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DxO PureRAW announced

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RAW image processing software

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DxO have announced PureRAW, an image processing option that give all the benefits of DxO RAW processing without needing to use DxO image editing

Keith has had detailed looks at DxO’s image processing software, since his 2004 review of the original DxO Optics Pro (which only supported JPEG files).  It’s been an important tool in processing some of his more challenging images for over 15 years.



I’ve used DxO Optics Pro and then DxO PhotoLab for many years on some of my trickier RAW camera files.

However I do all my image editing in Photoshop, which meant exporting the images from Optics Pro and importing into Photoshop. I’ve never liked Lightroom, and whilst the improved image editing capabilities of Optics Pro and PhotoLab would suit many, they were not what I was really looking at.

Well, after several years of wishing, DxO have released a bit of software that perhaps does some of what I want.

I’ll be looking at PureRAW in a full review, but here is the product announcement from DxO.

There is a 30 day demo available

PureRAW V1

DxO PureRAW superbly renders RAW files so you can enjoy even more possibilities with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

When used ahead of Adobe solutions or other photo-editing programs, DxO PureRAW automatically removes digital noise and other lens defects.

Harnessing exclusive technologies developed over nearly twenty years by DxO, one of the world’s leading photo-editing software creators, DxO PureRAW removes noise, chromatic aberrations, unwanted vignetting, distortion, and insufficient sharpness with an unprecedented level of quality. By improving RAW images in this way, DxO PureRAW offers photographers greater creative freedom when editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. The result is a more precise and less constrained editing process.

Zero Compromise Between Preserving Details And Removing Noise

Say goodbye to juggling tedious compromises between preserving detail and removing noise in Photoshop and Lightroom. Using DeepPRIME artificial intelligence, DxO PureRAW automatically removes digital noise with an exceptional level of quality.

DxO DeepPRIME technology is an artificial intelligence designed for developing RAW photo files. Trained through deep learning using millions of images analysed by DxO’s laboratories, it delivers a revolutionary improvement to digital noise reduction while also demosaicing photos more effectively.

Using a traditional approach, these two operations are performed separately, with each one introducing defects that degrade the quality of the other. With deep learning, DeepPRIME adopts a holistic approach that combines these two steps into one. The information in the photo is rendered beautifully, especially in low light, noise is visibly reduced, colour details are better preserved, and transitions are more even and natural.

Improve Even Top-Notch Lenses

Thanks to the custom optical modules developed by DxO, DxO PureRAW automatically scrubs RAW images of the residual defects, including distortion, unwanted vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and a lack of sharpness, produced by even the best lenses on the market. The software provides Photoshop and Lightroom users with a flawlessly clean slate for retouching and editing in other solutions.

Since its founding in 2003, DxO Labs has earned an international reputation for measuring and calibrating hundreds of cameras and thousands of lenses using a protocol that is more precise than any other in the industry. DxO has measured the defects created by thousands of lens/camera combinations in RAW images with an extraordinary level of scientific precision for each piece of equipment and in every situation. This in-depth knowledge of the flaws and performance of each piece of photography equipment is compiled in a database of over 60,000 combinations and is the secret to why DxO PureRAW delivers the best corrections in the industry.

A New Life For RAW Photos

DxO PureRAW lets users revisit unusable RAW images taken with equipment that has since become obsolete. Photos are instantly made to look like they were taken with the most recent technology, and limitations on ISO values are a thing of the past.

Perfection Is In The Details

DxO PureRAW richly and accurately reveals details in RAW files, resulting in crystal-clear images that capture every last texture. Photographers can enlarge images without worrying about decreasing the quality.

Soft, Non-Grainy Bokeh

DxO PureRAW removes the “parasitic” grain that all cameras produce in unfocused areas and solid backgrounds. DxO PureRAW processes every part of the image and uses smart technology to differentiate between ultra-sharp areas and bokeh effects.

Incredibly Simple to Use

DxO PureRAW can be easily incorporated into photographers’ workflow ahead of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other photo-editing software. That way, users can keep their same editing environment. DxO PureRAW couldn’t be easier to use: Users simply select their images from the software’s browser window or use the drag-and-drop feature, then choose their desired level of denoising and where they want to save the file. Zero sliders or complicated settings required!

Price and Availability:

DxO PureRAW (Windows and macOS) is now available for download on the DxO website ( for a special launch price of £79.99 instead of £115 until May 31, 2021. A free 30-day trial version is also available:

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