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Phase One iXM-RS150F

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Phase One iXM-RS150F

New 150MP aerial photography system

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Phase One have updated their aerial photography systems with the  iXM-RS150F.

It offers  a significant jump (14204 x 10652) in resolution with a backside-illuminated sensor.

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Phase One info

Boost Your Productivity with a Wider Aerial Coverage.

Phase One is proud to present iXM-RS150F as the company’s flagship full frame aerial metric camera with an image size of 150MP.

The iXM-RS150F enables increased productivity for a range of aerial image acquisition projects as it provides wider aerial coverage compared to Phaseone’s previous generations which makes it the best choice for new mission types and assignments. The camera is designed with the innovative backside illuminated sensor to allow perfect image quality.

iXM-RS150F can be used standalone or as part of a multi-camera array for customised applications.

Unique Features
  • High resolution, with a pixel count of:
    14204×10652 for the iXM-RS150F
    11608×8708 for the iXM-RS100F
  • 3.76µm pixel size for the iXM-RS150F
  • 83dB Dynamic range for the iXM-RS150F
  • Backside-illumination technology for the iXM-RS150F
  • 2 fps fast capture rate for the iXM-RS150F
  • Seven RS lenses calibrated to infinity focus by Phase One
  • USB-C and 10G Ethernet for versatility of connectivity
RS Lenses

The camera is designed to fit one of the seven interchangeable RS lenses, ranging from 32mm to 150mm and individually calibrated by Phase One.

Phase One lens new

RS Leaf Shutter

The lenses’ integrated leaf RS shutter offers high capture speed of 2fps with a 1/2500 sec. exposure time for an array of flight conditions while enabling a capacity of 500K actuations.

shutter new

150MP Aerial System

A fully integrated Phase One 150MP Aerial System is available with either a single frame sensor for RGB imaging or a four-band Aerial System with dual frame sensors for RGB and NIR imaging.

system new


Camera iXM-RS150F iXM-RS150F Achromatic iXM-RS100F iXM-RS100F Achromatic
Resolution 150MP 100MP
14204×10652 11608×8708
Dynamic range 83dB 84dB
Aspect ratio 4:3
Pixel size 3.76µm 4.6µm
Effective sensor size(mm) 53.4x40mm
Light sensitivity (ISO) 50-6400 200-25600 50-6400 200-12800
Capture rate 2fps 1.6fps
Camera type Medium-format camera for aerial imaging
Lens mount Phase One RS
Data interfaces USB3, Ethernet 10G
I/O interfaces Trigger, Mid exposure, Ready, Serial
HDMI 1920×1080 60p
Data storage XQD card
Synchronization speed 50 microseconds in an array of cameras
Raw file compression 14bit IIQ large: 150MB
IIQ small: 100MB
IIQ large: 100MB
IIQ small: 65MB
IR cut-off filter Yes Yes, Optional with clear glass Yes Yes, Optional with clear glass
Connection to pod 4xM4 bolts
Power input 12 – 30 VDC
Max. power consumption 16W
Weight (excluding lens) 1000g
Dimensions (excluding lens) 90x90x91mm
Approvals FCC Class A, CE, RoHS
Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Humidity 15% – 80% (non-condensing)


Technical Specs 32MM 40MM 50MM 70MM 90MM 110MM 150MM
Lens Composition 14 elements in 10 groups 10 elements in 7 groups 10 elements in 7 groups 9 elements in 7 groups 9 elements in 8 groups 6 elements in 5 groups 5 elements in 5 groups
Min Focus Range infinity
Shutter Speed max Up to 1/2500 Up to 1/2500 Up to 1/2500 Up to 1/2500 Up to 1/2000 Up to 1/2500 Up to 1/2500
Exposure Control 1/3 f-stop increments
Aperture range f/4 – f/22 f/4 – f/22 f/4 – f/22 f/5.6 – f/22 f/5.6 – f/22 f/4 – f/22 f/5.6 – f/22
Filter Dia. (mm) 86 67 67 58 72 58 58
Total Len. (mm) 186 174.5 181 179 224 184 196
Weight (g/lb) 970 / 2.13 730 / 1.60 800 / 1.76 580 / 1.27 1150 / 2.53 620 / 1.37 630 / 1.39
Angle of view
(Long side) – (°)
77.8 65 54.6 41.8 33.0 27.6 20.8
Angle of view
(Short side)- (°)
62.3 51 42.3 31.9 25.1 20.9 15.6
Entrance pupil to
image plane (mm)
105.7 94.1 99.3 91.1 130.8 76.1 68.4

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