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Updating the Eye One Pro ruler

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Updating the Eye One Pro ruler

Making printer profiles with the Eye One Pro just got easier

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We’ve reviewed various versions of the Eye One profiling package elsewhere, and found it easy to use, and capable of very good results when producing icc printer profiles.

The previous version comes in a box and has a relatively simple ruler device for use when measuring test targets for printer profiling.

new i1Pro ruler

GretagMacbeth (now X-Rite) have now introduced a more complicated device, and a bag to keep all the attachments in.

Keith has been looking at what you get, and if it makes any difference.

What do you get?

The new ruler comes with a slide base for the Eye One spectrophotometer to fit into (the black bits under the device above).

Updates – July 2012 The new i1Pro 2 [review] has a redesigned ruler.

If you look at the old version below, you can see that one immediate benefit is that the feet of the measuring device do not slide over your profiling target print.

Printer profiling - new eye one ruler and measuring base

Eye one measuring target to make printer profileI never found this to be too much of a problem, but when profiling some papers it would be very easy to mark the print during the measurements.

This would affect measurements, particularly if you went back and wanted to re-measure a target.

The white base also holds your test print firmly in place (the black top of the base lifts to act as a clamp) and provides a good consistent white background against which to measure your target print.

The base (which you do not have to use) accepts media up to 3mm thick and folds up to go in the new case.

The carrying case

Eye one case from GretagMacbeth for colour managementI often take my Eye One out to clients when I’m teaching people the fundamentals of colour management.

Whilst the box that the kit came in is perfectly sturdy, it takes a while to pack everything away.

So what does the well dressed colour management consultant take to the beach now? :-)

A rather well made foam packed carry bag that holds the full range of accessories (including the measuring table/ruler) securely and safely.

The picture below shows the range of items I’d previously need to take along with my Powerbook.

It’s also a much nicer bag than the old Eye One carry case which was available as an extra.

monitor and printer profiles - eye one pro accessories

Eye One Pro accessories (with old style ruler)


The new ruler from GretagMacbeth is very well designed.

I had no problem with the old version, but after building a few profiles, the ease of use and increase in speed when using the new version was obvious.

Better printer profile target measurements equate with more accurate icc printer profiles. It’s also well built and fairly robust (no bits likely to drop off).

The case is particularly useful for when I’m doing lectures and demonstrations — it also looks good, which never does any harm ;-)

I’ve also no longer got any excuse to keep any of the attachments in my ‘miscellaneous things’ drawer.

Remember that colour management equipment is not the kind of stuff that takes kindly to being kept in the bottom of your gadget bag.

Note – One thing I’ve heard a couple of people comment upon, is that you should carry out your readings in fairly dimly lit surroundings so as not to affect readings.
They suggest that this is more likely to be an issue with the new ruler design.
I’ve not experienced this, but it may be since I’ve always used my own Eye One in fairly low level indirect lighting. Suffice to say, don’t measure your patches in a sunny room, or with a bright light source nearby…

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