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Canon 1Ds Mk3 rumours

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Canon 1Ds mark III rumour archive

This page is for old stuff (pre Feb 2007) from our 1Ds3 rumour page, which was getting huge

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2007 January 31st One reason for less leakage this year is that Canon is supposedly not releasing as much stuff under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) – people can find out about stuff from Canon sources first – I was told there are no NDAs for any new EOS-related items scheduled for PMA 2007
Anyone like to send us info to the contrary? ;-)

I do wonder at this, since one of the reasons for pre-releasing information (often under ’embargo’) is to allow magazines and the like, which have lengthy production cycles to give the appearance of having ‘news’ stories, thus maximising press coverage for manufacturers.

29th Just when I was wondering where it had got to, a 3D rumour surfaces on DPR – not much at all really, but it’s nice to know that this particular ‘soon to be released’ camera, which has been growing in performance and doing the rounds for the last 4-5 years, is not dead:
“weatherproof and larger than the 5D but smaller than the 1D” :-)

It seems the ‘Phot Show East’ mentioned in the quote on the 27th is the PhotoPlus Expo 2007, slated to be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on October 18–20, 2007 (info from this page). If you read further on in the thread there is the mention that built-in wireless is a feature of the new camera.

For those of you with far too much time on a Monday morning (I’m trying to fire up the enthusiasm for writing some more [real] reviews this week) I see that the FM rumour thread has now passed the 100 page mark. Here’s some background reading from Dalsa, who make big sensors — if you fancy designing your own camera then some of the documents and application notes on their site should help get you started. I also note that Adobe has released Lightroom

28th The pic from yesterday is widely regarded as a fake – look clearly at the tabs on the original and you can see the joins — ho hum, this is a rumours page after all…

27thEF800 f5.6 DO IS - made up picture Oops (??), do we have an 800mm f5.6 DO IS, showing up on Canon UK site? (Thanks Jim)

Full screenshot on Canon lenses page

Whilst there may be a Mk3 along shortly, there are those persistant rumblings about ‘new glass’ and the like. From LL :

“The last shoot had a Canon rep come by with the new 22MP digi demo body. It is half the size of the 1Ds Mark II. They said they are hustling to make lenses that will work with what this body can resolve. They may even make a new mount again for an entirely new lens design. It won’t be out before Phot Show East.”

I’m assuming that’s some US trade show being referred to?

And another Dutch site with a mention of the Mk3… (Thanks) If you look at their Canon SLR range there are no 1D or 1Ds models, but there are 30D and 5D – so replacements later in the year for them? Also it seems that B&H are pretty low on stocks of the Mk2, even though they seem to have raised the price by $30 in the last couple of days

26th I noticed someone wondering if the high price the other day was for real? I just checked here and it is still up (22:00 GMT)

You can also enter it into your shopping basket and proceed to the checkout… Don’t all rush at once!

24th Lots of price and availability info coming in, with Calumet in the UK doing a Mk2 +Wft-1 unit at £4487. This Australian site is low on stock, while on this one it is sold out, and on this one there are no ‘One series’ at all… (thanks for all the info folks)

There was a brief listing for a 1Ds Mark III 13,300 Euros (!) at I’m told (thanks) – gone when I checked, but the price (that’s £8,800 in my money) looks -extremely- steep for ‘just’ a MK3…

Some screen shots I was sent (thanks)

mk3 price

13,363 Euro!

1ds mk3 price

This from our original Mk2 page
“The EOS-1Ds MKII will be available from November 2004 for £5999.99 RRP inc. VAT / €8699.99 RRP inc. VAT”

23rd In a neat move, the Hong Kong Canon 40D page from yesterday now points to 400D information. If there really isn’t going to be a 40D any time soon, the ‘mistake’ will even further hit 30D sales, since a lot of people who might be thinking of a 30D might now wonder about its possible replacement – particularly since I’d think that prospective 30D purchasers are more likely to look up this sort of info on the net, than the 400D market.

Note that the product id of the 400D on the HK site is now 10320 – I’m told it used to be 10289

22nd I was sent an interesting Canon MF picture from Italy (thanks Alessandro).

Canon medium format digital Full size pic on MF page

Old news I’m told – see the following Google picture search

It seems that this is from the mid 80’s when Canon had several MF prototypes, before the whole EOS system.

This morning I was sent some info that a mention of a 40D (product id 10320) had appeared on the Canon Hong Kong site – I’ve not been able to confirm this, but it might be worth checking Canon sites worldwide for stuff ‘accidentally’ left on servers during updating.

The picture below was grabbed before it vanished – thank Stefan

Canon 40D info

Oops (?) – bigger version on 40D page

21st No more 1D MK2n or 1DsMk2 at Amazon Germany? It seems that they (.de as well as .at for Austria) have run out of 1D(s) MKII (N) s (by 01-20-07) and do not have re-stock information… it used to say something like “only 3 pieces left, new order to arrive soon” now it is “out of stock, order used”(Thanks Christoph)

20th Of course it’s probably just down for maintenance, but I was told that the Canon CPS site in Germany is offline (up again 21/1/07)
(link from main site at

EF 200 1.8L There is also a picture of the old “EF200 1.8L” at

There is the suggestion that Canon may resurect this size and add IS. It also mentions 12 and 22MP cameras with a crop mode available

Note — Corrected after getting better translation – thanks Ignacio

Our own sneak pictures of a test Canon MF cameraFor people still wondering about the ‘MF’ size sensors mentioned yesterday, that’s a 70mm image circle – a bit excessive for -any- existing EF mount lens, ‘L’ or not. However there is still that ‘extra’ specialist camera noted here on the 6th. I see that the whole ‘big sensors’ thread is still going strong in the Digital Medium Format section of the LL forums.

<– Our own sneak preview of Canon’s move into MF – note the pop-up flash to appeal to current 400D users (more pics on the MF page)

Simon Naisbitt also pointed me to his page collecting together a lot of Canon camera info showing trends in timing and capabilities and some of his thoughts on updates.

19th For a huge (wish) list of all new Super L lenses to go with “The new MF Canon camera sensor 41.5x56mm and 40MP see this post and thread on DPR. I suppose that many huge lenses would certainly have kept Canon R&D busy for some time ;-)

I also noticed that someone oberved that -this- page seemed to lack clear predictions – could be because it’s a collection of rumours? :-) :-)

18th Just FYI, Canon have announced some new point ‘n’ click boxes today :-) The PowerShot A450, A460 & A550 (press info at DPR)

I’ve been sent some interesting information about what we can actually expect from Canon at PMA.

There won’t be a 5D replacement until the Autumn. All “Mark2” cameras are up for change, so there wont actually be a 1DMk3 or a 1DsMk3 (well not with those names anyway). There will be two new top end cameras, the ‘lesser’ one will come in as full frame and with the 12+ MP of the current 5D (end of APS-H?) while the ‘best’ will have more MP than the current 1DsMk2 – both will get enough extra features to stand out from the crowd.

No news about the 30D replacement, but this was from ‘pro’ sources.

I’ve received quite a lot of comments (thanks) related to yesterday’s items – it’s certainly heating up the forums too :-)

Most reckoned that the 30D replacement was the most likely at PMA, but opinion is divided over whether a 1Ds Mk3 would get pushed until later this year (possibly for IFA-2007 in Berlin 31/8/07 to 5/9/07) As ever those who really know are not letting on (written before I got the info above ;-)

I had some queries about the 1D and 1Dmk2 ‘initial’ official prices as well (the values I noted came from a quote in Rangefinder Magazine in, March ’04) If anyone has the correct introductory prices for the various cameras, it might be worth knowing?

17th I was reminded (thanks Denis) that the 1DmkII was announced by Canon on January 30th, 2004, before PMA.  The press release began with:

“With Super Bowl XXXVIII as an imminent and fitting backdrop, Canon today announced its newest – and the world’s fastest – professional digital SLR: the high-resolution, high-speed EOS-1D Mark II camera.”

This years ‘Super Bowl’ (a popular US sporting event for those of you in the rest of the world ;-) is on February the 4th. Time for the 1Dmk3, so as not to distract from other announcements at the March PMA?

Incidently the 1DMk2 also came in at $5000, which was what the 1D started at, although it was going for under $3000 at the time of the announcement (see note above)

An interesting post at FM suggesting that there are quite a few cameras to be released this year. So as not to annoy the dealers too much (New everything folks – lots of hard to shift stock). There would be 2 at PMA and two later in the year — but in what order?. Canon’s ‘dilemma’ (quoted from the FM post) was:

The 1 series should be announced first for pride / reputation with the new features
Even though the 1 series sells in very limited quantities, the professional camera division in Canon has a lot of clout – seen as creating a brand image leadership in the whole camera space.
The 30D replacement is badly required as the 20D/30D’s combined market share has dropped radically over the last few months due to a combination of internal competition from the 400D and the market impact of the Nikon D80 and Sony A100 etc.
The 30D series segment is seen as important to Canon because of lens on-sell. This market and upwards tends to buy extra lenses, including high value lenses (I interpret that to be “high profit”).
The two 5D replacements make the most sense if sold together. Though they could announce the high end one first (as a 5D replacment) and then follow with the low end (entry level FF). The low end 5D repalcement is thought too similar to the 5D to be released while the 5D is in the market.
The 5D has not sold as well as hoped in most markets except when rebates are offered. However Canon still sell lots more of them that the 1 series and they are nicely profitable. They also have excellent resell on high value lenses.
The combination of Nikon’s aggressive D40 / D80 / D200 range, with the Sony A100 is taking more DSLR market share than Canon predicted. The 400D is selling very well but Canon know they need to regain more of the midrange DLR market quickly to maintain the lens sales and ‘own’ the system for the advanced amateur and semi-pro etc.
Sony is known to be working on CMOS sensors at 1.6 and FF for their DSLR range and are expected to continue to complete aggressively on features. (Interesting to see what this does for Nikon who currently buy their CCD sensor from Sony) (Also interesting to see no mention of Pentax, which seems stange..).
Hence the big dilemma – 30D replacement and 1 series replacement now or 30D and one of the 5D replacements now and leave the other 5D and 1 series for later. Or do they upset their channels (never a good idea) and issue 3 cameras to give the market at knockout puch. In terms of revenue and immediate market share protection delaying the 1 series further makes sense. But the new high end 5D replacement to very close to the 1 series performance (16mp etc), and in terms of prestige, the 1 series should be the best (Note, no mention of delaying the 30D replacement so I guess that is a given?)

16th FYI … the 1DsTc story from the 9th is admitted to be a hoax – Well that’s me amazed (NOT) Just remember the advice at the top of this page and continue taking info on this page with a hefty pinch of salt. Head over to DPR to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth :-)

eos 5d down to $2100 - Note that this may be a complete and utter scam, where they try and rip you off for lots of 'extras' that come as standard if you buy from a reputable dealer13th From the latest ‘Shutterbug’ magazine (thanks), this US advert from ‘Broadway Photo’ has the 5d down to $2100 – I’m not sure of US prices, but it’s still listed at $2790 on

Note I’ve since had several people contact me with stories of extremely disreputable behaviour from this particular vendor – in particular I was pointed to
Being in the UK, I’ve not got any personal experience, but I always work by the principle that if something looks to good to be true, then it most often isn’t true — Caveat Emptor

Via a Canon dealer in South Africa, there was the suggestion that March will bring a 7D, using the 16MP sensor from the 1Ds2 and anti-dust from the 400.

The ‘Mk3’ was due to go to 22+MP. The 7D was definitely for March, but less sure about the other one.

I do wonder if Canon would bring out a 16MP camera without also upgrading the top end to 22MP or so at the same time. There is also the question as to whether they would bring out a single digit EOS camera with improved specs and a higher number — at last another chance for the fabled 3D (which has been confidently predicted for years now :-)

If you go back to our original 1DsMk2 rumour page, you can see what’s changed in rumours since June 2004 – probably not as much as you might think…

Canon rebate scheme12th Have a good look at the (extremely) fine print if you want a 1Dmk2n or 1Ds mk2 – no actual rebate on either of them (thanks Jim).

I also had a comment (thanks) from someone at the CES show who asked one of the ‘assistants’ at the Canon stand when they were going to replace the ageing 1Ds2…
Amongst the grudging responses were ‘It’s not old, two years is not a long time’ and ‘No announcements until PMA’

Well, as noted below, it’ll be 29 months old by PMA…

11th It was pointed out to me that (in the US) the Canon rebate scheme now runs ’till Feb 19th

10th More comments via a press agency about ‘unmarked’ Canon gear being tested – the suggestion towards the end of last year was for a March announcement. Once again I’d have thought a press agency more likely testing the ‘Fast’ version (1D3 or 1Dsp or whatever), rather than anything generating particularly huge files…

Over on FM someone helpfully gathered together the timings of Canon’s PMA announcements over recent years:

2006: All announcements (including 30D) on Feb 21; show started Feb 26
2005: Most announcements (including 350D) on Feb 17; show started Feb 20
2004: Most announcements on Feb 9 (1DmkII on Jan 29); show started Feb 12
2003: All announcements (including 10D) on Feb 27; show started Mar 2
2002: All announcements (including D60) on Feb 22; show started Feb 24

So generally, 3 to 5 days in advance. PMA this year starts March 8.

9th 1DsTc is the latest ‘Dead Cert’ at DPR. Many of the usual features, but for sensor size we have something ‘all new’

1DsTc (True Colour), is a true colour processor (many have referred to Canon’s patents in this area for a long time) which will deliver everything a 1Ds2 and 1D2 currently delivers:-

– 16.2 MP (Equiv 32MP bayer sensor) – 8fps (buffer 32 RAW, unlimited large Jpg) – ISO50-6400 (custom function ISO18 and ISO12800) – Dust prevention system (upgraded 400D model)
– full frame 8.2MP mode for sports shooters (uses full sensor, but @ 8.2MP) – Mirror lockup programmable button(s) 11 shot bracketing (available 11,7,5 & 3)
– Personal and custom functions all available in camera – EXIF data from lenses including calulated focus distance – Focus spots can be seen in previews
– Preview screen autorotates depending on how you hold camera

Well, mirror lockup has been on peoples’ wish lists for some time… and it would be ideal ‘forum fodder’ for endless tedious arguments discussions as to whether the 32MP Bayer equivalent was real or not… :-)

7th Over at POTN there is a comment from someone who was told to expect some form of announcement from Canon next week. Possibly CES 2007 in Las Vegas? Canon is there (exhibitor info)…Hurry along this evening and you could hear what Bill Gates has to say ;-)

Also, once again, Canon is not appearing at the premiere UK Photography show (Focus) in February – maybe it doesn’t fit in with their product announcement plans?

I’ve also had some comments (thanks) via a dealer in Australia who reckons that several press organisations are secretly locally testing ‘unmarked’ Canon cameras. Whether such cameras (for press use) would be ‘Mk3’s of the 1D or 1Ds is another matter.

Note – After extensive checking, Joel Slack has found out about the “degummed yarn” in the translation at the end of last month — ‘Frame rate’ (Thanks Joel!)
I’ll just quote what he says– “So the mystery is solved.  The 1Ds Mk 3 is predicted to have a lousy 3 fps, while the 5D upgrade gets 5 fps (per the Korean information).  If I read it properly.  If it’s true, 1Ds fans will be disappointed, while the exploding 5D population will be ecstatic.”

6th An interesting take on Canon’s new ‘pro’ stuff for this year. I was sent some info suggesting that there will be an additional all new 1 series body in addition to the expected 1DsMkiii. This one would be a rather specialist offering (‘leftfield’ was the term used :-) and the key word was ‘movements’.

As someone who uses the Canon TS-E 24 and TS-E 90 lenses quite a bit, this one piqued my interest. If implemented well, a camera with a movable EF lens mount would make it on to many people’s ‘want one’ list :-) –Incidentally if you have never used tilt and shift lens before, it is well worth trying to borrow one to experiment with.

If any new lenses are announced in the near future, it would be worthwhile seeing if there are changes in the internal light baffles and or image circle. Who knows, the camera we were referred to might only have been an experimental model (lots do get built) but it’s the kind of thing that no-one else does and might fit in well with Canon’s anniversaries this year “Look, we even produce stuff like this – because we can” ;-)

5th I’ve just been told (thanks) that Canon Germany has removed all (non Image Stabilised) lenses longer than 200mm from it’s ‘Fixed focal length lenses‘ section. In the UK and Italian sites there are still 300 f/4L, 400 and 1200 f/5.6L — make of this whatever you will :-) PS How many people have actually used a 1200/5.6!

We were told that Canon in Italy have removed the ef 100-400 L USM from their site. Compare the range of lenses listed for the UK site and the Italian one. This lens is one of those in the suggested new lenses list from Dec 29th.

Note — I’ve had several people contact me about this, pointing to the variable ways of showing lenses across Canon’s worldwide sites. For example 85mm lenses on the Italian site are always upside down, whereas on the UK one it is only the latest f/1.2 version… Shows one of the problems of a multinational company I suppose :-)

In the UK I’ve heard grumblings from several ‘pro’ dealers that they are not getting any clues as to what Canon is up to. What’s more even people at Canon UK are getting very little out of Canon Japan – or at least those that are in the loop are keeping -very- quiet about it.

One other bit of dealer related news that is causing some grumblings, is that you can’t be a Canon official reseller (in the UK) unless you sell £80,000 of kit a year, up from the previous £50,000. Add to that some of the complaints that I’ve heard from the traditional ‘pro’ retailers that Canon is favouring the ‘internet box shifters’ and not valuing the work done by some of the smaller specialised retailers.

A common problem in many retail areas – but if I want to spend £10,000 on a range of new kit and know what I want, then the fact that I might be able to save £800 by getting it from Amazon is a business decision, not a sentimental one… many aspects of the -business- of photography are changing, something I often point out when lecturing on photography courses and I’m asked about how I make a living, and how you can get into the business :-)

January 1st, 2007 Have a look at this Canon page from the Netherlands — where has the 1Ds Mk2 gone :-)

Over at there has been a bit of crystal ball gazing about Canon’s 2007 announcements and what’s most likely for the big PMA show in March.

His choices (most likely to least likely) are:

Updated EOS 30D – will be 12 mths old by PMA)
Updated EOS 1Ds Mk II — will be 29 mths old by PMA !
Updated EOS 5D — will be 18 mths old by PMA
Updated EOS 1D Mk II N — will be 18 mths old by PMA
Updated EOS 350D (aka Rebel XT) — still available althoug upgraded to 400D after 18 mths
Updated EOS 400D (aka Rebel XTi) — will be 6 mths old by PMA

However, a 1D update ( ‘sports’ model) for PMA also fits in with some other info (from this LL post) suggesting that the 20+MP body (full 16 bit too) won’t be introduced until November, since there needs to lots of new glass out first…

“The body is a new design from the ground up but not a new format. Supposedly it is a bit smaller in size and it is the first body to be built from the ground up for a digital sensor. Still with the same mount for the lens, but the glass is being completely redesigned.”

–Not such good news from a personal POV, since I’d like to acually buy something in the next few months (not just a few more lenses!)

It was also suggested to me that a 200mm F/1.8 L USM IS was a more likely addition to the lens line up (on the 29th below)

And a better translation of the Spanish info…

One begins to rumor that in January or February it will leave a new special EOS 1 for sports with the following characteristics:
– 17MPixels
– Multiplication Factor of: 1.25x
– Improvements in the batteries (lighter and greater capacity)
– Better noise for high ISO that the 1D2
– System approach using 45 focal points
– 8.5 frames per second with a buffer of 25 images in RAW format (great!)
– Processor of image Digic III
– 2 user configurable buttons
– Wifi Connection
– System of dust reduction (I understand that he will be similar to the one of 400D although improved)
With respect to the dimensions and weight, the camera will measure 14 centimeters height, will have the same width and will be somewhat lighter. There will be no changes in the flash system

2006 December 31st This one was from a Spanish board a while ago and also suggests a new 1D version first. I suspect it is actually the same rumour that I mentioned from DPR on the 8th of November. As ever these things go round and round — they are rumours after all :-)

Google translation

One begins to rumor that in January or February it will leave a new special EOS 1 for sports with the following characteristics:
– 17MPixels
– Factor of multiplication 1.25x
– Improvements in the batteries (lighter and lasting)
– Better noise for high ISO that 1D2
– System of approach of 45 points
– 8,5 frames per second with a buffer of 25 images in format RAW (OLE)
– Processor of image Digic III
– 2 configurables bellboys by the user
– Wifi Connection
– System of dust reduction (I understand that he will be similar to the one of 400D although improved)With respect to the dimensions and weight, the camera will measure 14 centimeters of stop, will have the same width and will be something lighter. There will be no changes in the flash system.

29th An interesting page (thanks Runar :-) from Korea which suggests a 1Dmk3 for PMA and no 1Dsmk2 replacement until April…

Any comments gratefully received – particularly what it is that gets translated as “degummed yarns” – my own preference is a new name for for ‘picture styles’ ;-)

And for those looking for new lenses (some longer ones in black?):

– Canon ef 200mm F/2.8 L USM IS -1000Eur
– Canon ef 400mm F/4 L USM IS -1400 Eur
– Canon ef 10-24 F/2.8 L USM – 1200Eur
– Canon ef 24-70 F/2.8 L USM IS – 1000Eur
– Canon ef 100-400 F/4 L USM IS(3) -1200Eur

In case you have difficulty getting the online translators to work, here is what Google translate came up with :-)
FYI I’ve got the Babelfish version of the translation on the 5D replacement page (a better looking translation IMHO)

It comes to be long, it hides. Canon EOS 1D Mark III: 12Mp, x1.2 and DIGIC III, 8,5fps and raw until 25 every, dust removals, length grip crisis possibility (grip détachable en kit French expressions [leh] [sup] are the [ni],), SD+CF and Wifi. (2007 January) – 3000Eur AF improvements, photometry improvements and iso3200 picture qualities the improvements and jpg picture quality improvements become accomplished plentifully: The d it appears to be being an efficiency improvement which [cik] 3 is common. – In consequence of the fact that Canon EOS 40D 10Mp, x1.6 and DIGIC III and 5fps, dust removal, ISO de 100 a 3200, AF side strongs-point extend or the improvement of AF efficiencies is forecast (PMA 2007 April) – the lenses – Canon ef 200mm F/2.8 L USM IS -1000Eur – Canon ef 400mm F/4 L USM IS black which are 1200Eur PMA 2007 April TBAs, in consequence of the fact that -1400 Eur – Canon ef 10-24 F/2.8 L USM – 1200Eur – Canon ef 24-70 F/2.8 L USM IS – 1000Eur – Canon ef 100-400 F/4 L USM IS (3) black that the water service which will become it is, the box -1200Eur price is a forecast price or a drawing up voluntary hopeful price one possibility.Again once emphasizing The [lwu] it is a [me]. The [lwu] petty there is an equator where the [me] is right and from it tries to raise from information dimension.And confirmation it holds but [lwu] [me] one compared to ids mk2 succeeding models: It says that the some pro are doing test already. 22Mp, digic 3, 3 inches LCD, the rumor will be above dust removing and 3 degummed yarns It remained and as the person who is a tester being announced next year in April in from the public piece. Origin it reinforces the square damp-proof part which is November come into the market plan which will come and information about the price of the 1:1 reed which will come out from the [ni] cone newly flows and compared to or waits, an unyielding spirit and the bedspread which it does. And One compared to The 1:1 reed B causes to defecate with the supply elder brother and the middle class elder brother and from the fact that it will come out [lap] is the [ni]. As well next year currently with 5d almost it equips similar evening sunlight in April announcement 30d size and as the reed which is cheap 5d than coming out does. With additional function square damp-proof (the place square room which becomes as anti dust [sup] it probably is a dust removal which probably is It will not know well.) The cross sensor comes to be many. The d 16Mp sensors it is sweet in [cik] 3 current 5d sizes and 5 degummed yarn and the square damp-proof (anti-dust) cross it counts and the fact that the reed which D [cik] 3 from to come to be many affixes will come out [lap] is the [ni]. When it becomes like this and 40d middle charge all FF sensors run last and only 400d successions the [khu] [lop] remain with the sensor and as. Different contents the broad way which is confirmed it will amend.

28th Back from the Christmas break in Suffolk (see the picture on the front page of the site for where I come from ;-)

Some crystal ball gazing from Ken Rockwell about possible a 5D replacement called the 7D with the current 16MP 1Ds2 sensor – however I’d expect such an improvement to find its way either into 5D Mk2 or even the fabled EOS 3D (see the history of this much wished for model in various guises further down this page)

Anyway, since this page is for 1Ds Mk2 replacement info I’ll put any new 5D related stuff on the Canon 5D replacement page. See the 40D page for any new info on that mythical beast.

21st To follow up from yesterday, the page with firmware for all Canon’s cameras (DSLRs and compacts) is at inc 5D (1.1.0) from July and 30D (1.0.5) from October.

Also an interesting comment and graph on this page about the state of the megapixel ‘race’.

Or, as I see it, why people who say that any more MP than the 1DsMk2 is wasted without new lenses should possibly get out more and take more pictures with existing (good) ones ;-)

20th Just for information… I was just told about a 1DsMk2 firmware update (1.1.6) available in Japan. I notice that the Canon US site still has V1.1.4 (Oct 2005) listed.

However if you try to download it, you eventually get to this page

This is what it does:

“It fixes the phenomenon wherein the camera does not detect the capacity correctly when high-capacity recording media are initialized. 
a) SDHC cards with capacities exceeding 2GB (e.g., 4GB, 8GB) are now supported.
b) The phenomenon wherein the camera cannot correctly detect the capacity of CF cards with capacities exceeding 8GB (e.g., 12GB, 16GB) correctly when they are initialized has been corrected.”

There are also versions for the 1Dmk2 and 1Dmk2N

replacement for Canon 1Ds Mk217th A report via a pro dealer in Paris suggesting the 1 series camera would be delayed until the 2nd half of 2007.
Not something I’ve heard from anywhere else … 3 years to update the 1Ds Mk2? let’s hope not. I can’t seriously expect Canon to go two big Photo shows without some big announcement at the top end. Particularly since 2007 is the 70th anniversary of Canon as a company and the 20th anniversary of the EOS system.

No details on that specific 1Ds2 rebate mentioned before, but it seems to be available on a number of products in Australia before Christmas such as here or here with details from Canon at

12th I’m told that as from today Canon Australia is offering a $750 rebate on the 1DsMk2 — until Feb ’07. Was seen on printed posters in dealers, not yet on the web – thanks Phil

There is also this Chinese rumour site which mentions several new cameras. If you run the page through Babelfish you can get a translation (of sorts :-)

Some points?

35D/40D 12MP, Digic III, 5 FPS, 1.6x, new AF, $1300
3D 16MP, better AF with poss Eye control, 5 FPS, 6400 ISO with 12800 mode, more expensive than current 5D
5D Mk2 12MP, 5 FPS, Dustproof, slightly cheaper than current 5D

No news of a 1DsMk3 … Do bear in mind that this is from a translation that includes such gems as:

“lets us wait for, the hummingbird net also will continue to track the report, will ask respectfully the attention.”

No doubt someone will summarise it a bit more accurately :-)

2006 December 11th An interesting comment via a dealer in Spain, suggesting that the next ‘big’ camera from Canon will be a replacement for the 1D MkIIN. It will still be a 1.3 crop factor camera with 10fps and ultrasonic dust removal. No news on pixel count, but release is slated for late January. The existing 1D Mk2N was announced in Aug ’05 and the 1Ds2 was in September ’04

Something for those of you visiting the page on a Monday morning (it’s raining here) … You might like to check out this info from Canon on image processing hardware. Useful background info for when you read all those forum posts telling you what can and can’t be done in various ‘wishware’ based cameras ;-)

6th Some comments from Chuck Westfall clearing up (? ;-) the alleged unification of the 1D and 1Ds lines

Read what he says at

“I never said that the EOS-1D and 1Ds model lines would be merged. As best as I can tell, this line of thinking is based on the alleged comments of another Canon executive (Mr. Takaya Iwasaki) who was interviewed a couple of years ago by a European digital camera Web site.”

There is a thread with (lots of ) comment at

See also some other (older) info at [2008 link broken]

December 1st I was sent a link to this thread on It seem that the latest issue of the Warehouse Express Catalogue in the UK (winter 2006-2007) had got the latest new cameras?

new Canon dslr cameras?

From P7 of the (UK) Warehouse Express catalogue

However, I just spoke to them and have been told that it was a “printing error”… (the 13.3 is for the 5D)

Some more mentions in various forums of 1Ds type cameras being tested in the US. Estimates range from 21MP upwards, towards the more optimistic 28MP. That said, there has been no firm info whatsoever recently…

November 2006

29th All very quiet, although I hear several dealers getting stocks of ‘refurb’ Mk2s from Canon and lots of good offers if you hunt around.

20th Several reports over the weekend of ever lowering 1Ds Mk2 prices. I’m often asked if people should wait or not, and my usual answer is “It depends on why you want the camera”. If you need a high res full frame camera like the Mk2, and you are going to get paying work through having it, then buy one. If you want to move ‘upwards’ from something smaller and want a camera that will last for years, then maybe wait a few months?

17th Perhaps because it’s a Friday afternoon… but I have my doubts about this info I was just sent
“A good friend of mine, who works in a London dealership (can’t name which one), has reliably informed me that the replacement will actually be a retro model. Following the success of rehashing classic styles at ridiculously inflated prices in the fashion industry, Canon has apparently decided it’s time to follow suit and is consequently releasing a 5MP, 1fps, jpeg-only model with extraordinarily high noise levels, special dust-attracting sensor and a 1in LCD which is almost impossible to see even in complete darkness –  all presented in a suede leather casing with tassles (no weather sealing). At £10,000 it’s not only stunning value, but will also make you the sharpest-looking snapper on the circuit. Sadly, your pics won’t be correspondingly sharp.” — thanks ;-)

I still have my Olympus C-1400XL ‘SLR’ (aka D620-L) at 1.4MP that I sometimes use when teaching, to show that you don’t actually need to spend thousands of pounds to take good pictures (OK, it sometimes helps ;-) However, after meeting a Leica M8 fan last night down the pub, I wonder just what there -is- a market for? :-) :-)

14th As expected, the ‘Dealer event’ mentioned on the 6th didn’t materialise. Well, I believe the event did, but there was nothing new :-)

11th The EVF (electronic view finder) is something you sometimes see mentioned (such as in Chuck Westfall’s “Future Thoughts” PDF). We’ve had comments that the next ‘Top of the range’ DSLR will have a live preview video output. Not yet full EVF, but it’s something I’d find useful for some studio work, although a magnifying angle viewfinder and a grid ruled focussing screen do help at the moment.

I’ve also been contacting a few of the more reliable sources (over the last year or two) asking their feelings on what may be announced for PMA in March. The general feeling was that while no-one would get prizes for guessing about a new 1Ds and 1D, or even a replacement for the 18 mth old 5D, actual information was very scarce and even people known to have been involved in testing were very quiet. Looks as if Canon has successfully put the frighteners on any sources who actually know anything :-)

And those of you interested in keeping up with Canon patents, may be interested in this one (7129985) – power saving in sensor designs

8th Several people responded that their dealers were not aware of any imminent arrival…

I also had a chat with some people in various places myself, and was interested to hear about the wrath of Canon in Japan that descended on various Chinese offices after the 400D leak. A very high level ‘Audit Team’ was sent in, and I was led to believe that people have lost jobs…

And … I notice that a new version of the Oct. 15th rumour has been doing the rounds — take with usual pinch of salt!

This from DPR
“Come January……..EOS 1 SP (for sport) 17MP 1.25x crop, improved (lighter and longer lasting) battery, better high ISO noise than 1D2 (however still restricted to 3200), slightly less agressive AA filter for sharper images without PP, 45 point focus system but with two additional cross sensors at the extreme ends of the AF elipse, 8.5 fps with 25 raw buffer, Digic 3, 2 user configurable buttons, in-camera WiFi (limited range, WiFi unit still required for long range transmission), dust reduction system. Camera is 14cm high, same width, and slightly lighter. No change to flash system.
EOS 1 ST (Studio) FF version released two months later at PMA. No details on MP yet.”

6th Fresh rumours of an upcoming (this month) dealer event for a ‘new 1Ds’ – anyone with good dealer contacts like to quash/confirm this one? There are also plenty of references to a split in the 5D lineup, but most seem to originate from this one mention at DCResource from before Photokina.

November 4th Several dealers in South Africa were apparently saying that the new camera would be available in March.

In the UK there has been some price movement after a fairly stable period.

“The 1D MkII N is down to £2149 at Mifsuds and £2199 at both Park Cameras and WarehouseExpress. At Jessops it’s down to £2249 but an online discount voucher for £80 could reduce this to £2169. All cuts over last month’s prices”
“At the Canon Outlet on e-bay (Digital River) the ‘refurbished’ 1D MkII N’s are going for around £1,850 but they are outnumbered by around 10 to 1 by lots of 5Ds going for around £1,300.” – This info from Brian Townsley – Thanks!

2006 October 30th Just to let you know, I’ve not forgotten the page! I’ve not seen or been sent anything of note for a while now :-( Rest assured I’ll definitely keep the page up to date :-)

18th It was pointed out to me that the pixel densities in the note on the 15th were not the same (Thanks Lauri) The 1.3 crop version is at 400D densities and the FF version is at 30D density. Perhaps 400D densities can’t deliver the required top end perfomance yet?

15th An interesting dealer sourced rumour from Italy. The new Canon top end camera will appear in December at 22MP with Digic 3, same lens mount. Two versions. One, a 1.3 crop 17MP with a higher burst rate than the 22MP FF version. ‘Mk3’ price to be at a similar level to the 1Ds Mk2 when it came out. The dealer had sold their last 1D Mk2s and was now waiting for new stuff. No news however, on a replacement for the 5D or a 40D – maybe that’s for PMA? Thanks for the info

14th Just like quiet news days bring out old stories, no decent rumours keep bringing back the 3D wishlists — see all the old stuff on this and the 1DsMk2 page for how it persists :-) The 5D will hit 18 mths old early next year so PMA (March 8-11, 2007 in Las Vegas) looks a sound bet, with an announcement a while before. If the ‘Mk3’ is a big enough jump, then there might be a space in Canon’s range for something 5D like and something a bit better.

I noted that at the XTi/400D pixel density, full frame is ~26MP, but for myself I’d rather have better ISO, DR and noise performance than a few extra MP. From the few reliable quotes from Canon people we’ve heard, it looks as if they are going to make the real push in overall image quality in 2007. Good, just get on with it, so I can move my 1Ds to backup duty :-)

8th All quiet now after PK :-)

I was recently asked about a new camera from Canon moving to a slightly larger sensor size (27mmx36mm or 4:3)? Apart from the big changes in EOS hardware design (shutter, mirror box, viewfinder etc), there is the matter of the image circle going from 43mm to 45mm (do the new Pro lenses from Canon have a slightly bigger image circle?) I can’t really see the benefits of the relatively small (~12%) increasse in sensor size set against the need to come up with an entirely new system – a move to 2x FF sensors would be much more likely if Canon decided that the MF market was a target (see MF related news)

October 1st – well nothing turned up at the last minute :-)… however Canon in the US have announced a load of double rebate deals on selected cameras and lenses. Check dealers for specifics

17-40 f/4L USM $45/$90
24-105 f/4L IS USM $50/$100
28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM $20/$40
70-200 f/4L USM $35/$70
100-400 f/4.5-5.6L USM $40/$80
16-35 f/2.8L USM $50/$100
24-70 f/2.8L USM $50/$100
70-200 f/2.8L USM $45/$90
70-200 f/2.8L IS USM $50/$100

The deal runs from the 10th Oct to 15th January 2007.

September 30th Photokina ends tomorrow (Sunday) and and there’s been nothing of consequence, so let the PMA (February 2007) rumours begin :-)

There is (as was to be expected ;-) wailing and gnashing of teeth on the various forums about the lack of top end cameras.

The word I’ve had from a couple of more reliable* sources has been that the announcement of the ‘Mk3’ was always due later this year or early next year.
* more reliable is based purely on their sending me several comments over the course of time, which have turned out to be accurate YMMV ;-)

There is this English version of the info on the Canon image storage devices M30 and M80

Canon m80 image storage device

Canon M80

26th No news from Canon — means my bank account breathes a sigh of relief for the time being…

Also means I’ll be keeping this page (and the rather sparse Canon MF one) updated for a while longer ;-) So those of you feeling suitably bored can start making up their 1Dx (or even 3D) photoshopped fakes in time to stir the rumour pot later in the year. Try and make a good job of them though – I’ve had some pretty poor efforts sent in in the last few months :-)

For a full list of official releases, there is the official Photokina announcements page, but note that some of the links eventually take you to generic manufacturer sites that have not yet been updated with the new products…

Meanwhile there is the ’14MP’ Sigma SD14 with the ’14MP’ foveon chip (2,652 x 1,768 x 3 layers) More info at DPR … and of personal interest I see that Epson have announced the Stylus Pro 3800, a ‘desktop’ A2 printer – which (shock, horror) at last seems to have ditched the Epson ‘Ink Waste(tm)’ process for wasting huge amounts of ink when switching from matt black to photo black :-)

24th While waiting for non announcements at Photokina, you might like to have a look at this translationof an interview with Mr. Ohara, the director of Canon’s camera development center who talks about the development of and ideas behind the new Canon EOS Kiss Digital X (400D/XTi). Points to some form of dust removal being found in the new top end cameras whenever they arrive (thanks Amir)

Canon announce an image storage device (article and more info, both in German)

Approx specs

– 3.7″ screen, VGA resolution, viewing angle 160°
– Available in two versions, 30 or 80 GB (1.8″ hard drives)
– Control layout similar to EOS cameras
– Powered by BP-511A battery
– supports EOS RAW formats, as well as JOG and TIFF
– Supports MPEG movies and MP3 music
– CF and SD slot
– downloads 37 (CF) or 32 (SD) 1GB cards with one battery load
– alternatively allows 3,5 hours slide show or 2,6 hours video playback
– USB2 port
– optional password protection
– video port (PAL/NTSC)
– pricing and availability will be announce in October

Ooh, the tension :-) … I’ve just seen the September EOS newsletter and the stuff we already know about is all that’s there.

Of course if you are of a conspiratorial nature, this is just rumour/leak control ;-)

23rd On the “Nothing to see here, move along” theme, there is a mention of a US press event where it was stated that the new stuff seen so far (in August) is all there is. A CD of info was handed out.

From the DPR post

“I was told that the CD contains ALL of Canon’s Fall 2006 announcements. Furthermore, they told me that that I could save my money and not bother going to Photokina, because I won’t see anything else new from Canon.”

Meanwhile, back in rumourland :-)

Some talk (in Chinese?) of a 7D…

“New EOS 7D will come either this photokina or beginning of next year — 13.30 mp — smaller than 5D — around US$2200”

The only problem with this is that it reminds me of the regular 3D rumours that have persisted over the last 2-3 years (see all the old 1DsMk2 page as well)

I also received a mail suggesting that there would be an announcement (maybe 22MP 1Dx) on the 24th — unfortunately that’s Sunday, probably not the best day to make a big announcement ;-) — I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for news over the next few days :-)

For those of you wanting something a bit bigger than full frame, check out the top value (28,900 Euros) Seitz 6×17. ISO 500-10000. A scanning back that can take a full width shot in one second. Given my general dislike of using tripods, I was glad to see the grips for using it hand held :-) Thanks Lazaros, for the link and noting that 11 stop dynamic range.

21st Interesting post on FM about the benefits of DiGiC 3 as it would appear in a new top range camera (thanks for the link Geoff)

Support for faster write speeds to new generation CF cards allowing larger images at high FPS rates. This includes the potential for (?) continuous write for JPEGS up to a certain size.
‘Much more sophisticated and faster AF tracking and processing’, especially balancing between multiple AF points and tracking moving objects.
More advanced noise reduction algorithms, allowing higher ISO to be used and providing smoother medium ISO images.
More accurate exposure processing for better dynamic range preservation.
Better image processing for generating JPEGs that are usable straight out of the camera and have higher dynamic range / preservation of detail in bright and dark areas.

There was also some comment about the 1Ds development program, and why Canon would definitely want it out of the door sooner rather than later

They (Canon) had been working on two different professional cameras for a while, but would probably only release one for now
Several generations of prototypes of both cameras had been in use for some time by selected pro-photographers.
The new EOS 1 series had recently had a design upgrade which was delaying its availability.
Canon was keen to release it as soon as possible as it it would be a flagship camera that was ‘untouchable’ in the market.

I’ve been busy (20th – cursed paying work!) and missed the flourish of comments about finding a reference to an entirely new EOS 1 series camera in a DLL file in the latest version of DPP/ZoomBrowser shipped with the XTi/400D.

Looking inside the files we find in deImgT72.dll (ZoomBrowser) – GNU ‘strings -a’ output:

Canon EOS-1DX
EOS D6000C
EOS D2000C
Canon EOS-1DS
Canon EOS-1D
Canon EOS D60
Canon EOS D30

It seems that previous versions did not contain the 1Dx reference, although there is a suggestion that the 1Dx might be a reference to the 1D2 and that there is actually nothing new here…

…anyway, plenty of info (not ;-) on the FM PK rumour thread

The birth of a brand snippet from yesterday has managed to work itself up to Canon’s answer to the Leica M8 – a new EVF based rangefinder camera. Ooh… I suddenly feel the urge to get my old Russian Zorki 4K(my first ‘real’ camera) out of the cupboard ;-)

19th Have a look at the layout of the Photokina stand from Canon Europe. Click on the ‘on site events’ headings. All have extra info … the ‘Main Stage’ one also refers to ‘Birth of a new Brand’ —Just the stuff for wanton speculation that the forums need!

Note also that the EOS example is the only one without a faded background picture 

18th I was just told of someone buying a 1DsMk2 from after the price dropped to $6540.70 – seems there were only 5 in stock and they are now out of stock – not dealing with (from the UK) I’d appreciate any other observations on this? Are they clearing stocks?

I’ve since been told that they have done this a few times before :-(
… But it seems that there have been pretty wide reductions in 1DsMk2 prices across the board in the US, dipping under $6k – as to how many of them are for real, buyer beware.

+40D info

17th Want to know more about digital sensor noise? Two useful PDF files from NuCORE. These are the chips that go into other peoples’ cameras.

40D news from down under… ? (from DPR)

Thanks to those who mailed me the link – I was out photographing a big corporate party until the early hours ;-) and was not spending my Sunday morning trawling the web :-)

Still 5 FPS
Digic III – for lower noise and higher ISO 3200+ as well as better dynamic range (16 bits likely)
Better AF – more points and faster (courtesy Digic III)
CMOS Sensor etc. Interestingly this was either an ‘improved’ version of the 10.1mp in the 400D or a 12mp one they were testing – but probably reserved for the ‘next generation’ (50D I guess)
Still 1.6 Crop”

“I also heard that Canon is going to split the 5D into two models to test our the demand for prosumer full frame without compromising demand for the 1.6 crop. There was going to be a smaller (closer to 30D size) and cheaper version of the 5D – same sensor, Digic III, wider AF points (given full frame) and probably Anti-Dust (some have suggested this as a 7D). And a upgraded 5D wiith a similar size to the current 5D but 16.2mp (or so) sensor (‘very similar’ to the 1Ds Mark II) and the samle Digic III, wider AF points, 5 FPS etc.
My source – who visited Canon Japan a couple of months ago (and gave me a very accurate preview of the 400D) said they basically had replacements for their full EOS range in the works and that ‘everything would be replaced by February / March 2007’. He said Canon were very excited about the combinaiton of new sensors and Digic III giving better dynamic range and ‘much better’ high ISO performance.”

Yes please Canon — I do wish to update my 1Ds before too much longer :-)

15th Found in the Powershot G7 we get more details of DIGIC 3 in this Canon article

Canon DiGiC 3face detection

The DiGiC 3 chip – note the week 19, 2006 date code

It also features things such as face detection – something I find so difficult when just looking through the viewfinder of my 1Ds :-)

focus accuracy

There is also a pretty 3D graph that shows lots of pointy bits, or if you work for Canon marketing, how much better focus, exposure and white balance wil be.

OK it’s currently just in a point and click, but it does exist…

…and, as was pointed out when I read the article again the next morning – it is certainly needed since the processing capacity of the DiGiC 2 is pushed to the limits in a 1Ds Mk2 (@4 fps) or a 1D Mk2N (@8fps). The face detection (if it found its way into ‘Pro’ cameras) would probably be part of a whole new AF system, which given the current 45 point system, would not be a trivial design matter to design and implement. Maybe something for the next but one big SLR?

14th A slew of camera announcements coming from various manufacturers including the E400 from Olympus — maybe yet I’ll get a digital version of my old OM2’s. I love using my 1Ds, but I took a few shots on an OM2 the other week and was reminded just how nice it was to use (it had a 50/1.2 lens on as well). But enough of ancient history… Canon noises seem to have vanished, with nothing but old (faked) images being rediscovered or statements of the blindingly obvious (Canon -will- replace/update the 5D next year)

13th I was sent this link …If you check, you will find a 1DsMk2N listed, however there is no 1DMk2N, so I suspect a typo from people not fully conversant with Canon DSLR history ;-) As you might know I’ve used DxO for many of my landscape pictures (review) so I’d hope they’d drop me a hint… ;-)

11th Canon Germany makes an announcement – are rumours perchance killing sales? ;-) Thanks for the info Marcus

“there was a a lot of rumor the past weeks. It’s pretty cool when new products are such strongly asked like the new products of this season. The new Canon-stuff which was anounced before the photokina looks quite good:”

There’ll be 4 new cameras

* PowerShot A630
* PowerShot A640
* PowerShot A710 IS
* Canon EOS 400D

2 new lenses
– 50mm 1,2 L
– 70-200 4,0 L IS USM

and 3 new printers. More information:

My knowledge of German has not improved overnight, so check elsewhere for detailed translations… Google came up with this

“Krefeld, 24 August 2006
One whispers and one orakelt again once for some weeks. Beautifully, if products are so longingly expected, like the photo novelties of the season. The Canon novelties, which are presented in the apron photokina of the 2006, can be able to be seen”

Would I buy a new camera right now? … No, not unless I absolutely needed it and couldn’t wait a few weeks to see what -might- get announced … of course if someone from Canon wants to confirm that there are no new 1Ds/3D/5D+/40D announcements to come then I’ll happily pass on the info ;-)

10th Thanks to those of you who asked about the several site outages we had over the week – local problems we’re afraid, not malevolence from Canon :-)

If someone who speaks better German than me (not difficult) wants to check out this thread on there are some interesting comments regarding a 3D already being shown to the main dealers? – 11th – The original poster claims that 3D’s are listed by wholesalers, but has supplied no evidence, and neither has anyone else… Thanks Erik

Over on DPR there is a forum post suggesting that the 1DsIII (or even IIn?) was going to be released, but without sensor cleaning – didn’t go down too well with some so, it’s got delayed until PMA to appear with sensor cleaning.

“The new camera will be announced when it is ready to go into production. Canon is hoping that it will be by the time PMA rolls around or sooner if things go smoothly. They still have to finalize the design and then retool the molds and dies. I’ve been told that Canon has made the 1Ds redesign the # 1 priority in the DSLR division.”

Well … make of that one what you will… :-)

6th We had another site outage overnight, so sorry to quash one rumour I saw, that had Canon taking the site down! :-) :-)

More 40D stuff is in the EOS40D page since this page is for the 1DsMk3 I want :-)


40D found in French online catalog (pdf) –

Full version on 40D page

EOS40D listing

40D anyone? From DPR – and another 40D one here

40D Launch date: 26/9
1.6x 10M CMOS senor – Anti-dust feature
2.5 inch LCD – 9 focus points – 5 fps – CF

Another version (with an admitted fake picture!) (Thanks Steffen)

As to Pro cameras… All quiet on the rumour front – I also came across this short article on why FF sensors were so expensive – a bit less involved than the Canon FF PDF. Talking of which, I had an interesting message pointing out some more details about Canon chip making and suggesting that they have actually gotten round the need for multiple steps for each FF sensor (as mentioned in that Canon PDF). The ability to make an FF chip in single steps would lower prices and raise quality for FF sensors. If this new chip design was first tried out in a 5D successor, it could be used for the big increases in DR and image quality that we get the odd hint about being ‘big in 2007’. Of course if you take your FF sensors to a one step process, then a 2FF sensor becomes much easier to produce (although still not cheap). If you’ve not already done so I’d suggest a careful read of that PDF.

There is also not much chance of this 4″ x 4″ sensor making it into a new Canon Large format camera (thanks Paul)

2nd Over at the BJP there is this article (about the 400D and new lenses) which includes this about ‘Pro’ cameras

“He [Alessandro Stanzani, the head of Canon Consumer Imaging UK] also added that a new pro camera is ‘in the pipeline’, but refused to speculate when it might arrive. ‘A new pro camera requires such a large investment that it can’t happen every six months – which photographers are probably thankful about.’ ”

August 2006

31st From the same new source (“no Mk3 at PK”) as yesterday we hear that the 5D is due for an update as well? – a 5D replacement _before_ a 1Ds3 ??

“Confirmed new 5D with higher pixel sensor and more frames per second. (No other information)  Will be shown at Photokina. To be released after Photokina”

30th From a DPR thread mentioning some new lenses there was also this snippet. Usual caveats apply — as in most of this stuff! ;-)

“I did know that they were working on the 85 f/1.2L and 50 f/1.2L that I told you earlier. Canon R&D is working on new DSLRs. We’ll see 3D, successor of 5D and DRebel. I have no information about the 40D. They’re also working on a series of non L wide angle lenses such as 24, 28, and 35. There’re no plan, or I don’t know, to replace 24L and 35L. R&D has many different groups working on different project. I only know one. So my information is only 70% accurate. Don’t buy anything now especially the 30D and 5D. Dell is offering 25% off for the 5D. You should now why. The 5D successor is better than you can imagine. All DSLRs will have a big jump in performance. The pushed out the 30D just to buy time and fill the gap.” (sic)

There may not be an announcement of the ‘1Ds MkIII’ at photokina. We were told that the current release plan for the ‘Mk3’ is end of November/ start of December. This will depend on KissX [XTi/400D] sales and may get postponed until next year. ‘1DsMk3’ Development is completed and waits for production – which is not yet started.

From a new source – via “contacts in Canon”

28th The ‘Nothing this year’/’something at Photokina’ argument has been raging. Have a look at this thread on DPR. Suggests that the product is ready, but being held back for marketing purposes (not dissimilar to what we were told at the start of July). My own thought is that if you have it, and can produce it, then why sit around for so much longer…

We were also recently pointed to this MF inspired thread on LL where post 3 (May 06) predicts the 50/1.2L and a dual ‘crop’ mode 1Ds 3 for photokina 2006, although I wonder if the guy did ‘dump’ his 1Ds Mk2s :-)

“What will come out in September is the tentatively titled 1Ds MIII. It will have 20 megapixels. But it will also have the option to shoot at a lower MP around 10 or 12 using less of a the chip having to adapt to lens magnification in this mode. It will also have a 3″ screen! So the body will handle every from the 1D Mark II all the way beyond the 1Ds Mark II. An all in one camera.
They will also be introducing a 50mm 1.2 lens to accompany the new 85mm/1.2 II lens.”

“Hope that helps. I am going to dump my two 1DsMII’s in July or August and then wait it out till I can get the two new ones.”

Also, some US dealers are alerted by Canon to a September 14th announcement date – probably a new P&S… ?

27th Yesterday’s 1D story drew some strong comment – not least of which concerned the reaction of dealers with 1Ds Mk2 stocks after such a 1DMk3 came out at 1D2N price levels :-) The favoured version being 22MP 1Ds3 at Photokina and 16MP 1D3 at PMA or even both announced at Photokina — which really would be a big announcement…

However, I notice that on Luminous Landscape MR says (in the addendum)

“I have now heard from more than one reliable source that a new 1 Series will be seen no earlier than the first quarter of 2007, likely about a month prior to PMA. Definitely not a Photokina 2006 announcement.”

Aug 2006 26th An interesting new line we were sent: No new 1Ds this year but a 1D Mk3

8 fps

So we have a fast camera at 16.7mpix, possibly using the same sensor as the current 1Ds mk2, hence no 1Ds mk3 release this year… consistent with other rumours which have said there will not be a 1Ds mk3 before next year. Lots of new tricks from Digic 3 and high speed too…

Also another message pointed to the fact that all the parts (sensors, AF, bodies) exist to bring out a 50D at PMA, in fact if you have a look through the rumours from the beginning of this year you can see the guess work in action then ;-)

Canon have now pulled the page that mentioned Digic III (typo, screwup or leak … you decide :-)

25th Did any reader sign up to the Camera West 22MP pre-order list? If so what have you heard? Do they still have it (sort of ‘under the counter’)?

— We were sent a mail from someone on ‘the list’ that suggested the notice was ostensibly removed ‘to keep Canon happy’ – that or it had served its marketing intentions, I mean, I’d never heard of them before ;-) :-)

On the positive side consider Canon’s previous history at Photokina – all the big announcements, and the 1Ds2 is just on 2 yrs old (ancient in this area)

24th Important note in another Canon statement

From — page deleted :-(

“To support its success, Canon designs, develops and manufactures its own lenses, image sensors, image processors and color rendering software. With consistently high annual investments in research and development, Canon continues to stay ahead of the market with its innovative imaging technologies, such as UA (Ultra High Refractive Index Aspherical) Lens Technology, the DIGIC II (Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit) and DIGIC III image processors, as well as Canon CMOS image sensors for the company’s EOS Digital SLR cameras.” -our emphasis —thanks Dave

The big day :-) but no ‘Pro’ cameras… :-(

Those of you who don’t remember the timing of the 1Ds Mk2 release at the -last- photokina might like to review our 1 Ds Mk2 rumours page – where you can see when reliable leaks first started coming out.

See 400D/XTi page and New ‘L’ lenses page for details

August 23rd Interesting Canon 30 page PDF on Rob Galbraith site all about full frame sensors — called “Canon’s Full-Frame CMOS Sensors: The Finest Tools for Digital Photography” (link to RG page if the direct link changes)

Canon China springs a leak – oops did we leave that page up for a while… ;-)

But… No 1Ds versions… maybe something just before Photokina?

So, you have a 400D, EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM and EF 50mm f/1.2L USM

And yes, the 400D has the following

10.1 MP (1.6X);
Anti-dust design—“Self Cleaning Sensor Unit (ultrasonic)” and “Digital Photo Professional 2.2”;
9 point autofocus system;
NO spot metering;
Same battery pack, BG-E3 grip, Digic II as does the 350D.
ISO 100-1600

Further 400D information will go on our 400D/XTi page, since this page was meant for 1Ds replacement info…

eos 400D70-400 lens F4 IS

400D and 70-400 lens50 f1.2 lens

2006 August 22nd End of line for 5D as well? – check the EOL cameras listed at this Australian store.

Should be enough to revive at least a few 5D Mk2 or even 3D rumours…

Following on with 370D shots, we were sent these two of the XTMore infoi…

Rebel XTi front viewRebel XTi back view

370D pix? (Bigger versions HERE)

And for those of you viewing from work, wanting an excuse to waste a bit more time, here is a presentation from Chuck Westfall (2005) about some of Canon’s future thoughts (thanks Amir :-)

2006 August 21st Quite a few people have been suggesting that the only real new stuff from Canon will be the following

Rebel XTi (Digic 2)
10.1 mp @ 3fps
Sensor cleaning unit(ultrasonic vibrations on low pass filter)
2 new lenses — 50mm 1.2L and 70-200mm 4L IS
Any 1Ds 2 follow on only to get previewed (for next spring)

Just because there is a Canon event on the 24th, doesn’t mean they can’t have another one in the month up to Photokina…

Is this the EOS 1x? or just EOS-X — does it have a print button?

Canon 1x

Picture we were just sent – all usual caveats apply ;-)

First announced in 2003 on DPR :-)

Ho hum, the X page vanished during the morning – (the time was ticking down to 11 am BST (GMT +1))

But by the power of the web, we have it resurrected HERE (thanks Alexandru)

Good bit of buzz from a simple X with a countdown :-) Talk about milking it… of course it -must- mean an EOS-1Dx – the fabled combination of 1D and 1Ds ;-) … or even that the 370D is 10Mp (X) or nothing much at all…

From a Canon PDF file, here is a DSLR with an OLED screen – it’s listed as a prototype.

“Canon’s OLED is a 2.4in screen with QVGA (320 x 240) resolution, which delivered a bright and detailed image with 167 pixels per inch (ppi)
It will put Canon in a unique position where it can manufacture virtually every component in a digital camera. It already produces optics, image processors and the CMOS sensors used in its digital SLRs. ”

oled display on dslr

From – thanks for the info Amir

And here is the back of a 5D

5D back view

20th I was pointed to this page with pictures of a supposed 370D and some specs (rather optimistic ones). It comes from this older PCOnline thread from last week. Note that the picture just obscures the model number, saving the need for wasting time with Photoshop ;-) – thanks Akbar

On more solid ground I was sent details of a French Canon Dealers event on the 24th – only a few days to wait for the indignant “Is that it?” and “where are all the new lenses we need” posts to appear on the discussion boards ;-)

And yes, you can buy an EOS-2D and EOS-4D in the UK – see full details (the URL is a clue as to what you will get)

2006 August 19th News from a dealer event in the UK where the ‘informed comment’ reckoned on a 370D, a 1Ds Mark ‘something’ and a change of some kind to the 5D (cosmetic, hardware or “a pricing change to make it more competitive against the Nikon D200” )

18th Over on DPR someone reckons that there will be a 50mm 1.2L for $1600 and a 22MP 1Ds3 – this was supposedly from a European mailing list (obviously why the price was in $) – if anyone finds anything real in this, do let us know…

Good to see regular visits to this page from Canon corporate IP addresses around the world (shows up in our web logs :-) Do feel free to send us an ‘official’ leak or two when you want ;-) Hope you find it amusing…

17th We were sent this pic of a purported 1D3… or ‘1 Ds’ – hmm, I already have one of those… :-)


No badge below the lens …

… and if you want to see an advert for a rather sub-spec 1Ds Mk2 N (ooh! … 9 point AF -and- EF-S lenses, see this site :-)

16th We were sent a picture of the book cover :-)

Take these pictures with the usual pinch of salt since I’m told there was a picture of a supposed D200 that was not quite right :-)See this thread on dpr for more infoA supplier also told us that he’d been told by Canon that there were no new ‘pro’ DSLRs this year… Maybe just picture styles and a bigger LCD for the 1Ds Mk2 (N)… Eos digital rebel XTI - 370D

15th The book and DVD link below got pulled, but here is the info — good old Google cache :-)

A Lark Photography Book
When a camera is bound to be as popular as Canon’s replacement for the super-successful Rebel XT will be, new owners have to have somewhere to go to learn the model’s ins-and-outs. This live-action DVD shows them how to become a master of every fabulous feature.
$19.95 US $25.95 Canadian DVD
Available : 02/2007
ISBN: 1-60059-100-0”

and from Amazon

Canon Eos Rebel Xti (Magic Lantern Guides) (Paperback)
by Michael Guncheon
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Lark Books (28 Feb 2007)
Language English
ISBN: 1600590993

However, consider releasing a book in February for a camera that is announced in August of the preceeding year? If Canon announce it soon then you might expect the books also available before Christmas?

One of the new cameras might well be the Rebel XTi – (link to DVD or book about using it – due 2007? :-) This ties in with other reports of a new camera coming in between the 350D and 30D (3000D anyone :-) Top on the wishlists seems to be auto sensor cleaning. There is a Canon Event in China on the 24th and the leak is that only -one- DSLR is to be announced…

I’ve also been told that the Camera West preordering page (see 1st Aug) has had references to a 22MP Canon removed. Several people have suggested that the new 1D3 will support a high speed crop mode and be the merger between 1D and 1Ds – this one has been around for a while (see Jul 05 at the bottom of this page)

Someone also asked me why Canon would ever want to get into Medium Format (or whatever term their marketing people come up with)? Well, they would probably like to take their own publicity shots on their own cameras for one… Have a look at the following images which still have EXIF data in them. Seems like Canon is a Phase One admirer –thanks to the sender of this info :-)

– Shot with a Phase One H10-11 Med Format Back
– Shot with Phase One H20 Med Format Back
– Shot with a Phase One P 25
For the second two, you need to look at the Advanced EXIF data in Photoshop, since someone only removed the basic camera data (it’s “save for web” folks, to get rid of it all :-)

Lest anyone take the info the wrong way, I should add that I still use my original 1Ds for product shots – not that I’d mind a load of Phase One kit turning up though… :-)

14th I’m told that Canon is currently advertising the 1DsMk2 on Japanese TV at the moment – since it’s normally only the ‘Kiss’ that gets prime time treatment, there’s the suggestion that they are deliberately raising awareness of the high end stuff ready for later this month.

See the advert — seems it was demanded by retailers who wanted to shift all their spare 1Ds Mk2’s :-)

Also have a look at this PDF that has been doing the rounds for some more ideas…

Not sure about that 18MP and the 1D MK2N sensor density should be 14.8 not 7.6 (thanks Jim)

2006 August 12th Tis the season for conspiracies — it seems that a thread was removed from the Fred Miranda forum (a good forum – far fewer trolls and “here is a picture of my cat taken with my new XXX” type posts than some others ;-) 

6fps FF camera with 5D sensor (5D+ or the fabled 3D)
1Ds III with 5fps 18MP and 8.5 fps 12 or 10MP (aka 1DsN or 1Ds3)
a 35mm 1.8, a 100-400 f/4L IS and a 400 5.6L IS

If anyone has more info … just send it :-) If you want to really cover your identity try an anonymous email service like so even if someone’s legal heavies turn up we couldn’t give away your identity :-)

We’re told (thanks Bernard), that European cashback offer has been extended on the 5D until 31/10/06 (£200 in the UK ) Not something you’d expect if any improvements were coming soon in that area (it is quite a new camera, and unlikely for revision until next year). We’re still going for a 1DsMk2N at Photokina and possibly a 1Ds 3 or 1D3 later on (maybe not announced until early next year or only shown in a box at Photokina – see 4th July comment)

10th At last some pictures of the new MF Canon – we believe the ‘4’ signifies an early example of the 1Ds Mk4. we were told that the body is only for test purposes though and the final camera may look slightly different. Interestingly enough it looks like a normal 70-200 2.8L on the front

New Canon mf camera image 1

New Canon mf camera image 2

New Canon mf camera image 3

Canon MF camera?

Good to see that Canon have listened to some of the experts on dpreview and included a pop-up flash ;-)

Note – Any specific Canon Medium Format info will go on our Canon MF Rumours page

9th Still no real info on Canon’s supposed entry to the ‘medium format’ area, but consider that a sensor that size would be well beyond the image circle of current EF lenses… (10th – Thanks to Darren for pointing out that the TS-E lenses have a 58.6mm image circle – I should have remembered this since I recently wrote a lengthy article about using my 24mm 3.5L TS-E but the ‘2FF’ chip size (48×36) has a diagonal of 60mm)

I also had a comment of someone wanting a 1Ds 2 from a well known Hong Kong dealer – seems the stock has been cleared out for something new soon… unfortunately the dealer wouldn’t give details of just what the new thing was.

8th More info about the subject of that thread that was pulled was sent to me, but I’m waiting for some confirmation/details before posting anything. If anyone wants to send info on the Canon 2FF sensor I’d be interested to know ;-)

7th Well it seems the thread I linked to yesterday has been deleted. The most interesting reason would be that it was too close to the truth and Canon lent on the site – maybe it just got too long and was culled. Anyway, here is the original text (as posted on dpreview) from a supposed beta tester.

“Before 1 month I tested a new sensor that I think it could be for the 1Ds new model camera. If what they told me is correct and no major changes will be done, then expect the following soon
22 Aug will be the official presentation.
21 Nov 2006 the first one will hit the streets at 9.999$ suggested price.
22MP 12bit color usable at 3200asa. (48x36cm newCMOS)
User could switch to 12MP 8bit color and work at 4800asa (getting almost same noise as with 5D at 1600asa, that my test showed).
Also 6400asa will be there as option but as I tested is not usable (except for B&W photos).
ISO priority mode.
New DIGI-chip offering 3presets for real-time tonality enhancements. (Much better than the one I tested in a new SONY A-DSLR).
Also 1Ds Mark III will be compatible with the new EF-Ls lenses. (There will be some new lenses soon for new 2xFullFrame cameras (in 2years maybe). Something like the opposite of the EF-S called EF-Ls or EF-Ds.
I also tested a new replacement Dalsa-CCD for MamiyaZD 21.7 MP with 12bit color but it could not perform well at 800asa.
Excuse my English I am from Greenland and I work in Germany and Netherlands where people don’t speak English”

It was pointed out to me that that would make the chip the same size as the H2D-39 (pdf spec)

Hasselblad H2D-39 Specs: Sensor size- 39 Mpixels: Sensor dimensions- 36.7 x 49.0 mm: Image size (8/16 bit RGB): RAW capture 78 MBytes, lossless compressed 50 MBytes (average)

6th Just to follow the buzz, have a look at the post from a supposed 1DS 3 (EOS 1D3) Beta tester on dpreview. Manages to mix enough probables, along with the contents of enough wishlists and enough new bits (48×36 chip and all new lenses) to stir the pot nicely :-)

4th More info we were sent about what the dealers have been told…

“Canon Dealers have not been asked to sign any NDA on the 1Ds 22MP camera.
They have had to sign an NDA on a 2nd one.  There will in fact be a world-wide release of information on the August 24 date.
This camera will be a bit cheaper than the new 1Ds. It wont compete with a 1DmkIIN for shutter speed.. only 6 fps. perhaps a little cheaper 16MP 1dsmkIIN as to not compete directly with the new 1Ds. ”

Any details on that 24th Aug info appreciated – strict anonymity assured if need be ;-)

3rd Interesting comment received about Canon dealer previews next week. One person has actually made it on to a waiting list for the new 22MP 1Ds – no news of exactly what the camera will be called yet (Mk2 N, Mk3 or whatever). Expect some sizeable leaks by the end of next week :-)

And if you are looking for other improvements see this table, it highlights advantages of the 1Ds MkII N whilst being a comparison between 1D and 1D N

From a Canon site and date stamped 30 Jul 06

And yes, the real big feature is — Picture Styles. Just what I’ve always wanted (NOT), but wait, there’s more … you can have user defined filenames too, and with a 2.5 inch display screen, the reasons to buy are just overwhelming. I’d like 22MP for some of my work, but I wanted better ISO, dynamic range, sensor design and all the other bits that may not appear now until next year :-(

2006 August 1st Over at Camera West ( they are taking advance requests to be put on a 22MP 1Ds waiting list. Doesn’t say if it is a 1Ds Mk2 N or the ‘Mk3’ (Thanks Thomas, for the info)

New this Fall!
Canon 1DS 22mp
Leica M8 Digital
Nikon D80 10mp 

and … Another pic of a supposed 3D is doing the rounds

Canon eos 3D

If nothing else, the body design looks a bit tidier than the supposed 3F pictures we were sent a while ago.

The following ‘specs’ are also posted…

Introducing the revolutionary EOS 3D. 
Built from the ground up to represent the new face of digital imaging the EOS 3D will represent a breakthrough in high performance yet affordable photography. Featuring an elegant yet supremely functional design it takes the best of Canon’s previous designs and enhances the experience even further. A high performance AF system featuring 27pt of which 11 are x-type down to f/4 while and the centre point is cross-type to f/5.6 and allows AF down to f/11. The AI servo performance has been significantly improved too, exceeding that of the 1D Mk II. 
Also Canon proudly brings ECF to the digital era and is greatly enhanced in performance over that found in the Elan 7NE.
However, the true revolution lies in the heart of the camera. Packing an amazing 13.3MP into an APS-H sized sensor the images are processed by a new DIGIC III engine. The next generation DIGIC III Image Processor builds on the legendary abilities of the digic II with double the processing power necessary to deliver unprecedented levels of resolution, speed and dynamic range. Despite the EOS 3D having smaller pixels than the EOS 5D, the DIGIC III provides even greater DR, more accurate colour rendition improved WB and lower noise. ISO 50 and 3200 are now part of the standard ISO settings and ISO 25 and 6400 are now included as an expanded option. Also it further reduces power consumption allowing class leading battery performance. 
Thanks to DIGIC III the EOS 3D also boasts an impressive burst rate of 6fps for 18 shots in RAW and 40 in jpg. 
In addition the body adds several sealing gaskets to the all magnesium shell allowing for operation in more extreme environments. A new evaluative algorithm allows more accurate metering in extreme lighting and can even correctly expose subjects like snow. Also a 2.4% spot meter allows for precise metering of any part of the scene. The viewfinder shows an impressive 98% of the scene both horizontally and vertically. Also for the first time Canon will be employing 2.75″ OLED display screen, offering superior resolution, brightness and power consumption to LCD screens and having markedly better performance in bright daylight

2006 July 29th For those of you who read Hebrew, there is a Canon ad on a forum that roughly translates as:

This year
August will be different
Every legend has a beginning

Canon advertisement

Of course it could just be for some new point and click :-)

27th English version of the Canon site below … it’s about metering and mentions the Mk2 N (look round the rest of the site and you will see refs to 16.7MP and the 1Ds MkII and Digic 2 – nothing any newer at the moment)

info about 1Ds Mark 2 N

26th If you have a look at [url removed for security] and go to the specifications, then to the raw formats supported, you will find this in a pop up window (Thanks Jim)

EOS 1Ds Mark 2 N raw file format ino

A mention of the Canon 1Ds MkII N on another Canon site
Note that it mentions the Mk2 -and- the Mk2N … looks as if we will be waiting longer for the true “Mk3 1Ds” :-(

Canon eos 1ds mkII N on Canon japan site

Since my knowledge of Japanese is minimal, if anyone has more info as to what this is about, and why it just mentions the the 1V, 1Ds2 and 1Ds2N I’d like to know? [see entry for 27th for English version]

14th As a follow up to the item in March (link) about “next year’s camera”, I was sent a reference to one of Canon’s 2002 patents (6388709) for sensor design – interesting read, if you can make your way through patent speak ;-) View on-line at US Patent Office. Note that this design needs sequential exposures, so maybe not what we’ll see – also the patent was originally filed in 1996.

If you like patents (it is an acquired taste), you might also want to check out 6980248 from Canon and 6924841 from Agilent on improving sensor dynamic range

12th More comment received suggesting that the 1Ds Mk2 N will indeed have 22MP, faster buffer and bigger LCD – and a $10k price tag.
It also seems that there are rumours going round that Canon is going to introduce an MF (medium format) system – not heard this one since late May ;-)

9th – Further to the Canon ‘leak’ below, it’s been suggested (not verified) to me that the ‘N’ version will also have 22/21 Mpix – I’d more likely suspect bigger screen and other relatively minor changes.

If you look on a German Canon site and enter 1Ds into the search box, you find some curious information
There’s an article, number H053234 — EOS 1Ds II N DE Manualkit (inkl. Software) — A typo? (but notice the other items 1Ds, 1Ds MKII V1)… or all we’ll get at photokina?

I’ve seen some confusion as to what the DE stands for – it’s the GERMAN (.de) version of the software/manual – note also the generally inconsistent naming conventions used on the site.

Just in case it gets removed, here is a screen shot (thanks to Chris for the info!)

Canon EOS 1Ds II N manual?

Perhaps someone might like to try ordering it :-)

4th A different take on the ‘no new MkIII at photokina’ — We’ve been told that although the new flagship camera exists, all the marketing and production requirements mean that it’ll first be shown (in a box – for show only) in Feb 2007 in time for PMA. It will not be a Mk3 and is likely to be an ‘around $10k’ camera.

Note – sent by a non anonymous reader in Europe (we will always give credit if asked)


30th More mail suggesting that 2006 is not the year for the 1Ds MkIII. I notice that there has been a lot of visits to the site – do bear in mind the ‘health warnings’, and that I’ve still not had any firm info I’d put much of my own money on!

27th An interesting interview with Chuck Westfall of Canon USA about future technologies in cameras

Don’t expect any startling revelations, but I do like the idea of having a workable low noise 6400 ISO :-)

26th E-mail I’ve received on the ‘EOS3’ pics overwhelmingly say ‘FAKE’ – I’m minded to agree … ho hum, I did say take stuff on this page with a big pinch of salt :-) I’ll leave the pics up for the record.

Note, we treat anonymous email with a great deal more scepticism than if you are actually prepared to say who you are…

Some details for the successor to the 1DsMk2? (as with the 3F I’m now minded to be wary of this unless I hear from someone with some more credible info :-)

“23.9 MP, 5FPS @ FF – 9FPS @ .3 CROP. – 28 RAW TO Buffer 72 JPEG – 1498 grams (incl batt) – 3” LCD at 368,000 pixels ” — Along with a suggestion that it will be announced on Monday 28th August. FYI the 1ds2 is 1565 gram and does 4fps with a buffersize of 11 raw and the 1D2n does 8.5fps and 20 raw.

25th Since it arrived just as I was going out to the pub on a Saturday night, I didn’t look carefully at the picture that came with the ‘EOS 3F’ picture below… A blast from the past indeed, I thought I hadn’t heard anything about Foveon for quite some time. Could this actually be the elusive EOS 3D that people have been postulating for years?

sample eos 3 f file ??

A jpeg (2160×1697) of a CF card that shows somewhat more interesting EXIF data – (3.2 second exposure??)

Canon eos 3 f file exif data

Canon eos 3 f file data

As ever I’m just reporting something I’ve been sent – I’ve no independant verification of this, so caveat lector.

24th Rumours coming a bit faster now on the board, with a 23MP 1Ds Mk11N being a popular vote (along with several new L lenses) Whether the higher dynamic range sensors we heard about in March make it into the next 1Ds, or arrive in something new and big announced in 2007 remains to be seen.

An EOS 3D?

The EOS 3F ?

We were just sent the pic with the sample picture (see above) and no other info so you will just have to make your own minds up on its veracity.

After several requests we’ve replaced the reduced size version with one at the size we were sent.

EOS-3F (eos 3D foveon)

…and here is a PS montage -I- put together to compare its size with other cameras (yes it was Sunday morning and I was bored)

Canon full frame slrs

5D, ‘3F’ and 1Ds Mk2

18th It’s been a bit quiet of late, but there have been rumours on several boards of people seeing a new version of the 1Ds being tested at various sporting events (22 or 24 MP and with a much bigger LCD). Then again, the camera manufacturers are always testing new kit in the field, much of it will be experimental, just to see how a particular feature works. Someone even got people wound up over a potential $10,000 price tag for the new beast :-)


26th At an event in Germany last weekend Canon (it is said) denied that a new 22MP 1Ds would arrive at Photokina. This might be connected with sensor yield problems that I’ve seen mentioned, but of course no-one who really knows is telling :-) Could we just get a 1Ds Mk2N (bigger LCD and a few tweaks?) and the big beast next February. The word was that there would be no new high quality wide angle glass either :-(

Personally I hope not, since I’d like to replace my 1Ds before too much longer. I’m doing more and more work where better high speed ISO and image size are important. Just not enough to really warrant (from a business point of view) getting a mark 2.

20th Have a look at the various 1Ds2 replacement threads running on dpreview :-) Canon is now seemingly looking at the MF digital market (55MP new sensor design) – or not – take your pick ;-)

16th I’m told that have stopped directly selling the 1Ds Mk2, which would be reasonable if they are running down their stock for a new product later in the year.

Not so reasonable this early for a September announcement :-) I was quickly mailed by several people (thanks) pointing this out and the products seem to be back. Checking online availability of the 1Ds MkII might be one thing for you to do (probably best for those with internet access at work, feeling very bored ;-)

8th A comment from Chuck Westfall of Canon USA at

Suggests that the unification of the 1D and 1Ds lines may not be too soon

“Canon’s lower-end digital SLRs aren’t a technological dead end, either. Those cameras’ smaller sensor size, called APS-C, “is clearly here to stay,” Westfall said. “Because of the cost factors, that’s going to be the sensor we end up concentrating on for the entry-level cameras for the foreseeable future.” And Canon has begun bringing exotic, high-quality lens elements to its EF-S lenses, though not the weatherproofing of its high-end “L” series of EF lenses.

Canon’s EOS 1D Mark II N uses yet a third standard, an intermediate-size sensor with a 1.3x conversion factor to balance processing speed with image quality. “We’d like to continue using that size as well,” Westfall said.”

Not much else to comment, since I’m driving round Colorado at the moment :-)


7th A comment received from a UK dealer about a shortage of 5Ds – nothing I’ve heard of elsewhere though…

And this quote from April’s “Popular Photography”
“Canon also had some interesting news on the DSLR front. In terms of innovation, it will rest on its EOS 5D full-frame-sensor laurels through 2006, but 2007 will be another story. Canon, Inc. the parent company in Japan, plans to expand digital SLR exposure latitude and brightness range to more closely resemble print-film latitude.” – any more info on the context of this??

So nothing for Photokina??? – maybe a chance for a 1DsMk11n yet … I’d still think Canon want a ‘big’ announcement for this year, and another ‘n’ version isn’t going to make a splash. The dynamic range stuff does fit in with last months info about radical changes in sensor design.


22nd – A second mail, pointed out that the multi-layer sensor was -not- a Foveon type sensor, but still Bayer. The multiple sensor per pixel idea can be found in one form from Fuji (the Super CCD with two different sensitivity sensors per pixel, but still side by side)

21st – We were sent some interesting comments that included “next generation sensor will be a three-layered thing that will essentially take three separate, bracketed exposures and merge them, much like the High Dynamic Range function in Photoshop, therefore giving us tonal range similar to negative.”

All sounds very nice – any more comments/info welcome, as usual :-)

Add to that the story of Canon stopping production of 1Ds2 sensors a short while ago and you have a reasonable timescale for the release of a new ‘top end’ camera later this year. It takes time to ramp up production of a new big chip (and a FF sensor is ‘big’ for a chip). Good wafer yields take some fine-tuning for any new line.

sensor microlenses

Existing microlenses in the 1Ds and 1Ds Mk2

14th – Several “friend in the industry” mails from people who’d been told to factor in ‘big changes’ to their buying plans later in the year. 22MP seemed the most popular size.

Several people have pointed to comments from a recent Canon exec about their desire to improve their range of prime lenses – certainly even the 1Ds MkII shows up deficiencies in many ‘L’ series lenses. Just chucking more megapixels at the problem isn’t going to make things better. — original Japanese info

Maybe the ‘big changes’ referred to all the new ‘L’ series lenses they’d need to buy to go with their new camera :-)

Feb 2006

21st – Oh, it’s a 30D – Canon announce a 20D MkII for PMA — not really much changed… So much for all that wishful thinking ;-)

From the press release:
“Canon today announces the EOS 30D, replacing the award winning EOS 20D. Retaining the 5fps, 8.2 Megapixel performance of its predecessor, the upgraded camera enjoys a larger, wider viewing angle 2.5” LCD, extended 100,000 shutter cycle durability, spot metering, and a variety of refinements designed to enhance the photographic experience.” EOS 30D body only €1,399 — EOS 30D and EF-S 18-55mm lens €1,499

I like the use of the word ‘Retaining’ to mean there’s not much difference — see all the usual photo discussion boards for more info, along with much wailing and gnashing of teeth :-)

15th – Mutterings about a 1Ds RS , using a pellicle mirror to save on having to flip it up, and managing 10fps at 18MP full frame. Also a 3D midway between 5D and 1D lines (haven’t heard that one for a while… ;-) See the Fred Miranda forums for the standard collection of posts that follow any such posting :-) … and there are a lot of them.

12th – Nothing on the ‘big’ kit, but more info about a possible 35D on the 21st Feb (and stacks of other new things as well)…

“Canon to introduce new DSLR on February 21 at 11.00 GMT
(9.2.2006) Canon Norway has announced that they will introduce a new DSLR on February 21 at 11.00 hours GMT. Reports indicate a 10 Mp 1,6 crop sensor, but specifications are not confirmed. Product manager Tom Larsen at Canon Norway refuses to comment on the new camera.” on site)

Nothing much so far except the 20D -may- be bumped to the 30D later this month


10.1 MP, 21 point AF, 7 fps, 1.6x, DIGIC II, better noise reduction at IS0 800 or higher, a little small body design…

January 2006

26th – I went to buy some stuff from a major UK supplier today (not far from the Northlight offices ;-) and got into a discussion about Canon kit. The ‘off the record’ comments I got pointed to a ‘just below 24MP’ replacement for the 1Ds MkII in the autumn. Take the usual pinch of salt, but they didn’t have any info about the possible convergence of 1D and 1Ds lines (the ‘1Dv’)

With PMA at the end of February, the rumour mill is stepping up with reports of a replacement for the 20D. Some have suspected a EOS 1DsMkIIn much like the 1DMk2n – probably not, but if it does appear then it’s unlikely to be replaced by a Mk3 at Photokina this Autumn.

The potential joining of the 1D and 1Ds lines might also be the time for an all new body in the EOS 1 series, a lot depends on how the marketing droids want to play it. We’ve used up N,V and D, so there are plenty of letters left…

11th – The rumour wagon gathers speed — a popular name suggestion now goes for the EOS-1Dv. This info/wishlist seems to come from a Japanese site, and the capacity for people to mis-translate it has kept the story alive :-)

One translation (?) suggested (try if you want to have a go :-)

EOS-3000 (aka Kiss D Light) low price JPG format only DSLR. (jpeg only??- KC)
EOS 50D APS-C 1,030m 5.5 FPS with EOS 5D high speed AF sensor
EOS -1Ds III 20MP with a 12MP 8fps high speed crop (merger of 1D and 1Ds lines – the 1Dv or 1Vd)
Updated 350D with unkown code name and 3fps.

…looks like the first two at PMA next month, and the 1Dv at Photokina ;-) — hope it is actually a bit more than 20MP

But wait there’s more :-)

Of course I forgot the World Cup in Germany this year (probably because I’d rather watch paint dry than a football match)

So maybe the 1Ds MkIIn at PMA for that one, and a new high end (23MP) at Photokina. This comes from a UK source who suggested it came from Canon dealers in the UK (if the source for this stuff has any more details drop us a line :-)

December 2005

Still not a lot of noises to be heard on the latest 1Ds :-)

The most popular guestimate for the mark 3 sensor resolution is around 22-23MP (I’ve had one report about Canon in Japan, showing some 23MP prototypes to people, but remember that a lot of prototypes get built and never make it to market)

When we were looking at the rumours before the 1Ds MkII was announced, we had one report about a dust cleaning option that was being looked at (MkII info Aug 2004 towards the bottom of the page) All we got were a couple of fairly vague reports of ‘Active Dust Removal’. If you read the interview with Takaya Iwasaki, Canon representative for Central East and North East Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa and Middle East at you will see that they looked at it for the 20D. Now since it’s still not appeared, it’s either a lot more difficult to get working, or too expensive — so where would be a good place to introduce it – Canon’s new flagship camera (EOS 1Ds MkIII) at next year’s Photokina?

Might we get a whole new AF system and a few other goodies as well.

It looks as if new battery technology will make it into the cameras, with Li-ion giving quite an increase in capacity. I’ve heard from the states of a couple of people putting off their moves to MF digital after some ‘off the record’ briefings from senior Canon people.

When it comes to naming, how many roman numerals will get added? Will we get the EOS 1Ds MkV in 2010? or will we get a whole new numbering system? The only problem is that if you want to have lowest=best, then there isn’t much further to go.

Film EOS numbers-
Digital EOS numbers –

For some nice pictures and diagrams, have a look at some of Canon’s thoughts on the benefit of full frame sensors at

Given their stated long term aim of moving as many cameras as possible to FF sensors the convergence of 1D and 1Ds will be sooner than later…

“Reading between the lines of the specs and press release, you may discover that the EOS 5D is the first model in a new strategy frm Canon, in the direction of full frame image sensor in many cameras to come. They have now solved many of the obstacles and production cost barriers, first and foremost related to the lowpass filter in front of the CMOS.
Brian Worley, product manager of D-SLR cameras at Canon Europa, said that it’s a long way before all EOS models will have a full size sensor, but Canon’s aim is to equip all models, except the cheapest, with a 35mm sensor in the future. ” 
From 5D review at

Yup, the 5D is for real … see

August 2005 — so it looks as if there is finally an EOS 5D full frame at last (launch 26/8?)

Main features of the Canon EOS 5D:

Effective Pixels: 12.8M Approx.
Type: 35.8 x 23.9mm CMOS
Total Pixels:13.3M Approx
Max Resolution: 4,368 x 2,912 pixels
Aspect Ratio:3:2
Low-Pass Filter: Built in/Fixed
Colour Filter Type: Primary Colour
3 Frames/sec
9 Focus Points 6 invisible points
Depth of Field Preview- Yes

more info at

Also a Canon 1D MkII N ? (looks to be a relatively minor upgrade)

July 05 – lots of people visiting the page – I presume it’s been provoked by those quite good ‘Photoshopped’ examples of various supposed Canon cameras :-) or I should give it its full name the “Canon EOS2 Fv1 MkIII” … yup, Canon announces a new range of cameras starting at MkIII -not

Alternately it could be due to shortages of the EOS 1DmkII – A new 1D variant might be along in the Autumn. If you want to track the rumours of a new product, have a look at my 1DsMkII page from last year. If you look at it from the bottom of the page you will see how the various rumours built up to the final release of the camera. Use this for adding that very necessary pinch of salt to what you may hear ;-)

Comments on remarks from some Canon people… (this concerns a full frame 1D and the supposed convergence between the 1D and 1Ds lines)

“We can expect the APS-C format to continue in the two bottom layers, the xxxD and the xxD. This was said by at least two different Canon execs.

One of them said that there will be distinct capability differences between the layers, making the choices between them clear for users. So we can expect the xD top layer to be a single 24x36mm, 8fps camera. This was also said by two execs.

One exec said that the xD 24x36mm 8fps camera would be the ‘next generation’ and would cost $5000. That same exec strongly implied that the 1.3 sensor was a stopgap measure until they could develop the high-speed full frame camera.”

This suggests the following

There will continue to be updates in all three layers, and when each layer is updated, it will contain some of the very newest available technology (which may eclipse a then-current higher layer), but not enough capability to overcome the higher layers.
The xxxD camera will always maximize “consumer ease of use,” light weight, and compactness over professional durability, speed, and versatility.
The xxD camera will always be a blend of “consumer ease of use,” light weight, and compactness along with a few professional features of durability, speed, and versatility.
The xD camera will always maximize durability, speed, and versatility over “consumer ease of use,” light weight, and compactness.

Now we may get a new ‘Super’ 1D at 2006 Photokina where we get high speed and full frame, but if something goes awry with the super xD, they may have to introduce a 1D Mk III 1.3 camera as a continuance of its interim use, that by either PMA or Photokina.

All new lenses – the ‘Super L’ series

What about an EOS 3D?

“The camera is supposed to be a full frame camera selling at $4000 CDN. Pixel count is unknown (my guess, 12 MP). Lighter and smaller than the 1D-series. Emphasis is on high ISO performance – both noise and colour. Release is supposed to be second / third week of September (just in time for Xmas).”

This particular rumor has been doing the rounds for some time :-) — (see the 1Ds MkII page)

…and became what we now know as the 5D