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1Ds Mk3 rumours Feb-Aug 2007

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1Ds Mk3 rumours Feb-Aug 2007

1Ds3 pre release rumours – Archive page

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2007 August 15th Over in Bizzarroland, I’m told (thanks ;-) that a dealer has got the wrong picture of a 1Ds3 in a 1D3 advert

(note to readers – I don’t know this NY photo store… they look dodgy

A new 1Ds3 for right -and- left handed people? Surely not a way to get your 1D3 page some free advertising ;-)

Is FF coming to Sony (or Nikon for that matter) A load of Sony info on out 40D page includes the snippet that “Nikon is supplying Sony new steppers to create FF sensors in one shot”

14th What Canon will introduce next week. The 40D looks rather likely, but who knows when the 5D and 1Ds2 will get replaced? In general Canon like to give major products individual launches, but who knows if anything special is set for this anniversary year?

Meanwhile, in Calgary, it seems that some pro dealers have been “discouraged from ordering large numbers of 1Ds-II, 5D, and 30D cameras – or from basing their advertising on these machines.” (DPR) and “Canon is NOW suggesting to the varous stores that it might be unwise to anticipate major purchases of, or advertising for, the 30D, 5D, and the 1Ds-II.”

13th Canon China drops the 1Ds2 (and 30D) from its listings

10th Another 16MP 5D2 rumour at POTN (via Vistek in Toronto), which if true, would make it much more likely (IMHO) that a 1Ds3 would be out first.

Of course the various Nikon D3X related rumours are still going strong that a full frame or a DX D300 will be announced on the 23rd (or 24th in London is one press info session I’ve heard).

Lest anyone be unsure, I’ve little time for many of the Nikon/Canon ‘arguments’. I use what I use by choice, other people make different choices :-) The more good cameras there are out their, the better.

Meanwhile, in the tinfoil hat/Friday afternoon department, there are copious rumours and theories going round about the ‘convenient’ release of that old sensor patent info yesterday ;-)

How come -I- read this stuff? well having been doing my company’s annual accounts, and having a load of product photography to do over the last week, I kept getting bored…

2007 August 9th More AF issues…. however the story at SP adds that Canon might be stopping 1D3 shipments, pending a ‘fix’. However, no sources for this conjecture are given and I’ve seen several such posts on forums.

More fact based, is the update on RG, which suggests that the issues are being taken seriously by Canon…

“EOS-1D Mark III autofocus article updated with an analysis of firmware v1.1.0
We’ve updated our June 19 article analysing EOS-1D Mark III autofocus with a look at the camera’s autofocus performance with firmware v1.1.0 installed. In addition, engineers at Canon’s Tokyo headquarters are now investigating our claims of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus problems and have committed to sharing the results of that investigation. ”

Thanks again to all the people who write in with comments and news.

I also noticed that DPR had picked up on an old (2003) Nikon patent (7138663) for a full colour imaging chip which uses three small dichroic mirrors below an opening to direct red, green and blue light to separate photodiodes. Bit difficult to fabricate at the moment, but a nifty idea.

6th The UK Canon event later this month is to launch ‘The Autumn Collection’. Expect a 40D, now that a bit of a buzz has been created by some ‘leaked’ info

I still keep seeing those confident pronouncements on some boards that ‘there will be no 1Ds Mk3 this year’

…certainly hope that isn’t so

Meanwhile Chuck Westfall (from Canon) mentions some AF issues

“NOTE: Canon has recently posted some new firmware for the EOS-1D Mark III, but the situation concerning this camera’s autofocus performance is still evolving as of this writing. In light of the many inquiries that have been received, Canon has decided to produce a new edition of the pamphlet entitled, “Getting the Most Out of Your EOS-1D Class Digital SLR,” with detailed information on the EOS-1D Mark III. Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.”

…or RTFM guys :-)

4th A Spanish site suggests that Canon is organising an event in Kenya 10-15th October (Google translation) Is this connected with the event that people are suggesting for later this month (a 40D?) or could it be something else :-)

However, I knew I’d heard Kenya mentioned before… this from the rumours archive for Feb 14th 2007:

“In the Spanish page DSLR Magazine, by Valentín Sama (a quite knowledgeable person), he clearly states that this 22nd of February Canon is making a big international show for unveiling new products, and that Kenya will be, probably, the place for this event…”

It was the 1D3, but not in Kenya…

3rd Some 40D pictures on a Korean site, which mention the 20th as a release date – however various automatic translations of the page also hint at at 1Ds3 release – Any Korean visitors care to check the page and offer an opinion?

2007 July 31st 1D3 firmware 1.1.0 is available at

30th More new firmware from Canon for 1D3 – soon to be available for download. The new firmware for the Mark III should be generally available from: at 10am Tokyo time (GMT+9) July 31st. It includes the following improvements and fixes:

    Improves the look of images when played back on the LCD monitor.
    Applies a slightly stronger sharpness setting to the LCD monitor when images are played back.
    Fixes for Main Dial response errors (Main, Quick Control, Vertical-grip Main).
    Fixes a rare response error in the Main Dials in which they either did not respond when rotated or would change several clicks’ worth even if only clicked once.
    Reduces the tendency to autofocus on the background instead of the main subject when shooting in AI Servo AF under certain conditions.
    Reduces the tendency of the camera to autofocus on high-contrast backgrounds when shooting in conditions where AF detection is difficult, such as when the main subject is not completely covered by the AF frames or if the main subject’s contrast is low.
    Corrects errors in the Italian and Simplified Chinese menu screens.
    Fixes a rare phenomenon in which the camera cannot start normally when the battery is inserted, such as after replacing the battery. This phenomenon sometimes occurred with the version 1.0.9 firmware when the battery was inserted into the camera due to the camera’s communication timing. The occurrences were extremely rare, and abnormal operation could be fixed by reloading the battery. The version 1.1.0 firmware incorporates fixes for this phenomenon.

29th A 50MP sensor thread on DPR follows on from: “September’s edition of UK magazine T3 has mention on page 60 of a 50Mp Canon camera coming in 2008 to definitively bury 35mm film”

Of course this is most likely a quick article knocked up from inspired by Canon’s 50MP APS-H sensor (19 x 28mm in size) PR back in June ;-) The only alternative would be the ‘all new Canon move into MF’, which from the rumours POV has rather run out of steam lately… Photokina 2008 anyone?

28th It’s page 39 in AP, just in case you’re curious – Also I’ve been told of a shop in Tokyo with a sign up announcing “The successor to the EOS 30D will be released this autumn” They also spoke of the 200D follow up from Nikon, but no 1Ds3 :-(

26th Thanks Jan for pointing out this in the latest AP magazine:

“David Leung in his advert in AP this week has a quote suggesting Canon news on the 20th of August. – he speculates either a 40D or a 1Ds 3. Mind you, in the box below he states that the 1Ds 3 has already won the 2007 TIPA award!”

It’s the 1D3 that has won an award for something ;-)

If you’re concerned that a 40D in August might give credence to the ‘No 1Ds3 this year’ rumours, then it’s worth pointing out that the 20D was announced in August 2004 and the 1Ds2 in September 2004 (although that was a photokina year)

22nd There’s still lots of debate about the prevalence of the 1D3 AF issues – I get mail from people who are finding it a joy to use, without any real problems. Certainly, if I had one, my need for quick AF is pretty infrequent, so it would be the loss of wide angle coverage that would be the killer for me (Did I mention I’m still waiting for the 1Ds3? :-) Have a look at this thread on PPH (reg. required for full info) for some different views.

July 21st Unfortunately RG suggests that the AF issues are still there with the 1D3 :-(

20th This note was received by someone who had had their 1D3 updated to V1.0.9

EOS-1D Mark III Firmware Update, Version 1.0.9
Dear Canon Customer;
We have updated the firmware in your camera to the latest version (Version 1.0.9).
This firmware update incorporates the following improvements and fixes:

1. Improves the look of images when enlarged on the LCD monitor, Applies a slightly stronger sharpness setting to the LCD monitor when images are enlarged.
2. Countermeasures for Main Dial response errors (Main, Quick Control, Vertical-grip Main). Fixes a rare response error in the Main Dials in which they either did not respond when rotated or would change several clicks’ worth even if only clicked once.
3. Improves the consistency of AI Servo AF under certain conditions. Reduces the tendency of the camera to autofocus on high-contrast backgrounds when shooting in conditions where AF detection is difficult, such as when the main subject is not completely covered by the AF frames or if the main subject’s contrast is low.
4. Corrects errors in the Italian and Simplified Chinese menu screens,

Please note that this Version 1.0.9 firmware will be made available for download from the Web at the end of July. However you will not need to take any action as your camera has already been updated.

Thank you for your understanding.

19th In comments about the ‘no 1Ds3 this year’ note below, it was pointed out to me that the price of the 1Ds2 in Japan recently went down from 892,500 yen to 826,000 yen. Some time after 20th Sept was slated for the announcement with availability by the end of November.

Meanwhile one date I’ve heard for the possible announcement of a new Nikon camera is 25th July – hopefully it will be FF since competition in this area can only be good for those of us wanting a 1Ds3 at a ‘reasonable’ price (note – definition of ‘reasonable’ seems to vary somewhat widely ;-) See this FM thread for some speculation (or this long rambling DPR one for not much more ;-) – maybe we’ll just have to wait for Sony to come up with something…

There is an update to V1.0.9 of the 1D3 firmware – the end of the month is when it’s expected to go on the Canon web sites. This FM thread has some further info. At the moment this is a ‘return to Canon’ update. Canon UK don’t know what specific issues the update fixes.

I’ve had a message suggesting that their Canon sources are saying ‘end of the month’ for a firmware update for the 1D3. Unfortunately the same sources suggested that there wouldn’t be a 1Ds3 for “at least 12 months” (Thanks for the info Paul ;-)

At least 12 months! that would be a right PITA… Let’s hope that October shows this one to be wrong…

2007 July 17th 1D3 firmware update? A suggestion (NS) that tomorrow (18th) will see a 1D3 firmware update.

Meanwhile not to be outdone by Canon’s CMOS announcement, Sony come up with their own CMOS plans…
…Well that’s what DPR says, however, if you got to Sony’s site you find that the release was actually dated June 6th – we do like to check our sources here when/if possible :-) :-)

Making your own large prints? I’ve had a load of info sent about a new 4880/7880/9880/11880 (info page) range of printers from Epson available in September -Now updated with Epson UK/De/Aus press info, and the ink switching looks only to be in the 11880…

15th An interesting Canon technology snippet – they are developing their CMOS sensor business to use them in their smaller compact cameras as well as DSLRs (Reuters) — at present they still get a lot of their smaller (CCD) image chips from Sony.

And in another interesting if unrelated — to the fundamental ‘where is my 1Ds3’ question :-) I was sent this PDF link to an interesting Canon guide to their lenses and the technology that goes into them.

14th A DPR post suggests that Canon have a Press Conference arranged on the 20th Aug. Although a new IXUS is slated for release, the 40D seems also a good possibility, particularly with all the recent price drops for the 30D. This does make me wonder about the 1Ds3 timing – could we see it at the same time? or does it get pushed into October?

13th There’s an interesting post on DPR with the response from Canon UK to a complaint about 1D3 AF.

It includes a suggestion to look at ‘Picture styles’ — Hmm picture styles affect AF performance, I must have missed that page of the manual… :-)

All said though, there are many users of MK3’s who don’t see an AF problem, but when the likes of Rob Galbraith say they have issues, I’d expect a slightly better thought out response from Canon?

12th The next ‘Super Camera’ from Canon — a good example of how to make a composite image

new Canon cameraDo check the Original imageat Pbase

Well worth doing to see all the detail that has been added and the other composites at eminilia/ special_effects

9th Hot on the tails of the 1Ds3 rebates in Australia comes a comment (POTN) about a dealer in Sydney, taking pre orders for a 1Ds3

“D & D Photographics (Sydney Australia) … are taking pre-orders for the 1Ds III
… announced in October sometime, 22MP and around $13k (Aus)”

Aus$13k (~US$11k, ~£5,500) is a tad steep :-)

6th 1D3 autofocus gets a bit of a mention in the latest ‘DigitalJournalist’ article by Chuck Westfall of Canon US – don’t expect much if you are having AF related issues, although there promises to be “more on EOS-1D Mark III autofocusing in the next edition of Tech Tips.”

BTW Hi to all the people checking the page regularly from Canon corporate IP addresses (info from my web logs) – you know the email address when you want to leak something interesting ;-)

5th I just heard from someone (thanks) who checked again with CPS in the US – the 1Ds2 rebate is not known there…

4th The Australian deal is apparently open to anyone who buys a 1Ds2 in Australia. I was sent this email response by someone who contacted CPS Australia from the US – any more info from round the world is welcome…

“The offer is available to anyone who purchases a camera through the Australian Professional dealer network and all Cash back claims have to be made through Canon Australia. But is is open to anyone.
Canon Professional Services, Canon Australia, 1 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde NSW 2113
PH: 1800 804 240 Fax: 02 98874484 Email: cps @

I’ve been asked by several people about the 1Ds2 offer mentioned below. I’ve only been sent Australian info – I’ve currently got no info on whether it is being run in the US or anywhere else in the world. I did hear of someone contacting Canon CPS in the US and not getting much joy from them, although one person at Canon did suggest that this was a CPS only deal in the US.

Oh, and happy 4th July too, to visitors from our former Atlantic colonies :-) :-)

3rd Rob G’s article on autofocus and the 1D3 has been updated

July 2nd 2007 News (thanks) from Australia that Canon is trying to shift stocks of 1Ds Mk2s. CPS members are being sent the following

“Dear CPS Member,
We are pleased to announced the following new EOS-1Ds Mark II Cash Back Promotion.
Canon’s flagship EOS Digital SLR, the EOS-1Ds Mark II remains a must have for those true professional photographers looking to capture huge beautiful images, fast. Featuring a full-frame 16.7 megapixel CMOS sensor, super rich gradations, the EOS-1Ds Mark II delivers images that astound when printed at large size. This quality is complemented by 4 fps continuous shooting speed that empowers photographers to capture every decisive moment. With unprecedented speed and massive resolution, there is no limit to the creative possibilities.
From July 1, 2007, Canon gives you the best opportunity to purchase the most remarkable camera in Canon Digital SLR history. Any customer who purchases an EOS-1Ds Mark II from an authorised Canon professional dealer during the promotional period receives $1000 CASH BACK direct from Canon.
Combine this great Cash Back deal with the already outstanding “PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM KIT” offer (purchase an EOS-1Ds Mark II plus an EF50f1.2L and save $2,699 off RRP), available through your local professional dealer, the total value in Recommended Retail Price represents a saving to you of an amazing $3,699.
Note: Professional Premium Kit Offer finishes July 31, 2007.
For more information please contact your Authorised Canon Professional Dealer or Canon Professional Service on
1800 804 240.”

Looks like they are trying to shift 50mm/1.2L stocks too…

June 29th I was sent an interesting Olympus PDF file about how they intend to combat the 40D and D300 – info on the 40D page.

27th I was just sent a flyer from a UK dealer reminding me that Canon rebates end on Friday, although 400D (Xti) rebates go on to the end of July. In the US I see that Canon have an ‘instant rebate’ on various lenses until July 16th (details on lenses page)

25th A report from Japan tells of numerous AF related issues with the 1D3 and that Canon has not yet recognised it officially, although there may be an announcement next month. It might well be a return for service option and -not- fixed by a firmware update.

Meanwhile for rumours (nothing very convincing) have a look at this long rambling DPR thread – 1Ds3 at 22MP, big LCD, 4fps, 28 shot (raw) buffer, there’s also the brief mention of some new ‘L’ lenses coming, but then again there’s always the mention of new lenses on their way. The 1Ds3 is either $10k or $7999 depending on your POV ;-)

22nd If you’ve got 1D3 problems then do check out the updated article at RG there are suggestions about who to contact a Canon.

21st While I’m hearing directly from some people with 1D3 problems, someone pointed me to this review, along with the comment that they had not noticed any problems with AF.

20th You may hve read some of the amusing rants on some of the forums about a focus problem with the 1D3. Well, to some extent it is real, and there is a very comprehensive article about various 1D3 issues at RG

Comprehensive means they took over 15,000 photos – makes the couple of dozen I take for some of my reviews look a bit poor. However 10 fps on the 1D3 makes it a bit easier…

2007 June 17th A couple of PDF articles from Canon about that APS-H 50MP sensor (#1 and #2) or about ~80MP in 35mm FF format (or ~30MP for 1.6 crop). Probably not until we get to a 1DsMk5 or 6 ;-) … and then what lenses are going to match it?

Don’t forget that current 10MP point ‘n’ click cameras cram the pixels in pretty tightly and image quality isn’t overly hot – DPR note on Sharp 12 MP 1/1.7″ sensor.

June 15th Unfortunate rumours of a production hold on the 1D3 at DPR

On techy matters, Kodak have announced new sensor filter patterns for better sensitivity – less colour detail but better luminance.

I’ve also archived a load more of this page (before 1st April 2007)

14th More on some 1D3 problems?… There’s a thread on a German board suggesting a further delay in shipping – more inspection is deemed necessary due to a worse than expected return rate (AF problems and image banding)

Meanwhile, since there is an absolute dearth of good Canon rumours, there’s this EG story capturing some of the current Nikon rumours about a new 18MP FF D3 It seems that apart from their earlier posts, they heard from:

‘a “photo editor at a major newspaper” has tipped us on a phone call he received from Nikon in which his presence was requested at a meeting where a “new professional camera that is leaps and bounds better than anything Canon is offering” would be showcased.’

This would be the same FF chip that Sony are going to put in their ‘Flagship’ camera? (see our 5D2/3D/7Dpage for some more Sony info and links) Well, the meeting is pencilled in for Jun 26th, so not long to wait ;-)

11th The wireless adapters for the new 1D3 are not exactly commonplace yet – maybe a Wi-Fi memory card ?

Other than that the rumour mill seems to be away on its summer holidays…

Meanwhile all is not well in Denmark — I’m told that:

“of the 10 first MkIIIs arrived in Denmark, already 4 have been returned to Canon, due to display problems and other failures. One other has 3-5% of the files with errors, mostly stripes.”

5th If you are getting a 1D3 (and I suspect this might apply to a future 1Ds3 as well) be very careful with the screw on cover for the adapter socket. There are numerous reports on DPR of people having it fall off during their first shoot. Seems a cheap solution to a problem solved perfectly well with those nice solid rubber connectors Canon have used before. Of course you could use the wireless adapter as a ‘plug’ – if you could get them… :-)

June 4th If you are amongst the chosen ones, you can get a trip to Japan, courtesy of Canon ;-). There is an interesting article by RG about just such a trip

“…Looking ahead Canon intends to offer a new file format in future digital cameras, says Masaya Maeda, Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations for Canon. The format could be in addition to or in replacement of either JPEG or CR2 RAW, but the company is still studying its options and hasn’t committed to any one format as yet.

OLED displays will emerge in Canon digital cameras at some point, but not before 2009, says Maeda.”

There’s also some info on the EOS-1D Mark III’s Highlight Tone Priority feature, which is something that I look forward to seeing implemented in the 1Ds3

The new file formats could include DNG (some standards related info) or some replacement for JPEG (note including comments from CW at Canon). Personally I hope they don’t go down any route that includes any proprietary technology in a restrictive manner. See this page for lots of info on HD Photo and see how ‘open’ you think microsoft will be…

Also from Japan — a report (thanks) from Japan

“CANON New CMOS 50000000 pixels were developed. But, Next Camera have 30000000 pixels”

Google comes up with this translation

“As for CANON CMOS which is the semiconductor part of picture photographing (the complementary metal oxide semiconductor) with the sensor, the picture prime which becomes performance standard made on an experimental basis the product of 50,000,000 pixel. At approximately 5 times that of the sensor which is loaded onto the digital single-lens reflex camera and the like widely, the resolution which shows the degree of definition of the picture rises 2 times strongly, can grasp the license plate of the automobile which from the place where 300 meters it is far was photographed in wide angle. Use of supervision of wide place such as part inspection and parking zone of in house is anticipated.

The CMOS sensor is called “the eye of the electron,” receives light and to digital signal converts. There is also an advantage electric power consumption being little CCD which carries out the role which is similar (the charge-coupled device) with in comparison. Presently, as for the picture sensor which is used in the digital camera of the high performance picture prime 10,000,000 or more increases, but in the future, with the product where merchandising is planned in industry the highest of picture prime approximately 30,000,000.”

If anyone has a more accurate translation I’d be curious to know – It was also suggested in the message I received that the 1DsMk3 would appear in November.

30MP would tax many of my lenses and 50MP would require some rather small pixels – I suspect we won’t see 30MP in the 1Ds3 ;-)

Meanwhile engadget has what is probably the same story, including

“Canon has managed to build its prototype at 19 x 28mm in size, the same dimensions of the sensors in its DSLR cameras, so who knows where this tech could end up in the long run. So far Canon hasn’t even announced release plans for this current incarnation…”

2007 May 31st Over on FM there is mention of a possible October release date for the 1Ds3:
“the 1Ds Mk III was scheduled for an October 1st release and the prototype with the best chance of making it to production had a 22 MP sensor”

How that matches up with the IFA launch date we heard about (31st Aug) is another question, but knowing the way rumours and news travel round it could just as well be a date for the long awaited 40D, but probably not the 5D Mk2 or fabled 3D ;-)

This morning I had a London market research company on the phone wanting to know about cameras and my business. Seems that Canon UK are getting them phoning round UK photographers to ask about their cameras and purchase plans – so just in case it didn’t come across in the interview “Yes I do think I’ll be buying a new camera in the next six months” it is also ‘not very likely/likely to be Canon’ :-)

If I was of a conspiratorial nature I might wonder why -my- business was seemingly picked as one of the first to call ;-)

Reports on the various Canon forums (DPR,FM) are suggesting that relatively few 1DMk3s have so far arrived in the UK ‘only 50 units had come into the U.K. in the first shipment and that “most” of these had gone to the Reuters and Getty agencies.’ Don’t expect to be able to walk in to your local store to buy a 1D3 for some months yet…

It seems too that if you really want a 1D3 then some are already appearing on eBay – presumably by people trying to make a quick profit, rather than those who got one and quickly decided they didn’t like it :-)

30th Still a lot of dealers being rather confusing about when people are actually going to get their 1D3, however Canon UK are not able to help much more, with one caller yesterday being told by the person on the phone that ‘According to his system the 1DMk3 has not even been released in Europe yet’… How useful it is to outsource your call centres sometimes :-)

And in another rumour related area, it looks as if when I eventually do get a 1DsMk3, and want to use all those pixels for a very big print, I’ll be able to upgrade my Epson printer to their new 64 inch width model – due to be announced (I’m told) on July 17th. –(updated with some printer specs)

29th Two replacement links for the 1D3 manual #1 and #2 (thanks Marcel)

26th As Mk3s start to arrive, I notice that PDF (link lost, probably due to bandwidth use – which is why we are not hosting it! ;-) copies of the user manual have appeared in various places. Meanwhile, if you are wondering if ISO 3200 is going to be fast enough, have a look at this new sensor development – maybe a few years off, but ISO 204,800 for the 1Ds Mk5? :-)

25th Lots more detailed info on the trickle of 1D Mk3s being delivered is coming in (thanks). For example, Jacobs Digital in London got 5 yesterday – nowhere near enough to meet their pre-order list (Foto & Video in Norway got 8). It seems that Ritz in the US ordered 300 and only got 10 in the first delivery.

24th At last, now as the 1D3 is starting to ship around the world, there is this mention of someone being on a 1Ds Mk3 waiting list :-) :-)

There’s some additional US 1D3 shipping info on JW’s rumour page, including some figures on just how little of one big US dealer’s order was initially supplied.

23rd From within Canon we’ve heard of discussions about the 1Ds3 launch at Berlin’s IFA show (31/8/07 to 5/9/07) The launch date is set for Friday the 31st August. No other info I’m afraid, since it was only the launch date and venue that was being dicussed.

And at RG there is some info on US 1D3 shipping…

22nd From Australia (thanks) it seems that most dealers are only getting 1DMk3s in very low numbers per shipment and “It was rumoured that one of our major newspapers received the bulk of the initial shipment” … And in the UK “As of today Calumet were hoping to fulfill all their back orders by end of May – no stock yet in UK. ” Digitalrev (HK) are still claiming to have stock (but note comments on 17th) and T-online in Germany are sending out emails saying it’ll be mid July…

While looking at several sites, I noticed that quite a lot were not listing the 1DsMk2 – far to early to infer anything from this, but always worth keeping an eye on the 1Ds2 supply situation.

Meanwhile a mention of the 1Ds3 on this flickr thread – with it being lens capabilities and file size (from a 24MP sensor) causing issues (some real crystal ball work there! ;-)

2007 May 21st Mixed news for people waiting for their 1D3. B&H (in the US) push availability back to June, while in Europe, HK and Australia some lucky people are getting calls from dealers telling them that their cameras are on the way. If you’ve not had one on order for some time, then don’t expect one to be available for a fair while…

20th Over at eflens there is a short interview with Vic Solomon from Canon. Not that Canon people ever give much away, but on the subject of moving to FF he says:

“…if I personally had to choose just one size of sensor to go forward, then my preference would be to choose the full frame option. History has proven that a 35mm sized sensor can meet the requirements of the vast majority of photographers, however we must remember that creating a full sized sensor can have drawbacks such as processor speed, file size, and also there is a small matter of cost. If we could overcome these issues then it is feasible to see full frame cameras for everyone.”

19th The word from Chuck Westfall… (more info on DPR and FM)

“Canon U.S.A. is still on target to begin shipments of the EOS-1D Mark III to its authorized dealers by the end of May. This is the same information we supplied to dealers on April 16th, and there have been no changes in our plans since then. “By the end of May” is as close as I can say for now. Shipments may begin sooner than that (they have not begun yet in the U.S.A.), but they most likely won’t begin any later than that. Again, this is U.S.A. information only. Shipment schedules in other markets may differ.

As I am sure you can imagine, demand for this camera is going to exceed available inventories for an unknown period of time. As a result, the camera will initially be “on allocation” to authorized U.S.A. dealers. It’s difficult to say when a specific dealer will receive merchandise, or how many cameras will be shipped on a per-dealer basis. The basic idea is to spread the distribution as fairly as possible according to the orders we’ve received. We expect to receive shipments from the factory in Japan regularly, and shipments to dealers will be scheduled accordingly.

Please understand that as a member of our Marketing team, I have no way of checking the allocations or shipping schedules for individual dealers. That’s a Sales issue, so my best suggestion is to keep checking with your dealer for updated information.

Best Regards,
Chuck Westfall
Director/Media & Customer Relationship
Camera Marketing Group/Canon U.S.A., Inc.”

For those of you who’ve not come across Chuck, he writes a useful column at digitaljournalist (recent issue)

While many think (or I should say hope) that one of the new Sony cameras will be FF, Sony themselves are letting slip more images (pics at EGSee also 10th March below and the 5D2 page

Meanwhile from dpr

“According to the French magazine ‘Réponses Photo’ (issue 183 June 2007), Nikon will soon bring out a new ‘pro’ camera, suitable both for studio and for photojournalism. It will be available around the same time as the Rugby World Cup later this year (early autumn?)… this new camera will use a 18.7MP sensor made by Sony, slightly smaller than FF (x1.1) thus allowing further use of the classic F mount. As was the case for the D200, Nikon will have exclusive use of this sensor for 12 months.”

See also this thread for some related comments, in particular about just who will use a new top end sensor and in what – in particular I liked the bit that said “This camera would trump any 1Ds (or D) MkIII by a long shot pricewise and featurewise.” Hmmm… :-)

18th Apropos of the 80-120MB comment… I’m told (thanks) of comments heard a while ago that the 1Ds3 camera would have in-camera menu capability of having TIFF files saved directly to the CF memory card, as well as RAW and JPEG files. The venue for its announcement is probably Berlin’s IFA (link fixed)show (31/8/07 to 5/9/07), as it’s the largest show remaining in this year, being billed as the Worlds Largest Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, having over 200,000 visitors in the 2006 show.

Meanwhile, waiting for a 1D3, someone was told by Calumet (NYC) that there was “another delay in shipment to late June…” Whether this is just to reduce the zillions of “Is it there yet?” phone calls they are getting wasn’t clear ;-)

From Japan, I’m told that Canon is now saying “the 1D Mark III will be released on the 31st of this month in Japan” and in the UK, Warehouse Express are saying that “deliveries of the 1D MkIII are expected in June, but they don’t know when. ”

17th At POTN there is a new 1DsMk3 rumour at last (OK it’s nothing shocking :-)

“A close friend of mine works for a photo agency in Covent Garden and they have a very good relationship with Canon UK, who have told them that the 1Ds MKII successor will be released in the Autumn. It will have a 22mp sensor and produce files between 80-120mb. No other information was given.”

Announced/released/shipped – if the 1D3 is anything to go by, it may be some time next year before you get your hands on one :-(

Quite a few reports suggesting that the 21st is a fairly likely date for commencement of 1D3 supply. I’m told that the HK based DigitalRev are saying the 1D3 is in stock at £2449.99 (but do beware of the warranty situation if you contemplate buying cameras from overseas) I’ve also seen the 16-35 2.8L Mk2 for as low as £830 (with international warranty), so it pays to shop around.

In the UK I’m told (thanks) that Warehouse Express has over 180 ‘pre-orders’ but they are not telling people where they are on the waiting list :-) Dabs (UK) seemingly have over 160 on back order, and are expecting deliveries by 25th May

15th In Germany, I’m told Canon is sending dealers an email which roughly translates as saying that worldwide distribution is starting on the 21st May, and that this is the ‘official’ date worldwide.

“Die Auslieferung erfolgt ab dem 21.5.2007.
Dieser Termin ist weltweit harmonisiert, daher kann eine frühere Auslieferung nicht erfolgen. Ich bitte dies zubeachten. Alle Grüchte, es würden bereits Kameras bei diesem oder jemand den man kennt vorhanden sein, sollten damit vom Tisch sein. Bitte lassen Sie Sich hier nicht von Ihren Kunden auf die Palme bringen. ”

Translated (thanks Oliver!)

” Delivery will begin on the 21.5.2007
This date is synchronised across the world, hence an earlier delivery will not be possible. I ask you to respect this. All rumours should be ignored, as there have been many reports that certain people already have received a delivery. Please don’t be fooled or pressured by your clients.”

In Canada, dealers have been told by Canon get “Actual orders”. It seems that Canon Canada have also issued an edict restricting initial orders to CPS members (?? – not heard that from anywhere else in the world)

I’m also told that “According to Calumet there is a batch of 1D Mk3’s being shipped from Japan to Holland for subsequent onward distribution within Europe. Calumet have 125 on back order so they are hoping to fulfill all current orders by the end of May.”

I see also that Dpreview has been bought out by Amazon – Hope Phil got a good price for it ;-)
…offers for the Northlight site accepted in bundles of used notes in small denominations.

14th For those of you following Sony’s potential move into the ‘Pro’ market, that translation of the Sony interview (see 10th March below) is causing a stir again, with drops in the price of the A100 (including one company ‘told’ to drop it to $499 on Aug 1st). While their ‘larger’ body might fulfill some peoples’ wishes to go to full frame, I suspect that if it is FF, then it will be up against the 5D (maybe 5DMk2) rather than Canon 1 series. Canon could do with some competition in the FF area ;-)

Several people have pointed to the move to an 82mm filter (from 77mm) on the new 16-35 Mk2 and its significance to the improvements coming up in their pro lens line up. The 24-70 2.8L is an excellent lens (I use it along with the TSE-90 for detailed product work) but add in IS and with faster better ISO in the cameras, I’ll be much more happily snapping away in some of the dim venues I sometimes work in. The larger filter size might also make it easier to make a version where the front element doesn’t leap out quite so much as you open out. It’s a big enough jump in performance that I can see this lens being one announced with the 1Ds3 (along with a much improved flash control system – I was sent some info on this, but have no other source at the moment??)

Look also for the new 100-400 IS that makes it to f/4 (although not constant all the way to to 400mm)

2007 May 12th I’ve had a few mails from people (thanks) waiting for their 1D3 For instance, as of the other day Ritz (in the US) had 53 confirmed pre-orders, they have hundreds on order, but as yet nothing showing up (for retailers) in Canon’s warehouses. While (as I’ve heard from several sources) Canon don’t give any advance warning of shipments, they do notify about serious delays, which they haven’t done. Calumet in the US is advertising ‘3-10 days’ for 1D3 shipping.

Of some the other products launched at PMA, I hear from someone who ordered them (in the US) in mid March, that the 16-35L II turned up last month and the 580EX-II turned up yesterday…

Meanwhile nothing of note on the 1Ds3 :-(

9th Here’s a scanned 1D3 brochure for those checking this page from work and looking for something to use up some time :-)

8th It seems that Mike over at LL has finally got a 1D3 to play with and really rates it…

He also mentions what everyone else wants to know – where’s my 1DsMk3? :-) :-)

“Canon has been very closed mouthed about the “s” successor; more so than usual. We haven’t even seen any “accidental” leaks from Canon web sites in France or Taiwan. But rest assured, the camera is on its way. My guess is that it will be announced at PhotoPlus Expo in New York, which opens on October 18.”

I suspect it’ll be a bit before that, but the time frame is in line with what I’m hearing…

He also mentions to Canon that he’d like it for a 10 day shoot in Madagascar, well Canon, if that’s good for his ‘1 Million’ readers a month, then can I make a request to get one for my early October trip to the US and the 300k plus visitors this site gets in a busy month (OK, if he can make such an unsubtle hint, then so can I :-) :-)

Meanwhile Canon did announce an S5 and SD850 … still no RAW support :-(

Certainly, one SD850 feature I’ll be looking for in the 1Ds3 is…

“The Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH camera is equipped with a new Creative Light Effect special scene mode that can alter the shape of background bright spots – into hearts, stars and the like – when shooting a night scene.”

Who needs one touch mirror lockup, when you could have hearts and stars :-) :-)

Also… (since I’m still catching up on info from when I was in the US) Was the 1Ds3 originally slated for announcement the same time as the 1D3? Over on LL someone suggests that

“Canon wanted to announce it in Feb with the 1d3 but ran into issues with image quality. Canon needed more time to figure out if it was the lenses or the camera itself at the root of the problem. They are working to get it resolved for a fall announcement.”

What about those mock-up Sony SLRs at PMA? (9th March below) Could one be FF? See this thread on DPR where June/July is mentioned although this post suggests that the A300 is for this year.

7th I’m told (thanks) that there are Japanese manual for the 1D3 now available (PDFs)

The EOS-1D MarkIII Instruction Manual (212 pages) at:
The EOS-1D Mark III Pocket Guide in japanese (2 pages) at:

I’m now back from my US trip and over the next few days will be having a good search for any new info for these pages…

2007 April 28th Amazon seem to think they are getting their 1D3 deliveries pretty soon – see this link from someone who is supposed to be waiting, although it was pointed out to me that Canon never usually gives advance warning of shipments.

26th It seems that Adorama were a little optimistic on the shipping dates (19th) and are mailing people on the pre-order list

“Unfortunately, the manufacturer let us down, and now we let you down. We apologize for being off our estimate.”

I’m really hoping that when the 1Ds3 finally appears the release/supply dates are somewhat closer together.

22nd For a rather more independent view of the new 1D3, have a look at RG. Worthwhile reading, for those of us expecting the 1Ds3 to knock our socks off -when- it finally appears…

From a Canon CPS Rep in Germany – “that somewhen around the middle of May they will ship these [1D3] cameras in Germany. The Canon MRP is 4200 Euro but he guessed that the price on the street will be definitely under 4000 Euro.”

Meanwhile, a retailer in Germany said “that the Canon Eos 1D MK 3 will be shipped at the 16th May but anyone will have to wait really long because they got over 70 advance orders for this camera and they will just get 5 cameras per Canon shipment – which they get every two days. So end of June for people who didn’t order it fast enough.” There is also a price of 3669 euro from an online source in Germany. (Thanks for this info)

19th Quick update (from Chicago airport on my travels :-) Amazon is posting a June 20th ship date for the 1D3, however Adorama is still telling those on its early sign-up list that it’s late April/early May. More info on FM for those of you waiting

18th Over on FM there’s a post pointing to a 26th May shipping date for the 1D3 and price of $4500 – given the current £ vs. $ exchange rate, I might have been tempted if they were actually in the shops, but my CC seems safe for this trip :-) Meanwhile there is a 400D firmware update available.

14th From Germany (thanks) … a usually reliable German computer magazine called c´t mentioned (as an aside) that the 30D successor will be announced in May. Not exactly news to hurry along 30D sales… Note though, that the rebate scheme (which includes the 30D) runs until June 30th.

I’m off to the US west coast for a couple of weeks on Thursday, but I’ll be transferring the web site files to my laptop, so I can still keep the site updated ;-) The 1Ds2 was actually announced when I was in Oregon in September 2004 – too much to hope for a successor when I’m there again? :-)

2007 April 12th A quick update on 1D3 delivery (thanks). It seems that if you look on the bottom of the comparison table (on the 1D3 page) between 1D2N and 1D3, the release date is listed as late May 2007. Info is from the Canon camera museum. Meanwhile on FM there is a report that the Canon part number has changed, supporting suggestions that a firmware upgrade may have delayed the release.

10th After a scan through all the usual places, I’m afraid I’ve spotted nothing of interest, although one post suggesting the 1Ds3 in March 2008, was not a thought I’d like to entertain :-)

There are still various models being tested (21MP and 24MP [LL]) and the usual naysayers countering that anything more than the current 1Ds2 would need all new lenses. I do wonder just what kind of clients (if any ;-) these people work for? The number of clients that could spot the difference are few and far between, and the number of photographers that can (genuinely) make use of it (as opposed to being able to afford it) is somewhat smaller than the MF digital market :-)

Interestingly, for those looking at the Pentax Vapourware MF digital (see Canon MF rumours for info), I see the proposed Pentax/Hoya merger/takeover is off, or on again. More info from (type Pentax into the search box)

6th I’ve had several mails pointing to examples of vendors upping their prices a bit, now that rebates are on offer. Meanwhile on the Canon USA site they’re now saying that downloads for the 1D3 (ie manuals etc) will be available in June…

As to any real news — nothing of note I’m afraid… :-(

3rd details on all those generous Canon cashback offers in Europe are now available online at

1st April fools special or not – news from Japan of serious 1d3 delays from POTN. Meanwhile, Warehouse Express in the UK have been sending out details of the various Canon rebate offers: “Up to £1308 CASHBACK on selected CANON DSLRs and accessories” Looks like a concerted effort to shift some kit. See the notes here on the 4th March for some European info. Actual rebates seem to vary a bit between countries.

As to April fool posts – see this page and the subsequent thread an DPR (Do I detect a slight lack of a sense of humour in some responses? ;-)

2007 March 29th – Quick 1D3 availability roundup (thanks to all those who sent in info) B&H (US) announce price ($4495) and availability (May). Meanwhile in Japan it’s 440000-498000 yen ~ $3750-$4250 and a May 31 availability – production is rumoured to be about 5000 per month.

28th Well, I searched all the usual locations and found nothing about the 1Ds3 … since it’s a nice sunny day and I don’t have any ‘paying work’ to trouble me, I think I should follow my own advice and get out more to take some photos… :-)

12 MP video camera? I was sent (thanks) some info about the latest pending ‘Red One’ video camera (tech specs) that fits in a 12MP cmos sensor – although any company that comes up with ‘Mysterium’ as a name for its image sensor chip sounds a bit suspect to me ;-)
Good to see that they also have that desire to make a small chip sound bigger, in that 24.4mm x 13.7mm is called “Super35mm” That’s about a 1.5 crop [Correction – that’s a 1.5 crop on 35mm still camera format – see this article for more info about Super 35 — Thanks for pointing out my error! ]

FYI I’m told (thanks) that one of the people behind ‘Red Camera’ is Jim Jannard who is the (somewhat wealthy) owner of Oakley sunglasses… and also one of the very few (and thus extremely expensive) Canon EF 1200 mm f/5.6L USM lenses.

And for the curious, I found this info on all the various sizes of film that have been around in movies since they began and this list for still photography

26th Don’t all rush at once (OK enough of the 1D3 prices – lets have some 1Ds3 rumours! ;-)

This from inkjetart (thanks for the info :-)

id3 price

Cheap cameras…

25th B&H in the US have a price ‘TBA’ and availability ‘Approx arrival May’ for the 1D3.

Meanwhile, there are still noises about Nikon bringing out a FF camera and how Canon might react (POTN) – but on most forums 1Ds3 posts seem to have dropped back to near ‘background’ levels…

I’ve also had a few mails from people who’ve read the DxO review I recently posted, wondering when technology like this will move ‘in camera’. The amount of data in a DxO lens module is possibly a bit much to quickly shove through the current EF lens mount (Link to discussion about how the EF system ‘works’) but it would enable each lens to give its best with any particular body. Maybe not in the 1Ds3, but if you are going to 25MP and beyond in a 35mm format, then more than just better glass might be needed.
–There is the Hasselblad approach — “digital correction for color aberration and distortion (DAC)”)

Meanwhile Foveon type technology keeps getting mentioned, along with the ever present “how many bayer pixels equal a Foveon pixel” arguments :-) Fujitsu recently announced a new image processing chip for such multi-layer sensors.

24th For all you 1Ds3 watchers – yes, I want info about it too! Rest assured that any 1Ds3 related info will be highlighted as we get it, and the 1d3 info will shortly be moved to the 1D Mk3 page. Meanwhile for those of you who wouldn’t spit for a 1D3, just look at the 1D3 availability/price info as a sign of what’s to come ;-)

23rd I’ve just been told that the 1D3 has vanished from Calumet’s US web site – sure enough item EC2780 is not listed any more… Their UK site just lists it as ‘Overdue from vendor’ :-) Just a temporary glitch it would appear, since it’s back later at $4499.9999 (aka $4500) and 7-9 weeks for delivery

Thanks to all those who have sent various prices in to us, including some suspiciously low ones appearing here and there – just remember that currently there are no 1D3’s out there and what looks too good to be true might be just that…

One from Greece (katerelos) came in at 3,890 euros and rgb-tech in the UK at £2499 — just shows that you have to shop around, but do beware of people trying to make a quick buck out of the built up demand…

2007 March 22nd A cheaper 1d3 in the UK? – I’m told that cameraworld has them listed for £2499.99 (inc VAT) which is quite a bit below many of the prices I’ve seen advertised by others in the UK

Help us make Northlight Images better/more useful for you?We are looking to do quite a bit of work on the site over the coming year — We really do appreciate the emails we get sent with questions and comments about the articles and reviews.It’s also an important part of our commercial photography and training business (which is what pays the bills ;-) so different parts of the site will be affected in different ways.If you’ve any suggestions or comments about the site as a whole, or what you would like to see, then please do feel free to send us an email —

Thanks — Keith

In a non related cool technology link I was sent this about a potentially disruptive technology in all areas of printing
Several people asked if it’s for real? — Look at the wide format video at the bottom of the page

21st It seems that the dates I had from Japan (17th) might be a bit more likely than some had suggested…

Calumet have upped that rather optimistic 3-10 days

1dmk3 camera delivery info

This release date comes via Canon, not the dealers…

Late May… (the red text says [via Google] “2007 late May sale schedule”)

19th Is the next announcement from Canon in August (several previous cameras have appeared then)Possible pointer (2/3rds down page) to this and 40D, 100-400 F/4 IS and the 800mm F/5.6 Some shutter R&D related talk at POTN — multiple exposure ideas for higher dynamic range have been around for a while. you open the shutter for an exposure and then electronically ‘chop’ the exposure into smaller sub exposures. Good for dynamic range, not so good for motion blur…

A price ($4499) and delivery time (3-10 days) appears on the US Calumet site – the UK site (£2999) is still only taking ‘pre-orders’. That UK price (which includes tax [VAT] at 17.5%) works out at about $5500 by current exchange rates.

It’s one of those things that sometimes catches me out when shopping in the US, since retail prices in the UK have to be shown inclusive of tax (you can claim it back if you are VAT registered like Northlight Images is)

Thanks too, for the suggestions that the ‘manufacturers guidelines’ mentioned below might be nothing more than a way to get people to call the store and find that actual prices might be somewhat higher than the web

As ever, it seems wise to check a site like

On the 5Dmk2 page I was sent some Canon info with a picture of a 5D with a non standard top LCD – looks to be an old prototype however.

17th Quite a few people are scouring the net for 1D3 deals however info is still not very forthcoming

This example sent to me (thanks) is from Samy’s in California, showing no price… it used to say $4999

Canon 1d mk3 listing

however, clicking on the INFO link shows this curious note in the item description.

Canon 1d3 manufacturers info

Can anyone let me know just what these ‘guidelines’ are? Is it warranty related?

Meanwhile in Japan (thanks for the info), the 1D Mark III is 498,000 yen (US$ 4300-4400). The supply date for the camera is the end of May(!), the Speedlite 580EX II is the end of April and the EF 16-35mm F2.8L ll USM is the end of this month.

15th In Germany Canon is sending out a mail which says there will be Cashback for 400d, 30d and 5d staring on 1st of April, ending on 30th of June.

“Es ist kaum zu glauben, aber die Canon EOS feiert ihren 20. Geburtstag! Die EOS 650 wurde 1987 aus der Taufe gehoben. Das ist für uns Anlass genug, um das bisher größte Sortiment an EOS Sets anzubieten. Endkunden konnten noch nie aus einer derart großen Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten wählen und mit sensationellen Cash Back Angeboten für EOS 400D, EOS 30D und EOS 5D sowie für ausgewählte Objektive und Zubehör bis zu € 1.916,00 sparen. Die Cash Back Angebote werden von 1. April bis 30. Juni 2007 (bzw.15. April bis 31. Juli 2007 bei EOS 400D Kits) gültig sein. Wie immer wird Canon eine Promotion-Seite einrichten, auf der ab 1. April ausführliche Informationen zu den aktuellen Cash Back Angeboten sowie die Teilnahmebedingungen zur Verfügung stehen.”

And Google’s version ;-)

“It is hardly to be believed, but celebrates Canon EOS its 20. Birthday! The EOS 650 was lifted 1987 from the baptism. That is for us cause enough, in order to offer the largest assortment at EOS set. Final customers could not select ever from such a large variety at possibilities and with sensational cash bake offers for EOS 400D, EOS 30D and EOS 5D as well as for selected objectives and accessories up to € 1,916, 00 to save. The cash bake offers from 1 April to 30 June 2007 (and/or 15 April to 31 July 2007 with EOS 400D kit) will be valid. Like always Canon will furnish a graduation side, on starting from 1 April detailed information to the current cash bake offers as well as the conditions of participation for the order. “

Meanwhile, at there is this interesting page (thanks)

Canon rebates in Europe 2007

No news what they are yet…

And who are A quick ‘Whois’ names them as: Continental Promotion Group, 7405 E. Monte Cristo Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, US

There are some less than glowing reports about this company – hopefully more agressive consumer protection laws in Europe would lessen the chances of ‘problems’ with rebates. (I’m aware of the many issues people have had with Canon rebates in the US)

Meanwhile at

Both 30D and 5D pictures look suspiciously similar ;-) (thanks)

Canon eos cameras

Note- I’ve left the film ones in the pic as well ;-)

14th Some 1D3 prices starting to appear on US sites (thanks for the info) $4999 at zipzoomfly and $4599 at fotoconnection – however supplies are, as expected, somewhat scarce.

In a follow up to the other day’s collection of older info that we missed:

There was this interview with Nikon (Oct 2006)…
And Pentax (about K10D)
Rumours about a Canon 500mm f/2.8 (that’s a lot of glass in the front element – over 7 inches wide – taking a standard 190mm filter I suppose ;-)
And yet another 3D picture here :-)
Chuck Westfall of Canon interviewed at DCI

2007 March 13th Would you always want to use liveview on your 1D3 in a hot studio? One of the potential problems in running a sensor continuously is that it warms up. One bit of info that I’d not spotted was pointed out to me (Thanks) 

With Live View shooting, the camera’s internal temperature increases due to heat from the CMOS sensor, and other components. For normal shooting, this is not a problem. There is no Live View operation limit at 23°C/73°F for Remote Live View shooting and Camera Live View shooting, whether you use a memory card or external recording media via the WFT-E2A. However, if the camera is under direct sunlight or near hot studio lights during Live View shooting, the camera’s internal temperature will increase more than usual and the screen may show a warning icon shaped like a thermometer. If the warning icon appears, you can continue shooting and the operation will not be forced to terminate if you are using a memory card. However, since the image quality might degrade, it is recommended that you stop shooting if the warning icon appears. If you use a MicroDrive and you keep shooting even when the warning icon appears, the Live View shooting will terminate automatically after the internal temperature reaches a certain level. This is to protect the MicroDrive from the heat. If the Live View shooting terminates automatically, Live View shooting will not be possible until the internal temperature goes down.”

I’d be interested to hear what this does to noise levels for studio use (perhaps not the main market for the 1D3). If you are curious about just how much temperature affects noise, leave your camera to get quite cold, switch it on and immediately take a shot at highest iso. Then leave it switched on for a while in a warm room to thoroughly warm up – take another shot and compare the two. This shows up particularly well with small P&S cameras with tiny sensors (ie very small pixels).

If anyone has already got their 1D3, then I’d be curious to know just how much of an issue the heat problem actually is (especially at 3200/6400)

…anyway,enough of this! — What am I doing updating this page on my birthday? Time to head off out! ;-)

12th Try the page below at

The wonders of machine translation do at least say why there was no 40D this time… (In a Yoda-esque way)

“30D has elapsed still selling, only 1 years. To tell the truth for the high amateur the product when planning the commodity, is most difficult, it is.”

It’s ‘clear’ that they would like to have just one top end camera, but the requirements for the D and Ds lines are still too far apart for current technology, and the ‘Pro’ models are one area where user requirements are seriously important

11th And so, PMA is no more for this year…

Several commentators (LL) have described it as rather lacklustre. Not having attended any PMA shows, I couldn’t really say :-) I’ll be keeping these pages going, so if you’ve got any info or comments, then feel free to drop me a line – and thanks again for all the recent mail :-)

A Canon interview at (in Japanese) gives some background info on recent developments

This summary from a DPR post

“The topic that dominated was model replacement, specifically the move to the 1DMkIII from the MkII, but also touching briefly on the 1Ds line, and the Rebel and 30D.
As for the 1 series there is a short blurb about not wanting to multiply various models (i.e., increase to even more variations than the 2 that now exist.) Stated is that it would be ideal to have only a single (pro) body cover all needs, in order to keep development costs down, but that it isn’t possible to cover all the bases (such as the requirement for the studio) that way.
On the other hand the lower cost bodies, intended for amateurs and high amateurs, are designed to a price. If you want more functionality in these bodies (the 400D and 30D replacement is implied) then they will cost more.
When contrasted by the interviewer with Nikon with their now three amateur body (under $1000) line, Canon replies… but look at how well we spec’d the 400D for the price..”

The design philosophy does not really appear to have changed — not so good for people wanting a 1.3x crop “3D” or an 8fps, 45point AF APS-C camera.

Meanwhile someone has collected together some info on some of the forthcoming trade shows (from DPRand the web) 

CeBit in Hannover, Germany March 15 – 21, 2007
Photo Imaging Expo 2007 (PIE2007) March 22 – 25, 2007
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
Bally’s Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Mar 24, 2007 – Mar 29, 2007
Heart of America Professional Photographers – Image Expo
KCI Expo Center, Kansas City
Mar 31, 2007 – Apr 04, 2007
Photoshop World
John B. Hynes Convention Center, Boston
Apr 04, 2007 – Apr 06, 2007
Crocus City Expo Centre, Moscow
Apr 12, 2007 – Apr 15, 2007
PhotoWorld-Dubai 2007
Dubai World Trade Centre (L.L.C), Dubai
Apr 17, 2007 – Apr 19, 2007
PMA Imaging Technology 2007
Sydney Exhibition Center – Darling Harbor, Sydney
May 04, 2007 – May 06, 2007
PhotoPlus Expo 2007
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
Oct 18, 2007 – Oct 20, 2007
London Photograph Fair
Bonnington Hotel, London
Nov 11, 2007
Paris Photo
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Nov 15, 2007 – Nov 18, 2007
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas
Feb 1 – Feb 4, 2008
Cologne Exhibition Center (KoelnMesse), Cologne
Sep 23, 2008 – Sep 28, 2008

10th The ‘pointy-top’ Sony mockup is manging to cause a bit of a stir — (follow this thread on DPR for lots of guesses ;-)

Another pair of articles in Japanese (but with some interesting pics) [#1#2] include an interview where someone from Sony hints (from DPR)

“suggesting that if by looking at the cameras and the difference in prism one could ask of a different sensor was the cause, it would indeed be a reasonable question to ask. But of course, not official answer.”

There is a full translation at Dyxum – The key section being:

“Q: So are you saying it will be an APS-C sized sensor?
A. No, I didn’t say it would be the same size as current models either.
Note: Since these products are still in the development stage it is only natural that Mr. Katsumoto can’t tell us the details. But we did ask one Sony employee which one they would buy, given the choice. He pointed to the one on the right and said “I would take the one on the right because I prefer a large viewfinder image.” Of course some of that could be the result of a larger pentaprism, but the top end model clearly has a larger body, and it is probably safe to assume that it will have a sensor that is larger than APS-C, and most likely a 35mm full size sensor. ”

All this talk brings about thoughts as to how Sony supplies sensors to Nikon (ah yes, the D3… ;-) and whether the remarks at LL yesterday suggest a Foveon sensor in a D3 or even that long hinted ‘Foveon style’ sensor in the 1Ds3. The few snippets of real info are churning over many of the rumours in this field I’ve seen for a few years (go back through the rumour archive, and you’ll see quite a few ;-)

2007 March 9th Happy 75th birthday to my Dad (who still uses an Olympus OM4 :-)

1D3 prices in the US still seem uncertain, with a report on DPR of new price info due soon from Canon – given the change in price info from the initial $3999 in the PDF released by Canon, it looks as if someone somewhere might have got their initial pricing info in a twist ;-)

For a slightly wider ranging look at what’s at PMA, have a look on LL where there is this interesting snippet:

“More information on the DP1 Foveon chip-based digicam from Sigma has now surfaced. This could be a fascinating camera with exceptional image quality, given the size of the sensor. I’m looking forward to actually trying one of these. And, given some authoritative sounding rumours that I’ve been hearing, Foveon technology may end up in some non-Sigma high-end cameras that’ll knock the socks off of a lot of people. (Hold onto your socks for about 6 more months though).”

Here’s a pic of the two Sony ‘Vapourware Alpha’ ™ cameras ;-)

I like the one with the big pentaprism (the FF one ;-) and big lens better (we don’t need no stinkin’ built in flash ;-) – guess which one appears this year…

new dslr cameras

Real soon now…

More Sony (and stacks of other PMA) info at GZ

8th The various ’20th Anniversary’ kits and offers in the scanned PDF I mentioned the other day are now appearing on dealer web sites. I had a report of them on the Warehouse Express site here in the UK (Canon EOS-5D plus Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM ~£2000)

I’m told that these may be old offers, but there are lens kits that include the 16-35L II, so it looks as if you’ll just have to browse round a bit at the moment to find stuff…

PMA gets under way with Sony entering the ‘vapourware’ camera market (i.e. one of them ships this year),with two ‘un-named’ DSLR cameras aimed at the higher end (no indication as to ‘How High ;-). One targets the “high amateur” market area and both offer “higher performance than Alpha 100.” There’s a new sensor, but no real details… [pics at GZOh, and there will also be some new lenses (24-70mm, 70-300mm, 28-250mm)

Given the D3 ‘No Show’ at PMA, have a quick view of what they actually said they were aiming at, mid 2006.

7th Falling 1D3 prices charted in Switzerland (thanks) and Nikon confirms what they are (not ;-) announcing at PMA

I’ve been looking at a few older sites and pages for some background info that people might have missed. I had quite a selection mailed to me the other day (thanks) and I’ve been catching up…

Take for example this interview with Mr. Takaya Iwasaki, Canon representative for Central East and North East Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa and Middle East back in October 2004 (1Ds2 released) and look what has (and has not) yet happened.

Here’s a article about organic + CMOS sensors developed by Fuji (click on the tiny images to see larger ones). For those of you who like reading patents – here’s one on organic image sensors

Really good lenses for your EF mount? – some Zeiss ZF/ZS info

6th The D40x is all that gets announced – no D3 (info at DPR)

2007 March 5th Probably more people looking towards a possible Nikon announcement today … FF, 1.1 or nothing at all?

A D40x 10.2MP ‘announced’ at KR and enters the busy 10MP DSLR section ;-)

An E-410 and E-510 from Olympus, but only hints about the E-1 successor (some preview pics on DPR)

I like the look of the new E-510 — Someone wrote and asked me why I still like my old manual focus OM2 — apart from the f/1.2 50mm, there is this comparison with my 1Ds ;-)

1Ds and OM2

My old OM2 (as used for the Suffolk Beach picture on the front page of this site)
and 1Ds (which looks like getting plenty more use this year)

The picture is actually from one of the older articles on this site, that I wrote not long after getting the 1Ds

4th A thread at talks about the forthcoming D3 from Nikon, on Monday

Some of the info now seems to be missing from the thread (now quoted on FM), but it’s supposed to be:

“Full Frame (no 1.1) – DX mode at 1.5x – High Speed Crop – – 18.7 MB – MSRP $7999 and a 24-120 AFS 2.8 lens as well No H and X models anymore, just the one D3 – D2xs will continue to sell”

If true, then I’d expect a 1DsMk3 to be leaked/released pretty soon afterwards (give it a month or two for the hoopla to quiet down)

Over at FM there is mention of another new Nikon:

“D40X … with a new 15-55DX kit lens. It showed up on our store’s system today priced at 999.99CDN.”

Meanwhile I’m getting a lot of reports of 30D and 5D kits available at very good prices – and a new rebate scheme by April 1st (to 30th June)

From France… (from EOS-N)

“A l’occasion du 20me anniversaire de la monture EF, du 1er avril au 30 juin 2007”

With a 30d get 100 euros, and in addition:

Canon EF 24-105 F4 USM IS – 45 euros
Canon EF 17-55 F2.8 USM IS – 50 euros
Canon EF 135 F2 L USM – 50 euros
Canon EFS 10-22 F3.5-4.5 USM – 80 euros
Canon EF 200 F2.8 L II USM – 50 euros
Canon EFS 17-85 F4-5.6 USM IS – 150 euros
Canon EF 70-300 F4-5.6 USM IS – 50 euros
Canon EF 100 F2.8 macro USM – 30 euros
Canon Flash macro MR 14 EX – 30 euros
Canon EFS 60 F2.8 macro USM – 20 euros
Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM – 20 euros
Canon Extender 1.4x II – 15 euros
Canon Flash speedlite 430 EX – 15 euros

30D Kits

Canon EOS 30D + Canon EFS 17-55 F2.8 IS USM 2129 euros
Canon EOS 30D + Canon EFS 17-85 F4-5.6 IS USM + Canon EF 70-300 F4-5.6 IS USM 2464 euros
Canon EOS 30D + Canon EFS 17-85 F4-5.6 IS USM + Flash speedlite 430 EX 2142,48 euros
Canon EOS 30D + Canon EFS 10-22 F3.5-4.5 USM 1949 euros
Canon EOS 30D + Canon EF 100 F2.8 macro USM 1669 euros

With a 5D get a cashback of 150 euros, and additionally

Canon EF 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM – 200 euros
Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 L IS USM – 80 euros
Canon EF 16-35 F2.8 L II (new) USM – 100 euros
Canon EF 300 F4 L IS USM – 120 euros
Canon EF 180 F3.5 L macro USM – 70 euros
Canon EF 24 F1.4 L USM – 150 euros
Canon EF 35 F1.4 L USM – 150 euros
Canon EF 24-70 F2.8 L USM – 70 euros

5D Kits

Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM + Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 L IS USM – 5349 euros
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 24-70 F2.8 L USM – 4039 euros
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 50 F1.4 USM + Flash Canon Speedlite 220 EX – 3599 euros
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 180 F3.5 L macro USM – 4349 euros
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 180 F3.5 L macro USM + Flash macro ring lite 14 EX – 4979 euros
Canon EOS 5D + Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM – 3697,25 euros

New 400D :

Canon EOS 400D + Canon EFS 60 F2.8 macro USM – 1139 euros
Canon EOS 400D + Canon EFS 17-85 F4-5.6 IS USM + Canon EF 70-300 F4-5.6 IS USM – 2075 euros
Canon EOS 400D + Canon EFS 17-85 F4-5.6 IS USM + grip BG-E3 – 1537,77 euros
Canon EOS 400D + Canon EFS 18-55 F3.5-5.6 II – 922,25 euros
Canon EOS 400D + Canon EFS 18-55 F3.5-5.6 II + Canon EFS 55-200 F4.5-5.6 II USM – 1230 euros

Meanwhile, here’s a scanned PDF of the various camera and lens kits available in the UK – shop around for best deals, since I’m not so sure whether this is a ‘clearout’, or an attempt to get more people ‘locked’ in to a particular system…

3rd There is a supposed quote from someone else at Canon mentioned on DPR

“Perhaps equally interesting is contemplating how much of this new technology will eventually find its way into the next gen 1DsmkIII…which, and I stress, doesn’t exist and is not expected out for many months…”

This quote (DPR post does not reference original source) comes from: Steven Inglima, Explorers of Light, Professional Products Marketing Division, Canon USA

It may not exist in boxes ready to ship, but advanced pre production versions are still out there being tested at the moment – and how many months is many?

Also, where I suggested that long advance warning of products was not something Canon did, I saw this on DPR

“Canon-Spain senior officials announced in February 2005 that in the fall of that year Canon would release a new model of DSLR between the 20D and the 1D.
That camera turned out to be the 5D. Interestingly, a press release–in Spanish–leaked out just days ahead of the official October release.”

2nd In preparation for PMA I’m told there was a conference at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. The conference was on new chip technology, hosted by the association of photography engineers. The main sponsor of the show was Canon (they had 50 of the new 1D Mark III cameras there for testing by the group)

Anyone else there, care to comment?

I’m told (Thanks!) that:

“Canon senior engineer, Taki Somoishe, stated today in Las Vegas that the new Mark III Ds will ship in November in time for Christmas season. A 22mp full frame sensor with a new high speed chip coded Digic IV model. The camera will have a burst rate of 7 frames per second. The camera will not have a view screen similar to the 10 frame D model. The Mark III Ds will capture images in Jpeg, Raw and now tiff. More info to be announced in March”

There was general surprise that Taki said what he did at the conference…

One other snippet was that although the 1D3 is an amazing camera, it’s low on on pixels. New technology should allow 10 per second with at least 14mp (do I hear 1DMk3N)

I do like the idea of the 1Ds3 being available in time for all those last minute Christmas gift decisions — now I know what all -my- friends will getting (since no more of them seem to have any spare wall space for any more of my big prints ;-)

Of course if Nikon do announce a forthcoming D3 or whatever at 18-20 MB and almost FF (with high speed crop mode), then 1Ds2 sales could head south and some major corporate customers might be tempted by Nikon — unless, of course, we get some hint as to what is coming from Canon ;-)

No live display and we get Digic IV (is this the dual core version of Digic III? ;-) Also, Canon is hardly known for announcing/leaking products months ahead of availability? But who knows?

In more 1D3 pricing info I’m told that it is available (to order) at Henry’s in the Toronto area at $5500 Cdn. Also the Canon Australia site listing the EOS-1D Mark III body for $A6,499 which is the same price as for the EOS-1D Mark IIN body (full Aus price list)

BTW Looking at my web logs, it’s nice to see frequent visits from Canon corporate IP addresses all over the world — Hi folks, where’s my new 1Ds? ;-)

2007 March 1st Only a few more days to PMA 2007, and the “Spring 2007 EOS Catalog” has arrived in US stores (1D3 price is still listed as TBA) so quite possibly nothing until August/September (there are two catalogues ‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’ in the US)

February 28th I see that B&H in the US have pushed back delivery dates for the 1D3. No price as yet and “Availability :Approx. Arrival May” (was April) Perhaps more sales demand from the big corporate buyers?

Over in Nikon rumour land there is a lot of talk of a Nikon D3 1.1X crop ‘full frame’ sensor being announced during PMA (available Autumn)… It will be in the 18MP to 20MP range and have a DX format high FPS, High Speed Crop Mode (for all those DX lenses that won’t handle bigger sensors).

An example thread at DPR – note that this D3 rumour has been round a long time but not as long as the fabled Canon 3D
Meanwhile hear the reasoned refutation and comment in the Canon camp at DPR :-) :-)

For those of you looking for more historical data here’s the 1DMk2N white paper to compare with the Mk3.

BTW your 1Dmk3 pictures will look slightly bigger since the active area of the new 1DMkIII sensor is slightly smaller that of the 1DMkIIN: 28.1×18.7mm vs 28.7×19.1mm – time to recalculate all your lens FL multipliers… :-) Just compare p12 of the 1D2N WP with page 9 of the 1D3 one.

Meanwhile Canon CPS in Europe look to be revamping the CPS site — spoiler alert… the ? only refers to the 1D3 :-)

I’ve been updating links to 1D3 related issues on the 1D3 page – including a link to a (not exactly probing)interview with Chuck Westfall of Canon US.

27th At last! some figures and specs for the 3DMkIV… Actually its an interesting collection of graphs and charts showing Canon DSLR specs and some extrapolation and guesses/conjecture about future trends :-) Of course I’ll be saving my pennies for the 1DsMkV at ~33MP ;-)

However, more on some of what Canon have been looking at (from FM)

“Canon were testing a FF sensor last year with the same 6.4 x 6.4 pixel pitch as the 30D but with larger photodiodes and better pixel lenses. Compared to the current 1Ds II’s 7.2 x 7.2 sensors this gave a pixel density increase of 1.265625 giving a sensor size of 21.77mp with an effective size of 21mp. This sensor also had a built in 1.25 crop mode, giving a 16.7mp 1D IIn equivalent picture. The sensor (with dual DIGIC III etc) could do 5 FPS at FF and 8 FPS in crop mode. The photodiodes were approximately the same size as those in the 1Ds II’s 7.2 x 7.2 pixels and with the next generation noise reduction etc this sensor delivered 3200 ISO native and 6400 with High mode enabled”
“They were also testing a FF 16.6mp sensor with the 7.2 x 7.2 pixel size, new micro lenses and close to 5D sized photodiodes (presumably for the new high end 5D replacement). What is interesting is if you reverse the maths, for the 1.255 crop this gives you exactly the 1d III sensor when cut down from FF”

If you look at current pricing then the 1Ds2 stands a long way ahead of the 1D3 – look for some good 1Ds2 deals over the coming months ;-)

On the size issues I’d expect the 5D replacement to fill the role of a smaller FF camera, but with the 1Ds3 still at 1D3 dimensions

26th Back to the 1D/1Ds split… Those of you following the rumours over the ages may remember that a dynamic crop sensor combination of the two was mentioned a few times (and we’ve heard of such a beast being tested) … and for an interesting take on this at DPR by a poster familiar to those looking at rumourland ;-)

“They worst thing is they gutted out of the single camera solution they were throwing around probably because they couldn’t get 10fps (they got 8fps which I thought would have been fine) and are now leaving their big chip 1Ds Mk III until September which I would have preferred to see now but with more months of chip production should at least be cheaper”

“The decision to continue with a 2 model 1 series line up was made evidently as late as July last year at the Canon EOS imaging groups internal conference in Okinawa.”

I’ve always thought the price difference between 1D and 1Ds lines made the merged camera less likely – ex 1d2 users moving to a new ‘combined’ 1D(s)3 were never going to happily pay 1Ds2 level prices, while the likes of me, moving to a newer Ds level camera probably would (when we finally get a chance ;-)

Several comments keep referring to a ‘smaller’ 1Ds3. Look at the picture below of the 1Ds with wft-e2 attached

I was asked if we can guess anything about the ‘1DsMk3’ ?Was the adapter designed to fit a smaller camera, or is it just because there is just a huge great battery that needs to be removable.I’d only expect one wireless unit for Canon’s new top end cameras, so at the very least we know what fittings it/they will have along the side…At the moment it says “Exclusively for 1DMkIII” on the Canon wireless info page ;-)

Well, given the kind of users the 1Ds range is aimed at. I’d not expect the new one to look much different from the 1D3 – if you want a smaller high res camera look to the 5D Mk2 – or even the fabled 3D. Bit of a brick – yes, but I personally like a camera that size, and if a new better one comes out I’m not the least bit interested in sacrificing any image quality/functionality/robustness aspects, just to get something a little smaller (Ok that’s for me, and I do happen to have big hands ;-)

Several people also sent me info about the somewhat variable US pricing of the 1D3 – nothing precise at the moment…

25th Good to see Canon 1DMkIV discussions (or possibly 1DMkiiiN ;-) starting on some discussion boards – this must be because Canon have neatly sidestepped potential ‘My 1D3 back focuses’ threads by providing AF fine tuning adjustments in the Mk3 :-)

24th FYI I’m continuing to update the 1DMk3 page with links to info round the world

Those initial reports of a $3999 price tag in the US might not be so accurate – if you look at the original Canon US press release — Oops, did someone say $3999? What we meant to say was
“Scheduled for initial U.S. shipments in Spring, the estimated selling price of the EOS-1D Mark III Digital SLR will be similar to that of its predecessor, the EOS-1D Mark II N Digital SLR.”

In the excellent Canon White Paper (original version) on the 1D3 it says (p63):

“The retail price of the EOS-1D Mark III at introduction will be $3,999, the same price at which the EOS-1D Mark II N debuted.” -What was this price?

Well I should say, that in my version of the WP it says that – I just downloaded the one linked to on RGand it now says:

“The retail price of the EOS-1D MarkIII at introduction will be very similar to the price at which the EOS-1D MarkII N debuted.”

Fortunately Adobe Acrobat allows you to compare PDFs, so I can say that the only change between versions is the price info…

Looking at the initial release info on RG (Google cache) it says “The camera is slated to ship in April 2007 at an expected street price of US$3999 in the U.S.”

If anyone gets a firm US price somewhere I’d appreciate knowing…
…I’m told that Hunts Photo and Video (Melrose, MA) are advertising it at $3999.99, however Calumet in the US comes in at a whopping $4499. Seems like if you want one then you’d best be prepared to shop around — unless you just have lots of money sitting around ;-)

2007 February 23rd At the UK press event Canon confirmed that “these will be all the new products announced in the run-up to and during PMA, which starts on March 8th”

There is a report on this event at PB

An EOS 7s with Eye control? Pics and info on EOS 3/5/7D page
Yes it was an old [2004] film camera – sorry, my knowledge of old Canon kit is obviously not that detailed — although that’s probably not a bad thing ;-)

Meanwhile back to the 1DsMk3 rumours :-)

Over at ToP there is (but no source or attribution):

“The new Canon 1Ds Mk. III is a very interesting camera. Although it has a considerably slower frame-rate and a considerably smaller (effective) buffer than the new 1D Mk. III, its full-frame, 22-MP CMOS sensor is state of the art for image quality in a DSLR-type camera, making its $5,800 pricetag [That’s £4450 by current -Canon- exchange rates -KC ] seem like a runaway bargain. It is only 30% heavier and not much larger than the 5D—far smaller than the 1D Mk. III. The sensor has better high-ISO performance than any previous DSLR, using a completely new and unique technical strategy, and very good dynamic range. Finally, the new camera has outstanding low-light AF capability. No word on whether the body has IS, but it’s possible.”

The UK price for the 1DMk3 has been quoted at £3050 to several people – yet another example of somewhat skewed exchange rates and prices if the US RRP really is $3999 (that’s $1.31 to the pound where even my tourist rate is currently $1.86) Then again there is a market that will pay £3k. I’ve not seen advertised prices in any of the adverts around here yet, but I believe that Canon UK has not yet included a manufacturers price.

I’ve also been told that the price on the Canon Germany site is listed as EUR 4307.59 (£3029 at today’s ‘tourist’ rates) of course there are tax differences, but that US price looks -very- cheap in comparison…

Not sure of the comparative prices, but I’m told that buying in Japan does get you an international warranty (can anyone confirm this?)

Perhaps I should try and get a 1DsMk3 in Japan when it’s available – a country I’ve not visited, and would love to spend some time in — I feel a holiday business trip coming on… :-)

22nd 1DMk3 info is now on its own 1D3 page as I collect all the different versions of press info from round the world.

1d mkiii anti-dust


There is a very nice 63 page PDF all about the 1D3 (for a long read ;-)

Image above is from the PDF and shows details of the anti-dust features — no doubt what we can expect to see on the 1Ds Mk3 (or whatever it gets called, however Canon have shown that they are not bothered by the use of ‘Mark 3’)

This camera has an awful lot of new features – good pointers to what to expect in the future

Ok, so when do we get the 1Ds2 replaced? ;-) I’m already hearing the cries of disbelief over there being no 40D, however a 40D was never going to be released at exactly the same time as something with so much new stuff as the 1D3.

The cryptic but so far rather accurate DPR poster ‘Tsiphoto’ is saying that there will be no 40D at this PMA.

As ever there is still the fact that PMA isn’t until March, although the liklihood of any major announcement is, I would have thought, slim. There is the PhotoPlus Expo 2007, slated to be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on October 18–20, 2007. There is also CeBit 2007 in Germany but 15-21 March is probably too close to PMA.

If you are in a contemplative mood, then I’ve still got the rumours archives November 2006 to January 2007 and Spring 2005 to October 2006

The 1Dmk3 — should ship in April for US$ 3999

10.1 Megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor
10 fps continuous shooting for up to 110 frames
Dual “DIGIC III” processors
New auto focus system with 19 cross type sensors
EOS Integrated Cleaning System
ISO 3200 (expandable to H:6400)
3.0” LCD with Live View mode
Wider, brighter viewfinder
14 bit – 50% less shadow noise.
Li battery

Full info on the 1DMk3 page

and a new 16-35 2.8L

Thanks to all those of you round the world who have mailed in places to find the various Canon info – it’s nice to know the page has been of interest

Canon 1dmkiii

There is no built in wireless but a new WFT- E2A Wireless File Transmitter available

wft -e2 on a1D mk3

WFT-E2 attached to 1d3

There’s a new 580EX II Flash as well

580 EX2 and wft-e2

Canon US has a full list of new products

Well, look as if my upgrade money is safe until the Autumn – However the 1Ds Mk3 rumours page will continue!

Over at DPR we get told that there will be no 40D at PMA

21st From the ‘Friend at Canon’ school… (at FM)

1D MkIII 10mp, 10fps, 3″ LIVE LCD, the 40D 10MP, 5fps, 3″LCD
The 1ds MkII replacement in the fall with 22 MP and the 5D next year.
A new 16 – 35 mm F2.8 lens is coming to take care of the new 22 MP camera.”

Live LCD? Could be a whole new sensor design or even a secondary sensor associated with the AF system

I’m told the current 16-35L is also on offer at this Danish supplier…

Over at Canon Middle East, two images have been retired from their web site, the 20D and the 1Dmk2N

While at Canon USA, the Xti is no longer marked up as ‘New’

But in related ‘real’ item news …. At last Foveon ups it to 14″MP” ;-) the SD 14 (info in German) — there has not been much talk of Canon going for an all new sensor type for a while, but expect plenty of ‘what are real megapixels’ arguments if they ever do… (SD 14 = 4.69 of your puny Earth Megapixels ;-)

I note that the Colani mock-up /design concepts from the eighties are still getting shown as ‘all new’ on some pages, here are some original photos not claiming they are anything new :-)

20th Over in DPR we continue to get cryptic additions like “19 cross-type af points, ISO 6400” from the poster of the 10MP 10fps stuff the other day.

I happen to occasionally be a ‘listmom’ for the ProDIG mailing list, and as such, chat with quite a few other ‘pro’ photographers round the world. I know there is a lot of interest in just what Canon is up to at the top end, from people who’s livelihoods depend on the ‘tools of the trade’. That so, those that know are very careful in what they are saying (and not just because they know I look after this page ;-)

Noticed how little solid info there is about new Canon stuff?, Well we had an interesting mail describing various bits of kit that have been out and on test over the last six months.

“The 1D and 1Ds replacement situation is confusing…
Canon have had too many different ‘test’ bodies out there and have told everyone “don’t necessarily expect this to be released we are just testing — we are testing a number of features in the market and what we finally release is likely to be quite different from what you are testing” – this seemed to be the standard warning given to all testers.
The test units out there were not covered in gaffer tape – just neat blank black inserts where the “Mark II” and “Ds” labels were. They even had Canon on the top. It was what was inside that was really being tested…
All very discrete – just like Canon has ‘persuaded’ people to be ;-)
The “secret” ones being tested very discretely in the last couple of months are final or near final units.
Amongst these:
They have had a high res 1Ds out for testing in the 22mp range – several versions over the last 6-9 months
Last year they had a 16mp FF with a 10mp high speed crop mode for testing
Their new sensors are cleaner — 3200 on the 1Ds replacement is like 1600 now and they have (or had) a high option for 6400
They had lots of pro-photojournalist and sports pushback re the keeping the ~1.3 crop from the 1D (so either the ~1.3 crop or FF with the crop)
They have recently been testing standard 802.11 Wi Fi back to laptops, printers etc (works well)
They have recently been testing cameras with noticeably better image quality – requires a special version of DPP to process the raw file
Canon have something else up their sleeve re the new pro series… They are very excited.”

Interesting comments — thanks for sending them

From Belgium we have several new long lenses (see new lenses page) 400 5.6L IS and 100-400 4L IS

…and some 40D info might have got out (even if it does look rather like 30D specs ;-)

Another 1Ds Mark III19th A not so good fake at DPR, but 32MP and a move to the four thirds system :-)

And it gives me a new pic to brighten up the page on a grey Monday morning…

I had a pre-Focus flyer from The Flash Centre (UK) this morning. I noted that it said

“Canon will be launching a new DSLR after Focus and we are delighted to partner these launches in our regions —- London in the 6th March…” “If you can’t get to London on the 6th, the earliest alternative venue will be the American PMA show which starts on the 8th March”

Although it also says ‘details on the website’ – there was none when I looked

–A– new DSLR … no 40D?

2007 February 18th A few more mails I’ve had suggest that the cropped 10MP 10fps 1DMkIII (1.3) may be what we get next week?

The original poster has a good rumour track record including such comments as:

“1DmkIII will integrate video, maybe 1920x1080hd even”

Although he has recently said that there is “no video”. Video has certainly been tested in some of the sample cameras out in the wild, but a lot of features get tested and may not make the cut for cost/engineering/usability/marketing reasons.

Talking of video, Sony have announced a 6MP CMOS sensor that can capture 6MP at 60 frames per second (info on DPR). Sony make sensors for lots of other companies, including the (CCD) sensors used in Nikon DSLRs.

This Spanish blog also suggests:

New 1D MkIII
10.1 Mpx
1.3x (same as today)
Dual Digic III
45 focus points
10 fps
anti dust system

17th At last, an interesting thread on a board that points to some very interesting announcements?

Have a read, draw your own conclusions, but some quotes:

“There will not be a camera manufacturer out there who is not looking at building HDR software into cameras while they expand the range of their sensors anyway.
Wait until you see the auto bracketing on the next range of 1 series cameras for instance….and at 8+FPS”

“Not heard so much as a proper whisper on the baby brother camera, …plenty on the 1Ds and the one whose name cannot be mentioned in public for fear of death…but the 1DMKIII …not a dickie”

and on MF

“But now….it’s all changed and top of the rooster shed roof is Canon and now there’s a whole load of new users who just might come into the game with a digital MF Canon….plus of course Canon have made some intersting purchases as a company in the last couple of years.

Anyone got any info on Canon’s corporate purchases? I had a brief look, but apart from ones connected with databases and image processing, and Fotango (image sharing) I couldn’t see anything particular? [see Canon MF page for followup info on this]

Meanwhile, an authoritative sounding post on FM (much like them all… ;-) says when the new stuff will be announced:

Tokyo 5pm Thu Feb. 22
San Francisco midnight Wed/Thu
London 8am Thu
New York 3 am Thu
Moscow, Baghdad 11am Thu
Beijing 4pm Thu
Sydney Oz 7pm Thu
New Delhi 1:30pm Thu
Honolulu 10pm Wed
Chatham Island 9:45pm Thu

Note — Times now corrected – as far as I know

There is also the suggestion of only one new 1 series camera this time, with the others held back until later in the year — no replacement for the 30D? no 5DMk2? No 1DsMk3? (drat!) and what? -still- no 3D?? :-)

Meanwhile, a few pages back there is the equally precise:

40D=10Mp, anti dust, new display, 5fps, 9+2 AF points pricing: 100-1600+H, EF-S,x 1.6, SD, new viewfinder, DIGICIII, option: Wifi grip
1DsmkIII= 22mp, 2,5″lcd, PS, 45AF, DIGICIII, 100-3200+H+L, 1.0, 4fps, high speed crop mode 8,5fps
17-135EF-S IS
800/5.6 IS DO
Pixma ip6xxx: wireless pictbridge,
Selphy ipES miniprinter wireless pictbridge,
Powershot A740 IS wireless 10Mp DIGICIII, 6x zoom, WiFi.
IXUSi10 zoom 10Mp lifestyle, IXUS 70 edition,
DC50 DVD camcorder

Well if my next camera does do 8.5fps then the noise (see yesterday) should be enough to intimidate clients who might dare to doubt my professional credentials… :-)

Even so, the 1.3 crop fan club are still pitching for a 10MP 10fps 1DMk3

Good to see the 800/5.6 still there in the ‘predictions’ (see the 27th Jan in for a ‘pic’ ;-) … but I do like the idea of a 12-24.

I do a fair bit of training for [real] estate agents in the UK and I’ve come across several using the 16-35L with a 5D or a 10-22 with a 400D, so a 12-24 would enable them to really go over the top in making your rooms look huge — “Yes sir, I’m sure you could fit in a full size billiards table with no trouble” :-)

Thanks again to all the people who have recently written in with sightings and links to info they’ve found…

16th No real news at the moment I’m afraid, but I was sent this link to a video with pictures and sounds of various Canon models firing away. The 8.5fps of the 1Dmk2n is quite impressive :-)

15th Only a matter of time until the first ‘accidental’ leak of specs for new stuff…

40D and a replacement for the 1DMk2n seem top of peoples’ expectations, although personally, my spare cash sits waiting for a new 1Ds.

Of course, if the 1Ds2 replacement is held until later in the year, then expectations will have time to build higher, and Canon have been wanting to get a 25MP 35mm camera out for some time. If you scale up the 400D sensor then you get over 25MP – or it could just be an all new sensor type.

The price of the 5D has dropped again in the UK, with another large retailer taking it to £1500 (OK £1499 – but thats fifteen hundred quid in my money ;-)

2007 February 14th I’ve just been sent some interesting info from a Spanish magazine – DSLR Magazine – (Thanks Luis)

“In the Spanish page DSLR Magazine, by Valentín Sama (a quite knowledgeable person), he cleary states that this 22nd of February Canon is making a big international show for unveiling new products, and that Kenya will be, probably, the place for this event (although he says that this piece of info hasn’t the same degree of accuracy as the info about new cameras).
He continues saying that a new range of lenses (a new mount, I mean) will be unveiled, as well.
Then he continues saying interesting things about new Nikons (such as a D60, between the D80 and D40, and the possibility of something big from them, such as a full frame camera and/or a new mount!)”

Kenya – nature photography? High speed, high megapixels, long lenses or a combination of them all…?

Ignacio Feito has very kindly sent me a translation of much of the article

It seems like Canon will be making an important international product presentation next february 22nd…
In light of the latest info it is possible that more than one model of camera, and it seems to be confirmed that a new line of lenses will be presented,
Nikon on the other hand doesn’t seem to be willing to stand still after the recent introduction of it’s D40 & D80 models and will be presenting another model that -rather surprisingly- would be placed on the middle/lower segment. That is, a kind of “D60”. Some rumors regarding “big news” from Nikon for mid 2007 are gaining credibility. Speculation runs wild and could go from the introduction of a Full Frame model to the dropping of Nikon’s traditional F-Mount, or both.
At Leica, and given the recent signals regarding the dropping of the current Digital Modul-R, the launch of a modular reflex system seems closer.
Theoretically, the philosophy of the Solms company, the new Leica-RD should incorporate a mont compatible with the current R series. The sensor should NOT include the 1.3X mount and should offer a resolution of around 17 MP.
Regarding optics, the mentioned R series will be compatible, but a new line of lenses is sure to come and we suspect they will initally be zooms.
Now, as news from Olympus, Canon and Nikon seem imminent, for Leica it’s easy to make us wait until 2008 or 2009.

…and the second part

PMA is, as we know, practically around the corner and logically rumours regarding the most important products that could be presented in Vegas are starting to flow like lava. It seems like Olympus will be presenting it’s products the morning of the 8, in a spectacular natural setting that we cannot (yet) reveal.
Olympus hasn’t revealed any particular aspect… yada yada yada
New models will be the new 410 & 510
E-410 an evolution of E-400 smaller & with live view (not being too careful around Olymups)…
More spectacular E-510, people handling it mention it’s very small. Includes IS, 10 Megapixels that could also be included in newer “Professional” Olympus E that we may call E-P1…
Sensor, a CCD by Kodak, should offer good signal-to-noise ratios.
E-P1 will not be ready for PMA but around July or August 2007, should have “live-view” and perhaps have 12-14 Megapixels… (OK, I’m ignoring this and going straight to CANON)
Meanwhile Canon is still keeping under the tightest secrecy the development of at least one Pro-level model. We have stated previously that one of the characteristics of this new model will be a rather large screen with very high resolution that will allow professional photographers advanced editing functions “in-camera”. It also speaks of a high FPS. From this point of view it is clearly a photojournalist camera with a mid-size sensor.
However some american professional photographers have had the chance to try a working prototype of a 22 MP SLR from Canon. Seems like too many MP’s for a photojournalist’s camera. To add fuel to the fire some witnesses mention a size about half that of a 1Ds.
To try to square things out, a 22 MP Sensor at full frame with a large screen that allows editing in a smaller camera… Could it be that we are discussing two different cameras?
The most notalbe is that -finally- Canon is aware that it is imperative to offer lenses that offer the optical quality demanded by the newer sensors. We are talking about homogeneously acceptable resolution across the entire frame, less vigneting, more precise focusing, etc. There is a strong rumor that Canon will launch a new line of ad-hoc lenses for this and may be willing to make adjustments to the current mount.

A Google translation of some of the Canon info… Not it that clarifies matters :-)

Canon Meanwhile, Canon follows at least under the maximum secret with the development of a new model of professional character.Or we have commented, in some other place, that one of the characteristics of that new model will be a monitor or screen of great size and hi-res and quality of image, a monitor that will allow the photographers professional outposts edition functions “in camera “.Also it is spoken of a high frequency of firing. From that point of view, one would treat clearly of a camera of “news article”, perhaps with a detector of intermediate size.Nevertheless, algunos/as fotógrafos/as professional North Americans has had apparently occasion to prove – in their habitual sessions of work units functional of new réflex monocular digitalis of Canon, and those units incorporated detectors of 22 megapíxeles. They seem many megapíxeles for a news article camera no? In order to add a little more confusion, some of the witnesses affirms that the model offered like test “was of half as large as a EOS-1Ds”.

Of course that can be arrived “to cuadrar” everything: a detector of 22 megapíxeles to complete size (24 xs 36 mm) and one great screen that edition allows, but does not seem easy to do it in a very small camera.

We will be speaking of two different models? Most remarkable, it is than it is spoken of which – by Canon aim one has become conscious that it is to him imperative to offer objectives that really are to the height of optical quality which they demand its detectors.

We acceptably spoke of homogenous resolution mainly the area of the photogram, less viñeteado, more precise approach, etc.

The rumor that runs Canon would send to the new range of objectives “ad-sickle” and that stops it would be arranged to even make changes in the mount. We will see.

There’s quite a bit of other info in the article, including mention of a replacement for the Leica Modul-R the Leica RD with a 17MP (possibly FF not 1.3 crop) crop sensor – priced somewhere around the level of a a good MF digital system I’d suggest ;-)

13th Oh dear, lack of news brings forward a pretty poor fake from Russia at POTN

C’mon folks, if you are going to fake pictures, at least learn how to distort text so it looks as if it’s actaully on the object :-)

On a more useful note… If you read the sensor info yesterday, then do look at some of the info in the follow up posts in that LL thread.

12th Someone suggested I should have a look at this post from FM from Jan 31st and the much longer Erwin Puts post (copy on POTN)

A few similarities, although I personally could do without the 3 months wait…

A worthwhile comment on Erwin’s briefly visible page is followed up nicely on FM suggesting that there may well be digital zoom (sorry, must remember — ‘Dynamic crop’ in pro marketing speak) on the 1D2 successor.

There is a copy of what was posted on Erwin’s site at POTN …not exactly a comprehensive technical analysis but interesting to see.

While we’re collecting some older posts – there is this collection of info I missed (unfortunately with no sources or attribution whatsoever) which has a fairly broad range of rumours, including a 4D (popular opinion has always been that Canon would avoid the number 4 for various reasons)

Things are pretty quiet on the Canon MF rumours front, but there was a recent document posted on the LLforum by Sinar, that’s quite interesting when thinking of large MP sensors.

I’ve got a pdf version available. “33 MP Dalsa & 39 MP Kodak Sensors, Technical Differences and Facts” perhaps slanted a bit towards the Dalsa chip (it’s what Sinar use after all) but a good reference.

Worth reading when we finally see what Canon fits into 35mm

2007 February 11th The article on Erwin’s site has now gone… draw your own conclusions, but there is no shortage of suggestions that the Canon black helicopters and men in sunglasses paid him a visit ;-) 

A real leak at last? – thanks to all the people who sent me the the link to Erwin Puts site in Holland. The site has aparently had some pretty reliable news/rumours in the past.

The gist of it is:

A new 1D and a new 1Ds
The 1D goes to full frame (suggests 5D sensor, but I’d expect something a bit newer)
The 1D (or D1 as it gets called sometimes) comes in a EOS 1V style body (which is 10 fps with drive)
The 1Ds (D1s) goes to 22MP
ISO 6400 now available
1D will be $4500

There is a cryptic comment about the 1D memory buffer, but this looks more like some bit of info mangled in translation somewhere :-) Might actually refer to a continuous jpeg mode where pictures will just keep pouring into your memory card until it’s full…

Subsequent suggestions in the FM forum point to a switchable ‘dynamic crop’ mode for those used to the 1.25 crop sensor of the 1D2. Mind you, that sounds suspiciously like a ‘pro’ version of ‘digital zoom’ ;-) — that marketing invention that has no earthly use in any decent camera.

BTW Does anyone have a good use for digital zoom? When I’m giving lectures and talks, I often ask if anyone can think of any (non marketing related) use for it — so far, no one has come up with any real use :-)

If you go through Erwin’s site there is some quite interesting info on the M8 as well – it just so happens that there is a Leica fan down my local pub – I only mutter ‘infra-red filters’ every so often, since he must have plenty of spare cash to buy Leica (and drinks ;-)

Incidentally Erwin is a ‘real’ expert compared with many on the net – see this review of his Lens book.

There is obviously a DPR thread covering Erwin’s comments – save reading it all for a boring Monday morning at work :-)

And one other interesting but unrelated bit of news I was sent – it seems Microsoft Vista can easily mangle your camera files metadata if you are not careful – oops, best be careful ;-)

10th I noticed at RG that the Leica Modul R9 is no more “Memo # 2007-65 Discontinued – Digital-Modul-R” – it’s a camera beloved of those who like to suggest that Canon will be bringing in a modular ‘system’ To Leica’s credit, they adopted DNG as a raw format – pity a few other manufacturers couldn’t also do this…

The modular approach also brings us round to batteries and a lot of discussions about the merits of NiMH and Lithium Ion and its variants.

See this bit of the FM thread for some assorted battery info.

The two NiMH batteries for my 1Ds are still going strong after 3 years – bit less capacity, but I rarely have to take a charger with me on single jobs.

The picture shows where electricity is sometimes not so easily accessible (Fairplay, Colorado ;-) One socket, alternately used for my laptop and camera batteries :-)

Enough to make me turn to film? Kodak says: “the future of film is ‘tough to predict'” (from AP and The Times)

But back to mere rampant speculation, and that EVF thread on DPR is still going strong. Ideal reading if you want to try and filter the snippets of real engineering knowledge out from those by people who write their posts in green ink ;-)

9th With the long lens rumours there has been more talk about why extra contacts might be needed for lenses (see the new lenses page for info on what all the existing contacts do).

In camera lens correction might be on the cards, much the same way as Hasselblad now offer “digital correction for color aberration and distortion (DAC)”

New lenses might contain a whole load of information about their distortion types and amounts – this data needs to be downloaded pretty quickly, and it’s possible that the existing EF interface just isn’t fast enough.

I’ve used DxO optics Pro for some time when I needed to correct lens distortions, and I know that DxOdoes a lot of work with camera manufacturers (Note particularly the Corporate info).

If you’re curious, I’ve a review of V3.5 showing some of what it can do – I’m currently working on a review of the latest version V4.1, which has added a lot of new ways of working.

I also saw a comment on FM that suggested that what was going to be announced might appeal to nature photographers
“…The other news is from the camera manufactures……… Officially it will out in the next few week and I think you will be pleased”

The exact date of any embargo also seems to vary in different posts, and since Canon UK haven’t yet invited me to one of their briefings ;-) I don’t have a precise date…

8th Whatever’s being told to people on the 23rd, it seems there is indeed some new long glass to go with it (what about some really good extra wide as well? ;-)

From SportsShooter:
“The new long lenses are rumored to have more/new contacts/connections which make them significantly quicker and they will also be lighter… the return of the 200mm is on the cards as well but maybe as a 200/2 not 200/1.8…”

If you read the entire thread on the SS forum, you will see that a lot of people are specifically -not- looking for any more megapixels … although I did wonder at the comment
“Six to Eight megapixels will suffice for everything I would ever need. If I needed more, I’d be looking at a medium format.”

Not here I’m afraid… :-)

There’s also been more discussions about getting rid of mirrors and the mechanical shutter and going for an EVF (electronic viewfinder) system – it’s something that is in Canon’s long term view (See Chuck Westfall’s PDF mentioned here on 11th Nov) but personally I’d be very surprised to see it in the successor to the 1Ds Mk2

Canon tech. (from the technology sitemap) that might be of interest includes:

Mixed reality technology – specially for rumours ;-)
Canon CMOS sensor
Canon CCD sensor

7th In the UK I’m told that: “The David Leung advert in this week’s AP [magazine] confirms that Canon is announcing new products at a dealer launch on 23 February, and suggests that Focus will see full details made public.”

Show info (25th-28th Feb) – Focus on Imaging 2007 – notice that Canon is still not listed as an exhibitor

I’ve also been told of a London Pro Canon dealer… “going to a Canon Press launch on the 21st Feb. They don’t know what it is as evidently the reps don’t either.”

Interesting to know if the info will be under embargo, as was suggested to me for the visit on the 23rd

From POTN, we hear that at last, US regional sales reps are to get some real information to pass on.

Meetings are being held next Monday and Tuesday (12th, 13th).

Of course, that doesn’t mean they will be allowed to pass the info on immediately. The UK event I mentioned yesterday is for dealers – I even got asked “Are you going to be there?” by one when I was looking to confirm the info yesterday.

Somehow I don’t think Canon would do that, but it would be nice :-) :-)

As ever, if anyone has any more info, we’re happy to hear about it :-)

6th From POTN …
Canon is briefing UK Pro dealers on upcoming models on Friday 23rd, embargoed till the 24th

Unfortunately the 24th is a Saturday – not a traditional news day, but I’ve confirmed there -is- an event of some sort on the Friday.

But with 100 new products this year (from Canon Malaysia) there might well be room for some interesting things as well as photocopiers and printers…

The switchable aspect ratio rumour has been widely picked up and commented upon. If you have a sensor that covers both sizes (say 36×24 for the conventional 3:2 and maybe 34×25.5 for the 4:3, then you need a bigger sensor – with a new viewfinder, prism, mirror and shutter. Ideal chance to redesign the AF and metering systems as well. So, add in a new sensor design and you’ve got a camera that is suitably different to stand out from the crowd – but not necessarily different enough to be spotted by people looking out for ones being tested in the field :-) All the old ‘Are Foveon megapixels real megapixels?’ arguments are in for a re-run if there really is a whole new sensor design in forthcoming products.
— I’d expect people’s wish lists to start adding lots more features to this one over the next week or two ;-)

As expected, the rumour momentum is building – thanks to those who sent me a link to a new page of rumours – which just happened to be a wholesale cut and paste of this page – I thought I’d heard them before ;-) :-)

2007 February 5th From Austria, 30D price cuts … and 1Ds3 info from Germany at

A rough translation (thanks)
“The 22 MP [of the MkIII] include the pixels not used for the actual picture. The effective number of pixels of the 1Ds Mark III is 20,67MP. The 40d has an effective pixelcount of 10,32 MP, that means a little more than the 400D.”

Is this the TrueColor, mentioned a while back (9th Jan)?

A comment on the FM rumour thread adds more to this – not your usual pixels…
“…the 1 series is switchable between 2/3 and 3/4 with supported lenses. (Will not shoot 3/4 with unrecognized lenses unless disabled in custom function). Both formats make a 20mp file. The sensor has 22mp. Some lenses work fine. Some with internal baffling don’t work at 3/4. Some are borderline, but will not be recognized as 3/4 capable. Canon didn’t tell the non-Canon test shooters that it has full color pixels.”
and “They’re special because each pixel is full color – even the 40D”

From Japan a Mk3 rumour:

According to a comment I received from Japan (thanks), the original post suggests:
“1Ds Mark II successor would be released as having the dust reduction, 22MP sensor, and, larger LCD. The price is around 900,000 yen that is almost the same price as the 1Ds Mark II from his friend that is a professional camera man. The release timing is May. “

Some more info from Australia (thanks) suggesting that Canon might be offloading stock? Ted’s Camera stores are offering a A$750 rebate on the 1Dmk2n ending on the 28th of February. Good to see they’ve added the 1Ds mk2 to their line up… “New” ;-)

Superbowl came … and went without any announcement, so it’s all eyes on the run up to PMA which opens on Thursday 8th of March, although ‘Press Day’ is on the 7th. Current Press Releases are listed at the PMA 2007 site.

Keep an eye on all your favourite forums for threads based on the ‘I saw someone in the press corps at Superbowl using a one series camera with a 3″ lcd’…

As well as built in WiFi for the new camera, several people are asking about GPS? I actually used my old hand held GPS the other day taking some photos in various muddy fields for a civil engineering company for a new road scheme – one of the few times I’ve had a genuine use for it in three years of using my 1Ds. Not to say it wouldn’t be of use to some, but I can think of far more advances I’d like to see in a new One series before built-in GPS :-)

Another long term wish list component that regularly surfaces is the use of a Pellicle mirror, such as was in the EOS-1N RS. Without the need for the mirror to flip up and down the camera is faster and quieter – not a feature I’d expect soon, although Olympus have had the ‘liveview’ system for the E-330 for a while.

Meanwhile here is another thin version of that original LL rumour post I mentioned the other day :-)

3rd Thanks for all the comments about stocks and availability. At (Germany) the 1DsMk2 is seriously out of stock – come back in 4 weeks if you still want one ;-)

1ds2 stock levels

2nd Just in from Australia (thanks)… at Expansys (URL fixed) they are saying the WFT-E1 is no more

wft-e1 wireless file transmitter

New wireless options on the way at PMA?

Those of you going to PMA might notice that Canon have a pretty big space to fill (floorplan PDF).

I’m told that Jessops (UK) is now listing the 1DsMk2 as out of stock, although the Calumet site was listing the 1Ds2 with Wireless kit as available at only £3 extra. (Now back in ‘stock’ ;-) I’ve also had comments about several Swedish suppliers being out of stock, but showing the WFT-E1 wireless adapter as included with 1DsMk2s. — Possibly a surplus of wireless adapters available, if it’s built in to the new camera?

Thanks again to everyone who has mailed me with their comments and observations from around the world!

I also noticed that the FM rumour thread is now over 1000 posts :-)

One other thing – several people pointed me to a story on Engadget – unfortunately it’s only a rehash of the original post (mentioned on the 27th on this page) from the 26th Jan on LL (by a forum member making his 2nd post). If you read the original post carefully, you should be able to spot it as it gets recycled and revised over the next few weeks and appears in various places, with little extras added ;-)

And a version with even less content appears at Gizmondo… While at DPR there is an entire thread based on yet another version :-)

2007 February 1st If you go to Calumet UK site you will find that the 30D and 1DsMk2 are ‘overdue from vendor’

1ds mk2 availability

(Thanks Carl)

And as to the NDA stuff yesterday, several people pointed out that it more accurately represents Canon’s crackdown on NDA violators and distrust of many web based ‘news’ sources ;-) There are many people out there testing stuff and printing brochures etc…