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Video: is there a best printer for artwork?

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Is there a best printer for artwork?

Choosing a printer to reproduce your artwork

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Video: How to choose your best printer for artwork

Why the actual printer is perhaps not the most important bit

What’s the best printer for printing your artwork? What makes for the best art prints?

What makes the best printer for printing your artwork, whether scanned, photographed or digital art?

Why the specific choice of printer makes relatively little difference to print quality, once you get past a certain level. Pigment or dye inks are largely a matter of print permanence and marketing your work.

The key is understanding how best to get your image to the printer, both at the level of capturing and editing any images, and the need for colour management for accurate and high quality reproduction.

With a good printer (13″ width minimum), good paper, and suitable print software, printing your art should not be difficult.

Try printing with cheap paper, cheap ink, a small printer and from something like an iPad and you are stacking up the odds against yourself.

For the printers mentioned in the video, check the detailed reviews from Keith. These contain links to many videos and articles covering printing on a variety of media from Fine Art Papers to Canvas.

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