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Archive EOS 7D Mark 2 rumours

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Archive of Canon 7D mark 2 rumours

Rumours about the 7D2 – from September 2009 to August 2014

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Current 7D Mk2 info is on the EOS 7D mk2 page

This page covers all our pre release rumour info

The Canon 7D mark 2 (due for launch at Photokina 2014).

The EOS 7D dates from late 2009, making it one of the older cameras in Canon’s current DSLR line up.

New firmware for the 7D in August 2012 adds a fair bit of functionality and probably extends the lifetime of the existing model quite a bit.

See the EOS DSLR timeline below for more The 7D is currently the highest level 1.6x crop sensor camera in Canon’s range, and with the demise of the 1D Mk4, it’s the best if you don’t need or want a ‘full frame’ sensor. Full 7D specs and other technical data are listed at the bottom of this page.

canon eos7d mk2


2014 September

11th A photo and confirmation of the specs we’ve known for the last few weeks appear [DH – Google xlt]

The specs at CR have been consistent, and unlike some sites, they don’t selectively remove posts from the archive, where they got it wrong ;-)

The 65 point AF is composed of a 5×5 central grid of cross type sensors, with a 4 (across) x 5(down) grid to the left and right of the centre block. this gives 64 points (f/5.6 vertical/horizontal).
The centre spot has a second diagonal cross sensor which works at f/2.8 and wider.
It’s worth noting that how many AF points you have depend very much on the lens, and is not simply related to the max aperture.
A spec list

All metal body, Dust and weather resistant
20.2MP CMOS sensor, 10 fps, 65 AF point all cross type, Dual Pixel CMOS AF
EOS iTR Autofocus, Dual DIGIC6
Max ISO 16000, RGB + IR Photometry Sensor

Full Specifications (CR)

Kit lenses: 18-135 IS STM and 15-85 IS (no STM)
CF, UDMA mode 7 + SD, UHS-I
GPS is in the camera, No WiFi
Fixed LCD, with no touch function.
20.2MP APS-C Sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Dual DIGIC 6 Processors
65 AF points “All Cross-type”. Dual cross on the center point.
f/8 on center point at least, could be on more points.
ISO 100-16000, ISO Boost mode 25600 and 51200 (updated this to 16000)
1080p/720p both get 60fps, Servo AF for video shooting.
Anti-flicker mode, eliminates flickers under flickering lights (e.g. fluorescent lamps).
Spot metering size 1.8%
Built-in flash, Intervalometer
Mic and headphones connectors
Can sync time between 7D II cameras.
Lens electronic MF, About 100% coverage OVF
New Battery – LP-E6N, New Battery Grip BG-E16


29th Boring I’m afraid, but nothing I’ve seen convincingly changes the specs below.

Note the (?) next to the maximum non-extended ISO – this is 12800 and 16000 in two different sets of specs seen. Canon have had non ‘whole stop’ maximum ISO settings in the past (such a the 1250 max on my old 1Ds)

25th Once again – more confirmation of the specs appearing at CR (there are some minor details that still seem uncertain) Thanks to everyone sending in info/comments.
20.2MP APS-C sensor (same res as 70D)
65 AF points, all cross. Centre point is a ‘dual cross’. Not the 5D3/1DX 61 pt sensor
ISO 100-12800(?) 25.6k and 51.2k boost
10 fps
Dual cards CF and SD
Integral flash
Integral GPS
WiFi via external unit or Eye-fi card
LCD fixed, no touch
OVF 100% Advanced LCD overlay (souped up 7D VF?)
1080/720 @60fps
Servo AF in video and anti-flicker mode
Spot metering 1.8%
23rd We told [thanks] the new specs at CR are pretty solid and represent real pre-production info.

Is this that point in the run up to announcement where real product info finally starts appearing?
Truth is, Canon runs a tight ship and these specs are actually the first that I’d be prepared to put a [small] bet on.
We’re now close enough to a release that I’ve updated the EOS 7D mk3 page – currently expecting it to run until ~2019 ;-)

22nd It seems that more detailed leaks are now around, with a very reasonable set of specs posted at [CR] …see link for more extensive set of specs

Kit lenses: 18-135 IS STM and 15-85 IS STM
No GPS or WiFi
20.2MP “Fine Detail” CMOS Sensor
Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 65 AF points “All Cross-type”. Dual cross on the centre point.
Dual DIGIC 6 Processors
ISO 100-16000 [sic], ISO Boost mode 25600 and 51200
Spot metering size 1.8%
Built-in flash with radio trigger function.
~100% coverage OVF

15th [Updated] At [CR] there is a list of the few bits of info that may be pertinent to a 7D2 (if that’s what it is)

Full metal body (EOS-1 build quality), EOS-1 style top plate, New sensor technology (multi layer), No Wifi built-in, Not touch screen, super durable LCD cover, 12fps shooting (or faster), Dual Pixel AF, New AF system
As yet, no solid details on the 7D2…

The only info we’re seeing (below) is coming from dealer related sources, so experience requires the usual hefty pinch of salt. Several sources have commented that this is one of Canon’s best ‘hidden’ announcements ever and that many previous testers and reviewers are not in the loop this time.

Of course, if you know better… all info is always welcome ;-)

We’re told (thanks) that the 7D replacement is firmly aimed at top end sports and nature photographers with AF and burst performance exceeding the 1D X in some areas. Video is also the best yet in a crop sensor DSLR.
12th A new Canon patent (see main rumour page) points to combining Phase AF from the sensor with conventional Phase AF for better burst performance.
11th 7D2 rumours are getting a bit of a bump – only to be expected with the suspected announcement less than a month away.
No WiFi and 24+MP both suggested [CR]


30th In what seems a concerted leak, info about Canon releases in September has been popping up all over the place.
A 7D2 with significant 1D X influence and sensor developments, and some zoom lenses should appear in the first week of September. Canon India’s FB page is hinting at a long lens – the 100-400 seems to be the favourite.
[CR and others]
26th The 7D starts showing up as discontinued at Amazon
Note that it is still available from other sources, but this is to be expected as stocks dwindle.

7D camera at Amazon

7th At CR there is a note that the Canon NDAs (possibly for the 7D2) end at midnight on Friday, September 5, 2014 EST.
5th Thanks for all the feedback – I’m minded to agree that it may just be overzealous use of a rain cover.

BTW… Most of the time I put into this site is about the more serious stuff, such as the review I’ve just finished for the Topaz Lens Effects plugin.
If you’re new to the site, the rumour pages are a small part – see the main articles page for more.

4th Mystery covered up camera seen at several world cup matches. Canon lens, but body is always covered up (other cameras are not)

mystery obscured camera

The guy is always in the same position, towards the corner flag on the far side of the pitch (but can be at either end).
Perhaps time to record in HD?

Thanks for sending this in – football is not something I tend to watch myself ;-)

1st At last, some firmer info suggesting that the NDAs for the 7D2 and a tele lens (100-400?) expire in early September.

Expect a few well timed ‘leaks’, probably not until August though ;-) [CR]


29th A Canon viewfinder patent appears (main rumours page) that would fit in with suggestions that VF improvement is a key feature of the upcoming 7D replacement.
25th It’s suggested that 7D2 sensor technology may well bring forward Sony’s response [SAR]

I’ve seen a few hints at significant sensor advances coming out for Photokina, but nothing plausible yet (we get sent a lot of stuff ‘too good to be true’ ;-)

19th What’s Canon’s next big sensor technology jump for sensors?
Whatever it is, the 7D2 will supposedly see it [CR]

Canon have several multi-layer pixel patents and I’m sure that the dual Pixel AF is likely to figure in it somehow.

18th Some non-specific 7D2 info at [CR]
Better everything – not quite 1 series, but more pro.
17th A set of purported specs for the 7D2 appears on a Snapsort page
An odd mix of guesses, filler and the plain wrong, by the look of it…
…given it purports to have DxOMark scores (I think not ;-)
24MP, ISO 25600,
61 focus points (a la 5D3),
Oh, and a March 2013 release date.

Looks like an attempt for some advance SEO – if the site has much meaningful content, it hides it well ;-)

16th More possible 7D2 snippets – 100% viewfinder 1.15x magnification, with concomitant bigger bump for the prism [CR]

11th If we’ve a 7D mk 2 on the way, the likelihood of ‘real’ leaks starts to rise, since actual cameras will be seen by many more people. Is this the start? [CR]

EOS-1 style top plate, which means no mode dial.
Pop-up flash, even with the new style top plate.
WiFi & GPS will be internal.

As I’ve noted before with other cameras, there is a distinct change of rumour types (and sources) once things get a bit more ‘real’.
8th More dealers reporting difficulties in obtaining the 7D any more (we’ve heard of two in Europe] A mid August announcement is suggested at [CR] along with a kit lens and an ‘L’ zoom (dare we say 100-400?)
No details yet of what’s coming, but it’s no coincidence that the Nikon D300S has been moved to the ‘retired’ category on Nikon US’s web site.

We’ve long been told that announcements of replacements for the D300S and 7D would find themselves quite closely tied together.

5th We hear [thanks] from Germany, that there are several Canon Pro dealer events scheduled in July covering announcements in August.

Only senior people though, so probably no leaks until they are properly authorised ;-)

Meanwhile there are reports that the 7D will no longer be available to dealers by the start of July [CR]


22nd Keep an eye out for the 7D2 in use at the upcoming world cup in Brazil [CR] Still on for a Q3 announcement.


13th The 7D2 is suggested as a Q3 product (main rumours page)
3rd I see that a high end D9300 [D400] crop sensor camera is mentioned [NR] – why note that here? We’ve long been told that Canon and Nikon were both holding back on replacing the 7D and D300s until the other made a move.

Of course it’s widely believed that both companies have pretty good knowledge of what the other is up to. It would also be remiss of me not to note that Canon related rumours often elicit similar Nikon ones and vice versa ;-)

2nd May is suggested for a 7D2 [CR] – as yet we’ve seen no detailed specs beyond what have been floating around for a few months.

Once we get within 4 weeks of any announcement, I’d expect to to see a distinct change in the ‘style’ of information appearing. It’s worth noting that the 100D and 700D are now both just over a year old.
Currently, we expact the 7D3 in 2019 ;-)


11th Time for a few more 7D2 related noises ;-) [CR]
All new sensor, CF and SD cards, lots of software features and a ‘hybrid’ viewfinder – nothing solid yet though and I’m minded to agree that it isn’t on its way soon.


28th Thanks for all the feedback!
No 7D2 news today, but if you are going to ‘The Photography Show’ in the UK (1st-4th March NEC), do looks for the Canon large format printer people, since I’m told that there is a prize draw for a 24″ iPF6400 printer. I’ve reviewed this printer, and will definitiely be taking some business cards along ;-)
If you’ve ever wondered about getting a large printer, I’ve recently written an article about what I think are key questions and issues to consider: So, you want to get a large format printer?

PS If you’re new to this site, welcome!, the rumour pages are but a tiny part of it, so please do have a browse in the articles/reviews, which are much more interesting from my own POV.

27th Since yesterday we’ve had several comments saying that the 7D2 was a Q2 [Apr/May/June] launch, not Q3, including a comment attributed to a Canon rep in December that “the 7D successor is not too far away”.

I note that we’ve had a steady stream of ‘real soon now’ comments for several years now (sometimes even with specs) and I’m still no closer to a camera spec I’d be prepared to wager any real money on (OK, maybe a small side bet on some of those ‘Panasonic’ specs a few weeks ago)

I recall that back in December 2011 we were ‘assured’ of a 2012 Photokina 7D2, however I’m still looking at my guestimated specs below, from the time of the 7D launch in September 2009 ;-)

26th We’re told [thanks] that the 7D2 is still some time off (July/Aug pre photokina suggested) and that the next Canon announcements will be video related. The 7D is apparently still selling well and the ongoing lack of competition from a D400 (or the much more likely D7200) is keeping some pressure off a replacement.

Given that there have been no more solid leaks to build momentum, I’m thinking we’re not seeing the 7D2 in March. 

I’m still reading this as “nothing to see here… move along”

When a launch is imminent (month or so out) the types and style of rumours have a distinct change in nature, and I’ve not seen it yet…

21st A brief suggestion of March for the 7D2 [CR]
13th Yesterday’s 7D info comes from a Panasonic PDF documment for the GH4 – only one mention of the 7D sucessor, but an awful lot about the GH4.
12th Some ‘7D Successor’ specs appear in a competitive analysis from another camera manufacturer – do they know, or is it guesswork?

ISO100-12800 (25600 ext)
1/8000 – 30s, Bulb, X=1/250
150k shutter life
Quiet shutter
Phase AF, 19 point
metering -0.5 – 18ev
Buffer 15 Raw / 126 JPEG
3.0″ 1040k LCD, touch screen
Optional WiFi
Body Mag Alloy – splash/dustproof
Battery capacity 850 shots
148.2 x 110.7 x 73.5 mm
Weight 910g

An interesting mix of specs, when compared to the 70D/7D

Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS 7D
 Effective Pixels   20.2 MP   18.0 MP
 ISO Range   100-12800 standard
25600 expanded
  100-6400 standard
12800 expanded
 No of AF points   19   19
 AF in live view   Phase detection   Contrast detection
 Screen   3.0″
1,040,000 dots
Touch sensitive
920,000 dots
 Viewfinder   98% coverage
0.95x magnification
  100% coverage
1.0x magnification
 Continuous drive   7 fps   8 fps
 Storage   SD/SDHC/SDXC   Compact flash
(inc batteries)
  755g (1.7 lb)   860g (1.9 lb)
 Dimensions   139 x 104 x 79 mm
(5.5 x 4.1 x 3.1″)
  148 x 111 x 74 mm
(5.8 x 4.4 x 2.9″)
 Wi-Fi    Built-in    Optional


30th [Comment]

I noticed that some comments on the previous day’s rumour seemed to have confusion between the idea of “demo events planned for some of Canon’s ‘favoured customers'” as opposed to just handing out cameras for testing …
I should know by now, how few commenters on forums actually take time to read the source material ;-) 
Then again how would rumours propagate?
For something a little more factual – see this interesting new article from Canon about the 1DX and wonder what will appear in a 7D followup?

29th We’re told [thanks] that the replacement for the 7D will be a 7D mark 2 and is slated for a Q2 release and Q3 availability. A lot of upcoming Canon camera kit (lenses, cameras and video) has been sent to Sochi (winter olympics)where there are a series of demo events planned for some of Canon’s ‘favoured customers’. It was also mentioned that quite a few aspects of functionality were still ‘up for grabs’ and that any specs leaked out over the next month or two would still be very provisional.

Yes, a trip to the Winter Olympics would be nice… However I suspect that people going to such events are unlikely to be inclined to pass on any details ;-)
I suppose that this timescale would fit with the test related comments from earlier this month, but we’re still not seeing any details, which from past experience, only tend to come a few weeks , at best, before actual announcements.

17th Suggestion at CR that the 7D2 will be one of three DSLRs this year, but not yet…

14th We’re hearing [thanks] of supply shortages for the 7D around Europe.
11th Is the 7D mk2 finally on its way?
We’re told [thanks] that the combination of the Winter Olympics (7th-23rd Feb.) and CP+ (13th-16th Feb.) will be used by Canon to to announce several new products, one of which will be the replacement for the 7D.
The comments (supposedly via someone testing in December) said that speed, AF and high ISO performance were the key areas where feedback was being sought, and that the camera was very solidly built and fast. There were no specs other than ‘over 20MP’, since different versions of the camera were still being tested.

My own thought is that if several versions are still in test, then actual shipping of any camera is not that close. 
Maybe we’ll see something in time for ‘The Photography Show’ in Birmingham, UK, from Saturday 1st to Tuesday 4th March (replacing what was ‘Focus’ ).
I have had other comments in the past about testing, where people wouldn’t give detailed specs, since these could identify the actual camera being tested., but this one still falls in the ‘take with suitable pinch of salt category’ ;-)
BTW It’s been suggested that Nikon’s D4s pre-announcement was only because loads of D4s bodies would be seen at the Olympics anyway, so why not announce in your own time. 

2013 December

26th We’re hearing more reports of price drops on the 7D and it not appearing in some price lists.
In some areas it’s almost at the price of the 70D
Here are current UK best prices (inc. 20% tax) Mouse over to see the price drops since Dec 20th
(Note – not inc. current (to Jan 26) UK rebates £30 – 600D, £40 – 100D, £50 – 700D)

19th The on/off/on 7D2 makes a reappearance at CR
16th 7D2 rumours seem to have gone into random speculation mode, with new models and ‘revolutionary developments’, along with a refresh of Canon’s whole DSLR line…

Thanks for sending the various info , but it’s all been a bit too vague ;-)
I’m minded to agree with Craig at CR and don’t think Canon is going to drop a high end APS-C camera any time soon, but then again, a lot of people thought APS-H was going to carry on ;-)

13th A suggestion at CR that there just won’t be a 7D2

Not much info about, but it’s interesting to see how once again, the fortunes of the 7D2 are linked to non appearance of the D400 (BTW Canon do bother about what Nikon is doing, so do read some of Thom Hogan’s thoughts on what Nikon is (and isn’t) up to TH)

12th We hear [thanks] of a dealer in Europe listing the 7D as ‘no longer manufactured’

Maybe jumping the gun a bit? I’d have thought an announcement in the run up to CP+ more likely than anything this year (CP+ is Feb 13-16 – press info PDF )

11th No 7D2 news, but there is a firmware update for the 7D 2.0.5 [Canon]
Fixes a phenomenon in which the image files cannot be transferred using the FTP protocol via USB cable after the Canon EOS 7D camera has established a wireless connection to the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E5A.

2013 November

13th After a bit of a lull, the 7D2 gets a ‘first half of 2014’ mention and a suggested $2k price [CR]
New sensor variant along with AF related to a new 1 series body… also WiFi, GPS and a big LCD.


27th Some of the previous specs seem to doing the rounds again, but with a suggested date of next March [CW]
9th No sign of a 7D2. We’ve had no updates on the specs that were doing the rounds a while ago
There is a suggestion [CR] that the 7D2 (Q2 2014) will be much more heavily video oriented and have a different sensor to the 70D.

Experience tells me that rumours for six months off deserve the CR1 rating in the link above. The video aspect does go along with what we were told a while ago about a real push for video, but Canon will happily cripple lower models so as not to tread on the toes of more expensive products, so maybe the 7D2 is waiting for updates in the EOS video range?


16th Some suggestions of a 20MP or 24MP 7D2 appear around the web

~24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Auto-Focus system similar to the EOS 5D Mark III (61 points)
High frame rate, 10-12 fps, “high grade” weather sealing, like Canon’s professional DSLRs
Dual Digic V+ processor
Single card slot
WiFi & GPS
Innovative video features, Price around $2000, Very good ISO performance

Looks to be broadly similar to what’s been doing the rounds of late, although thats mostly been assuming a derivative of Canon’s new 20MP dual pixel design.

BTW, I’ve just published a discussion about the recent fall in DSLR camera sales and what it might portend for people’s photography: Camera sales fall – why do you still take photos?

7th We’re told (thanks) that the 7D2 will be using a derivative of the new dual pixel AF 70D sensor, that is optimised for high speed readout and video image quality.
The specs are said to be very close to what was sent in March, with the main changes brought about through experience with getting the 70D to market.

12 FPS possible – target is 10
Video quality – ‘limited by marketing’
ISO 100-25600
‘New’ AF system

I asked about the video and was told that the new sensor can easily best the C100/500, but won’t be allowed to. I have to admit that video is not my strongpoint, so what the upshot of this is with respect to say the 5D3, I’ve no idea. When pushed for a date, I could only get ‘next year’, so I’m still regarding such specs as tentative (I’ve also seen 24MP mentioned elsewhere, but given how long Canon kept using the 18MP design, I’m minded to think that the 20MP in the 70D will be the main APS-C sensor for several years yet)

BTW back in the real world… If you use Silver Efex Pro, then I’ve just written up some experiments about using it for luminosity blending, for colour images

3rd It’s suggested that the 7D2 is for later in 2014 [CR]

I’d note that that would make it Canon’s oldest DSLR at getting on for 5 years old at replacement, and we’ve been told several times that no D400 appearing, means that Canon is in no rush…

2013 July

29th Canon press event scheduled for Weds. 21st August in the US [PB] – new EOS-M is top of the list though.
10th Almost on cue, some Nikon D400 rumours appear, with a suggested August/September announcement.
9th Further 7D2 info at CR also puts the camera back into 2014, with possibly a 24MP sensor or the new 20MP design.

7th In a follow up from the info the other day, we’re told (thanks) that the 7D replacement will also introduce aspects of a new (non-liveview) AF system, that will subsequently feature in the 1DX replacement.

I’ll assume that after the 1D3 AF ‘issues’ Canon would be careful about ‘all new AF’ ;-)

At the moment I’m still waiting for any confirmation – so take this current ‘burst’ of info with a suitable pinch of salt!

5th After the 70D announcement, we’ve been told (thanks) that there will be no 7D2 announcement until well after the 70D starts to ship in quantity, and that if there is no sign of a D400 from Nikon, it may not appear until early next year. The new sensor has a lot of additional functionality which will appear right across [source’s emphasis] the Canon range in due course, but not until manufacturing yeilds are up, particularly in FF.

I’m curious about what this functionality refers to, and whether it’s of any relevance to those of us who don’t shoot with DSLRs at arms length and video performance is merely a box to tick ;-) This was alluded to in the comment, but as ever, no details…

Any more info – please let me know? We’ve never divulged a source since setting up these rumour pages up nearly 10 years ago!


31st It seems that there are at last some Nikon D400 rumours again – why mention that here? Well, it’s suggested that Nikon are waiting for the 7D mk2 – slated for September, but possibly a 2014 camera.
Give the similar market segments, the potential D400 info at least hints that Canon might want to make the 7D2 a bit more of an advance (some would say, so it should after 4 years ;-)
6th After numerous ‘no shows’, it seems that some have moved the 7D2 to a 2014 camera [CR]
As yet, we’ve heard no similar concerns, both the 7D and 60D are still in rebate schemes.


19th A 21MP sensor is suggested for the 7D2, and that it might appear in the 70D [CR]
1st A version (7D L) of the 7D for left handed people is announced [CR]

Last day of our discount for Nik plugins – thanks to all who’ve made use of the offer


28th In what we’re told is info from a test camera [thanks] it seems that Canon will continue with its more modest megapixel numbers. The body was similar in size and weight to the current 7D but felt ‘more solid’.


ISO 100-25600 (L: 50, H1 51200, H2 102400)


Video ‘stills burst’ mode 30/60 fps

Full HD video with manual control

Single CF card slot

19 AF Points all cross

On chip phase detect pixels for liveview and AF tracking

100% viewfinder

Viewfinder LCD higher resolution than 7D

3.2″ LCD


Alloy body with better weather sealing over 7D

If it’s a test camera, then software features are likely to be incomplete, but the physical design aspects are less likely to change.

Not from a well known source, so I’m still looking for confirmation of different aspects.

21st The 7D2 was pretty low on the list of expected DSLRs for today’s announcement, but the use of Digic5 in the 700D and 100D whilst Digic 6 appears in two Powershots, suggests that there may well be a desire to clearly differentiate any upcoming 70D and 7D2.
7th A suggestion that the 7D2 will have an integral grip, with a bigger battery, giving amongst other things better AF performance with big lenses (think mini 1D X) [CR]


21st Time to tick the D7100 off the predictions list – it’s arrived at 24.1MP, and dispenses with the low pass anti aliasing filter normally found on sensors.

Overall it’s perhaps not a huge jump, given the extended lifetime of the D7000.

Where does this put any D400 and the relative position of a 7D2? 

The move down-market for ‘no filter’ (from the D800E) suggests that image processing software has got powerful enough to cope with any most aliasing problems. 

At the moment, I’d expect a 70D to appear before the new 7D2, but I’ve seen nothing very firm on this as yet.

19th At Pentax forums [PF], there’s a supposed copy of a page from Japanese magazine “Camera Japan”, there’s a slew of ‘predictions’ for 2013 Canon 70D for March, 700D for June, EOS Me for July, 7D Mk2 for August ad an EOS 3Dfor October.Quite a collection ;-) Picture on main rumours page.
Some specs for the 7D mk2 appear [CR] showing signs of the expected move upwards in specs

24.1MP APS-C, Dual DIGIC V

10fps, Dual Memory Card Slots

61 AF Points

3.2″ LCD

5D3 build quality

GPS & WiFi

$2200 ($500 more than the 7D)

ISO getting similar to 5D3

Video stuff

Autumn timing ties in with the only mentions we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

…and in non rumour news, I’ve just finished a new article about how I go about various aspects of my landscape photography : Making a picture – from idea to print – hope it’s of some interest.

2nd It seems that it’s time for people from Canon to actually say a bit about future cameras. As well as yesterday’s interview in DPR, there is a better translation of part of the DCW interview (Jan 24th below)

“…I do think the current model (7D) is still very attractive to buyers. And while we are, of course, developing its successor, it’ll be one that incorporates a certain number of innovative technologies. We will not be putting out a product with merely better specs, but one that has evolved into new territory. But then again, we’re not talking about something a long time from now either.”

2013 January

27th A suggested ‘roadmap’ (see general rumours page) suggests 3 DSLRs and several lenses for 2013 – product age would suggest both a 7D2 and 70D, whilst the 650D will be a year old by June. Shortages of the 60D and the need to position any 70D well ahead of a new Rebel (aka 700D) might suggest the 70D first. The new firmware of the 7D last year, could give it enough life to last unil the autumn – although a prompt D400 from Nikon might shift that forward somewhat.
24th Maybe no 7D mk2 for a while? There’s a Canon interview at DC Watch which probably suggests that it won’t be along for a while. Have a read of a Google translation and see what you think?

Just note that interviews with senior Canon people are not known for giving away much info that’s actually new ;-)

8th CES/PMA press day comes and goes. Nothing major from Canon (Compacts only for this show, it appears). Next up CP+ in Japan (31 Jan – 2 Feb) and Focus in the UK (3-6 March)
However, something like the 7D2 is big enough to get its own launch event (the shows are not seen as important as they once were).
There have been few real mentions of the 7D2 in the last week or so – press events need planning, so you generally see at least a few details emerge (the 7D details started leaking out a week or two before the announcement)
1st A general collection of what to expect from Canon rumours appeared on the Xitec forum in China. – see the Impress magazine page on the main Canon rumours page
Canon 7D Mark II may come with newly developed CMOS sensor, 10fps continuous shooting speed and ISO expendable upto 25600.
Canon 70D will have same sensor / ISO range as 7D Mark II, but its continuous shooting speed limited to 3fps.
Canon EOS M2 will arrive on 2013
Canon 1DSx is also expected to arrive at 2013.

2012 December

28th Two different new sources (so definitely usual caveats) both say that a replacement for the 7D will ship this year.
#1 – The 7D mk2 will be 21MP at 10fps, Dual Digic 5+, ISO 100-25600, February announcement, ship for April
#2 – The 7D Mk2 will debut the Digic 6 processor later in the Spring, designed for a new range of sensors, at ‘over 20 MP’ which will also be found in a 3D at ~50MP later in 2013 or early 2014.
If I add to this the new source at [CR] pointing to a new Cinema EOS body in 2013 – smaller (7D2 based?) then either someone has been busy sending out emails to us, or there really are going to be some big developments in the high end APS-C segment.
12th Although I’m always a bit wary of dealer sourced rumours, two different ones have now said that the 7D2 is being actively positioned against an upcoming D400 from Nikon and will be announced around the same time along with new lenses (the 50/1.4 should join the new range of IS primes for example)


30th There has been an increase in 7D2 comments, mostly similar to the specs mentioned on the 28th, but of more interest was the info from one of our Far East sources about where the 7D2 was meant to ‘fit’ in the lineup…

We hear (thanks) that the 7D Mk2 is going to be firmly aimed at the sports and nature market, with a lot of features based on feedback from ‘pro’ users. The 10 fps rate is seen as an important feature, along with many features derived from 1DX developments, particularly AF and lower light performance

Sensor size would be advertised as 21MP, but faster and less noisy than the 7D (25MP was apparently seen as not offering enough image quality)

The 6D is aimed at a proportion of the 7D market, giving more flexibility in upping the 7Dmk2 specifications (and price). The current 7D will continue for some time and surplant the 60D, when the 700D comes along with increased specifications.

28th Some vague 7D2 specs at [CR]
24.2mp APS-C Sensor
10.2 fps
Dual Card Slot (No mention of card types)
New Ergonomic Design
New Battery
February 2013 Announcement


22nd No (new) 7D2 noises at all in the last couple of weeks, but we’re still getting reports of high MP test cameras in 1 series bodies [see 1D XS page]
8th We’re told (thanks) that the 7D mk2 will be announced before CP+ in Japan (31 Jan – 3 Feb) and possibly during PMA at CES. It was suggested that this might be the same time as the 700D, but that was more likely later in the year.
Unlike previous comments, it was suggested that there would be no 70D for quite some time (if at all), with the current 7D being continued, at reduced price, to target the 60D market. This was partly to see the effects of the 6D and worldwide market for full frame.
10 fps was an important ‘feature target’ and current testing feedback pointed to a sensor of ‘no more’ than 25MP.

Interesting comments from a source I’ve not heard from for 2-3 years. They were unable to share more detailed specs, since Canon is said to plant false info to track leaks (and no doubt as marketing FUD too ;-) I’m giving this a bit morecredibility than some of the high megapixel stuff I’ve been sent of late, but not too much…

2012 September

23rd An updated sensor design for the whole 7 series (7/70/700) is suggested for next year – details on the 3D page – also explaining the delayed 7D mk2.


19th In an interesting comment, we’re told [thanks] that a 7Dmk2 is on its way and that it is firmly aimed at providing a high specification crop camera.

Key specs were:

24MP – an all new sensor with phase AF on chip and noticeably lower noise than the current 18MP.
1Dx/5D3 based AF system.
10 FPS.
ISO 100-25600.
High speed video, with still capture.
Improved durability and sealing.
Available this year.

This is the first 7D2 info I’ve seen for a while, so I’m still wary, particularly with how it fits in with Canon’s recent 7D firmware upgrade.

9th The 7D gets its updated firmware, probably making any replacement less likely this year. In addition, we’re hearing of a ‘6D‘ full frame camera that looks pretty much like a 7D at first glance.

I don’t currently think that Canon is going to give up on a higher end APS-C DSLR, but I’m expecting a bit of a shake up in their range over the next year, with the currently 3 year old 7D and 2 year old 60D looking a bit ancient by the time the 650D is replaced by the 700D next year. If they are happy with killing off the 1Ds line and APS-H sensor at the top end, then prospects for a 7D2 are mixed.


25th At CR there are suggestions for three more Canon DSLR announcements by the end of this year. We’re hearing more details of high and low spec full frame models (3D and 6D) but nothing as yet for an APS-C DSLR.
The 7D was announced at the start of September 2009, a non photokina year.
5th With new firmware on its way for the 7D in August, there are suddenly a number of price drops appearing for the 7D.
The manual for the 7D has been updated for the new firmware features.

Where does this leave a replacement? As yet still no firm (or even vague) specs have been seen, so I’m minded to think that it may be while until we see anything.


8th Canon announce that new 7D firmware is on its way – presumably to make it stand out from the new 650D somewhat?
The 650D is released, still at 18MP, but improvements all around, that make the 7D look less competitive. As the EOS DSLR timeline below shows, the 7D dates from 2009, so a Photokina related announcement looks more likely (or less? with that later firmware pre-announcement).
There’s lots of speculation about a change of sensor size, but info we’ve had still all points in the moving upmarket direction (fps, MP, AF and weather sealing) and not to FF (or even APS-H)

2012 May

23rd Suggestions (thanks) that the 7D replacement is going to move upmarket in specifications. In particular, the build quality, sealing, AF and frame rates are going to be pushed much more to ‘pro’ levels. Test bodies are apparently being widly tested in sports and wildlife areas.
However, specs are still not set, suggesting a camera that’s still some time off.
The downside would be that it would come in at a slightly higher price point than the 7D, making room for greater 650D/70D differentiation.


26th Several comments received (thanks) pointing to the 7D2 and ‘Mirrorless’ being the key new Canon cameras on show at Photokina this Autumn – still no details though. There was a suggestion that with still no sign af a D400 from Nikon, Canon felt no need to hurry.
2nd The 5D3 is launched, and incorporates a lot of 7D features.

What does this point to in the 7D2?

I’ve heard suggestions that the 7D will be pushed upmarket in similar ways to the 5D3 (weathersealing, FPS and AF) making more room for the 70D.

However, I’ve still not seen any firm rumours about the replacement for the 7D. The 600D is probably next up for replacement (650D), with the 7D (a 2009 camera) a good bet for replacement by photokina later this year.

New improved AF and better video both seem a given, although with Canon’s recent step back from the megapixel wars, a more modest increase in MP (20MP?) is quite feasible – the 650D should offer the biggest clues in this respect – who knows, maybe the 7D2 will appear before the 650D? 


14th No 7Dmk2 – just a souped up 70D? 60D and 7D to merge in new camera? [CR]

This is not one I’ve seen at all – I suppose that a real pro level crop camera might make one too many crop DSLRs in the range, but why not just make it the follow on to the 7D? Big pinch of salt required ;-)

2012 January

23rd The 200-400 is spotted being tested with a new body that might be the 5D3 [AA], although some have suggested a 7D mk2 (with no flash?)

2011 December

28th We’re told (thanks) that the 7D replacement is slated to be ‘one of’ photokina’s star products for Canon – also to expect a 5D2 replacement ‘in our hands’ for the summer.
If you look at the Canon timeline below, you can see that the 5D2 and 7D are now Canon’s oldest cameras by a margin.
14th Apart from the ongoing price drops in the 5D2 (down to $2k at B&H), the only specific rumours we’ve seen, have suggested that by Photokina, we will have seen both 5D2 and 7D replacements announced, and that if Canon does go for a higher MP FF body, it won’t be the 5D3.
3rd There is still the possibility of a ‘Pro 1.6 crop’ camera. If you read through the Japanese interview with the 1D X developers [DCW , Google xlt] you will see that Canon are watching the market and don’t rule it out.

It’s worth noting that it takes quite some effort to read through the Google translation, but it covers things like who the 1D X was aimed at and why a high MP FF camera (and MF too) are not yet ruled out.

  Crop  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2018 2019 2020 2021
            1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Best Full       1Ds 1Ds II 1Ds III 1D X 1DX II 1DX III
1.3     1D 1D II 1D IIn 1D III 1D IV                    
vid.                             1D C          
High Full                               5Ds/5Dsr
            5D 5D II 5D III 5D IV
1.6                   7D 7D Mk II        
'Better'  Full                                               6D 6D 2
1.6 D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D 90D
Mid 1.6         300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
760D T6s 77D
        750D T6i 800D T7i 850D T8i
Micro 1.6                                 100D SL1 X7 200D SL2 250D
Entry 1.6                   1000D / XS / F 1100D / T3 / X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6 2000D T7
EOS R Full                               R5
                              EOS R
                              EOS RP
EF-M 1.6                               M5
                              M50 M50 II
                            M M2 M3 M6 M6 II
                              M10 M100 M200

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates. Video capable 4k 8k

Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual | Digic 8 dual | Digic X dual


23rd After the 1D X announcement, I’ve noticed lots of (wishful) specs doing the rounds – we were sent this from DPR(thanks)

“7D II
BSI Cmos APC-H 24.5 mpx
Same AF
2 Digic 5
8.5 Fps
Native Iso 12800
2 Stop Better in noise
H1 iso 25600
Same Video
Price Point $1999.00”

I’d suspect that AF is likely to be improved, based on what’s appeared in the 1D X. We are far enough from an announcement that I generally regard any detailed specs as suspect


18th Rumours really are all over the place at the moment, but thanks for sending info ;-)
For example: we’ve recently had it suggested that the 7D2 will be FF (this year) and the 70D will move to take the current ‘position’ of the 7D(in March 2012).

I have difficulty with this one given Canon’s model history, and their preference for evolutionary changes in model features. The 7D sells well and I can see it moving even more into the higher end, but as a crop camera.

2011 May

6th We’ve long thought of the 7D replacement as a possible 2012 camera, but there have been very few mentions of it to date.
However with no sign yet of replacements for the 5D2 or the even older 1Ds3, along with potential delays after events in Japan, we’ve recently had a suggestion of early 2013.
Late 2012 is picked in the latest at CR

2010 December

27th Although mentioned as EOS 8D predictions [DPW], it’s probably better seen as a 7D mark2 wishlist, although I don’t see any great likelihood of the MP count dropping in a new camera, or any update until the 1Ds3 and 5D2 have been superceded.


3rd A suggestion (thanks) that the 7D mark2 will appear in the first half of next year, so as to distance it from the 550D/60D and be the first crop camera to break 20MP.

Seems reasonable, but we’ve had no solid 7Dmk2 info, suggesting it’s still quite some time off – Above, a rough timeline for estimating how long a camera has been around.


17th -Not- a 7D Mk2 – the EOS 7DSV (Studio Version)is announced … full info on 7D page
Designed for idiot proofing a 7D it seems ;-)

“Canon’s new “Locking” EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR allows administrators to disable unwanted features and settings thus providing professional studio operators the comfort of knowing the end result will be both reliable and repeatable.”


18th A comment (thanks) that the 7D and 5D2 will be both updated the same time next year. If the 1Ds4 turns up next week, then that possibly pushes a 30+MP 5D3 into early 2011, but 7D2? (20+MP)

2009 December 

7th We’ve got a 7D on loan from Canon and are writing short 7D reviews/comparisons
In some lens info we had last year, the design target for new Canon L glass was 50-65MP FF sensors. I still expect to see this pixel density reached first (in a DSLR) in the 7D Mk2.


2nd OK, in true rumourland tradition we start the page for the EOS 7D mk2, the 7D replacement.
As, you’d expect, there is nothing here yet, so go out and take some photos!

Our first thought is that the 7DMk2 will be:

26MP APS-C CMOS sensor with sensor level smart pixel binning
or 21MP full colour bayerless sensor
12 fps continuous shooting
60 fps high res video frame
4k video recording with manual controls
3.2 inch OLED screen
19-point AF system (all cross-type)
1.0x magnification and 100% coverage viewfinder
Wireless flash control E-TTL III
Environmental sealing
Built in tea and coffee making facilities

OK, no-one (even at Canon) knows

Expect the announcement ready for photokina 2012 (September)

Expect lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth about so many MP, so much noise and no MLU button, and how it will sell even worse than the dismal 70D, and why o why didn’t they make it 1.3 crop or FF


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