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Topaz Gigapixel AI updated to V4

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Gigapixel AI V4

Upsizing software updated

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Topaz have updated their Gigapixel AI resizing software to V4.

The new version offer improved speed and image quality with improved resizing and workflow.

This is a free update for existing users

Keith has written  a longer review covering AI Gigapixel and how it’s relevant to his making of large prints.

See all of Keith’s other Topaz reviews in the Topaz article index.

topaz AI gigapixel

30 day demo available at Topaz Labs

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Gigapixel AI updated to V4

A free update for exiting users bring quite a few advances to the excellent Gigapixel AI software. This was the software I used in a recent B&W print article about large prints from low megapixel images

From Topaz

The latest update to Gigapixel AI™ is more powerful than ever before. AI Gigapixel is the only photo enlargement product available that can actually add detail back to your upscaled photo. The latest update includes a new look, more customisation, a refined user experience, and a faster saving speed!

We’ve made some significant improvements. We developed completely new neural networks to improve image quality and speed in this machine learning based program. Along with these neural networks, there are several improvements:

  • Two new AI networks – one faster, one higher quality
  • More natural looking processed images and less artefacts
  • More settings and customisation for your image
  • A significantly faster saving speed 
  • Nicer look and cleaner workflow
  • Bug fixes – like no more grid on your processed images!


We’ll have an updated review soon, but here are the list of changes from Topaz:

New features

  • If there are enough files to necessitate scrolling, while the application is processing, you can now scroll through the list
  • Added a product tour that explains various features and settings. This will appear on the first run of the application and can be accessed from the ‘Help’ menu as well
  • A ‘Buy Now’ button has been added to the upper toolbar when the application is running in a trial period
  • When the size requested for a file would meet or exceed the maximum size, a warning appears for that file in the processing list
    Added a new Expand/Collapse Preview Navigation button. This will allow you to see more in the preview window when you want to.
  • New ‘Use maximum quality AI models’ control to switch between highest possible quality output, or slightly faster processing. This can be accessed in the ‘Preferences’ window
  • New ‘Allowed graphics memory consumption’ control to set the allowed amount of graphics memory that the application can consume while processing images. This may help users that experience crashing while processing images. This setting is only applicable when the processing mode is ëGPUí. This can be accessed in the ‘Preferences’ window
  • New explanation panel at the bottom of the ‘Preferences’ window. This panel can be displayed by clicking on any of the question mark buttons that appear next to a setting label. This panel will display a message explaining the corresponding setting in more depth.
  • If your system does not have enough memory to successfully process images, a warning is now displayed
  • A message explaining revised system configuration recommendations will be displayed on the first run of this version of the application


  • Application name has been changed from ‘Topaz A.I. Gigapixel’ to ‘Topaz Gigapixel AI’. A few places or folders may still show the old name due to installation needs.
  • Revised application icons
  • Revised application splash screen
  • Improved processing models
  • Moved the ‘Preview’ button from the bottom of the application to be next to the ‘Clear All’ and ‘Open’ buttons above the file list
    Alignment of the ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ labels has been adjusted
  • The ‘Noise & Blur Reduction’ control has been split into 2 controls: ‘Suppress Noise’ and ‘Remove Blur’. Each of these controls now has 5 level settings
  • Revised ‘About’ dialog window
  • Revised ‘Graphics Information’ dialog window
  • When PNG is the output file type, colour profile will automatically be set to sRGB
  • The ‘Preferences’ window has been reorganised with groups for Application and Processing
  • The ‘Stop’ button should be more responsive when pressed. Additionally, the ‘Processing’ message will display ‘Stopping’ to inform the user
  • TIF/TIFF files will only support a maximum output resolution of 22000 x 22000 at 16-bits of colour depth. This is needed to prevent the file size from exceeding 4 GBs. This is the maximum allowed size for TIF/TIFF files
  • Revised logic that affects how JPG/JPEG and TIF/TIFF files are saved to disk and how metadata is transferred from the source file to the output file
  • Revised message box dialogs throughout the application. This unifies the look and feel across platforms
    Revised language on the File Logging popup window
  • When on the ‘Resize By Scale’ tab, when scaling to a custom value, the label now reads: “Custom Scale (0.20 to 6.00)”
  • The ‘Keep Metadata’ control has been removed due to performance issues identified. Metadata for JPG/JPEG and TIF/TIFF files will be preserved. Metadata support for PNG files is planned in the future.

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