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Rogeti TSE Frame III for TS-E50

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Rogeti TSE Frame Mk.3  for TS-E50

Version of the lens mount for the TS-E50 2.8L Macro

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Rogeti have produced a new version of the TSE Frame specifically for the Canon TS-E50 2.8L Macro tilt/shift lens.

It offers all the functionality of the TSE Frame for the Canon TS-E17mm and TS-E24mm mk2. lenses in that it lets you attach the lens to a tripod and shift the camera, to reduce parallax errors when stitching.

For a detailed review about using the original TSE Frame and why it’s a fixture in Keith’s kit bag see:

See also Keith’s detailed review of the TS-E50


The Rogeti TSE Frame  is currently available for $359
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TSE Frame Mk3 for the Canon TS-E50mm

The original TSE frame only supported using the TS-E 17mm and 24mm mk2 lenses.  The latest TS-E lenses from Canon are somewhat larger and wouldn’t fit.

Rogeti have now produced a version of the frame that fits the 50mm TS-E lens. It’s very similar to the one for the 17 and 24mm, just a slightly different shape.

As such it offers all the functionality of the original, making it much easier to produce stitched images using lens shift.


The foot plate is the same as with the other model, but adds a position for the TS-E50.

To use this – just place the line over the axis of rotation of your tripod head, after carefully levelling it. It’s normally used for up/down shifted images that you want to stitch into a panoramic view. For an example, think of a normal pano shot, but with the lens shifted up to get more sky and less foreground.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a TSE-50, but have borrowed one from Canon UK.

Front and rear views of the two TSE frames.


The differences are quite noticeable from the rear. The TS-E50 is a bigger lens.



The frame comes with the same parts as the original – the optional bracket makes for easier aiming, and also lets you balance a piece of card on it – useful to avoid direct sun on occasions.


You can use the base plate or the frame itself to attach to your tripod head (arca style mount).


The mk3 mount has the ability to mount the lens shift axis at 45º (see example shot below from when I was testing the original


The new mount is every bit as solidly engineered as the one I use every week for my architectural photography.


There’s also just enough padding to avoid marking your expensive lens…

Rogeti information

This chart shows all the parts of the Mk3 frame

tse frame parts

Here’s their quick guide to the coverage you can get by stitching.

shifting and stitching formats

How I use the TSE Frame

For a detailed review about using the TSE Frame and why it’s so useful see:

One quick example from the review showing four images, shot on the diagonal and their stitch.

four photos

Stitched and corrected.

quad stitch corrected

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  • Antonia Lutz | Aug 2, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Do you happen to have connections with Rogeti? I have the 90mm TS-E lens (the new L one) and wish there were a TSE Frame for this lens. Maybe you could ‘push’ them a bit to do a frame for the 90mm?

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