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Epson P700 and P900 printers announced

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Epson SC-P700, SC-P900 announced

Replacements for the P600 and P800 13″/17″ printers

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Epson UK have announced SureColor SC-P900 and SC-P700 printers, replacements for the 13″ (A3+) Epson P600 and 17″ (A2) Epson P800. Both have completely new designs for roll paper support and eliminate black ink switching.

This news item contains the March 2020 Epson UK and Apr 2020 Epson US press info, and is supplemented with material released earlier by Epson Japan.

Update: Full reviews completed

Previous models reviewed:

SC-P900 printer with paper guides

Updates: Epson News page

Mar. 20th: More details about printers from Epson UK added below and to the Epson info page
Apr. 21st: Printers announced in US

Epson SureColor SC-P900 and SC-P700 printers

Two new printers replacing the P600 and P800

Epson UK Press info – currently due April 2020

New updated info we receive will be added to our Epson News page

Epson introduces two photo printers for professionals who value image accuracy and depth, along with design simplicity.

The SureColor SC-P900 and SC-P700 are high-quality photo printers for design-conscious photographers and artists.


14 March 2020 – Epson has announced two advanced and easy-to-use photo printers, the SureColor SC-P700 and SC-P900. While the pro-photo community is clearly the main target audience; these two compact and lightweight printers will also appeal to artists, studios, photo labs and ambitious semi-pro and aspiring amateur photographers.

What’s immediately striking is their ‘non-printer’ look and feel: a design philosophy that was established through user research and a desire to make photo printers that are as pleasing on the eye as the prints they produce. Both the SC-P700 (up to A3+) and SC-P900 (up to A2+) feature black enhance overcoat technology, Carbon Black Mode and UltraChrome Pro 10 ink for the truest, deepest blacks. Other features include:

  • Three different paper paths to accommodate a wide media range
  • Black D-Max value of 2.95
  • 4.3-inch LCD optical touchscreen (can be used with gloves) with customisable GUI
  • Epson Media Installer for ease of use
  • Expanded blue color gamut to reproduce ultra-realistic images
  • Black inks (PK/MK) always available
  • Epson Print Layout – enhanced functionality and flexibility to make colour-managed printing quick and easy
  • Spindle-less integrated roll unit on SC-P700, optional for SC-P900
  • New auto sheet feeding system (ASF) for hassle-free fine art media feed.
  • Smallest footprint and lightest in its class
  • Enhanced sealing to protect from dust and dirt

Tom Owers, pro graphics product manager, Epson UK, says: “We’re confident that these printers will appeal to those working in a number of creative industries, who have a keen eye for detail, as well as an appreciation for high-performance hardware that’s aesthetically pleasing. As cliché as it sounds, both the SC-P700 and SC-P900 manage to combine form with function, to great effect. The accuracy and quality of the output is further enhanced by the deepest blacks and an expanded blue colour gamut, to reproduce ultra-realist prints. All this forms part of Epson’s complete printing solution of hardware, software, inks and paper. We’re confident that these new additions to the P-Series will excite creatives who value photographic print quality and refreshingly understated product design.” The SC-P700 and SC-P900 will be available from April 2020.

Additional P700 and P900  information via Epson Japan

In Japan, Epson have announced the SC-PX1VL. [Epson Japan]

Elsewhere this SC-P800 replacement is the P900 – there is also the smaller P600 replacement, the SC-PX1V or P700

Epson scpx1vl_img01

The new printers are somewhat smaller and more compact that the older ones.

Epson scpx1vl_img02

The P900 is 70% of the size of the P800 with a new UltraChrome K3X ink.

printer size reduction

It includes a new deep blue ink – looks more violet in this image – this is very similar to the violet option for the P5000 [see my P5000 setup article]


The P900 is a 17″ printer – nine colour and no black ink swapping.

There is a new version of Epson Print Layout that looks to be much improved.

This is the roll paper holder for the P900


The roll paper support for the P700 looks interesting.


[Features page – via Google xlt]

printer with paper guides

Shipping in Japan at the end of May.


Update – 20th March, info from Epson UK

20th I’ve been chatting with Epson UK about the new printers and have some infor of the sort that they would presumably have passed on had the announcement been made before the postponed Photography Show. [Note in brackets are mine]

  • New ten channel head design, with no black ink switching. The black ink switching has clearly been a bone of contention for some users, so Epson have developed a true ten channel print head with dedicated matte and photo black channels. This new print head also utilises a minimum 1.5pl droplet size and VSDT (Variable Size Droplet Technology and the smallest of any pro printer), and with Epson Precision Dot Technology (already proven since the launch of the SurecColor SC-S Series), the user can achieve less graininess, smoother gradations and Epson’s “Carbon Black Mode”. The Carbon Black Mode works using the 1.5pl droplet size to effectively “smooth” the surface. Pigments sit on the paper surface, so depending on concentration may be at variable heights. The 1.5pl droplet attempts to level this in the most richest black areas reducing diffused deflection so the light is bouncing off in a consistent direction.
  • The ink carts for the SureColor SC-P700 are 26ml, and for the SC-P900 they are 50ml.
  • New Ultrachrome HD Pro 10 ink. This newly developed ink set, built on from the already hugely successful Ultrachrome HD now has the additional violet ink. This addition of the violet ink has expanded the gamut into the blue area of the spectrum, but we are still waiting on official figures from SEC as to gamut volume. [we hope to have some of these figures before too long] The LK and LLK are now renamed in line with the SC-PX500 ink set to gray and light gray. The light gray is also used in our Black Enhance Overcoat mode, first seen on the SureColor SC-PX500 means that we do not need a dedicated channel on the head for a chroma optimiser and do not need to cover the whole image, yet can achieve the same end result. The ink set is under testing currently, so there are no figures, but as each ink set has been released it has either matched or exceeded its predecessor. The new ink set also has the largest optical density currently on the market at a D-Max of 2.91.
  • Three different paper paths. We have continued with the model of ASF (Auto Sheet Feed), front loading for board and fine art and the roll inlet, but have now changed the ASF so it is suitable for fine art media (single sheet) were previously we only recommended the front fine art path. The ASF has been redesigned to now keep the media in the center of the tray. By doing this the media is now held on the left and right, with the pick-up roller in the center to reduce the risk of media skew when pulled into the printing area. We have a standard spindle-less roll incorporated into the SC-P700, and optional spindle-less roll holder on the SC-P900.
  • Improved connectivity. USB 3.0, Ethernet 10 Base/100Base, Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct, iPrint, AirPrint 1.4 and Google Cloud print all standard.
  • New improved Epson Print Layout tool for iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone.
  • 4.3 inch touch screen. Users can customise this to their preference or working methods.
  • LED lighting in the print area. The user can see through the viewing window to the illuminated printing area to check on progress.
  • Epson Media Installer. As previously mentioned, Epson have a proven method of delivering medias via their EMX (Epson Media Extension) format. Each EMX file contain the relevant media LUT, ICC profile and mechanical parameters for the media. i.e. platen gap, feed parameters, bi-di timings/thickness adjustment, etc. This will allow the end user to simply run the application, browse for their media, download their media which is then applied not only to the driver, but to the printer for mechanical parameters also. This is a very good method to prevent confusing when setting the driver for medias that are not originally included in the install, and also stops the need to have region specific drivers for certain regional medias. End users who want to create their own profiles still can using the traditional methods as the driver contains all functions to disable colour management and let this be handled by the application. [As you’d expect, this is an area I’m keen to explore for how it affects high quality print making]
  • Improved product design. With not only a new sleek and aesthetically pleasing design perfectly suited at home or office, Epson have managed to reduce the physical footprint of the devices, making the SC-P900 (A2) coming in at a footprint size comparable to the SC-P600 (A3+), and the SC-P700 (A3+) giving a size of some A4 devices. A considerable weight reduction making them more easy to move for those with limited room or mobility. The design also helps offer protection against dust and other foreign elements.

I’ve some more images too… [click to enlarge]

The customisable screen

GUI new printers

The new centre fed paper feed.


Here are the full set of P900 ink carts – the full set is half a litre of ink


Here’s the relative size of the printer, producing an A2 print.


Here’s the roll paper unit for the P900


Here are the ink carts for the P700


The P700 printing a 13″x19″ sheet (A3+)


Specifications P900

Note that these are translated from Japanese

Model name SC-PX1VL
Printing method / Maximum resolution MACH method / 5,760 × 1,440dpi (Note 1)
ink 9-color pigment, stand-alone ink
Paper Cut sheet size L size, KG, 2L size, HDTV, 6 slices, 4 slices, half cut, A6 length to A2 length (17 inches) (Note 2)
thickness Plain paper / 0.08 to 0.11mm, our genuine printer paper / maximum 0.50mm, front manual feed: maximum 1.5mm
Special roll paper (Note 3) A4 (210mm)-A2 nobi width (431.8mm)
Postcard Please pay attention to the postcard (Note 4), postcard (inkjet paper) (Note 4), postal return postcard (Note 4), and genuine postcard (Note).
Number of sheets that can be fed Plain paper Rear tray 120 sheets (75g / m 2 )
Postcard Rear tray 50 sheets
Necessary margin (Note 5) Borderless printing (Note 6) L size / KG / postcard / 2L size / Hi-Vision / Six / Square / A4 / A3 / A3 Nobi / A2: 0mm top / bottom / left / right margin
Other paper size Cardboard (Front manual feed): Top and bottom margins 3mm (fine art paper), Top and bottom margins 20mm, left and right margins 3mm (board paper)
Roll paper
: Top margin 50mm, Rear margin 14mm Other sizes: Top, bottom, left and right margins 3mm
Blu-ray Disc / DVD / CD print tray 12cm media compatible
Interface network 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX, IEEE802.11b / g / n / a / ac (Wi-Fi 5)
USB Super-Speed ​​USB × 1 (Note 7)
power consumption Approx. 24W (when printing)
Power-supply voltage AC100V 50 / 60Hz
External dimensions (width x depth x height) when stored 615 x 368 x 199 (mm)
When using external dimensions (width x depth x height) 615 x 905 x 520 (mm)
Mass * body only About 14.8kg
Body bundled items Ink cartridge for setup (Note 8) Photo black, matte black, cyan, vivid magenta, yellow, light cyan, vivid light magenta, gray, light gray, deep blue
Manual (Note 9) Software disc (user’s guide, driver, etc.), usage guide (paper)
Other Disc tray, power cord, warranty card
Printing speed (standard) (Note 10) Approx. 44 seconds (L size photo paper <gloss>)
Approx. 4 minutes 51 seconds (A2 photo paper <gloss>)
Suggested retail price open price
(Note 1) Print at a minimum of 1 / 5,760 inch dot spacing.
(Note 2) Epson genuine A2 Novi size cut sheets are not available. When printing at A2 size, we recommend using Epson genuine 17-inch roll paper (equivalent to A2 size).
(Note 3) Roll paper unit is optional.
(Note 4) Made by Japan Post Co., Ltd.
(Note 5) It depends on the application.
(Note 6) Borderless printing is not possible in ultra high definition (jet black) or ultra high definition mode.
(Note 7) It also supports Hi-speed USB interface / network interface.
(Note 8) In the initial ink filling immediately after purchase, the ink is consumed to fill the ink up to the tip of the print head nozzle (ink ejection hole) and make it ready for printing. Therefore, the number of printable sheets may be smaller than the second refill ink cartridge.
(Note 9) Manuals other than the usage guide included with the main unit can be viewed on the software disc or the support & download page .
(Note 10) Print speed and print cost calculation conditions.
(note) The four-sided borderless printing prints slightly larger than the paper size created by the software. For this reason, the part that extends off the paper is not printed. We recommend that you do a trial print before production printing.
(note) For prices of open price products, contact your dealer.

List of printer driver compatible OS

Japanese version of Windows ®
Windows ® 10
(Note 1)
Windows ® 8.1
(Note 1)
Windows ® 8
(Note 1)
Windows ® 7
(Note 1)
Windows Vista ® Windows ® XP Windows ® 2000
Mac (Note 2)
OS X10.9 ~ OS X10.6.8- OS X10.5.8 ~
(Note 1) Compatible with 32bit / 64bit version.
(Note 2) The printer driver for Mac has limited functions. Check the product OS support information for function restrictions .

It does not work in the classic Mac environment.
For Apple AirPort Extreme / Express / Time Capsule support , please check the product OS support information .
If you are using a Mac, you can only provide the driver via the Internet. If you do not have an Internet environment, please note that we cannot provide this service.

(note) For details on support , please check the product OS support information .

Network specifications

Communication protocol TCP / IP
DPS over IP incompatible

Wireless LAN specifications

Compliant standards IEEE802.11b / g / n / a / ac (Wi-Fi 5)
Communication mode Infrastructure / Wi-Fi Direct ®
security WEP (64 / 128bit), WPA2 -PSK (AES), WPA3 -SAE (AES)
Easy setup AOSS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), WCN
(note) When using in a wireless LAN environment, it is recommended to use via a wireless LAN compatible access point (infrastructure mode). (In the recommended environment, a wireless LAN compatible access point is required separately.)

Wired LAN specification

Compliant standards IEEE802.3i / IEEE802.3u / IEEE802.3az
Communication mode 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX automatic or manual selection
Interface RJ45 connector x 1
Port standard Auto-MDIX compatible

US Press info for P700/900

The printers were announced in the USA (for May)

13-inch SureColor P700 and 17-inch SureColor P900 Incorporate Breakthrough Advancements from Large Format Printers to Produce the Highest Quality Prints for the Desktop

LONG BEACH, Calif. – April 21, 2020 – Epson, an industry leader in the photography market, today announced a breakthrough in professional printing technology with the introduction of the 13-inch SureColor® P700 and 17-inch SureColor P900 desktop photo printers. Replacing the award-winning SureColor P600 and SureColor P800, these new printers draw from over 20 years of experience to incorporate the same large format printing technology used by the world’s leading photographers into a sleek, compact design, allowing for the creation of exhibition quality prints from the convenience of the desktop.


“Fifteen years ago, Epson stunned the industry with the Stylus Pro 3800 that provided unprecedented creative control for photographers, allowing them to print up to 17-inches wide without a darkroom,” said Reed Hecht, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America. “With the introduction of the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900, a new generation of photographers will experience another breakthrough in printing technology – truly redefining not only the photographic print but also the printing workflow.”

The new SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 are the smallest professional 13 and 17-inch printers in their class, with a 30 percent size reduction from Epson’s previous generation printers, and are designed for use in photography, graphic design, fine art, and illustration. The printers tout a new 10-channel MicroPiezo® AMCTM printhead to increase productivity, with dedicated channels for both Photo and Matte Black ink types – no ink switching necessary. Featuring new UltraChrome® PRO10 pigment ink* with Violet, the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 deliver an extremely wide color gamut and support Advanced Black and White Mode to create unparalleled, professional black and white photographs.

According to Henry Wilhelm, director of research at Wilhelm Imaging Research, the world’s leading independent print permanence testing laboratory, Epson’s new printers and inks are currently undergoing comprehensive ten-factor testing with a range of papers and canvas, with both color prints and B&W prints made using Epson’s Advanced Black and White Mode. “Preliminary data for the Epson 10-color UltraChrome PRO10 pigment inks in the new SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 create stunning museum quality prints with WIR Display Permanence ratings that we believe will equal the ratings achieved by the current UltraChrome PRO12 inks of up to 200 years for color prints and up to 400 years for B&W prints.1 Prints framed with UV-absorbing acrylic – and those displayed under LED illumination – will achieve significantly higher ratings.”

For the first time, users can easily print directly from iOS® devices2 to the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 in a color managed workflow. Using an updated mobile version of Epson Print Layout software, full support and color management tools are provided for iPhone and iPad printing. These printers also feature a new print driver mode – Carbon Black – which dramatically increases Dmax by up to 11 percent, for best-in-class black density and reduced bronzing and gloss differential on glossy papers.

The SureColor P700 can accommodate both roll and cut sheet media, and the SureColor P900 accommodates cut sheet media and an optional fully enclosed roll media adapter supports both 2-inch and 3-inch rolls and roll printing up to 10 feet long. Additional features include a 4.3-inch customizable touchscreen, upgraded wireless connectivity including 5GHz and an interior LED light to watch the progress of a print.

More About the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 Desktop Photo Printers

Designed to help photographers reproduce every detail of their creative vision, the new SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 incorporate a range of features to produce exhibition quality prints from the convenience of a desktop:

  • Outstanding image quality and color — All-new UltraChrome PRO10 Ink with Violet produces a wide color gamut for vibrant and rich colors
  • No Photo and Matte Black ink switching — Dedicated channels for both black ink types – no switching needed
  • New 10-channel MicroPiezo AMC printhead — Consistently delivers prints with outstanding speed, consistency and accuracy; supports variable size droplet technology as small as 1.5-picoliters for remarkable output quality
  • Easy printing from smart devices — Print color-managed files directly from an iOS device2 with an easy-to-use interface
  • New Carbon Black Driver technology — All-new Carbon Black Driver mode dramatically increases Dmax for best-in-class black density on glossy papers
  • Professional media handling — Accommodates rolls3 and sheet media up to 1.5 mm thick of Epson Professional,
  • Signature Worthy® and Legacy papers as well as third-party media
  • Easy to use — Features 4.3-inch customizable touchscreen, wireless connectivity and interior LED light
  • Compact design — 30 percent smaller than the previous generation
  • Industry-leading print permanence — UltraChrome PRO10 ink is expected to create prints that last up to 200 years for color and 400 years for black-and-white1
Pricing, Support and Availability

The SureColor P700 ($799 MSRP) and SureColor P900 ($1,295 MSRP) will be available through Epson Authorized Resellers starting in May. The printers offer a standard Epson PreferredSM Limited Warranty, a one-year program that includes toll-free advanced telephone access Monday through Friday and usually next business-day on-site service in the unlikely event of any hardware failure. For additional information, visit

* This product uses only genuine Epson-brand cartridges. Other brands of ink cartridges and ink supplies are not compatible and, even if described as compatible, may not function properly or at all.

1Print Permanence in testing. Ink lightfastness rating based on accelerated testing of prints on specialty media, displayed indoors, under glass. Actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity, humidity and atmospheric conditions. Epson does not guarantee longevity of prints. For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them. Visit for the latest information.

2 Most features require an Internet connection to the printer, as well as an Internet- and/or email-enabled device. For a list of Epson Connect enabled printers and compatible devices and apps, visit

3 Roll media handling is standard on SureColor P700; optional on SureColor P900

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