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Gigapixel AI V5.2 update

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Review update: Topaz Gigapixel AI

New input mode added to V5.2

Site update: Thanks for all your support and help - Keith & Karen
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Topaz Gigapixel AI resizes images in an entirely different way to enlarging techniques in common use in the past. This allows even quite small original files to have a chance as moderate and large size prints.

Topaz have updated Gigapixel AI to Version 5.2 A new processing model is added for images that have been heavily compressed

The update is a free one for existing users

There’s a watermarked fully functional demo available at Topaz Labs

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Apr. 2021 Update to V5.5

Gigapixel AI

Now available is the “Image Quality Bundle”. It includes Sharpen, Gigapixel, DeNoise, and JPEGtoRAW. The retail price is $359.96, but it’s on sale for $199.99. (More than $150 in savings).

Gigapixel AI V5.2 update

If you’ve already got the software, you can just update it normally.

A quick example

I’ll take an image from one of my first reviews, back in 2003. Back then concerns over image size were more important, so they tended to be small and compressed.


Here’s that 500 pixel image being doubled in size (to 100px width) [click to enlarge]


Here’s the image resized to what is our current standard on the site,: 740px


You do need to experiment with the best settings, but it is very good at removing JPEG block artefacts.

I like Gigapixel for my large prints, but it’s a useful tool when updating some of my old articles where I may not have an original photo.

Lots more info

See also my Topaz articles/reviews which go into more detail about using their software.

Gigapixel AI – lots more examples

For more examples of what it can do, see my recent article about making an A2 print from a cropped 11MP image taken in 2004. It was also very useful when I was recently testing a new baryta paper and need to make A2 prints form images taken years ago on my Canon 1Ds (11MP).

V5.2 Change notes

Topaz maintain a change log for Gigapixel AI, which is well worth checking for any update info

Released October 21, 2020.

Major Features

  • New AI Model – “Compressed”. You can find it under the “Image Type” option in the right panel. This image type works best with photos that have a lot of artifacts, old family photos, and images downloaded from the internet
  • Whole New Look – Entire program has been given a UI overhaul to make it look more pleasing, as well as more consistent.
  • Crop your images using the new Crop Tool


  • Faster previewing and saving of images
  • File list is now collapsible, and you can now add images directly from the file list
  • Tutorials have been moved to the drop area on the starting screen


  • Multiple crashes have been fixed
  • Auto-detect settings should proc correctly when images are added / selected
  • Images should check / uncheck correctly in the file list
  • Tutorial panel should no longer show up when all opened images are unselected
  • When starting a trial, program should no longer incorrectly display that you have 0 days left on the trial
  • Login panel should no longer spin indefinitely if there’s a connection issue
  • “Original” label should now show correctly in single image view mode

Known Issues

  • When launched as a Photoshop plugin, assigning a color profile is sometimes required before the plugin will launch
  • Color shifting can be observed with certain images, particularly non-photographic images. We’re currently working on a new AI model that fixes this.
  • GPU image quality has artifacts not present when processing with just OpenVINO or CPU. We’re currently working on this, and will have a fix out soon.
  • When processing has been cancelled and auto-update preview is turned off, a smaller version of the previewed image will show up in the preview panel.
  • When in single image view mode and auto-update preview is turned off, the processed image will not show back up when mousing down on the previewed image
  • “Previewing…” overlay will flash on screen when auto-update preview is on and preview has already been processed
Try it out?

Check the free trial versions of Topaz Software
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  • Keith | Oct 30, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    My apologies for not delving further into this – thanks for taking the time to mention it.

  • Lawrence Beck | Oct 30, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    “The update is a free one for existing users. If you’ve already got the software, you can just update it normally.”
    Not so, Keith. Only if you’ve purchased the software with in the past year. Topaz used to include all future updates free of charge… but that policy was suddenly changed and ended as of August 31. Upgrades are no longer free for those of us who purchased the program when it was first released.
    This applies to all Topaz programs and is a bit insulting to those of us who bought the programs because of the promise of free upgrades for the life of the program.
    Interesting that many of the AI programs have recently been “upgraded” a month after the original free upgrade program was changed.

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