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Canon 1D Mk4 rumours 2008-9

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Canon 1D Mk4 (EOS-1D MkIV) Rumour Archive – to 19th Oct 09

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Archive of rumours and information about the eventual replacement for the EOS 1D Mk3.

Sept 2008 to Oct 2009

The 1D mark 4 now has its own page.


The 1D4 Rumours

2009 October 

19th Waiting… :-)

One of our sources has said it’s definitely ‘IV’ not ‘V’ – this via one of the people invited to Canon’s world wide events to announce the camera.

Another vote for 1Dv [PB] also suggesting 1.3 crop but not much else of substance.

We hear (thanks) of a press conference tomorrow morning in Denmark and there’s an ad at the top of this pagethat suggests a dealer will have a pre-production camera to look at by 13:30

Whilst waiting for new cameras, I’ve just finished a review of the rather useful DSLRRemoteProcamera remote control software for several Canon EOS cameras. The new version now runs on Apple Macs too.

18th Are we to get a jump to the EOS 1DV?

17th Whatever may be announced in the coming week, many of our usual sources are saying they’ve not had any detailed info.

Have Canon finally manged to plug the leaks ;-)

14th Seems we had a few DNS problems overnight, but hopefully the site is visible again :-)

No one has recently said that the 1D4 won’t be announced until February – indeed, we’ve now had several comments pointing to it matching the 102k ISO for the updated D3s

There’s a copy of a Canon Australia 20th Oct invite at CR

As widely anticipated, Nikon updates the D3 to the D3s – specs

Key changes include

ISO to 102400
Raw buffer to 48 images
Sensor cleaning
720/24 video
New 1.2x crop mode

On a personal note – if any regular visitors make use of Linked-in, please feel free to drop by my profile and connect – there are several useful pro-photographer groups on the Linked-in network

13th Another comment received about invitations going out for ‘a new 1D’ to be shown on Tuesday the 20th

12th We’re told that some Canon dealers are invited to a ‘Pro Event’ on the 20th – A new ‘pro product’.

1D4, big stack of ‘L’ lenses, or new high end printers – we’ve no info any way yet

8th Although some people are expecting news from Canon in the next 2 weeks, both the specific 1D4 comments we’ve had in the last week go for a Jan/Feb announcement.

Update – Just as we wonder about writing off an October release, one of our previous sources has suggested the 1D3 replacement will be announced a week after the Nikon D3s.

D3s on the 14th (next Wednesday) and the 1D3 replacement the week after that (20th/21st). Both to see at PPE?

DSLR Magazine [Spanish] suggests a possible 20th October announcement, with new lenses and maybe even a different name for the 1D4 (how much this is based on that perennial ‘don’t use the number 4’ rumour isn’t said ;-)

Similar comment at CR where a date of Jan 12th is suggested

Just goes to show that no-one has coughed up any reliable info yet – we’ve not had the flood of cryptic comments that presaged the 7D in the weeks running up to its release ;-)

6th UK prices seem to be falling still – down to less than £2400.

Stock clearance, or just market moves ahead of a possible D3s from Nikon?

I also hear of a Canon tester who was not impressed, and thinking of going Nikon -BUT- do remember that what people are given to test are often not fully specced cameras.

Nikon did turn down activity in its ‘switch’ campaign last year, as the slump hit, but they are still active in trying to persuade people to try their wares.

Those faster cameras are going to need faster cards – so I see a recent Sandisk announcement (with a Nikon quote in it)

5th FWIW – a dealer comment that they were not expecting anything new in the near future…

In general, I’ve found that the people at dealers who have genuine info, tend to value their business relationship with Canon well enough not to pass on stuff of real interest ;-)

I note another suggestion for a February release at CR

1st Although we do keep getting comments suggesting something in October, I’m still minded (only just)to put my money on a new year announcement for the 1D4.

Things such as the the mail-in 1D3/1Ds3 + printer rebate at B&H running until the end of January 2010, suggest a later announcement to me.

2009 September 30th That ‘Big’ Canon announcement …Yes, it’s imageRUNNER – indeed bigger than sliced bread.

Yesterday we had a couple of comments about the 1D3 replacement – one said by the end of October, and the other said February. Canon are involved in some events in October, but as yet I’ve not seen any real hints for what’s to be announced.

Today, via a European dealer source – 1D4 to be announced mid October and a 36MP 1Ds4 in February.

BTW 36MP is roughly equivalent to a 14MP APS-C sensor, or pixel density just below that of the 50D (38MP FF equiv)

It’s worth noting that Canon have dropped out of the PMA show next Spring – not a good sign for the show’s move from Las Vegas to Anaheim. They will still attend the International CES show organized by the Consumer Electronics Association. The show takes place in Vegas, on January 7-10th.

So how about a 1 series announcement early in January?

29th As expected – no camera announcements today – just big stuff in document management.

28th Still a split between the Oct 09 and Feb 10 camps for 1D4 arrival. The possible D3s from Nikon might be of interest here…

My rough understanding of French says that this blog is a collection of existing rumours and maybe a bit more of a hint towards October. Can’t say much more, since it seems to be written in a somewhat eliptical style (I may be half French, but I’ve never been able to speak it particularly fluently :-)

24th Interesting 7D technical article via CPN – a preview of some of the expected 1D4 features?

I also notice a brief preview of the 7D at the Luminous Landscape site, where (surprisingly ;-) the lack of dedicated MLU button is noted.

23rd There is an interesting comment at CR with the following 1D4 info

1D Mark IV… what to look for based on part lists from suppliers and engineers:
-Completely new AF module akin to that on the 7D but with several times as many AF points. The tracking performance on this will be the best in the industry for many years. Video focus assist will be improved in speed five fold.
-Video: 1080p 24,30,25 720p 50, 60, SD with improved picture and audio control limits. Improved video processing. If it has Digic V it will be a true binning downscale and a big jump in quality.
-No swivel screen, improved contrast and color gamut.
-12 fps at full 14bit. – this is not confirmed just rumored by staff outside of the project!
…this camera will not be released this year as speculated.

This ties in with some of the longer reports of info we’ve had in the past. Since those reports are somewhat strewn through the archives (we’ve been running the rumours pages since well before the arrival of easy to use ‘blog’ software led to rumour site proliferation ;-) I’ve collected a few links here:

Feb 09 
Sept 08 (pre crash so expect timescales to be stretched)
Aug 08

Oh, and there’s this Canon Press release about something big, but not camera related.

20th This time a relatively firm comment [thanks] from a named source, saying that a 16MP 1.3 crop (~27MP FF equiv) 12 fps 1D4 will be launched by the end of October.

Of note, was the new screen design based on the 7D, although I was unable to find out if it had an interchangeable element to it. I suspect interchangeable screens are probably of more interest to 1Ds series owners than 1D series.

18th Still on holiday, so a bit slow on the updates…

Another mail (thanks) saying that the 1D4 was definitely not appearing this year, and I notice that CR has similar comments

2009 September 11th Two bits of ‘maybe not a camera’ info

The speakers at the Canon ‘event’ in Sweden are from Canon Business – not imaging [DPR]

The EOS ‘winter/fall’ catalogue [TDP] is out – 1Ds3 and 1D3 in it – this has in the past signified an end to camera announcements.
…However, that doesn’t preclude an announcement of new stuff that may not turn up until January.

What is in the mystery Canon box? Toaster, new large format talking printer, something to do with TVs?

Another ‘not this year’ comment at CR

Although some are saying that Canon will not bring out a Mk4 (4 being ‘unlucky’ in some far eastern cultures), its worth noting Canon’s usual use of Roman numerals, so it would be a mark IV rather than jumping to a 1D Mk5.

9th More 1D4 comments…

Jeff Brehm, a photo editor/photographer said this on the sports shooter message board:
“I won’t say who told me, but a well-placed person at one of the site sponsors told me last week that the new Canon Mark IV is coming out next month.” via CR

Or on the 29th of September, according to a poster on a Swedish forum who’s received an invite to a press conference. [more]

“During the fall, Canon will have one of its biggest and most important releases in the history of the company…”

Who knows what could qualify as that (in the minds of marking types)

Our most wayout, but not unfeasible suggestion goes back some time and suggests that Canon have a major new sensor technology to bring out, and that 1D3 and 1Ds3 will be updated at the same time.

Not one I’m putting much money on at the moment, but then again I thought 18MP would be too much for the 7D… :-)

7th It’s been a busy day for 1D4 comments. Our latest information says, it’s definitely 1.3 crop and comes in at 12fps.

In an interesting twist it was also suggested that there will be no 1Ds4, but that the new super whizzo FF camera will be the fabled 3D – now that’s a new one on us, but I wasn’t expecting to replace my 1Ds3 with a 3D :-)

How about the 1D4 becoming the 3D and the 1Ds4 being the ‘flagship’ Digital EOS camera? – one way of losing residual ‘AF related’ bad press for the 1D3?

Meanwhile a comment via a Canon rep at a big photo event in Europe….

The 1D4 will appear at “a major international trade show in October

So, look for press events on the 13th or 20th of October – the number of ‘October’ tips we’ve received has increased recently…

That might well be the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC (Oct 22-24) which modestly describes itself as “The Most Important Event in Photography” [in NYC that week]

This from July: There is a big Canon event in the UK is set for the end of October, no doubt examples of new kit will be on show…

“The Canon Pro Photo Solutions, which will take place on 27-28 October, is the most comprehensive exhibition of Canon Consumer Imaging products ever staged in the UK, Canon claims.

The free event is aimed at professional photographers and will highlight Canon’s offering from image capture to printing. It will be divided into four zones – input featuring digital SLR, digital video and pro lenses; software; output, featuring Canon print solutions; and business support solutions.

Visitors will be able to gain hands-on experience of Canon’s products using an on-site studio, as well and learn from renowned photographers such as Jeff Ascough, Lorenzo Agius, Annabel Williams and founder of the Frontline Club, Vaughan Smith.”

I’m also told of a photo event in France 15th-18th Oct: Salon de la Photo

5th Whilst bemoaning the delay in the 1D4 a Canon CPS visitor was told to give up any hope for FF – 1.3 crop was what it would be.

4th We’re still hearing of persistent ‘1D4 by October’ comments. Although more sources seem certain of a 1D4 announcement for early next year, with a side bet on more lens announcements this year (announcements – not necessarily shipping).

2009 September 1st The 7D is announced and (IMHO) gives a lot of clues as to how the 1D4 will differ from the 1D3

Canon article about new 7D AF system

Canon article about 7D Video features

It’s also worth noting the new metering and viewfinder arrangements (see 7D page)

Lots of features to liven up the 1D4 (and 1Ds4)

Another comment that the 1D4 -will- appear this year [DPR]

August 27th Another report, this time dealer related, says that the 1D4 will appear in early October.

One thing to note is that Canon in Japan have in the last year or so got a lot more secretive when dealing with their worldwide subsidiaries, details of new cameras typically only appear about 2 weeks before announcements (one reason for the delay in white papers appearing – they need to be translated). Even senior execs from subsidiaries only get outline presentations, seen as a balance between keeping them happy and not saying much (think lots of market analysis and talk of ‘features’)

26th In a general update we hear that the 1D4 is on a 36 month cycle and won’t appear until February – but in the mean time there’s a new pro crop model (info on the 7D page)

1D4 Feb 2010 (3yr). Dual Processor – still likely 1.3 crop. New ‘Pro’ AF module. Extra AF points but much easier to use. Also aims to provide vastly better AF from LV.

Via sources involved with testing a while ago, we also hear that the 1D mkIV launch has been pushed back possibly to early next year (making it a 3 year cycle). We’re still hearing some people saying they expect the camera in September.

The optimists are saying 60D/7D/1D4 in September, whilst some of our longer lasting sources (i.e. ones we have regular email conversations with) are say that it’s ‘just’ a 60D for next month.

Suffice to say – no one seems to have any solid info… ;-)

There is a press event for September the first, so it may be that the 1D4 is just not for this one?

24th At last some vaguely possible specs [CR]

16mp FF
61AF Points (Somewhere around 20 selectable)
100% ViewFinder
3″ VGA LCD (OLED is a possibility, it exists in test cameras)
SD/CF Slot
1080p Movie (24p, 25p, 30p)
New Lighter Battery
Ergonomic Changes (2nd Joy Stick Type Controller)

To push things along we also hear of more 1D3 and 1Ds3 price drops in the US

23rd New 1D MkIV this week? In the last issue of “Reponse photo” a French magazine (issue #210), they suggest that Canon would announce the successor of the 1D markIII on the 25th of August.

17th We’ve had more comments pointing to a second of September announcement date for ‘Pro’ gear, including one that the date would also see a ‘Pro Crop’ camera (presumably x1.6) See also general rumours/7D page

The giant 1D MkIV thread on POTN rumbles on with sightings of a new Canon ‘Pro’ camera at a sports event.

2009 August 13th Canon in Denmark announce a Summer price reduction for both the 1D3 and 1Ds3 – seen at around 20% at one pro dealer (Goecker).

11th More pointers to a September announcement and 1.3 crop [CR]

10th In a recent comment (thanks) we told that the new 1D4 produces files around 45MB (~15MP) and retains the x1.3 crop sensor. Announcement either late this month or early September

More signs of both 1D3 price drops and shortages of supply.

Whilst many expect a September announcement, we’ve now heard (thanks) from two sources suggesting it had been pushed back to October – this of course might reflect delayed availability rather than announcement.

One other thing to note, is that Canon hasn’t announced a pro camera that late in the year before.

Model Announced Effective pixels
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp

Some might look at this table and think that the 1D’4′ won’t be here until the Spring :-)

7th In a new version of what’s in store for us, we get the 60D on the 19th of August, with the 1D3 replacement (new name not 1D Mk IV) for the 17th of September? [POTNLenses too.

2009 August 5th Expect the new 1D4 on the 18th August? [POTN]

An official price drop for the 1D3 and 1Ds3 in Hong Kong – see 1Ds4 page for more info.

July 30th UK 1D3 prices are dropping, could be the UK Pound doing better or a bit of clearing of stocks…

We’re also told (thanks) that a major supplier in Switzerland has the 1D3 reduced, to clear remaining stock.

28th It seems that some suppliers are starting up 1D4 waiting lists. Note that they are emphasising that they have no info about actual cameras (as you’d expect :-)

24th We hear (thanks) that the 1D3 is in short supply in the Netherlands, with few in stock and several suppliers unable to give lead times for orders.

Given the usual delay between any announcement and cameras actually turning up, this probably represents Canon lowering inventory levels more than production, but who knows :-)

20th From the opposite camp comes a new comment we’ve received, saying that the 1D4 will be 12fps/16MP and 1.3 crop, with better video than the 5D2. The comment adds that there will be a 15MP 60d -or- an 8.5fps 3D – good to see the 3D still appearing in comments ;-)

In a twist to this, we’re told that there may not be a 1D Mk4 at all and that the numbering will jump directly to Mk5, and that this is connected with the ‘unlucky’ nature of the number 4 in Chinese and Japanese culture. The example widely given is the jump from Canon G3 to G5. This has been debated on forums for years and it’s worth noting that the 1 series uses Roman numerals, so I have a 1Ds MKIII not ‘3’

Northlight goes on holiday – sorry for the site vanishing over the weekend. Seems there were server problems…

17th We’re told (thanks) via one of our regular sources that the next 1D will definitely be ‘full frame’ but that other specs are similar to those ‘doing the rounds’. One reason for the FF is that it is a point of concern amongst several ‘major customers’.

8th In Japan, Canon have launched a campaign to extol the virtues of the 1Dmk3 /player/index.html?1d_interview01


Suffice to say, the AF is just excellent! ;-)

2009 June 23rd We’re told [thanks] of a large UK dealer that has one 1D3 in stock and said that ‘it was their last one’.

An odd comment if a replacement was not going to be announced until Aug/September. Anyone else noted a shortage of the 1D3?

BTW – In the ‘specs’ posted on the 17th I mistyped the max ISO as 26500, not 25600 (fixed now). It’s interesting to see this typo make its way round various rumour sites and forums, both with attribution and without :-)

22nd Time for 1D3 owners to have a word with their Canon rep? From a long 1D4 thread on [POTN] and attributed to a CPS rep.

“…hinted that a 1D upgrade might be in the works for the end of the year–first part of next year-with a redesigned mirror box assembly.Hardware production may have been scaled back but R&D is still going forward.
The other thing he stressed was that Mk III owners that still had problems needed to get in contact with their local CPS rep–and they would be satisfied…”

This would still fit with a late summer announcement – delivery of a few cameras before Christmas.

In additional comments from our ‘Tester’ we’ve a bit more on that test camera:

Looks and feels like a 1DMk3 except for some moved buttons and reshaped top.
Battery life is extremely good
Only the supplied version of DPP can process the RAW images, but the dynamic range is impressive, with lots of shadow detail that can be pulled out.

It seems that there are quite a few of these out and about. It was supplied ‘blacked out’ where the IV and 1D should be, but with ‘Canon’ still visible.

18th Fixed typo in yesterdays comments about sRAW

17th 1D4 testing? Comments from a Canon camera tester.

Canon, it seems, are particularly keen for reports of problems in sports use ;-)

Note this refers to a particular test camera, and as Canon regularly tell people doing testing ‘not all features may make it to production’.

1.3 crop
Images ~16MP
ISO 50-25600
8MP sRAW1 format providing images that seem to best 1D3 files in detail
Very clean images at ISO 3200. 6400/12800 take further processing very well
Slightly faster FPS than 1D3 in real life shooting
AF greatly improved and very good in low light (actual comment was ‘Nikon fast’ ;-)
Liveview AF – not up to fast sports use, but very usable otherwise
Video as with 5D2
Screen as per 5D2
Ergonomic improvements with grips – some buttons moved
Feels faster and more responsive in nearly all aspects of real use.

Testing is carried out on different parts of cameras in different bodies, so if a 1D4 arrives in August, expect the specs to be pretty close. If it doesn’t turn up until January, then quite a bit could be different (such as an FF sensor, which we’ve also heard of being tested)

14th We’re told (thanks) of a conversation with a Canon rep in the US. Their comment was that if you want better noise/ISO/MP/AF and FF then the new 1D will only disappoint on the FF front.

“The real engineering issue here is the speed of the mirror on FF bodies. The 1.3 size allows for faster mirror operation.”

Nothing on video though…

13th Aug 25th for 60D and 1D4? [CR]

10th More comments that the 1D4 may still be a crop (~15MP) sensor [CR]

Some new cameras also seen in the wild? [POTN]

3rd In an update from one of our longer lived sources, they were told that the ‘new 1D’ could be purchased by the end of the year and that it would include ‘HD Video’.

2009 June 2nd Suggestions of an Autumn (Fall) launch for both 1D4 and 1Ds4

In Spanish at DSLRMag. The suggestion is that we may not see a full frame 1D4.

2009 May 20th Faster FPS with sRAW for the 1D4? [CR]

We’ve had comments for some time pointing to Canon developments in pixel binning technologies, and before long are expecting that much as you currently make a trade-off between noise and ISO, there will be more such options available.

13th A new ‘1’ series is spotted being tested in Canada [DPR]. Follow the tread and see what you can work out…

May 10th 16MP, 10fps, and built in WiFi are amongst the latest suggestions

That and video performance to leave the 5D2 in its wake (later threads at POTN)

2009 April 28th We hear from Spain (thanks) about a well known camera tester (Valentin Sama) who says Canon are soon going to lend agencies/press photographers beta versions of its new “high end” cameras. [DSLR]

“Se confirma que Canon proporcionará en breve, a fotógrafos de agencias de prensa, unidades de nuevo/s modelo/s profesionales cara a su testeo “beta”. Los anuncios podrían ser para mediados de agosto.”

Possible mid August release?

26th A couple of comments today (thanks) that suggested that much improved video (over 5D2 functionality) would be reserved for a 1D series update, and that it would be ‘soon’.

Of course ‘soon’ is a rather flexible term when coming from a Canon rep at a trade show. I suspect this year rather than next.

21st A possible pointer to a September launch? At CR they note a Reuters NDA with Canon June-Aug. Hopefully not just for a new range of office copiers…

1d mk4 from FM18th At last, someone has got round to ‘finding’ a 1D MkIV image.

See the full picture on FM

Usual photoshop warnings apply ;-)

14th From a Chinese forum [Thanks] there is a suggestion that the 1D4 will come in June/July.

This from a press contact enquiring of Canon about buying new kit [Xi].

Only brief specs:

Better high ISO
Lower noise

2009 April 3rd How about:

“18.2 mp, 12fps, 3.2″ OCD rear screen, full frame, 65 zone metering with contrast distinction, 48 focus pts (48,21,11). The mirror is being redesigned and will not move. Viewfinder larger and brighter. Wireless file transfer capability via wifi. And more.”

A suggestion at POTN

Some aspects are similar to what we’ve heard in the past, but as yet, we’re not putting more than a side bet on these specs.

March 31st A hint? Read those tea-leaves and look at the front of the latest spring EOS system catalogue [DPR]

10th Another comment from PMA [SS] suggesting that there won’t be a Mk4 until next year.

Several suggestions in an FM thread, that it will be 16MP but it won’t be FF.

Add to that a Canon announcement of an event on the 25th and we can expect the rumour pot to bubble a bit more…

9th Although we’ve had a few comments suggesting a 1D3 update this year, there are others such as CRand our own info at the end of last month, that suggest it may not be till 2010 that the 1D4 is seen.

Well… at least it rattles a few cages on DPR ;-)

7th From Germany we hear of a comment at a major dealership, concerning a new camera to be announced -after- PMA.

The ‘new’ 1D will supposedly be 16MP and full frame.

Whilst most people reserve a degree of skepticism for comments via dealers, it’s worth noting that this news lost them a 5D2 sale.

On todays general rumours page we noted a suggestion of a Canon announcement on the 25th. Comments we had last week suggested that it would be Autumn before a new 1D would be seen.

2009 February 28th From our main rumours page

The all new AF is not yet ready and sales of the 1D III have picked up.

Given the importance of the AF issues, this won’t be rushed.

Two dates are targeted for potential release, August 2009 or January/ February 2010 (3 year cycle).

A key design target for the new model is to have much improved autofocus in movie mode and live view. This would allow well over 10FPS in a smaller raw or JPEG image mode with main mirror lock up.

The aim is to create a class leading FPS for sports.  15-20FPS is in Canon’s sights.

Much is still dependent on getting AF not just right, but impressively so.

Broad specs are still similar to what we were told in November

FF sensor with dynamic cropping and various sRAW options
A 21mp FF sensor is the equivalent of a ~12.8MP 1.3 crop. 21MP is a proven resolution and a worthwhile step up for 1D III users.
It could though be a ‘slightly denser’ chip in the 24+MP range. So as not to be seen trailing the Sony A900 and Nikon D3x
At that pixel density there is still a potential level of ISO sensitivity improvement that could be easily added.
Movie Mode and GPS/wireless are almost certain
A visibly different AF system to deal with the market backlash over the 1D III

25th A thread at DPR suggests a 1D4

“The Mk4 will bring in to line recent upgrades seen in the 5DMk2, such as 920k LCD, Movie mode & revised AF and higher ISO capabilities.”

Not much actual info if you follow the thread…

February 11th No update at PMA according to PB

2009 January 29th A comment [POTN] via a Canon Rep suggests a ‘new Mk3’ and a ‘rebel with video’

27th We were sent the screen image of the supposed 1D3N stock listing.

This is the key bit – note the price 4240 Euros

Whoever originally posted the image obviously took the time to remove some bits of the screen image – of course this says nothing about the reliability of the image.

eos 1D Mk3 listing

Anyone know any more of this?

26th Has a stock code for a 1D3N been sighted on a German computer? At [CR] they’re not sure…

A quick review of what the 1D2N changed

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)

We actually have a page dating from the last update, which details the 1D2 to 1D2N differences.

What might we get? A better display, a bit bigger buffer?

16th More interesting comment on the implications of video at events in this [POTN] thread.

2009 January 12th We’ve had several comments on the ‘broadcast’ implications of including video, from sports photographers, including several that have used the 5D2 for some work, but deliberately didn’t shoot any video ‘just in case’ ;-)

The overall feeling I got was that this was something that would be sorted out and could be incorporated into existing contracts and agreements.

There is a suggestion of a May 19th Announcement date [CR]

When it does come, expect to see one or more new versions of white prime lenses to go along with it (most date from the last century)

2008 December 31st I’ve seen several threads of late suggesting that including video in the next ‘sports’ 1 series might run up against problems with some sports official bodies with respect to ‘broadcast rights’.

This example [DPR] w.r.t Football

“…Canon has a replacement for the 1D MKIII ready to launch during the second quarter of 2009. What’s holding Canon back is a decision from FIFA … to allow pro-cameras with video capability ( see 5D MKII) during sporting events. FIFA is currently looking into the legal implications with television rights and contracts with broadcasters. If FIFA give the green light then Canon will release the camera.”

Not having any professional connection with sports photography at all, I’m not sure the extent to which this is a real issue?

20th Interestingly, as some sources suggest an announcement in the next month or two, we’ve had a comment from one of our ‘longer lived’ sources suggesting that any announcement has been put back to later in the year.

Is it the combination of the economy and the less than enthusiastic response (in some quarters) to the Nikon D3x that makes a launch somewhat less imperative? That or a chance to test the new AF a bit more ;-)

15th A Swedish blog – after talking with a senior Canon Exec

More video to come and this (Google translation)

“The speculation part of the professional models, new land IV’s. On 22 February 2007 was the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. Earlier, the modellcyklerna for professional cameras have been 3 years. Ingvar reveals that we can expect shorter cycles to come.
Then he smiles and says to me soon, very soon will be invited to the next product launch.”

…or in better English ;-)

“He says he will invite the journalists for new products “Soon, very soon” also we should expect shorter than the usual 3 years of product life in the pro segment.”

Look for an announcement as soon as January 22nd, 2009

2008 December 12th 1D3 and/or 1Ds3 updates by April at the earliest? A Canon service inspired rumour [POTN]

“Canon were set to announce a whole new revamp to their top of the line model – and possibly [an]other in the 1 range” … 3D anyone? :-)

5th How about a camera next Autumn?

Some assorted set of specs from [CR]

MP: 21.1 FF
ISO: 100-12800 (L:50 – H: 51,200)
Proc: Dual DIGIC IV
FPS: 10fps
AF: 45 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Various Crop Modes
LiveView with new AF
Movie Mode
Ergonomic Updates
Dual CF & SD (4 total slots)

Also mentioned was the possibility of a super high speed crop mode.

2008 November 28th After recent comments we’ve had, we went back to some of our previous sources and asked what’s happening with the 1 series next year.

For the ‘sports’ Camera…

The favourite is still a FF sensor with dynamic cropping and various sRAW options

A 21mp FF sensor is the equivalent of a ~12.8MP 1.3 crop. 21MP is a proven resolution and a worthwhile step up for 1D III users.

It could though be a ‘slightly denser’ chip in the 24+MP range. So as not to be seen trailing the Sony A900and Nikon D3x (24.5MP see D3x page)

At that pixel density there is still a potential level of ISO sensitivity improvement that could be easily added.

Two DIGIC 4 processors has the bandwidth for the ISO improvements and 10fps

Movie Mode and GPS/wireless are almost certain

Key emphasis is a visibly different AF system to deal with the market backlash over the 1D III

March / April 2009 is expected.

This camera’s natural competitor is still the Nikon D3, over which it would have a 50%+ resolution advantage at what Canon feel to be lower noise high ISOs.

For the Studio Camera 1Ds3 replacement.

Less critical in timing than the ‘sports’ model (September 2009).

Canon are looking at a lot higher resolution.  Think 50D pixels (~38MP), one further generation of low ISO performance (so that about 39Mp) which can manage 5fps with dual DIGIC 4.

This camera’s natural competitor is the Nikon D3x over which it would have a 50%+ resolution advantage at what Canon feel to be lower noise high ISOs.

We’ve also some more general Canon info on the main rumours/7D page

26th We’ve had a comment that the 1Ds3 and 1D3 lines will finally get merged next year with a new 1D style body at 26MP full frame, with a fast fps cropped mode (15MP) and complex pixel binning based modes. The AF is redesigned too.

Whilst it sounds nice, I’ve heard far more comments that the two lines are addressing different enough markets to stay apart for a while yet.

October 18th In the ‘Sure they’ll bring out an APS-C One series camera’ category, we have a supposed press release for 4th Nov at CR (a 1Di fyi)

8.2MP, APS-C – electronic mirror and no mention of those pesky video capabilities – :-)

16th On CR, a potential announcement date for new Canon stuff – Feb 10th for replacements for the 1D3, 450D (Rebel XSi) and 1000D (Rebel XS) and two lenses (not the 35L since that’s for the 1Ds4 in the Summer). It’s also suggested that it won’t be called a 1D mark 4

Any change of name is probably a marketing led initiative to distance the camera from the 1D3 and its ‘issues’

September 22nd Some 1D4 specs [DPR]

Redesigned AF system. AF points can be visibly seen during servo mode now if you turn it on.
16MP sensor.
3″ VGA resolution screen with 1:1 pixel view.
1.3x crop
1080p/720p selectable video (still 30fps ?). A Canon wireless mic may be an accessory…
ISO range 100-6400 expandable in third stop steps to H1 and H2 – and L for ISO 50. Poss ISO 25?
ExFAT support as an option for formatting cards but the default is still FAT32.
SD/CF has been retained. One card can be configured for video and another for photos.
Same look/feel as the 1D III

20th The 1D4 is expected for next March, whilst it may even be launched with the 1Ds4 if Canon feel that they can steal a march on any new Nikon FF cameras.

However with distinct noises of a Nikon announcement as soon as November [D3x page] who knows when we might see changes.

We also noted a claim [DPR] that 1D3 production has stopped

From the 1Ds4 page

A dual Digic 4 approach can handle a FF camera at 50D pixel density (38MP) at 1Ds speeds, while Canon are again trialling a camera with 1.6, 1.3 and FF dynamic cropping as well as movie mode, for a sports Camera.
There are two current AF design tasks going on. There is the ‘all new Pro’ version with many more AF points and new tracking algorithms, and the ‘next generation’ approach, based on the 45 point system, but with more cross and 2.8 type sensors, and a lot more processing power. The ‘All New’ version will not be seen until it has been -very- solidly tested. This will not delay the replacement of the 1D3 and 1Ds3. Expect considerable re-badging of whatever AF is found in the next 1D to make a break from the ‘problems’ of the 1D3.

3rd More Canon technical info….

60D features, 70D prospects, feature migration from the ‘pro’ range and the wholesale redesign of what a ‘professional’ camera is. (warning – mentions EVF – I know this scares some people ;-)

Info on the 60D page (now updated with lots more info just received)

August 24th Following on from the general Canon technical plans information we received the other day (see 5D2 page) we were told to expect to start seeing some serious price drops on the 1Ds3 in readiness for new 1 series cameras next year. Not until other high MP competitors (Sony, Nikon) start shipping though.

22nd Although I hear of some dealer shortages in Germany, I’d not expecting the next ‘1’ series camera until early next year.

In an interesting FM post there is some comment about what we can expect to see before too long from Canon.

Some quotes:

“For a while now Canon is shortening is DSLR cycles too. The ID III and IDs III will not have the usual 1D three year lifecycle.”
“DIGIC IV is real and part of Canons DSLR futures. It has the 2 to 1 and 4 to 1 pixel binning and next generation noise reduction capabilities. Note the [50D] sRAW1 and sRAW2 specs. sRAW1 with a 15.1mp sensor creates great 7.6mp images with something like a 2 stop noise advantage over the 30D at 8mp. They can take a 15.1mp sensor and ISO 12800 and produce stunning images in sRAW2.”
“Canon have been working on 100% microlens, low voltage low noise sensors capable of native ISO 12800. They suffer from some quantisation noise at smaller pixel sizes (limited by physics) but this is fixed by pixel binning to create virtual larger pixels when you need the really high ISOs.”

Given the ‘leaked’ 50D specs, it will be interesting to see if the next cameras from Canon show any of these features.

We checked with one of our previous sources, who confirmed that much of the FM post seemed quite accurate – we’ve some updated info on this on the 5D2 page

12th After perhaps the shock of not seeing a continuous wall of white lenses at the Olympics, ‘discussion’ has started on the next 50MP 1D4 at DPR, of course the more knowledgeable posters are pointing out the well known lens resolution problems that have already rendered my 21MP 1Ds3 almost useless… ;-)

The 50MP figure pops up every so often, based on that experimental sensor info from Canon a while ago. We’ve the ‘new technology‘ info we were sent this time last year:

“DIGIC IV uses less power, and is faster than the dual DIGIC 3 found in the 1D3 and 1Ds3. In particular it can support 16bit raw and the larger 40-50MP sensors under development. With the larger sensors, it also supports pixel-binning where pixels are aggregated to deliver low noise and higher ISO performance at lower resolutions.
Canon is working on a new generation CMOS sensor – lower voltage, full 100% cover micro-lenses and better dynamic range allowing 16 bit per channel raw files.
These will support a clean 6400 ISO similar to today’s 1600 and go to 25600 with acceptable noise.
Target for this is the next generation of the 1D series cameras in 2010, before spreading to other models. These are being trialled at 50MP in FF format”

Look for any new prime ‘L’ glass to be extremely sharp if it’s going to be for this ;-)

2008 August 6th After people have read the article by Rob Galbraith on 1D3 AF issues, there has been renewed talk about a 1D4 or 1D3N.

Note though, from many of the ‘comments’ I’ve seen, I suspect a lot of people didn’t really read all of it ;-)

Whilst many still suggest it will be three years between 1D3 and 4 (ie early 2010) there are lots of comments suggesting that Canon might pull out something a bit sooner.

In a DPR thread it was pointed out that: “in Europe Canon has been selling quite a few 1D mkIII bodies on Ebay through their outlet channel lately. All were refurbished bodies with full warranty. It surprised me though that they were selling about 20-30 of them in just a few weeks. Most were sold for about 2/3 of lowest new price.”

July 8th Renewed speculation of multiple Canon releases (see 5d2 page for general details) now include a new 1 series camera – ‘just’ 10MP and with superb low light performance.

I do quite a lot of available light work, and while my 1Ds3 is good, a FF 1 series high ISO special would, even at 10MP, be excellent. The clients I have for this sort of work rarely want huge prints and I do have to remember just what I could get from the 11MP of the 1Ds

If there was anything in this I suspect it would be a FF version of the 1D3 that we’d see – look at the D3 and see which specs to knock over…

May 28th In true rumour style I note a call [POTN] for a 1D3 replacement in February :-)

In a bit more solid support of this I heard from someone who was at a Canon presentation, where it was stated that there would not be a new 1D series camera this year…

11th A 10.1 MP FF sensor for the 1D3n?

Comment on a site (Google translation) Japanese

6th Some Autumn 1DMk3N info? Japanese page (Google translation for amusement ;-)

April 30th At FM there’s a post suggesting June for the next series of Canon releases. As well as the usual 5D2 there is a 1DMk3N and two lenses (note no appearance of June in the list below)

23rd With the expected non-announcement yesterday, there’s been a lot more speculation about a possible 1D3n appearing this summer.

For the seers out there it’s worth looking at the release dates of the One series

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.0 fps, 21 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp Full frame 3.0 fps, 10 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp Full frame 4.0 fps, 32 images 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp Full frame 5.0 fps, 56 images 3.0″ (Live view)

The IIn does look a bit of an aberation.

I’d personally expect a (FF) Mk4 rather than seeing a IIIn. It -might- come in for PMA 2009 but I’d expect a 2.5-3 year cycle like before. Of course that doesn’t rule out the fabled 3D next year, of even a cheaper FF camera such as is alluded to in the Canon Exec’s recent remarks (5D2 page). The FF landscape should look a bit different by then ;-)

My own thought is that we will see quite a bit more new glass yet this year (and yes I’m still personally looking for a couple of all new tilt/shift lenses)

18th At DCW there is an interview (in Japanese) that drops a few hints about what Canon is planning.

Here’s one translation from babelfish and one from Google (more info and translations on the 5D2 page)

Some have seen some of this as evidence for another full frame camera other than the 5D replacement. However, if you look at the machine translations they could say almost anything. Also, knowing the somewhat eliptical way (to me) that Japanese executives describe business plans, it could mean almost anything.

9th Another 1D3n rumour at USPI

“a Canon 1d MKIIIn is on its way around Sept, full frame”

March 12th Is there an announcement of something this Autumn?

Lots of rumours on the 5D2 page, which includes this, about something else new…

“The new Canon flagship, this Fall, will have a “1.5:1 price/performance advantage to the Nikon flagship.” (Read carefully: this statement refers to the coming Canon flagship, not the 5D II being discussed here).”

Could this be the high speed FF camera to (hopefully) put some of Canon’s 1D3 AF woes behind them?

February 6th Some future hints in an interview with Chuck Westfall at CNET.

FF market to expand in 2008
APS-H (1.3 crop) is cheaper but that’s its main advantage over FF
1D3 fix makes things better
… but we are still looking at it
Geotagging – it’s on the way
Fuel cells [CW mentioned this back in 2005]
OLED displays before long

“– With Nikon and now Sony adding weight to the full-frame market, what role is there for the in-between sensor size, APS-H? (It’s about halfway between the full-frame sensors used in the high-end SLRs and the APS-C sensors use in the top-selling models such as the Rebel XTi and 40D. The APS-H is used in the 1D Mark III and its predecessors.)
Westfall: When we started it at the time, the idea was to compete against APS-C. In that respect it was successful. At that point it was about what the competition had to offer. It’s only been in the last six months that there has been an alternative. We’ve had a good long run with APS-H”

So it’s an FF 1D4, with OLED display, built in GPS and powered by methanol (You can also see this in this 2005 PDF with his thoughts on where digital cameras were going (don’t expect too much! ;-)

5th The news that Canon have a ‘Final Fix’ for the 1D3 AF problem (see 1D3 page) is still being digested, although as yet Canon have not actually said anything officially (no-one believe they were naive enough to think news like this would be kept to the select few originally informed)

What effect this has on the follow up for the 1D3 is unclear, although it now seems much more likely to be full frame. In an interview with Chuck Westfall of Canon US in the video on this page (parts in English after about 50 seconds) he notes that the when the 1D3 was announced, there was no full frame competition, whereas there is now. Given he’s a PR man this is about as strong a hint as any that the 1D’x’ will be full frame.

Did he said that Canon would ‘eventually’ move to FF for all but introductory cameras a few years ago? (this is often supposed, but see December 6th 2006 in our rumours archive for what he actually said)

January 30th Will there be a trade-in program once whatever follows the 1D3 appears? This from FM

“…the Canon rep told him that there will probably be a program where present owners of the 1DmkIII will be permitted to turn in there cameras toward a new 1DmkIIIN. When there will be a MKIIIN wasn’t clear.”

16th Some latest comments we were sent about something (24MP) that might fulfil the role of 1D3 follow-up are on the 5D2 page (25FPS version later this year/early next — £1800 with a range of ‘kit’ lenses :-)

4th More suggestions from Germany, pointing to a recent 500 Euro fall in 1D3 prices.

2007 December 2nd Whilst I personally think it’s too early for any replacement to be announced (after 1 year), there’s a post on a German board which roughly translates (Google) as:

“In brief: In February comes a new 1D MarkIIIN on the market, meanwhile recalled all 1D MarkIII in the affected serial numbers, and conversion to a new MarkIIIN.”

i.e. swap your dodgy 1D3 for a shiny new 1D3N :-) :-)

November 13th In an interesting mail we were sent, which updated some details of the material we had in September, it would seem that there will be no 1D Mk. IIIN and no 1D Mk. IV… It’s the 1Dx (or whatever ‘x’ is ;-)

“The 1DMk3 AF issues have been a great embarrassment for Canon. The camera is not selling as well as hoped. The D3 and Nikon’s new lenses are now seen as a serious threat to the sports and photojournalism market segments.

The 1D III was intended to be a ground-breaking camera, but now is considered ‘Kyou’ or bad luck, attributed to it being the 4th camera in the 1D Series.

The new camera -will- be a 1D but with a new name – expect it to appear in Aug/Sept of 2008”

Some ‘headline’ specs

Same form factor as current 1 Series
Full Frame 16MP sensor (end of 1.3 crop cameras)
ISO 100 to 6400 (expandible 50 and 12800)
Live View with contrast detection AF and HD Video capture (It is considered this will revolutionise photo journalism and meet growing requirement for web news video and cross media feeds).
Stills can be grabbed from HD Video capture but only at 2MP resolution.
1.3x crop mode with viewfinder masking and reduced size RAW (10MP) with significantly improved buffer for cropped RAW images
10 fps, buffer similar for FF images.

Whilst I always make a point of reminding people that these rumour pages are just that, and to take what you see here accordingly, this bit of info fits well into other stuff we’ve had (as good rumours should! ;-)

And yes the picture above is fake! I’ve been doing ‘real’ PS work all morning and got bored :-)

31st October Whilst waiting for Canon to announce the details of the fix for the 1D3 AF problems, I notice that people are starting to ask about a possible 1D3N or 1D4.

The 1D2N came out about 18 months after the 1D2, so if Canon want to add a better LCD and improve the AF on liveview, then look for an announcement ready in time for Photokina 2008 (see our info below). Look for a slew of updated features, but probably not the sensor. One thing that may well move this on nicely is the return of Nikon as a real competitor in many areas that Canon had perhaps been a bit too comfortable in…

17th September From our large quantity of Canon related info received recently there’s some pointers to what could be in the MK4

Digic IV uses less power, and is faster than the dual Digic 3 found in the 1D3 and 1Ds3. In particular it can support 16bit raw and the larger 40-50MP sensors under development. With the larger sensors, it also supports pixel-binning where pixels are agregated to deliver low noise and higher ISO performance at lower resolutions.

Canon is working on a new generation CMOS sensor – lower voltage, full 100% cover micro-lenses and better dynamic range allowing 16 bit A/D per pixel raw files.

These will support a clean 6400 ISO similar to today’s 1600 and go to 25600 with acceptable noise.

The next generation low voltage CMOS generally gives 1 to 2 stops lower noise at higher ISOs

Target for this is the next generation of the 1D series cameras in 2010, before spreading to other models. These are being trialled with ‘normal’ sensors and others at 40-50MP in FF format (not ‘in the field’ for a year or so)

Canon is very excited about these sensors – seeing them as being as big a step up in performance as their move from CCD to CMOS a decade ago.

What to do with those 50MP images… Canon is considering built in hard drives (moving or solid state) in the 80-100gb range in future generations of cameras – mostly likely in a optional grip.

A even higher FPS, with mirror lockup just using sensor contrast AF allowing even higher frame rates.

Dynamic 1.3 crop is an option, but was not seen as an important feature at the time by people testing the 1D3

Canon have working MPEG DIGIC III code for their P&S range. This was tried in some of the test cameras sent out during 1D Mk3 trials. It’s expected that this will appear in the entry level camera (xxxD range) next year (2008)

Canon is seeing this as an important feature in the 1D Mk IV range in 2010 (it would be HD video)


There might yet be a 1DMk3n – but given the 3 year development cycle this won’t be decided until next year. Options include

High resolution rear LCD
Contrast based live AF
Newer more temperature tolerant AF sensors (they are already in the 40D)
DIGIC IV which would allow even faster frame rates

23rd August Nikon move to FF too (Nikon D3 info) Very interesting specs and well worth a look for 1D3 users – look to see some of these features in the 1D3N ;-)

Note the attention in the press release given to 11FPS and the AF system ;-)

When was that camera announced?

Model Announced Effective pixels Sensor size Continuous High (JPEG) LCD monitor
EOS-1D Sep 2001 4.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.0 fps, 21 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Sep 2002 11.1 mp Full frame 3.0 fps, 10 frames 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II Jan 2004 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 40 frames 2.0″
EOS-1Ds Mark II Sep 2004 16.7 mp Full frame 4.0 fps, 32 images 2.0″
EOS-1D Mark II N Aug 2005 8.2 mp 1.3x crop 8.3 fps, 48 images 2.5″
EOS-1D Mark III Feb 2007 10.1 mp 1.3x crop 10.0 fps, 110 images 3.0″ (Live view)
EOS-1Ds Mark III Aug 2007 21.1 mp Full frame 5.0 fps, 56 images 3.0″ (Live view)

The original EOS 1DMk3

eos 1D Mk3

UK PRCanon today sets new standards for professional photography with the launch of the EOS-1D Mark III. Delivering 10 frames per second at 10.1 Megapixels for a maximum burst of 110 Large JPEG images (30 in RAW), the EOS-1D Mark III replaces the EOS-1D Mark II N as the world’s fastest digital SLR. Dual “DIGIC III” processors drive the camera’s high speed, high resolution performance, and bring 14-bit image processing to the EOS series for the first time.A ground-up redesign introduces a host of new features and advancements to Canon’s flagship EOS-1 series, including a 3.0” LCD with Live View mode, EOS Integrated Cleaning System, new auto focus system with 19 cross-type sensors, and 63-zone exposure metering. The camera’s APS-H size (28.1 x 18.7 mm) CMOS sensor enables a wider 100-3200 ISO range as standard, expandable to L:50 and H:6400.

“The EOS-1D Mark III represents a complete reappraisal of everything Canon has learned over the past 20 years of EOS development,” said Tsunemasa Ohara, Senior General Manager, Camera Development Center, Canon Inc. “In building this camera, we started with a blank canvas. Every facet of the photographic process has been refined, every design decision re-evaluated to bring us to this point: a camera that combines familiar EOS ergonomics with a vastly enhanced specification. Our engineers are overjoyed with the result.”

Key features

10.1 Megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor
10 fps continuous shooting for up to 110 frames
Dual “DIGIC III” processors
New auto focus system with 19 cross type sensors
EOS Integrated Cleaning System
ISO 3200 (expandable to H:6400)
3.0” LCD with Live View mode
Wider, brighter viewfinder
Picture Style1
The choice of professionals

The EOS-1D line has enjoyed massive popularity among the world’s leading sports, reportage and wildlife photographers, with international wire agencies AFP, Getty and Reuters choosing Canon for their photographers. “The people at Canon is great to work with because they listen to photographers. It’s their attention to detail and the pace of innovation that makes EOS the system of choice,” explained Stephen Munday, Director of Operations – Editorial, Getty Images.

Exceptional image quality

Canon’s dual “DIGIC III” processors deliver unprecedented levels of speed, responsiveness and image quality. Ready to shoot within 0.2 seconds of power on, the EOS-1D Mark III can capture and process over 100 Megapixels of image data per second, rapidly clearing the image buffer to allow up to 110 frames in one burst. Images are processed at 14 bits for a total colour depth of up to 16,384 tones per pixel, compared to 4,096 tones from 12 bit images.

The third generation CMOS sensor incorporates a new pixel design that works together with on-chip noise reduction circuitry to ensure high image quality at ISO 3200. The option to expand to H:6400 will benefit professionals working in news and sports locations where the use of flash is not permitted or desired.

Greater precision, more control

Canon has redesigned its auto focus system to include 19 cross-type sensors with sensitivity up to f/2.8, spread out across the AF area to better accommodate off-centre subjects. An additional 26 AF assist points are used to aid AF tracking for improved accuracy.

Responding to professional photographer requests, a dedicated AF button on the back of the camera allows users to instantly switch auto focus on or off while keeping their eye on the viewfinder. The viewfinder is now brighter and offers a wider angle of view. The camera’s new 63-zone metering system gives photographers greater level of control over exposure.

New LCD with Live View

The bright 3.0” LCD monitor provides 230K pixels resolution for precise framing and reviewing of shots. New to EOS, Live View mode enables photographers to frame without having to look through the viewfinder – particularly useful for shooting from awkward positions.

The menu system on the EOS-1D Mark III has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the LCD size – menus are easier to read and use. A choice of 57 custom functions gives photographers more options for customising camera settings to their daily working requirements. A new My Menu option allows photographers to store frequently used settings on a separate menu for faster access. Settings for new accessories such as the Speedlite 580EX II and Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – also released today – can be controlled directly from the LCD.

Total reliability

The EOS-1D Mark III incorporates a range of practical enhancements for the working photographer. Shutter durability has been increased by 50% to 300,000 cycles. The body is protected by a magnesium alloy casing with dust and moisture resistant seals. The EOS Integrated Cleaning System provides further reliability by reducing sensor dust, minimising the need for manual cleaning on assignment. To avoid corruption of captured images, a warning appears on the LCD and an alarm sounds if the memory card door is opened while images are still being written. Interfaces include video out (for display in both NTSC and PAL formats) and USB 2.0.

Compatibility and accessories

Canon is marking today’s launch with the release of several additions to the professional EOS system:

EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM – A fast, ultra wide-angle zoom lens delivering exceptional image quality throughout the aperture range.
Speedlite 580EX II – An update of the Speedlite 580EX that offers weather resistance when attached to the EOS-1D Mark III.
Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – Smaller, lighter and more versatile than its predecessor, the WFT-E2 speeds up workflows by allowing photographers to transmit images wirelessly during the shoot.
Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 – Verifies the authenticity of images taken with the camera and supports image encryption for additional security.

The EOS-1D Mark III is supplied with a comprehensive software suite to help the photographer’s workflow. This includes Digital Photo Professional (DPP), a powerful RAW converter that provides complete RAW image processing control.

DPP integrates with cameras features such as the Dust Delete Data and Picture Style. The camera also comes with EOS Utility, ImageBrowser/Zoom Browser and Photostitch.