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Why you need a professional photographer

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Why you need a professional commercial photographer

How professional photography helps your business

Your business often only gets one chance to make a good impression.

Good photography is a key part of that.

Take the risk out of trying to do it yourself.

Make sure you work with a professional photographer who lets you put your business first.

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Photography to tell your story

In an age of camera phones, Instagram and stock photography, the need for professional photography is constantly being challenged.

So what is professional photography and why would you need it when you can just point your phone, take the shot and upload it to your website?

First and foremost, good photographs tell your story instantly – before anyone has even had the chance to read a word you’ve written. High quality photos tell your customers that you invest in your business and care about how the outside world sees you.

“Do poor quality photos potentially reflect the care and attention you’ll give to clients?”

Investing in great photos is an investment in the future. Most good photographers will allow you to use your images they way you want to, to promote your business, product or service. This usually includes on social media – so no more quick snaps, instead great quality photographs that will stand out in the hustle and bustle of the social media marketplace.

So – the basic question …

What is a professional photographer

Simply defined, a professional photographer is paid for the work they do – and if they’re not, then by definition, they’re an amateur.

Now, we’re not saying there aren’t great amateur photographers out there, but if you’re entering into a business arrangement, wouldn’t it be better to enter into that relationship with another business, with all the securities that relationship brings – like liability insurance, financial stability and a proven track record.

Think carefully. Saving cash by using a friend who’s a keen amateur with some reasonably good kit may sound like a good idea, until something goes wrong. Why risk a perfectly good friendship just so you can save a few bucks?

“Remember, bad images can harm first impressions and turn potential clients away…
…this will cost you real money”

A job well done

Being paid to do a job brings with it certain responsibilities, the most important being that previously agreed targets like quality, price and timescales will be met – and if they’re not, you have a contract and so therefore have solid ground from which to negotiate from.

OK – so we can agree using a mate to take your shots might not be the best idea. But you can get a shot yourself with your camera phone, that you can use immediately – so why wait until a pro can do it for you – and then pay for the privilege of waiting?

Because, if you pay a professional they will:

  • Produce photographs with a real wow factor – not just pictures that are ‘good enough’
  • Provide creative images based on your requirements that make your business/product/service stand out in your market place
  • Give you images that tell your story
  • Be able to hear what you are telling them and translate that into photos that are useful to you
  • Be consistently technically excellent – not just when taking the photographs, but when editing them too
  • Use the latest and – just as importantly – most appropriate technology
  • Get it right the first time, every time
  • Run an efficient business – serving you in a timely manner, providing you with an agreed product at an agreed price

So … why wouldn’t you use a professional if your budget allows you to?