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Brand new architectural photography site

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New specialist architectural photography web site

Keith Cooper’s architectural photography

A specialist site covering just our architectural work it expands upon the architectural photo page and gallery on this site.

UK Architectural photography

After ten years of showcasing our architectural photography services on this site, we decided that it really was time for something newer and more visually appealing.

View of John Lewis store in Leicester at night - web site front page

I’ve created a whole new site, that not only showcases some of my photography, but also has it’s own architectural photography blog where I’ll be posting articles relevant to architecture and the built environment.

All the detailed technical stuff will still have its main home here, on Northlight Images.

Site design has changed a lot over the years, and the new site has much larger images, and even works on mobile devices.

Please take it for a spin, and if you’ve any comments, please do let me know?

If you’re reading this article on the Northlight Images site, then it was my work on the Architecture site that convinced me it was time to update and re-write this site.

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