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Ultrachrome inks in an Epson 10000 large format printer

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Using ultrachrome inks in an Epson 10000 large format printer

Using 10600 ink cartridges in a 10000

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Normally you can’t use ultrachrome pigment ink cartridges in an Epson SP 10000, however the chip detection can be disabled.

Do note that you must be very thorough in flushing out any old inks. This is an easy way to clog up the internals of your printer and effectively write it off.

We’ve never tried this, so do it at your own risk!

epson styluspro 10000

It can be done…

Note that you do need to decide in advance whether to use matt black or photo black ink. Swapping black inks can be done, but is quite wasteful.

  • Print Speed: Up to 231 sq ft / hr
  • Resolution: 1440 x 720 dpi
  • Paper Handling: Wide Format (Up to 44″ wide x 100′ long)
  • Ink: 6 Color Epson Photographic Dye Inks

But you can use pigment inks in your 10000…


  • Turn the Printer off.
  • Press and hold the [Paper Source] + [Cut/Eject] + [Paper Feed] buttons while powering up the printer. Release the buttons when the VIEW COUNTERS MENU is displayed.
  • Press the [Select Type] button until you see SERVICE CONGIF MENU in the display.
  • Press the [Item] button until you see NPD= in the display.
  • There are three values that can be set for the EDMODE value
    They are: 0 = Null (This is the mode that disables the chip recognition) X = EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA N = ASIA AND REST OF THE WORLD Use the [Paper Feed +] or [Paper Feed -] buttons to make your selection.
    Press [Enter] when completed.
  • Power the printer off.
  • Power the printer back on.

This should disable the chip detection. However you now don’t have ink level monitoring, so more care is needed in keeping an eye on ink supplies.

Inks for Epson 10000 and 10600

Normal inks for Epson 10000
Epson Black Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T499011
Epson Yellow Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T500011
Epson Magenta Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T501011
Epson Cyan Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T502011
Epson Light Magenta Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T503011
Epson Light Cyan Photo Dye Ink Cartridge for Stylus Pro 10000 and 10600 Series Ink Vol: 500 ml T504011
Normal archival inks for Epson 10600
Epson Pro 10000/10600 – Archival – Black T511011
Epson Pro 10000/10600 – Archival – Yellow T512011
Epson Pro 10000/10600 – Archival – Magenta T513011
Epson Pro 10000/10600 – Archival – Cyan T514011
Epson Pro 10000/10600 – Archival – Light Magenta T515011
EPSON PRO 10600 – UltraChrome Ink
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Photo Black T549100
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Cyan T549200
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Magenta T549300
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Yellow T549400
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Light Cyan T549500
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Light Magenta T549600
Epson Pro 10600 – UltraChrome – Matte Black T549800

Additional SP1000 info

Epson 10000 product guide [PDF]

Common Error Codes

0100 Waste ink pads are full.
0101 The CR Motor & ink tubes reached it’s end of life.
0102 Auto nozzle check error.
0103 Backup battery for RTC life expired.
00000105 Head unit life end.
00010005 CR Motor is out of step.
00000106 Cleaning unit life end.
0001001B Head driver (TG) temperature error.
00010027 Pressure pump micro air-leak error.

Epson SP10000 specifications

MODEL NAME Epson Stylus PRO 10000
PRINTING METHOD On-demand ink jet (piezoelectric) Technology
NOZZLE CONFIGURATION 180 nozzles (Black), 900 nozzles (180 nozzles x 5 colours)
RESOLUTION Max. 1440dpi x 720dpi
PRINT SPEED Up to 20m2 (Plain paper/Speed mode)
A0 size About 3.5 minutes (360 dpi x 360 dpi/ Speed mode/Plain Paper)
About 7 minutes (360 dpi x 720 dpi/ Speed mode/Presentation Matte Paper)
About 11 minutes (720 dpi x 720 dpi/ Quality mode/Presentation Matte Paper)
About 20 minutes (1440 dpi x 720 dpi/ Semigloss Photo Paper)
INK SYSTEM Epson QuickDry™ Dye Ink (individual 6 colour high capacity ink cartridge 500ml/colour)
(Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Cyan)
Roll Paper Double rolls (1 roll should be less than 100mm/Outside diameter) / Single roll (1 roll should be less than 50mm/Outside diamater)
Cut Sheet A single sheet
Standard Auto media cutter
Option Manual cutter unit
Roll Media Media width 210mm~ 1118mm / Media thickness 0.08mm~ 0.50mm
Cut Sheet Media size A4~ BO+ / Media width 210mm~ 1118mm
Media length 279mm~ 1580mm / Media thickness 0.08mm~ 0.50mm
Posterboard Media width 515mm~ 1118mm / Media length 420mm~ 728mm / Media thickness up to 1.5mm
Roll Media 3mm (top, sides, bottom) / 15mm (top, bottom), 3mm (sides) / 15mm (top, sides, bottom) *Three modes are available
Cut Sheet 3mm (top, sides), 14mm (bottom)
LINE ACCURACY +/- 0.2% of specified page length
Standard Centronics-type 8 bit Parallel interface (IEEE-1284 Nibble/ECP Mode), USB Series B
Option Expansion slot: Type B Ethernet 10/100BaseT/TX Print Server, IEEE 1394l/F Card
TOTAL PRINT VOLUME 20,000 pages (BO size)
Temperature 10-35C (Operating)
Humidity 20-80% RH (Operating)
Rated Voltage AC 120V or 220V~240V
Rated Frequency 50~60Hz
Power Consumption Less than 131W (Operating) / Less than 30W (Sleep mode)
Dimension W 1865mm x D 1225mm x H 710mm
Weight About 132kg (Including stand, not including ink cartridges)
STANDARD PRINTER DRIVERS (OS) Macintosh 7.6.1 or later, Microsoft® Windows®98/95/NT4.0/2000/ME
WARRANTY One year on site
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Power cord x 1 / Roll feed spindle (2″) x 2
Ink cartridges (one each BK, Y, M, C, LM, LC) x 1 set / Printer driver utilities x 1 set
Roll paper sample (Double weight Matte Paper %m) x 1 roll / Paper basket x 1 set
User’s manuals x 1 set / Tools for assembly of stand and main unit x 1 set
PC CPU: Pentium II 400MHz or higher processor, Memory: 128 MB RAM or more, HDD: 500 MB or more free disk space
Macintosh CPU: PowerPC G4 400MHz or more, System software: System 8.1 or later, Memory: 20MB or more of available memory, HDD: 500 MB or more free disk space

Other large format Epson service hacks….

7600 – 9600 Maintenance tank reset

I was sent this reset procedure for Epson Stylus Pro 9600 (and 7600)

  • Turn off printer
  • Hold PAPER SOURCE+PAPER FEED+CUT/EJECT buttons at the same time and keep them pressed
  • Turn on printer
  • Release buttons
  • Hidden new menu appears
  • press DOWN, “CLEAR COUNTERS” option should appear
  • press RIGHT
  • press UP, “MAINT TANK” should appear
  • press RIGHT
  • press ENTER (CUT/EJECT button)
  • Turn off printer.

Stylus Pro 4000 Maintenance tank reset

The maintenance reset procedure for Epson Stylus Pro 4000 is slightly different from that described above.

  • Turn off printer
  • Hold down the three leftmost arrow buttons:
    [left-arrow] [down-arrow] [up-arrow]
  • Turn on printer
  • Release buttons
  • New menu appears
  • press up/down arrows to get to the “Clear Counters” menu
  • press RIGHT
  • press up/down arrows to get to the “Maintenance Tank” menu
  • Clear the counter
  • Turn off printer.
  • On restarting the maintenance tank should appear ‘Empty’

Resetting the 9800 and 7800 maintenance tank

If you have a 9600/7600 available, it seems that you can put the newer tanks into the older type printer and use the reset procedure above.

I’ve not seen it done though…

It also seems that you can use a ‘chip resetter’ (much like you would for refilling cartridges)

Cleaning dried ink

You really only need to check out the household products line at your local supermarket ;-)

I’ve written a short guide about ‘cleaning inkjet printers

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