an upcoming full frame base level camera to replace the 5D Mk2. All the specs gravitate towards a camera smaller than the 5D2, heavily influenced by 7D features.

At the moment I’m still not seeing any signs of the sorts of detailed specs that tend to appear in the Far East just before ‘real’ camera launches. With a Nikon D600 looking a dead cert for an upcoming announcement, one source (thanks) said that we won’t see any 6D announcement until October.


9th One of our previous sources has said that the new FF camera will come in at 22MP and looks very much like a 7D at first glance.[thanks] 
The emphasis was on making a smaller FF DSLR.
It’s suggested that the new ‘cheaper’ FF camera will not appear until October and that Canon will not have a new DSLR for photokina. We’re told that sales of the 5Dmk2 at its lowered price (UK ~£1500 [includes 20% tax]) and in particular, associated lens sales, are still going strong.

Trade shows such as photokina are not so important as they once were to the big manufacturers, so I suppose 2011 cameras (1DXC300,) the 1D C, the 5D3, the 650D and the EOS-M will make for a decent stand, particularly if you add the expected new large format printers (iPFx400), a slew of point ‘n’ click updates, the finally announced EF200-400, and maybe a lens or two this month…


25th Two different sensor specs received (thanks) for a ‘cheaper’ FF DSLR.
One suggests an 18MP sensor and the other 22MP

Looks like straightforward remodelling of either the 1DX or 5D3 sensors

Other features:

Design closer to 7D than 5D3 (smaller and with flash)

7D style AF system (19 pt) and VF LCD

7D metering

Single Digic 5+

3.9 fps

3 inch LCD

51200 max ISO

sub – $2000 price point at introduction

This is the sort of detail that suggests an announcement fairly soon. If so then expect a bit more info in the run up to photokina in September (18-23).
I still have my doubts, wondering how much this is just a response to Nikon D600 rumours? Canon’s announcements usually start getting some attention a few weeks before they happen, but I’ve seen nothing yet? The other camera(s?) we’re hearing of is a higher end (think D800) 3D or even 1DXs
16th In a scattering of reports, we’re once again hearing of a ‘cheaper’ full frame DSLR from Canon. Several may be related to the $1999 22MP camera mentioned at CR


8th It’s 650D/T4i announcement day and whilst we’re still getting comments about a Canon ‘entry level FF’ camera, there are no real details apart from it being an answer to the rumoured cheaper FF Nikon D600 [NR] that might well be along later this year.
The only more detailed Canon info I’ve seen over the last few weeks was much more aimed at a possible EOS 3D(i.e. D800/800E wishlist inspired ;-)

2012 March

26th Renewed suggestions for a lower MP ‘introductory’ FF camera at CR

Oh and yes, we’ve been following 8D and 9D rumours for years too ;-)

2011 January

25th The 6D gets suggested as a possible number in the Indian edition of PCW where they pitch in with some 5D3 thoughts.

2010 August

22nd No mention of a 6D in the last two years

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