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Canon 1D Xs (or 1Ds X)

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Canon 1D Xs (or 1Ds X)

Canon 1D Xs rumours

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Is the 18MP 1D X really part of Canon’s desire to challenge Medium Format?Will we see something with more MP, maybe using a variant of the 5Ds sensor?

I’m keeping this page going for reports and rumours relating to a higher MP camera, aimed at the old 1Ds market.

The Nikon D800 and 800e re-kindled the ‘studio camera’ rumours, and the 5Ds shows Canon are thinking of that market.

See also our long running EOS-3D page, which has additional information

Another reminder – This is a RUMOURS page which reports stuff we are sent or find on the web.


Latest News

2017 September

18th In a ‘new Canon DSLR for 2018’ rumour [CR], one of the suggestions is for a true successor to the Canon 1Ds Mk3… hence the mention here.

Or it could be a video camera or nothing…

Time for a quick appearance of the timeline

  Crop  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2018 2019 2020 2021
            1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Best Full       1Ds 1Ds II 1Ds III 1D X 1DX II 1DX III
1.3     1D 1D II 1D IIn 1D III 1D IV                    
vid.                             1D C          
High Full                               5Ds/5Dsr
            5D 5D II 5D III 5D IV
1.6                   7D 7D Mk II        
'Better'  Full                                               6D 6D 2
1.6 D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D 90D
Mid 1.6         300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
760D T6s 77D
        750D T6i 800D T7i 850D T8i
Micro 1.6                                 100D SL1 X7 200D SL2 250D
Entry 1.6                   1000D / XS / F 1100D / T3 / X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6 2000D T7
EOS R Full                               R5
                              EOS R
                              EOS RP
EF-M 1.6                               M5
                              M50 M50 II
                            M M2 M3 M6 M6 II
                              M10 M100 M200

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates. Video capable 4k 8k

Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual | Digic 8 dual | Digic X dual


2015 September

11th More info about the working Canon 120MP camera that’s being shown at the Canon Expo [PB] The demo camera has a sensor in a 5Ds body

The sample camera is only taking shots at 100ISO. It’s an APS-H sensor, so a full frame version would come in at ~200MP

Shall we see a 200MP 5Ds mk2 in 2018? or if they get it working sooner, a rather expensive 1DXs announced in 2016 (shipping well into 2017)

2015 March

27th For all of us who never really believed Canon’s marketing spiel about combining 1D and 1Ds lines, there’s another suggestion that a high MP sensor might find its way into a 1 series body [CR]

Whatever… I’m still buying a 5Ds when it comes out ;-)
Any 1DXs(R) woud need to show some appreciable advances over the 5Ds for me to fork out for a second 50MP body. I really like 1 series ergonomics, but maybe not any price it’s likely to be pitched at.

11th A Canon interview [DPR] (from CP+) mentions a higher MP 1 series body

Q. Is there room for an EOS-1D level product in Canon’s lineup, with a higher resolution?

A. This is something that is currently under consideration.

No time soon I suspect, although the answer could just as easily cover a 27MP 1Dx mk2


13th The 5Ds/5Dsr at 50.6MP may well damp down high MP rumours for a bit, and the 1D X mk2 is pushed back to 2016 by some.
It’s been suggested that if the 5Ds/sr does really well we may yet see an ‘s’ version of the 1D X, but not for quite a while yet.

2014 October

8th Latest multilayer sensor rumours for next year from Canon [CR] revive suggestions that we will once again get a high end high megapixel camera.
It seems that Canon have also been telling some people that such a camera will be along “sooner rather than later”.


24th Several mentions of a possible 1Ds X ‘higher MP’ after a Canon interview at Photokina [DPR] – see the

Higher resolution?: “Yes. We know that many of our customers need more resolution and this is under consideration. In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.”

Higher – higher than what? See the 3D page for collected high MP info.

2013 December

19th We’re told [thanks] that a high MP ‘pro’ camera will make an appearance at Photokina. It won’t be a 3D and will be positioned as a major advance in the capabilities of the 1 series. It will not be ‘dual pixel’.
It’s specifically -not- an update for the 1D x, that comes later and will feature a ‘dual pixel’ sensor.

It’s suggested that several of next year’s new lenses will be ‘L’ rated and announced at the same time emphasising resolution and image quality.

Sounds reasonable, and we’re told that more details will be ‘leaking out’ before CP+ This does fit in with other info we’ve recently been sent. However, it still falls in my ‘long way out’ category, so keep that pile of salt handy.
I note that at NR they report:
“A new D4-like body is rumored to be already in production in Sendai. The Df production was apparently halted for two months, so they can “push” this new product before the Olympics”
So, maybe asomething in the same timeframe from Canon?


20th We’re told (thanks) that a ‘high end’ 1 series will be announced next year, at around the same time as a Nikon D4X, with ‘lenses to match’. There is aparently, a desire not to repeat the launch of the 1DX, which predated the D4, but with no sign of a camera until well after the D4 (and D800) actually shipped.

One of our previous US studio sources has said that they were asked about testing a new body in March, no earlier, since all the test units would be at Sochi for the Winter olympics.

Whilst this fits in with previous information, it’s still not a direct report from someone handling a camera.
If nothing is spotted at Sochi, then I’d not expect any ‘details’ until March, although I suppose we could see another ‘spoiler’ launch earlier if it fitted the needs of marketing ;-)
Given the number of ‘studio camera’ hints and rumours I’ve seen over the last few years, these latest comments still have a modest pile of salt next to them ;-)

13th Suggestion of a ‘new 1 series body’ in a ‘7D Mk2 next year’ rumour [CR] no other info at all though.


31st We’re told (thanks) that Canon wants to introduce a new top end 1 series (stills) camera body, with an announcement in Q2 next year. It will come in at similar relative price points to the 1Ds2/3, and will see a modest reduction in the 1Dx price beforehand. It will not ship until well into 2014 though.
Detailed specs were not part of the info being fed to selected dealers, but the info was in the context of enhancing the relevance of top ‘Pro’ dealers to professional users, including current medium format users.

Well, it’s far enough out that I wouldn’t expect detailed specs – probably the most accurate part was where it was suggested that I start seriously saving my pennies ;-)


30th Canon ‘Pro’ event in Germany, starting the 12th of October in Berlin
Something new? See the picture on the main rumours page.
24th Another suggestion of the next 1 series at 44.7MP [CR] – under testing?

Probably way too many MP for a 1D X mk2, so are we going to see a return to the old D/Ds split in the one series? I’ve heard from several former 1Ds3 users that they feel that the ‘studio’ side of Canon’s cameras seems to have put to the back of new camera design of late.
However, there is still the possibility of a move into MF by Canon – see Canon MF page for latest


30th Canon press event scheduled for Weds. 21st August in the US [PB] – new EOS-M is top of the list though.
25th The ‘high res camera’ is said to be around 80MP and one of several out for testing [CR] – look for a bigger than 3.2 inch LCD on the back ;-)

All our earlier snippets of info this year suggested that nothing would ship until 2014, although we could yet see a ‘preview’ announcement. Not sure if Canon would really want to dent 1D X sales with a hint at such a big jump in capabilities.
Recent rumours do seem pretty much all over the place – time will tell if there are nuggets of truth in this lot. We often hear of test cameras out there, but rarely with real details…

And now, a camera for next month: “Canon will launch a DSLR with a 44.7MP sensor (8192 x 5462) that provides 4K cinema capability without bayer artifacts, and can do UHDTV with a slight crop.” [PB].

Personally I’m hoping not – just give us a great stills camera, not all this video stuff :-)

24th After yesterday’s info, I asked for clarification if this meant 25MP – ‘actual pixels’ [my emphasis] and I’m told that it does and that the design still faces design competition from higher (40+MP) Bayer sensors.

I’m assuming that until someone measures performance and cuts open a 70D sensor and looks with an electron microscope, we won’t know if there are any significant changes to Canon sensor fabrication processes that might give clues?
I note that a 37MP split pixel sensor might also make the magic 75MP marketing point…

23rd In an interesting twist on the ’75MP’ 1 series, we’re told (thanks) that the 75MP is a ‘total usable photosite’ count and refers to a non Bayer multilayer sensor that is similar to that which appeared in a Canon patent back in May. This has blue/green/red layers.

canon 3 layer pixel design

75MP is just too big a number for any marketing department to ignore, so expect some subtleties in wording if this one is for real ;-)

21st An interesting rumour [PB]. that there is a 75+MP one series body out for testing. No real details other than a high frame rate and very high res back LCD. Possible announcement later this year, but no camera until next.
Note comments on this page from February, and also on the EOS 3D page where I’ve put miscellaneous high MP stuff for many years…

I note that 75MP is equivalent to a ~30MP APS-C sensor. The new 20MP sensor for the 70D, with its split pixels has ~40MP on the chip. 75MP is such a big jump that it seems unllikely – nice idea though… 
Oh, and to the choruses of ‘outresolving lenses’ and ‘I don’t need it’ …I just say ‘then don’t buy one’ I probably would (and told Canon that last month, when asked ;-) :-)
Several years ago we were told that Canon was working on sensor level pixel binning technology to make eventual large pixel numbers more manageable and to offer ‘smart’ alternatives to all those megabytes in your RAW files. Given the quality of prints I’ve been able to get from my 11MP 1Ds in the past, there is indeed more to good pictures than pixel numbers, but as an architectural photographer, sometimes they do matter ;-)


12th Similar rumours to those in March, resurface, with mention of a ‘preview’ announcement later this year [CR]
Some discussion as to whether it would be in a 1 or 5 series style body – 1 series for me any day ;-)
It should appear before any update to the 1D X


24th We’re told [thanks] that a ‘preview announcement’ for a high MP camera is likely for September/October, along similar lines to announcements associated with some of the recent EOS video cameras [hopefully not for a timescale like the 200-400 lens] and that it is currently most likely at around 47MP, although 39MP and ’50+’ versions are in test. The camera is dependent on technologies that will appear later this year in the 7D Mk2.

Given the distant time frame I’m still only giving this a ‘that would be nice’ level of confidence, even though it’s from someone I’ve known for a while. Plans change, but I was told that the D4x was seen as a very definite competitor.


6th In a flurry of information (from people I’ve actually heard from before), we’re told that there will be a high MP 1 Series style body [thanks], but it won’t be shipping until well into 2014. This ties in with another comment that this year is one for ‘the small DSLRs’.

Time for the D800 inspired clamour to quieten down again? Well, at least until any 36MP D4x…


1st A general collection of what to expect from Canon rumours appeared on the Xitec forum in China. – see the Impress magazine page on the main Canon rumours page
Canon 7D Mark II may come with newly developed CMOS sensor, 10fps continuous shooting speed and ISO expendable upto 25600.
Canon 70D will have same sensor / ISO range as 7D Mark II, but its continuous shooting speed limited to 3fps.
Canon EOS M2 will arrive on 2013
Canon 1DSx is also expected to arrive at 2013.

2012 December

30th Currently I’m putting ‘high megapixel’ rumour info on the EOS-3D page


25th Some thoughts about what probably needs to change, in a look at Canon’s relatively dated semiconductor processes for full frame sensors (main Canon rumours page)
21st Whilst we’ve heard nothing more about any impending announcement (other than there would be no actual product launch), we’ve had several observations of camera testing, pointing to (at least) 2 different full frame sensors currently in circulation.
From the US, a 39MP sensor in a 1 series body, has apparently been used for several test video productions.
In the Far East, two other comments both pointed to ‘well over 50’ MP, once again in a 1 series body.
All stressed that these were not production model test cameras.

Whether we do get the previously hinted at ‘technology development’ camera soon is far from clear. We’re probably too far away from any product launch (and lengthy wait for shipping) for anything we’re seeing at the moment to be much more than engineering tests.
There’s part of me still inclined to believe there are a lot of ‘wish list’ rumours about – unless you know differently ;-)

11th Suggestions [CR] that any high MP camera mentions will be no more than a ‘technology development’ style of announcement for the time being.
7th New Canon high MP camera rumours seem to be popping up all over the place.
But what to call the camera?

The Canon bigpix

6th The latest suggested name for a high MP canon camera is the EOS-1S [CR]

I note the low reliability rating and the $9000 price tag. At £5.5k, that’s pretty steep, but if it gave the sort of MF nudging performance we’ve been hearing of, then I’d not dismiss it so quickly for our business (unlike the 1D X)


28th In an update to the high MP info, we’re told [thanks] that a camera will eventually appear in a 1D X derived body, in the same way as the 1D C. The information said that the actual designation was not known, but it would essentially be a ‘1 series’. There was also a warning that there would be a long wait between any ‘preview’ and any cameras [sic.] being annouced and subsequently shipping.

Once again, this fits with info sent here and to CR, but no actual details , so still a big pinch of salt rating…

26th More high MP rumours at CR – perhaps ties in with some of what we’ve seen recently (1D Xs or 3D – take your pick)
23rd Comments received about a high MP camera – no mention of body though, so put the info on the 3D page.
12th We’re told [thanks] that Canon’s high MP camera will -not- be a new body style, as in the various 3Drumours we’ve seen, but will see the latest version of the 1 series body.
It’s suggested that there will be a preview of this camera at a post Photokina event, with the emphasis on resolution, dynamic range and a true challenge to digital MF.
The camera is aimed at showing ‘clear technical leadership’.

Whilst I’ve heard lots of ‘3D’ and ‘6D’ related rumours of late, this one does at least come from someone I’ve met, although they did suspect that it came originally from someone at Canon ‘stirring the rumour pond’. We were told in 2011, when the 1D X was announced , that nothing in the high MP category would appear until at least 2013. Anyway, not long to wait and see if this one has any legs…


22nd A 47MP 3D X is suggested
19th A high MP (40+) test camera in a 1D X body is reportedly seen at the olympics [CR]

July 2012

25th Camera store rumours for a slower version of the 1D X [Potn]
Next year for a 32MP 1Ds 4…

I think Canon did mean it for real when they killed off the Ds line at 1D X announcement. 

The cameras we’re hearing of are an ‘introductory level’ full frame option – lets call it an EOS6D and a high MP ‘studio’ FF camera, which given its inspiration (the D800 amd 800E) I’ll put into our longest running (2004) EOS3Dcategory.

I’m still happy with my 1Ds3 and recently decided to listen to the advice I’ve given others for years and skip this upgrade cycle, when I cancelled my 1D X order

April 2012

26th Whilst I’m not a great believer in the ultimate effectiveness of on-line petitions, I’m happy to support this one that points out that not everyone thinks the 1D X is the answer to their professional needs…

February 2012

20th Even with the D800 coming in at 36MP, we’ve not heard a thing about any 1 series camera at this sort of resolution.
The 5D3 (or 5D X if you wish) seems a popular expectation for the next few weeks, and there is a 650D due some time, along with the Canon ‘concept video DSLR, and even a 7Dmk2.
A Canon exec in Japan recently admitted [link] what was widely suspected in that the 1D X was essentially a full frame 1D mk5 and firmly aimed at the sports/PJ market – whilst of the D800, there was a ‘we could do that’ comment.

November – 2011

19th In a comment I’m told came from a Nikon rep, it was said that ‘Canon was handing Nikon the top end of the market on a plate’ with the move to the 1D X

Just how much this was bravado from someone with no D4 to point to, I do wonder ;-)

Meanwhile [CR] there is mention of 5 FF bodies out for testing

5D2 replacement being my top guess, followed by 3D and 1D Xs – yes I currently rate the appearance of a 1D Xs as less likely than the mythical 3D… 

14th I’m told (thanks) that the ‘challenge’ to digital MF is not over. There are still test bodies out there with ‘far more MP’ oriented to studio use, but that these are not actual models, and not to expect to see anything ‘for real’ in the ‘pro’ line until at least 2013.
It seems that the 5D2 did indeed hit 1Ds3 sales enough to make a 1Ds4 (as planned) just not good enough to go with. It was confirmed that the Olympics and Canon’s big customers were the driving force for many 1D X design choices. Lack of direct competition from Nikon and what was known about the (delayed) D4 were also a push to make the 1D X a bigger jump than ‘just the next 1D’.
There was no info about how a follow-on to the 5D mk2 fits in with all this.

This ties in with other info I’ve had, suggesting that if I want to replace my 1Ds3, then I’ve the choice of a 1D X or quite a long wait.


28th Another comment (thanks) telling me to expect a ‘better’ camera announcement for Q1/Q2 next year.

I’m minded to think that announcing a ‘studio’ version of the 1D X some time -after- the 1D X starts shipping and people wanting to replace their 1Ds3s have bought one, would not be a well received move.

23rd Speculation about a higher MP camera seems to be concentrating on the 5D3 or even the mythical 3D
19th We’re told (thanks) that a much higher resolution camera was being tested earlier this year, but events in Japan, the upcoming Olympics and Nikon D4 mean that any studio version of the 1D X is ‘some time away’.

I note in the timeline below that the 1Ds was announced over a year after the 1D. At the moment I’m not giving too much credence to Xs rumours, but I am getting a lot of queries as to whether the new 1D X is -really- aimed at studio and architectural users?

latest canon camera18th Today, the 1D X was announced – finally the 1D and 1Ds lines were amalgamated. Curiously enough, we’ve already been sent some details of Canon’s future plans for this camera.

“… 1DX represents Canon’s biggest break from the previous 1 Series for many years, with a lot of new design features.

There will be a studio version late next year or early 2013 with 40+ megapixels.

Canon still aims to challenge digital medium format backs. The 1D X is Canon’s response to the Nikon D4″

Well, I suppose it does fit with what Canon have said in the past, but I’ll await more on this before I’ll give it too much credence.
Similar suggestions [BKI] – suggesting that the studio version might be for the Nov 3rd event, although the Hollywood location hints at video for myself.