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We have two prices

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Our two basic prices for work: Full price and free

How to react when people want photography, but don’t want to pay.

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Yes we will work for free  –BUT–  to get work for free, there has to be something of serious business benefit about the work for us…

Unfortunately we come across all too many photographers who have been hoodwinked with that old ‘Oh, we’ll give you a credit on our site’ line.

Seriously, when did you see a photo in a brochure or company web site and wonder who took the photo? OK, you’re a photographer and perhaps have an excuse, but how many potential clients do you think search out photo credits?

Photo credits should be part of what you normally expect as part of supplying work for a client. Photo credits are not exchangeable for food or a new lens anywhere I’ve seen.

After several years of this, my first response is always to ask if the person making the request is getting paid for their work? If so, then they can pay me.

Pricing is one of the aspects of running a photography business in the article about Becoming a professional photographer, I wrote a while ago.

There may be a few times that no money changes hands – but not many – see my notes about ‘when to work for free

Next time you get asked for work on the cheap or for free, send a link to this video.

I should note that I have sometimes supplied photos to local good causes ‘for free’, but they are invariably ones I have existing relationships with. Just saying “We’re a charity” cuts little ice with me.

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