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Why do photography review videos and podcasts suck?

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Why are so many videos and podcasts on web sites a waste of your time

Do they have to be so awful?

Why is so much video on web sites a waste of time

Lots of photography sites are adding review videos and podcasts to their content. All too often it’s badly made and wastes visitors time – does it have to be like this?

I’m regularly asked about adding video content and podcasts to the Northlight Images site – why hasn’t it happened?

Well, apart from having a face for radio and a voice for mime, I just don’t have the desire to take up a chunk of my audience’s time for them to find that there was nothing in the video of interest, or that couldn’t have been written in half a dozen paragraphs with a few good pictures.  Putting something on video just because decent writing takes some time and effort, is not happening anytime soon round here…

Take a long article (and yes, there are quite a few on the site) – you can scan the entire thing quite quickly, or just jump to the conclusions or summary.  Try doing that with a video, or even worse an audio recording (aka ‘podcast’).  My wife assures me that my technical monologues would be a good sleep aid though :-)

After sitting through several so called ‘video reviews’ of products and feeling that the useful bits could have been written in a Tweet, I’m all too often taken by the feeling that I should demand back the 12 minutes just lost.  OK it was free – that doesn’t mean it should be worth exactly what I paid for it…

Too much dross! – I’m resisting the urge to point to some of the more annoying examples, just because I feel they have sucked enough élan already.

Don’t get me wrong, there are topics that are extremely well suited to video and audio media – it’s just that to do a good job takes equipment and skills I lack.

BUT… If you do see content on the site that you think could genuinely benefit from audio/visual treatment, then please feel free to let me know – I might just give it a go ;-)

Update 2017: The site has been re-written and redesigned, and still we resist video – it’s a lot of work to do well and I’d rather spend the time elsewhere. Yes, we might yet give it a go

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  • beierli ugg I don’t have anything better to do (or am too lazy.) When I need information, efficiency is the keyword. Unless the recommendation comes from a highly respected source I don’t watch videos to find information for exactly the reason you state.

  • Most video reviews aren’t that hot. Text is much more concise.

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