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Topaz AI Clear V2

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Topaz AI Clear V2 update

Software update refines processing

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Topaz AI Clear is an adjustment option within Topaz Studio. It’s just been updated from the initial version Keith reviewed a while ago. If you have AI Clear, it’s a free update from within Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio (review) is a free image editing framework with lots of basic features, including the capacity to add in extra paid adjustments for more advanced features.

Note – AI Clear has been replaced with Topaz DeNoise AI. There are a range of free updates available to owners of earlier software. See Keith’s Topaz DeNoise AI review for full details.

Check the free trial versions of Topaz Software
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AI Clear

AI Clear update

AI Clear has been updated to make a more rounded tool, allowing for removal of noise, whilst at the same time avoiding much of the loss of detail that can come with noise removal.

Topaz notes:
  • Auto Button: This feature will analyse your image to automatically pick a noise reduction model for your image.
  • 200%-300% Speed Increase: We’ve further improved our processing and Neural Network to give you even better quality up to 3 times faster than with the previous version.
  • New Sharpness Selector: A.I. Clear now provides even more control over the amount of sharpening applied to your image with a selector for low or high sharpness.
  • New Detail Synthesis: This latest update to the A.I. models in A.I. Clear not allows the model to not only enhance existing details but actually replicate missing detail in your images that may have been completely obscured by noise or artefacts. Now you actually can create missing pixel data with the power of deep learning neural networks in the new A.I. Clear.

It’s an area quite difficult for me to test, since I go to considerable lengths in much of my work to avoid noisy images in the first place. However I’d note that Topaz ‘detail synthesis’ is part of the very impressive Topaz AI Gigapixel software, I’ve tested, which is IMHO, one of my best tools available for making very large prints.

Fortunately, the basic functionality is available in Topaz Studio (free) and you can download a 30 day trial to see if it helps with your own problem images. Results differ with different cameras and settings.

In the example below I went back to some test images from my (2008) Ricoh GX200 review (yes I keep all the photos I take).

I’ve opened a 1600 ISO DNG file and reminded myself why I never used a small sensor camera.

[click to enlarge]

split view

I’ve made a few adjustments and used the split view option to show before/after processing.

The new version of AI Clear has more control over image adjustment settings.

ai clear adjustments

The effect of the noise reduction does seem to vary a lot with image content, but I’m using 10 year old files to test here ;-)

Definitely one to try if you have images with noise issues. See also my original review notes of the software

Topaz AI Clear info page
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