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Archive EOS 5D Mark 3 rumours

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Archive EOS 5D Mark 3

Pre-release rumours before March 1st 2012. This is an archive page – 5D mark 3 info page

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2012 March

1st So, here it is… with the new 24-70 [Discuss this with Keith on Google+]

5D Mk3 with 24-70 2.8L II lens

22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor
DiG!C 5+ Image Processor
ISO 100-25600 (expandable to L:50 H1:51200, H2: 102400
Full HD Movie (ISO 100-12800 (H:25600)
61-point high-density reticular AF (up to 41 crosstype points)
6.0 fps for high continuous shooting
Intelligent viewfinder with approx. 100% coverage
3.2-type, approx.1.04m dot (3:2 wide) Clear View LCD II
iFCL metering with 63-zone dual-layer sensor
Shutter durability of 150,000 cycles
Silent & low vibration modes
Dual card slots (CF & SD)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode
Multiple Exposures
Comparative Playback function
Improved durability & water and dust resistance
Min Shutter Speed – 30 sec
Max Shutter Speed – 1/8000 sec
Connectivity – USB 2, HDMI, Mic Input, Wireless (optional)
Battery – LP-E6
File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4
Dimensions – 152 x 116 x 76mm
Box Contents – Battery Pack LP-E6 .. Battery Charger LC-E6 .. AV Cable AVC-DC400ST .. Interface Cable IFC-200U .. Eyecup Eg .. Wide Strap EWEOS5DMKIII .. CR1616 Lithium Battery+

back view of the 5D3top view of the 5D3

(see YT video) – there is a 600EX flash and BG-E11 grip too
Canon 5D Mk3 front viewBG-E11 grip
canon speedlite 600EX
Here’s the invite for the event in Singapore

invitation to Canon event

Two pictures taken of posters for the Shanghai event were just sent to us (thanks Isaac for all the shots).
5D mk3 banner
5d mk3 sign
More pictures of the Canon Shanghai event being set up are also posted in a forum [CR].

BTW ;-) …We won’t be running/streaming a live event from the Northlight Images garden shed, discussing press releases over mugs of cocoa, like inane early morning radio hosts. Nor will we be doing any phone-ins or competitions. It’s just a camera announcement – we have lives ;-) In fact I’ll probably be sound asleep at the time.

Go out and take some photos with what you’ve got!

Your normal rumour service resumes after this short break… 


canon eos event invite29th A French forum [EN] mentions a dealer comment of 22MP/6FPS/Faster AF/LP-E6 battery and improved video. All at 3250 euros (at today’s rates that’s ~£2700 ~$4300)

The 5mk2 initial price was $2700 b/o or $3500 w/24-105, so over $4k does look at bit steep

NOTE – I’m told that the Euros price includes Tax at 21%, so that should be 2690 before tax which equates to a more reasonable $3600 (if it’s a kit price?)

I know of several people with pre-orders in at dealers for the 5D3 (based on strong hints of the specs, not just ‘I want a 5D3’) – all emphasised the ISO/AF/Video improvements as the features they were looking for.

A new version of DPP appears – but nothing related to new products – I’ve added details on the page I maintain that covers how to install Canon software without a CD
Anyone care to share any more invites to press events?
This from Italy (Breakfast for EOS) Appeared on, but article removed

Whilst in Singapore [CS]

Have been invited to a Canon product launch on the 2nd of March. Their Tag line “Speed. Quality, How do this matter to you in the world of imaging”

28th Well, the 28th is here, I’ve just got up, just checked my inbox, and I don’t see any Canon press releases ;-)
Meanwhile, work goes on analysing those photos – it seems there is a headphone socket [EHD]
5d3 showing headphone socket
27th The photos seem to have opened up the leaks considerably. Whilst I’m waiting for detailed specs, it seems that the 5D2 replacement is firmly aimed at hitting these three design goals:

Increase sensitivity

Lower noise

Increase dynamic range

So, not the D800 route…
5d mk3Is this the 5D3? Appearing on the CR forum [CR]

Open image in new window to see at full size.

1Dx and 5D3
Up until this morning’s pics, I’d not seen any -good- direct 5D2 replacement evidence, but if rumour volumes were anything to go by, we’d be seeing at least 3 new cameras this week ;-)

BTW – I’ve just finished a lengthy new review of the Spyder4Elite monitor/projector calibrator, if anyone’s interested in something a little more concrete ;-)

26th Quite a few people are asking where the leaks are (even the minor ones), if we are only two days from an announcement?
Meanwhile CR has moved back to Friday (2nd) and downgraded Tuesday… [CR]
One Canon event in Shanghai on the 2nd is supposedly entitled ‘IXUS Night show’.

…however I’ve still not seen an actual invite to an event.

24th X – What’s in a name? There seems to be a lot of speculation over whether the 5D2 replacement will get the X (as did the G series). The 1D X is only the ninth digital 1 series camera (see timeline below). As yet I’ve seen nothing in the way of ‘official’ looking leaks ;-) BTW, a few interesting points in a recent Canon interview at MegaPixel including why no IS on the 24-70 II and how video is still the ‘next big thing’ (not for me it isn’t ;-)
23rd We’ve been sent (thanks) some more details of the upcoming camera:

“Although the AF in the 5D2 replacement is based on the same sensor layout as the 1D X, it is a ‘simplified’ version.

The dual card setup of the camera is specifically aimed at video users

Just as with the 1DX, clean HDMI is possible.”

If real, then I’m expecting more details over the next few days…
My suspicion of Friday announcements seems shared. Next Tuesday (28th) is now a favourite [CR] at 22MP, dual card slots and $3500.

The start of March is the 25th anniverary of EOS and the EOS650…

22nd Friday the 2nd rises in popularity
The UK Focus show is only a few days later. I’ll be there on the 5th (Monday) – I wonder if there will be a 5D3 on display? ;-)
20th We’re hearing of NDAs expiring on the 2nd of March.
Now we also hear of a 5D3 (and only a 5D3) spec for a launch on the 2nd

22MP, 6fps, 61 focus points (41 cross) same as 1DX system

100-25600 Basic ISO 1024k dots LCD display 3:2 wide (or 3.2″ ?)

Best Video quality in a DSLR.

After several different suggestions pointing to the start of March I’m wondering if we will indeed get an announcement on the 2nd. Fridays are not a traditional day for announcements, but perhaps we will see a 5D3 celebrating 25 years of EOS?
BTW, the two specs from yesterday do indeed seem to be a rehash of old stuff…
19th Two Chinese pages pointing to a 26MP Digic 5 5D3 and a 45MP 61 AF point 5DX [via Google translate #1 and #2]

As ever with pages I can’t actually read, they could be versions of current rumours re-circulated or new stuff – thanks for sending however.

Note – I’ve subsequently seen this mentioned on DPR

The 26MP it seems, may come from a 2011 rumour … all goes to show how this stuff swirls round and gets rehashed [CR]. Worst offenders by far a many of the ‘tech blogs’ who seem pathologically averse to giving any form of credit or sources for their info.

17th We’re getting numerous comments to expect an announcement in ‘2-3 weeks’. Actual dates vary though, and we’ve not seen any press invites yet.
Meanwhile on DPReview someone has looked at those Kenyan photos from a while ago and worked out that they represent a 38MP sensor [DPR]

Excellent bit of rumorology work ;-)

14th Canon – ‘We could do that if we wanted to…’
It seems Masaya Maeda (Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations), invited some CP+ journalists to visit Canon’s headquarters in Tokyo. He commented the following about D800 and 5D2’s successor.

“…Regarding how Canon responds to the competition from Nikon’s D800 and the concern of the successor of 5D Mark II, Maeda indicates that although he cannot leak information about un-announced product, the way Canon develops new product is to satisfy the needs of professional photographers. For instance, the introduction of EOS-1D X is to satisfy professional photographers to photoshoot sports events like the Olympics, in terms of their requirement of high FPS and high image quality under high ISO settings. If Canon thinks the market wants the high resolution models such as the 30+ MP of Nikon’s D800, they can easily develop such products…”

That’s clear then?
From a Chinese article [163] – thanks for the link
13th A 5D3 book has appeared at numerous book outlets around the world [CR]
11th So, what’s Canon got to announce at the start of March, on the 25th anniversary of EOS and the EOS650 (more than just a 650D?)
10th We’ve had several comments about the choice of names for the spilt mentioned yesterday, with our old favourite, the 3D, being a popular call. No further specs or details though
9th Years ago, the 1D line split into the 1D and 1Ds – we’ve had a suggestion (thanks) that this will shortly happen with the 5D – a 5D3 and 5DX.
5D X

45MP  (With a pixel size similar to the power shot G1X)

61 points AF (Similar to the 1DX but simpler)

3.4 fps, 100-6400 (50-12800)

1 Digic 5+ Digic 4

5D mk III


61 points AF (Similar to the 1DX but but simpler)
6.9 fps, 
ISO 100-25600(50-51200)

1 Digic 5+ Digic 4

Best HD video quality of any EOS camera

Both over $3k

As the only non anonymous rumour we’ve had for days now, and since it’s got some plausible specs, I decided to mention it – no other confirmation as yet though, so usual rumour warnings apply ;-) I’m minded to think that if this were so, then Canon would use a derivative of the 18MP 1DX sensor rather than another new FF one (18/45 is likely less development effort than 18/22/45)

Discuss this post on G+
8th Suggestions of a $2700 5DX for the end of the month [1k1]
6th An interesting suggestion [PB] that the 5D2 won’t be replaced any time soon, but that a new higher spec camera will appear – surely not the 3D
4th No signs of any big Canon announcement yet, whereas, there seem to be Nikon events aplenty, around the world for the 7th (Tuesday)
2nd Release date rumours we’ve received continue to run the gamut of next week, through to the Autumn. Little new reliable info as to specs, although most comments received seem to be going for 18MP or 22 MP.


31st A suggestion received (thanks) not to expect deliveries of a 5D3 until October.

Whilst we’ve had numerous suggestions that it would be after the 1D X, this is the first for a while that’s pushed it back towards Photokina (from an August announcement?)

30th It may not be long till we finally get to see some 1D X sample images, but a 5D3 recedes from the 7th… [CR]
28th No firm dates yet, although the 7th seems widely popular (but a big reminder that popularity alone doesn’t make it much more reliable ;-)
25th Once again, we’ve been hearing (thanks) that the only DSLR for CP+ will be the 650D/T4i and that the 5D3 won’t be announced until after the 1D X ships… As to the 5D4 – who knows?
I’ve seen no firm dates -yet- for any Canon announcements that suggest otherwise.
Meanwhile, lots of comment on those buttons in the camera pictures, but no more actual news or specs…

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it but I just looked at the buttons on my 1Ds3 and realised there are 7 buttons I’ve never used [when taking pictures] on a job :-) Guess I’ll need to read the manual again when the 1D X turns up… (no prize BTW for identifying the 7)

24th We’ve had several more comments saying that the 5D3 will be announced before CP+ at the start of February, although some are still suggesting a few months time.
I’ve also been told (thanks) that 22MP is a ‘magic number’ for for HD video, as it corresponds exactly to a 3×3 oversampling of the final video resolution. (22 MP, minus crop for 16:9 ratio, divided by 9, equal 1080×1920) – The next number would be 39MP resolution (4×4 oversamping)
In a followup post [AA], there is more information from Stephen Oachs, who took the photos in Kenya. He’s made a RAW version of one of the photos available and emphasised his lack of connection with Canon.

I wish I could say that large crowds of camera fans on the internet were all reasonable and rational people, but given some of the bizzare comments I’ve received in the past, I’d just wait for it to blow over and for the next thing to hit the news. 

Here’s part of Stephen’s image showing a lot of detail of the back of a new camera
Open this version (new window) to see more (2k pixels wide)
200-400 sighted in Kenya23rd Real news!…
The 200-400 is spotted
being tested with a new body that might be the 5D3 [AA] Lens launch is slated for March/April.
Or is it a 7D mk2?
Lots more photos at AA

BTW – do make a point of reading the whole blog post before wandering through the flights of fancy alrady filling some forums ;-)

We’re told that Canon won’t be going for a very high MP FF DSLR until that 4k ‘concept’ camera is a reality (with a 30+MP sensor to get ‘cleaner’ 4k video)
We’re also getting slightly more detailed suggestions for the 5D2 replacement, with several pointing to 22MP (or virtually the same as in the 5D2), and one even adding “61 Focus points (41 Cross) same as 1D X, 100-25600 Basic ISO, 6 fps” – Suggested date was March 7th.

Sounds much too close to the 1D X specs which still won’t have shipped by then… but I’m still getting MP estimates from 18 to 40.
Nothing solid yet from any known sources, so extra pinches of salt to be taken ;-)

Discuss this post on G+

Once the rumour volumes rise, you start finding more circular rumours, particularly amongst the wider ranging ‘Tech blogs’ which have a habit of grabbing snippets and posting them with upgraded certainty levels [UG], only to be then further quoted, and mailed to those of us collecting rumours ;-)
Note this 5D3 info [TJO] which has no indication of sources, so I’m not sure to what extent it’s based on other stuff I’ve seen [CR via Egami] or get sent.

Just saying… navigate the rumoursphere with a good deal of scepticism.

20th Several comments have suggested that an all new version of the 24-70/2.8L will be a kit option for the 5D3 (or 5D X as several would like to call it).

I note that 24-70 replacement rumours pops up very regularly, although this time, IS hasn’t been mentioned. I was just looking at the archives and notice both 24-70 and 100-400 replacements being mentioned back in 2007.

I’m not holding my breath…

19th More 5D3 rumour chatter [CR], meanwhile we’re told that the 5D2 replacement will be on view at the UK Focus show in March, which would suggest a launch for CP+

I’m going to the show, which also should also see Olympus’s new take on the ‘OM’ brand and maybe a D800 on view. I’m not rating this 5D3 for Focus rumour too highly at the moment, given we were told that it would appear -after- the 1DX started shipping.

I note too the prices suggested for the D800 with ($3k) and without AA filter ($3k9) offer a splendid new revenue stream for higher end cameras.

18th Whilst there was lots of chat about the 5D Mk2 replacement at the recent PMA/CES show, I’ve seen little in the way of sound rumours or the degree of concerted ‘leaks’ that we’ve seen for the D800.

BTW We’re still getting sent regular ‘rumours’ for a camera that will be announced some time between next week and the Autumn, with anything from 18 to 42MP.

…Whatever happened to the good reliable leaks with full specifications and pictures! :-) 

9th With mirrorless info and the new Canon G1X, it’s been noticed that Canon’s raft of press info today did not contain any EF lens or DSLR related news. The next trade show in the list would be CP+from 9-12 February 2012, at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, but the only suggestions we’ve had was for a 650D and maybe a lens or two. No 5D2 replacement hints at all.

2012 January 1st New years greetings to all visitors!

I’m minded to believe that we will finally get to see a replacement for the 5D mk2 within a few months (but not until after the 1D X ships). We’ve had suggestions that the 5D2 replacement will not be a particularly high megapixel sensor and that the success of any high MP Nikon D800 will influence the arrival of a high MP EOS camera, but not this year.
See also latest on the 3D

As yet though no firm specs or price suggestions for the 5D2 follow up. I should note too that we’ve subsequently had a comment from a previous source disagreeing with the lower MP 5D3 option – still no specs though…

2011 December

28th We’re told (thanks) to expect a 5D2 replacement ‘in our hands’ for the summer, and that the 7D2 is slated to be ‘one of’ photokina’s star products for Canon .
Meanwhile, at CR there is a suggestion of a March/April announcement for the 5D3. It’s also pointed out that the video oriented NAB show is 14-19 April in Vegas
The only other firm product info we’ve seen is to expect built in spectros as an option in some of Canon’s upcoming large format printers (see Canon printer info)
15th In the UK the 5D mk2 at is down to ~£1460 (body)
14th In the US, there are continuing price cuts for the 5D mk2, B&H has dropped the price of the 5D Mark II body once again. 5D Mark II Body Only – B&H for $1999.95. The 5D Mark II kit is still $2799 (B&H)
6th There are suggestions that the 5D3 will be over 30MP [CR]

Interesting to see that there seem to be two current schools of 5D3 rumours big MP or 18MP and video. All the high MP rumours we’ve seen so far though have been much more of wishlists than the 18MP ones.

1st If, like me, you’re curious about the 1D X really being a true replacement for the 1Ds3, and how this fits with the 18MP 5D3 comments below, then there is a Japanese interview with the 1D X developers [DCW , Google xlt]
The jist of the bit about the 1Ds3 and a move to MF is (I believe):

“While we hear the voices, we want to see what the actual sales numbers will be for the 1D X and so determine how many 10,000s of customers we might be losing if we do not introduce a higher resolution camera and if the projected profitability of a higher resolution 24×36 mm format camera will justify development, marketing, and manufacturing investments , or if there is a sustainable market for the even greater costs of development, marketing, and manufacturing medium format cameras and lenses – an area where we have no internal expertise.”

In other words: don’t count on a much higher resolution camera anytime soon but it is not an absolute “no”.
[From this item’s G+ discussion – please feel free to contribute any more translations/comments]


30th The ‘video concept camera’ is not the same as the 5D3, says Canon in a BJP interview
29th We’re told (thanks) that the 5D2 replacement will be aimed at ‘cleaning up’ in the DSLR video market, complementing the video specific 1 series mentioned at the recent Hollywood announcement. It was also suggested that it would not be any more than 18MP, and that any higher MP camera was ‘quite some time off’.

With no details on specs, I’m assuming that any 5D3 isn’t coming in the next few months.

19th Whilst we’ve heard of some bodies being out for testing, at CR they’ve heard of at least 5. Most 5D2 replacement comments we’ve had still point to an August/September announcement, although at CR they mention Summer ‘availability’.

Whether Canon will pull back from their current strategy of announcing higher end products long before they are available, remains to be seen. How much of this is cynical marketing policy and how much genuine difficulties resulting from events this year, remains unknown.

8th The next DSLR we’re expecting from Canon is the 650D – February?
No signs yet of any full frame camera until well after the 1D X is shipping.

When you get your 5D3, why not convert your old 5D2 to infrared? I’ve been experimenting with one and written up some of my thoughts about luminous trees ;-)

– 5D2 converted to Infrared

5th In Germany, Calumet is offering to refund money spent on a 5D2 if a 5D3 is announced by the end of the year – probably a pretty safe bet ;-)
4th CPN technical info on the new c300 video cameras.
Canon start to directly supply rumour market… ;-)
This waiting for me in a Canon press release when I got up this morning.

TOKYO, November 4 / HOLLYWOOD, California, November 3, 2011—Canon Inc. today announced that the company is developing a new-concept EOS-series digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Incorporating an enhanced version of the video-capture capability offered in the current EOS-series line-up, the new camera will be ideally suited for cinematographic and other digital high-resolution production applications. The model will be equipped with a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and, enabling the recording of 4K video* (at a frame rate of 24P, with Motion-JPEG compression), will make possible the type of exceptional image quality and sublime imaging expression to be expected from the next generation of “EOS Movies.” 

The announcement coincides with the launch of the Cinema EOS System, marking Canon’s full-fledged entry into the digital high-resolution production industry. The new professional digital cinematography system spans the lens, digital video camcorder and digital SLR camera product categories. 

Further details regarding the new EOS digital SLR camera currently under development, including the product name, specifications and scheduled launch date, have yet to be decided. 

EOS Movie: A New Industry Standard
Movie recording has been a standard feature in all newly introduced Canon EOS-series digital SLR cameras since the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II in November 2008. Coupled with the diverse array of lenses in Canon’s current interchangeable EF lens line-up, this feature has heralded rich visual expressive possibilities, delivering such characteristics as beautiful image blur and low noise while also garnering kudos for the mobility and manoeuvrability made possible through the cameras’ compact and lightweight body designs. 

The impressive images created by the combination of Canon EOS digital SLR cameras and EF lenses, known as “EOS Movies,” have already earned their screen credentials on the sets of multiple productions, from television commercials and artist promotion videos to episodic dramas and even major motion pictures. 

* Cropped to APS-H-equivalent size (dimensions measuring approximately 80% vertically and horizontally of a 35 mm full-frame sensor) when recording in 4K.

2nd We’ve seen no good 5D2 replacement rumours of late… but, there is a good rumour collection that suggests that a 5D3 -will- be announced tomorrow [WOC]

* There will be at least two cameras announced, possibly three.
* PL and EF for sure. I also think a 5D3 will be “announced” but not shown.
* A Set of Canon Prime Lenses will be shown. All manual capability.*** This is Big.
* We already know about two PL zooms shown at NAB 2011.
* Removable LCD.
* No 60P Full HD. Only 720
* 4:2:2 with 4:4:4 Upgrade as an additional upgrade.
* $10K plus for the EF model and up to $15K for the PL version.
* I think the 5D3 will be a little higher than 5D2 at around $3K.
* There will be less expensive models to follow.

Interesting, although I’m minded to thing that a 5D2 replacement ‘announcement only’, would seriously dent what are still (I’m told) very healthy 5Dmk2 sales.

October 2011

30th Comment at a trade show in Canada… [DPR]

“… there might not even be a 5d M3 but a completely different line. They also mentioned March 2012 as a possible time of replacement.”

23rd Lots of (wishful) specs doing the rounds – we were sent this from DPR (thanks)

“5D Mark III 32 mpx Full Frame BSI Cmos
2 Digic 5+ For Prosesing Power
6.5 fps
way better Video
AF 45 points
Price $2999.00”

Not unreasonable, but I suspect that we are going to see that 18MP 1D X sensor get re-used in a year or so’s time. It’s worth looking though that particular thread to see the general confusion that the 1D X announcement has brought to some of the ‘where is my 5D3’ crowd ;-)
20th Quite a few people have been looking at the 1D X specs and trying to guess what’s coming…
Meanwhile the next event is supposed to be Nov 3rd – video is expected [PB]
19th After the announcement of the 1D X, talk seems to be of either the 5D3 appearing with the same 18MP sensor, or competing with the (as yet entirely fictional) 36MP D800. For an example of what’s ‘expected’, note Kirk Tuck’s comments [VS]

I’ve not yet seen any firm info relating to a 5D3 and still put it well into 2012, especially since the 1D X isn’t due to ship in any numbers until Q2 2012

1st At CR the 5D3 is back to photokina 2012 with a 1Ds4 for February.


26th I note that any 5D3 has been moved out of the ‘this year’ category at [CR]

My own thoughts are that it will appear at Photokina next year and I’m still of the opinion that the recent 5D2 price drops are a (successful) effort at boosting sales volumes, not clearing stock for an announcement.

24th Has a 5D3 been seen? – follow the trail [EHD]

I’m minded to say that I’m still not convinced we’ll see it quite so soon.

23rd Canon announce $100 ‘Instant rebate’ for the 5D2 in the US September 25th (till October 29th) Info at B&H
5D2 price in Canada is down to $2000 in some offers (Henry’s)
17th We hear (thanks) that in one part of the world at least, dealers are being offered substantial discounts by Canon, for bulk purchases of the 5D2.
There were also more hints that PMA/CES might see an announcement – although a 650D with Digic 5 would be likely too.
14th We’ve been sent (thanks) an interesting set of specs for the 1Ds4 and 5D3 (usual caveats apply although I really wouldn’t mind one of these)
1 or 2 Canon bodies for this year (1Ds4 first – may or may not be announced together)
Should ship relatively shortly after announcement (compared to previous ‘pro’ announcements)
Won’t be using the same sensor – 5D3 is evolutionary, but 1Ds4 is seen as big jump. Designed to complement each other.

Pro grade AF (not 7D like)
2 stops better ISO than 5D mk II
Digic V
6 fps
New video codec, not Raw but MPEG 4:2:2
New video functions such as tracking focus in Video mode
Compact body with improved weather sealing
Same introduction price as the predecessor

5D3 comments
3 significant improvements:

For still photographers: Pro level AF
For videographers: MPEG 4:2:2 Codec
For video and still shooters :Auto Tracking Focus during video

It’s suggested that Canon will also announced one zoom and 2 prime lens with the 1Ds 4
See 1Ds4 page for similarly detailed specs (54MP)


30th A new dealer related comment (thanks) says no 5D3 for this year.
“…why replace something that still sells really well, is still the best value on the market and with no real competition. ”

Matches what I’ve heard in the UK as well.

29th We’ve had another comment (thanks) suggesting that 5D3 development was seriously hampered by the events in Japan earlier this year, and that efforts were concentrated on the 1Ds3 replacement – any 5D3 is unlikely to ship before the end of 2012 at the very earliest.
27th I’ve been sent what was supposed to be a 5D3 ‘teaser advert’ – pity it’s from the 5D2 adverts in 2008.

If you want to see the rumours that led up to the 5D2 announcement, there is an archive page covering 4th June 2008 to the 16th of September 2008. If we are to see a 5D3, then expect to see attempts at building interest, starting a couple of weeks before an announcement.
I still put the 5D3 as a 2012 camera BTW ;-)
Re-reading that page reminds me how much better quality rumours there used to be :-)

24th I see that ‘5D3 soon’ rumours are active again [CR]

I -still- don’t buy this, all our comments received from non anonymous sorces say that it won’t appear until after the 1Ds3 is updated. In the UK Canon are still selling the 5D2 as fast as they can be supplied to dealers – stock doesn’t last for long.

19th Several reports (thanks) of price dips on the 5D2. The kit version with the 24-70 is no longer available in the UK, but I’d take that as more indicative of a new 24-70 on its way.

I’ve still seen no real signs that the 5D3 will appear before 2012 – which of course pushes any 5D mark 4 way into the distance ;-)

8th 5D3 for February? [CR]
6th A recent email suggests that the 1Ds4 will be 37MP and that the 5D3 will be 28MP and announced at the same time.

Currently, this is the only mention of a dual release I’ve come across and I’m minded to associate it with the “I want my 5D3 NOW” crowd ;-)
Any more solid info is welcome…
Probably related to current Nikon talk of both the D3s and D700 being updated on the 24th


27th Chinese ‘5D3 advert’ appears [YK]
28MP – ‘coming this fall’
I’ve a collection of screen grabs of the purported camera in a Google+ album

Knew this looked a bit familiar – it’s the one produced by a German student a while ago 

26th No 5D3 this year and maybe a camera between the 5 and 1 series [CR]

No real surprise – fits in with ‘not until the 1Ds3 replacement is shipping’ comments we’ve had.

21st We’re told (thanks) of a Canon rep in Australia saying that there will not be a 5D3 in 2011
19th I was wondering where all the good photoshopped fakes had gone – this appeared via [DPR]. I’m still wondering ;-)
14th A good round-up of 5D3 rumours at P5D
12th There is a fake ‘5D3’ video doing the rounds along with 28MP specs [1k1PR]

Thanks to all the reports about its appearance. It seems that there are a lot of people wishing for a 5D3 really soon.
Without a 1Ds3 replacement actually shipping, I don’t see a 5D3 announcement this year, if it’s going to follow form and offer similar MP to the top of the range model. I’d also suggest that with the Nikon D700 unlikely to be replaced this year, Canon is happy selling the 5D2 as fast as they can make them.


13th No 5D3 until next summer? A 3D rumour suggests that the 5D3 will use a version of whatever goes into the 1Ds3 replacement and will be seen at photokina 2012 (August release)
1st 5D series to split? [CR]
See the timeline below for one of the best guides to what to expect and when ;-)


20th Another plausible 32MP/DigicV set of specs appears for the 5D3 [CR] ;-)
However, on the balance of what we hear I still don’t believe it will appear before a 1Ds3 replacement.

Most of the ‘5D3 first’ talk, I suspect, comes from 5D2 fans with money in their pockets – I also look at the Canon DSLR timeline below (as a 1Ds3 owner with no pressing need for video ;-) )

8th In the UK, it seems that the 5D mark2 is pretty much out of stock everywhere. I’m even getting people phone me up asking… I was told that one major Canon dealer had a backorder waiting list of 16 people for the Mk2 – I’m currently putting this down to supply issues, rather than an impending 5D Mk3
2nd A suggestion received that 5D3 was now likely ‘a January 2012 Camera’ see main rumours for more…
Also at CR there are suggestions that versions of the 5D3 are currently out for testing.


18th Some ‘plausible’ specifications for a Mk3 appear [CGG]

26.4 million effective pixels, ISO expandable to 102,400
19 point AF system, 3 cross-type points, DIGIC 5
4.9 fps continuous shooting, 63-zone iFCL metering
1.04 million dot LCD, Improved camera grip
Improved pentaprism, approximately 100% frame coverage
Released mid-year.

No mention of anything video related


12th From Australia we hear of comments (thanks) from a Canon source suggesting that the 5D3 will be at least 6 months after the 1Ds4.
9th It’s suggested that Canon are looking at a new Codec for video for the 5D mark 3, a new MPEG variant 4-2-2 at 50Mbit. [EHD]. At The UK Focus show I was also told (thanks) that I wouldn’t have too much longer to wait for the announcement of a potential replacement for my 1Ds3, and that it would precede any replacement for the 5D Mk2.

2011 February

14th Some time ago we were told about a number of 32MP 1Ds4 prototypes undergoing testing, but were pulled as not being a big enough technological jump – it was felt that the 1Ds4 had to be pretty special to make a noticeable jump from the 1Ds3 (yes, I’d agree there from my 1Ds3 use). This 32MB sensor (or a derivative) is a candidate for the 5D3. If a 40+MP 1Ds4 appears, then I’ll not be surprised to see the 5D3 not too long after at 32MP.

Note that we’re getting an awful lot of ‘bits’ of info at the moment – it just isn’t clear which (if any!) have a good take on what’s going on.

11th “The 5D2 is still selling too well” was the only comment I got from a European source when I mentioned that a lot of people were waiting for it’s replacement. None of our usual sources have said anything about the 5D3 as anything but ‘later this year’. Favourite is a 1Ds3 replacement for ‘Q2’ or even March.

2011 January

28th We’re told that the the new 5D3 (Q2/Q3) will feature a new RAW vdo video format and that DPP will allow it to be edited.

Given my limted knowledge of video encoding – I’ve no idea about this one, other than it came from someone I know…

27th Althought there seems to be a lot of 5D3 ‘really soon now’ type suggestions going round, Canon would still seem to be trying to keep up with 5D2 demand [DPR]. I’ve still not seen any solid information suggesting it will be replaced earlier, rather than later in the year.
20th A source at [CR] puts the 5D3 at 28MP and a spring announcement.
13th We’re told (thanks) to expect an early September announcement, whilst at CR there is the suggestion that the 5D3 will move a bit more high end with an improved 7D AF system. They suggest Nov/Dec, which whilst an odd time for an announcement, fits with the announcement date we were told.

The whole 1D/1Ds/5D range of update rumours are showing a lot of variability at the moment – a sure sign (if I follow past rumour activity correctly) that there is very little hard fact in any of the current info we’re seeing. Add to this the expected introduction of several high end cameras from Nikon, and I’m not making sizeable bets on anything right now

2010 December

26th More ‘RAW’ video [MTM]
Some 5D3 ‘specs’ at CR, 28MP, 2 Stop Noise Improvement, 63-segment metering, 1920×1080 30/25/24 fps Video, RAW Video. A CES announcement is mentioned.
Whilst the specs are entirely plausible, we were told some time ago that nothing would happen with respect to the 5D2 replacement until -after- a new ‘flagship’ appeared. We’ve also had several comments in the past to expect a big announcement at the CP+ show
CP+ ?? – this directly from Canon back in September:

For CP+ 2011, which will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center between 9-12th February 2011, CIPA has adopted the following theme:
World Premiere—Leading the way to the new age of photo imaging
Because of the fact that no other major photo exhibitions are expected to be held in the early part of 2011, CP+ 2011 will provide the ideal opportunity for companies in the photo-imaging industry to announce their new products for spring. In addition, CIPA believes the theme of the 2011 exhibition will make the event more significant, to both business users and general attendees.

It’s interesting to note how little this was picked up on around photokina, certainly by Europe/US web sites.
Perhaps next year is time for something big to be announced – I can’t see Canon having the guts to make as big a big change such as FD->EF lens change, but we’ve had more and more suggestions of 2011 being significant
(reality check – we’ve seen this before though, every time a ‘big’ camera model is getting on in years ;-)
17th Not one we’d heard of, but a ‘Canon Rep’ comment about the 5D2 production being over and supplies low [POTN]. Seems a bit soon given how well the 5D2 is still selling?
11th A batch of misc info at CR, suggesting a 5D3 in 2011 (well, it will be 3 years old), but will an improved 5D3 come before a replacement for the 1Ds3?


20th At [CR] there is another suggestion that the 5D3 will come before the 1Ds3 replacement – possibly as soon as March.
Whilst ‘next year’ is still the only date we’ve had, I find difficulty in the idea of a 5D3 leaving the current 1Ds3 far behind in functionality, unless it’s alrady been replaced and the new camera is shipping.


10th At [CR] there is a suggestion of a 28MP 5D3 next year -before- the next ‘Ds’ …an interesting break from the 5D -> 5D2 path
The same article suggests that the next Ds will be late 2011 or even 2012.
1st Talk from the Canon expo [PB] says that the 5D3 is not going to appear for some time. Certainly not this year.


29th A suggestion (thanks) that the 5D3 is being moved forward from the expected Q3 2011 date.

Not much, I’d have thought. Not unless the 1Ds4 appears pretty soon and ships much faster than its previous versions – our most solid response is still the ‘next year’ comment from last month.


14th We’ve had lots of comments (thanks) pointing to shortages of the 5D Mk2 and asking if it signifies a replacement on the way?
What this says about Canon distribution and dealer relations is one thing, but our enquiries led to a resounding “no update for the 5D Mk2 this year”.

Not surprising given the ongoing lack of a 1Ds Mk4, although 3D rumours have picked up again of late – this often happens when it’s been a while since a new FF camera has appeared ;-)

4th At CR there is a mention of a new ‘hybrid’ camera for September and hefty rebates for the 5D2 in Canada.
There are a lot of ‘refurb’ 5Dmk2s in the Canon outlet shop at eBay UK.
No real signs of a 5D Mk3 yet though.


3rd It seems that Vince Laforet is suggesting the 5D3 for next year – no prize for fortune telling there, given we don’t have a 1Ds4 yet.
At CR it is also suggested that the 5D2’s HDMI connector is in some way to be ‘improved’


14th The 5D2 is being solidly pushed by Canon as the DSLR video solution. The 5D2 is old enough that we get regular questions as to whether an ‘N’ version will appear. Our most emphatic comments (thanks) say that nothing will change until a year -after- the 1Ds4.


17th A suggestion [CR] that the 5D3 is dependent on the Nikon D700 replacement and may be here this year.

If a 1Ds4 is available before Photokina, then I might expect to see a 5D3 announcement earlier -next- year, but with the recent 5D2 firmware upgrade I see the chances of a 5D3 this year as pretty slim.


15th Some talk of an FF camera being tested in Europe, that shoots raw video [P5D]
7th A 5D3 rumour [CR] suggests that it won’t be three years between 5D2 and Mk3. The thought is that a new camera is needed for more advanced video features and that the release schedule has been bumped by six months.

2010 January

18th Whilst most would look to the forthcoming 1Ds4 for an indication of how many MP will fit into the 5D Mk3. The 5D2 will point the way for video features.
Canon were genuinely surprised at the enthusiasm in the video market for the 5D2 and, for video, we hear that the 5D2 is Canon’s preferred choice as an HD Video solution.
The forthcoming firmware update will address more video usability issues than just framerates.
We’re told to expect video functionality as a key marketing feature of the Mk3.

No details on release dates, but at least a year after the 5D2 firmware update. How about Summer 2011 when Digic 5 will allow a lot more in-camera processing.

2009 October

15th There’s been an upturn in 5D3 comments, along with a few looking for a ‘2n’ type update. The ‘n’ update is always popular once a model has been out for a year or so, despite the fact that Canon only did this once for the 1Dmk2.
A collection of wishes [POTN] which do raise the question of timing. If we get a 1Dmk4 next week, then it increases the likelihood of a 1Ds4 earlier next year (moving to a 30 month gap rather than the previous 3yr gap)
With 5D following the 1Ds by a year, that would make a Feb 2011 announcement. Of course, that’s not considering the fabled 3D, which could appear for next year’s Photokina show ;-)
One ‘wish’ I did notice was for a possible dedicated ‘video grip’ (XLR connector etc) – given the unexpected interest Canon received for the 5D2 video functionality, I suspect there are a few examples of this in Canon R&D


1st The feature packed 7D announcement has left some wondering [DPR] if the 5D3 will come any sooner.
Not until some time after the 1Ds4, and our latest comments we’ve had put that well into next year (probably for Photokina 2010)


25th From the wishlist factory… hopes for a 5D Mk2 N [DPR]


28th Good to see people expecting the camera in 2011 POTN 

2009 February

2nd A DPR thread to follow… It’s all there – splitting the line (3D and 7D of course) – well OK not much, as you’d expect really.

2008 October

17th Good to see a POTN 5D3 rumour thread, and already someone has slipped Eye-Control AF into the specs.
(this has been in wish list specs for just about every Canon DSLR I’ve seen discussed for several years ;-)


20th Plenty of mentions already in some rumour forums…
PMA 2010 (spring) or Photokina 2010 (autumn) and it will see the appearance of Digic V. The new versions of the 1D3 and 1Ds3 should be here next year. Look for the 5D3 using the same 35+MP size sensor as the 1Ds4 but a year after it.
See also our recent technical Canon info on the 60D and 1Ds4 pages.
18th OK – the 5D2 has only just been announced, so what about it’s replacement – will we get an EOS 5D mark 3?
Somehow I don’t think it will be a three year wait like the original 5D replacement [Aug 2011 – still waiting!]

All our technical Canon info (sensor predictions etc) is currently (’08) on the 60D page.

5d2 oblique viewWhat does the 5D Mk2 replacement have to beat?

21MP CMOS sensor (similar but newer design to EOS-1Ds Mark III)
Sensor dust reduction by vibration of filter
ISO 100 – 6400 calibrated range, ISO 50 – 25600 expansion (1Ds Mark III and 5D max ISO 3200)
Auto ISO (100 – 3200)
3.9 FPS continuous shooting
DIGIC 4 processor, new menus / interface as per the EOS 50D
Image processing features:
Highlight tone priority
Auto lighting optimizer (4 levels)
High ISO noise reduction (4 levels)
Lens peripheral illumination correction (vignetting correction)
RAW and SRAW1 (10 MP) / SRAW2 (5 MP)
RAW / JPEG selection made separately
Permanent display of ISO on both top plate and viewfinder displays
AF microadjustment (up to 20 lenses individually)
Three custom modes on command dial, Creative Auto mode
Image copyright metadata support
98% coverage viewfinder (0.71x magnification)
3.0″ 920,000 dot LCD monitor with ‘Clear View’ cover / coatings, 170° viewing angle
Automatic LCD brightness adjustment (ambient light sensor)
Live view with three mode auto-focus (including face detection)
No mirror-flip for exposures in Live View if contrast detect AF selected
Movie recording in live view (1080p H.264 up to 12 minutes, VGA H.264 up to 24 mins per clip)
Two mode silent shooting (in live view)
New jump options in play mode
HDMI and standard composite (AV) video out
Full audio support: built-in mic and speaker, mic-in socket, audio-out over AV (although not HDMI)
IrPort (supports IR remote shutter release using optional RC1 / RC5 controllers)
UDMA CompactFlash support
New 1800 mAh battery with improved battery information / logging
New optional WFT-E4 WiFi / LAN / USB vertical grip
Water resistance: 10 mm rain in 3 minutes

Here are the Old 5D specs for those of you who have forgotten :-)

eos 5d cut away viewThe EOS 5D’s full-frame CMOS sensor records 4,368 x 2,912 pixels-that’s 12.8 Megapixels, larger than many other companies’ top-of-the-line sensors. The same size as a 35mm image on a traditional camera, the sensor operates without a conversion factor. This is perfect for taking advantage of the spectacular optics in Canon’s L-series, and will be a joy for wide-angle enthusiasts who can make the most of their wide-angle lenses. This new CMOS sensor, designed in-house by Canon, provides smooth, high-resolution images similar to the EOS-1Ds Mark II but in a more compact body. Two automatic noise reduction features maximize the effectiveness of the EOS 5D’s on-chip noise reduction. Noise reduction can be activated when noise is detected or it will simply come into play on any exposure of 1 second or longer.
DIGIC II Image Processor 3.0 fps for up to 60 consecutive JPEG or 17 RAW frames in a burst.
The EOS 5D’s new 12.8 Megapixel sensor is driven by the revolutionary DIGIC II Image Processor for unprecedented performance and image quality. Thanks to the DIGIC II Image Processor, the EOS 5D is capable of shooting up to 3 frames-per-second for up to 60 JPEG or 17 RAW images. The information captured by the sensor is processed and assembled into images of exceptional clarity and resolution. Photographers can expect precise, natural colours, spot-on white balance and speed in any number of lighting situations. By handling larger volumes of image data, the DIGIC II Image Processor also contributes to lower power consumption: photographers will discover that they can shoot all day with the EOS 5D without having to change the battery!
eos 5d rear viewAdvanced 9-point AF with 6 additional Supplemental points
In addition to 9 different AF points for locking focus on subjects, even if they are not in the center of the composition, the EOS 5D features 6 Supplemental points around the center AF point which help to ensure an even greater degree of focus accuracy when tracking a moving subject. This feature is significant for sports photographers, as well as anyone who needs to keep focus locked on an unpredictable subject. The Supplemental AF points are not displayed in the viewfinder, and they cannot be manually selected. However, they are used in AI Servo AF mode when the EOS 5D is set for automatic focusing point selection, and also when the center focusing point is selected together with Custom Function 17-1.
New high-speed durable shutter
The EOS 5D boasts a newly developed, high-speed and durable shutter unit that was designed to meet the demanding requirements of a full frame sensor in a relatively compact body. With a top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. and with a remarkable 100,000-cycle shutter life, it truly is a camera built to professional standards.