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Why your website isn’t about you

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Why it isn’t always about you

… OR how to make your website less about you and more about your potential customer or client.

Have you ever been at a social occasion or at work and had to listen to someone talk endlessly about their recent holiday or how brilliant they were on the golf course, or how they reeled in that last client with their clever sales tactics and thought – “why should I care?”

OK – now imagine you’ve visited a website because you’re interested in the their service or product and find yourself thinking the same – I don’t care.

NOW imagine someone is visiting your website and thinking the EXACT same thing – so now, you’ve got a problem.

A website that only tells potential customers how wonderful you and your products/service are may look like it’s promoting you in the best possible light – and to some extent it is because no one will buy from you if you don’t big up yourself to some extent – BUT you need to recognise that you’re entering into a partnership and the other person in that relationship, your client, needs to get something back too.

We sell great windows

So … for example, you make windows and your website tells your customer “we make the best windows on the market, they reach the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency and they look good too”, which is perfectly reasonable, it tells your customer about your windows – but so what.

replacement windows

Tell your customer “ We will provide you with the best windows on the market. You will have the most energy efficient product available – so saving you money on your bills and keeping you warm. We make our products to the highest safety standards so you can be sure that you and your family will be safe.”

Now you are talking to your client directly, telling them how your product will work for them – and that makes a real difference. Instead of spouting about how wonderful you are, you’re telling your client how wonderful you are at helping them.

So get the balance between ‘me’ and ‘you’ right and you should see the results.

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