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X-rite updates i1Profiler License

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X-rite updates i1Profiler License

Revised software license from X-rite

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New EULA for i1Profiler

i1 profiler logoPerhaps not something I’d normally report, but given all the kerfuffle over the i1Profiler EULA (license) when it came out, it’s worth noting that they have retrospectively altered the license.

Note that it no longer seems to attempt to retrospectively alters the license from any earlier software that you might have installed on your computer, such as ProfileMakerPro – so, if you distribute profiles at all, I’d seriously suggest that, just for once, you read the fine print.

This is from the notification of the change, and is worth noting if you produce profiles for others:

As you know, the industry has changed quite a bit since our legacy profiling solutions first came to market – even since our last updates. Some of these changes include a broader distribution of generic profiles, as well as broad based online profiling service models (that do not include significant billable services involving personalized customer interaction). As part of the i1 Pro solutions, X-Rite felt it was an appropriate time to update our EULA (end user license agreement) to better reflect current practices of profile distribution business models.

X-Rite did release a new EULA on April 6, 2011 containing some language that several of you voiced concerns over and have since provided us with valuable input. Based on these interactions we are pleased to provide you with a revised EULA, which is retroactively effective as of April 6, 2011.

It is not our intention to question or monitor your business practice. However, there are two types of profile distribution practices that will require a separate distribution agreement with X-Rite. The first point has been in place for many years, while the second point is a new addition. Taken from the EULA they are as follows:

(i) in conjunction with the sale or promotion of an input, display or output device and/or ink or paper if such sale or promotion extends beyond a single customer-specific application,

(ii) in conjunction with profiling services that are offered electronically or online, including through electronic media, email or other network-based communication channels, without significant billable services that involve personalized customer interaction.

We recognize that each business is unique and we are happy to grant individual agreements that can be adapted to your business models and requirements. If you think you may need a special agreement, or have any specific questions about this, please visit our website and complete the inquiry form. We will have an X-Rite sales or marketing representative contact you. Visit .

For your reference, a copy of the entire EULA can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also find it online under the Support section of related products.

There is currently a discussion thread at Luminous Landscape about this subject

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