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Canon 7D Noise and ISO – looking at the 1Ds3

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Canon 7D Noise and ISO – looking at the 1Ds3

A quick comparison of noise at 3200 ISO

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I do sometimes use my 1Ds3 at 3200 ISO (the H setting) and have found it perfectly good for work not requiring huge prints.

Given that the 7D is equivalent to a 45MP plus full frame sensor, the sensor pixels are considerably smaller.

I was curious to see how the EOS 7D compares with the older 1Ds Mk3.

3200ISO 1Ds3

ISO noise comparisons
with the Canon 7D

Four pictures. 3 taken with the 7D at ISO 3200, 6400 and 12800(H). One taken with the 1Ds3 at 3200 (H)

I used a 24-70 2.8L zoom to equalize the field of view.

I’ll not label them, but I believe there are enough differences to spot which is which.

3200 on the 1Ds3

All processed in ACR5.6 with CS 4. All noise reduction turned off and the black point set to zero.

3200 on the EOS 7D

WB setting is as indicated in the RAW file.

6400 on the EOS 7D

Exposure is using Av mode at f/8

12800 on the EOS 7D

Images Zoomed to 100%

3200 100% view on the 1Ds3


Remember that it’s 18MP on the 7D and 21MP on a sensor with 2.56 times the area for the 1Ds3

3200 100% view on the EOS 7D


Camera noise reduction is turned off

6400 100% view on the EOS 7D


I suspect you can see which are which now…

12800 100% view on the EOS 7D


White balance

Here’s a corrected version, using the white chopping board for WB

White balance error in tungsten light
Both cameras overestimated the colour temperature from the halogen lighting, but slightly closer was the 7D.

Hardly a rigorous experiment, but tells me that the 7D with noise reduction will give perfectly good results for smaller image sizes.

As ever YMMV, but I’m pleased to see how well the tiny pixels of the 7D do.

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  • Keith | Dec 3, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Yes, a bit more retro look :-)

    – I’ve tried it with a few other old lenses too. With the 1Ds3 screen (a gridded one) you can get a better feel for DOF and even focus.

  • Jan I | Dec 3, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Heh, the 7D looks a bit like an old camera with that lens.

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