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Personal training – specialist photography topics

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Photography training – specialist techniques and equipment

Photography training for when you want to learn more complex stuff

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curve, leicesterAdvanced photography training

I get quite a few requests for personal photography training, covering specialist topics.

In general I only provided such services through Northlight Images to our commercial clients.

This is where I teach companies such things as colour management, or how to do their own product photography or for real estate professionals, how to take better house photos.

After a few test sessions, which I found I really enjoyed, I’ve decided to offer specialist photography training for companies and private individuals covering (initially) such topics as:

  • Architectural Photography
  • Using tilt and shift
  • Landscape Essentials

To keep costs down for individuals, I’m looking to provide the work in and around the city of Leicester, in the UK, where I live. For commercial organisations, I’m happy to travel for specialist teaching.

We don’t have suitable facilities, here at Northlight, to cover areas such as B/W fine art printing or colour management, so such courses are very much ‘location based’.

The tuition is aimed at relatively advanced photographers who might be looking to improve particular technical and aesthetic aspects of their skills.

For all of these subjects, I’m really recommending a full frame DSLR, but I’m happy to lend out my (backup) Canon 1Ds mk3 to photographers without such kit.  Wide lenses you can try include the 11-24mm f4L, the EF8-15mm fisheye, and 17mm and 24mm TS-E lenses.

viaduct at John o' Gaunt, Leicestershire

Viaduct at John o’ Gaunt, Leicestershire

>> Training details

BTW If anyone reading this, organises training sessions elsewhere (worldwide) and is looking for specialist photography trainers, then do give me a call… (see the training sections of the site and the articles, for all the topics I can cover)

PS All the site content is, and will always remain, totally free of charge!

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