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EOS 40D rumour archive

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The EOS 40D rumours

Archive of rumours about the Canon EOS 40D DSLR

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2007 August 18th In a detailed email we received about Canon product plans, it seems that a 40D was indeed ready back in February/March, but got pulled because it just didn’t stand out enough in the market. Canon were surprised at just how well the D40/D40x and D80 did, so have taken a real ‘throw everything at it’ approach to the forthcoming 40D.

Features include: 14 bit processing, highlight preservation, multiple custom functions, faster, half the noise level of the 30D, more weatherproofing. Lots of ‘trickle down’ features from their pro models.

Their marketing campaign is really going to emphasise the semi-pro angle and the marketing will emphasise the ‘pro’ heritage.

See the 1Ds3 page for more details about all the Canon info we were sent (sensors, 5d2,450d, 1Ds2, 12800 ISO, bigger sensors…)

It seems that LCE in the UK are accepting pre-orders for the 40D and some of their staff are going to a launch on Tuesday

A Canon rep says that there will be an announcement on Monday and that the G7 and 30D are ‘discontinued’ (DPR) I’ve heard a few UK dealers mention this date, but none with any attributable info ;-)

17th I’ve learnt (thanks) that Canon China looks to have been told to make sure -all- the current models are on their front page – the 30D and 1Ds Mk2 have returned :-)

Some of today’s crop of rumours point to the previous 40D photos from last week being fakes. Well -if- that does turn out to be the case, then I take my hat off to whoever did them. By far the most convincing looking ones I’ve seen in several years of rumour monitoring.

Someone also claims to have a pre-ordered 40D, from somewhere in the US called ‘Onecall’… listed as: ‘EOS 40D 10MP DIGIC III 2.5LCD’ $1599 for the body only and 2.5″ LCD

Follow the rest of the thread for more discussions about this – I’d be curious as to why a listing would pick ‘Digic III’ and a 2.5″ LCD as features to mention.

New posts on DPR from a poster (and his enthusiastic fans ;-) that often only surfaces near to the time of actual releases (thanks Steve for pointing this one out)

…As to an improved AF system “The new 40d is like a 1D mkIII lite” – not exactly brimming with detail. It’s also of the “same build quality” as the 30D and as to specs “All the info is out there already…” Well, that’s all we need to know then ;-)

However, don’t go looking for 45 point AF – look at the viewfinder shot from the 3rd – 9 AF points. Just a reminder – the 30D specs are listed at the bottom of this page if you want to make comparisons. Also, no weather sealing.

Time for some more substantial rumours, c’mon Canon, send us a picture or two, I won’t say where they came from ;-)

16th As a follow up to the ‘Best Buy’ stories a few days ago – several people are posting on forums that they’ve gone into their local stores (in the US) and confirmed that a 40D is in the BB stock system at $1599 and is due on the second of September.

15th In an aside to the current rush of 40D info…

More news on the Sony ‘high end amateur’ model

Lens magnification – (Crop factor) 1.25 x
Sensor type and size – CCD sensor (28.6 X 19.8 mm)
Resolution – 14.4 mega pixels

“There has been suggestions the name of the new model may be called the Sony A300 with the high end model called the A500. Again, speculations are that the Sony A500 could have a sensor with up to 20 mega pixels.”

Meanwhile from the Dyxum forums comes the interesting post… (follow link for more)

“The advanced model will be 14.* MP and close to FF. It will have 1.25x factor and a switch for lenses with 1.5 factor. It will be called A300. Because of the pixel pattern similar to Sony ClearVid CMOS sensors, Sony will claim up to 2x effective pixel resolution. The flagship model will be called A500 and will be 100% full frame. Nikon is supplying Sony new steppers to create FF sensors in one shot. Sony first joined forces with Konica Minolta, now with Nikon. This gives to both Sony and Nikon advantage over Canon, which Sony believes will eventually drop to a 3rd place; Sony will move up to 2nd place in overall volume of DSLR’s sales. The least expensive Sony DSLR will not have optical viewfinder and will be called A50. The flagship model will be 20 MP, 40 effective. That is the reason why Sony concentrates on top quality glass. Sony’s advantage will be fact that they are the foremost sensor maker; their output is several times higher than Matsushita, which is second largest CCD maker. ”

Meanwhile for a really in depth bit of analysis of the few bits of info directly from Sony, have a look at PA

14th Following on from all the Best Buy related stuff a few days ago, I see that they are now accepting pre-orders for the 40D (from POTN)

13th Canon China drop the 30D and 1Ds Mk2 from their EOS Digital products web page

efs lens on eos 40dThe picture from yesterday is a Photoshopped image of another camera :-) (20D?) …so says the image creator on Flkr

Some people are still hoping for full frame, but if those product shots from last week are genuine, then note that it’s an EFS lens, so no FF.

Note that with some fancy mirror design, EFS lenses (info) with their reduced image circle, can cover larger sensors than 1.6 crop, so the 10-22 EF-S covers full frame down to about 15-16 mm and 1.3 crop to around 13-14 mm (examples)

12th 14bit raw? A set of specs at this Spanish site suggests that 14 bit processing and DR are coming to the 40D.

Other specs as per the second set mentioned on the 6th Aug. See also at POTN. I’m told (thanks) that this site sucessfully announced pre-release specs for both the 400D and the 1D3

Also at POTN, there’s this picture of an ad that is supposed to be in Shutterbug next month

40D advert

or in a bit more detail…

EOS 40D ad image from Shutterbug

11th It seems (thanks) that a Best Buy in New York also has the 40D and 28-135 lens listed for $1599… arriving September the 2nd.

If you want to check some more barcodes, then I see that the UPC database now has a 7D in it as well (0013803086706). Don’t forget that anyone can set this stuff up…

Now also a 70D (from Feb 2006) and a 320D (from Aug 2006)… anyone found a 1Ds Mk3 yet :-) :-)

Looking at the circularity of the rumour mill… :-)

I just saw a post on DPR which pointed to an article about the 40D release date. If you go to that article there are links to another blog, and to -this- page for the pictures. The original (40D) pictures on our site were from a Korean site. However If you go to the first link in the 40D article, they show a picture of a best buy printout. That picture is also the (tagged ;-) version from this page, which was originally posted on DPR. The site (which also includes a crop of the tagged 40D picture we have below) neglects to mention just where it got the pictures or give any references… Suffice to say, their info then gets quoted on other ‘news’ blogs, even further removing any links to sources :-)

9th The rumour pendulum swings the other way?

I’ve just had an email from someone who went into a Best Buy and asked them to check on item number (8472244) –

“…the guy says no problem – goes to a terminal and up pops the exact same screen you have on your site. No mention of a kit lens or if there is a kit, no further details under further details (he checked). However, the 30D with a 28-135 is selling for $1499.00 at that store today. It’s in the Best Buy computer system. If it’s a hoax, it’s a very elaborate hoax, including hacking the Best Buy system.”
–Thanks very much for that!

The UPC page has also lost the ‘W’ in the description (8 pending updates when I just looked! :-)

8th An all new version of the picture appears on EG – an actual BB screen shot?? … this is an enlarged version of the one posted.

However I’m told (thanks) that the code Z would not normally be applicable and that if you look carefully at the original image, some of the photoshop work is a bit sloppy in places – well, this is a rumours page after all :-)

eos 40d deatails

An actual Best Buy screen shot?? Could it be that BB staff have just too much time on their hands ;-) :-)

Update on the barcode – The entry is still there in the database, although it now lists 4 pending updates. This is the version from earlier today…

Canon 40D UPC code

Remember that this is not an official UPC database…

As well as getting ready for new camera releases, Canon is doing some market research, on what people want from their next camera. Well, any company this size is always doing -some- MR. The questions were quite similar to those I was asked when I was phoned up here in the UK, at the end of May, although they were quite keen to find out more about what features my -next- camera was going to have… ;-)

The 28-135 comment below was in the original post with the photo (which got pulled)
“Also currently listed as including with the 28-135 IS lens.”

It looks as if the $1600 is for just the body…

More on the pic below… I see it’s in a UPC (barcode) database, but note that the database entry was only made last night and has a pending update.

I got back from a night out and just missed this DPR thread, before the original poster discovered what an NDA was :-)

Seems it was a “photo of an invoice from a large American bricks and mortar retailer listing the price as $1599.99 (with 28-135 IS lens – or so the reports say) and listing the in-stock date as Sept 2nd.”

I was sent a copy of the image that was posted (Thanks!)

40d shipping note

$1600 to get a 40D and 28-135 IS? and available 2nd Sept 07 ? From someone suposedly looking up SKU’s at Best Buy ;-)

Being from the UK, I’ve no idea how plausible this is – if you know Best Buy then you might make sense of all those details…

6th Late August is getting to be a busy time for camera announcements… Pentax European press conference, 23rd; Canon Autumn Collection launch London, 21st; Nikon London launch, 24th. Sept 6th likely for Sony (from DPR). All possibly in time for IFA in Berlin (Aug 31 – Sep 5)

Over at FM there is a report of a major (US) electronics company starting to carry the 40D on the 2nd of September.

The suggested 12MP raw files below, also point to 14bit image processing

Another set of specs from Dslr and POTN (Spanish source)
10M pixel CMOS 1.6x
DiGIC III Sensor Cleaning System
6.5fps (3fps selectable)
sRAW support(RAW 12MB and sRAW 7MB – 14bit?)
24 Custom function
3 Custom mode(C1,C2,C3)
LiveView, Weather Sealing(?)
230,000 pixel 3″ LCD and 7 step brightness control
ISO 100-1600 1/3 stop. 3200 expand
ISO display in viewfinder
New wireless transmitter WFT-E3
New EF-s 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS
New grip BG-E2N
2 fps modes selectable between 6.5 fps and 3 fps
RAW of 12 MB (3888×2592) and sRAW of 7 MB (1936×1288)
24 Custom Functions(C-Fn) and 3 record modes for user settings (C1,C2 & C3)
LCD Screen 3″ with 230.000 pixels and 7 luminosity adjustments
Shutter speed from 1/8000 to 30 seg (1/3 and 1/2 increments)
flash synchronization at 1/250 sec.
ISO Information on view finder
ISO 100 to 1600 in 1/3 increments. Expandable to ISO 3200
View finder of aprox. 95%
New Wireless Transmitter WFT-E3
New grip BG-E2N
New Lens kit Canon 18-55 f3,5-5,6 IS.

As you can see, pretty similar, but note WFT-E3 and the new lens – the side view of the camera below doesn’t have the little cap covering the WFT-E2 connector found on the 1D3 – no bad thing given how easily I ‘ve heard they fall off the 1D3 ;-)

One comment I’ve seen made a few times is that the order of the buttons has been changed, compared with older models – I’m not sure just how important this is given the changes in shape and general handling between models. The suggestion is that if someone faked the pics, they would have kept the details like this the same (thanks ;-)

5th The various ‘specs’ of the 40D appear in various versions all over the place

This is what seem to be the most popular ‘set’ – compare them with some of the earlier versions (26th Jul)listed below (disitu and others). As with all these things it’s difficult sometimes to track info back to sources…

Sensor – 10MP self cleaning sensor
1.6x crop factor
3 inch LCD with LiveView
Formats JPG, RAW and sRAW
ISO 100 to 1600 in incremental steps of 1/3
Shooting speed 6.25 fps
Buffer 75 JPG or 17 RAW
vertical grip BG-E2
18-55mm lens kit
Partial weather sealing
DIGIC3 processor
Spot Metering

Those ’40D’ pictures continue to elicit speculation (which if an ‘official’ leak is obviously just what they were intended for ;-)

Thanks Jeff, for pointing out some of the other detail hidden in the depths of the images

First, the model number. Here’s a couple of enlargements of the bottom panel…

DS126171model number

The 20D has a model number DS126061 … DS126171 anyone? :)

The second aspect is the side panel – I’m told this is very like the 5D

4th Weather sealing for the 40D?

Long a feature discussed by people concocting spec lists, some form of enviromental sealing is available of some competing products.

Look at these enlargements from yesterday’s pictures. The ring anound the buttons is typical of how Canon weather seals existing bodies. The second view shows the new flash shoe design.

40d weathersealing

The picture underneath shows a comparison between the 1DMk3 design and the 1DMk2n it replaced

1dmk3 vs. 1DMk2n flash shoe

The MK3 shoe has additional protection and mates up with the 580EX II flash to give a better seal.

3rd The thread and pictures seem to have vanished… (links still at DSLR)

As with many genuine Canon product shots, there is still the suggestion that they won’t use their own kit, since the EXIF data for the camera pics says they were shot on a Phase One H20 ;-)

Was there not a 1Ds MK3 around to do the shots :-)

Interesting pictures over at slrclub – there is also a picture of the top LCD display panel, with descriptions of various icons (including sRAW, as found in the 1D3)

viewfinder display

40D rear view40D top

mode dial

40D LCD panel

Several pictures seem to have vanished from the page last time I looked…

Machine translation of the Korean source is not a great deal of help, but 3 ‘user styles’ and a 20th Aug release date seem to be in there…

August 1st Well I see the ’40D is for July’ thread is still running on FM :-) … However, if anything -is- coming from Canon in the way of a 40D, then the week starting Monday 20th would seem the best bet (also mentioned on POTN)

July 28th I’m told the advert referred to on the 26th is on page 39 of AP (anyone got the magazine and want to send me a quick scan of the advert?) and that the French article also suggests 14 bit processing rather than 12 bit (this from RZ).

That would suggest that Canon have got sensor noise from small pixels down quite a bit. Certainly useful if they want to get 22-23MP on a full frame sensor for a 1Ds3.

26th A Spanish site mentions some 40D specs (from POTN)

“From the same Spanish reliable source (Rafa Irusta Blog site: En busca de la Luz) that did revealed the specs of the 400D and the MkIII before get the official announcement (and match them !!), here are the specs:

Sensor 1.6x – 10 MP Self cleaning sensor
3 inch LCD with LiveView
Formats JPG, RAW and sRAW
ISO 100 to 1600 in steps of 1/3
Shooting speed 6.25 fps
Buffer 75 JPG or 17 RAW
Available grip BG-E2
18-55mm lens renewed
No weather sealing
Possible DIGIC3

Possible launch date: around August 23th, Thursday …”

In the latest AP magazine (thanks) :

“David Leung in his advert in AP this week has a quote suggesting Canon news on the 20th of August. – he speculates either a 40D or a 1Ds 3. Mind you, in the box below he states that the 1Ds 3 has already won the 2007 TIPA award!”

I suspect that it’s the 1D3 that has won some kind of award ;-)

23rd I was sent a note concerning the French Chaseur D’images site, mentioning a 40D and Nikon D300. Unfortunately even my knowledge of French translates it as a lengthy whinge discussion about how much journalists dislike going to press conferences to be given info that is leaked before the release date by the manufacturers :-) The suggestion is that by September, there will be a D300 and 40D to look at… They also debate the merits of getting into collecting an article of rumours together (No, don’t do it, I say :-)

The page seems to have taxed (just select the French text, copy, and paste it into the text box on the page) A DPR thread on the text may yet shed some light – or not ;-)

In the printed magazine they come up with this for the 40D:

30D style body, no weather sealing
APS-C ~12/13MP.
Live View mode as per 1D3
High ISO 1600 & 3200
Same LCD as 30D.
5 frame/s
Improved AF – based on 5D?.
X Flash sync 1/250s, Max shutter speed 1/8000s

I’d have expected a larger LCD, but the absence of weather sealing would still suggest that if you want an all (well most) weather camera, then it’s One series you need. Not sure how this will stack up against the competition, but maybe they have decided that the market that -really- needs ‘weather sealing’ is actually pretty small…

19th The 40D has vanished from the CIPA camera list ;-)

18th Over on EG there is a mention of the 40D appearing in a CIPA (Camera Imaging Products Association) PictBridge certification list.

Several mentions of the 40D on a Finnish retailers site (thanks for the info)

Listed as 1.6x crop
Remote switch compatability
Wireless switch compatability

The store in question was asked and said that it was no mistake, although they suggested the actual model number might be 50D

Does a 50D sound more like a cut down 5D and 40D a souped up 400D – who know what goes on in marketing minds ;-)

14th It seems that Canon has a press conference on the Monday 20th August (DPR) a new IXUS is supposedly around, but expectations are for the 40D

13th On a German board, there was a link to a Japanese board, with a post on the 40D

Not being terribly good at either language, I’ll settle for this translation I was sent (thanks :-)

APS-C, 10,000,000 pixel
5 scene/second DIGIC3
iso100-3200 (Hi6400)
dust reduction, live view
3in liquid crystal

Compare with this from earlier today…

Some 40D specs posted on a Spanish board nueva-Canon-eos-40d/

Sensor 1,6x de 10 Mpx. anti dust sensor.
LCD de 3 inch. LiveView. JPG, RAW , new sRAW.
ISO 100 a 1600 en pasos de 1/3.  6,25 fps, 75 JPG o 17 RAW.
grip BG-E2 (same 30D).
NEW 18-55mm

A 10MP sensor might signal a lull in the MP race and a concentration on image quality.

As ever plenty of cries of “Is that all” on the forums, from people spotting a feature they don’t immediately see a use for ;-)

(Thanks to those who sent me the link)

Also in Spanish (another language I not well up with ;-), there’s a study of past Canon product launches which predicts the 40D launch to be on 23rd August…

Meanwhile at the other end of the rumour [troll] spectrum there is a DPR post saying that there won’t be a 40D this year because the 30D is so wonderful – suffice to say it’s someone’s first post. I tend to agree with the person that commented “I want my 10 seconds of life back”


I’ve been sent a link (thanks) to an English version of the Canon HK document

7th If you read Chinese, then there is a press release on the Canon HK site announcing a new price for the 30D at HK$7,780 and with the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM to HK$11,480 (list prices) [1 US$ = ~HK$7.81 1UKP = ~ HK$15.72)

It’s originally from a Chinese web site – I was sent the DPR link (thanks) which posits a ‘street price’ of HK$6,980 (about US$900)

Canon HK prices

6th I heard reports that the Olympus file was not available any more – I just checked and the link still works.

BTW I noticed that on one forum someone thought that people might easily confuse the content of this page for the ‘truth’…
Well, just to reiterate for the hard of understanding – it really is just rumours and conjecture from round the net :-)
>> For entertainment and amusement value only! Not to be taken too seriously!


Is the 30D on its way out?

This from B&H in the US.

Of course it could just be the particular kit, but coming with all the 40D talk it might be significant… (or not! ;-)

For some 40D ‘specs’ there is this Japanese post which has a Google ‘translation’ on DPR
10,100,000 pixel 5 scene/second 40 shot buffer
iso100-3200 (Hi6400 expansion) Digic3 dust reduction Live view photographing
3 inch liquid crystal Highlight brightness priority setting loading
Drip-proof dustproof 

There is a suggested price of 168000 Yen and it’s for the end of July

4th 23rd August is one popular date for the 40D doing the rounds (see this DPR thread for ‘discussion’), with availability in ‘Q4’ since Canon is alleged to have stopped 30D production (DPR)

June 29th I’ve been sent an interesting 27 page PDF that purports to be an Olympus sales marketing document from the 5th June. It talks of an E1-P1 camera. It’s the Olympus answer to the 40D and D300. At 14MB I’m not hosting the file ;-) It -was- available at

Looking at the various comparisons, it might be reasonable to assume that Olympus expect the 40D to be over 10MP, not have weather sealing, still to have a less than 100% coverage finder, no internal IS, but with ‘live view’. If you get the PDF then have fun working out who will produce what…

There is also some ‘hidden’ info in the PDF in the form of this comparative table (p10)

Some pics from the PDF at DPR … and lots of posts questioning its authenticity at DPR :-)

On a personal note I’ve always liked Olympus stuff – I always wanted a digital OM2 – to this effect I do use my Zuiko 50mm f/1.2 lens on my 1Ds, it just doesn’t have quite the elegant feel it did on the OM2 ;-)

28th Numerous reports of price drops on the 30D. For example, ‘digitalphoto’ in Italy has dropped the price by about 15% (thanks)

27th While only the 400D rebates are directly listed as running on, there are ‘instant rebates’ in the US on various lenses until July 16th.

Meanwhile on EosNumerique (note yellow banner text [in French]) there is talk that the 30D replacement is coming in July – possibly the week starting Monday 16th? Also, on FM there is a post from someone in France saying a dealer has told them that the 40D is to be announced in July (same source??).

There’s also a link to a purported 40D picture

If I was photoshopping a made up 40D… then amongst other things, I’d have taken more care in getting both bits of ’40D’ looking at bit more accurate ;-) One way of spotting sloppy Photoshop work is to open the original image, and apply a very steep curves adjustment layer. As you play around with the curves, the ‘stuck on’ bits of the image will often show up (bits like that huge LCD on the ’40D’ above)

21st I’m told that the 400D rebate(Canon info) has now been extended until the end of August. The others are still set to run until the end of June (or July in Australia).

June 1st Quite a few 40D related rumours circulating, but nothing really new (i.e not already mentioned below). The cashback offers are still running strong, and I don’t believe Canon usually announces replacements while there are still offers on the old kit?

May 20th At eflens there is a short interview with Vic Solomon from Canon UK. Not that Canon people ever give much away, but on the subject of sensor sizes he says:

“…We are the only company that is currently offering 3 different sensor sizes. We believe this way we can offer the very best products to each group, I really do believe that by being as versatile as possible we can keep photographers in all fields happy.”

18th The French magazine “Réponses Photo predicts the long delayed 20D\30D replacement for this summer” (from DPR)

10th I hear from Australia (thanks) that “Canon Australia are offering a cashback offer throughout July 07 for the 400D and 30D of $100 and $200 respectively” Note that on the page it says it is only for purchases up to the end of June (surely not time for the 450D yet ;-)

8th Another dealer rumour puts the release on a Monday (20th, 27th) in late August (10MP, anti-dust, single processor)

Meanwhile, what about those mock-up Sony SLRs at PMA? (9th March on the Main 1Ds3 page) Could one be FF? See this thread on DPR where June/July is mentioned although this post suggests that the A300 is for this year.

New Sony DSLR Alpha cameras

An official Sony image of the two new cameras for 2007/8 and some of the planned lenses – incl. what could be a 100-400mm zoom, a 300mm f4, and a 600mm f4 (larger pic)

April 28th There’s a dealer rumour on FM from France suggesting that the 40D will arrive in July and will support EF-S lenses – however the same source says no 5D replacement this year.

22nd I’m over in Northern California (Pic. diary :-) at the moment so not checking for updates and news -quite- so often — however after a good hunt round I’m afraid there’s still nothing of note :-(

14th From Germany (thanks), a usually reliable German computer magazine called c´t mentioned that the 30D successor will be announced in May.

The relevant text is quite short and is part of a DSLR test:

“..die EOS 30D vom Thron des Klassensegments zu stoßen; deren Nachfolgerin wird erst im Mai erwartet.”

The second sentence means: “her [30D´s] successor is expected not until May”

Given that the rebates run until 30th June I’d possibly not expect anything until the summer when the 30D will reach the venerable age of 18 months. Perhaps the 30D rebates have shifted more stock and the 40D (or whatever it gets called) is ready for prime time :-)

April 3rd details on all the Canon cashback offers in Europe are now available online at

Current discounts listed are from 1st if April till 30th June:

Cashback offers Cashback amount

EOS 5D body £100
EOS 30D body £65
EOS 400D body £50
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM £130
EF100-400mm 4.5-5.6 L IS USM £50
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM £65
EF 300mm f/4L IS USM £80
EF 180 mm f/3.5L Macro USM £45
EF 24mm f/1.4L USM £100
EF 35mm f/1.4L USM £100
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM £45
EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM £80
EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM £30
EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM £33
EF 135mm f/2.0L USM £33
EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM £50
EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM £33
EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM £100
EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM £33
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM £20
Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX £20
EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM £13
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM £13
Extender EF 1.4x II £10
Speedlite 430EX £10

There’s been no meaningful (or even interesting) 40D related info for a while now, and with the cashback offers running till July, I’m not expecting anything until Aug/Sept at the earliest.

March 15th [more info on main rumours page]

A new European rebate scheme on its way? And the 30D turns into a 5D on a Canon page

In Germany Canon is sending out a mail which says there will be Cashback for 400d, 30d and 5d staring on 1st of April, ending on 30th of June.

12th PMA is over and there are now various 30D deals appearing around the world.

There was a Japanes article covering an interview with a someone from Canon — there is this translationvia

The wonders of machine translation do hint at why there was no 40D this time… (In a Yoda-esque way)

“30D has elapsed still selling, only 1 years. To tell the truth for the high amateur the product when planning the commodity, is most difficult, it is.”

18 months folks! so not until the summer…. The article [more info on main rumours page] shows that Canon sees the 1 series in a different way than the price/features/marketing approach in the rest of its range – so don’t expect a ‘pro’ (1 series) level 1.6 crop any time soon…

There is a DPR thread covering various (mostly US) offers/prices/kits for the 30D – there seems to be some confusion in this area – with some combinations costing as much as individual items at other outlets – More so than ever, if you are looking for a 30D, it’s wise to shop around…

8th PMA gets under way with Sony entering the ‘vapourware’ camera market (i.e. one of them ships this year), with two ‘unamed’ DSLR cameras aimed at higher market segments. One will target the “high amateur” market area and offer “higher performance than Alpha 100.” A new sensor, but no real details… There will also be some new lenses (24-70mm, 70-300mm, 28-250mm)[pics at GZ

The ’20th Anniversary’ kits and offers in the scanned PDF I mentioned the other day are now appearing. I had a report of them on the Warehouse Express web site here in the UK (as ever check actual prices on their websites since prices/kit contents have been moving quite a bit).

Some sample prices… Canon EOS-30D – £689, Canon EOS-30D plus Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4-5.6 IS USM – £980
Canon EOS-5D £1499, Canon EOS-5D plus Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM – £1999

So, nothing new at PMA – What about the next show? [see list of shows on main page]

Well apart from CeBit in Germany, we have “Photo Imaging Expo 2007” (PIE2007), to be held at ‘Tokyo Big Sight’ from March 22 (Thu) – 25 (Sun)

6th Official announcements catch up with the D40x release (but not D3 ;-)

The Nikon D40x is very similar to the D40 apart from the 10MP CCD, a lower base sensitivity of ISO 100 and faster continuous shooting (3 fps). The camera is obviously aimed at Canon EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) sales ($799 including the 18-55 mm kit lens) (DPR info)

I don’t think anyone realistically expects a 40D from Canon any time soon – those 30D offers run until June.

However at DPR there was this (confident sounding pronouncement) about an XXD ‘within’ months:

Live viewfinder (selectable) 
In Body IS (adding stabilisation to IS lenses when mounted) 
Good integrated sensor cleaning 
More Mega Pixels 
Better Noise management at higher Iso 
Weather sealed

In-body IS? – lots of wish list items there ;-) Anyway, 18 months from the 30D announcement takes us to August this year…

D30 – 17 May 2000
D60 – 22 Feb 2002
10D – 27 Feb 2003
20D – 19 Aug 2004
20Da – 1 Jun 2005
30D – 21 Feb 2006

Ignoring the 20Da, we get

D30 -> 21 months -> D60
D60 -> 12 months -> 10D
10D -> 18 months -> 20D
20D -> 18 months -> 30D
30D -> 18 months -> 40D (August 2007)

5th The D40x announced by Nikon (OK only at KR so far ;-) The D40x is the same as the D40, with a slightly faster frame rate and the 10.2 MP sensor of the D200 and D80

With the Olympus E-410 and E-510 announced today, the 10 MP DSLR market is getting a bit crowded

4th Lots of talk of kits of 30D or 5D + lens. Some very good prices, but check what’s available locally, since there seems to be different versions in different countries (full list from a French site on main rumours page)

Over on the FM forum there is mention of another new Nikon:

“D40X … with a new 15-55DX kit lens. It showed up on our store’s system today priced at 999.99CDN.”

Meanwhile the Costco (US) story rumbles on with some stores still showing 30D’s with yellow stickers

2nd Over in Japan, there is a Canon rebate going on until June — 20000 yen for 30D and 10000 yen for XTi (from FM)

There’s plenty of debate about the lack of 40D on the forums (such as this DPR thread). I get quite a few mails from visitors (thanks – it’s appreciated) asking about various issues I’ve noted, and pointing me to new information.

One question that has popped up regularly is “Does Canon listen?” – well like any big corporation, their marketing people do listen to what’s going on, but I’ve seen far too many posts on forums that fail to make the distinction between “What Canon -could- produce” and “What Canon wants to sell as part of its overall product range and overall product strategy” – big difference.

BTW Reviewing my web logs, there are frequent visits from Canon corporate IP addresses all over the world – Glad to give those of you at Canon a good laugh ;-) :-)

March 1st Only a few more days to PMA 2007, and as if to emphasise Canon’s ‘that’s it folks’ message , I notice the “Spring 2007 EOS Catalog” has arrived in stores (1D3 price is TBD) so quite possibly nothing until August/September (they produce two catalogues ‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’ in the US)

However, detail watchers may want to take notice of this POTN post:

“Interesting enough though, In the removeable pages for the price guide which also included ordering info for Ds MkII, 30D and 5D (2slr’s per page is the norm after illustrations.) the price for the MKIII was still listed as TBD which means that they still have to send us a replacement page. Usually consumer/prosumer SLR’s are listed in ascending price order after 1D series, so the xti should have been first, but not this time.”

February 27th Further on from the ’30D discontinued’ thread, there are two possible reasons for the 40D ‘No Show’ given.

#1 – Canon underestimated the drop in the demand for the 30D and has significant stocks, so that they made a late decision to defer the 40D, drop the price of the 30D and market it strongly (lens packages, D80 like pricing in some markets etc). They now intend to have 4 DSLR announcements in the year of the EOS 20th anniversary – beginning March 2007 and ending February 2008. The 1D III (done), the 40D (mid year), the 1Ds III (August / September 2007) and the 5D replacement
# 2 – Canon had the 40D ready to go and ran the specifications (10.4mp 1.6 crop, Digic III, Antidust etc) past some very influential buyer reps and got the feedback that this would be a “me too” camera, seen as a catch-up to the competition with nothing much to differentiate it. This was not acceptable to Canon in the 20th anniversary year, where Canon’s DSLRs needed to be seen as defining the market. So they have sent the camera back for some specification updates and plan a release later this year. Updates being considered included 3 inch LCD, limited weather sealing, Wi Fi attachment option (as per the 1D III) and the next generation 12mp sensor. They may even surprise people by skipping the 40D name (e.g. 50D or 60D to make a point)

There’s also a picture of a yellow label 30D in a ‘Best Buy’ [A popular US discount retail store I am led to believe]

26th Over on FM there is a report that someone saw a 30D marked as ‘discontinued’ at a local ‘Best Buy’ (in NYC, USA)

They got the “clerk to look it up on the computer to tell me that the replacement was called the ’40D’, and was due out in April.”

So possibly quite true about nothing more for PMA – just keep the anouncements coming every few months ;-)

23rd At the UK press event Canon confirmed that “these will be all the new products announced in the run-up to and during PMA, which starts on March 8th”

There is a report on this event at PB

Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth on the forums about the lack of a 40D. Note though, that FM post from the 21st which was spot on about the 1D3

The cryptic but so far rather accurate DPR poster ‘Tsiphoto’ is saying that there will be no 40D at this PMA.

As ever there is still the fact that PMA isn’t until March, although I still wouldn’t put too much money on it appearing there. There is also CeBit 2007 in Germany but 15-21 March is possibly too close to PMA, but then again it is a more consumer oriented show…

22nd The big announcement was the 1DMk3 — not what I wanted either… :-(

There is a very nice 63 page PDF all about the 1D3 (for a long read ;-)
This camera has an awful lot of new features – good pointers to what might trickle down to the 40D when it arrives.

Over at DPR we get told that there will be no 40D at PMA. The 30D has only been round for a year or so, so maybe in September?

21st From FM…

“1D MkIII 10mp, 10fps, 3” LIVE LCD, the 40D 10MP, 5fps, 3″LCD
The 1ds MkII replacement in the fall with 22 MP and the 5D next year.
A new 16 – 35 mm F2.8 lens is coming to take care of the new 22 MP camera.”

Well, at least you can now get a 1/6 scale miniature model of the 30D.

I noted that this page was mentioned at DPR with a comment about how bad the ‘specs’ below were :-)
Since they look like some placeholder script based on the 30D specs with a few items altered I’m not that surprised ;-)

20th Over at this Belgian site there is an EF 400 f5.6L IS listed for 1995 euros ‘no stock at the moment’

They also have a space in their listings for a 40D…

Now populated with some info see 30D specs at bottom of page for a comparison (not much difference ;-)

Note that this may just be ‘guestimate specs’ as a placeholder for the real info – if and when it turns up.

and… “Price EUR 1698,00 No stock at the moment” ;-)

There is a link to a Canon page:

… strangely enough it gives a ‘not found’ at the moment :-) :-)

A couple of points … Digic 2 and a link to the discontinued WFT-E1

EOS 40D Body onlyRealise your photographic vision with the EOS 40D. Speed and precision in a tough magnesium alloy body, with access to over 60 EF lenses and the range of EOS accessories for unlimited creativity.Features

10.1 MP CMOS sensor
5fps, 30 JPEG image burst
Integrated Cleaning System
2.5 Inch LCD with 230K pixels and 160º viewing angle
Picture Style image processing
Spot metering & 9-point AF
DIGIC II processor with 0.2 sec start up
Digital Photo Professional software
Magnesium alloy body
Compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlite flashes
Including powerpack and accessories
English or German manual

Designed to inspire. Built to last.

CMOS sensor
An 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor provides the sensitivity needed for clean, detailed images with fine colour gradation. Large sensor pixels allow for wide dynamic range and reduced noise at higher ISO speeds. The 22.5 x 15mm sensor size adds an effective 1.6x increase to the focal length of EF lenses, extending reach at the telephoto end.

5 fps shooting
The camera delivers fast 5 fps shooting for continuous bursts of up to 30 large JPEG images (11 in RAW). A new 3 fps shooting mode provides greater control for variable-speed sequences.

Large LCD
Illuminated by 6 LEDs, the bright 2.5 Inch 230K pixel LCD is viewable from 85° in almost all directions.

Picture Style
Picture Style pre-sets provide easy control over image processing parameters. Each style offers a different colour response – similar to the way film types are changed to achieve different effects. Sharpness, contrast, colour tone and saturation are adjustable within each pre-set.

Spot metering
Spot metering allows you to base the optimal exposure value on a concentrated spot (3.5%) in the scene – useful in high-contrast scenes where precise metering control is required.

High precision 9-point wide-area AF
Select from one of nine fixed focusing points across the scene for fast, accurate focusing even with off-centre subjects and ‘rule-of-thirds’ compositions.

DIGIC II renders colours with precision and accuracy. Fast and efficient, DIGIC II prolongs battery life* and delivers instant 0.15 second start up time.

Digital Photo Professional software
The Digital Photo Professional software permits high-speed processing of lossless RAW images.

Magnesium alloy body
A compact magnesium alloy body provides durability while keeping the camera’s weight down to 700 grams.

EF lenses and accessories
The EOS 40D is compatible with over 60 EF lenses (including the EF-S Series) and all EX Series Speedlite flash units. The E-TTL II flash algorithm passes key shooting data from compatible EF lenses – such as focal length, point of focus and distance information – to the Speedlites for consistently accurate flash exposures. Untethered shooting is possible with the optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1.

Video Out allows reviewing on a TV screen. Connect with USB 2.0 Hi-speed for fast data transfers.

*750 shots per battery charge, according to CIPA standard testing.

There is also a space at for a 40D

19th I had a pre-Focus leaflet this morning and noticed this…

“Canon will be launching a new DSLR after Focus and we are delighted to partner these launches in our regions —- London in the 6th March…” “If you can’t get to London on the 6th, the earliest alternative venue will be the American PMA show which starts on the 8th March”

Although it also says ‘details on the website’ – there were none when I looked (The Flash Centre (UK))

–A– new DSLR … no 40D?

18th More price drops on the 30D (thanks Jim)

“30d at B&H down $15 (US) to $1199, today. $1099 after rebate. That’s $50 in two weeks. Both one series cameras unchanged at $6799 and $3397”

17th On FM a post suggests when the new stuff will be announced:

Tokyo 5pm Thu Feb. 22
San Francisco midnight Wed/Thu
London 8am Thu
New York 3 am Thu
Moscow, Baghdad 11am Thu
Beijing 4pm Thu
Sydney Oz 7pm Thu
New Delhi 1:30pm Thu
Honolulu 10pm Wed
Chatham Island 9:45pm Thu

[times corrected 18th Feb]
There is also the suggestion of only one new 1 series camera this time, with the others held back until later in the year — no replacement for the 30D? no 5DMk2? No 1DsMk3? and what? -still- no 3D?? :-)

Still there could be more announcements just before PMA

16th Further price drops reported, with this (thanks) recently mailed:

“B&H in NYC has dropped the price of 30d body twice since last Monday (Jan 29). $25 US last week, and $10 today. They adhere strictly to Canon’s MAP policy, so I would guess that the US MAP went down both times. Current price $1114.95 after $100 rebate.”

13th Many people are going to be rather amazed if we don’t get a 30D replacement soon.

This from FM:
“…the 30D replacement having the 9 + 6 [AF] from the 5D with the 5D replacement due later this year having an in-turn better AF (wider spread, more sensors)”

12th We were catching up on some some older posts – there is this collection of info I missed which has a fairly broad range of rumours (unfortunately with no sources or attribution), including a 40D and 4D (popular opinion has always been that Canon would avoid the number 4 for various reasons)

10th Isaac Johnson caught this picture of what might be only be an engineering model :-) :-)

7th It seems that in the US, regional Canon reps are getting info on new products next Monday/Tuesday (12th/13th)

In the UK I’m told that: “The David Leung advert in this week’s AP [magazine] confirms that Canon is announcing new products at a dealer launch on 23 February, and suggests that Focus will see full details made public.”

Show info (25th-28th Feb) – Focus on Imaging 2007 – notice that Canon is still not listed as an exhibitor

6th From POTN …
Canon is briefing UK Pro dealers on upcoming models on Friday 23rd, embargoed till the 24th

Unfortunately the 24th is a Saturday – not a traditional news day?

5th From Austria (thanks) you can see at this price comparison site how the 30D has dropped in price rather a lot just of late…

And from Germany at

A rough translation (thanks)
“The 22 MP [of the MkIII] include the pixels not used for the actual picture. The effective number of pixels of the 1Ds Mark III is 20,67MP. The 40d has an effective pixelcount of 10,32 MP, that means a little more than the 400D.”

And the FM rumour thread adds more to this – not your usual pixels…
“They’re special because each pixel is full color – even the 40D”

1st According to the Calumet UK site the 30D is now ‘Overdue from vendor’ — whatever that means…

January 30th Not that anyone would set up a page for a product that doesn’t exist ;-)
… but I see this has been readied for the 40D (English version)

23rd In a neat move, the Hong Kong Canon 40D page from yesterday now points to 400D information.

Note that the product id of the ’40D’ is 10320 and now the 400D page you get has that same id. However I’m told (not been able to confirm this) that the id of the 400D elsewhere is 10289. As with any URLs of this type, it can be interesting to manually change this number and see what you get…

If there really isn’t going to be a 40D any time soon, the ‘mistake’ will even further hit 30D sales, since a lot of people who might be thinking of a 30D might now wonder about its possible replacement – particularly since I’d think that prospective 30D purchasers are more likely to look up this sort of info on the net, than the 400D market (well, you are visiting this page aren’t you :-)

22nd Big oops (?) from Canon Hong Kong

Canon 40D web info

left up for a while… at

Fortunately, we were sent a screen shot – (thanks Stefan)

17th An interesting post at FM suggesting that there are quite a few cameras to be released this year. So as not to annoy the dealers too much (New everything folks – lots of hard to shift stock). There would be 2 at PMA and two later in the year — but in what order?. Canon’s ‘dilemma’ (quoted from the FM post) was:

The 1 series should be announced first for pride / reputation with the new features
Even though the 1 series sells in very limited quantities, the professional camera division in Canon has a lot of clout – seen as creating a brand image leadership in the whole camera space.
The 30D replacement is badly required as the 20D/30D’s combined market share has dropped radically over the last few months due to a combination of internal competition from the 400D and the market impact of the Nikon D80 and Sony A100 etc.
The 30D series segment is seen as important to Canon because of lens on-sell. This market and upwards tends to buy extra lenses, including high value lenses (I interpret that to be “high profit”).
The two 5D replacements make the most sense if sold together. Though they could announce the high end one first (as a 5D replacment) and then follow with the low end (entry level FF). The low end 5D repalcement is thought too similar to the 5D to be released while the 5D is in the market.
The 5D has not sold as well as hoped in most markets except when rebates are offered. However Canon still sell lots more of them that the 1 series and they are nicely profitable. They also have excellent resell on high value lenses.
The combination of Nikon’s aggressive D40 / D80 / D200 range, with the Sony A100 is taking more DSLR market share than Canon predicted. The 400D is selling very well but Canon know they need to regain more of the midrange DLR market quickly to maintain the lens sales and ‘own’ the system for the advanced amateur and semi-pro etc.
Sony is known to be working on CMOS sensors at 1.6 and FF for their DSLR range and are expected to continue to complete aggressively on features. (Interesting to see what this does for Nikon who currently buy their CCD sensor from Sony) (Also interesting to see no mention of Pentax, which seems stange..).
Hence the big dilemma – 30D replacement and 1 series replacement now or 30D and one of the 5D replacements now and leave the other 5D and 1 series for later. Or do they upset their channels (never a good idea) and issue 3 cammeras to give the market at knockout puch. In terms of revenue and immediate market share protection delaying the 1 series further makes sense. But the new high end 5D replacement to very close to the 1 series performance (16mp etc), and in terms of prestige, the 1 series should be the best… (Note, no mention of delaying the 30D replacement so I guess that is a given?)

30D Replaced (40D?) with

5D like AF
10.2mp 4 channel sensor (though they were testing a 12 mp one)
Still 1.6 crop for those EF-S lenses
DIGIC III and sensor changes to give better high ISO and lower noise (especially at 1600 and 3200 ISO)
Very similar appearance to 30D

January 1st, 2007

Over at there has been a bit of crystal ball gazing about Canon’s 2007 announcements and what’s most likely for the big PMA show in March.

His choices (most likely to least likely) are:

Updated EOS 30D
Updated EOS 1Ds Mk II
Updated EOS 5D
Updated EOS 1D Mk II N
Updated Rebel XT
Updated Rebel XTi

December 29th A mention of a 40D in a Korean page

Here is the Babelfish translation (there is a Google version on the 1DsMk3 page)

Canon EOS 1D Mark III: 12Mp x1.2, DIGIC III, 8,5fps, until raw 25 every, dust removal, length grip crisis possibility (the grip den kit swelling up expression is like this), the SD+CF and the Wifi. (2007 January) – 3000Eur
The AF improve, anger quality of photometry improvement and the iso3200 the improvement and jpg anger quality improvement become accomplished plentifully,: The D it appears to be being an efficiency improvement which Jig 3 is common.- Canon EOS 40D 10Mp, x1.6, DIGIC III, 5fps, dust removal, the ISO de 100 a 3200, AF side strong-point increases, or, improvement of AF efficiency Ye Sang Doem (PMA 20074 month) – 1200Eur

The PMA the lenses which are 20074 month TBA

– Canon ef 200mm F/2.8 L USM IS -1000Eur
– In consequence of the fact that Canon ef 400mm F/4 L USM IS black -1400 Eur
– Canon ef 10-24 F/2.8 L USM – 1200Eur
– Canon ef 24-70 F/2.8 L USM IS – 1000Eur
– In consequence of the fact that Canon ef 100-400 F/4 L USM IS (3) black that the water service which will become it is, box -1200Eur

The price is a forecast price or a drawing up volition hope price one possibility.

Again once emphasizing… lwu me Is. lwu me Petty there is a right equator and it tries to raise from information dimension.
And it is not confirmed lwu me one compared to…

ids mk2 succeeding model: It says that the some pro are doing test already. 22Mp The rumor will be above digic 3, 3 inch LCD and dust removal,3 degummed yarn… It remained and as the person who is a tester from the public piece being announced next year in April.
Origin it reinforces the square damp-proof portion which is November come into the market plan which will come and the bedspread which it says that ni information about the price of 1:1 reeds which will come out from the cone newly waits compared to comes out flowing.

And… One compared to… 1:1 reeds B causing to defecate with the supply elder brother, and the middle class elder brother coming out Rab ni all. As well next year April announcement

30d Currently 5d with it equips the almost similar evening sunlight in size and 5d as the reed which is cheap coming out does. With additional function square damp-proof (it probably is dust removal which probably is place square damp-proof which becomes anti dust… well it will not know.) The cross sensor comes to be many. D Jig 3

Currently 5d 16Mp the sensor it is sweet in size and 5 degummed yarn and square damp-proof (anti-dust) the cross sensor comes to be many, the reed which affixes D Jig 3 coming out Rab ni all.

When it becomes like this and 40d middle charge all FF sensor runs last and 400d only the succession khu remains with Rob sensor and as.

Different contents the broad way which is confirmed it will amend.

The source: SLR club SundayShooter writing

Note – After extensive checking, Joel Slack has found out about the “degummed yarn” in the translation — ‘Frame rate’ (Thanks Joel!)
I’ll just quote what he says– “So the mystery is solved.  The 1Ds Mk 3 is predicted to have a lousy 3 fps, while the 5D upgrade gets 5 fps (per the Korean information).  If I read it properly.  If it’s true, 1Ds fans will be disappointed, while the exploding 5D population will be ecstatic.”


An update seemed worthwhile since there has been a lot of renewed speculation about this possible camera, although I’ve yet to see any real clues!

With all the bits of info that people are kind enough to send I thought I’d best thin out the 1Ds Mk3 page a bit (particularly since that’s the one I’m likely to buy). Hence this 40D update page and the 5D update page



If you read German, keep up with some rumours at

“Canon 40D announced on page 16 of the German magazine “Color Foto”. The magazine has been sent to subscribers via mail already – the magazine will be sold in shops starting the 20th.”


40D news from down under… ? (from DPR)

Still 5 FPS
Digic III – for lower noise and higher ISO 3200+ as well as better dynamic range (16 bits likely)
Better AF – more points and faster (courtesy Digic III)
CMOS Sensor etc. Interestingly this was either an ‘improved’ version of the 10.1mp in the 400D or a 12mp one they were testing – but probably reserved for the ‘next generation’ (50D I guess)
Still 1.6 Crop”

“I also heard that Canon is going to split the 5D into two models to test our the demand for prosumer full frame without compromising demand for the 1.6 crop. There was going to be a smaller (closer to 30D size) and cheaper version of the 5D – same sensor, Digic III, wider AF points (given full frame) and probably Anti-Dust (some have suggested this as a 7D). And a upgraded 5D wiith a similar size to the current 5D but 16.2mp (or so) sensor (‘very similar’ to the 1Ds Mark II) and the samle Digic III, wider AF points, 5 FPS etc.
My source – who visited Canon Japan a couple of months ago (and gave me a very accurate preview of the 400D) said they basically had replacements for their full EOS range in the works and that ‘everything would be replaced by February / March 2007’. He said Canon were very excited about the combinaiton of new sensors and Digic III giving better dynamic range and ‘much better’ high ISO performance.”

Notice that there is nothing about when it will appear…

6th Canon ‘leans’ on another site ;-)

Over at they were asked by Canon -not- to suggest that people hold off buying a 30D

There was this masterpiece of saying precisely nothing…

“Please know that this camera is not scheduled for a release anytime soon that we know of, or if it even being developed at this time. The EOS 30D is still current, and will remain so for a while. I am sorry to say that your writer may have been misinformed.
While we are no strangers to internet rumors, We ask you to please remove your posting on this camera, because it instructs consumers to not buy the EOS 30D, which we feel is not a good business practice.” from Canon

Unfortunately our hosting service just had a major outage overnight so this site was down for a bit. We must thank the person who suggested that this was in some way due to incurring the wrath of Canon :-) :-) gave us a good laugh while we were wondering what had happened to our sites and email!


another leak?…

40D found in French online catalog (pdf)

I’m told there are other unannounced cameras on the list ;-)

40D anyone? From DPR – and another 40D one here

40D Launch date: 26/9
1.6x 10M CMOS senor – Anti-dust feature
2.5 inch LCD – 9 focus points – 5 fps – CF

Another version (with an admitted fake picture!) (Thanks Steffen)

Brief review of 30D specs for comparison


8.2 MP CMOS sensor
5fps, 30 JPEG image burst
2.5″ LCD
Picture Style image processing
Spot metering & 9-point AF
Digital Photo Professional software
Magnesium alloy body
Compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlite flashes

CMOS sensor
An 8.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor provides the sensitivity needed for clean, detailed images with fine colour gradation. Large sensor pixels allow for wide dynamic range and reduced noise at higher ISO speeds. The 22.5 x 15mm sensor size adds an effective 1.6x increase to the focal length of EF lenses, extending reach at the telephoto end.

5 fps shooting
The camera delivers fast 5 fps shooting for continuous bursts of up to 30 large JPEG images (11 in RAW). A new 3 fps shooting mode provides greater control for variable-speed sequences.

Large LCD
Illuminated by 6 LEDs, the bright 2.5″ 230K pixel LCD is viewable from 85° in almost all directions.

Picture Style
Picture Style pre-sets provide easy control over image processing parameters. Each style offers a different colour response – similar to the way film types are changed to achieve different effects. Sharpness, contrast, colour tone and saturation are adjustable within each pre-set.

Spot metering
Spot metering allows you to base the optimal exposure value on a concentrated spot (3.5%) in the scene – useful in high-contrast scenes where precise metering control is required.

High precision 9-point wide-area AF
Select from one of nine fixed focusing points across the scene for fast, accurate focusing even with off-centre subjects and ‘rule-of-thirds’ compositions.

DIGIC II renders colours with precision and accuracy. Fast and efficient, DIGIC II prolongs battery life* and delivers instant 0.15 second start up time.

Digital Photo Professional software
The Digital Photo Professional software permits high-speed processing of lossless RAW images.

Magnesium alloy body
A compact magnesium alloy body provides durability while keeping the camera’s weight down to 700 grams.

EF lenses and accessories
The EOS 30D is compatible with over 60 EF lenses (including the EF-S Series) and all EX Series Speedlite flash units. The E-TTL II flash algorithm passes key shooting data from compatible EF lenses – such as focal length, point of focus and distance information – to the Speedlites for consistently accurate flash exposures. Untethered shooting is possible with the optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1.

Video Out allows reviewing on a TV screen. Connect with USB 2.0 Hi-speed for fast data transfers.

*750 shots per battery charge, according to CIPA standard testing.

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