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Rogeti CAP-MLS linear stage

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Rogeti CAP-MLS Linear Stage

Micro-positioning linear stage

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Rogeti have a whole system of components that go with  their RG-1 geared tripod head, – or any standard Arca Swiss style mounts.

The CAP-MLS Micro-positioning Linear Stage is aimed at giving a smoothly controllable offset mount.

The baseplate supports normal Arca Swiss dovetail mounts as well as the Rogeti version with a pin for precise alignment.

Items available directly from Rogeti.
CAP-MLS is currently listed at $198

The CAP-MLS slide rail

The slide rail is milled from Aluminium alloy with a stainless steel lead screw and brass bush.


There are two locking knobs, the inner grey one tightens the jaws of the Arca style clamp at the top, whilst the outer one adjusts the pressure of the brass sliding bush, and can lock the slide.

A crank at either end allows for smooth movement of top plate.


The base of the rail is solid, with pins in the rail slot that either limit the rail from sliding off a clamp, or can be used with Rogeti clamps which have notches in them to help lock clamps in place.


The X-Y clamp

The CAP-MLS comes with an X-Y (optional) 90º clamp, which can go on the top slide, or be used to attach the rail to a screw tripod head or attachment.


  • Length of the dovetail: 180mm
  • Slide distance: 132mm
  • Sliding distance per rotation of crank: 12mm
  • Material: CNC-machined aluminiumStainless steel, Brass

Using the CAP-MLS

My most significant use of the rail is mounted on my motorised StackShot rail. I use this for macro work where it is mounted on the arm of a hefty studio stand.

The motorised rail is ideal for focus stacking, but side to side positioning can be tricky, even with a manfrotto slide rail I’ve used for several years.

Here’s the MLS rail mounted on the StackShot. The camera is my 5Ds, using the Rogeti L bracket [see my L bracket notes for more info]


Adding the CAP-GZA geared adapter plate to the setup give very fine control of camera position and pointing.


The GZA [review notes] is very precise, but has no clutch. That means I’m less likely to use it for my outdoor/architectural work, but the minimal backlash in the gearing is ideal for macro.

Here’s a more detailed view.


Of course, with the modular nature of these adapters and mounts I could use the GZA in place of the XY plate between the Stackshot and MLS, to give a different range of movement.

Similarly, I could use The CAP-360 pan head for a smooth movement – it has an optional handle. I’ve included this in my review of the RG-1 geared tripod head.


Other uses

It’s all about what sorts of photography you do and what sorts of tripod you use. Here’s an example (from Rogeti) using the MLS on an RG-1 head to place the camera close to a wall. Note that it is the TS-E17mm F4l lens attached to the mount via a TSE Frame.

[see my TSE Frame reviews for more]



The slide gives very smooth movement, but needs mounting on a very solid mount not to get any unwanted movement from the forces you apply to the handles. Longer handles might be of use for this, but it’s not my area of expertise…

Usage thoughts

It’s for my detailed close-up and marco work that the MLS is likely to be of greatest use. It’s nicely built and light enough that it and other Rogeti attachments have a home in my Peli case when going on jobs. I use the RG-1 head on most of my interior and architectural work, where it’s precision has helped me get things spot-on in camera set-up, especially on jobs where I only have a limited period of access to a newly completed project.

It’s a bit of a myth that architectural photography is all slow and considered. In the real world I’m often working against time constraints and limited access, so fast but accurate setup really helps.


Rogeti equipment is available directly from Rogeti.

Note the link above is an affiliate one we have to help support the site. We have no business connection with Rogeti, other than helping test some newly developed products for them in the past.

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