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Product photography training courses

You can do your own product and packshot photography for your business

Learn how to take great photos of your products and find out how to make your images look that little bit better on the web and in print.

Have you tried doing some of your own pack shot and product photography for your web site or catalogues? Not quite happy with the results? A key aspect of product photography is understanding how to best process your images.

Northlight Images provides bespoke training courses anywhere in the UK, particularly Leicestershire, the UK East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham and Derby).

We are happy to come out and help you take better advertising and product photographs. Our training courses are held at your own preferred location, where you will be taking your own product photographs and pack shots.

If you require Photoshop training for processing your photographs, we can provide additional bespoke training sessions to cover all your image editing needs.

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Photos of your products – when you need them

Fed up waiting for product photography – and then it’s not quite right?

We can offer general digital product photography courses, which cover composition and lighting techniques, the technical aspects of photography (exposure, depth of field etc.) and what to do with the images once you have transferred them from the camera (including image processing in Photoshop and using images for both web and print).

All our teaching is customised to individual clients requirements, so can include specialist aspects such as colour management and digital camera profiling if need be.

Whilst we can bring along an impressive array of (expensive) equipment to show what can be done, we find it much better to help people get the best out of their own set-up, such as with the artist’s brushes shown below, where the key feature was careful control of reflections.

Photography training for businesses

If you’re new to product photography and don’t already own the equipment you need, we are happy to advise you on what’s suitable, before any training takes place.

Please note that we do not sell camera equipment – we will simply make recommendations, allowing you to shop around for the best price.

Product photography training costs

Precise course/seminar costs are based on duration, location and number of people attending the course. A half day is ~3.5 hrs of training time, a full day ~7 hrs.

All prices are for single sessions, and exclude VAT, please also see our Terms and Conditions for training services.

Half Day Training

  • £299 one to one training
  • £349 for the first 3 trainees
  • £49 for every additional trainee

Full Day Training

  • £599 one to one training
  • £649 for the first 3 trainees
  • £69 for every additional trainee

For a more accurate idea of costs, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and for the prices of more than 1 day’s training. Payment is required in advance of training session(s), unless payment on the day is arranged (by prior agreement only).

Outside of Leicestershire we charge for travel (£0.65 per mile) and travel time at £30 per hour for any journey over 2 hours away from our base in Leicester. We charge nothing for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then 30.00 for each additional hour (in each direction)  - rounded up to the full hour.

Please note that we provide training for companies at your chosen location. We are unable to provide training services here at our Leicester office.

For interactive photography training we recommend a maximum of 5 trainees, larger number being more suited to seminar style presentations.

Lectures and conferences

Presentation rates depend on length of session and location.

Course organisers and venues

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and how we can work together.


Please contact us directly to discuss quotations for any international work - we are happy to work for multinational companies outside of the UK, via their UK offices.

photographing clothing
Some of our work

Over the years, we’ve helped many companies set up their own product photography studios, such as above for a world leading Derbyshire based knitwear company.

If you are looking to buy equipment later, we can always bring a range of portable studio photographic equipment to demonstrate.

Note – we don’t sell equipment, but are happy to advise you on what’s available.

photo setup in corner of office

Product photography training course details

Our diverse client base ranges in size from small web start-up businesses, to household name retailers, and the UK national mapping agency.

Courses are aimed at giving useful practical information that will enable you to take better photos and make better use of them.

Our product photography courses are customised to your requirements, so course length depends on what you want to learn and your existing skill levels.

In the past, we have provided courses from just half a day session to three full days.

Courses are aimed at individuals, or 5 people at most. The training is very much hands-on, so you will be taking lots of photos and working on them.

We are happy for more people to attend, or watch what is going on, but do note that this can reduce the amount of ‘hands on’ coverage we can provide. If you have a large group it may be worth considering a more formal lecture style training session. Or if you prefer this ‘hands on’ approach why not think about several small sessions.

Please call us today for an informal chat to discuss your needs, and how we can help…

Product photography training - controlling reflections for shiny surfaces

Our product photography expertise

Northlight Images offers commercial location based product photography services to our clients.

That means we’re used to working in less than ideal conditions and adapting what’s available to get the results our clients expect.

Keith Cooper, our trainer and senior photographer, spent several years at Loughborough University as a lecturer, and in addition, possesses a C&G Adult Education Certificate.

In September 2011, Keith was invited to join X-Rite’s ‘Coloratti’

“X-Rite’s Coloratti includes the world’s top professional photographers, a group whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognized and valued by X-Rite. Coloratti photographers are highly respected by their peers and are admired by up-and-coming professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike.”

After your product photography course

We know that often, people have plenty of other work to do in their jobs, and after a week or so, what was clear on the day may have faded a bit…

If you have been on a Northlight Images training course, we are happy to answer technical questions and clear up any related issues you might have about the course materials.

Our other photography training courses

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