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2007-2016 Epson printer news archive

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2007-2016 Epson printer news, updates and rumours

Archived Epson Information

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2007-2016 archived info on new Epson printer related items.

Where we have information and technical details for a specific model, it will go on that printer’s specific page as well.

epson sp4900
p600 printer inks

Keith has written detailed reviews of many of the printers from Epson, such as the SC-P600 (above) and SP4900 (left).

Timeline – how long has any printer been around – what’s getting on in years?

Size Ink 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 2019 2020
1 2 3 4
A3+ 10*                                   P700
9-1                                 SC-P600    
9-1                       R3000                
8+1               R2400 R2880                    
8*           R1800 R1900 R2000 P400    
7+1       2100/2200                                  
6   2000P                                        
17" 10*                                   P900
9-1                 SP3800 SP3880 P800    
11-1                           SP4900 P5000        
8+1           SP4000 SP4800 SP4880                    
24" 12*                                            P7500
11-1                     SP7900 P7000        
9-1                           SP7890 P6000        
8+1               SP7800 SP7880                  
7+1          SP7600                              

Ink switching - Total number of inks shown

  • +1 denotes need to physically swap Mk/Pk ink carts.
  • -1 indicates Mk/Pk ink switch, only one active at any time
  • * indicates no Mk/Pk black ink switching

Links are to reviews of the printer by Keith Cooper.

2007-2016 Epson printer news and rumours

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2016  October

17th After our P7000 review earlier this year, I’ve been asked about a replacement for the SP4900 many times. I’d wondered if we might see something at some of the big trade shows that have just gone by, but no signs as yet…


26th Epson XP-960 all-in-one printer review – photo prints up to A3

20th We have an XP-960 here for a review.


22nd Keith’s full P7000 review is published.

3rd We have a P7000 here for an upcoming review – questions? Email Keith


15th Two type of big printer from Epson. The 11880 gets a huge refresh
Epson Press info:
“Super-fast, 64-inch printer produces exceptional output for the production print market
SureColor SC-P20000 combines the highest quality at print speeds of up to 17.5sqm/hr

SureColor SC-P20000

14th January 2015 – Epson announces the launch of the latest addition to the SureColor SC-P series line-up, the 64-inch width SC-P20000. Combining new super-fast printing speeds with the same superior photo quality already seen on current SC-P models, it is ideal for high volume production print environments who do not wish to compromise quality for productivity. As you would expect from a production device, the SC-P20000 is very robust while incorporating a range of innovative technologies and features that make it very easy to operate.

Designed for commercial print firms, copy shops, photo labs, high street photo outlets, the SC-P20000 is ideal for any organisation looking for a cost effective in-house production solution. The SC-P20000 can create high-quality, large-format POS, short-term outdoor & interior signage, exhibition & display graphics, promotional graphics and photographs. The printer comes with a permanent PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead for producing outstanding results up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, even at the highest print speeds. This is coupled with high-precision media feed technology, including a newly developed camera-based paper feed stabiliser and media inductive roller system, to ensure the printer operates smoothly even when unattended.

Martin Johns, product manager, Epson UK, said: “We understand that the market has been waiting a long time for the next generation of our highly popular Epson Stylus Pro 11880 and, with the SC-P20000, we have created a significantly superior successor. This printer combines new rapid printing speeds with the same high output quality that Epson customers have come to expect, while delivering a range of new features and enhanced usability.”

In order to deliver the high quality expected by the marketplace, the SC-P20000 includes a number of features to help ensure the most accurate, precise, productive and reliable results. For excellent colour reproduction, a new Epson UltraChrome Pro 10-colour inkset consistently delivers fantastic looking prints. Blacks will be deep and rich thanks to new high density Photo and Matte Black inks. Better gradation with reduced graininess is achieved thanks to the inkset containing four shades of black ink, and Multi Size Droplet Technology (MSDT), while a new printhead structure means fewer vibrations and more accurate ink droplets and dot placement. To ensure consistency without the need for expensive add-ons, the Epson Colour Calibration utility means users can easily manage their colour reproduction.

The SC-P20000 not only produces great results, but it makes operation and maintenance clear and simple, allowing users to enjoy hassle-free production printing. Getting started is easy with a clearly illustrated user guide and colour LCD Panel. When it comes to handling, changing and switching media, the process is quick and effortless. During printing, a transparent printer cover window and roll cover window allows users to check the status of printing and remaining media. After printing has finished, the position of the printhead means that it can be cleaned by the user, along with the ink cap, to help save on maintenance costs.

User efficiency and workflow can be improved further with an optional Adobe post script module; while an optional HDD allows jobs to be reprinted directly from the printer panel, without the need for a PC.

The SureColor SC-P20000 will be available from March 2016.”

I had a chance to look at the new solvent ink printers too. The 60600 and 40600 were on display at an event I was at in the UK (the 10 ink 80600 wasn’t running)

Epson info

“Epson launches new range of SureColor SC-S wide-format ink printers for signage and display graphics

Sturdy trio of new 64-inch SureColor printers designed to deliver new levels of quality, productivity and durability with lower running costs

14th January 2016 – Today Epson UK unveils a new range of professional 64-inch signage printers that combine robust engineering with new design and production features to deliver market-leading quality at the fastest possible speeds, precise repeatability and long-term durability. Marking the culmination of extensive market research, customer feedback and end-user testing, the new SureColor SC-S series offers users a precise and accurate way to create high impact, durable and profitable signage and display graphics. Complete with exceptional service and support, the range requires minimal user intervention and delivers increased uptime to help businesses maximise productivity.


The new range gives Print Service Providers (PSPs) a choice of printers to suit their specific production needs from 4-10 colours (incuding white and metallic) and up to 95.3sqm/hr single-pass productivity:

– SureColor SC-S80600: combining performance and application flexibility, this top-of-the-range model features dual PrecisionCore TFP printheads and 9/10 colours: CMYKLcLmLk + red and orange, and can also be configured to use white or metallic silver. Users can easily switch between white and metallic ink to suit job requirements. This flexible printer delivers print speeds up to 95.1sqm/hr in single-pass banner mode, and up to 12.5sqm/hr in 8-pass film mode.

– SureColor SC-S60600: ideal for fast turnaround, high print volume environments featuring dual PrecisionCore TFP printheads (CMYKx2) this printer produces high quality vinyl output at 29.4sqm/hr, banners at 52.3sqm/hr and can print up to 95.3sqm/hr for single-pass applications.

– SureColor SC-S40600: perfect for high-quality POS graphics and signage, this affordable, entry-level, four-colour printer features a single PrecisionCore printhead and delivers up to 58.4sqm/hr productivity.

Every single component of these printers has been entirely designed and manufactured by Epson to ensure seamless operation, maximum productivity and guarantee the highest professional-quality results. Everything about the design of the new SureColor SC-S series is centred on improving the printing experience for the user and reducing cost of ownership. Set-up is quick and simple and, once printing is in full flow the large clear panel offers a view of the printing area, while internal LED lights allow for easy inspection at the point of printing.

From outdoor signage to high-end interior displays and décor, the range can create stunning results on a range of coated and uncoated substrates. Exhibition displays, posters and backlit panels, POS materials, vehicle wraps, wallpaper and photo canvases are all produced with unrivalled accuracy thanks to a new Precision Media Feeding System. This facilitates motorised roll-to-roll media handling with a highly advanced auto-tension control (AD-ATC) system for extremely accurate media feed and take-up. Anti-static, wide-diameter pressure rollers will help optimise grip and feed accuracy, while an innovative media path will enable a consistent media feed for truly unattended roll-to-roll printing up to roll weights of 45kg. Maxmimum uptime and productivity is further optimised by automatic media alignment and setup which allows fast switching between media types. Automatic printhead cleaning, including a newly-developed fabric printhead wiper system, will virtually eliminate printhead maintenance.

Featuring Epson’s latest-generation permanent PrecisionCore TFP printheads with variable size ink droplet technology, these new high-performance printers produce consistent 1440 x 1440 dpi output at ‘best in class’ print speeds. In addition, new hardware enhancements offer greater resistance to head strikes and new Precision Dot screening technology help deliver flawless output on difficult media, including cheap monomeric vinyl, even at fast print speeds.

The new SureColor SC-S range uses Epson’s new formulation UltraChrome GS3 inkset. With a RRP of £74.07 + VAT for 700ml CMYK ink cartridges, it is quick drying and low odour. As well as a substantial reduction in ink price for the new printers, Epson expects PSPs to see a significantly lower ink consumption as a result of the improved chemistry in the GS3 inkset. The result will be a big improvement in total cost of ownership compared to other printer options on the market.

The new printers allow users to produce a wider colour gamut than ever for highly accurate and repeatable colour reproduction. The top-of-the-range SC-S80600 also benefits from the addition of light cyan & light magenta, red, orange, white or metallic silver inks to expand the colour gamut and application possibilities even further. This model is ideal for those PSPs producing graphics requiring accurate brand spot colours. The new SureColor SC-S range is energy efficient and delivers fast drying graphics with high abrasion resistance and prints that are durable outdoors for up to three years without lamination.

Martin Johns, product manager, Epson UK, said: “We listened to our customers’ extensive feedback about our previous signage models and set about developing a new range based on their requirements. The result is a class-leading series of printers that are loaded with Epson’s advanced engineering to deliver the ultimate in accuracy, quality and productivity. They lead the market in offering the very best combination of quality, speed and price and truly mark the pinnacle of Epson’s knowledge and expertise in one range.”

In the unlikely event that a problem does arise, Epson has it covered. The products come with a two-year warranty as standard to give customers added peace of mind. For those who want to benefit from Epson’s exceptional service and support for longer periods of time, extended warranty options are also available. Plus, all users can take advantage of the Epson SureColor Academy for training, useful tips and tricks, ongoing support and access to a wide range of regularly-updated media profiles.

In the UK and Ireland, the SureColor SC-S printers are supplied with an Onyx RIP as standard and are compatible with a wide range of other RIPs.

The SureColor SC-S60600 and SC-S40600 replace the SC-S50600 and SC-S30600 models respectively and are available immediately priced from £9,995 + VAT RRP. The SureColor SC-S80600 replaces the SC-S70600 and will be available to buy from March 2016 priced at £16,135 + VAT RRP (10-colour).”

January 1st A comment (thanks) reminds me that the SP4900 was the only ‘big’ printer not replaced last year and that a major update is on its way, but no ETA yet.

I note that we’re in a Photokina year (Sept 2016) and with Canon pushing the PRO-1000 in the 17″ category, we might well see something like a P4000/P5000 split (as with the 24″ and 44″ printers)

2015 December

22nd Detailed Epson P400 Review


30th We’ve an Epson P400 on the way for a review – any specific questions, please let me know?


24th UK launch of the printers – more info on our P6000/7000/800/9000 info page

15th The new large format printers are announced in the US

These replace the 7890/7900 and 9890/9900, but not the 4900.

And yes, there is still a black ink swap…

Until we have a review, any new info will go on our P6000/7000/800/9000 info page

This is the US press info

Epson Introduces New SureColor P-Series Large Format Printers
Epson SureColor P-series Large Format Printer
Eight-Colour and 10-Colour Printers Set New Standards for Colour Gamut, Colour Matching Accuracy and Black Density

September 14, 2015 – Epson is once again redefining large format commercial ink jet printing with the announcement of the SureColor P-Series line-up. Incorporating the latest imaging technologies, including Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printhead, the new P-Series printers deliver extraordinary performance for the professional printing industry along with unparalleled Colour matching capabilities. Leveraging Epson’s UltraChrome HD eight-Colour ink set, the 24-inch SureColor P6000 and 44-inch SureColor P8000 are designed for graphic designers, commercial printers and photographers. Successors to the award-winning Epson Stylus Pro 900-Series, the 24-inch SureColor P7000 and 44-inch SureColor P9000 incorporate a reformulated Epson UltraChrome HDX 10-Colour ink set for both commercial and flexographic printers, as well as graphic designers, photographers, and fine art reproduction houses.

Surecolor p9000Poised to set new industry standards for commercial and flexographic proofing applications, the SC-P7000 and SC-P9000 are available in a Commercial Edition featuring an all-new Violet ink for expanded Colour gamut delivering output matching 99-percent of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated. In addition, the printers are configurable with an optional Epson SpectroProofer UVS in-line spectrophotometer designed to provide automated Colour management and verification-related tasks for a range of proofing applications.

“Epson is committed to bringing the most advanced printing and proofing solutions to market for creative, graphic arts and printing professionals,” said Larry Kaufman, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “The new SureColor P-Series family brings together the most sophisticated printing technologies available to deliver extraordinary results, whether for graphic design, contract proofing for commercial and flexographic printing, fine art, or photography.”

More about the SureColor P-Series

The complete SureColor P-Series printer family – the SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P8000, and SC-P9000 – redefine wide-format, aqueous imaging applications with a vast array of workflow solutions and robust media handling. All models seamlessly integrate with industry leading workflow software solutions to meet the needs of the proofing and graphic arts community. Additional features include:

Epson UltraChrome HD and HDX Ink: The SC-P6000/P8000 leverage the eight-Colour UltraChrome HD ink and the SC-P7000/P9000 use the 10-Colour UltraChrome HDX ink. Both professional ink sets deliver outstanding Colour with improved black density; new Black ink is 1.5 times denser than previous ink formulation, providing significant improvements to overall contract ratio and optical clarity, and improved Resin Encapsulation Technology delivers superior gloss uniformity. All SureColor P-Series printers are designed to work exclusively with Epson UltraChrome HD and HDX ink1.
Epson PrecisionCore TFP Printhead: The SureColor P-Series delivers consistent, high-performance with variable size ink droplet technology as small as 3.5 picoliters for remarkable print quality. New enhancements include a new wave form, improving dot placement and accuracy. User-scheduled cleaning cycles improve print head health.
The Proofing Standard: Ideal for all commercial and flexographic proofing, the SC-P7000/P9000 Commercial Edition printers include an all-new Violet ink for expanded Colour gamut targeting improved spot Colour matching accuracy.
Robust Media Handling: Supports virtually any media type in roll or cut-sheet, from photographic paper to 1.5 mm thick fine art media and poster board. New roll media handling offers user-selectable 3 mm top and bottom margins and improved guide rollers for reduced media surface impressions. High-speed rotary cutter included.
Optional Internal Print Server: Internal 320GB print server boosts workgroup productivity by quickly transferring print jobs to free-up workstations; adds print queue management and print job save and reprint functionality.
Optional SpectroProofer UVS: Developed jointly with X-Rite, the in-line spectrophotometer provides automated Colour management and verification-related tasks for a range of proofing applications. It supports all current illumination standards for UV and UV-Cut measurement and is UV selectable between M0, M1 and M2.
The Epson SureColor P-Series will be on display at Graph Expo, Sept. 13-16, 2015 at McCormick Place in Chicago in Epson’s booth, #841, highlighting graphic design and commercial proofing applications.

Support and Availability

The Epson SureColor P-Series will be available in October 2015 through authorized Epson Professional Imaging resellers:

P-Series Printer Editions Price
Epson SureColor P6000 24-inch – Standard Edition $2,995
Epson SureColor P7000 24-inch – Standard Edition (Light Light Black Starter Ink Set) $3,995
Epson SureColor P7000 24-inch – Commercial Edition (Violet Starter Ink Set) $3,995
Epson SureColor P8000 44-inch – Standard Edition $4,995
Epson SureColor P9000 44-inch – Standard Edition (Light Light Black Starter Ink Set) $5,995
Epson SureColor P9000 44-inch – Commercial Edition (Violet Ink Starter Set) $5,995

2015 September

4th A ‘new range of wide format printers’ is being announced by Epson before the end of the month. No details yet, but it’s hardly crystal ball gazing to expect SureColor replacements for the 4900/7900/9900
3rd It’s looking like a busy few months in the printer business – large and small.
We’re hearing that quite a few ‘significant’ printers are on their way from both Canon and Epson.
1st Epson UK announce a new printer. The SC-P400 replaces the R2000 and will ship in November.

As ever, we hope to have a review in due course…

1st September 2015 – Epson’s latest A3+ pro-photo printer combines a lightweight, stylish and compact design with many features for creating professional-quality prints on a range of media. Combining pigment inks and advanced connectivity features in one affordable package, the SC-P400 is ideal for amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts alike.
Amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts can now create impressive, professional-quality prints with the SC-P400. Utilising a seven-colour UltraChrome HiGloss 2 ink-set with gloss optimiser means photos will have vibrant colours and a uniform smooth gloss finish. The inks are delivered onto the page by a printhead that creates the smallest ink droplet size of any A3+ photo printer on the market[1], ensuring incredibly accurate prints.


Martin Johns, Product Manager Pro Photo, Epson UK, said: “Completing our new SC-P line-up of pro-photo desktop printers, the SC-P400 is ideal for users who want to create professional results on a range of media. As well as offering superior connectivity options and versatile media printing, it comes with the most affordable pigment ink-set on the market1, meaning cost-conscious users can keep their costs down.”
Creating professional-quality prints in sizes up to A3+ is easy and – thanks to a wide range of supported media – stunning photographs can be displayed in a number of ways. For users who desire prints with a museum-quality appearance, the SC-P400 includes a fine art paper path that is extremely easy to use as it has a rear-loading tray. Printing on roll media is optimised with two roll paper holders that allow accurate printing on two-inch core media. If users require thicker photos, rigid media of up to 1.3mm is also supported, while CD and DVD printing is also possible.
More flexible than ever before, the new model comes with a range of advanced connectivity features, including Wi-Fi printing. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, by simply downloading the iPrint app to your device, you can quickly and effortlessly print photos wirelessly. The printer can even be connected to a local network in a photo lab or office thanks to its built in Ethernet capability.
Furthermore, it is the smallest and lightest A3+ photo printer with pigment inks available on the market1, meaning users can save precious desk and counter space. Its stylish and professional design will also make it an ideal addition to any modern home, studio or office.

The SC-P400 will be available to buy from 1st November 2015.

Key features

Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 ink for superior quality and lightfastness
Wide colour gamut with 7 colours plus Gloss Optimiser
Highly accurate printing with min. ink droplet size of 1.5 pl
Affordable 14ml ink cartridges
Compatible with a wide range of media including fine art, glossy and matte papers
Roll paper holders allow users to easily print on 2″ core media.
Rear-loading fine art paper path for easy loading of fine art media
Rigid media support up to 1.3 mm
Wi-Fi for wireless printing from tablets, PCs and smartphones
Print from practically anywhere using your smartphone or tablet PC with Epson iPrint support
Built-in Ethernet
Modern design for high-quality look and feel
Compact footprint (622x324x219mm) fits well where space is an issue, at home or in the studio
Lightweight (12.3kg) design
Borderless printing
5760×1440 optimized resolution
CD/DVD printing


24th After writing the review,several people asked questions about aspects of using the P800, so I’ve added a few more examples and images.
20th I’ve had a pre-release P800 here for a detailed review – The successor to the 3880 adds roll paper, but how else has it changed…


24th I’ve just published a detailed SC-P600 review – it’s quite long, but please do ask if you feel there is something I’ve missed out.

2014 December

29th I’ve just had an SC-P600 sent from Epson UK for a detailed review. If anyone has any specific questions, please let me know and I’ll try and address them during testing.


19th I’ve recently heard of an Epson R3000 that had started excessive cleaning cycles after a year of use. The owner had recently attached the printer via a new surge-protection power cable/extension unit.
Getting rid of the anti-surge device cured the printer.

I’m minded to wonder if it wasn’t a sub-standard device, but worth noting [thanks for the info]


7th I’ve added a page for the Epson SC-P600 A3+ SureColor inkjet printer, and will be producing a detailed review as soon as we can look at one (no ETA I’m afraid)
Epson suggest that they intend to introduce quite a few SureColor printers over the next year, so maybe updates for the R2000, 4900, 7900, 9900, and 3880 before too much longer.
I’d note that they will continue with exisiting printers for some time – start looking for good deals, and remember that the current printers are all pretty good.
The P-600 ink arrangement looks quite similar to the R3000
sc-p600 ink carts
5th Epson announce a new A3+ printer that will be shown at Photokina
SureColor SC-P600

The SureColor SC-P600 is Epson’s top-of-the-range A3 photo printer and combines superb quality, high productivity and superior wireless connectivity in a compact and affordable package. The SureColor SC-P600 features Epson’s new UltraChrome HD and Vivid Magenta ink to produce excellent quality prints. The new nine-colour UltraChrome HD inkset can reproduce a very wide colour gamut and with a 2.84 DMax – the industry’s highest black density — produce deep, rich blacks and ultra-smooth tonal gradations.
Ideal for amateur and semi-professional photographers, the SureColor SC-P600 will also appeal to businesses, such as architects, real-estate agents and advertising/design agencies, that have a regular requirement for high-quality colour presentations.
The new printer provides exceptional Wi-Fi Direct wireless printing connectivity from smartphones, tablets and PCs. For the first time on a single-function Epson A3+ photo printer, Epson Connect is supported. Google Cloud Print is also supported.
Designed for medium-volume production, the SureColor SC-P600 outputs an 11 x 14 inch print in only 153 seconds. Twin paper paths enable A3+ printing on a wide variety of photo and fine art papers, canvas and thick media, while the machine’s roll-paper capability is perfect for high-impact panoramic images. The 2.7 inch, colour touch panel interface, unique to the SureColor SC-P600 in the A3+ sector, makes it simple to set up and manage, even without a PC.
The SureColor SC-P600 printer will be shown for the first time in Europe at Photokina (Stand B11, Hall 2.2, 16th-21st September 2014, Koelnmesse, Cologne).

2nd Whoops, I should check model numbers a bit more closely… The 3890 has been around for years!
Epson already has a 3890 on their Chinese site – it’s their version of the 3880.
Looks pretty similar…
Epson 3890

“9-color Epson “UltraChrome K3 VM” pigment ink system to effectively expand the color gamut, providing richer blue / purple tones
The new Epson LUT (color table) technology to optimize color gamut, and further improve the print quality”

Epson China


29th No signs of anything new at Photokina at the moment, but there are some very good deals for the 3880 going round.
If you want a great printer (my 3880 review), then this is a good time to buy – a new printer won’t suddenly render it useless ;-)
The 3880 dates from 2009 and will work well, even if Epson announce a 3890/3900 (or whatever).
The new print technologies from last year seem to have been aimed at the ‘SureColor’ range, whilst the x900 range and smaller printers haven’t seen an update for quite some time.
Here’s the timeline:


26th After a lot of testing, I’ve produced a new updated version of our free black and white printer test image.
23rd Epson launches SureColor SC-T7200, SC-T5200 and SC-T3200 large-format printers
All info on this new range of printers will go on our new Epson SC-T7200, T5200, T3200 page
19th No reliable signs of any replacement printers as yet, although it was suggested to me that in large format printing we would see a move to more user serviceable parts when some of the ‘Surecolor’ developments pushed through.

I can’t see this as likely for more consumer models – you’re supposed to buy a new printer ;-)

The R3000 is reported [thanks] as very difficult to get in parts of Europe – any other difficulties or hefty discounts around the world?


26th Two new printer to appear at next week’s ‘Photography Show’ in the UK

“Epson announces the launch of the SureLab D700, its first compact six-colour photo production printer, offering a wide range of media and format options. Combining vibrant, high-quality colour output with reliability and cost-efficiency, this stand-alone printer is ideally suited to photo production businesses, photo shops, event photographers, minilabs and copyshops. In fact anyone who needs to print high-quality mixed sized photos on demand.
The SureLab D700 printer will be shown for the first time in the UK at The Photography Show (Stand L50, 1-4th March 2014, NEC).
Unlike the other models in the market that are limited in the choice of print size and media, the SureLab D700 uses Epson’s highly flexible inkjet technology to print multiple sizes (from 4inches up to A4 wide and from 3.5- 39 inches long) on a wide range of media including glossy, lustre and paper-based matte media. In addition to providing a high level of size/media flexibility the productive SureLab D700 can deliver up to 360 6x4inch prints and 180 8x6inch prints an hour. Therefore, in addition to professional quality photos, it can effortlessly print cards, invitations, flyers and promotional leaflets. This makes it suitable for copy shops and photographers who want to expand their existing business by offering associated products and services to drive new revenue streams, while further benefitting from its low cost per print.”

SureLab D7 studio

“Epson is expanding its commercial photo production range, with the introduction of the SureLab D7 Studio which will make its UK debut at The Photography Show (Stand L50, 1-4th March 2014, NEC). This scalable and flexible solution can be tailored to suit users’ needs, and used either on the shop floor as a self-service order terminal or as a production microlab behind-the-counter. The microlab features the new SureLab D700 printer and is available from June 2014.
The SureLab D7 Studio can produce premium quality prints, panoramics, folded displays and cards, on a wide range of media, including paper-based matte, glossy and lustre media, and in a range of sizes (from 4inches up to A4 wide and from 3.5- 39 inches long). It also supports a wide range of inputs, such as memory cards, USB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, Facebook and smartphones/tablets, making it quick and easy to reproduce designs and photos in a creative way, with first class results.”

If this was what was meant when we were told it might be good to hold off getting a 3880, then I hardly think they are similar ;-)
22nd If you’re wondering if a large format printer is for you, then I’ve just finished a new article: So, you want to get a large format printer? – some issues to consider.
Also, I note this article from Epson (last year) mentioning new printheads for product to appear in business/industrial products by the end of their financial year (March)

With mention if business/industrial, I’d assumed it was related to new ‘Surecolor’ products?

20th A suggestion that if we wanted a 3880 printer, that it might be worth holding back a few weeks to see what’s coming. No details though, and no other info anywhere to back this up.
15th I note two sites selling printer service manuals and spare parts for a wide range of printers [SDTSMN]

2013 December

24th There’s been no major printer update since 2011. 2014 is a Photokina year, so what’s Epson going to be doing with that new printhead technology we keep hearing snippets of info about?
There have been all kinds of large Epson printers announced, such as the SureColor SC-F2000 – at £17k, great for printing T-shirts… but nothing for the fine art/photo market.
So, when will we get a replacement for the 3880?
It looks rather like the ‘5 new printers for 2013’ comment we had back in August 2012 was more than a bit optimistic … maybe 2014? ;-)


23rd Some time ago I heard that the 7900 and 9900 would last a long while, since certain aspects of the technology were just not going to advance in a hurry. It would seem that Epson do have a new print head technology that they are keen to introduce, so we may yet see quite a major new range of printers, that could include an update to the 3880.
Finally we may get to lose the last vestiges of Mk/Pk switching…


1st I’ve just finished a detailed review of the Epson R2000 printer


5th Wondering what was up for replacement in the A3+/17″ printer market, I’ve created a rough timeline:
Moved up page

The longevity of the 4880 stands out, with its need to swap cartridges for Mk/Pk.
So, is a 9 ink 4890 on the way, or is the 4900 the only option for 17″ roll feed? If so, then next oldest is the 3880.
So… Epson SP3900 as a replacement for the SP3880 this year? I’d not be surprised to see an all new print head that cuts out black ink switchover, and allows for a gloss coat.
The 3880 has been my ‘reccomended printer’ at this size for some time now – I look forward to seeing what can be improved.


19th No signs of anything new in larger printers from Epson during a visit to their stand at the Focus show this month.

2012 September

22nd Just back from holiday, and no matter how carefully I scan the Photokina press announcements, there is no sign of any Epson printers (some Canon ones, but no Epson…)
Next shows that I know of are SGIAin Vegas (Oct 18-20) and PhotoPlus in New York (Oct 24-27)


15th We’re told to expect a whole new range of medium to large format printers announced in the run-up to photokina – 5 new printers for 2013.
Updates for the 3880/4900/7900/9900 and a 60″ ?
Seems quite a lot – still waiting for actual details ;-)
12th No details of any photokina related announcements yet.


17th We’ve heard that the 3880 may be getting a makeover for photokina (3890 or 3900?) – not many print related changes, since it’s a pretty good printer to start with.
I’d put the following on the ‘to do’ list
New colour LCD, wireless, and an increase in weight (more solid build).
No word on roll paper support though.


16th In the UK, 3880 prices have been dropping recently, to around the £1k mark (includes 20% tax). The Drupa show is in May, although it’s more aimed at the bigger print market – perhaps time to see an update for the rather long in the tooth z3200 from HP (our z3200 review)


15th We hear (thanks) that there are some exceedingly good deals on the 4900 in the US, until the end of the month. $1009 after rebates at Atlex – B&H
10th The 3880 is, I’m told, due for an update later this year. What was not clear was whether it would be a 3890 or 3900.

To me a 3900 name would signify a potentially larger jump and perhaps a move to 12 ink – moving the 3xxx series further away from the R3000 with its bigger ink tanks than the R2880

2011 November

21st UK ‘discounts’
“Existing Epson Stylus* customers can save up to £850* on the RRP when purchasing selected Epson Stylus Pro printers.
Loyal customers can save £350 on the 24 inch Stylus Pro 7890 and 7900 Series, £650 on the Stylus Pro 9890 and 9900 Series, and £850 on the 64 inch Stylus Pro 11880.
*Check which printers qualify for the loyalty discount and for terms and conditions on This offer is available for purchases made between 1st October and 31st December 2011.”


23rd Full SP4900 review


5th Full R3000 review


30th Don’t expect any big advances from the x900 printers for quite some time.
We’re told (thanks) that Epson believe that the x900 series are pretty much reaching the limits of some aspects of print technology, and that any significant improvements are some way off.
19th Epson UK announce a £60 cashback on the 2880 – runs during September/Occtober 2011


2nd Epson announce a series of rebates in the US and Canada
The printers eligible for instant rebates, and the rebate amount:

Stylus Pro 7890 Standard Edition, $500
Stylus Pro 9890 Standard Edition, $1000
Stylus Pro 7890 Designer Edition, $750
Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition, $750
Stylus Pro 7900 Standard Edition, $500
Stylus Pro 9900 Standard Edition, $500
Stylus Pro 7700VM, $750
Stylus Pro 9700VM, $1250

The printers eligible for mail-in rebates, and the rebate amount:

Stylus Pro 4900 Standard Edition, $500
Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition, $500
Stylus Pro 11880 Standard Edition, $1000

Rebates run for this month (US site)


3rd Epson announce the R2000 printer in the US. A3+ HDR inks with gloss optimiser and larger cartridges


21st Two ‘Printing Masterclass’ videos from Epson

Professional digital photo printing masterclass – Photokina – Epson

Masterclass tutorial for image productions – Photokina – Epson 

2011 January

Espson SP R3000 A3+ printer17th The Epson R3000 A3+ printer is announced. As ever, we hope to have a full review in due course.

Looks as if Epson was just a bit ahead of our thoughts on the 2880 ;-)

11th Epson to announce new printers/scanners at the BETT show in London this month, however we’ve had no hints of any changes in the lineup of larger printers, with the 2880 perhaps most looking like a replacement announcement later this year.

2010 October

21st I paid a visit to Epson UK yesterday to have a look at the 4900 and see more about the Epson Digigraphie launch in the UK


29th We’re told by Epson that the 4880 will remain a current product and available alongside the 4900.
Site updates are delayed a bit since I’m currently in the US
24th No sign of the new printers yet at Epson sites outside of Europe. New printer info pages updated.
21st Epson announce the 9890/7890 and 4900


6th Epson rebates in the US – running until 31st Oct. 3880, 4880, 7900, 9900, 11880, GS6000


30th Epson are to announce 3 professional printers at Photokina.
I’d suspect a 11900, 4900 and ‘CAD/volume printing’ version of the 4900 (4500?)

2010 April

24th We’ve had several comments that the HDR inkset will appear in an 11900 this year – a
22nd Full Epson SP3880 review
10th We’ve an Epson 3880 on loan from Epson and will have a full review later this month.

2009 September

9th Big UK price rises on the way next month

Model Curent Price New Price Increase
Epson Stylus Pro 4880 £1,345 £1,695 £350
Espon Stylus Pro 7880 £1,755 £2,595 £850
Espon Stylus Pro 7900 £2,475 £3,495 £1,020
Espon Stylus Pro 7900-S £3,195 £4,295 £1,100
Espon Stylus Pro 9880 £3,595 £5,195 £1,600
Espon Stylus Pro 9900 £4,135 £5,995 £1,860
Espon Stylus Pro 9900-S £5,035 £6,995 £1,960


30th suggestion that the 3800 will be replaced with the 3880 this summer.

2009 January

12th UK prices to rise? We’ve seen price rises for Canon and Nikon equipment due to currency fluctuations, but it looks as if printers and supplies may be in line for rises.

The Epson V750 Perfection Pro scanner has just shot up last week at one UK dealer by 25% – £488 to £626

2008 December

5th Some initial 7900 and 9900 printers are starting to turn up in the US and UK.


20th Epson User guide for 7900/9900


23rd Epson 78 page PDF available about 7900/9900 technology

16th New sets of specs/prices/shipping on the 7900/9900 page


9th Photokina soon and what’s expected? Still no rumours of note :-)


18th With the 7900 and 9900 due in the autumn, there are some pretty good deals around for the 7880 and 9880 – however I noticed that the 3800 is included in the discounted printers, but not the 4880.

Is this a sign of an impending update to the 3800? The 3800 was announced in September 2006 and uses the Ultrachrome K3 ink set. Might we see a new version with the Vivid Magenta ink? Having looked at the 4880 recently, I’d have thought a 4900 was more likely – Photokina anyone? ;-)


6th We’ve got a report of our detailed look at an Epson 4880 – very nice prints :-)


27th Swapping black inks on the new 7900/9900 is reported to use the following amounts:

PK-MK less than 1ml
MK-PK under 3ml

5th A bit more info on the 9900/7900 ;-)

4th A bit more info on the 9900/7900 from a PDF distributed at DRUPA

2008 May

31st Stiil only 9900/7900 details from Epson Australia so far – look for availability in the Autumn.

I’ve heard of numerous problems downloading the plugin mentioned below. These two links seem to work at the moment

Mac version

win version

29th 7900 and 9900 will have X-Rite spectrophotometers in them.
“The SpectroProofer, an in-line, off-carriage calibration and verification system for Epson’s newly launched Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and Stylus Pro 9900 large format printers” [detils on the 7900/9900 page]

26th Epson are sending out invites to the DRUPA show which starts this Thursday. One from Epson France ‘suggests’ new technologies on the way, but as you’d expect – no detail ;-)

23rd looks like our guess earlier was right – we have initial info on the R2880.

Epson have also launched a new Photoshop Plug in, this is available as a free download and will support a limited number of previous Epson printers (Epson Stylus Photo 1400, R1800, R1900, R2400, R2880 and Stylus Pro 3800). The new Epson Print Plug-In will be available as a free download from Epson Europe. It supports Mac OS 10.4.3 – 10.4.10 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP SP2 and Vista.

23rd May 2008 – Imaging specialist Epson has today launched an innovative new print plug-in for the Adobe Photoshop family of products that provides users with enhanced functionality and flexibility, making colour-managed printing quicker and easier. Engineered specifically for the popular Adobe Photoshop CS and Elements products, Epson designed the software to meet the needs of the users of its Stylus Pro 3800 and its A3+ printers, including the new Epson Stylus Photo R2880.Mark Robinson, Senior Product Manager at Epson UK commented: “The new Epson plug-in provides an invaluable tool for the keen photographer, allowing them to increase their efficiency when printing a wide variety of projects.

“As an independent resource, the Epson Print Plug-In allows users to switch easily between its interface and Photoshop. This allows them to add images to the multi-image print easily and keep temporary images for reprint even if the plug-in window is closed. For many users, this functionality is highly valuable and could significantly enhance productivity.”

The Epson interface splits the printing workflow into three steps; image selection, layout selection/definition and printer settings and previewing, making the printing process simple and efficient. The window of each step is modular and can be minimised to optimise space on-screen.

The layout function automates the layout process, allowing users to select from three layout types; template, index and free layout, which can be arranged over multiple pages. Over 170 templates, ranging from credit card sizes to A2 are available as standard and users can even create custom templates and save them for regular use. Once the layout is selected, images are simply dragged and dropped into the template and can even be cropped as needed.

Colour management can be automated for both direct colour management using the printer driver, and ICC profile-based colour management. Users can also specify their own ICC profiles for specific print media. The preview function provides a fast and easy way to proof the final print layout before printing begins.

Two more printer designations we keep hearing about are a revised 3800 or 3880, featuring the Vivid Magenta inks and a coated (less clogs) print head, such as seen in the x880 series and a 2880 with VM ink and an all new head (and cartridge) design.

17th Could we see some more advanced features like a built in spectro for the new large format printers for DRUPA? (9900 page)

14th Expect an R2400 replacement before long. A DPR comment from someone in Hong Kong wanting a quote says that they were told it’s been flagged EOL (End of Life)

The R2400 is a bit long in the tooth (2005) so given the advances seen in the 3800 and upcoming ‘x900’ series it could be quite a jump (R2900 or 2880 anyone?)

Also, ink prices on the way for the UK? As of 1st June expect some rises – this info from Epson via a supplier

8% on the inks for the following printers:

Stylus Photo R800/R1800/R1900/R2100/R2400
Stylus Colour 3000
Stylus Pro 3800 and maintenance cartridge
Stylus Pro 4000/5000/5500/7000/7500/7600/9000/9500/9600/10000/10000CF/10600

18% on the inks for the following printers:

Stylus Pro 4400/4450/4800/4880
Stylus Pro 7400/7450/7800/7880
Stylus Pro 9400/9450/9800/9880

and 9.6% on the 700ml inks for the Stylus Pro 11880

1st It seems we should expect a bit more from the 7900/9900 that just an update. We’re told that much of the printer design has changed with Epson seemingly wanting to move past Canon and HP in a lot of areas – just what this actually means, we’ll have to wait and see ;-)

As ever if you want to share any info, just drop us a mail (discretion assured ;-)

April 29th More info on the Epson 7900 and 9900 – 10 colour printers at DRUPA? An article about the rumour gets pulled at a printing web site.

March 27th Epson are going to release a 64″ ‘eco-solvent’ printer (the Stylus Pro GS6000) for signage work

20th Expect new Epson printers to be announced at DRUPA in Germany (May 29th – June 11th) These are likely to include an all new range of wide format printers, utilising technologies found in the 11880 (black ink switching at last? ;-) … or at least that’s the “we didn’t tell you this” dealer info I’m hearing ;-)

19th Are Epson getting ready to launch an ‘Ecosolvent’ (sign printing) based version of the 11880?

In an interesting post on the WIP list, there’s the suggestion that it might get launched at the FESPA show in April (Geneva 1st-3rd).

2008 February 18th I’ve seen mention of the ‘9888’ on one forum, since no-one has a good idea on what the next set of printers will be called (49xx, 79xx 99xx are my favourites ;-)

This is a Photokina year (September), so we might yet see 3880 or 11880 black ink switching technology appear.

It’s the Focus show in the UK next week, and since I’ve been invited (as ‘Press’ ;-) I’ll be looking at all the latest from the main mainufacturers

14th Once again I’m seeing lots of people asking about versions of the 4880/7880/9880 that support ink swapping like the 11880. Unfortunately, asking is all I’ve seen so far… :-(

New papers coming out this year may make the need for using matt black less important, but many suggest that Epson sells more ink (and printers) with the current printer lineup ;-)

2007 December 6th It seems Epson have announced a whole raft of new (Beta) Mac OSX 10.5 drivers that make use of its 16 bit print architecture

3800, 4800, 7800, 9800, 4880, 7880, 9880, 11880

There are also 10.5 drivers for some older printers such as the 4000 and even my 9600 If you go to the FAQ pagethere is info on availability and timings

November 3rd Is this the end of third party inks and ink supply systems in the USA?

Such concerns are all over print related forums, based on a recent ITC ruling. At the moment it ‘only’ applies to smaller printers, but large format systems can expect to be next (More info at WFO)

Epson have set up a specific site with their interpretations of what this means…

new epson 360 print head2007 October 21st

I’ve seen several questions on forums about just how long it will be before the 4880/7880/9880 are replaced with new designs allowing black ink swapping like the 11880 and 3880. The lack of black swap certainly came as a surprise, but the smaller x880 series were only announced at the end of July and are only now shipping in any quantities.

The picture is of the 11880 head with its 9 sets of jets. Maybe we’ll get the 4900/7900/9900 next year at Photokina, but I suspect 2010 is more likely, since having a major revision of the pro printer line is not something the large format market wants too often.

The 3800 is being widely discounted at the moment, with various offers such as the current one at the NY Photoplus, with Epson offering discount vouchers for show purchases.

If you’ve not updated your printer drivers for a while, it’s worth checking different Epson sites to see if new ones are available. I generally check Epson UK, US and Australia, since there is some considerable variation in what’s present in different countries’ sites.

An example I noted from the Wide_Inkjet_Printers yahoo group would be:

For the 10600arc printer: EpsonNet Config Utility v2.0bE, Macintosh OS X (v10.2.x – 10.4.x),epson12357.dmg – 3MB – posted on 10/19/07

Epson are updating their printer drivers for OSX Leopard – no details on whether these will support its 16 bit print system, but larger printer models are due before long

This from Epson (UK)….

In-Box = Drivers are already included in the Operating System and the installation process will start as soon as you will plug your product in.

Inkjet Printers
Stylus colour Series
Stylus colour 680, 740, 880, 900, 980 In-Box
Stylus Photo Series
Stylus Photo 810, 830, 830U, 870, 890, 895, 895EX, 900, 915, 925, 935, 950, 1270, 1290, 2000P, 2100, 1400 In-Box
Stylus C Series
Stylus C70, C90, C91, C43, C44, C60, C62, C63, C64, C70, C79, C80, C82, C83, C84, C86, C87 In-Box
Stylus D Series
Stylus D68, D88, D92 In-Box
Stylus D78, D120 October
PictureMate Series
PictureMate, Picturemate 100, Picturemate 500, PictureMate 280 In-Box
PictureMate 240, PictureMate PM260, PictureMate PM290 October
Stylus Photo R Series
Stylus Photo R200, R220, R240, R300, R320, R340, R360, R265, R285, R800 In-Box
Stylus Photo R1800, Stylus Photo R1900, Stylus Photo R2400 November

Large Format Printers

Stylus Pro Series
Stylus Pro 4000 In-Box
Stylus Pro 7600, 9600, 10600 October
Stylus Pro 3800, 4400, 4450, 4800, 4880, 7400, 7450, 7800, 7880, 9400, 9450 9800, 9880, 11880 November
Laser Printers
Most current Laser Printers are supported using existing printer drivers. Please check back in November.
Multifuction Devices
Stylus CX Series
Stylus CX3200, CX3500, CX3600, CX4100, CX4200, CX4300, CX4700, CX4800, CX5200, CX5400 In-Box
Stylus CX6400, CX6600 October
Stylus DX Series
Stylus DX4200, DX4400, DX4800 In-Box
Stylus DX4000, DX5000, DX6000, DX7000F, DX7400, DX8400, DX9400F October
Stylus Photo RX Series
Stylus Photo RX420, RX500, RX520, RX600, RX620, RX640, RX700 In-Box
Stylus Photo RX560, RX585, RX685 October
 All current scanners will be supported using existing drivers in OSX Leopard
OSX Leopard changes

This is what Apple has to say about printing in Leopard (and some macworld notes)

Enhanced Precision Printing
Get the best quality from select Canon and Epson printers. Leopard can use enhanced numerical precision to unlock the printing potential of pro-level colour ink jet printers, using up to 16 bits per colour channel.

Printer Drivers via Software Update
Make sure you always have the latest printer drivers. Download directly to your system using the familiar capabilities of Software Update.

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