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Bulk editing photos without Photoshop

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Editing photos in bulk without Photoshop

Using BatchPhoto

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Sometimes you want to make bulk edits to groups of images without going to the trouble of setting up complex actions or scripts.

BatchPhoto lets you do that. It’s created by Mike Cosmin Unguru, who has put together this short guide to his software.

You can check out the software (there is a free demo) at

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batchphoto software

How to Edit Photos in Bulk without Photoshop

As a photographer you permanently work with images. Lots and lots of images that require adequate editing. The editing process is essential in the photography business, since it serves multiple purposes. At first glance you may think it’s purely done to make photos look better. But it’s also a great way for photographers to stand out from the rest, to express their unique style and vision of art.

Editing photos is not the easiest task. In fact it can be quite challenging, particularly if you’re dealing with hundreds of pictures. The good news is that, if those pictures require the same type of changes, you can automate the process and hence significantly improve your productivity. In this article I’m going to show you how you can edit multiple images at once without resorting to the most famous photo editing software in the world: Photoshop.

BatchPhoto: Batch Editing Made Easy

Photoshop is indeed the most powerful image manipulation tool out there, nobody is disputing that. But there are situations where Adobe’s software is simply too complex and unnecessary. Automating a wide range of repetitive operations can be easily accomplished with a special tool like BatchPhoto for example.

Author info
Mike Cosmin Unguru is the creator of BatchPhoto and founder of Bits&Coffee. Besides BatchPhoto he has also created PhotoMarks, PhotoVideoCollage and ActivityTracker.
He began developing software at a young age and continues to bring app ideas to life to this day. When he’s not developing software he enjoys spending time with his family and sports like tennis, skiing, biking, and hiking.

BatchPhoto is an image editing tool for both Windows and Mac particularly developed for batch processing. Why should you take it into consideration for your batch editing needs?

First of all, because it’s powerful enough to effectively process dozens or hundreds of images at once and because it’s super easy to use in comparison to Photoshop. Second of all, the batch editing process is pretty straightforward: add your photos, apply the changes and select your format and destination folder. No need to create and save actions.

Furthermore, BatchPhoto is a far more convenient solution, financially speaking. There’s no monthly subscription, you pay once and get a lifetime licence.

Simple Three-Step Wizard

All you have to do in order to batch edit your photos is follow a simple three-step wizard. [click to enlarge images]

Step 1


In this first phase you add your pictures. There are multiple ways you can do this: add photos using drag & drop or clicking on a button, add folders including sub-folders or define a search pattern.

Step 2


This is where you make all the desired changes to your images. BatchPhoto places at your disposal 50 graphical filters so you can optimize and enhance your photos with ease, according to your standards.

Step 3


The third and last step of the process gives you the chance to select your output format and destination folder. In addition to saving the new photos on your PC or Mac, you can also directly upload them to FTP or send them via email.

That’s all there is to it. But now that you’ve seen how easy it is, let’s dig deeper and take a closer look at what can BatchPhoto do in order to help us improve our pictures.

Optimise Photos for Web Use

No matter if we’re talking about product photos for e-commerce clients or wedding pictures for your own portfolio, it’s essential to optimise them prior uploading them online. To help you accomplish this task BatchPhoto places at your disposal filters to resize images, rotate and crop them manually or automatically or rename them in bulk.

Convert RAW to JPG

BatchPhoto addresses professional and amateur photographers who shoot in RAW, therefore it’s designed to provide an extensive support for this type of files. The program can read RAW images from almost all DSLR manufacturers and can convert them to any image format, since it has support for 170 formats. Additionally it provides specific features for RAW development, such as Demosaicing, White Balance and Highlights.

Watermark your Images

Watermarking can be helpful in two ways. First of all, it can help you deter users from stealing your original content. Second of all, it can also help you increase your online visibility as a photographer, build your brand and easier reach potential clients. BatchPhoto enables you to add both text and logo marks to your pictures and completely customise them to meet your specific requirements. This means setting the desired position, size and rotation, adjusting the transparency, applying special effects and more.

Add Date to Photos

BatchPhoto can read the original date and time from the EXIF/IPTC metadata and automatically date stamp your images. The tool gives you the chance to customise the appearance of the stamp. This means you can select from multiple preset date formats, choose your preferred font type, size and colour, apply effects like stroke and shadow, set the opacity or add a background bounding-box.

Make Colour Corrections

BatchPhoto comes with all the necessary features to fix photos, no matter if they’re overexposed, bland, undersaturated or slightly blurry. The tool offers you various options to adjust the contrast both manually and automatically, adjust the brightness, increase the hue and saturation, reduce the noise or sharpen your images. At the same time you can apply special effects like sepia, black and white and oil paint and add borders and vintage frames.

Options to Speed Up Your Workflow

Because it was designed with a major focus on productivity, BatchPhoto comes with several features to help you become more efficient.

One truly useful option is the Automatic Folder Watch. What this feature does is monitor a number of folders on your PC or Mac or website (through FTP) to see if new images have been added. When it detects new images, it automatically applies a series of edits to them, edits which you previously set. For example, let’s say you simply transfer 300 RAW files taken at a recent photo shoot to one of these monitored folders. BatchPhoto will scan the folder and will automatically rename, resize, add a logo and convert to JPG all the new pictures. You won’t have to do a thing, just transfer them from your camera to your folder.

Besides the Folder Watch, there’s another useful option designed to help you improve your workflow. With BatchPhoto you can save your frequently-used settings as Profiles and just load them in future editing sessions. This way you won’t have to go through the same process and apply the same edits over and over again.

Bottom Line

Editing tons of pictures that require the same changes is no longer a tedious task. With the aid of tools that are particularly built for batch processing you can apply the desired edits to dozens or hundreds of images at once and hence save time and energy. BatchPhoto is a recommended solution for these situations, because it’s quite easy to use and gets the job done quickly and effectively. It’s in no way an overall replacement for Photoshop and it doesn’t aim to be one. It’s just a solid, reliable tool if you need to edit photos in bulk.

Try out the software (there is a free demo) at


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