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Pro Photographer helps Estate Agents ditch awful property photos

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Teaching property professionals how to take better photos

[PRESS RELEASE] Pro Photographer helps Estate Agents ditch awful property photos

Leicester, UK. 11th August, 2008. For Immediate release

Keith Cooper, a professional architectural photographer, is offering to teach Estate Agents how to take better property photos. The credit crunch is slashing the number of people viewing properties and some agents are realising that taking better photos really will help get people through the door.
Keith Cooper is a professional commercial photographer*1 at Leicester based Northlight Images, which like most businesses is feeling the pressures of the current downturn. As a professional photographer, he knows many of the tricks and techniques needed to get the best pictures of a property. One of his construction images of the new Curve theatre in Leicester greets visitors to the city at the railway station.

Many Estate Agents just give cameras to their staff and expect them to get on with it – a quick glance at a local agent’s window will show plenty of terrible photographs.

He noted, “I look at the awful photos and think how much better they could be”, adding, “You don’t always need an expensive new camera to take better photos, learning properly how to use the one you’ve got is often all it takes”.

Although more used to training other professionals in advanced printing and photographic techniques, Cooper produces short courses and seminars that are helping agencies around the country improve their photography. Delivering courses at Agents’ premises, often in vacant properties, helps staff improve their basic photography skills.

The current housing slump is seriously hitting the viability of Estate Agents, with viewings at a record low for many. Good photos will help get viewings, and without a viewing, you won’t get a sale.

As a small business owner himself, Cooper observed, “In the current climate, it’s the more farsighted agencies that are realising the importance of training in all aspects of their business survival, and photography is one area many just never bothered about in the good times”

Cooper continued: “As a professional property photographer, fewer Agents can justify my fees for ordinary domestic properties, but they can benefit from my expertise. What’s more, when the upturn comes, who are they going to think of to photograph their top end properties?”

He added: “Oh, and I always point out that my training will usually improve their holiday snaps as well.”



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Notes to editors

1-Keith Cooper is a commercial photographer who specialises in images of the built environment and landscape photography.


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