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Canon 1Ds Mk4 rumours

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Canon 1Ds Mk4 (EOS-1Ds MkIV) -1Ds Mk3 replacement

Archive of 1Ds mk4 rumours

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1Ds ‘Mark 4’ Info

News and rumours about the 1Ds3 replacement

All the latest Mk 4 rumours we get sent or find on the web goes here!

The 1Ds4 never appeared, and I waited until 2015 before getting the 5Ds.

The 1D X was just never a replacement 1Ds3 from my own business POV

Canon 1Ds 4

Latest News

2011 October

18th So, it’s the 1Dx
It’s interesting to see the new marketing pointing out how 18MP are better than the old 21.
17th For those checking – sorry no new news, although I spotted someone just posting the specs for the EOS 1V (a film camera)
14th In what, if true, I’m genuinely surprised to see, it seems likely [CR] that the 1D and 1Ds lines are being amalgamated into a single camera…
-1D/1Ds follow on (no name yet)
-Full Frame 18MP, 12 fps, 61 AF Points
-New Battery, Available – March, Price unknown

Well, if true, it looks as if my bank account and 2007 vintage 1Ds3 are safe for the time being, unless there is something pretty special about those 18MP, since 12fps, whizzo AF and the expected video functionality are of no great use to me ;-)

13th I should note that ‘1Ds3 replacement’ does not mean it has to be called a 1Ds4
Almost certainly a ‘1 Series’ and likely a 1D ‘something’ – I’ve not (yet) seen any solid suggestions as to what (if not a 1Ds4)
Of course 18MPx3 is 54 – About a month ago, a 54MP 1Ds4 was suggested in what looks a bit of an optimistic set of specs [Sep 14 – below]
See also Canon 3 layer sensor patent [Jul 7 – main rumours page]
12th Canon advertsWe’re told (thanks) that there is a Canon announcement in Singapore on the 18th.

No details yet as to what it will be about, but a replacement for the ageing 1Ds3 is top of our expectation list. The Today newspaper in Singapore has a lot of Canon advertising

11th Whilst there are now more 1D5rumours floating around [CR], I’m still minded to think that there is a replacement for the 1Ds3 on its way.
One option that was suggested to me was that we would see a joint 1D mark 5 and 1Ds mark 5 announcement – the number 5 representing Digic 5.

I’ve no other reports of this, so I’m minded to wonder if Canon could produce enough cameras to meet demand if they replaced both at once.

8th A Canon event on the 18th in the Netherlands.
4th We hear (thanks) of a dealer ordering several new Canon ‘high end’ cameras.
‘Above’ 5D2 level…
Due for announcement in 2-3 weeks
1st Everything has gone rather quiet – even the bizarre spec lists. If we are going to see any announcement later this month, then expect to start seeing some more detailed ‘hints’ appearing in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, at CR the 1Ds4 is pushed to February and the 5D3 back to photokina

29th And lo! the 1Ds3 didst reappear on the Canon Canada web site [Canon]
21st We hear that the 1Ds3 is no longer available to Dutch photodealers. Canon won’t supply new ones.
19th No more 1Ds3 at Canon’s Canada site [Canon]

Anyone still saying that a replacement isn’t coming soon? ;-)

17th In New Zealand the 1Ds3 is listed as discontinued (but without a current replacement) [Photowarehouse]
16th We hear (thanks) that if you go to the Canon Pro Solutions event in October, in London, there will be a stand set aside for a new camera – no details but the 1Ds4 is expected

“Pro Solutions show is on 25th and 26th October 2011 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Aimed at video, broadcast and still imaging professionals, visitors will experience Canon’s complete workflow solution from image capture to output. “

14th We’ve been sent (thanks) an interesting set of specs for the 1Ds4 and 5D3 (usual caveats apply although I really wouldn’t mind one of these)
1 or 2 Canon bodies for this year (1Ds4 first – may or may not be announced together)
Should ship relatively shortly after announcement (compared to previous ‘pro’ announcements)
Won’t be using the same sensor – 5D3 is evolutionary, but 1Ds4 is seen as big jump. Designed to complement each other

54MP (no low pass filter)
Decent 6400 ISO performance
Same AF as 1D mk IV
14 stops DR
16 bit Raw file (mode to be confirmed)
Digic V
Limited new HD video function in comparison with the 5D III
New GPS and wireless device accessories

1Ds4 comments

All current L lens can perform at the level of the 1Ds sensor resolution
No low pass filter in front of the sensor
Digital on/off software switch to reduce moire
Video functionality in the new 1Ds is less than the 5D mk II
Data rate issues mean no MPEG 4:2:2 coding
16bit Raw files were a test option, but cut down FPS

Suggested that Canon will also announced one zoom and 2 prime lens with the Ds camera
See 5D3 page for similarly detailed specs (24MP and lots more)

Some other 1Ds4 specs [CR] 32MP, 10fps and an October announcement

We received the following concerning yesterday’s info:

“I am the person responsible for the mistake on Facebook this morning when updating the status for Art Wolfe. I mistakenly added an “s” to the 1D Mark IV, it was a typo, we had no such camera back this weekend and I deeply regret the error. If you would please correct this on your site ASAP all involved would be very grateful. “

There – that sorts all that then…
13th An interesting post on the Art Wolfe FB status

“I just wanted to extend an extra thank you to @Michael Gurley from Canon for bringing the keys to the candy store this past weekend for the workshop participants. Mike brought with him just about every Canon lens from the widest fish eyes, tilt shift, macro and on through through 800mm along with numerous backs including the new 1DS Mark 4. Everyone had a great time trying out new lenses and backs and we really appreciate it.”

From a post on FM – note the subsequent thread concerning how comments etc. were edited/removed ;-)

BTW I recently reviewed one of Art’s B&W printing books

12th Still no solid release info, althought I was told again that I’d have a replacement for my 1Ds3 by the end of the year.
There could be some new point’n’click stuff released first [CR]

The ‘reliable info level’ is staying consistently low though.
BTW, I’ve just written a new photography business article about the photographer in the orange hat (a Monday morning diversion … )

8th In a comment from a known source, we’re told that info for Canon’s next big announcement is now being more widely distributed and that some more reliable leaks should start appearing in the coming few weeks.

I’m still waiting for any solid info though, but wouldn’t be surprised for stuff to appear, since I’m off on holiday later next week, with only limited internet access :-)


29th We’ve had another comment (thanks) suggesting that 5D3 development was seriously hampered by the events in Japan earlier this year, and that efforts were moved to the 1Ds3 replacement – any 5D3 is unlikely to ship before the end of 2012 at the very earliest.
A Danish Canon pro dealer removes the 1Ds mk3 from its listings [GK]
There is also a supposed photo taken with a 1Ds4 doing the rounds – unfortunately the EXIF data says 1D mk4…
25th I’m told (thanks) that mid September will see the 1Ds3 replacement announced, with ‘several’ interesting lenses. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any more out of the source (one I’ve heard from fairly regularly) other than to say that the 5D3 wasn’t happening ‘any time soon’.

I’ll add this to the 1Ds4 hints I’ve had, and suspect that if it’s so, then we’ll see one or two strategic leaks in the next week or two, particularly if Nikon announce much in early September [NR]

Meanwhile, I’ve seen another 1Ds4 for Sept 13th or 20th suggestion [PB]. I suspect that we are at the circular rumours stage where almost anything gets noticed and passed on.

An interesting note at NR, where I’m minded to agree with their comment.
“For now set your expectations low and remember: no leaks = no announcement”

24th No cameras, but Canon’s facebook page in Australia apparently includes a 1Ds4 in its ‘what camera do you use poll’ ;-)
20th At last we’ve had a date sent from someone we know, for a Canon announcement (thanks), and ours is next Friday – the 26th.

Not too long to wait to see which of the myriad dates we’ve seen suggested, pass by uneventfully ;-)

18th Two Canon pages for the 1Ds4 appear consumer/products/cameras /slr_cameras/eos_1ds_mark_iv
and products/dslrs/eos/eos-1ds-mark-iv? languageCode=EN

Unfortunately – almost any camera name works 
such as:

17th Another ‘D/Ds merger’ specs lists appears at CR

Another one that puts APS-C crop pixels at 1/1.6 the FF value – doh!

16th Canon in Indonesia offer extended warranties for the 1Ds mark 4
1Ds4 extended warranty
15th The 1Ds3 is listed as discontinued at a major UK Pro dealer. I’ve just heard (thanks) from someone trying to buy one, that the staff were most insistent – no more 1Ds3.
12th Unfortunately, there still doesn’t seem to be any reliable specs doing the rounds… Although one of our ‘older’ sources tells me (thanks) that a 1D/1Ds merger isn’t happening yet and I’ll have the replacement for my 1Ds3 by the end of the year.

I’ve not had any reliable 1D/1Ds merger info for at least three years, when it was suggested as an option that Canon might consider ‘one day’, but that the differences between the two target markets were just too great.

10th The 1Ds3 isn’t listed in the printed UK Park cameras summer catalogue – the 1Dmk4 is listed. The Canon 8-15 is listed, but the 200-400 is just marked ‘In Development.
8th In an interesting email (thanks) we’re told that very high MP (40+) unmarked 1 series models were on test earlier in the year, but image quality at much above base ISO was ‘not as good as it could be’. This was in a studio environment in the US. No more details other than several different bodies appeared over the course of a couple of months and a ‘very different’ version of DPP was supplied to handle the images. The consensus was that 40+MP wasn’t for ‘this time around’.

More plausible than many of the wish/specification lists I’ve been sent (and seen published) since the start of the month, but when it comes down to it, I have to say that I’ve still not seen any good signs of real info leaked out yet.

7th We hear (thanks) of 1Ds3 at reduced prices in Australia – stock clearance? Meanwhile in the UK I hear that they are in very short supply and at prices not far short of what they were when the camera first appeared in 2007 [CPB]
6th A recent email suggests that the 1Ds4 will be 37MP and that the 5D3 will be 28MP and announced at the same time.

A new one to me? Probably related to current Nikon talk of both the D3s and D700 being updated on the 24th

5th We’ve now had 5 different sets of specs turn up for the 1Ds4 – I suppose one could be right, but there’s nothing in them looking that convincing at the moment.
There is also a suggestion that the announcement will come in September, but nothing to back it up, other than a lack of invites to Canon events (anyone care to update me on this? ;-)
I’m putting my own current guestimate towards the higher end of the 30-40MP range, although I’ve had one suggestion (thanks) of 42MP with new hardware binning for lower res/better noise.

Binning is one of those features that we’ve regularly heard about, but has never appeared. The suggestion is that this ties in with some of those really high MP sensors that Canon was showing at last year’s expo.

3rd Some specs appears for a 1Ds4 [CR] 32MP. Evolved 45 point AF system (current 1D4) Dual DIGIC 5, CF & SD, New Battery, 3,7,9 fps, ISO Range 50-102,400
All pretty reasonable stuff, although we’ve not had a guestimate at the low end of 30-40MP for some time.
Some ‘equivalent’ figures from past models

APS-C Camera 35mm FF Camera
~6MP 10D ~16MP 1Ds mk2
~8MP 30D ~21MP 1Ds mk3
~10MP 40D ~26MP ?
~12MP 450D ~31MP ?
~15MP 50D ~39MP ?
~18MP 7D ~46MP ?
~21MP ? ~54MP ?


29th Update – subsequently called a typo by Gigapan ;-)
We’ve been sent (thanks) some dimensions listed on a Gigapan page [GP] that include the 1Ds4
One minor quibble – here are those figures from the Gigapan page

width height depth mass
EOS 1D 156 158 80 1585 g
EOS 1Ds Mark II 156 157 80 1335 g
EOS 1D Mark II N 156 158 80 1565 g
EOS 1D Mark III 156 157 80 1335 g
EOS 1D Mark IV 156 156.6 80 1180 g
EOS 1Ds Mark III 150 160 80 1385 g
EOS 1Ds Mark IV 156 157 80 1400 g

Note the ‘odd one out’ size of the 1Ds3? I looked and found that this particular error comes from DPR(or at least that’s where I first looked and found it)
At Canon (UK) the specs are 156.0 x 159.6 x 79.9mm and the weight is 1390
The 1D4 weight is also the ‘without battery weight’

Anyway, enough rumourology over my first cup of coffee – I’ve some work to do ;-)

23rd The 1Ds3 seems to have gone from the Canon Canada site, but still appears on US/UK and other sites I’ve looked at.
Look for more hints like this before long to start building interest ;-)
Note that the 1Ds3 did a similar vanishing act on the Canon Russia site last September (14th below)


28th PMA in Australia passes by with no Canon announcements and even a categorical ‘No new 1 series this year’ heard from the mouth of a Canon person.[Thanks for the info]

Will Canon let the 2007 vintage 1Ds3 remain their flagship until 2012? I’m finding this unlikely, particularly if Nikon bring out a D4 in August. I’m more inclined to believe that whatever is coming later this year has not yet been widely divulged in any detail.
Whilst we’ve had regular suggestions that a new top end camera would break the ‘1 series’ mold – these date back many years and have never amounted to anything. My own cash is still waiting for an announcement this year – maybe whilst I’m on holiday in September ;-)

18th In a spate of new rumours (mostly from new & unknown sources it must be added), it seems that 1Ds/1D unification is on the cards again. I’d note that not one of our longer time contributors has said anything other than it is considered ‘possible at some time in the future’.
I’m reminded of this from 2005 on our 3D page

“Brian Worley, product manager of D-SLR cameras at Canon Europa, said that it’s a long way before all EOS models will have a full size sensor, but Canon’s aim is to equip all models, except the cheapest, with a 35mm sensor in the future.”

From a 5D review at
1st ‘End of APS-H’ 1Ds/1D merger stuff [CR]
See the timeline below for one of the best guides to what to expect and when ;-)


28th An August launch is suggested [CR] along with three lenses, one of which we’re told will be the 200-400 that was ‘previewed’ earlier this year – don’t expect to see any until December at the very earliest though.

This ties in with info on lens releases we’ve had over the last few days, and suggestions of August/September announcements. Whatever happens, I’m still regarding the possibility of the 5D3 preceding the 1Ds3 replacement (or being announced shortly afterwards) as remote, As I noted the other day – none of this is based on very solid info – if the camera is on its way than expect a flurry of specifications to start appearing in July ;-)

2nd A suggestion received that the 1Ds3 replacement has been pushed back to August – see main rumours for more…
Meanwhile at CR there are suggestions that the 1D/1Ds merger may be ‘sooner than expected’.

We’ve had no serious ‘unification’ rumours for several years, and indeed several suggesting that the differing needs of typical 1D and 1Ds series users meant that the two model approach was likely to continue for some time yet.


17th The 1Ds4 is mentioned as 37MP and coming soon at CR.

We’ve had no figures for this in the last week or so, but I note that all our best comments of late referred to the ‘1Ds3 replacement’ or ‘new flagship’ and not 1Ds Mk4.
Does Canon have something genuinely ‘different’ coming up?
Looking at the camera timeline below, suggests that Digic 5 should appear soon. This page has been running since August 2007, when I thought that we’d see 33MP at photokina last year ;-)


12th From Australia we hear of comments (thanks) from a Canon source suggesting that the 5D3 will be at least 6 months -after- the 1Ds4.
11th I’m told (thanks) that the 1Ds3 is listed as temporarily unavailable at B&H (not the usual back ordered)
9th At the UK Focus show, I was also told (thanks) that I wouldn’t have too much longer to wait for the announcement of a potential replacement for my 1Ds3, and that it would precede any replacement for the 5D Mk2.
Whilst I know the source, they did admit they could have just been spun a line by someone who wanted to muddy the waters ;-)


14th We’ve heard (thanks) more on a potential 32MP 1Ds4 being pulled last year, and that 40+ MP is likely, with the 32MP going for the 5D3.
13th In reports from known Canon camera testers, we’ve been told (thanks) that there is no sign of an early appearance of the 1Ds4 and that the 5D3 may well get pushed into next year since it’s still selling so well (as ever, there is uncertainty whether this applies to announcements or availability)
11th In what I suspect is more wishful thinking, we’ve had a suggestion that the 1Ds4 will be seen at the UK Focus show (6-9 March)
Whilst I still think it will precede the 5D3, I didn’t think Focus had made it that big on the international show circuit yet.
8th With the 600D1100D and some lenses announced yesterday, that’s it for the CP+ show.
I’m minded to agree with Thom Hogan [TH] when he notes:

“Supposedly, Canon has one more announcement coming in the short term, and I’d guess that would have to be the 1DsIV.”

2nd We hear of a Canon press event next week – no idea what though.

2011 January

30th No signs of upcoming press events at the moment, which suggests that the comment we had about one tomorrow for 1Ds3 replacement is unlikely…
22nd We hear (thanks) of a well known photographer selling 2 of their 3 1Ds3 bodies before ‘used 1Ds III models flood markets in February/March after an announcement and lower the price’.

Not being quite so well off, I’ll be keeping mine until I have a replacement in my hands and have written up a few comparisons ;-). I still have my original 1Ds as a backup, since it’s just fine for over 90% of our paying work and don’t expect this to change over the next few years. Knowing the skills and equipment required to make good video (not to mention sound recording/editing issues), I’m not factoring video into our business plans in the forseable future.

21st A bit more ‘dealer info’ we’ve been sent (thanks)
It seems that some 32MP test bodies were indeed being tested last summer. Whilst we’d heard that they weren’t considered a big enough advance, there is also the impact of Pentax 645D pricing to be considered.

We’re also still hearing conflicting estimates for the 1Ds4 – 40MP soon and 5D3 later, or 24MP 5D3 soon and 40MP later/next year – As I mentiond earlier, I’m minded to go for the 1Ds replacement first, but still we’re not getting any solid info.

Meanwhile, more about a 2012 replacement timescale at CR

Let’s say you are a 1Ds3 user and your camera is over three years old. With a good amount of use, you may be looking to replace it. Let’s say a 5D3 appears in a few months with 28MP and a load of other improvements. No sign of a replacement for your 1Ds3 – should you get the new 5D3? You wait until the autumn – still no sign of a 1Ds4 and Nikon have brought out the D4 and it’s looking very nice. Do you hold out for some unspecified ‘pro’ camera in 2012, when your 1Ds3 will be getting on for 5 years old? (even mine would be getting tatty by then) As a long time 1 series user, I like the build and style. Do Canon think I’m going to wait around ‘just in case’ they get round to updating their ‘flagship’ – I give their understanding of their market a bit more savvy than that…
Whilst I do keep an eye on what I might be using in a year’s time, I’m minded to agree with Thom Hogan’s comments along the lines, of ‘If you can’t take good pictures with what’s available today, then a new camera ain’t going to make much difference’

20th More indications of low 1Ds3 stocks in the UK [PRD]
The latest issue of Shutterbug seems to refer to 32MP – so we’re waiting for some clarification there.
Meanwhile a vote against 32MP comes from a comment we’ve heard of (thanks) from a CPS meeting back in November where it was pointed out (by a Canon CPS rep) that -previously- the ‘s’ version of a camera has had around twice the MP of the 1D. This would have given a 32MP 1Ds4. If this was the case it -would- have appeared at Photokina.

Reality check?
At the moment we’ve still heard nothing of substance about any forthcoming announcement – I’m still wondering if ‘all’ we’ll get for CP+ is a 600D ;-) One source at [CR] has particularly strong views* that the ‘1Ds4’ is a 2012 camera – that would give the 1Ds3 a ‘lifetime’ of getting on for 5 years and push Canon’s ‘flagship’ way down the line. The same CR post also puts the 5D3 at 28MP and a spring announcement.

Personally I can wait with my 1Ds3 …video is of no real interest, and I have relatively few jobs where lots more MP would help (some product shots and some architectural/industrial work). A bit more DR and every so often a bit less noise would be nice, but it works very well thanks. However I can’t imagine Canon want to keep this as their top pro camera for another year, not with Nikon expected to make significant pro level announcements this year…

*Experience tells us that the forcefulness of views tends not to have strong correlation with ultimate accuracy ;-)
19th We’re told (thanks) that Shutterbug magazine has a new review of the Leica S2, where it’s suggested that it would have been nice to have Canon’s new 34MP camera to compare.
So, a 34MP 1Ds4 on its way?
I don’t get the magazine, so can’t confirm this.

We’re told (thanks) Shutterbug said (in review of Phase One 645D) they would like to have tried the “rumored 32-megapixel Canon 1DS Mark IV, [but] that mystery camera has not made an appearance…”
Any improvement on this :-)
18th We’ve had two comments (thanks) suggesting an announcement on the 31st of this month for the 1Ds mk4

No specifications or any really solid info though…

16th Not just at Canon it would seem., B&H and Best Buy are all listing the 1Ds3 as out of stock.
15th Seems that if you search for ‘1Ds’ on the US Canon shop page, the results show the 1Ds3 listed as ‘not available’, along with the 1Ds and 1Ds2.
14th Sooner than we thought? The 1Ds3 vanishes from the Canon US site.
Note – it’s been suggested that the 1Ds3 is not actually sold on that particular page, so maybe a bit soon yet?
We also hear (thanks) of a dealer rumour that a new FF pro body was due Q1 2011


January 13th We’re told (thanks) that the 1Ds3 replacement announcement will be in ‘late spring’ with the 5D3 in early September.
However there’s a suggestion [CR] that the 1DV will be FF and the long awaited ‘unification’ of the 1D line.

My main question with a lot of these suggested changes is that they don’t yet show a clear set of price ranges. If you make the 1D5 the same cost as the 1D4 at introduction, what are you doing to address the customers prepared to pay for more in the 1Ds line? If you push out the 1D5 at 1Ds level prices, then upcoming Nikon options start to look interesting for existing 1D4 users. I do keep thinking of the comments we had last September that said that the conventional ‘expected’ 1Ds4 had been ditched and that Canon wanted to bring out some cameras that would not be just seen as ‘more of the same, but bigger’.
At the moment though, we’re not hearing anything that I’d want to put much money on.

Rumours change in quite subtle ways when announcements get near – right now I’m expecting more on the 550/1000D replacements.

2010 December

22nd No 1Ds4 and no 1Ds3 replacement for 2011? [CR] – We’ve only had a couple of brief comments recently, repeating the idea of a big shift we were told of in November.
Unfortunately there were no actual details of just what this might be…
11th A comment [CR] puts the 1Ds3 replacement back to late 2011


12th A bit more info (thanks) on the follow up to the 1Ds3. The tight link between the 1D and ‘Ds’ versions is likely to be broken. The top camera will no longer be a 1D with an FF sensor/shutter/viewfinder, and is likely to have a different name.
Canon is aiming at competing much more with medium format.
The new 300 & 400 2.8 L IS II are using new glass types and are the first examples of much higher resolution lenses. Whether this is related to the delay in their introduction is not known. We’re also told to look at the capabiliies of that 120MP sensor at the expo to see some of the features on their way.
1Ds4 typo? (pic credit) at OP (Updated – it is a typo if you work back from the stated effective FL, it’s a 1D4 – 910 total mm, which is 500mm x 1.4x extender x 1.3x factor of a 1D4)
11th At CR there is a suggestion that there will be no 1Ds IV.

We’ve had no credible rumours to suggest that Canon would -leave- this market area, although every so often we’ve had the suggestion that the new ‘Ds’ will get some new designation to signify some major leap in technology. Given that we had similar suggestions for the 1Ds2 and 1Ds3 I’m not putting too much money on this at the moment.


29th A remote control compatible with the 1Ds4? See the compatibility list [PS]
16th We’re told (thanks) that the ‘next 1Ds’ was delayed for some bigger jumps in technology and to hold it’s ‘top camera’ spot for longer. DigicV will allow for handling of binning, better video and ‘software removal’ of the need for an AA filter at 35+MP. The camera might not ship until later next year.

This mix of features is a new one to us, and the delay starts to make an impact on many people’s camera replacement cycles. Mine is working just fine, but I know of other people looking at much high shutter counts and wondering how long to hold off on replacements.

September 2010

25th The lack of 1Ds4 has indeed thrown the rumour mill into speculation mode [CR]. Our best yet is still only a ‘maybe jan/feb , but not 2010’…
24th A Canon rep in Australia say no 1Ds4 this year [DPR]
22nd As suspected – nothing new has turned up at Photokina. I also note that the giant sensor and 4k concept camera also didn’t make it over from New York.
As mentioned on the general rumours page (17th) it looks as if Canon is going to be at the expanded CP+ show (Pacifico Yokohama convention centre between 9-12th February 2011), which is probably where we will get some announcements. In the UK there is the ‘Canon Pro Photo Solutions show‘ in London (26/27 Oct). Up until the 1D4 (20th Oct 09) there hadn’t been any Canon ‘Pro’ announcements in the Oct-Dec part of the year, but last year wasn’t a Photokina year.

Anyway, I’m off to the US later this week. I’ll be updating the site whilst travelling if there’s anything of interest – and I’ll probably put up some pics as well.

16th No sign of anything more…

Out of curiosity I had a look at our old 1Ds2 page – The 1Ds2 was announced on the 21st Sept. 2004, when Photokina ran from 28th Sept to 3rd Oct [DPR] So, am I betting much on an announcement next week? – Let me count the loose change in my pocket…

14th We’re told (thanks) that the 1Ds4 was being very widely tested in the last few months, but has been pulled (from a Photokina release) – not a clear enough lead over the opposition and what might appear.
However, there was the suggestion that there is an ‘other pro level body’ for Photokina

First we’ve heard of this, not long to wait and see?

no 1Ds mk3 listedMeanwhile, on Canon’s Russian site, the SX30 and G12 appear, but there is no mention of the 1Ds3 in the list at the side of the page.

13th The lack of any sign of a Mk4 has seemingly brought the wilder rumours back in to play. We’ve been told (thanks) that the 1Ds Mk3 is the ‘Last Ds’ and that the replacement will be ‘significantly different’, making room for a high spec 3D.
I see that at canonrumors they’ve also been getting similar [CR] and at the moment I’m similarly skeptical – we’ve had no hint of this from any ‘known’ sources.
10th At [CR] they are a bit more willing to plonk for the ‘no 1Ds4 for Photokina’ option “no 1Ds Mark IV until late 2011 or early 2012” – we’ve not had any comments pushing it into 2012.

Any delay suggests that the historic ‘put a bigger sensor in a 1D’ D->Ds progression may be broken and that the camera could indeed be a much more noticeable jump up from the current Mk3. It also frees up the 5D3 to take a different direction and may at last make a space for our old friend the 3D. The CR suggestion of a 28MP 5D3 next year -before- the next ‘Ds’ is an interesting break from the 5D -> 5D2 path.

9th We’ve a Canon UK press release that covers Photokina and mentions no more upcoming announcements. Add to that a more detailed comment (thanks) suggesting that the 1Ds4 has been (recently) delayed to position it better in the market next year.

I’m still willing to wager a small amount on something for photokina, but the amount is dropping ;-)

8th Things quiet about any Mk4 – once more we’ve had comments suggesting both a photokina and a 2011 announcement, but no details.

FYI I’ve just published an extended version of a new interview about my B/W landscape work that’s in a current magazine.

6th While waiting for the Mk4... there’s an interesting Canon 1D4 technical interview at CPN Europe – since it’s an interview with someone from Canon Japan, don’t expect many revelations…
We’ve had more comments about the 1Ds4 not being due for at least 6 months [thanks] – delays attributed to a lack of specific competition more than any technical reasons.
This puts us at about 50/50 as to photokina/’next year’ comments.
2nd No sign (yet) of any new stuff today…
1st Talk from the Canon expo [PB] that the 1Ds4 is for Photokina, mentions a 4k video camera concept [1k1CR] – oh, and an 00D as well ;-)
Photo credits – we hear (thanks) of the 1Ds4 being mentioned in some photo credits in a UK magazine* seen in the US – however given Canon’s camera naming conventions, mixing up D and Ds and the version numbers are something we’ve seen in print and the web for several years.

* Digital Photographer ‘Bookazine’ Vol 6 (BTW Vol 2 pp28-32 has an article about some of my B/W photography, which was the basis for an extended version on this site :-)

August 2010

29th Whilst we always take rumours from dealers with a pinch of salt, we’re told (big UK dealer) that the 1Ds4 could be announced as soon as next Thursday, and to have their pre-order systems ready for when it does come. Canon have their ‘Expo’ in New York on the 2nd/3rd Sept.
The same source said that the Nikon D4 is also now on their system and to expect it shortly – the ‘expected’ Nikon announcement is the D90 replacement and most have the D4 slated for 2011.
27th A comment received [thanks] that the Mk4 is already in production and ‘ready to go’.
26th No 1Ds4 today, but then again ‘One series’ cameras tend to get their own press event.
More reports received [thanks] that there are no more big announcements coming up and that the 1Ds4 was delayed so as to include Digic V for really high quality video – not at all sure about this, but I’m getting more people say that it won’t be a photokina camera.

I must admit that my 1Ds3 is still working very nicely and has not started producing inferior images yet.
Worth noting too, that the most consistent single rumour of recent weeks [EN French] was well up with the 60D and lenses. No-one mentioned the zoom fisheye, but they did mention an unusual WA zoom (and the zoom FE is certainly that). They also said that that was it for Photokina…
If I had to put a bet on it, I’m still minded to say we’ll see a Mk4 next month, but not a big bet ;-)

24th Canon announce an experimental 120MP APS-H sensor which equates to ~202MP in a 1Ds mark xx and around 80MP in a 7D mark xx
23rd An interesting suggestion [PR] that there will be no 1Ds4 this year – next year and 39MP. We’ve had several other suggestions that there won’t be a 1Ds4 this year, and several to the contrary…

Any delay raises interesting questions about when the 5D2 gets replaced and even our old friend the 3D – I’ve seen comments saying that a jump to 39MP is just too much for a 1Ds4, and I’m minded to agree…

18th Suggestions of 60D and lenses [EN French], however I notice that this says that is what there is for Photokina – specifically says no 5D2 replacement and no mention of a 1Ds4 or even the ever awaited 24-70 2.8L IS
17th It seems that VL has put out clarification about his comments

“I said that I have some very exciting announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks – that’s true! BUT – they will have absolutely, unequivocally, NOTHING to do with Canon or a Canon product.”

How about an all new wireless based flash system to go with your 1Ds Mk4? – A new Canon patent
For some more ideas of what Canon is thinking of for a ‘Studio Camera’ see the new 7DSV announced today. Not the Mk2 version of the 7D, but designed for workflow/ease of use in busy studios. In an unusual twist, this has been shipping for a while [RG].
16th Lots of coverage of the Canon press event on the 26th [PL].
I note the cute penguins and title of ‘Take stories press event’
Does this fit better with a video enabled 60D (look at the current 550D campaign) than a new ‘Pro flagship’? – but then there is the report that Canon Poland has used the ‘Flagship’ title [EI]. In the past, a new ‘1’ series had its own press event (sometimes with lenses).
canon press eventThe Canon Expo in New York is September 2nd/3rd where you might reasonably expect them to have everything new that’s coming up.
14th There is mention of a 1Ds4 for preorder at an NZ site at Xinmin – this looks like the report we had below, dated 31st May…
12th One of our older sources says that they have been told pretty assuredly that the 1Ds4 isn’t for this year – early next year?

That would make the 1Ds3 well over 3 years old by the time any were delivered and make it unlikely to be a 1D4 with ‘just’ a bigger sensor. The 50D is the only camera that we’ve heard of being widely removed from listings of late. In 2008 the 50D was announced on the 26th August and the 5D2 on the 17th September (a Photokina year) after a week’s worth of trailers. A lot of people expecting the 5D2 were surprised when just the 50D was announced in August 2008…

Meanwhile, has Vince L been testing the 1Ds4? Well he has the usual ‘big announcements coming’ hints and is that the actual camera in the video on the site? [VL]

Thanks for the suggestion, but the camera has D, not Ds on it …although they could be sneaky and put the wrong label on ;-)

9th I’m told [thanks] that the 1Ds4 will be well worth me updating my 1Ds3 – could I request some specs to go with the info? ;-)
Meanwhile, there is talk of pixel sharpness and dynamic range [CR].
8th More testing comments [SA] – no details yet
6th Suggestions for a 26th Aug press event in Germany [CR]. That is a Thursday, so I’d perhaps expect any press release a bit earlier earlier that week.
We’ve now had several ’38MP’ suggestions [thanks], although I’m not sure to the extent that these are similar circular rumours (& wishful thinking) of high MP that I’ve seen before both the 1Ds2 and 1Ds3 releases.
2nd Some “I heard that…” sources you give a bit more weight to. Stephen Alvarez (Nat Geo) thinks that there are 1Ds4 test bodies around [SA] – fits in with other comments we’ve had about cameras being tested (although to be fair, camera bodies are sent out on test on an almost continual basis, particularly to some of Canon’s ‘big label’ clients.)


30th Whilst one comment received (thanks) suggested that the 1Ds4 was still some time off, a second one suggested that the 1Ds4 is ready to go, with actual show models under test.
As to specs: ‘well over 27MP-FF’ and in terms of sensors that are on the way “38MP/APS-H, 22MP/APS-C 54MP/FF” with mention of “new 3 layer CMOS”

All good stuff, but it’s fair to say that we’ve not had any really solid info on the 1Ds4 for quite some time. Canon just doesn’t leak like it used to :-)

29th Following the business as usual upgrade path ‘just’ took the 1Ds4 to 27MP – we hear (thanks)that this was rejected in favour of a larger jump – whether at the top or bottom of the thirty something MP band wasn’t known.

Would Canon really just move the 1Ds4 to match or only just pass the numbers of Sony/Nikon? Remember too that a lot of camera bodies that get sent out for testing have only part (or none) of the features that make it to the production camera.

APS-C Camera 35mm FF Camera
~6MP 10D ~16MP 1Ds mk2
~8MP 30D ~21MP 1Ds mk3
~10MP 40D ~26MP ?
~12MP 450D ~31MP ?
~15MP 50D ~39MP ?
~18MP 7D ~46MP ?
~21MP ? ~54MP ?

It’s also interesting to see that whilst DxO have just mentioned 60D support, there are no other new cameras in the list, which suggests that the 60D is coming out soon.
15th With things very quiet, I notice that there is talk of the 1Ds4 being a post photokina or even 2011 camera [CR]

Looking back at the 1Ds3 rumour archives, I spot a similar rumour on July 19th, 2007, where the 1Ds3 is suggested as a 2008 camera (actually announced 20th Aug. 2007)


25th A new flash with the 1Ds4 (Aug/Sept) [CR]
23rd In a new comment (thanks) we’re told that the gap between the 1D4 and 1Ds4 release means that there will be a much bigger jump in performance from the Mk3 and 40+MP is likely.

Doesn’t much fit with previous 1D/1Ds history, so I’m waiting to see if we get any more info from regular sources, before I bet much on this.

22nd Probably just an eyecatching placeholder, but a 1Ds4 appears on a non functioning Australian commercial web site [Thanks for the link]
14th No sensor cleaning for the Mk4? [CR] I’d hope not, unless it makes a pretty big improvement to performance.
8th Another vote for dual Digic V and 32MP [CR]. 5fps, video and a sensor design pushing more for DR than low noise (I’ll take both please ;-).


31st Thanks for a comment via the Envision chat (lwr RH corner of this window) …I see that a New Zealand dealer (ProGear) has scooped the world, having the 1Ds MkIV available at the same price as the Mk3 (NZ$11k) 32MP. Unfortunately no picture, no specs, but ‘available to order’.
7th A different comment (thanks) says that dual Digic 5 processor chips will push the 1Ds4 to 32MP and 6.5 fps (~210MP/s), whilst the 60D will have a single Digic 5 [FYI Digic info @WP]

A pretty fair split in opinions we’ve received of late – let’s see what the ’60D’ brings…

6th A suggestion (thanks) that the 1Ds4 will come in around 32MP and 5fps rather than ~27MP at 6fps, given the processing rate of the 1D4 (~160MP/s).

This raises the question of how much difference there will be between the electronics of the 1D4 and 1Ds4, given the likely year’s gap between announcements. Just what improvements do you get from that gap?


29th A comment (thanks) suggesting that the 32.7MP 1Ds4 will be announced in August and available in October.

I note that when the 1Ds3 was announced, November delivery meant I got mine by the 29th. End of October would be fine for me since I’m likely to be in the US Sept/Oct and would hate to think of it sitting on the door step waiting for my return… :-)

26th Our latest comments received suggest a 60D launch some time ahead of a ‘just before photokina’ announcement for the 1Ds4 and a new 24-70 IS
13th The pre-photokina 1Ds4 announcement timing gets a vote at CR, where the ’60D’ gets slotted in some time earlier in the summer. Add in the long expected 24-70 IS and other regulars, and you have all the usual suspects (3yr cycle for 1Ds 3->4 and 2 yr for the 50D->’60D’) … no mention of a 3D though ;-)


27th In an attempt to win the ‘Vague rumour thread of the year’ prize there is this at DPR, meanwhile at CR, they have a coffee mug…

BTW – I’ve currently got an Epson SP3880 A2 printer, on loan from Epson for a review, so if anyone has any queries, please just mail me.

26th An Australian retailer includes a 1D4 in an ad, but the internet isn’t a place where you can get away with using a ‘1Ds Mk4’ body in the shot…[DPR]
Of course, some might just suggest that the Mk IV bit was altered to give a bit of publicity – surely not ;-)
22nd Lower prices for the 1Ds4? [CR]
20th Are Canon in the US (NYC) looking for ‘name’ photographers to feature in an upcoming camera ad campaign? [PSB]

Note I’ll look into these rumours a bit more next week when I’m back home, since I happen to be on my honeymoon at the moment :-)

17th A suggestion [CR] that the 1Ds4 is to be expected before long…

Our next ‘pencilled in’ date is in April, based on Summer availability comments we had some time ago and the ending of the 1Ds3 rebate. That said – more people are probably still expecting a pre-photokina announcement.

14th We were reminded [thanks] that there is a mail in US rebate of $700 if you buy a 1Ds3 with a Canon 9500 Mk2 printer running until April 26th.

BTW Seems I was caught by the Google camera car whilst out taking photos last year ;-)

12th Price movements… At the moment I’ve not seen any downwards movement of 1Ds3 prices – they’ve gone up slightly in the UK, but that’s probably just currency related. There’s a current run of rebates in the US [see Lens page for details] and the 5D2 has dropped a bit in HK.
10th Pentax finally announce the 645D, but Canon MF info has gone very quiet of late – the 645D equates to ~24MP in a 35mm DSLR.
8th Some talk [CR] of the 1Ds4 being available before Photokina, which would give a June/July announcement. We’ve only heard ‘photokina’ recently.
5th 1Ds4 rumours have gone quiet – we’ve not heard anything other than a ‘Photokina timed’ announcement for some time.


23rd Canon announce the 6300/6350/8300 printers.
These were announced a while ago in Japan, with an October delivery time. The new US info says shipping in March. We hope to be able to follow up on our lengthy iPF6100 review before too long.

This is certainly a major announcement and I suspect that’s it for today.
I’m out working all day, so further updates will be delayed…
…Upon my return I see that there is no camera. We’ve had a pretty even February/’Later’ split in rumours for quite some time. If nothing turns up soon our next suggestion was that it would be available by July, so an announcement a few months earlier (April?) After that, we’re looking at a Photokina timed announcement where there may be a D3xs to compete against.

22nd No more rumours of note over the weekend…
However, MR at Luminous Landscape seems to think that we’ve had all the PMA related stuff and we won’t have anything of note until Photokina… well, not long to wait ;-)
19th In an interesting observation (thanks) it was pointed out that V3.8 of DPP has an image rotation tool that has a maximum input size of 6666×4444 pixels, which comes out at ~29MP
It’ll be interesting to see just how far Canon thinks the MP count can be raised and still retain S/N ratios, ISO sensitivity and dynamic range.
Some roughly equivalent pixel numbers.

APS-C Camera 35mm FF Camera
~6MP 10D ~16MP 1Ds mk2
~8MP 30D ~21MP 1Ds mk3
~10MP 40D ~26MP ?
~12MP 450D ~31MP ?
~15MP 50D ~39MP ?
~18MP 7D ~46MP ?
~21MP ? ~54MP ?

The money, at [CR], seems to be going on a 32MP 1Ds4 and some lenses next week.

This is one reason we’ve brought forward the ‘redesign’ of much of the site – having one live and one test site to update when new stuff comes out is a pain – I’ve been sorting out many of the hundreds of pages of articles over the last few weeks. More an ‘evolution’… I’m hoping it gives the site a more consistent feel. Pages like this one will get a bigger tidy up when the actual camera comes out

18th We’ve now had several suggestions that there is an announcement next week (23rd).
DigitalRev say (via Twt) that they have an invite for an event then.
I’d suspect a 1Ds4 more than a 60D

13th We hear (thanks) of a likely 1Ds4 being tested at a US ice hockey game.

Not being a sports shooter myself I don’t tend to be working with other photographers around me, but I’m told that if you know the lens being used, you can spot it’s FF from the FOV on the screen at the back. Add to that a lack of model numbers and looking like a 1D4, and it looks like a test to me. Of course cameras are sent out for test all the time… perhaps just checking the AF after reading the latest from RG? ;-)

1Ds4 seen in Vancouver? [CR]
10th After the 550D announcement. There are suggestions [CR] that the 1Ds4 will be along soon.
In the latest 1D4 firmware there were two unknown camera ID codes [CR] – one looking like a potential XXXD and another similar to the 1D4.
This might suggest that the 1Ds4 is next up, but not when.
The Feb 9th announcements were telegraphed some time in advance, and as yet, we’ve heard of no specific press events.

2010 January 

29th All quiet on the rumour announcement front.
Not even any teaser campaigns yet.
27th I notice that Thom Hogan has updated his 2010 predictions (well worth a read) and sticks with the 1Ds4 as a photokina model (making a 3 yr cycle) and 34MP.
Of interest to full frame afficionados are his suggestions for:

D900 – poss 24MP version of D700 (March)
D3xs – sensor updates from D900 (Aug)
D700s – sensor updates and D3s features (Nov)

26th Several dealers still saying they are not expecting the 1Ds4 ‘for some time’ and that Canon still have good stocks of the 1Ds Mk3.
No more news yet relating to Canon’s expected event in a couple of weeks.
21st It seems that the sender of the recent ’21MP’ info mistyped their email.
It’s a more reasonable 32MP according to their latest missive.

Whilst we do appreciate these comments, a bit more checking of spelling etc might make it easier for us to actually make out what some of them are saying, particularly if no meaningful return address is included – that and we get some stuff so far out that we just ‘file it’ ;-)

18th A recent 60D comment also suggested that the 1Ds4 was due next month at 21MP.

Hmmm …Unless it’s 21MP of very special pixels (full colour) I can’t see Canon’s flagship SLR trailing Nikon and Sony in the MP counts…

16th We hear of a pro dealer expecting the 1Ds4 being available June/July.
Assuming it’ll be no longer arriving after the announcement than the 1D4. That puts an announcement in the March/April timeframe.
13th In a report of comments by another tester of the 1Ds4 we hear of ‘notable’ improvements on the existing camera.

That’s a couple of reports from beta testers, both impressed by the image quality. Of course I’ll wait till I get to compare one with the 1Ds3 ;-)

12th More votes for February [CR]
I note the mention of ‘7D’ features such as the level.

One minor issues here… as I observed in my first ‘quick look‘ at the 7D that Canon lent me, there is a +-1 degree margin of error in this feature. Rather more than I’d expect in the 1 series (see my issues with VF tilt when I first got the 1Ds3) I’d hope it was usable with LV, or implemented in a way that doesn’t clutter up the VF.

11th We’re still hearing comments (thanks) that definitely say no 1Ds3 replacement available until the end of the year.
9th In a brief addition to the info we had yesterday, we’re told that for same size prints the ‘test 1Ds4’ produces high ISO results on a par with the 1D4.

The ‘noise’ issue is something that is obviously going to be discussed a lot once the camera appears. I’ll wait until I can compare pictures taken with my 1Ds3 to ones with the new camera before deciding if it matters for aspects of my ‘paying work’.
The 32MP sensor is still only equivalent to 12.5MP on a 1.6 crop sensor (1.6×1.6=2.56) and is perhaps a few MP less than I thought we might get. My own hope is that at last we may see some smart pixel binning options in the form of sRAW formats that actually offer a benefit more than just reducing files size (which is no real use whatsoever for my work, even @32MP – big files just don’t bother me ;-)

8th We hear (thanks) of testing of a 1Ds MkIV that was said to be virtually ‘production ready’
The key features from what we were told:

Looks like a 1D4 with a bigger bump on top
New sRAW modes
Feels very similar to use to the 1D4
AF looks to be the same as the 1D4
Similar features to 1D4 in most areas – inc. ISO
Low light performance noticeably improved on 1Ds3
The users are very happy at the image quality for a range of studio/location work.

So, a February/March announcement?
We’re also told of another tester who, in the autumn let slip their desire to buy “…the new 32MP sensor camera in the spring” then quickly changed the subject :-)
Will anything be announced by the end of the month? It seems that CPS in the UK are having a roadshow event (UK/Irl) with the first event on January the 26th.
6th Mixed news today…

#1 We hear (thanks) that the 1Ds4 is slated for a February announcement.
#2 We’re told (thanks) ‘Not yet’ for the 1Ds4. Upcoming announcements will refresh the bottom end of the DSLR range – the 1Ds4 will get its own event ‘with lenses’.

The suggestion (#2) was that we may not get an announcement until later in the year and that the 1D4 launch was pushed forwards partly by the winter olympics and world cup.
Sounds reasonable, but several of our sources have commented how even in the last year Canon have got much tighter with pre-launch information control and they now only get vague internal rumours.
Interestingly enough we’ve now had two direct comments – one says ‘not yet’ and the other February.
How about two announcements in February? One for a 550D/2000D/60D and another for the 1Ds4
Meanwhile, Canon UK have added a ‘New’ Sticker to the 1Ds3 on their page ;-)

2010 January

2009 November 28th In the sooner/later saga, we hear of dealers finding the 1Ds3 in short supply.

One suggestion for this was that Canon have diverted some 1Ds3 manufacturing resources to meet a hefty demand for the 1D4.

24th In some fairly specific comments, we hear of a major

(non UK) dealer who has been told that the 1Ds4 is currently over 12 months off – fitting in with a pre photokina announcement.

Thom Hogan makes his annual predictions – always a well thought out piece. This about the 1Ds4:
“At Photokina we’ll get the 1DsIV, with yet another pixel count boost and all the new bits from the 1DIV, as well. I’m guessing 34mp.”

18th Although expected next year, I see that CR were pointed to January for an announcement. Personally I share their hope for a later (photokina) announcement.

I’m getting married in March, so my finances prefer availability of the 1Ds4 later in the year ;-)

More iPhone photography ramblings in the blog…

12th We’re told that new Canon Australia prices coming up will show noticeable reductions in 5D2 and 1Ds3 prices

October 31st A well known DPR poster says Feb/March 2010 :-)

27th In an interesting comment (thanks) from one of our previous sources, we hear that some people at Canon are saying thet the 1Ds3 still has over a year’s life, and that Canon will not be releasing a pro camera in 2010.

Of course, a camera might be announced this time next year, but not turn up until January.

I suspect the 1Ds3 is not facing the marketing pressures (AF related) that’s pushed the 1D4 up the announcement order, but good camera as it is, mine will be 3 years old next November.

No 1Ds4 next year? …time for the fabled 3D ;-)

26th After a slight pause, 1Ds4 speculation resumes.

All the usual guestimates in forums [POTN] although I did spot the perfectly reasonable point that a ~16MP 1D4 at 10 fps has about the same data moving requirements as a 32MP 1Ds4 at 5fps (1D4 sensor density comes out at ~27MP in FF).

If you look at the difference between the 1D3 and 1Ds3, the equvalent 5fps comes out at ~34MP – enough numerology, back to rumours…

Our most interesting comment still says that Canon will do more than just FF the 1D4 and a later release will allow them to do far more to address image quality (DR, bit depth).

At CR they back next year for the 1Ds mark4 with a fair degree of certainty… :-)

20th As expected, the 1D4 appears.

The 1D4 with it’s new AF and metering was pushed to some extent by the ‘AF issues’ that are commonly associated with the 1D3.

It’s been announced some 30 months after the 1D3

The 1D4 and 7D are both dual Digic4, whilst some 60D comments we’ve had suggested that the Digic5 would appear in the 60D early next year.

So will the 1Ds4 be announced early next year with dual Digic4 or later (maybe as late as Aug/Sept for photokina) with Digic5? I note the comments made to dealers earlier in the Summer that the 1Ds4 was at least a year off. The 1Ds2 and 1Ds3 were both introduced after 3 years.

October 18th We’re not expecting a new 1Ds until next year, but I do keep seeing suggestions that it’ll be announced this week. – should know soon :-)

2009 September 30th 

We hear, via a European dealer source, that the 1D4 is due to be announced mid October.

Followed by a 36MP 1Ds4 in February.

I note that 36MP is roughly equivalent to a 14MP APS-C sensor, or a pixel density just below that of the 50D (38MP FF equiv)

19th Whilst we’re not expecting anything this year, we were sent a 1Ds Mark IV picture that apppeared on a Chinese site (thanks).

Nothing unusual about the camera in the picture – looks like a MkIII badge changed to MkIV to me, but I’m told this site had advance specs for the 7D some time before launch.

I’m assuming that someone will spot the original somewhere?

2009 September 10th We hear about a summer Canon pro dealer event where the question of a 1Ds4 was raised.

The assorted company execs were categorically told that the 1Ds4 was at least a year off.

We’re still putting our money on the 1Ds4 being announced before photokina 2010 – unless the 1D4 appears this year ;-)

August 24th More price drops appearing (1D3 and 1Ds3 at Adorama/ B&H) and 1Ds3 at Newegg.

21st 1Ds3 prices in Australia fall in an offer we’ve seen running until the 15th of September.

1Ds3 A$9700 (inc GST)

1Ds2+50/1.2 A$11440 (inc GST)

13th Canon in Denmark announce a Summer price reduction for both the 1D3 and 1Ds3 – seen at around 20% at one pro dealer.

5th In Hong Kong, Canon even go so far as to put out a press release to announce 1D4 and 1Ds4 price cuts.

[prices in HK Dollars]

EOS-1Ds Mark III Body
New Price: $49,800
Original Price: $56,200

EOS-1D Mark III Body
New Price: $27,900
Original Price: $31,800

Once again this raises questions of 1D/1Ds ‘unification’. This was mentioned here in 2006,

According to Chuck Westfall at the time: “I never said that the EOS-1D and 1Ds model lines would be merged. As best as I can tell, this line of thinking is based on the alleged comments of another Canon executive (Mr. Takaya Iwasaki) who was interviewed a couple of years ago by a European digital camera Web site.

On a personal note, could I ask that anyone interested in professional photographers’ organisations have a look at the thread in the Ecademy forum at:
I mentioned this in a blog article yesterday evening and was threatened with legal action by a Mr Phil Jones of the SWPP within half an hour. The organisation involved, claimed it is untrue, however were unwilling to offer any response. My amended blog article, reminding people to always read the fine print, has comments from the person the SWPP unsucessfully tried to sue, along with details of the court judgement against the SWPP (which will become a matter of public record before long).
I always wondered when the first post I made here would get noises involving lawyers, I’d always assumed it would be connected with a rumour, rather than reporting something on another forum…

Possibly time to jump to a Mark ‘V’ or even something like the 1DsV, 1DVs or some such new name.

August 4th From Denmark we hear of 1Ds3 price cuts.

2009 July 30th A suggestion in CR that the 1DS4 will be announced at the same time as the 1D4.

Whilst it could be seen as Canon looking to take a lead in two areas of camera use, I’m still thinking that the 1Ds4 will be next year.

April 28th Suggestions from Spain about ‘new high end camera(s)’ being tested – See 1D4 page

7th Update – thanks to readers around the world who were able to find the source for this info [DCJ] and point out that it appeared on April the first ;-)

So, Fake, but still a departure from the usual wish-list specs.


Just how different will the 1Ds4 be?

We were sent what looks to be a machine translation of Japanese text.

The key points mentioned

New 1Ds4
Full HD video and backlit 29.6MP Digic V
Back lit CMOS sensor effectively doubles the sensitivity of sensor.
6666×4444 pixel sensor becomes the highest resolution 35mm sensor
Back lighting of the sensor improves peripheral performance with ultrawide lenses
Combining hybrid phase difference and contrast detect AF using the main image sensor
High speed phase difference AF and high accuracy contrast detect for high speed AF performance
Hybrid viewfinder. Normal SLR with mirror down or OLED EVF display during liveview mode
5.5FPS in normal mode
7.5MP Liveview mode @30fps
1080/30P and 720/60P
Same physical design
990k Yen (~ £6k6/$10k)
April 31st

Whilst we’re familiar with using back lit imagers in astronomical imaging, this would be a first in DSLRs.

Since we don’t have an original source for this one, we’ll leave it as ‘interesting’ – though the end of the month is much sooner than we thought we’d see a 1Ds4…

1st We’re told [thanks] of sightings of a new 1Ds being tested in the US.

No pics or details we’re afraid…

February 28th From our main rumours page

The high price of the D3x has lessened pressure to renew the 1Ds3

Plans for a August 2009 release are now in doubt as 1Ds3 sales remain strong too

Canon have a range of sensor choices here, up to 39MP.

The delay also allows the new AF system to be considered.

This is a key factor in 1D4 timing and hence important to the 1Ds4 too.

Canon have two release windows in mind, January / February 2010 and August / September 2010 (3 years).

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.0 fps, 21 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp Full frame 3.0 fps, 10 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp Full frame 4.0 fps, 32 images 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp Full frame 5.0 fps, 56 images 3.0″ (Live view)

13th An odd comment from Dell. We’ve heard [thanks] from someone recently looking to lease a 1ds Mark III from Dell. Dell replied that the camera was at the end of its product life and they would not lease it, although they had 2 bodies in stock. They would, however, lease the 1d Mark III.

Not many people would have put money on a 1Ds3 upgrade before the 1D3… anyone else had this response?

2008 January 17th We were sent some comments about the next ‘Ds’ having a CFast slot which is SATA up to 375MB/s [info – PDF]. I did some looking about, and with very few suppliers around, it might not make it a camera released this year.

That said, a 10 fps new ‘D’ model (more likely this year) is going to need some fast storage if it’s to move beyond say 16MP.

5th Via a Chinese site [PF] comes suggestions for a 1Ds3 replacement. via [SG] and then [PB] and then [CR]

– before a 1D3 replacement??

I first thought it looks to be a mash-up of circulating rumours, then I looked back here to October 6th – it’s the same rumour …doh!

2008 December 12th 1D3 and/or 1Ds3 updates by April at the earliest? A Canon service inspired rumour [POTN]

“Canon were set to announce a whole new revamp to their top of the line model – and possibly [an]other in the 1 range” … 3D anyone? :-)

November 30th A supposed 1Ds MkIV screen shot from Japan – not very good photoshop work :-)

28th We asked around a bit about the recent 1D series info and have updates on the 1D4 page and general rumours/7D page.

27th We hear of a different source, also suggesting that a new 1Ds is not that far away (within 6 months)

26th We’ve had a comment that the 1Ds3 and 1D3 lines will finally get merged next year with a new 1D style body at 26MP full frame, with a fast fps cropped mode (15MP) and complex pixel binning based modes. The AF is redesigned too.

Whilst it sounds nice, I’ve heard far more comments that the two lines are addressing different enough markets to stay apart for a while yet.

12th In Thom Hogan’s pronouncements for 2009 (worth reading) there is a suggestion that the economic climate may well push back camera releases. However, a 24MP Nikon D4 (or whatever) would mean that rather too many cameras outperform the 1Ds3 in different areas. Whilst this won’t matter to a lot of 1Ds3 users, I wonder how long Canon will be prepared to cede -some- aspects of ‘top gun’ status? The original 5D (2005) came out after the 1Ds2 (2004)

October 6th Via PF [Chinese] we get some posited specs for a 1Ds4

CMOS Size: 36x24mm, 21MP.
ISO25-12800 (Ext ISO10, 25600, 51200 )
69 focusing points (TTL-AREA-SIR II AF)
Flash Sync Mode of 1/4000 ESR
External HD and USB2.0
4:3 and 16:9 display
HDMI, LiveView
6.8 fps
2 DIGIC4 processors
24fps or 30fps HD Movie
2 upgrade lens come out with 1Ds Mark IV, 100-400L F4.0-5.6 IS and 50/F1.4 USM

With the 5D2 at 21MP, I’d not expect Canon’s flagship to remain at 21MP (50D pixel density gives~38MP)

September 20th Reports from several sources mention Canon working on 16 bit image technology and mention the dynamic ISO variation process. This should be thought of as matching the sensitivity of the sensor to the light falling on it, to give a greater effective dynamic range. Think of bright parts having an effective ISO of 100, while dark parts of the sensor have their sensitivity raised. You still expose to avoid clipping, but in the darker areas, the gain is raised – it will be interesting to see what the results are, but Canon want this technology in their ‘flagship’ camera.

Image processing could get more complex with the dynamic ISO, but as long as images don’t have that obvious ‘HDR’ look I won’t mind. Personally I have a similar general dislike for those obvious HDR photos you see as I do with obvious use of graduated filters – if it’s obvious, then it’s usually too much IMHO ;-)

A dual Digic 4 approach can handle a FF camera at 50D pixel density (38MP) at 1Ds speeds, while Canon are again trialling a camera with 1.6, 1.3 and FF dynamic cropping as well as movie mode, for a sports Camera.

There are two current AF design tasks going on. There is the ‘all new Pro’ version with many more AF points and new tracking algorithms, and the ‘next generation’ approach, based on the 45 point system, but with more cross and 2.8 type sensors, and a lot more processing power. The ‘All New’ version will not be seen until it has been -very- solidly tested. This will not delay the replacement of the 1D3 and 1Ds3. Expect considerable re-badging of whatever AF is found in the next 1D to make a break from the ‘problems’ of the 1D3.

There is also a good possibility of “a new high end DSLR being added to the range soon to fill market demand” …No, surely not the 3D at last! ;-)

Before the big shake-up last year, Canon kept its Pro and Consumer DSLR teams largely working on their own, however they are now much more integrated. Their CMOS technology is being very actively moved into the compact range.

Meanwhile Sony are quietly mentioning their own 50MP FF sensor in various ‘off the record’ technical briefings to their friends in the press ;-)

Some dates to consider

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.0 fps, 21 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp Full frame 3.0 fps, 10 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp Full frame 4.0 fps, 32 images 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp Full frame 5.0 fps, 56 images 3.0″ (Live view)

19th 5D2 and the 1Ds3? A comment from someone talking to Chuck Westfall [DPR] ‘at higher ISO’s the 5D II will outperform the 1Ds III by “two and a half stops.”‘

We’re now definitely expecting both the 1D3 and 1Ds3 to be replaced by this time next year. Whilst we’re waiting for more detailed info from some of our more reliable past sources, we know that Canon want to replace the 1Ds3 with something that makes a ‘clear statement of leadership’.

17th The 21MP 5D2 arrives.

At a store showing a 5D2 to people, a Canon rep was asked if it will kill 1Ds3 sales – “I don’t care” was the reply.

Meanwhile a Norwegian store has the 1Ds3 price reduced until 21/9

Whilst the 1D3 is a serious bet for an upgrade in the Spring, how about the 1Ds3 as well? How long does the ‘flagship’ not have the best sensor or LCD?

4th Mk4 for next Feb? [POTN]

Some specs to go with that:

32 MP FF sensor
Dual Digic IV processors
ISO from 50 – 12800 + H1(25600) + H2(51200)
5.5 FPS
60 JPG Continuous Shooting
19 Raw Continuous Shooting
Slightly larger AF area compared to the Mk III
920,000 pixel LCD screen
Autofocus is upgraded
Completely new power system – fuel cell based

Whilst I’d expect the 1D3 to be replaced next year, I’d thought (or should I say ‘hoped’ ) the 1Ds3 might last a bit longer ;-)

3rd More Canon technical info…. 60D features, 70D prospects, feature migration from the ‘pro’ range and the wholesale redesign of what a ‘professional’ camera is. (warning – mentions EVF – I know this scares some people ;-)

Info on the 60D page (now updated with lots more info just received)

24th August With the 50D widely expected, its 15.1MP sensor scales to 38MP for the 1Ds4

There are also strong hints that the 3 year camera cycle is no more. Look for 1Ds3 price cuts next year to signify at least a new version of the 1D3 (which may yet be FF)

Also before that, expect a new FF ‘Pro’ camera (3D??) next year (see 5D2 page for more background info)

23rd June A 50MP CMOS sensor from Canon gets a mention in a Chinese report from the P&E show currently on in China.

Google translations don’t say much ;-) – but I believe it’s from a senior Canon Exec.

This follows on from our information of last September which discussed aspects of potential 40-50MP sensors and their eventual introduction in the 1 series (Photokina 2010? :-)

12th March Is there an announcement of something this Autumn?

Lots of rumours on the 5D2 page, which includes this, about something else new…

“The new Canon flagship, this Fall, will have a “1.5:1 price/performance advantage to the Nikon flagship.” (Read carefully: this statement refers to the coming Canon flagship, not the 5D II being discussed here).”

More likely, the 1D3 replacement?

6th December 2007

Since I’m still getting used to some of the capabilities of the 1Ds3, it’s a bit early to say what I’d like to see in the next version! ;-)

However, better noise performance at even higher ISO, might be one area I’d prefer over many more MP. A bit more DR along with the 16 bit A/D would make for even more stunning output (it’s good in the 1Ds3)

Anyway, I’m not expecting much of note on this page until the replacement for the 1D3 comes out (maybe later in 2008, given the 1D3 problems)

17th September From our collections of Canon info received over the last few days

The 1Ds Mk.IV

2010 target with no firm plans – for features

Current target is to include:

Next generation low voltage CMOS supporting 1 to 2 stops lower noise a high ISOs
16 bit A/D on each pixel
Dynamic cropping so that the camera can do 1.3 and 1.6 and other crops off the sensor.
A much higher FPS – allowing the camera to be used for sports as well (though not up to the very fast 1D Mk4)

It will be a year or more before even early test samples are available, longer than that for the advanced CMOS sensors.

DIGIC IV would allow this to be ‘The One Camera’ having similar FPS in crop mode to the 1D mk4 if required.

Such a choice would be driven by the market and not added unless there was demand.

Canon remains open to merging the 1D and 1Ds lines at some stage, however previous pro feedback when developing the mark III series was against this.

23rd August 2007

Nikon move to FF too (Nikon D3 info) Very interesting specs and well worth a look for 1Ds3 users – look to see some of these features in the 1Ds3N or Mark four ;-)

22nd Well, it had to happen — a 1DsMk4 thread on DPR :-)
“The 1Ds Mkiii has the same pixel density as the 20D. Is this a good reason to believe that after three years the 1Ds MkIV will have a full frame sensor ( 6422 x 4282) with the pixel density of the 40D, which translates to aprox 27.5 Mp?”


I’m expecting the Mark 4 to have at least 33MP, 16 bit processing and a max iso of 12800. Announcement in time for Photokina 2010

In the mean time here’s some miscellaneous facts…

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.0 fps, 21 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp Full frame 3.0 fps, 10 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp Full frame 4.0 fps, 32 images 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp Full frame 5.0 fps, 56 images 3.0″ (Live view)

1Ds2/1DS3 features comparison

  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II 
Sensor 21.1 million effective pixels
6.4 µm pixel pitch
16.7 million effective pixels
7.2 µm pixel pitch
Image processor  Dual DIGIC III DIGIC II
A/D converter  14-bit 12-bit
Image sizes  5616 x 3744
4992 x 3328
4080 x 2720
2784 x 1856
4992 x 3328
3600 x 2400
3072 x 2048
2496 x 1664
RAW files  CR2 format, 14-bit
RAW full resolution
sRAW (5.2 MP)
CR2 format, 12-bit
RAW full resolution
Dust reduction  High speed vibration of filter None
Auto focus  45-point TTL CMOS sensor
19 cross-type for F2.8 or faster lens
45-point TTL CMOS sensor
7 cross-type for F4 or faster lens
AF adjustment  Yes No
Metering 63-zone linked to AF points 21-zone linked to AF points
Shutter 300,000 exposure durability 200,000 exposure durability
Noise reduction  Optional High ISO No option
White balance  Up to five personal WB presets Up to three personal WB presets
Image parameters  Picture Styles (six default, three user)
Sharpness: 0 to 7
Contrast: -4 to +4
Saturation: -4 to +4
Colour tone: -4 to +4
B&W filter: N, Ye, Or, R, G
B&W tone: N, S, B, P, G
Colour matrix (five default, two user)
Sharpness: 0 to 5
Contrast: -2 to +2
Saturation: -2 to +2
Colour tone: -2 to +2
Viewfinder  100% frame coverage
Magnification: 0.76x
Eyepoint: 20 mm
100% frame coverage
Magnification: 0.70x
Eyepoint: 20 mm
ISO in viewfinder  Yes No
LCD monitor  3.0″ TFT LCD
230,000 pixels
7 brightness levels
2.0″ TFT LCD
230,000 pixels
5 brightness levels
LCD Live View  Yes No
Playback modes  Exposure line at top in single image view No exposure in single image view
Silent shooting  Yes (quieter release) No
Continuous shooting  5.0 / 3.0 fps
Up to 56 JPEG Large/Fine images
5.0 fps
Up to 32 JPEG Large/Fine images
Auto rotate  On (recorded and LCD display)
On (recorded only)
My Menu  Up to six menu options can be customised No
Menu languages  18 15
Custom functions  57 20
Hot-shoe water resistance  Yes (with 580 EX II) No
Storage Compact Flash slot (UDMA support)
SD card slot (SDHC support)
USB drives via WFT-E2/E2A
Compact Flash slot
SD card slot
Data connectivity  USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB 1.1
Firewire IEEE 1394
Battery power  Lithium-Ion LP-E4 rechargeable battery Ni-MH NP-E3 rechargeable battery
Dimensions 150 x 160 x 80 mm (6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1 in) 156 x 158 x 80 mm (6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1 in)
Weight No battery: 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)
With battery: 1.4 kg (3.1 lb)
No battery: 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)
With battery: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

And yes – I’m still (aug 2007) using the one below – great camera!

The original EOS 1Ds

Canon 1Ds DSLR

Featuring a full frame 35mm CMOS sensor, with 11.1 million effective pixels. Targeting the professional user that seeks the highest image quality, the EOS-1Ds captures astounding detail & colour.

Full Frame

Having a full frame sensor the same size & aspect ratio as 35mm film allows the use of wide-angle lenses without any focal length magnification, a traditional limitation of previous digital cameras.

High Resolution

The EOS-1Ds has made a huge leap in resolution by means of the continuous development of the CMOS sensor. Canon’s ground breaking CMOS technologies deliver high resolution, low noise and low power consumption. With its extremely high resolution, the EOS-1Ds has been designed to meet the needs of those professional photographers who require the ultimate in digital image quality. The camera will be ideal for professionals active in a wide range of specialities including studio, commercial, reportage, or fashion photography.

Professional and quick response

The EOD-1Ds can capture images at approximately 3 frames per second for a 10-frame burst, even at the highest quality setting. It features the same shooting functions and operation system as the EOS 1D. The EOS 1Ds has fast shutter speeds with a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec and X-sync at 1/250 sec. Users have the choice of an ISO speed range of 100-1250 and ISO 50 provided with custom functions. Photographers also benefit from the high speed, high precision 45 -point area auto focus and 21-zone metering.

Colour Quality

The EOS-1Ds sees the introduction of Canon’s new imaging engine. This has been specially designed to achieve high image quality, excellent colour reproduction and a wide tonal range equal to, or better than, the 35mm slide film often favoured by professionals. In addition, the CMOS sensor’s extremely high signal to noise ratio means that noise is minimized, even at the equivalent of ISO 1250.


The EOS-1Ds incorporates outstanding professional features tried and tested by the EOS-1D including the same dust and water resistance. The Chassis and external covers are made of magnesium allow for light weight and excellent rigidity. The shutter has been tested to an incredible 150,000 exposures.

Advanced Features

In response to customer requests, an image enlargement function has been introduced. 25 sections of a selected image can be enlarged on the camera’s LCD screen, thus allowing users to check for detail & sharpness.

As CMOS sensors consume less power than CCDs, battery life has been improved, so that the NP-E3 battery pack can now capture up to 600 exposures on one charge (at 20° C). With the high-speed FireWire standard IEEE1394 you will get 40 MB per second high speed transfer to give rapid plug & play downloads to a computer. CF cards can be formatted in either the FAT16 or FAT32 file system. Formatting in FAT32 is intended for high-capacity CF cards over 2GB and is selected automatically by the camera when formatting this type of card.

Other leading innovations include the unique ability to dial in colour temperatures to meet specific lighting conditions. 10 White Balance (WB) modes and WB bracketing provide maximum flexibility and superb colour accuracy. ISO speed bracketing allows photographers to fix aperture and shutter speeds, yet shoot at 3 different equivalent film speeds. Such advances offer the professional advanced creative opportunities. Entirely new software is available for the EOS-1Ds from the EOS Digital Solutions Disk and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The camera also features a CF card type I/II slot enabling the use of CF cards and IBM Microdrives.

An optional accessory, the Data Verification Kit DVK-E1 consists of a dedicated IC card and card reader, together with special software for Windows 2000/XP. This allows one to check that the EOS-1Ds’ image files have remained absolutely unaltered after being circulated. This may well be a landmark for digital imaging in law enforcement, copyright and many other areas. Availability of this is to be confirmed.

The EOS-1Ds is compatible with over 60 of Canon’s EF lenses. Canon has also extended its professional photographic system by introducing the Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX for extremely versatile macro flash photography.

Additional Information

Specification Features

MegaPixel (Effective Resolution) 11.1
CCD Size (WxH mm)
Max Image Resolution
Lens Fitting
Canon EF
Focal Length Conversion Factor 1.0
CompactFlash Type II
Compatible with MicroDrive Yes
Max No of Images on an optional 64MB Card 5, 15, 37, 45
Continuous Shooting Speed (fps) 3fps
Max Consecutive Shots
Up to 10
Battery Type
Ni-Mh NP-E3
Exposure Modes
Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority
Manual Metering Modes
Partial Metering
Centre Weighted
Spot ISO Speed Range
Exposure Compensation
LCD Monitor
Built in Flash
Auto Exposure Bracketing
Flash Modes
Connection Type
FireWire (IEEE 1394)
White Balance Modes
White Balance Bracketing
Preset Depth of Field Preview
Focusing Modes
One-shot AF
AI Servo AF
Manual Audio Recording
Flash Sync Socket
Operating System
Windows 98
Windows 98 SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Mac OS 8.6-9
Tripod Thread
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm
156×157.6×79.9 mm
Weight (Kg)
1265 g (batt 335g)