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Topaz Studio 2

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Topaz Studio Version 2

Image editing software

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Topaz have announced a new version of their Studio image editing package.

Topaz have always had a lot of different image editing packages, and Studio 2 looks to bringing things together in the one package.

There are all sorts of updates and offers available for owners of previous packages.

Check the free trial versions of Topaz Software
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I’ve reviewed a lot of Topaz’s editing software in quite some detail and there are some interesting features – for more info see the Topaz Category in the dropdown menu to the right.

I use studio as a plugin in Photoshop rather than as a stand-alone image editor. All my old Topaz software still works perfectly well, if you were concerned about trying Studio 2.

The Studio update also doesn’t affect the AI tools such as Gigapixel AI which is currently a key part of my ‘very big print’ workflow. [Free trials]

The new software

The software had had a major overhaul bringing together a fully non-destructive layer workflow and refined masking.

The software used to let you buy individual adjustments, but now includes everything at one fixed price. Topaz have listed three major changes:

  • 1. Pricing change. Instead of paying for each add-on you want to use, Topaz Studio 2 will now be available for a single flat fee of $99.99 that includes all adjustments by default. There will be no free version. 
  • 2. Full non-destructive layer support. As mentioned before, Topaz Studio 2 now has full layer support – and everything you do is non-destructive. Looks (formerly presets) go on their own layers so you can now mix, match, and stack them. (Apply and Duplicate no longer necessary!)
  • 3. Major UI refresh. Topaz Studio 2 received a major user interface change focused around layers. You can easily drag and drop to rearrange layers, access layer masks, and control blending/opacity. It does look quite different than the current Studio, but we’re confident this new workflow will enable you to work more quickly and easily than before.

If you’ve previously bought any adjustments, there are a number of upgrade options available

This is quite a big change and if you use Studio a lot you should note that:

  • You will be able to use Studio 1 alongside Studio 2, but you will not be able to buy any additional paid adjustments
  • The old Studio 1 .tsp format will no longer be compatible
  • Studio 1 presets will not be compatible at launch, but we will offer a utility to help migrate custom Studio 1 presets into Studio 2
    Studio 2 will not support plug-ins upon release, but this will be added soon


The software is download only, with the install taking a few minutes

Opening for the first time shows some basic tips for use – even if you’re familiar with Studio, have a look at this to see what’s different.


As a plugin, I just select ‘Studio 2’ from my photoshop plugins list.

If you’re using Studio in Photoshop, it reminds you that it’s best to work on a duplicate layer.


As ever, there are a lot of creative options as well as the more basic image adjustments – here’s Leicester station after a bit of the AI ReMix filter.


I’ll have a more complete review in due course, but there have always been lots of interesting effects in the Topaz offerings, so I need to explore some more…

Software (Mac/PC)

If you fancy exploring a bit more then there is a free trial available

The software’s normal price is $99.99 – with an initial offer at $79.99

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