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Verified view and AVR photography
– Leicester, Leicestershire & East Mids

UK technical photography for architectural visualisation and planning submission

Specialist architectural photography in the midlands

camera view for AVR photographyFor architects, developers and planners, Northlight images can supply all your baseline AVR (accurate visual representation) and verified view UK photography needs.

Verified views

Each of our AVR source photographs is supplied with a full methodology and description of the equipment used for the image capture. A range of high quality lenses are available in addition to the standard 50mm focal length usually specified.

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AVR source photographs are typically taken at a lens height of 1.6 metres and supplied at 50 megapixel resolution as 16 bit TIFF files (along with original camera files for traceability).

Photographs of the location context are supplied for confirmation of the precise spot the camera was situated.

Multiple image captures for stitching can be supplied using specialist lens mounts to avoid parallax errors and facilitate image use for photomontages and panoramic photography.

AVR photography can be combined with our standard architectural photography services, which cover site photography and construction.

Location surveying

We can attend the location with surveyors or mark the camera position for subsequent survey work (paint or survey pins). We are happy to liaise with local planning departments as needed and welcome the presence of planning officers if they wish to attend the shoot.

As an ex geologist, Keith has a surveying background – we’re used to working on busy sites and extreme locations, and always put safety first. We will provide our full risk assessment notes if required.

We only cover commercial photographic work and are fully covered by appropriate insurance.

Technical excellence

Your photos are created with specialised cameras and lenses and a range of post production software packages and techniques so as to achieve geometrically correct and, if required, ultra wide angle images for Visually Verified Montages (VVM).

In addition to source images for AVR purposes our photos can have all sorts of geometric projections and adjustments applied (such as for VR or rectification).  Give us a call – we’re happy to explain what we can do for you and can even help with image correction and processing advice if required.

Our images have been supplied at gigapixel resolution – for more about this see our High Resolution Images and Panoramic Photography page

UK wide verified view and AVR photography

Northlight Images works throughout the UK and are based in Leicester in the UK East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham and Derby).

In the UK, our default is to follow the methodologies set out by the Landscape Institute and London View Management Framework (LVMF).

More details

Our work is often quite specialised, so we have a number of pages with more photos and details

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RIBA affiliate memberKeith Cooper is a council member of the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects and an affiliate member of the RIBA.

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