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Deactivate the ink level counter on the Epson 4000

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Deactivate the ink level counter on the Epson 4000

Make it so your cartridges always read full

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This procedure should be used with care!

If you have a continuous ink system (CIS) and want to avoid the hassle of resetting the ink usage counter chips on your cartridges then these codes can change your printer settings

epson SP4000

Turn off the ink counter on your 4000

Warning – getting this wrong could well mess up your printer, so do it at your own risk. This info is from Lyson and they won’t take responsibility for damage either!

In these notes

The Character < represents the left arrow

The Character > represents the right arrow

The Character ^ represents the up arrow

The Character ¥ represents the down arrow

Start with the printer turned OFF.

  1. Press and hold the < + ^ + > buttons and power up the machine.
  2. When the LCD display shows SELF TESTING, release all buttons.
  3. Press ¥ until you see SERVICE CONFIG on the display.
  4. Press > once, the display will read CHG DEVICE-ID.
  5. Press ¥ until the display shows ED MODE.
  6. Press > and the display reads *X
  7. Press ¥ the display reads 0
  8. Press > the display reads: *0
  9. [To re-enable, reverse the X and 0 in the 3 steps above i.e. set back to *X]
  10. Power the printer off.
  11. Power the printer on.

The printer will power up and show ‘Ready’ with (0XXXXXXXX) at the ink cartridge status bars.

This setting is written to the printer eprom and won’t change when the power is switched on and off.

Remember that with the big 220ml carts you would only need to use a chip resetter fairly infrequently – this would be my own choice

Reset the maintenance tank on the 4000

4000 error codes and maintenance tank reset

Cleaning dried ink

You really only need to check out the household products line at your local supermarket ;-)

I’ve written a short guide about ‘cleaning inkjet printers‘ that’s based on cleaning some pretty gunked up printers

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